Freedom Fighters Denounced Bonnie Henry’s Winery Where People Can Gather for Tastings but Christians Cannot Gather for Easter Services

Freedom Fighters Denounced Bonnie Henry’s Winery Where People Can Gather for Tastings but Christians Cannot Gather for Easter Services

PENTICTON, April 5. CAFE supporters attended the weekly END THE LOCKDOWN Rally. Talk of the freedom fighters was health Czarina Bonnie Henry being part owner of Clos du Soleil winery. People are free to drop in for wine tastings but not allowed to attend Easter services at church.

The ADL’s War on Freedom of Speech — Latest Target: Tucker Carlson — A Statement by Andrew Torba, CEO of GAB

The ADL’s War on Freedom of Speech — Latest Target: Tucker Carlson — A Statement by Andrew Torba, CEO of GAB

The ADL’s War On Free Speech

Over the course of five years Gab has been attacked and smeared by many different Jewish groups including the ADL for simply defending free speech online. Now today the ADL is trying to cancel Tucker Carlson for daring to speak the truth about the reality of demographic replacement that is absolutely and unequivocally going on in The West. These are not “hateful” statements, they objective facts that can no longer be ignored.

The ADL wants the government to throw me in jail and shut down Gab for allowing free speech to exist online. Texas Governor Greg Abbott sat in front of an Israeli flag with a Jewish State Representative and called Gab an “anti-semitic platform.”

This week the American Jewish Congress is attacking Gab and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene with a smear campaign. When I countered their smear campaign with the facts, they played the victim and claimed that I was “attacking” them.

You can’t be hostile and attack Gab while at the same time playing the “victim” when we respond. If you’re going to attack the Gab community you can expect a firm response with the Truth from us, which is what I seek to do in this post.

These attacks seek to silence millions of community members on Gab, to shut Gab down as a whole, to stifle free speech, and to throw me in prison for operating a free speech platform. Not only do these attacks undermine the freedom of speech, but they also fuel hatred against Jewish people by feeding into narratives about Jewish power, control, and victimhood.

In Acts Chapter 4 Peter and John were threatened by the Sadducees not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. The ADL, the Jewish American Congress, and others are acting no differently than the Sadducees of 2,000 years ago by seeking to silence those of us who proclaim the name of Jesus Christ online and defend the freedom of speech for others to do so.

How did Peter and John respond?

They prayed for boldness and received it, which is exactly what I am doing. “Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness.” Acts 4:29 “And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.” Acts 4:31

Jesus Christ himself was very critical of powerful Jewish people and groups of His time. Many of the things He said would have the ADL, the American Jewish Congress, and others deplatforming Him from the internet and trying to have Him jailed too.

In Luke Chapter 4 Jesus was driven out of the synagogue in his hometown of Nazareth to the point of Him almost being thrown off a cliff by His own people. Eventually Jesus Christ was sent to die on the cross, but praise God that He is Risen so that we may have eternal life by grace through faith in Him.

How would Jesus respond to the attacks of the ADL and other Jewish groups? “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy. But I say until you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” Matthew 5:43-44

During the time of Jesus Israel had faced centuries of aggression from enemies and so while “hate your enemy” may not have been commanded directly the audience would have known what Jesus was talking about in regards to the rabbinic teaching of their day.

It’s very easy to hate our enemies, but that’s not what I am going to do. Not hating your enemies does not also mean pacifism and weakness. You can defend yourself against an enemy’s attacks while still loving him, as I seek to do with this post.

The Bible tells us that all who want to live a Godly life in Jesus Christ will be persecuted in 2 Timothy 3:12, so my life is no different than any other Christian facing persecution around the world for boldly speaking the Truth and fighting for my faith.

After five years of attacks from Jewish groups like the ADL, I’ve become used to the lies, hate, and persecution, but I have never once caved to their pressure and demands of censorship nor have I lashed out in hatred.

What these groups want me to do is project their hatred back at them.I refuse to do this because it’s not the Christian thing to do. There’s nothing hateful about anything I am saying. I’m stating objective and verifiable facts while quoting Bible verses.

I am praying for these people and writing this blog post as a way to show them the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am encouraging you all to do the same. I care about and am praying for the souls of our enemies even as they attack my family, community, and business.

I am not Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey. Gab is not Facebook or Twitter. We are not going to bend over backwards to appease the interests of the ADL, the American Jewish Congress, or any other interest groups.

We are going to bend over backwards to defend free speech online for all people, even those we disagree with. Groups like the ADL and American Jewish Congress have zero power or control over Gab, which is why they continue to attack us and lobby for our destruction.

There are many ethnically Jewish Christians who are on Gab and support our cause. There are also Jewish conservatives like Laura Loomer and others who have supported Gab for many years. There are also Jews on Gab who use Gab to criticize me and Gab itself and I will fight for their right to do so. I harbor no hatred for Jewish people, even those who relentlessly attack my business, my faith, and my family.

On the contrary I seek to show these Jewish groups who attack me the love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior in hopes of saving their souls from eternal damnation.

I shouldn’t have to say these things to justify an objective critical analysis of the attacks Gab is receiving from Jewish groups, but I want you the reader to know where my heart is. There’s nothing “anti-semitic” about stating the truth. The simple fact in the matter is that these coordinated attacks on Gab are perpetuating the very hatred that these Jewish groups are allegedly trying to stop.

Do you think that the millions of people on Gab aren’t connecting the dots together about the same group of people attacking Gab over and over again? People are smart. Pattern recognition is a gift from God.

Jewish groups are attacking Gab because people criticize Jews on Gab and because people say things that Jewish groups do not like on Gab. Tough luck. If “anti-semitism” is nothing more than speech the ADL doesn’t like, they are going to find “anti-semitism” under every rock. Their business model depends on it.

Criticism, mockery, and taboo discussions are legally protected by the First Amendment of the United States and thus are also protected on Gab and always will be.Threats of violence are obviously not free speech and we have always had zero tolerance for it. Criticism, mockery, and uncomfortable discussions are all welcome about any races, religions, ethnicities, and creeds.

I will never bend the knee to any special interests. The only one I bend my knee for is my King Jesus Christ.

Groups like the ADL and the Jewish American Congress are perpetuating Jewish stereotypes and generating more hatred of Jewish people by attacking free speech. They should be ashamed of themselves.

If the ADL and others want to counter speech they disagree with on Gab the best thing they can do is create an account and start posting, as we have invited them to do for years. Gab isn’t going to remove legal first amendment-protected speech just because they don’t like it.

Deal with it.

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King

BREAKING: Ontario politician calls for civil disobedience as Ford gov’t enacts month-long stay-at-home order


BREAKING: Ontario politician calls for civil disobedience as Ford gov’t enacts month-long stay-at-home order

‘Do not buy into the fear that this government is peddling and all governments are peddling.’ Wed Apr 7, 2021 – 3:29 pm EST

Featured Image
Ontario MPP Randy Hillier addresses crowd at ‘No More Lockdown’ rally at Queen’s Park, Toronto, November 26, 2020. Lianne Laurence / LifeSiteNews

Pete Baklinski By Pete Baklinski
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CONTACT YOUR MPP: Tell them to rethink the latest stay-at-home order! Click to contact your MPP, now.

ONTARIO, Canada, April 7, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — An Ontario politician is calling for Ontarians to disobey Premier Doug Ford’s province-wide stay-at-home order announced today that will close non-essential retail stores, continue to restrict church attendance, and ultimately deny Canadians their rights and freedoms as guaranteed by the Charter, especially freedom of religion and peaceful assembly.

“This is a war on freedoms,” Randy Hillier, an independent Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview.

wcfm facebook.png

“This is not about using bullets but about using shame and scorn and fear — they’re bombarding people with fear and trying to have people cower. They want people to throw away their freedoms, throw away the things that are important to them, throw away family, throw away faith, throw away and discard all the essential components of human dignity and they want to isolate and confine people,” he said.

The Ford government announced a province-wide stay-at-home order today, similar to what was enacted in January, in a bid to stem what the government is calling the third wave of COVID-19. The order, which will take effect on Thursday, April 8 at 12:01 in the morning, comes as excess deaths due to indirect consequences of the pandemic, such as drug overdoses and missed medical treatments, continue to skyrocket.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ontario over a year ago, there have been only 370,817 confirmed cases in a population of just over 14 million, meaning that only 2.6 percent of the province’s entire population has been confirmed to be infected with the virus, according to today’s data provided by Public Health Ontario. The vast majority of those confirmed cases (90.6 percent) has recovered. There have been 7,475 COVID-related deaths in the past 14 months. The majority of the province’s COVID-related deaths have been among elderly residents of long-term care homes. SUBSCRIBE to LifeSite’s daily headlines U.S. Canada World Catholic

Ford’s move comes in the wake of medical officers from the province’s three largest public health units demanding in an open letter released on Sunday a province-wide shutdown and stay-at-home order. The letter was a critical response to the Ford government having pulled what it called the “emergency brake” on Holy Saturday that moved the province into the “grey” zone that effectively shuttered restaurants, gyms, and allowed churches to operate at only 15 percent capacity during the most sacred time of the year when Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

Ivana Yelich, Ford’s Director of Media Relations, told LifeSiteNews that the new measures will continue to allow churches to operate at 15 percent capacity. There are “no changes to places of worship,” she said.

The Stay-at-Home order requires “everyone to remain at home except for essential purposes, such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy, accessing health care services (including getting vaccinated), for outdoor exercise, or for work that cannot be done remotely,” a news release today from the Ontario government stated. People are also allowed to attend a religious gathering, such as for a worship service or for a funeral or wedding.

While numerous businesses will be forced to close, garden centers and schools will be permitted to stay open.

Ford said during his announcement today that the situation in the province is “getting worse.”

“With these additional measures, we will limit mobility, limit the spread, keep people safe, and allow more time to deliver vaccines. And, be assured, vaccines remain our best hope to beat this virus.”

Hillier told LifeSiteNews that the most effective action Ontarians, alarmed at the erosion of their rights and freedoms, can make right now is to “disobey every unjust, unconstitutional order.”

“Take your mask off, they’re ineffective, they do nothing. The evidence demonstrates clearly they have no impact on the spread of the virus,” he said.

“Do not buy into the fear that this government is peddling and all governments are peddling. Open up your business, face some of the short-term bruises. Defend your freedom to worship, your freedom to speak, your freedom to earn a living, your freedom to visit with family — these are not the jurisdiction of governments, but the jurisdictions of free people,” he added.

Hillier said that big government along with public health is “lying” to people when using people’s health and safety as a justification for lockdowns.

“The data and the evidence clearly demonstrate that this [virus] is not a threat to most people. We know that there is a small demographic who are susceptible and who are at great risk. Right now, over 96 percent of all fatalities are seniors with significant preexisting illnesses who are very frail and who are close to death’s door to begin with. You know, the average age of fatalities is 84, greater than our average life expectancy,” he said.

Stats Canada released a report last month detailing the negative social and economic impacts of “lockdowns” and “restrictions” put in place by government authorities in an attempt to keep people safe from the virus.

JVM Show

Three Canadian doctors, heart surgeon Dr. Dennis L. Modry, Ontario’s former chief medical officer of health Dr. Richard Schabas, and pathology and virology specialist Dr. Roger Hodkinson, have publicly urged Canadian policymakers against using lockdowns because of the devastation they cause.

In February, a group of both federal and provincial politicians banded together to form the non-partisan “End the Lockdowns National Caucus” with the sole goal of ending lockdowns. “After careful examination and scrutiny of mitigation measures undertaken by all levels of government, it is now evident that the lockdowns cause more harm than the virus and must be brought to an end,” a position statement of the group reads.

The lockdowns have negatively affected all segments of society, including the youngest.

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) reported in January how it’s seeing a “disturbing trend” of babies coming to the hospital with “fractures and head trauma” in the wake of COVID-related lockdowns across Ontario and Quebec. “In my 16 years at CHEO, I have never seen this many infants with serious maltreatment injuries,” said Dr. Michelle Ward, pediatrician and Medical Director for Child and Youth Protection at CHEO, in a Jan. 29 press release.

Other doctors and health professionals from all over the world have also banded together in opposition to lockdowns to stop the spread of COVID.

CONTACT YOUR MPP: Tell them to rethink the latest stay-at-home order! Click to contact your MPP, now.

The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by some 56,000 medical practitioners and medical and public health scientists, raises “grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies.”

The signers call upon policymakers to allow those who are less vulnerable to COVID-19 to be “allowed to resume life as normal.”

“Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people. Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short- and long-term public health. The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health — leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice,” the declaration states.

Hillier told LifeSiteNews that citizens must arm themselves with knowledge to effectively resist an overreaching government. 

“What I have to say to people is to arm yourself with knowledge, arm yourself with evidence and data, and shield yourself from the fear-mongering,” he said. 

“And I would also say that you must never displace your faith in God with that of government,” he added. 

Hillier said that governments are abusing power that is meant to serve the people, not strip them of their rights and freedoms.

“We know government must be constrained, that there are checks and balances in our system to ensure governments don’t abuse the power. We have forgotten and we have discarded our checks and balances on government, and now they are abusing power.”

Ontario has had the longest lockdown in North America – which has been so successful it’s just gone into another one

Ontario has had the longest lockdown in North America – which has been so successful it’s just gone into another one

Eva Bartlett

Eva Bartlett

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian independent journalist and activist. She has spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Palestine (where she lived for nearly four years). Follow her on Twitter @EvaKBartlett8 Apr, 2021 17:39 Get short URL

Ontario has had the longest lockdown in North America – which has been so successful it’s just gone into another one

FILE PHOTO: Spice Lounge and Tapas on Lakeshore Road East has signs in their business door that expresses frustration with confusion over the lockdowns as Ontario tightens restrictions to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Port Credit. April 5, 2021 ©  Getty Images / Steve Russell / Toronto Star

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Follow RT on It’s April 2021 and we’re still being fed the same “stay home, save lives” line of 2020. But lockdowns are based on dodgy data and exaggerations, as well as causing more harm than they supposedly prevent.

As of today, Ontario is once again locked down. The last lockdown of two months was lifted only a month ago.

The province has endured the longest lockdowns in the country, thanks to politicians and medical officers pushing selective statistics.

The “Stay-at-Home” order (sounds so much nicer than lockdown!) requires people to imprison themselves again, except for “essential purposes” (exempt, of course, are Canadian politicians, who have repeatedly violated their own exhortations).

This latest draconian lockdown again impacts nearly every aspect of Ontarians’ ability to live their lives

It means: closed businesses; increasing poverty, loneliness, and depression; increased domestic abuse, a rise in suicides and self-harm; and utter media hysteria (actually, the media hysteria and fear mongering has not ceased since the announcement of a pandemic one year ago).

A petition to end Ontario’s lockdown of small businesses notes:

“There are over 440,000 small businesses in Ontario.

“Less than a week ago [state premier] Doug Ford told restaurants they would be allowed to operate outdoor dining even in grey zones; this caused restaurant owners to spend thousands of dollars on these spaces only to find out that this would not be the case in this current closure.

This level of carelessness and lack of foresight could be the demise of many locally owned restaurants.” Also on Covid rules for me, but not for thee? Canadians fume after Ontario govt says NHL teams will be exempt from indoor dining ban

Alarmism and exaggerated ICU data

Premier Doug Ford, in his address yesterday, spoke of case rates, hospitalizations, and ICU occupancy “increasing rapidly, threatening to overwhelm the healthcare system.”

But, as I’ve written before, the whole concept of “cases rising” is meaningless: “Cases are determined by Covid-19 tests, which have proved to be unreliable and inaccurate, giving false positives and creating a false picture of reality. This faulty testing is exacerbating the media hype over ‘rising cases.’”

And according to a long-time employee at the Ottawa General hospital I corresponded with: “I work in a large hospital and I pass through the Covid-19 ICU unit every day. And it’s never been overflowing or too busy.”

Or, as a columnist for the Toronto Sun noted: “Toronto’s top doc said that data was showing younger people in ICUs. Asked about the data, she changed her tweet to say she was ‘hearing’ of younger Toronto ICU patients. Big difference between data showing and you hearing anecdotally.”

Or, as an Ontario MPP noted: “The @OntHospitalAssn keeps fear mongering about ICU capacity. But Critical Care Services Ontario ICU data for Apr 3 reveals: Toronto 375 of 496 beds taken (76%) Central: 398 of 513 (78%) Ontario: 1852 of 2418 (77%) The question to the OHA is why?”

In fact, every year in flu season, we’ve had reports of overcrowding in hospitals, hospitals bursting at seams. This never caused us to shut down our economy and lock down our citizens.

Finally, more and more journalists are asking for proof of the claims bandied about by the Fords and media.

Even Naomi Wolf, not your average “conspiracy theorist” or “right winger” (as those opposed to brutal lockdowns are often described by dinosaur media) tweeted, “How are Canadians still being told such gigantic lies? The whole ‘lockdown equals public safety’ mythology is fully deceased.” Also on WATCH: Covid police raid Canadian home, violently arrest occupants after neighbor tattles on ‘illegal’ gathering of 6 people

Vested interests in vaccines?

While ordinary Canadians suffer tremendously under lockdowns, Canada’s unelected medical tyrants, the Medical Officers of Health (MOH) are doing quite well, earning $200,000 – $300,000, and more.

In addition to pushing for this latest lockdown, Ontario MOHs went the extra mile and called for “fewer businesses to be deemed essential and more operations shut down.”

Because a year-plus of lockdowns destroying small businesses’ ability to survive just wasn’t enough….

Some of these MOHs may even have financial links to the rollout of vaccines.

In his press conference yesterday, much of Premier Ford’s focus was on pushing jabs.

Ford promised, “better days are ahead of us,” followed by more calls for Ontarians to get jabbed with vaccines made faster than ever before which,  technically, will not even be out of the clinical trials stage till next year at the earliest.  Read more Canada halts AstraZeneca vaccine roll-out for people under 55, citing ‘substantial uncertainty’ amid blood clot concerns

The AstraZeneca vaccine is being suspended by countries around the world for causing blood clotting, which could lead to death.

In spite of this, Ontario continues to push it. As of April first, Canada has bought around 24 million doses. In addition to its AstraZeneca purchases, Canada agreed to purchase at least 20 million doses of Pfizer’s hurried vaccine.

In March, the media reported that Toronto’s MOH, Eileen de Villa, is married to Dr Richard Choi, a cardiologist and lecturer at Unity Health Toronto, who lists Pfizer and AstraZeneca among his ‘Relationships with financial interests.’ Under de Villa’s leadership, “Toronto Public Health has been used as a tool to counter any ‘misinformation’ about vaccination,” and was allegedly “behind a call to ban vaccine exemptions because of religious or philosophical beliefs.”

Another article on the de Villa-Choi conflict of interest noted: “It’s not a good look when you lock down your city when you don’t have to and your husband has financial interests with AstraZeneca and Pfizer.”

In mid-March, Premier Ford said he isn’t making the decisions, the chief medical officers are. He also said it would essentially be political suicide to go against them.

“To be frank, there’s no politician in the country who’s going to disagree with their chief medical officer. They’re just not going to do it. They might as well throw a rope around their neck and jump off a bridge.” 

Last December, Toronto’s Associate MOH, Dr. Barbara Yaffe, and Chief MOH, Dr. David Williams, admitted they are just reading a script, “I just say what they write down for me.” And laughed about it.

So, we have unelected medical officers running the show, essentially forcing government decisions on lockdowns and related issues. And as a Toronto lawyer opposed to lockdowns noted, “local Councils are legally powerless to stop” these unaccountable MOHs. How wonderfully democratic.

There is definitely a will and momentum to resist the brutal lockdown measures affecting all but the fat cats flouting them. With a new round of bullying by unelected medical officers, I hope the resistance to tyranny grows.

CLEAR Kelowna and Penticton Rallies – Maxime Bernier tours the Okanagan!

CLEAR Kelowna and Penticton Rallies – Maxime Bernier tours the Okanagan!

Hi everyone.  In addition to the weekly Saturday Kelowna and Sunday Penticton Rallies set out below, I’d like to remind everyone that the “Let’s Get Growin’” rally in Salmon Arm this coming Saturday, April 10, 2021 as well, from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 
Kyle has put tremendous work into this unique event and the trip and speakers will be worth the investment.

As an additional surprise, CLEAR is letting everyone know of the surprise visit to Penticton this coming Thursday, April 8, 2021, by PPC Party Leader Maxime Bernier!
The event will be from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. and Maxime will be personally speaking to the crowd and taking questions from those in attendance.

Maxime Bernier will also be appearing in Vernon, on Friday, April 9, 2021  at 1:00 p.m. at Polson Park, as well as from 2:30 – 3:30 in Salmon Arm, and 5:00 in Kamloops, with locations for these last two locations to be announced.

Maxime will be discussing a logical approach to the COVID-19 situation, as well as provincial autonomy and radical decentralization issues and their importance. 

Sean Taylor will be present to help welcome Maxime Bernier into the BC Okanagan, and I will be speaking very briefly to promote CLEAR and the importance of our Penticton and Kelowna rallies. 
If you can make it out, we urge everyone to help support the only Federal MP who is actively opposing the COVID-19 lockdown and Federal Government deceptions that no one else dares touch. 

This will be a rare opportunity to see and meet Maxime Bernier and we urge everyone to come out and take advantage of this rare opportunity. 

Maxime Bernier

Thursday, April 8, 2021    Gyro Park, Bandshell   Penticton, B.C.   2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Friday, April 9, 2021         Polson, Park, Bandshell    Vernon, B.C.  1:00 p.m.

CLEAR and Salmon Arm Rallies
Saturday April 10, 2021     Kelowna   Stuart Park   12:00 Noon
Saturday, April 10, 2021    Salmon Arm    Let’s Get Growin’, with special guests   11:00 — 3:00 p.m.   Blackburn Park,  Salmon Arm

Sunday, April 11, 2021       Penticton     Warren St. across from Cherry Lane Mall    12:00 Noon

In freedom I remain

David Lindsay

The Common Law Education and Rights Initiative

Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

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Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

B.C.’s publication bans are stifling free press and have been weaponized to throw a father in jail for trying to speak out against the government facilitating his child’s gender transition without parental consent.At this very moment, C.D. is sitting in jail awaiting trial for allegedly breaching a protection order that forbade him from publicizing his name and face on his funding page, and he will remain there until his trial in April.
Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

As you may know, I’m legally obligated to refer to the father as “C.D.” as part of the airtight publication bans placed on his case. If I breach those conditions, I could also be thrown in jail.The publication bans surrounding this case are beyond comprehension. Even C.D.’s legal counsel, Carey Linde, is straining to unwind the tangled mess of rules governing what the press can divulge to the public.  Thanks to your donations, we hired Kyle Bienvenu, to help us fight this uphill battle. We want the facts of this case to see the light of day — they are just too important to hide from the public. Kyle is an excellent litigation lawyer with plenty of experience navigating the world of publication bans. I recently spoke with Kyle to get some clarity on this ban and find out how he plans to fight it. Click here to watch our interview.

These publication bans are a mess and Rebel News is the only organization willing to take a stand against them.  If you believe C.D. deserves the opportunity to share his story with the public, then please head over to to donate to our ongoing legal fight. People need to have the ability to scrutinize this case and the court process.Whether activist schools, activist judges, and activist lawyers should have a say in your child’s gender transition without your knowledge or consent should be fiercely debated. But our legal system is hellbent on making sure that doesn’t happen. The battle to end these publication bans is just getting started, and we’re not ready to back down. To help us out with a donation, please click here.Yours truly, Drea Humphrey

Come Out & Support Businesses Defying Ford’s Civil Rights Crushing Lockdown

Come Out & Support Businesses Defying Ford’s Civil Rights Crushing Lockdown

After the wild success in Leamington, Ontario, businesses are beginning to open up across the province without restrictions and in contravention of Doug Ford’s third, unlawful, unjust, COVID lockdown. We are so happy to see this. They are opening up so quickly it’s hard to keep up, but the team at No More Lockdowns Canada is doing their best and creating ways to better help you stay informed about openings in your area… here’s how:Follow them on Social Media, this is where you will see the most up to date news on openings and events in your local area!Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • Telegram

Join a Local Action Group, these are popping up across the province everyday helping businesses plan and reopen. If you would like to join or create one in your area, contact:chelsea@nomorelockdowns.caMake sure you, your friends, and family are signed up to our emails. You can do so by requesting a lawn sign or by signing one of their petitions.Here are just some of the events coming up in the next few days.

FRST Fitness – Thursday, April 8th @ 11 AM1408 Bank Street, Ottawa, OntarioSouth Branch Bistro – Thursday, April 8th @ 7 PM15 Clothier Street West, Kemptville, OntarioRally in Simcoe – Saturday, April 10th @ 11 AMCorner of Mcintosh Drive and HWY 3, Simcoe, OntarioI hope many of you will be able to attend these great events and will continue to resist. Together we will end these lockdowns for good. If you have any questions or events in your area and would like the support of No More Lockdowns Canada, be sure to email them at Hillier

UK: Political Judge Sentences Political Prisoner Alison Chabloz To Jail For Calling Holocaust A “Cash Cow

UK: Political Judge Sentences Woman To Jail For Calling Holocaust A “Cash Cow”

Eric StrikerApr 4, 2021 | 600 words  1,498MORE:CURRENT EVENTS


‘I’m not sentencing you on the basis that you are anti-Semitic, I’m not sentencing you on the basis that you are a Holocaust denier,” said Westminster District judge Michael Snow, after doing exactly that. 

This was Snow’s confusing message to 56-year-old Alison Chabloz, a political commentator who was dragged to court for stating that the Holocaust is an “eternal cash cow” on a podcast. She will be serving four and a half months in jail. 

While Judge Snow has no legal basis for jailing a person specifically for comments critical of the Holocaust, he was able to exploit an open-ended and subjective “gross offense” law to punish Chabloz for comments questioning the Auschwitz gas chamber narrative and how the Jewish community uses the Holocaust story for political and financial gain.

The vaguely defined “gross offense” law is often exploited by political actors to suppress critics of privileged groups and powerful interests. A police officer is currently being tried in British court for the “gross offense” of sending a George Floyd joke in a private WhatsApp chat. Free speech in the United Kingdom is not a guaranteed right. 

Snow’s treatment of Chabloz fits a pattern. Many believe the district judge is primarily concerned with being a thuggish proxy for the powerful rather than enforcing the law and protecting people’s rights. 

One high profile example is judge Snow’s behavior while overseeing the Julian Assange case in 2019. In order to please the US Department of Justice, Snow ruled that the Australian journalist be held in custody to be tortured in solitary confinement at a high security prison.

During the trial — ostensibly over Assange jumping bail in 2012 — Snow taunted and berated the prisoner of conscience, referring to him as “laughable” and a “narcissist.” During one hearing, he demanded Assange “get over to the US” and “get on with your life.” Former ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray has referred to judge Snow as a corrupt, politically motivated “disgrace.”

The climate for open discussion and social criticism in Britain is virtually indistinguishable from third world totalitarian nations. Judge Snow and other high ranking figures in the UK know the public stigma of running kangaroo courts that imprison people based on what wealthy Jews say offends them, but in 2021, these “liberals” no longer care what the people think.