Peterborough police won’t ticket cast & crew of CBC show for handshakes, laughter

Peterborough police won’t ticket cast & crew of CBC show for handshakes, laughter


We recently returned to the lovely little city of Peterborough, Ont., where the local constabulary take a very dim view of any sort of merriment in this day and age of COVID-19. You might recall our previous trip to Peterborough in April. We were there to cover an anti-lockdown protest staged at Confederation Square.

Shamefully, speakers such as PPC leader Maxime Bernier and Ontario MPP Randy Hillier were issued tickets by the Peterborough cops for… well, um, that’s a very good question. Last time we checked, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly were still enshrined rights in Canada — even during a pandemic. Heck, just ask the Peterborough police, whose members took a knee at this very same square last summer in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Yes, it’s all so very confusing, isn’t it?

And get this: several weeks after the Peterborough anti-lockdown event, I was served with a summons at my personal residence. Which is odd, given that I was not an organizer nor a speaker nor even an attendee. I was just there as a journalist covering the proceedings, and again, last time I checked, freedom of the press was still a thing in Canada — even during a pandemic.

But things went from odd to downright bat-shite surreal when I was later served disclosure, where the “evidence” of my crimes was duly noted. Which is to say, Staff Sgt. Dan Maclean noted that I had been spotted “shaking hands” and — wait for it — “laughing” on several occasions. Heck, Staff Sgt. Maclean even provided photographic evidence of my hand-shaking and laughing crimes against humanity. He even submitted my driving abstract.

Did you know, folks, that back in 1981 I was nabbed for doing 60 km/h in a 50 km/h zone? Oh, the humanity!

In any event, we thought we would drop by to check out the filming of a Murdoch Mysteries episode in Peterborough.

Alas, given that this is a CBC show, I’ve never seen a single episode, but I’m told that it takes place in Toronto in the 1890s. Ah, the 1890s! A time when shops were actually open in good ol’ Hogtown and a patron could enter such shops without having to don a face-diaper.

Anyway, we have it on good authority that the script called for some of the actors to actually shake hands. And laugh. And we certainly saw outbursts of laughter by the crew members on site — along with a few raised middle fingers aimed at me and my cameraman, Syd. All of which is very odd, given that Murdoch Mysteries is a CBC production, which means Syd and I and millions of other Canadians are involuntarily funding this show via our tax dollars. So, when you think of it, we are actually stakeholders, not interlopers. But I digress…

In any event, we felt it was our civic duty to reimagine ourselves as a couple of COVID-Karens and rat out this production to the cops. I mean, hand-shaking? Laughing? That’s super-spreader stuff according to the Peterborough Police Service, isn’t it?

But alas, the Peterborough cops would not come to the set to issue tickets or even investigate. Gee, maybe they’re fans of Murdoch Mysteries? It is a show about law enforcement, after all…

Bottom line: yet again, when it comes to COVID crimes, it would appear that it is one law for thee, one law for me.

Golly, just where is Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary when you really need him?

MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns About Censorship of Doctors and Scientists

MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns About Censorship of Doctors and Scientists

June 17, 2021 Duration of video is 38 minutes  

Independent MP Derek Sloan holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to raise concerns about the alleged censorship of doctors and scientists as well as medical information related to vaccines. The Ontario MP has been critical of lockdowns that have been in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also sponsored a petition questioning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

He is joined by a trio of trio of doctors and scientists.   COMMENTS   He is not the only one – Randy Hillier and others are doing this for months, but it’s great news that politicians are waking up. This is criminal. What is Doug Ford doing ???? He should be held responsible for all the lockdowns, fake numbers of deaths and people in hospitals and pressuring doctors and nurses to comply with this evil agenda. NVP  

What will it take to turn the tide ? those brave Canadian Politicians and Doctors that fight for our rights, fairness and truth need our support. How can we expect that after being told “fake covid propaganda news” for 18 Months that our Politicians and the MSM will ever retract on anything they have been brainwashing us with? When a few days ago US Senators had the courage to expose the “lies” and hold the ones responsible for the Covid Nightmare accountable, there was hope that maybe Canada would have enough politicians that would have the courage to do the same, instead anyone that speaks against the “planned agenda” is demonized, ridiculed, fined and fired from their job………..what kind of world do we live in ? forcing everyone to take the “Jab” demonizing anyone that does not want to be a “lab rat”. RR    

Attachments areaPreview YouTube video MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists – June 17, 2021

May 31 North Bay Rally Cancelled; Randy Hillier Must be in Legislature to Vote AGAINST Doug Ford’s Motion to Extend Police State Dictatorial Powers Until December 31

No More Lockdowns Canada We regret to inform everyone our originally planned Rally in North Bay has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

On Monday May 31st, it is expected that Doug Ford will be asking the Provincial Legislature for an extension on his emergency powers under Bill 195.

This is known as the Reopening Ontario Act.

It has been requested to be extended until December 2021, where it most likely will be extended, yet again.

MPP, Randy Hillier will be in the Legislature to vote against this unjust law that has done the most harm to our families, our children and our province over the last year.

We look forward to future opportunities in North Bay and appreciate your understanding as we work tirelessly to defend your freedoms.

Events @ NML Canada

Support Pastor Hildbrandt’s Freedom of Speech & Worship

Support Pastor Hildbrandt’s Freedom of Speech & Worship

On Friday, Pastor Hildebrandt’s Church of God in Aylmer was seized by the government and locked down, with hefty fines being issued. Following a Court order closing the Church of God earlier in the day and allegedly for reasons of ‘public safety’, armed agents of the government wearing bullet proof vests descended upon the peaceful congregation gathered at the Church, a significant portion of whom were women and children.

This is, of course, for their own good. We all know you can safely gather and rally to oppose policies in Columbia, to support the Palestinian cause, or to support Black Lives Matter. But you’ll be charged and shut down if you gather to protest domestic policies in Ontario, or simply to pray.

This Sunday, May 16th at 10:30, Pastor Hildebrandt will be hosting a service at 10:30am on the lawn of his Church. I encourage anyone of like-mind to join their peaceful resistance by sharing in worship with them on Sunday.

You can find their location at the bottom of the page here:

We must support each other if we are going to correct these injustices; if you oppose these lockdowns, you must add your voice with others in peaceful defiance of their unjust orders.

Only together, will we end the lockdowns.

Randy Hillier

Web Version:

No More Lockdowns Rallies in Ontario, May 8-9

I appreciate everyone who came out to the many events last weekend, we know there were not many speakers, but you all still ran the show and kept spirits high. This weekend I got a lot on the table! New Local Action Groups are popping up every day, and more events are being planned…No More Lockdowns Canada needs your help more than ever to keep attendees feeling safe and welcomed.

If you visit their Official Facebook Page, under the ‘Groups’ tab you will find all the official groups No More Lockdowns Canada is working with. Additionally on the banner of any official groups will contain the message ‘Group by No More Lockdowns Canada’. Keep an eye open for these cues and do report any groups you find using their name and branding who are not listed by emailing

Last time I asked for support for veterans who attended the No More Lockdowns Canada rallies, we still need more. Sign up to become a No More Lockdowns Canada Forces for Freedom member. They want to work directly with liberty loving veterans to get them to tell their story and help create a barrier between their events and those who may seek to disrupt them. Please remember this sign up is for veterans only.

Don’t forget to follow them on Social Media, this is where you will see the most up to date news on openings and events in your local area! It also helps when you tag and share with your friends and family to break through the censorship on each of the social media platforms.


You can also join a Local Action Group, these are popping up across the province everyday helping businesses plan and reopen. If you would like to join or create one in your area, contact:

Do make sure you, your friends, and family are signed up to our emails as well. You can do so by requesting a lawn sign or by signing one of their petitions.

Here are some of the events coming up in the next few days.

I hope many of you will be able to attend these great events and will continue to resist. Together we will end these lockdowns for good. If you have any questions or events in your area and would like the support of No More Lockdowns Canada, be sure to email them at

Randy Hillier

End the Lockdown Caucus: Group of Canadian politicians Calls for End of COVID-19 Lockdowns

End the Lockdown Caucus: Group of Canadian politicians Calls for End of COVID-19 Lockdowns

April 15, 2021

Duration of video is 50 minutes

Derek Sloan Randy Hillier at the 8 minute mark: Excellent on freedom Pastor Michael Thiessen at the 12 minute mark: Science has no moral authority Maxime Bernier at the 22 minute mark (he speaks in French from 18 to 22 minutes): Covid normal flu Questions at the 27 minute mark   At a press conference on Parliament Hill, independent MP Derek Sloan, People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, Ontario independent MPP Randy Hillier and Pastor Michael Thiessen discuss the impact of lockdowns that are in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Their group, known as the End the Lockdown caucus, has been vocal in raising concerns about the effects of pandemic-related public-health measures.

Join MPP Randy Hillier & MP Derek Sloan & Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for Morning Service at the Aylmer Church of God

to me
Join MPP Randy Hillier & MP Derek Sloan & Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for Morning Service at the Aylmer Church of God –

If you are reading this email, then you are close by to the No More Lockdowns Stratford Family Freedom Event TOMORROW featuring me and Derek Sloan, MP of the End the Lockdown Caucus. We will also be in attendance at the Aylmer Church of God with Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for morning service. Service at Aylmer Church of God
Sunday, April 25th @ 10:30 AM < UPDATED TIME!

751 John St North, Aylmer, ON Family Freedom Peaceful Assembly
Saturday, April 24th @ 2 PM

55 Queen Street, Stratford, ON Join the many freedom loving Canadians taking a stand against lockdowns! See you there! Randy Hillier