Covid 1984 and The Emperor’s New Clothes

Covid 1984 and The Emperor’s New Clothes

Parallels With Children’s Tale That Warns of Mass Deception.

The emperor who gets scammed by a pair of con-artists is a cautionary children’s tale about a swindle which, like all scams, relies upon the psychological manipulation of the target. It is a story in which the swindle permeates down from the king, through his courtiers and into the general population. When the truth is revealed by a boy crying, “Look, the king is as naked as the day that he was born!”, the people snap out of the mass hypnosis.

The Covid1984 psyop is a darker version of the classic fable in which the king (emperor) and his advisors fall prey to a scam. The scam being that only he and his cohorts are capable of appreciating a tailored set of clothes which do not factually exist. In the tale, the swindlers emphasise that only those with intelligence can see the garments.

In the UK’s Covid1984 version of the fable, the lies of the false narrative are peddled by the majority of the 650 members of parliament via press conferences and a compliant media that simply regurgitates the lies. All of it is to the detriment of the people’s psychological health. This is deliberate. 

It is psychological manipulation, #GasLighting – whereby the target (the people) is slowly but surely being driven mad by the lies of the psychotic perpetrator (UK ‘gov’ who are under the instruction of the ‘tailors’, those who stitch together the material falsehoods of the narrative that there is a ‘pandemic’).

Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty are those courtiers who perpetrate the lies of the shadowy ‘tailors’. Whenever any of those mouthpieces for their globalist masters opens his mouth he ignores the facts and spouts on oblivious to the truth. In a way, it is a form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NDP), a pathological mental condition that requires a fake narrative, as produced by the mind of the narcissist himself. It is a fake state of mind in which the individual falsely believes his understanding is correct and not open to any kind of healthy debate. 

Who are the tailors? In the case of Covid1984, it is a case of following the money. The international banks are behind the lockdown and the masquerade. For the perfect exemplar, the president of Belarusia was apparently subject to a bribe from World Bank, IMF : introduce these measures and you will qualify for a ‘loan’ of over $900m: 

“Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus: 

• imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”

• force them to wear face masks

• impose very strict curfews

• impose a police state

• crash the economy

Source: ZeroHedge

Inevitably, the House of Rothschild has it extensive tentacles all over it. From their total dominance of the financial systems to their apparent patenting of the Covid1984 testing kits: 


In the words of Henry Makow PhD, who likens it to another children’s of cruel deception:

Time to grow up and face reality. The West has been totally subverted by a satanist cult of pedophiles installed by the Rothschild banking cartel. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

Our feckless ancestors handed over the national credit cards to our worse enemies, bankers who happen to be Freemasons (Cabalists, Satanists.)

Most of our political and cultural leaders are witting or unwitting shills for the Rothschilds. They are traitors.

The Rothschild’s goal is to extend their monopoly over credit creation (currency) to a worldwide monopoly over everything: Power. Wealth. Culture. Thought. Behaviour. We’re talking about total control. This is the essence of Communism and the NWO.

The popular image of Communism as defender of the poor is nonsense. Communism was financed by the Rothschilds to blackmail plunder and destroy their rivals.” Source

The king is naked.

Those who see through it are akin to the boy in the story who calls out the naked emperor for a fool and all those duped ‘grown-ups’ who have gone along with the fake narrative. The exposure of the lie that there is such a thing as CovidNineteen is the same. As more and more see through it the cry goes up that the controllers are naked. 

What do Johnson and the others complicit in the swindle do? They try to cover up the lie with another lie, or deflection: thus we see the fake rise in rates as a result of a fake test, more local draconian measures and a mandatory mask wearing. However, if one owns one’s own body, how could mask wearing ever be mandatory? The psyop is saying, ‘Put a veil over your face, you are a disgrace.’

Unsurprisingly to those who are paying attention, Whitty and Vallance are being well-rewarded for their playing their part in the Covid1984 psycho-drama:

 The false narrative has always been dependent upon the incidence of ‘Covid Cases’. This is the way the cycle of lies goes:

  1. Set up a testing centre in a town or city.
  2. Encourage people to go and get ‘tested’ even if they are asymptomatic.
  3. Publish the fake results (93% false positives)
  4. Impose draconian local lockdown.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

This photo is of one such (fake) testing centre in Nottingham:

The fake narrative is one of ‘increased Covid1984 cases’, which are used to justify the tyranny. The reality is thus:

The fabric comes apart on the examination of the facts – namely, the ’emperor is naked’. It is not the truth that causes the suffering; it is the lies of those who ‘tailor’ the narrative for the benefit of the swindlers.

On a positive note, those responsible for the perpetration of the fraud against the people are being held to account by way of a Private Criminal Prosecution:

“I have major progress to report. A senior barrister who specialises in private criminal prosecutions for fraud asked for a telephone appointment this afternoon, to talk about taking on the pandemic fraud case against all the MP’s who didn’t vote to end the Coronavirus Act 2020.

Having already read the summary of the case, as well as the Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution they were all served last week, this is an emphatic indication that they recognise that the arguments have merit. Otherwise, it would have been a polite “thanks, but no thanks”.

In the event they take the case, they will first have to agree to take instructions from myself, rather than a firm of solicitors, which is the non-negotiable condition of the complainant’s engagement of their services.

However, the case is very simple to understand and prosecute – each MP intentionally relied upon [and then caused the People to rely upon], a series of false statements, which caused the deaths of untold thousands, destroyed the economy and enabled unaccountable and tyrannical government, in breach of section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006, the Treason Felony Act 1348 and articles 1 and 2 of the Bill of Rights 1689.

Watch this space for further details as they unfold and rest assured that when [not if] these allegations are presented in a criminal court, there is no jury that wouldn’t convict every MP, as charged.”



Paul Fromm on Radio Free South Africa on the COVID Hoax, the White-hating Marxist Led BLMs & How We Can Fight Back

Paul Fromm on Radio Free South Africa on the COVID Hoax, the White-hating Marxist Led BLMs & How We Can Fight Back

Radio Free South Africa with host Schalk van der Merwe and guest Paul Fromm. Paul and Schalk discuss the Covid hoax, the destruction of the World’s economy, the White-hating BLM revolutionaries and the way we can fight the “fake news”.

Radio Free South Africa with host Schalk van der Merwe and guest Paul Fromm

BLOGTALKRADIO.COMRadio Free South Africa with host Schalk van der Merwe and guest Paul FrommOn Wednesday 19th august, 2020 Schalk has a tremendous interview with veteran free speech advocate, our good friend Mr Frederick Fromm. You really should listen to this one. Paul and Schalk discuss the Covid hoax, the destruction of the World’s economy and the way we can fight the “fake news”. http:…

Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier hammers the hysteria & panic in Ontario’s ruinous lockdown. Offers some advice to angry Ontarians.

Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier hammers the hysteria & panic in Ontario’s ruinous lockdown. Offers some advice to angry Ontarians.

The government is constantly moving the goal posts with COVID, however it’s important to keep things in perspective and remember how and why we got where we are today, with a limited democracy, stunted economic activity, and stifling of our rights. I discuss some of the facts that have emerged now that we have more information and contrast them with the predictions that were used to justify shutting down our economy, preventing us from living fulfilling social lives and ushering in governments by decree that are not accountable to the public. If you believe our government policies are unreasonable and disproportionate to reality and need to consider this new information give the Premier a call, call the Minister of Health and contact your local MPP and tell them what and how you expect them to represent you.

Premier: or If his email bounces back, here is his phone number: 416-325-1941 Find Your MPP:

Police State Australia: Victoria – Australia’s COVID Autocracy

Victoria: Australia’s Covid autocracy

Freedoms, once surrendered, can be impossible to recover. Nick Cater
13th August 2020

Victoria: Australia’s Covid autocracy

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The pandemic is revealing more uncomfortable truths by the day, like our willingness to abandon our freedoms and traditions at the first whiff of grapeshot.

Governments mistrustful of citizens have been too quick to respond to risks to public health with coercion, rather than simply appealing for a civic-minded people to do the right thing.

In Australia there has been a level of official control seldom seen since the convict era. There has been barely any opposition. A people once prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice of lives in defence of liberty is surrendering its freedom on the pretext of saving lives.

It is teaching us that when we dispense with the checks and balances that make democratic governments better than they otherwise might be, there is an exponential increase in the number and scale of state-induced blunders.

Exhibit A is the state of Victoria, where Covid-19 has recently spread through the community in what might be called a second wave if there had been a first wave, which there wasn’t. Podcast Why the working class turned Tory spiked

When Britain, the US and much of Europe were struggling with mass outbreaks in April, Australia and New Zealand had the virus under control thanks largely to the prompt closure of borders.

It might have stayed that way but for a breach of quarantine security in Melbourne, where inadequate supervision of returning Australians in hotel quarantine allowed infected people to escape.

The loss of life has so far been slight: around 40 deaths per million in Victoria and fewer than 15 in the rest of Australia, compared with around 700 in Britain and around 500 in the US.

Yet the elevated risk was enough for Victoria’s premier, Dan Andrews, to declare a State of Disaster for only the second time in Victoria’s history. Andrews, incidentally, was responsible for declaring both of them. R

Victoria became an autocracy overnight, granting unfettered power to a premier unaccountable to parliament and freed from the rule of law. The police have turned from citizens in uniform to the enforcers of ministerial declarations, most of them quite absurd.

Melbourne has become the first city in Australia to fall under a curfew. Andrews’ predecessors felt no need for one during the First World War, Second World War, the Spanish Flu pandemic or the 1923 police strike when violent mobs rampaged through the city and overturned a tram.

Yet the outbreak virus from China which currently kills a small proportion of those it affects in the general population, and a negligible percentage of people below retirement age, was considered grave enough to suspend democracy and the rule of law.

The bridge over the River Murray on the Hume Highway linking the Victorian city of Wodonga and Albury in New South Wales has become Australia’s Checkpoint Charlie, the free world on one side and tyranny on the other.

Those tempted to swim across should know that police and army reservists are patrolling the Murray’s northern banks assisted by helicopters and drones. Up to six months in jail awaits those without papers.

Melbourne residents who leave their homes between 8pm and 5am face a $5,000 fine, imposed by police not the courts. Fines will also be issued to anyone who, a) is caught without a mask; b) exercises for more than an hour; c) wanders further than 5km from home; d) is judged by police to be shopping excessively in the small number of shops allowed to stay open; e) gets married; f) overnights in the house of someone other than their designated intimate partner; g) goes fishing; or h) plays golf.

Like the villain in a dystopian novel, Victoria’s democratically elected premier is interfering with citizen’s private lives in a manner most will have imagined impossible in a nation settled by the heirs of Magna Carta.

In his masterful book on the Anglosphere, Dan Hannan praised Australia as a country where the libertarian philosophy of John Stuart Mill was made flesh. Hannan might care to revisit that bit, as Victoria breaks record after record in the contest of illiberalism, employing all the available instruments of modern surveillance to keep its citizens in check.

If the premier and his officials know how many cases of infection can be tolerated they are keeping it from the citizens. No one knows how long the lockdown measures will end or what comes next.

The consequences for the Victorian economy, which accounts for a quarter of Australia’s GDP, are growing exponentially. The price of shutting down business today is the loss of future opportunity. The effects of this recession will be felt for a generation at least. The most deadly effects of the virus may be reserved for the elderly and sickly, but the biggest losers will be those in the prime of their life.

Much of what we are losing cannot be counted in dollars and cents. Freedoms, once surrendered, can be impossible to recover.

We dishonour the victims of early tyrannies to make comparisons, tempting as it might be.

The assumption of emergency powers to fight a real or exaggerated threat is the oldest trick in the manual of despotism. Countries ruled by tyranny are frequently those from which millions long to flee, just as they do in Victoria right now, if only for a holiday.

The erosion of democracies typically begins with the indefinite suspension of parliament, as the Victorian state parliament has been.

Autocrats are drawn to centrally planned economies, with the inevitable mismatch of supply and demand. Residents of Victoria, the food bowl of Australia, face shortages of meat and other essentials and the prospect of rationing for the first time since the Second World War.

Autocracies are notorious for the proliferation of permits and the checking of papers. In Victoria a permit is required to travel, to work or cross the border. Military are being used as auxiliary police, police powers have been drastically increased and punitive fines introduced.

Citizens are encouraged to act as informants against their employer and also neighbours.

There has not been one guarantee that all or any of these crackdown laws will be repealed.

Those who grew up with pride in their country and its part in overcoming the great 20th-century tyrannies are understandably shocked at how much we appear willing to surrender for benefits that are as yet unspecified.

We shouldn’t be surprised at the tacit compliance of the media, which, by and large, has not seen fit to challenge the measures. Journalists, like some politicians, have a professional interest in exaggerating the threat. ‘All quiet on the Covid-19 front’ is not a story worthy of page one.

With time, the Andrews administration’s draconian and illiberal stage-four lockdown will come to be seen as a monstrous administrative mistake that has compounded the effects of the blunders that allowed the virus to run wild.

Let’s hope at least that the lockdown slows the general rate of infection, since the government seems incapable of protecting nursing-home residents any other way.

Even if it does, we are bound to ask if the result was worth the months that will have been added to the recession, the swelling of the ranks of the long-term unemployed and the shrinkage of the small business sector, the engine of the economy. And the freedoms citizens have been forced to relinquish, with no guarantee they will get them back.

Nick Cater is executive director of the Menzies Research Centre and a columnist with the Australian.


Saturday, August 15, 2020   Stuart Park, Kelowna  BC   12:00 noon

Just a reminder to come out and support our message to all levels of Government, that we are vehemently opposed to all forms of their lockdown, Constitutional violations, social restrictions, and lies.  This is the most important and critical issue in our lifetimes and if we continue to just obey, we will soon find ourselves in a similar situation to Chinese Communism – but in our country.

We need as many people as possible

for our rallies!

If you have been unable to make it out to previous rallies, NOW is the time to come out!!!!

Bring at least two friends!!!


For an excellent video of how the Scamdemic likely started, and how they keep the fraud going, and the true reasons behind it that very few people discuss, check out this 11 min video:

I’ve seen videos from this guy in the past, and his material is just awesome.


Unfortunately, the mass of information coming at us from all over the world right now is truly an information overload.  It is important remain focused at all times on the issue:  the COVID-19 virus is not a pandemic, and the actions taken by all levels of Governments, are unprecedented, unsupported and Constitutionally impermissible.

Despite the ongoing actions in various courts, we cannot simply sit back and wait months or until next year for decisions.  We must as much as possible, refuse to comply with their unconstitutional orders and demands.  We must do what we can not just to educate others, but to get them to act likewise. 

Remember, Governments to a large degree don’t care how much you complain, as long as you comply.  We must do both – complain and refuse to comply.  Are there risks – absolutely.   They are minor compared to what our ancestors took for our diminishing rights and liberties today however.  Please keep that in proper context.


To date, the Kelowna RCMP still have not acted on our complaint with respect to the criminal letter written to and published on Castanet.  More inquiries will be made and I will contact them by Monday, as 10 days should be sufficient for a decision to be made.


To date, no defenses have been filed in the Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC) case in Toronto by any defendants.  It is anticipated that either they will file them shortly, or will file them in conjunction with expected Motions to Strike.  Defences were required to be filed under Ontario Rules of Court within 21 days and they have not yet done so.

Admittedly, with a 191 page Statement of Claim, this may be considered extraordinary circumstances, and rules of court are malleable to some degree.  So it may be another week or two before their defences are filed, which will be of incredible interest.

As of today’s date, no defence has been filed either by the B.C. Gov’t to the Chinese doctor who filed her application in Chilliwack to force the B.C. Gov’t to make mask wearing mandatory. 

I note here that no where in any of B.C.’s legislation or Orders from Bonnie Henry, does it state that they operate notwithstanding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Interesting.


Recently Canada’s top doctor Theresa Tam, who worked with and had longtime close ties to Red Chinese dominated WHO, has publicly stated that the lockdown, restrictions and compulsory masks and social distancing, ie: the society shift, will continue for a minimum of a couple of years.  Premier Ford of Ontario has said likewise.

How can they do this – one asks?  Because people comply.  For no other reason.  And it is not sufficient for the public alone to refuse to comply – businesses must quit being proxies for these Communist/SocialistGovernments (parts of all these tyrannical governing philosophies exist today), and doing indirectly what the Governments are Constitutionally prohibited from doing directly. When business owners realize the COVID scam and start refusing to even suggest social distancing and/or masks, then we will begin to achieve success. 

I strongly urge everyone who knows someone who owns or knows someone who owns a business, to come out and learn from our knowledge on all aspects of the COVID scam, from the faulty models, to faulty testing procedures, to corrupted and manipulated statistics, to empty hospitals, to social re-engineering of our society.

Accepting another two months of this tyranny, is a travesty and begins to normalize this type of activity. In two years, without our intervention and refusal to comply, it will become the norm.  This is the same procedure followed over and over again in our history – call the rights and freedoms deprivations or restrictions, temporary, and then they never are removed, or if they are, it is only partially, amounting to an ongoing Constitutional creep against our cherished and rapidly diminishing rights and liberties. 


The United Kingdom has just been caught red-handed falsifying COVID stats.  From the Daily Telegraph in England:

The official Covid-19 daily death toll may never be brought back following an investigation into Public Health England’s method of counting it, the Telegraph understands.

The conclusions of the review, which was ordered by Matt Hancock after it emerged officials were “over-exaggerating” deaths from the virus, are expected this week.

One expected recommendation would be to stop daily reporting altogether and move to a weekly official death toll instead, a government source said on Sunday night.

The review has been “looking at all options,” the source said.

On July 17, the Health Secretary asked PHE to urgently investigate the way daily death statistics had been reported, leading PHE to say it was “pausing” the daily release.

It came after Oxford University experts revealed a significant proportion of the daily out-of-hospital death toll relates to patients who recovered from the virus weeks or months earlier.

Under the previous system, anyone who has ever tested positive for the virus in England was automatically counted as a coronavirus death when they died, even if the death was from a car accident.

By contrast, Scotland and Wales operate a cut-off threshold of 28 days after a positive test, after which a death is not assumed to be virus-related.


Meanwhile Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, reportedly holds the view that excess deaths are the best measure to use, which will be unaffected by the PHE review.

PHE had defended its previous approach saying there is “no World Health Organisation-agreed method” for recording deaths from coronavirus.

Dr Susan Hopkins, PHE’s incident director, has said: “Although it may seem straightforward, there is no WHO agreed method of counting deaths from Covid-19. In England, we count all those that have died who had a positive Covid-19 test at any point, to ensure our data are as complete as possible.”

This is amazing and no different than in Canada.


David Icke posted an interesting video recently.  640 doctors in Europe are condemning COVID-19 as a fake story.  I would strongly urge everyone to keep updated on their proceedings in the near future.

6:10         It is a fake story all over the world

6:50         COVID is not different from the normal flu

8:35         They have established a newspaper with 500 000 circulation

10:10       We have facts to show that it is a scam – need to discover who gets the benefits and who has the power to create it

Further to this, the Committee that was created in late June/July 2020,

has had an interesting meeting featuring three doctors on its panel. 

8:21         COVID is the same seriousness as the flu

9:30        There are no longer enough sick people in Germany to even test vaccines upon anymore.  The new types of vaccines are now RNA based, meaning that they can change genetic make up.

This is really scary folks.


Recently in the Washington Examiner, more odious results were announced in relation to the effects of prolonged use of masks, causing significant increases in gum disease.  This is no surprise since much of the material leaving the body gets trapped in the mask and breathed back in, some of which remaining in the oral cavity – to grow and multiply.

The subsequent problem is that excessive gum disease can result in much more serious health problems, such as heart conditions or strokes.

In another privacy violation, BC is hiring 500 people to help establish contact tracing.  This will happen without our consent and we will not even know if we are being tracked.  It is critical to never install any such apps, remove if you have them, never answer any calls from anyone you don’t know, and refuse to ever talk to anyone from the gov’t on your private health matters. Indeed, you should be questioning even talking to your doctor on these types of issues. Colds and flus for the most part can be dealt with normally, with mega-Vit C, rest, etc.  Advising any doctor that you even have a cold now, will lump you in for possible mandatory testing, and faked results.  There has never been a better time to stay away from doctors than today.

Conservative Leadership Candidate Derek Sloan Says Compulsory Masks Are An Affront to Our Freedoms

Wed., Aug. 12 at 6:55 a.m.

During these unprecedented times, politicians at every level of government, and of every political stripe, have allowed their “inner autocrat” to emerge.

Basic liberties, such as our right to come together to work, worship, or see our friends and relatives have been limited or completely eliminated.

An entire society of healthy people has been locked down, bringing the economy to a standstill, and millions have been forced into unemployment.

The autocrats have had a taste of unprecedented control, and now they want more. These same people who brought us the lockdowns are now making mask-wearing compulsory.

In Canadian law, the onus is on politicians to justify laws that diminish the realm of personal choice. Enforcing mask wearing based on the fearful projections of illness and death made in March, rather than on the realities of August, is unjustifiable. Forecasts made in March predicting the numbers of dead and sick people caused by the virus have turned out to be wild over-estimates.

We now know that COVID-19 has posed almost no threat to children. We know that four fifths of COVID deaths have occurred in nursing homes, and the victims were the elderly and those already sick.

Statistically, healthy adults are under greater threat from car accidents than they are from COVID-19. The realities of August do not justify the overreach of mask mandates. They are justified by power-hungry autocrats in the name of control and compliance.  If we fail to guard our rights with extreme vigilance in a time of crisis like this, we can lose them forever. These mandatory mask mandates have no end date on them.

Just last week Dr. Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer said that the coronavirus pandemic may continue for years, along with measures like mandatory masking and physical distancing, even if researchers manage to discover a vaccine.

She needs to be fired. We need to take these threats to our liberties seriously. Canadians who want to wear a mask should wear one, wherever they want to, but I remain 100% against making masks mandatory.

Shockingly, in a CONSERVATIVE leadership race, I am the only candidate that has spoken out against this infringement on our civil liberties.

I also remain 100% opposed to ever making a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory. If freedom matters to you, please donate today to help my team “Get Out The Vote” in this critical stage of the campaign.

Sincerely, Derek Sloan Member of Parliament PS: Standing for the freedom of Canadians, without apology, is what sets me apart from my leadership rivals. To help me win this leadership race, please chip in today.

Kelowna Online Media Castanet Publishes Letter Wishing Infection on END THE LOCKDOWN Protesters

COVID hysteria drives followers insane.

A letter calling for the infection of END THE LOCKDOWN protesters, was published by the Castanet media in Kelowna, which has refused to cover the protests.

” I believe we need an infected person to go find this group of idiots that think the virus is fake and give all the protesters a hug.If someone has the virus please go into a protest and shake hands with every protester and hug people

.Let’s see if the protesters get sick and disappear. See if the protesters believe after they get sick.Most of us know someone who has it, had it or been tested for it.To see a protest against this horrible virus makes me sick to my stomach.

I like the idea the Germans have about a COVID party. Maybe Kelowna needs one as well but except like Germany don’t ask for volunteers, use the COVID protesters.”

Melbourne Lockdown: Police Can Enter Homes Without a Warrant to Carry Out ‘Spot Checks’


Police in Melbourne, Australia now have the power to enter people’s homes without a warrant and perform ‘spot checks’ to enforce compliance with new coronavirus lockdown rules.After the state of Victoria announced a “state of disaster” in response to a spike in coronavirus cases, Premier of the state Daniel Andrews told residents, “We can no longer have people simply out and about for no good reason whatsoever.”In addition to an 8pm to 5am curfew, residents can only leave their homes outside those hours to shop for food and essential items, carry out care and caregiving, as well as daily exercise and work.The new powers also give police the right to “enter your home to carry out spot checks even if you don’t give them permission and they don’t have a warrant,” reports on buying have also been introduced, restricting citizens to purchases of no more than two of certain essential items, including dairy, meat, vegetables, fish and toilet paper.As we highlighted earlier, immediately after the government announced the new draconian measures, police in their hundreds positioned themselves around residential tower blocks to ensure no one could leave.People were told they must stay in the residence in which they slept the previous night for the next six weeks. Anyone who violates the new rules faces a fine of up to $1,652, an amount which is set to be increased.As Toby Young writes, the spike in COVID-19 cases in the region could simply be due to the fact that more tests are being conducted.“Victoria tested almost 43,000 on Sunday, July 26th, twice as many as on normal days, and the peak on Wednesday could be due to the few days delay before the results come through. In addition, a percentage of the positive results are likely due to the extensive contact tracing introduced in the past few weeks, with targeted testing of those who’ve been in contact with other infected people.” “It looks like a familiar pattern: on the advice of public health officials, a political leader ramps up testing and introduces a track-and-trace programme, then, when the number of cases inevitably increases, the leader panics and introduces draconian new measures.”

Tory CandidateDerek Sloan Asks “Which Canadian big-city mayor has gone totally W-H-O?”

9:02 PM (2 hours ago)

Toronto Mayor John Tory is really excited about Ontario entering Stage 3 of reopening and bars and restaurants opening up again.

Actually, what he’s really excited about is slapping a whole lot of regulatory restrictions on them.

On Sunday, Tory sent a letter to Premier Doug Ford containing six recommended rules to be imposed on these establishments, which have absorbed a catastrophic financial hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tory is calling for mandatory masks for all staff and patrons, earlier closing hours, occupancy restrictions, and for all patrons to provide contact information that is to be kept for 30 days, to allow for tracing as needed.

Wow! Where to begin?

Asking everyone for their contact information is not going to go over well. That’s a bit of a safety issue. They might get a lot of false information.

Again, as with the mandatory facemask rules, you have to wonder whether recommendations like these are really about protection—as is claimed—or politics.

Tory says that “experts” believe that masks keep people safer and that restaurants and bars pose a higher level of risk for the spread of the coronavirus.

Are these the same experts who were saying back in March that masks weren’t necessary outside of hospitals, and that anyone who suggested that the borders should be closed was a racist?

We all want to stop the spread of COVID-19. We’ve all made extraordinary sacrifices toward that end. No businesses have been hit harder than the hospitality industry. Many of them have closed and are never coming back.

In some cases, establishments built by generations of hard work and dedication are gone forever.

A recent Leger poll shows that a national average of 22% of Canadians will avoid bars and restaurants for as long as masks are mandatory there.

We all need our country’s economy to rebound from this setback, and bars and restaurants must be part of the resurgence. We don’t need politicians like John Tory making the hard road back even more difficult for them.

Mayor Tory’s recommendations are evidence of state overreach, which has reared its ugly head during this crisis. Using the pandemic as a cover, it imposes draconian limitations on our freedoms in the name of the common good.

Those who voice opposition are shouted down as selfish and reckless, and the statists consolidate their power.

Once given up, these freedoms will be difficult to regain.

John Tory is also calling for mandatory masks in residential apartment buildings.

Canadians who feel more comfortable wearing a facemask should be by all means do so, but masks should not be made mandatory.

Re-openings of businesses should be done responsibly and safely, but without being hamstrung by statists who, having had a taste of authoritarianism, are hungry for more.

I remain 100% opposed to making any eventual COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for Canadians.

I will continue to guard against any unjust limitations of our rights introduced in the name of public safety or other invocations of the “common good”.