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Whatcott commentary on Arthur Topham “hate speech” trial

Postby Bill Whatcott » Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:06 pm

Arthur Topham, Publisher and Editor

Whether one agrees with Arthur or not, Canadians should be very concerned this guy could wind up in jail for promoting his conspiracy theories. Whether one agrees with his conspiracy theory or not, that should not be the litmus test to decide whether what he said is “hateful” or not. Actually the law is not even qualified to know what is “hateful.” My medical facts and theological arguments against homosexuality were found to be “hateful” and notwithstanding a handful of homosexuals have found Christ and repented of the homosexual lifestyle thanks to my ministry the courts over my own vigorous protestations decided I was “hateful” and saddled me with a $7500 fine, lifetime speech ban, and six digits worth of court costs that I couldn’t hope to pay off if I tried……

Sodomite, NDP Director of Communications Shawn Dearn on the other hand wrote: ““Memo to CBC & All media: Stop calling the misogynist, homophobic, child-molesting Catholic church a ‘moral authority.’ It’s not.” (March, 2013) he also wrote in 2010, “Dear Pope Benedict — go f— yourself.” Not only was Dearn not charged with “hate speech” for writing these things, he was allowed to keep his job as Mulcair’s Director of Communications when his nasty social media came to light. In my view Dearn is hateful, but in politically correct Canada where the media and judiciary is firmly in the grips of the left (Arthur would say the Jews) hell would freeze over before Dearn was held criminally liable for his so-called “hate speech”……

Arthur in my view isn’t “hateful.” I’ve read most of his articles on his site ( Arthur is a bit of a publicity hound (most activists are) and he believes he has a calling to save the world from Jewish Bankers and Zionism and fight for free speech in Canada.

I corresponded with the guy via e-mail a little bit and without actually meeting him, I decided overall, I like the guy…..

Though Arthur should not only be acquitted, but indeed compensated for facing unjustified state harassment, thanks to the Whatcott decision I hold very little hope that Arthur will be acquitted. I predict he will be in jail and the media will portray him as a vicious Nazi…..

Few social conservatives and almost no liberals will cry foul that a harmless, perhaps eccentric, man was unjustly put in jail. The last time I spoke on the unjust jailing of a holocaust denier a lawyer and so-called “friend” of 5 + years promptly e-mailed me that he was disassociating himself from me and dropping my cases (they were practically dropped the day he took them anyways) and then after giving me a pompous lecture on “racism” blocked me from contacting him. Meh…….

Politically correct tyrants and cultural Marxist race baiters even have some alleged social conservatives trained to be their lapdogs, and hence why Canada is not so free anymore. Anyways, unless someone can actually read Arthur’s site for themselves (Canada’s media is not a reliable source of information when you are trying to find out about the Bill Whatcotts & Arthur Tophams of this world) and get back to me with an intelligent reason as to why he should be in jail, I will continue to publicize his persecution and call it unjust, even if Amnesty International and so-called conservatives who claim to support free speech in Canada decide he is expendable………

Bill Whatcott



Hi all…., here’s a very dynamic radio programme:
with Cdn. free speech advocate Paul Fromm ( and Calif. attorney Don Advo discussing:

– Paul’s recent restriction on his right to travel — he has been going to the U.S. for years with just a passport (like most Cdn’s), but was told this past summer he now must have a Visa.  He applied for it and it should have been granted by the end of Sept, but they are “still processing,” (translation: intentionally withholding) which will cause him to miss an important conference in TN this weekend.  (restriction on the right of travel is a sure sign that tyranny is growing in any country that implements it).
Frederick Fromm's photo.

Attorney Barkley Johnson, Mrs. Shasta Topham, Terry Tremaine, Free Speech Warrior Arthur Topham, & Paul Fromm
– Zionist-orchestrated proxy wars in the Middle East with the goal of destabilizing the region, allowing for the Greater Israel Plan (i.e. a land grab and occupation of other countries besides Palestine), zio-bankers making $$$ by funding all sides of the various conflicts, and most heart-wrenching, the inevitable consequence of massive numbers of refugees (many military age males) immigrating into Europe and further destroying the ancient and unique cultures of its various countries.
– and most interestingly, a play by play of free speech advocate Arthur Topham’s trial this week (continues next) in Quesnel, B.C.  A complaint was brought against Topham, by Harry Abrams of B’nai Brith Victoria (a Zionist front group) for promoting hatred against Jews on his webstie  This is a fascination segment of the show not to be missed.  Case in point, someone in the courtroom noticing that the large light fixtures in it are hanging from 4, six foot Stars of David!  Does this give anyone any clues as to who controls the Judiciary in Canada (and all western countries)?  But it doesn’t stop there…., “they” have also infiltrated and control at least 3 other major institutions: 1) the mainsteam media (news and entertainment), 2) the banking system and fiat money, and 3) higher education (i.e. university depts involved in research, advising to Govts, and resultant policies), and professorships (i.e. professors with a Zionist bent to inculcate various doctrines and dogmas into young impressionable minds…, aka brainwashing).

Arthur Topham’s Free Speech Trial Opens in Quesnel, October 26

Dear Reader and Supporter of Free Speech in Canada.
There remains but three weeks before the trial begins which will determine the course of future events here in Canada with respect to a citizen’s Constitutional Right to freedom of expression.
I would ask of you that you please forward this post/notice to as many of your friends and associates as you can.
It would be great to see the courtroom filled with Canadians who believe in their right to freedom of speech.
Anyone thinking of attending the trial is welcome to contact me regarding accommodations and directions, etc. Unfortunately I won’t be able to host those planning to attend this event.
I can be reached via email at or via telephone at 1-250-992-3479.
Thank you for all your help and support!


Arthur Topham
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The Crazy Season of Political Purges is in Full Swing

The Crazy Season of Political Purges is in Full Swing

Canada’s political parties offer voters the depressing choice of Tweedledum, Tweedledummer, Tweedledummest and Tweedlegreen on October 19. For the past month there has been a near Stalinist purge among all party ranks of any candidate who has ever bleated the slightest comment critical either of Israel or the homosexual agenda. In this, all party leaders are hardcore Cultural Marxists. The homosexual agenda is fully triumphant and the Majority marginalized and dispossessed. All three parties are hacking away at their own ranks and, in effect, conceding some ridings on election day.
The latest victim of the tyranny of the homosexual agenda is a Conservative candidate in Malton one Jagdish Grewal
The Canadian Press (October 6, 2015) reports: “The Conservatives have dumped Jagdish Grewal, a candidate in suburban Toronto who defended therapies that attempt to turn gays straight and who penned an editorial that referred to homosexuality as ‘unnatural behaviour’ and heterosexuals as ‘normal.’

‘These comments do not reflect the views of the Conservative Party of Canada. We believe that all Canadians — regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation — deserve to be treated with respect and dignity,’ the Conservative Party said in a statement. ‘Mr. Grewal is no longer an official candidate for the Conservative Party.’

Grewal, running in Mississauga-Malton, wrote an editorial in the Punjabi Post earlier this year entitled ‘Is it wrong for a homosexual to become a normal person? [A great many Canadians find homosexual practices abnormal.]

Ironically, “At a rally in the riding on Sept. 8, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper appeared on stage with Grewal and praised his work. ‘I can tell you this: through his newspaper and radio show, he urges all those who come to this country to embrace the values of freedom, democracy, of tolerance, and respect, the things that make our country such a great place to live,’ Harper told the audience.” 

But in a Canada gripped by the Maoist madness of political correctness, the price of belittling buggery is ostracism, even for a member of a usually coddled class — Third World immigrants. “Earlier, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said that Grewal’s remarks were unacceptable and called on Harper to ‘remove him. We’re saying that in this day and age, a prime minister who accepts that, continues to tolerate it and accepts the type of statement today on homosexuals is frankly not showing leadership,’ Mulcair told reporters in Surrey, B.C. ‘Mr. Harper’s got to start getting it right and it starts by firing this candidate who said those things that are totally unacceptable about gays’.” 

The hypocrisy of political correctness would gag an alligator. It’s actually alright to say outrageously offensive things about Christians as long as you say they were not REALLY what you thought. What? A psychotic moment. My mouth ran one way and my brain another? Earlier this summer, Shawn Dearn, communications director to the same canting Thomas Mulcair was revealed to have tweeted the following tolerant thoughts: “Memo to CBC and all media,” one of them reads. “Stop calling the misogynist, homophobic, child-molesting Catholic church a ‘moral authority.’ It’s not.”

However, in a tweet to his followers late Tuesday, Dearn apologized.”Some tweets that pre-dated my current role were offensive and do not reflect my views,” he said. “They are being deleted and I apologize sincerely.: (Canadian Press, September 8, 2015) All was forgiven; Mulcair did not fire his Catholic-hating mouthpiece and the campaign chugged on.

Not so lucky were two NDP candidates who had issues with Israel or extremist Jews. [Mulcair, like Prime Minister Harper is a 110 per cent Israel First. Being married to a Sephadic Jewess may have something to do with it in Mulcair’s case.]

On August 10, according to CBC News (September 16, 2015),  “Morgan Wheeldon, an NDP candidate in Nova Scotia’s Kings-Hants riding, was forced to resign after suggesting in a 2014 Facebook post that Israel was engaged in “ethnic cleansing.”

On September 24, the NDP dropped its candidate in Winnipeg . CBC (September 25, 2015) reported|: “Until Thursday night, Stefan Jonasson, a Unitarian minister, was the NDP candidate for Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley in Winnipeg. Jonasson says he was asked by his party to step down after comments he made on social media surfaced earlier this week. Now, he says he plans to leave politics for good. ‘Politics has become so taken over by muckraking, by gotcha standards, by toxic behaviour on the part of those who cover it, I think I’m done with politics.” 

Three years ago, Jonasson posted an article in 2012 accusing the Haredim, a Jewish Orthodox sect, of mistreating women. He wrote “much like the Taliban and other extremists, the Haredim offer a toxic caricature of faith at odds with the spirit of the religious tradition they profess to represent.”

Jonasson tells As It Happens guest host Laura Lynch that “people are increasingly using the term ‘Taliban’ to refer to religious extremists of all kinds.” And although he defends his comparison of the Haredim to the Taliban, he says he wishes he hadn’t used those words. 

‘It wasn’t my intention to cause gratuitous offence. I was trying to call attention to the fact that women are not being treated equitably by some religious extremists’.”

Understandably disappointed at the intolerance of the NDP, Rev. Jonasson told the National Post (September 25, 2015): “I wish the party had had the courage and the foresight to believe that my candidacy was worth defending, but they did not.”

On August 24, the Tories dropped candidate Gilles Guibord, candidate in Rosemont-la-Petite-Prairie,  for his traditionalist views on Indians and men/.women relationships. His offending comments were: “First Nations refused to integrate into European culture. It’s their right, but there was a price to pay for that decision: Rejecting urban society and its advantages. The federal government used corruption to keep First Nations quieter… Political parties didn’t take responsibility for integrating aboriginal communities…”

“Before treating our ancestors as thieves, we have to at least not betray history. In Quebec, it’s the descendents of the French who have ancestral rights [to land], not the Mohawks. The Supreme Court still does not understand that.”

“To be fair, I think it’s better to speak of men’s authority over women, than of superiority. I think that male-female relations were not determined by religion, but rather by forces present before religions [existed]. Man was stronger than woman, the woman was placed under his protection. Because of pregnancies, women were often in a state of fragility or insecurity, so men protected them, etc.” (CBC August 24, 2105)

And the purges extended to the Liberal Party as well. Maria Manna who had posted some views expressing skepticism of the official version of 9/11 was dropped as a candidate in late September. “A Liberal candidate who expressed skepticism about the Sept. 11 attacks in the U.S. has resigned as the candidate in the B.C. riding of Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, CBC News has learned. Maria Manna had posted comments on her Facebook page that questioned the official account of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, calling it “the lie.” On Friday, she defended the comments, made in 2010 and 2013, saying they were her “truth” at the time.” (CBC, September 28, 2015) Truth then, but not now? If she’s changed her mind, why not just say so?

A couple of days later, the Liberals turfed out another candidate in British Columbia: “Cheryl Thomas, a Liberal Party candidate for Victoria, B.C., has resigned because of past comments she made on Facebook about the Muslim and Jewish communities.’I want to take this moment to apologize unreservedly for past comments on social media that have come to light,’ wrote Thomas on her website. Referring to mosques as “brainwashing stations. Saying “the oppressed of the Warsaw ghettos and the concentration camps have become the oppressors.” She knows she’s “sinned” by saying anything critical of privileged minorities, but despite her contrition still must go|: “When looking back at them, I understand that they are offensive and have no place in our political discourse.” (CBC, September 30, 2015) Pathetic!
Seemingly, the only acceptable candidates are complete ciphers who haven’t a brain or idea in their heads and who will be able to parrot the party line, whatever it is, on cue and, otherwise, just shut up.
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Jagdish Grewal out: Tories dump candidate for calling homosexuality “unnatural”

Paul Fromm Interviewed on “8,9,10” with Juan Manuel Soaje Pinto & Adrian Salbuchi in Buenos Aires.

Paul Fromm Interviewed on “8,9,10” with Juan Manuel Soaje Pinto & Adrian Salbuchi in Buenos Aires.

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