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Whatcott commentary on Arthur Topham “hate speech” trial

Postby Bill Whatcott » Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:06 pm

Arthur Topham, Publisher and Editor

Whether one agrees with Arthur or not, Canadians should be very concerned this guy could wind up in jail for promoting his conspiracy theories. Whether one agrees with his conspiracy theory or not, that should not be the litmus test to decide whether what he said is “hateful” or not. Actually the law is not even qualified to know what is “hateful.” My medical facts and theological arguments against homosexuality were found to be “hateful” and notwithstanding a handful of homosexuals have found Christ and repented of the homosexual lifestyle thanks to my ministry the courts over my own vigorous protestations decided I was “hateful” and saddled me with a $7500 fine, lifetime speech ban, and six digits worth of court costs that I couldn’t hope to pay off if I tried……

Sodomite, NDP Director of Communications Shawn Dearn on the other hand wrote: ““Memo to CBC & All media: Stop calling the misogynist, homophobic, child-molesting Catholic church a ‘moral authority.’ It’s not.” (March, 2013) he also wrote in 2010, “Dear Pope Benedict — go f— yourself.” Not only was Dearn not charged with “hate speech” for writing these things, he was allowed to keep his job as Mulcair’s Director of Communications when his nasty social media came to light. In my view Dearn is hateful, but in politically correct Canada where the media and judiciary is firmly in the grips of the left (Arthur would say the Jews) hell would freeze over before Dearn was held criminally liable for his so-called “hate speech”……

Arthur in my view isn’t “hateful.” I’ve read most of his articles on his site ( Arthur is a bit of a publicity hound (most activists are) and he believes he has a calling to save the world from Jewish Bankers and Zionism and fight for free speech in Canada.

I corresponded with the guy via e-mail a little bit and without actually meeting him, I decided overall, I like the guy…..

Though Arthur should not only be acquitted, but indeed compensated for facing unjustified state harassment, thanks to the Whatcott decision I hold very little hope that Arthur will be acquitted. I predict he will be in jail and the media will portray him as a vicious Nazi…..

Few social conservatives and almost no liberals will cry foul that a harmless, perhaps eccentric, man was unjustly put in jail. The last time I spoke on the unjust jailing of a holocaust denier a lawyer and so-called “friend” of 5 + years promptly e-mailed me that he was disassociating himself from me and dropping my cases (they were practically dropped the day he took them anyways) and then after giving me a pompous lecture on “racism” blocked me from contacting him. Meh…….

Politically correct tyrants and cultural Marxist race baiters even have some alleged social conservatives trained to be their lapdogs, and hence why Canada is not so free anymore. Anyways, unless someone can actually read Arthur’s site for themselves (Canada’s media is not a reliable source of information when you are trying to find out about the Bill Whatcotts & Arthur Tophams of this world) and get back to me with an intelligent reason as to why he should be in jail, I will continue to publicize his persecution and call it unjust, even if Amnesty International and so-called conservatives who claim to support free speech in Canada decide he is expendable………

Bill Whatcott