Tory Leadership Candidate Andrew Scheer Promises: No Free Speech on Campus = No Federal Money

Tory Leadership Candidate Andrew Scheer Promises: No Free Speech on Campus = No Federal Money

Did you ever think you’d see a day when the government had to press universities to promote and protect free speech?

Well, here we are.

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We are hearing countless stories of universities being complicit in shutting down free speech. Stories like U of T Prof Jordan Peterson under attack for wanting to use traditional gender pronouns, a pro-life group at Wilfrid Laurier having a prior-approved demonstration shut down or of a student newspaper at McGill which refuses to print pro-Israel articles.

Freedom of speech is under attack on our campuses. More and more, the establishment of safe spaces, forbidden topics and the banning of speakers and campus clubs, are making our colleges and universities no-go zones for open dialogue.

Academic inquiry on our campuses should apply not only to professors but to students. It’s not just course-work that defines a post-secondary education, it’s people discussing and developing ideas.

On our campuses today, though, there are small but powerful special interest groups bent on imposing their own brand of political correctness. We cannot surrender our basic rights to them.

Something must be done.

That’s why as Prime Minister I will ensure that only post-secondary institutions which actively promote and protect free speech will be eligible for federal grants.

That’s right.

If public universities fail to protect this most basic right, they will lose the ability to apply for federal funding like NSERC, CIHR, and Canada Research Chair grants.

Free speech is important. That’s why I voted against C-16 and against M-103. As Prime Minister, I will ensure that free speech is always protected.

I’d love to hear what you think about the leadership race and which issues matter the most to you. Take the short survey by clicking below:

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Scheer, MP

Tory Leadership Candidate Pierre Lemieux Blasts Liberal Hostility to Free Speech


I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I enjoyed being at home with my family at this special time of year, before heading back out on the road today to continue campaigning.

I had the chance to read a number of articles that, unfortunately, remind us all that the war on free speech is far from over, and that political correctness is entrenched within Liberal ideology.

I thought I’d share a few with you, and ask you a quick question. Please have a look and take a few seconds to click on a response…

1. Liberal Minister Maryram Monsef Wants Pro-Life Ads Shut Down

Pro-life ads are being run on buses in Peterborough, and Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef doesn’t like it. While she acknowledges on her Facebook page that these ads are legal and are protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, she encourages people to complain to the Advertising Standards Canada. It’s her stated aim to shut down this legally-protected expression of free speech.

As Status of Women Minister, you might think she would focus her efforts on protecting vulnerable pregnant women and the babies they are carrying against violent criminal assault.  Not a chance under this Liberal government.

(Scroll past the poll for more examples of attempted Liberal censorship.)

Protecting free speech and pushing back against political correctness will be a key focus in a Lemieux government. 

How important do you feel it is for a leader to defend free speech?

2. Jordan Peterson Denied Federal Funding

Free speech advocate Jordan Peterson, who has been outspoken in his concerns about the forced use of made-up gender pronouns such as “xer”, “zie” and “perself”, has been denied federal grant funding for the first time ever in his career.

I have appreciated my many meetings and discussions with Dr. Peterson on topics such as C-16, M-103 and on how to best defend free speech. If you’d like to help him continue his work, you can contribute to a crowd-funding initiative that has been started.

3. Liberals Shutting Down Summer Student Funding to Pro-Life Groups

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Justin Trudeau that none of his candidates or MPs be pro-life. Now, if you’re a pro-life student who might want a summer job in this field, the Liberals will shut down opportunities available to you.

After a pro-abortion group complained publicly that Liberal MP Iqra Khalid (yes, the same MP who introduced M-103) had approved summer student funding to a pro-life organization, the Liberals quickly announced that this was “a mistake”.

They have now gone further, and said they will shut down all funding for pro-life organizations, even when the jobs are deemed to have merit by the Ministry of Human Resources and would provide meaningful summer employment to students.

The Liberals are trying to muzzle free speech and debate in this country.

Their actions speak louder than their talking points.

This is a government clearly seized with Liberal ideology, and not real concern for students, women, independent research or the middle class.  They seek to punish those who do not agree with them.

Free speech matters to Conservatives, which is why I’ve put it at the heart of my campaign.

Please support me as a leader who will continue to lead the charge for free speech under this Liberal government, and not be bullied by political correctness.

If you would like to help me reach more Canadians with my message, please donate to my campaign today.


German Political Prisoner Goes into Exile Before Return to Prison

German Political Prisoner Goes into Exile Before Return to Prison



I just want to inform you quickly that


HORST MAHLER – who´s ordered to go back to prison tomorrow, for another three and a half years –




Gerhard Ittner


UPDATE, April 20, 2017

One hour ago I had been informed by a friend that had just spoken with him that Horst Mahler is well and feeling relieved where he is now. 


  1. Ittner

Nous apprenons à l’instant que, devant rejoindre demain la prison pour
purger une peine supplémentaire de trois ans et demi, le célèbre avocat
révisionniste allemand Horst Mahler, 81 ans, “a quitté la République
fédérale d’Allemagne et se trouve actuellement en lieu sûr”.

German Thought Criminal, 81, Returns to Prison, April 19, 2017

German Thought Criminal, 81, Returns to Prison, April 19, 2017
Even a German, appeals court judge worries that Mr. Mahler drew a 10 year sentence for thought crime — “holocaust denial” — harsher than the sentences of many convicted of rape or muer in Germany
Although quite ill and having lost part of a leg to amputation, Mr. Mahler is being returned to serve three years more — the rest of his sentence.
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Horst Mahler – last public appearance before returning to prison

Hoax Letter Sent to Lesbian Councillor on Eve of YOUR WARD NEWS Hearing

Hoax Letter Sent to Lesbian Councillor on Eve of YOUR WARD NEWS Hearing

                  Two weeks before a long delayed Board of Review hearing into the cancellation of YOUR WARD NEWS editor Dr. James Sears and publisher Leroy St. Germaine’s mailing rights, out of the blue an anonymous person, naturally, sends an anti-homosexual letter to Toronto lesbian councillor Krystyn Wong-Tam. So, what? Don’t people have a right to experss themselves. Unfortunately, the anonymous writer left a real return address — the oft-vandalized offices of YOUR WARD NEWS.
                  Wong-Tam was triggered into typical victimhood. City News reported (April 12, 2017): ““I think it’s really important for us to recognize that when language that is used is hateful and discriminatory, it actually creates a climate of fear and violence,’ Wong-Tam said. ‘It can lead to violence, and I don’t want people to feel unsafe.’ ,,, The Councillor says the note has left her staff on edge. ‘I think they were quite alarmed, and they were almost dislodged,’ Wong-Tam explains.” Oh, the drama!
                     “The letter was sent on a day where millions around the world are marking The Day of Pink, a movement against bullying, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia and transmisogyny. The councillor says there’s a responsibility on her end to identify hate speech, especially as someone sitting in a position of privilege,” City News continued. Fact is, not everybody likes homosexuals and their need to parade and push themselves before the public. “Hate speech” — what about just a different opinion? And, by the way, just what is “transmisogyny” in that rapidly expanding politically correct catalogue of opinions we can not hold?

                       But, is the letter real, or is it part of a campaign to smear YOUR WARD NEWS? We wouldn’t put it past the homosexual lobby or those who’d like to silence YWN to have written this letter themselves. This spring has seen a number of hoaxes. Remember the 125 or more Jewish synagogues or community centres in the U.S., New Zealand and even Calgary, Alberta that received bomb threats. Oh, dear, the Nazis are back in town. It’s all Trump supporters or the AtlRight. Even President Trump got snookered into denouncing the “anti-semitism” Well, it turned out that the FBI identified some 19-year old Israeli computer nerd as the perpetrator for reasons unknown of these 125 threats. It wasn’t the Nazis, the AltRight or Trump supporters. That boo=hoo story got dropped pretty quickly

                       Victimized YOUR WARD NEWS editor Dr. James Sears quickly sent out a statement making it quite clear that YWN had nothing to do with the letter.

 Leroy St. Germaine and I were made aware of this letter via Twitter posts earlier today.  We chose to ignore it as, obviously, neither myself, nor
Leroy St. Germaine, nor to our knowledge anyone associated with either The New Constitution Party of Canada or Your Ward News, were behind the
letter.  The fact that it was written anonymously yet contains our return address, was written in a very inflammatory manner, and was timed to be
mailed a mere two weeks before a Board of Review into our mailing rights, makes the letter appear to be a “hate crime hoax”.  Furthermore, the fact
that Councillor Wong-Tam published the letter’s return address rather than wait for police to review the matter, makes me suspect that either she is
complicit in the hoax, or she saw an opportunity to use it for political theatre. — Dr. James Sears, Founder and Leader New Constitution Party of Canada

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Senator Punished for Defending Residential Schools

Senator Punished for Defending Residential Schools
 So firmly is Ottawa in the hands of the Cultural Marxists of political correctness that even a senator can be punished for deviation from politically correct group think. The all-party line is that the residential schools whereby many Indian students were educated was a case of “cultural genocide” : Indians good; White people evil. Apologies and megabucks in compensation for having been educated are in order.

Along comes Northwest Ontario Senator Lynn Beyak who had the temerity to tell the Senate that many good things happened in these schools and the largely religious staff were self-sacrificing well-meaning people. “I speak partly for the record, but mostly in memory of the kindly and well-intentioned men and women and their descendants — perhaps some of us here in this chamber — whose remarkable works, good deeds and historical tales in the residential schools go unacknowledged for the most part and are overshadowed by negative reports.” (National Post, April 7, 2017) Interestingly, many Indians agree that they were given a start in life and placed on the road to a rewarding career by the education they received in the residential schools, “In particular, she focused on statements made by Cree playwright Tomson Highway, who told the Huffington Post in 2015 that “I have a thriving international career, and it wouldn’t have happened without that school.” (National Post, March 20, 2017)

“Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde has also called for Beyak to be removed from the committee.” Rona Ambrose, the interim leader of the Conservative Party hopped to the minority demand and promptly stabbed the knife into her fellow Tory and removed her from the Senate Aboriginal Affairs Committee. “‘Ms. Ambrose has been clear that Sen. Beyak’s views do not reflect the Conservative party’s position on residential schools,” said Jake Enwhistle, Ambrose’s spokesman. (Huffington Post, April 7, 2017)

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Senator Beyak is not apologizing, nor does she intend to resign for expressing her opinion, as some critics have urged.

Instead she struck back, arguing political correctness is stifling discussion. The Toronto Star (April 6, 2017) reported: “Sen. Lynn Beyak says her removal from the Senate’s committee for indigenous people is ‘a threat to freedom of speech,’ and claims she is supported by a ‘silent majority’ of Canadians. … In a statement Thursday, Beyak bemoaned how it is becoming ‘difficult’ to have a ‘balanced, truthful discussion’ about all issues in Canada. ‘Political correctness is stifling opinion and thoughtful conversation that we must be allowed to have if we are to truly improve our great country,’ the statement said. ‘Too often, on a broad range of issues, a vocal minority cries foul and offence whenever a point of view is raised that does not align with their own.’

The duty of a member of the Senate is to discuss freely the issues of the day. Not so according to an Indian MP, NDPer Romeo Saganash: “Free speech does not apply to ‘people that celebrate genocide,'” he told the National Post (April 7, 2017) Of course, Senator Beyak wasn’t celebrating genocide, just trying to offer some perspective on what has become an Establishment guilt binge.



Don’t ever let them get away with saying Canada is a land that protects free speech. Tell that to political prisoners Brad Love or Arthur Topham punished under the “hate law”,  the notorious Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code. Tell that to the editor and publisher of YOUR WARD NEWS, a satirical Toronto newspaper that flays Zio-Marxism and political correctness. The dull dog neo-Puritans of political correctness cannot abide humour.

There are other ways a freedom-hating state can gag you. After several years of complaints by professional anti-racists, homosexual activists and that chronic minder of other people’s business and self-appointed monitor of what you should or shouldn’t be able to say in print of on the Internet, Richard Warman, Judy Foote, Minister of Supply and Services issued an interim prohibitory order against YOUR WARD NEWS Editor Dr. James Sears and publisher Leroy St. Germaine. They could not legally use Canada Post at all. Their right to use the service and near-monopoly taxpayers have subsidized since Confederation was arbitrarily stripped away.

However, they were entitled to a “review” of the order. Here’s how a slow repressive system chokes rights. Justice delayed is Justice denied. The prohibitory order, halting the distribution by mail of YOUR WARD NEWS was issued May 26. Now nearly 10 months later a three person review board has been struck. Its members are Fareen Jamal, Elizabeth Forster and Peter John Loewen

Members of the public have until Friday, March 31 to sign up to make a submission during a hearing that will review the federal government’s interim order to stop delivering controversial east Toronto-based tabloid, YOUR WARD NEWS.  The right to review the order falls under subsection 43(1) of the Canada Post Corporation Act.

Persons wishing to make submissions to the Board have until this Friday, March 31 to advice the Board. The Board will meet April 10 to discuss these requests and other organizational matters
The Board will then determine applicants’ standing to participate and will notify those selected no later than a month before the first hearing date, which has yet to be determined.Anyone who believes they are affected or anyone with an interest in the matter must  send a letter (maximum one page in length) summarizing the submission they wish to make to Board of Review, c/o Fareen L. Jamal, Jamal Family Law Professional Corporation, 2010 Winston Park Dr., Ste. 301, Oakville, ON, L6H 5Rl or by email at

CAFE has already sent in a request for interested party in these proceedings.

In a March 27 letter to the Board CAFE Direector Paul Fromm noted:  ” Freedom of speech and expression, which are our mandate, are very much at the heart of the matters to be decided. As well, your Board must consider issues of fairness and natural justice in the exercise of the Minister’s powers in the matter affecting the publication YOUR WARD NEWS.

CAFE has over 30 years of experience intervening in tribunals and court cases on issues of freedom of expression and this expertise may be of some assistance to the Board of Review.”