Peterborough police won’t ticket cast & crew of CBC show for handshakes, laughter

Peterborough police won’t ticket cast & crew of CBC show for handshakes, laughter


We recently returned to the lovely little city of Peterborough, Ont., where the local constabulary take a very dim view of any sort of merriment in this day and age of COVID-19. You might recall our previous trip to Peterborough in April. We were there to cover an anti-lockdown protest staged at Confederation Square.

Shamefully, speakers such as PPC leader Maxime Bernier and Ontario MPP Randy Hillier were issued tickets by the Peterborough cops for… well, um, that’s a very good question. Last time we checked, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly were still enshrined rights in Canada — even during a pandemic. Heck, just ask the Peterborough police, whose members took a knee at this very same square last summer in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Yes, it’s all so very confusing, isn’t it?

And get this: several weeks after the Peterborough anti-lockdown event, I was served with a summons at my personal residence. Which is odd, given that I was not an organizer nor a speaker nor even an attendee. I was just there as a journalist covering the proceedings, and again, last time I checked, freedom of the press was still a thing in Canada — even during a pandemic.

But things went from odd to downright bat-shite surreal when I was later served disclosure, where the “evidence” of my crimes was duly noted. Which is to say, Staff Sgt. Dan Maclean noted that I had been spotted “shaking hands” and — wait for it — “laughing” on several occasions. Heck, Staff Sgt. Maclean even provided photographic evidence of my hand-shaking and laughing crimes against humanity. He even submitted my driving abstract.

Did you know, folks, that back in 1981 I was nabbed for doing 60 km/h in a 50 km/h zone? Oh, the humanity!

In any event, we thought we would drop by to check out the filming of a Murdoch Mysteries episode in Peterborough.

Alas, given that this is a CBC show, I’ve never seen a single episode, but I’m told that it takes place in Toronto in the 1890s. Ah, the 1890s! A time when shops were actually open in good ol’ Hogtown and a patron could enter such shops without having to don a face-diaper.

Anyway, we have it on good authority that the script called for some of the actors to actually shake hands. And laugh. And we certainly saw outbursts of laughter by the crew members on site — along with a few raised middle fingers aimed at me and my cameraman, Syd. All of which is very odd, given that Murdoch Mysteries is a CBC production, which means Syd and I and millions of other Canadians are involuntarily funding this show via our tax dollars. So, when you think of it, we are actually stakeholders, not interlopers. But I digress…

In any event, we felt it was our civic duty to reimagine ourselves as a couple of COVID-Karens and rat out this production to the cops. I mean, hand-shaking? Laughing? That’s super-spreader stuff according to the Peterborough Police Service, isn’t it?

But alas, the Peterborough cops would not come to the set to issue tickets or even investigate. Gee, maybe they’re fans of Murdoch Mysteries? It is a show about law enforcement, after all…

Bottom line: yet again, when it comes to COVID crimes, it would appear that it is one law for thee, one law for me.

Golly, just where is Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary when you really need him?

Pro-Lockdown Thug Smashes Rebel News Reporter David Menzies’ Microphone During Disruption of Peaceful END THE LOCKDOWN Rally in Aylmer, Ontario

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Pro-Lockdown Thug Smashes Rebel News Reporter David Menzies’ Microphone During Disruption of Peaceful END THE LOCKDOWN Rally in Aylmer, Ontario

Another day, another anti-lockdown protest. When will our public officials listen to the concerns of their people?

Last Saturday, I attended the “Freedom March” in Aylmer, Ontario, a town of 7,500 people, just a stone’s throw from London and home to Church of God Pastor Henry Hildebrandt — the courageous pastor who defied lockdown orders at the start of the pandemic to host drive-in sermons.

 By some reports, nearly 2,000 people participated in the rally, while small groups of counter-protesters lined the streets to greet the freedom fighters as they marched through town.

 One week before the protest, Aylmer Mayor Mary French declared a state of emergency in anticipation that the protesters would cause civil unrest — presumably acting on the advice of her “pre-crimes” investigations unit. Perhaps Mayor French’s hunch was correct.

You see, despite being a joyous and mostly peaceful event, a handful of counter-protesters tried to disrupt the rally.  We encountered one hooligan who spouted death threats while another decided to smash my microphone out of my hand!

The police saw the whole thing yet they let him walk away!We’re still looking for my assailant, and we’re offering a $500 reward at to the first person that can help us identify him.

 Clear here to watch my full report. It’s a perverse irony that the people supporting the lockdowns claim they want to protect public health, yet they are often the first ones to threaten, intimidate, attack, and defame anyone questioning the supposed wisdom of our public officials.  Are they really in support of public health, or are they just enjoying what little bit of power is afforded to them by our newfound health dictatorship? 

Yours truly, David Menzies 

P.S.It’s shocking how often peaceful protests like this attract violent individuals, and worse yet, how reluctant the police are to get involved. That’s why we like to hire bodyguards and take legal actions against anyone that lays their hands on our reporters. But taking these measures is very expensive, and that’s why we rely on our viewers to help us crowdfund our security and lawyer fees. To lend your support with a donation, please click here or visit Thank you.

Masks on kindergarteners cause “more harm than good”: Ontario parents protest school board decision

Masks on kindergarteners cause “more harm than good”: Ontario parents protest school board decision

Would Jesus wear a mask?

Recently, parents and allies protested outside of Oakville (Ontario) Town Hall to stage their opposition to the Halton Catholic District School Board’s proposal push ahead with its mandatory face mask rule for all students (including junior kindergarten.)

When classes resumed earlier this month, the provincial government mandated that students in Grades 4 and up were required to wear non-medical masks; however, individual school boards, if they had the approval of the local public health authority, could extend the mandatory mask rule to cover other grades as well.

Some parents in the Halton Catholic District School Board wanted the board to simply comply with the provincial guidelines (Grades 4 and up.) They allege that the Halton Public Health Unit has merely acknowledged the request of the Halton Catholic District School Board, as opposed to approving the request.

Many parents are unhappy about the mandatory masking measure for all students.

Among their arguments:

  • Young people are by far the most resilient to the Wuhan virus. In Ontario, so far only one person under 20 has died (and that person had serious health complications) so why target this demographic as opposed to those who are most at risk (namely, the elderly residing at long-term care facilities?)
  • Some young people have their breathing compromised by wearing masks, thereby wearing masks actually do more harm than good
  • There is no hard scientific evidence indicating that wearing a non-medical mask makes anyone more resilient to the virus
  • If wearing a mask is a prudent idea, why have masks never been a requirement during flu season, given that influenza is extremely contagious and potentially deadly?