More Persecution of Traditional Christians: Josh Alexander’s Parents Suspended from School Jobs


Josh Alexander says his parents have been suspended from their Ontario school board jobs

‘My parents are under attack simply for having raised me. They couldn’t get to me so they’ve attacked my family.’ Featured Image Josh Alexander / Twitter


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RENFREW COUNTY, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian Catholic high school student Josh Alexander has said that his parents have been suspended from their jobs with an Ontario school board and are under investigation, something he suspects is in retaliation to his outspokenness against gender ideology. 

On Monday, Alexander posted a tweet disclosing that his parents are “under attack,” following his own suspension last year from school after asserting that God made only two genders: male and female.  

“I have been informed that both my mother and father have been put on leave and removed from the classroom,” he wrote. “My parents are under attack simply for having raised me. They couldn’t get to me so they’ve attacked my family.” 

In a recent interview, Alexander gave more information saying, “This morning I found out that my mom has been put under investigation and removed from the classroom indefinitely.“

According to Alexander, his father had been removed from work two weeks earlier and is likewise “under investigation,” although it is unclear exactly for what reason his parents are being investigated. Alexander believes his parents are being attacked “simply because they’re my parents.” 

“I’m a young man; I’m ready to face the consequences of my actions,” he continued. “I just really wish it was me facing those consequences. I mean they arrested me; they put me in cuffs in the back of a cruiser a couple of times, but I don’t care. I’m still fighting and that’s not going to discourage me.” 

“But it’s just wrong that my family has to pay the price for that just simply because I said that God made male and female in my classroom,” Alexander said, adding, “And the consequences have been fairly significant up to this point.”   

LifeSiteNews reached out to Alexander to acquire more information about the alleged situation, but has yet to receive a reply. — Article continues below Petition — Stand with Josh Alexander against school that allows boys to use girls’ bathrooms   Show Petition Text 18959 have signed the petition.Let’s get to 20000! Add your signature: Keep me updated via email on this petition and related issues.

Alexander continues to charge against LGBT activism in schools

Despite being suspended from school indefinitely for his defense of Christian teaching against LGBT ideology, Alexander continues to rally support for his cause. 

On May 17, an “I Stand with Josh Alexander” international walkout protest in support of Alexander will be held across North America, as announced by Liberty Coalition Canada (LCC). The event will be held at 10 a.m. in the local time zones.  

Roughly three weeks ago, Alexander officially filed a human rights complaint against his Catholic school board, claiming his “creed” beliefs have been discriminated against.  

LCC attorney James Kitchen said that, “Kicking Josh out of school for expressing his Christian beliefs regarding sexuality and gender is unlawful religious discrimination.”  

Alexander told LifeSiteNews last month that, in accordance with Christianity and the Bible, he believes that there are only two sexes and that this is a reality worth defending.  

In March, LifeSiteNews reported that the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board claimed that barring Alexander from class is a “human rights” issue because gender-confused males have a “right” to use girls’ bathrooms.  

While Alexander was first suspended and banned from attending classes at St. Joseph’s High School in Renfrew, Ontario, last November, the crusade against the young man really began to heat up on February 6 of this year, when Alexander was arrested and charged outside his school’s building for trying to attend class. 

His arrest came after the school had issued him a trespass notice  following his indefinite suspension, warning him that he would be criminally charged if he attempted to attend class. 

Major U.S. Immigration Reform Group, VDARE, Under Attack by Radical, Black Democrat Attorney-General FACING MORTAL THREAT!

Peter Brimelow05/22/2023A+|a-

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NY Attorney General Letitia James Mugs Us (As Well As Donald Trump, NRA etc.).


Announcing’s 2023 Summer Conference

President Donald J. Trump’s indictment by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (as with impeachment, it was always obvious that if emoting Democrats didn’t charge Trump with this, they’d charge him with that) had one great redeeming feature for us here at as with the concurrent Douglass Mackey / Ricky Vaughn lynching, it brings home, to at least the half of America that voted for Trump, that what Anglosphere independent media phenom Mark Steyn has judiciously described in a recent interview with Conrad Black as “America’s Dirty Stinking Rotten Corrupt ‘Justice’ System” is now hopelessly politicized, weaponized, and increasingly subordinated, exactly like Soviet law, to a totalitarian ideological faction.

Which makes it easier for us to explain why’s advocacy of immigration patriotism is now facing the most serious threat in its 24-year existence.

And that’s saying a lot in this era, unparalleled in U.S. history, of intensifying shadow-banning, deplatforming, demonetization, doxing and ongoing Chinese Communist Social Credit–style stealth deprivation of professional and commercial services. is the main project of our tax-exempt 501(c)(3) VDARE Foundation. And the VDARE Foundation has been mugged—targeted for lawfare by New York State Attorney General Letitia James , yet another of those childless female Black Supremacists who so much enrich our political life.

[New York AG Letitia James hosts ’Drag Story Hour’ for children: ’Celebration of love, joy and family fun,’ by Lindsay Kornick, Fox News, March 19, 2023]

It has become unmistakably clear that NYAG James aims to suppress our website, seize control of the VDARE Foundation and even expropriate our Berkeley Springs Castle, WV headquarters (which she probably intends to fill with Third World “asylum seekers”).

Of course, we share this badge of honor with more prominent targets of NYAG James—notably Trump, but also the National Rifle Association [New York AG sues to dissolve the NRA, alleging widespread fraud, Politico, August 6, 2020], Project Veritas [N.Y. attorney general warns Project Veritas its fundraising license is at risk, by Shawn Boburg, Washington Post, November 30, 2017] and other patriots unfortunate enough to be technically in reach of her lawless politically motivated rampage.

But President Trump and the NRA (five million members, total assets over $200 million) can, arguably, afford it., which is a tiny organization (revenues typically $600k-$800k range, no endowment), absolutely cannot.

Note also that NYAG Letitia James has not yet even accused us of any infraction—much less have we been convicted. We are merely being “investigated”—at deliberately destructive expense.

In other words, we are being battered to death by subpoena.

It really is true that as Mark Steyn has also said, “the process is the punishment.” This is the regulatory version of the prosecutorial abuse epidemic identified more than twenty years ago (to the great dismay of his allies in the naive law-and-order Reagan Era conservative movement) by my old friend Paul Craig Roberts.

It is only because of the extraordinary generosity of our donors that we have been able to finance our defense against NYAG Letitia James’ mugging thus far.

Most tiny organizations like ours would already have been forced to capitulate—which is probably what NYAG Letitia James was counting on.

I am sure she is astounded by our supporters’ loyalty.

But now this effort has brought us to financial crisis. Our general funds have been drained, and we are right at the point of being unable to pay our writers and our technical support staff, with no end in sight to this harassment.

Which is why I must beg you to help us—now.

Trump (Love Him Or Hate Him) Was Right About NYAG Letitia James

As single-issue immigration patriots, we at regarded presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s historic August 15, 2015 immigration statement as a triumphant vindication of our long struggle to get the immigration issue into politics.

Since then, of course, we have occasionally voiced disappointment with President Trump’s achievements in office (although we did accurately anticipate that a Biden Regime would be infinitely worse).

Nevertheless, let the record show that, in an August 10, 2022 deposition in NYAG Letitia James ’s lawfare attack on Trump (quite separate from Manhattan DA Melvin Bragg’s lawfare attack—there are a lot of them), Trump opened with a statement that was a definitive takedown of her thuggery.

Trump described James as “a renegade and out-of-control prosecutor” engaged in “an unfounded, politically motivated witch hunt.”


As Trump pointed out, James ran for New York State Attorney General in 2018 explicitly promising to sue himbefore she could have known any of the actual facts. She did the same with the NRA. (Trump also noted that in her campaign she called him “an illegitimate president,” something which, if said about Joe Biden, is now apparently a hanging offense).

Trump then proceeded to refuse to answer any questions on Fifth Amendment grounds (at 12:12 below).

Quite right too.

(Transcript here.)

Subsequently, Trump wrote on his Truth Social outlet:

I don’t expect that President Trump will Truth Social any time soon about how our tiny should also be supported.

But the fact is that we are, all of us, in the same fight—against a Totalitarian Woke weaponized justice system.

And so is America.

A Point Of Personal Privilege

And I must rise here on a point of personal privilege, as they say in the U.S. Senate.

I began writing about America’s post-1965 immigration disaster with my 1992 National Review cover story that has been credited with starting the modern debate. I did this despite the fact that my then-employer, Steve Forbes, was gearing up for a Presidential run featuring bone-headed Wall Street Journal Editorial Page–type immigration enthusiasm. I kept on writing about the immigration disaster despite the savage Regime Media backlash, my completely unexpected betrayal by National Review founder William F. Buckley and by Conservatism Inc. in general, the increasingly ominous threat to my ability to feed my family even in the obscure briar patch of financial journalism, abandonment by cowardly former friends, unbridled abuse and physical threats.

And now, at the age of 75, I am still working on the immigration issue in my office in the Berkeley Springs Castle every day.

I regret nothing—Non, je ne regrette rien, as the French Foreign Legionnaires famously sang as they were taken prisoner after their attempt to save French Algeria failed in 1961.

Maybe that’s not the most hopeful analogy. But I like it.

Nevertheless, nothing has infuriated me as much as the lying insinuation by NYAG James that I, and my wife Lydia, bought the Castle to benefit ourselves personally.

Exactly the opposite is true. Because Lydia and I knew no commercial bank could be trusted not to cave to political pressure and pull a mortgage in the most inconvenient way—as happened to Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant in Canada [Canadian media outlet says bank denied it a commercial mortgage over conservative political leanings, by Yael Halon, Fox News, December 30, 2021]—we had to gamble on pouring all of an unprecedented and wonderfully generous 2019 gift to the VDARE Foundation into buying the Castle for cash. (The prudent and self-interested course would have been to invest it and live off the proceeds.) We sold our much-loved home in the beautiful Connecticut Berkshires. We uprooted our little daughters and moved to a small rental cottage on the Castle grounds here in Appalachia. We were forced to do this because, in the three years before COVID, our proposed conferences had been canceled because of political pressure more than a dozen times (see e.g., here, here, here, here). We concluded that, for a persecuted organization like ours to hold conferences, it ultimately must own its own venue.

The net effect: The Brimelow family no longer owns a home. But its shelter dollars now go to support the Berkeley Springs Castle complex. What NYAG Letitia James is insinuating here adds insult to injury—in fact, it adds injury (in the form of her deliberately ruinous subpoena harassment) to insult (see above) to the professional injury I have already, I may say unflinchingly, sustained.

Of course, this could never happen if the U.S. were still the Land of the Free. But the fact is that what we all now face is a communist coup. And America’s corrupted legal and regulatory institutions are complicit.

So I say: to hell with NYAG Letitia James!—and to hell with those e.g., the supposedly libertarian Reason commenters cheering her on.

And to hell with everyone else enabling this new Soviet America.

Why was the Foundation registered in New York State, and thus vulnerable to thugs like NYAG Letitia James, anyway?

The VDARE Foundation was set up in 1999 by a heroic volunteer lawyer who at that time did a great deal of pro bono work for the immigration patriot movement. He happened to be admitted to the bar in New York State, so he set it up there.

(However, contrary to NYAG Letitia James’ insinuations in her filings, the foundation was subsequently dormant for several years because we were working through another foundation registered in a different state. This is why we made no further filings: they were not necessary.)

It is perfectly normal for 501(3) charities to be registered in states other than those in which they have a physical presence.

And at the time, of course, with the West’s concurrent victory in the Cold War, no one had any idea of the communist Reign of Terror that was subsequently to sweep through American institutions, above all after the apparently unauthorized election of Donald J. Trump in 2016.

Thus our heroic volunteer lawyer was later forced by his white-shoe law firm, to its great discredit, to abandon his pro bono work for immigration patriots. This an example of the stealth “Chinese Communist Social Credit–style deprivation of professional and commercial services” (see above) that is a key part of America’s ongoing communist coup.

Why didn’t VDARE leave New York State?

New York State has to give its consent for a 501©(3) to leave.

Because our unusually good fundraising year pushed us over a N.Y. regulatory threshold, we initiated an exhaustive financial audit (i.e., a qualified third party had to look over our accounts). Our aim was to be fully compliant before we even considered raising our heads above the parapet with a request to exit.

This audit was very much hampered by the fact that our Connecticut accountants suddenly abandoned us and refused to suggest referrals (see “Chinese Communist Social Credit–style stealth deprivation of professional services” above).

The trivial, very common, easily corrected, and anyway generally obviated by the statute of limitations regulatory missteps that NYAG Letitia James is now hyperventilating about (see below) arose in the resulting chaos because we had so much trouble finding a replacement. In fact, at one point we had to turn to accountant reader, who had kindly offered his services.

The audit was completed—triumphantly. But of course NYAG Letitia James has ignored it anyway.

However, once the VDARE Foundation was forced into the real estate business in order to own its conference venue, we had to reorganize legally, at considerable expense, in a way that is more typical of commercial operations, to protect ourselves against predatory lawsuits (whether politically motivated or not), e.g., slip-and-fall. Thus the VDARE Foundation now owns a for-profit LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) that holds the property surrounding the Castle and leases it back to VDARE. And the Berkeley Springs Castle itself is now owned by the Berkeley Springs Castle Foundation, a 501(c)(3) supporting organization of the VDARE Foundation that is registered in West Virginia. NYAG Letitia James has made numerous lying references to this reorganization (see below).

What has NYAG Letitia James done?

Last summer, we learned from Facebook that NYAG Letitia James had hit it with two overlapping subpoenas regarding its transactions with us:

  • Meta May 13 2022—PDF
  • June 14 to Facebook Payments Inc PDF

This was a flagrant violation of procedure.The Stored Communications Act, specifically 18 U.S. Code § 2703(b)(1)(b), permits a government agency to obtain third-party information from Facebook or other internet services—provided that there is ”prior notice from the governmental entity to the subscriber or customer” [viz., the third party, here VDARE].

But NYAG Letitia James never provided with that notice. An email from Facebook was the first we heard about it.

She simply disregarded the law.

This has turned out to be a pattern.

Significantly, in both cases, the Facebook subpoenas were issued on NYAG Letitia James’ behalf by someone called Rick Sawyer, who is described as “Special Counsel for Hate Crimes.”(In his email signature, Sawyer advertises his pronouns as “he/him”—for now.)

Needless to say, has not committed, or has even (yet) been accused of, a crime of any kind—let alone a “Hate Crime” (which we have anyway consistently argued is an unconstitutional concept).

But Commissar Sawyer’s role betrays what is really motivating NYAG Letitia James: not some technical issue arising from her role of overseer of charities, but the suppression of political opinion she dislikes (aka “Hate”). She apparently thinks she can do this by claiming that such political opinion results in “Hate Crimes” (unlike, of course, Black Lives Matter rhetoric).

Needless to say, this is a direct assault on our First Amendment rights.

NYAG’s James’ move against Facebook was especially bizarre because Facebook had, without warning to us, deleted’s page some two years earlier, all too obviously as part of its Woke campaign to defeat President Trump in that fall’s Presidential election [The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Bought By Mark Zuckerberg, by William Doyle, The Federalist, October 12, 2021].

(With characteristic leftist vindictiveness, Facebook also deleted our own personal pages, which in Lydia’s case was entirely non-political—she had used it, as all student Millennials were encouraged to do, as a diary, family resource and baby book, showing our children’s first steps, etc.—and has refused to return her data, although we understand it is legally her property.)

And we never raised much money through Facebook anyway, or spent much money on promotion there, partly because I had quickly concluded it was shadow-banning us.

So why was NYAG Letitia James targeting Facebook at all? One theory: She or her minions might actually have been crazy enough to think our Social Media Manager really was a Russian agent. (He is an American, albeit a Southerner, i.e., nearly as bad.)

Facebook, not a friend, informed us that it would comply with these subpoenas—no easy task—unless we contested them.

And we did indeed consider contesting James’ subsequent subpoena against the VDARE Foundation, because it was plainly harassment aimed at suppressing our First Amendment rights (see below).

But eventually, very reluctantly, we took the hard decision to comply, without prejudice, with NYAG Letitia James’ demands as much as possible—to demonstrate good faith to the court.

Facebook thereupon apparently met her demands.

At least, we think it did. Typical of the relentlessly hostile environment in which patriots now operate, Facebook will not tell us what data it supplied. And neither will NYAG Letitia James.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because our relationship with Facebook was so minimal, we believe and hope that none of our readers, or even the commenters on our late lamented Facebook page—and certainly not our donors—are significantly at risk here.

But THEY COULD HAVE BEEN. This whole episode is disgraceful in a supposedly free society.

Significantly, NYAG Letitia James’ targeting of followed her creation of a ”Hate Crimes Unit,” which she claimed would “strengthen oversight, because we see how much hate is being fueled by content on the internet” [’Hate Has Been Unleashed’ | New York’s AG Lays Out Her Plan to Solve the State’s anti-Semitism Crisis, by Amir Tibon and Danielle Ziri, Haaretz, January 8, 2020].

“Hate” is, of course, an offense unknown to the U.S. Constitution. “Hate speech” is in effect simply something with which NYAG Letitia James disagrees.

For example, in August, during the run-up to the 2020 Presidential Election, NYAG Letitia James joined in a letter to Facebook demanding that it increase censorshipagainst ”hate speech and hate organizations,” aka suppress pro-Trump Facebook pages. [PDF] [AG Racine Leads 20-State Coalition Urging Facebook to Aggressively Combat the Spread of Hate and Disinformation Online, Office of Attorney General for the District of Columbia, August 20, 2020].

Similarly, in August 2022 James took the extraordinary step of trying to intimidate the tiny Cornerstone Church in Batavia, NY out of hosting an event featuring President Trump’s son Eric and former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn [ReAwaken Tour host feels harassed by NY attorney general ,, August 11, 2022].

The Cornerstone Church has (good for them!) now filed an action under the Civil Rights Act against NYAG Letitia James. It points out that the original venue had cancelled the event after pressure from Democrat elected officials, notably Monroe County Legislature President Sabrina LaMar, and also that the Church’s hosting of the ReAwaken Tour was a legitimate exercise of their First Amendment Rights.

Free Speech Foe Sabrina LaMar

Especially significant from’s point of view: The Cornerstone Church has argued that NYAG James’ behavior violated provisions of the New York State Bar Association’s Rules Of Professional Conduct—because she abused her office for political purposes and lied about the nature of their meeting:

Specifically, plaintiff alleges that the Defendants negligently, wantonly, recklessly, intentionally, and knowingly sought to and did deprive them of their constitutional and civil rights, pursuant to the above-named statutes and causes of action by committing acts to deprive Plaintiffs of rights secured by the Constitution of the United States and the State of New York,” the suit states. “Further, Defendant James negligently, wantonly, recklessly, intentionally, and knowingly published multiple false statements to multiple media outlets to mar the reputations of Pastor Doyle and Clay Clark, to provoke objectionable opinions in the minds of members of the community to expose plaintiffs to hatred, contempt, and aversion.”

[ReAwaken organizers, host fight back on what they call ’intimidation,’ ’libel,’ from AG, by Joanne Beck, The Batavian, January 23, 2023]

More on this interesting idea, as it relates to, below.

Then we learned that NYAG Letitia James had issued a subpoena to the VDARE Foundation itself.

See the Subpoena, PDF

NYAG Letitia James’ subpoena made a staggering 44 separate demands for documents. Most of them were of no possible relevance to any oversight function that the New York Attorney General’s office could conceivably claim to exercise over charities registered in New York State.

For example:

We sued the New York Times because it described me, the Editor of, as an “open white nationalist.” Needless to say, this allegation is lethal in the current political climate. However, it is not an opinion, but a matter of fact—I have repeatedly said I’m a Civic Nationalist, i.e., I’m not “open” about being a white nationalist. The Southern District of New York Court recognized this when it acknowledged the issue was “actionable,” although absurdly claiming I had been made whole by the New York Times’ subsequent guilty stealth-edit of its website, even though correction was unacknowledged in the print edition despite its publicly stated ethics code.

At the time, a prominent First Amendment lawyer told us, “The Supreme Court is going to revisit SULLIVAN”—its disastrous 1964 decision that effectively deprived public figures of Common Law libel protection—”but not for you.”

So much for Equality Before The Law.

To SCOTUS’ great discredit, he turned out to be right.

But what does our New York Times litigation have to do with New York State’s charitable oversight role?

And why not subpoena our Colorado Springs litigation?

Significantly, NYAG Letitia James did not attempt to subpoena any documents regarding our litigation against the city of Colorado Springs for its refusal to protect our proposed 2017 conference there.

We believe this is because our suppression by Colorado Springs was so flagrantly unconstitutional, as even one Reason commenter acknowledged. To quote Judge Harris L. Hartz’ magisterial dissent from the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals decision:

A government effort to punish or deter disfavored speech is what VDARE adequately alleges. And the City accomplished its purpose. The complaint plausibly alleges that the Mayor’s statement caused the Resort to cancel the VDARE conference.

This atrocity is simply not something to which our new communist overlords want to draw attention.


Looking over all three (3!) subpoenas, to Facebook and to the VDARE Foundation, it appeared to us that, of 68 separate demands, fully 53 were improper, with most violations landing squarely on First Amendment grounds.

For example, Item 4 of NYAG Letitia James’ subpoena to the VDARE Foundation:

Quite apart from the extraordinary, and utterly unnecessary, compliance burden that this demand imposes on the VDARE Foundation, it also aims to expose everyone who has ever been involved with us to doxing and harassment by Antifa thugs.

Above all, it aims to expose our writers, who have careers and families to support, and who therefore now operate under pseudonyms because of the Reign Of Terror.

There is simply no need for NYAG Letitia James to know who they are.

Moreover, 40 gigabytes of email could amount to a million individual items or more. Redacting them is an enormous and obviously very tricky task (because of the risk of accidentally exposing donors and supporters).

And we absolutely do not want to tell NYAG Letitia James who our writers arebecause we know that she cannot be trusted with confidential information.

Just look at this MSM story about a leak from NYAG Letitia James’ office last year:

Like other nonprofits, Stand For America files an annual tax return with the IRS. While the agency and the nonprofit must make those filings available to the public, including the amounts of contributions to the group, such nonprofits do not have to disclose the identities of their donors.

However, the organization Documented, which describes itself as a nonpartisan government watchdog that investigates money in politics, obtained an unredacted copy of Stand For America’s 2019 filings, which it then shared with POLITICO. The group did not share the original source of the filing, but it bears a stamp from the charity office of the New York state attorney general. [Emphasis added]

[Document reveals identity of donors who secretly funded Nikki Haley’s political nonprofit, by Alex Isenstadt, Politico, August 26, 2022]

Needless to say, giving money to GOP Establishment catspaw Nikki Haley is not really a hanging offense (except possibly in James’ crazed New York Democrat bubble).

But giving money to, or writing for, most certainly is a hanging offense right now—given the current Reign Of Terror. (Consider the fate of blogger Razib Khan, fired after less than 24 hours as a New York Times contributor just because he had some years earlier written a letter to opposing something we had published.)

So James’ incentive to leak the identities of our writers and donors is exponentially greater.

Six House Republicans from New York State wrote Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding that he launch an investigation into the leak [NY GOPers ask DOJ to probe AG James over leaked Nikki Haley donors list, by Mark Moore, New York Post, October 13, 2022].

But significantly, Gulag Garland appears to have not responded to the GOP demand at all—further evidence that the Regime is now completely lawless.

(I might also note that Nikki Haley’s Stand For America appears effortlessly to have raised some $7 million in 2019. Obviously, this far outmatches any VDARE Foundation fundraising, even though donations to us are tax-deductible, whereas donations to Stand For America are not. It’s simply amazing how much money professional politicians can raise, as opposed to political truth-tellers like us. With that much money, we could cause a Cultural Revolution.)

Of course, in this sort of regulatory situation, courts do typically operate on the assumption that the government is acting in good faith.

But NYAG Letitia James subpoenas’ fail rate—53 out of 68 demands turn out to be First Amendment violations—simply is not the record of a government acting in good faith. Whatever statutory presumption NYAG Letitia James might be accorded, it is rebutted by this pattern.

Initially, we replied to NYAG Letitia James making these points.

See our letter, PDF.

Our subsequent response—an exhaustive (and exhausting) effort to demonstrate good faith.

I must stipulate here that the VDARE Foundation really is a tiny organization— “lean,” in our auditor’s words. And apart from editorial and tech support contractors, generally has only two full-time employees—Lydia and myself, home-schooling parents of three small children. And, importantly, we have no in-house lawyers.

Nevertheless, unlike many of the trusting January 6 martyrs, we knew better than to deal with the government without legal counsel [Why some alleged Capitol rioters are acting as their own attorneys, NPR, October 27, 2021].

But it simply took us time to organize our legal response to James’ massive onslaught.

This was particularly true because we have increasingly serious difficulty procuring any legal services at all—all this stuff about John Adams representing the British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre although himself a Patriot, once the pride of the American legal profession, has gone down the toilet in this new Soviet America. (See “Chinese Communist Social Credit–style stealth deprivation of professional and commercial services” above.)

As discussed above, we elected not to fight NYAG Letitia James’ subpoena on First Amendment grounds, despite its flagrant political motivation, but instead to begin more cautiously, by demonstrating good faith and complying with the subpoena as far as was compatible with our contractors’ and donors’ security.

But the cost of this good-faith effort has been enormous—see “the process is the punishment” above. This is how what Paul Gottfried calls “the Managerial State” enforces obedience.

Our legal fees already amount to over $300,000—and, remember, we have not yet even been accused of any wrongdoing at all.

Even worse are the opportunity costs. Lydia and I just don’t have that much bandwidth. We have already been forced to suspend the hard-copy VDARE QUARTERLY. And when did you last see a National Data column?

Moreover, event-planning and fundraising has been completely crippled since the summer of 2022. (We will have our second invitation-only Annual Conference in June—contact Lydia for more details.)

If you’re a donor and you haven’t heard Lydia’s delicious alto on your voicemail thanking you for your donation, this is the reason: She was physically digging through the Foundation’s records, which reside in a cargo container on the Castle grounds.

She’s a tall, strong girl (6’ 1”). But this is still a huge pain.

The VDARE Foundation archives after our chaotic move from Connecticut during COVID, on Berkeley Springs Castle grounds, 2022

By December 2022, the VDARE Foundation had produced over 7,000 pages of documents to AG NYAG Letitia James. We had engaged a third-party custodian to sort through our 40 gigabytes of emails, the equivalent of perhaps millions of pages, because we needed to protect the identities of our vendors, writers, volunteers and donors. And our lawyers’ review of those emails was well under way.

(Significantly, in the course of this production, our lawyers protested NYAG Letitia James’ demand that we produce the names of vendors, e.g., our webmaster, and were told the NRA had been forced to do so. This turned out to be a lie, and another ethical violation. Specifically, it is a violation of Rules 4.1 (”Truthfulness in Statements to Others”) and Rules 8.4 (“Misconduct“) of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct.

Despite all this, in early December, we received a peremptory email from NYAG Letitia James’ office demanding that the VDARE Foundation, within ten days, disclose its constitutionally protected information, reveal previously redacted (because we want to protect donors, writers and correspondents) information in the first 7,000 pages of production; complete review of the 40 gigabytes of emails (ditto); and produce a complete redaction log for the entirety of its production.

Again, the VDARE Foundation is a tiny entity in the world of New York State charities, not at all worthy of this massive regulatory overkill. And in the normal course of events, NYAG Letitia James’ underlings would have simply discussed any concerns about the status of the production with a phone call or a meeting.

But of course her persecution of us is not normal. It is purely political.

So, at this point, with NYAG Letitia James’ bad faith irrefutably evident, we filed a complaint in federal court for declaratory and injunctive relief. In other words, we want an official declaration that James has violated the First Amendment, and we want the Court to halt her attempt to enforce the subpoenas.

Complaint as filed, Northern District of New York

NYAG James’ shocking reaction: Ignore protocol, file in state court.

Normally, the fact that we filed first should have meant that our First Amendment argument would have been heard in federal court.

But, in an extremely aggressive move that shocked our lawyers, NYAG Letitia James subsequently filed against us in New York State Court anyway.

See her filing here: PDF.

In doing so, she violated procedural norms yet again—it’s a pattern.

As our lawyers subsequently told the Northern District of New York Federal Court:

Especially revealing is the OAG [Office of the Attorney General]’s unseemly subterfuge in secretly rushing to state court to secure a favorable order before this Court hears and rules on its motion to dismiss.

VDARE filed its complaint in this Court on December 12, 2022, simultaneously emailing a courtesy copy of its papers to the OAG in advance of formal service, which provided the OAG with three weeks (until January 4, 2023) to respond. [Citations omitted] On December 21, 2022, a full two weeks before the OAG’s response was due on January 4, 2023, the OAG requested and secured VDARE’s consent to an extension of its deadline to respond in federal court, from January 4 to 18, 2023. In so doing, the OAG claimed (in an email) that the extension was necessary because of the holidays and an attorney who had taken ill:

Because of the holidays and a member of our team who has COVID, we would appreciate an extension until Jan 18 to respond to VDARE’s complaint in the NDNY. Can you please confirm your consent? [Citation omitted]

Unbeknownst to VDARE when it consented to the extension on December 21, 2022, however, the OAG had already initiated its special proceeding in state court the week before (on December 16, 2022) with a proposed order to show cause. [Citation omitted]

See our Memorandum of Law: PDF.

In other words, NYAG Letitia James lied to us, at least by omission, in order to get her state filing heard first.

Of course, in a just world, even apart from NYAG Letitia James’ obvious malfeasance here, the New York State Court should have stayed or even dismissed NYAG Letitia James’ petition to compel enforcement of the subpoena, pending resolution of our First Amendment case in Federal Court, which would normally have had priority.

But to our lawyers’ shock (again), and with unprecedented speed—as in, the next business day after filings were completed—New York State Judge Sabrina Kraus ruled against us, uncritically accepting NYAG Letitia James’ lying and stupid assertions as to why she had cause to want disclosure.

Kraus even endorsed NYAG James’ demand that we provide the names of writers.

This is particularly telling because NYAG James had ostentatiously eschewed asking for the names of writers in her response to our Federal suit—presumably because of its obvious First Amendment implications.

As our lawyers subsequently told the Federal Court:

…the OAG represented to this Court in its motion to dismiss this case that its subpoena to VDARE does “not seek any information regarding the development or publication of VDARE’s online content.” [Citation omitted]

Simultaneously, the OAG took the contrary and constitutionally offensive position in state court that “the identities of contractors—including writers who contribute to the website—these are precisely the records the OAG must examine in its investigation of VDARE’s organizational misconduct.”

Apart from taking contradictory positions in two different courts, the OAG’s purported rationale for the demanded disclosure does not fit its rationale: a vendor’s provision of services to VDARE and a writer’s provision of content to VDARE’s website have no automatic connection to any legitimate investigative need.

Memorandum Of Law In Opposition To Defendant’s Motion To Dismiss, February 22 2023

Arguing contradictory things in different courts is flatly unethical. It violates the doctrine of judicial estoppel, which explicitly precludes litigants from making contradictory claims in different courts.’s response to NYAG James’ aggression

Of course we appealed Judge Kraus’ ruling—but only because our heroic donors had provided the money to do it. And we were granted a stay of her decision pending a full hearing.

But again, with unprecedented speed, the Appeals Court then rejected our stay pending appeal. Significantly, they even passed the matter on to their clerk for a summary order, indicating that they did not think it worth their time to be bothered with our First Amendment rights. We were granted no relief at all, not even the protection of our writers’ identities, which NYAG Letitia James of course had lyingly assured the Federal court she did not want.

See ruling here.

From our point of view, this nightmare is like watching water cascade uphill—the case should never have been heard in New York State Court; it should not have been rejected; and our stay should never have been rejected on appeal.

But rules just don’t seem to apply to immigration patriots.

Note the net effect of NYAG Letitia James’ aggression: We are now forced to fight this ruinously expensive war on TWO fronts—in Federal Court and in New York State Court.

In fact, THREE fronts—because Lydia is still being forced to prepare production to comply with NYAG Letitia James’ demands in case we lose. See below.

The downside of VDARE Foundation’s good faith effort to comply

The downside of’s good faith effort to comply: NYAG Letitia James was able to find and trump up (excuse the term!) various trivial alleged infractions.

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” This principle, supposedly enunciated by Stalin’s secret police chief Lavrentiy Beria, is of course why Americans today are terrified of audits by the Internal Revenue Service.

And it’s why President Trump, in the video we linked to above (at 12:05), forcefully asserted his right to take the Fifth Amendment in his deposition, although specifically pointing out (at 10:36) that he had once thought that innocence was a sufficient defense.

Among alleged VDARE Foundation infractions that NYAG Letitia James is trumping up:

  • Lydia (“Secretary, Treasurer and Publisher”) of VDARE and I (“Director/CEO/Chairman”) did not specify in filings that we are married.

Even if this technicality were true, Lydia and I obviously USE THE SAME LAST NAMES! We file joint taxes with the same IRS where we file our 990s!! And, critically, NO BENEFIT WAS GAINED by the supposed failure to report!!!

And we have repeatedly, perhaps boringly, celebrated on the fact that we are married. For example, here in 2007, announcing our marriage, Another Personal Message From Peter Brimelow:

Manifestly, we had no intent to deceive.

And NYAG Letitia James knows this—because she admits elsewhere that she is stalking She cites posts in her filings to support her lie that we were living at the Castle rent-free.

So NYAG Letitia James’ lie here is not merely malicious. It is stupid.

  • NYAG Letitia James claims, without evidence, that our Berkeley Springs Castle purchase is suspect

The Berkeley Springs Castle is a beautiful charismatic property and only two hours from the U.S. Capitol. (This is probably what alarms NYAG James—as Southern Poverty Law Center enforcer Michael Edison Hayden quite accurately complained in 2020: “[t]he castle gives them greater proximity to Washington D.C. and a place to hold conferences without fear of being shut down”).

But this is in West Virginia, and therefore actually surprisingly cheap—we got the Castle, 55 acres of mountain and three somewhat dilapidated cottages for $1.4 million.

For comparison, that’s less than a two-bedroom apartment in NW Washington DC.)

(WE URGE PATRIOTS TO JOIN US HERE IN AFFORDABLE, D.C.-ADJACENT, WEST VIRGINIA! Its demographics “Look Like America” before the disaster of the 1965 Immigration Act, it has no big city to outweigh the rural vote, and it went for Trump 68.62% in 2020.)

But the serious point: It’s obviously a total waste of New York taxpayer money for NYAG Letitia James to spend so much time on this tiny transaction.

Furthermore, it is absolutely standard for 501(c)(3) charities like the VDARE Foundation to own their own headquarters, office space, meeting rooms etc. Here, for example, is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s headquarters in Montgomery AL—the notorious “Poverty Palace”:

And here’s the SPLC’s audited financial statement, which says that, combining their operating fund and suspiciously large endowment fund, they have access to $727 million. [SPLC Consolidated Financial Statement, (PDF) October 31, 2022]

And, as outlined above and confirmed by SPLC thug Michael Edison Hayden, we bought the Berkeley Springs Castle only because we discovered we could not rely on the corporate/ Ruling Class complex to defend our right to hold conferences—and the holding of conferences is critical to our role in advancing Patriotic Immigration Reform.

This is a problem that the SPLC and other communist groups absolutely do not have, for reasons that invite analysis, in the current political climate.

FOR THE RECORD: every step of the Berkeley Springs Castle transaction was carefully monitored by expensive lawyers—because we were well aware that we were susceptible to scrutiny by a malicious and unscrupulous politically motivated regulator.


  1. NYAG Letitia James is lying, and stupidly lying, when she claims that the Castle purchase was illegitimate because VDARE Foundation’s board was “overseen exclusively by the Brimelow family.”

In fact, despite NYAG James’ insinuation, there is absolutely no reason the VDARE Foundation board should not have been made up of Brimelow family members: this is common for small, family-run foundations.

But again, James’ claim is still a lie, and a stupid lie. Our board has always had at least one, and at various times at many as three, non-family members, as is perfectly obvious from our filings.

  1. NYAG Letitia James is similarly lying, and stupidly lying, by claiming that the Brimelow family’s temporary residence in the castle, and subsequently in a refurbished cottage on the castle grounds, was somehow illegitimate.

But in fact at every step, again carefully monitored by our lawyers, we paid independently determined fair market rent.

NYAG Letitia James knows this because we insisted on disclosing it to her at an early point when we were told it was allegedly the matter of concern.

But she refused to meet with our lawyers to discuss this disclosure. And her subpoena harassment rolled on.

  1. NYAG Letitia James is lying, and stupidly lying, when she claims that we transferred assets purchased by the VDARE Foundation to a for-profit corporation that Lydia controls.

But this for-profit corporation, part of the aforementioned restructuring after we were forced into the real estate business, is in fact owned by the VDARE Foundation—NOT by Lydia personally.

NYAG Letitia James knows this because it was disclosed, e.g.,on our 2020 Form 990, which we provided (and she has access to anyway).

Again, NYAG Letitia James is simply lying, and stupidly lying.

  • Facebook Expenditures

NYAG Letitia James asserts that Facebook Cancelled in early 2020 because it determined we engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” by creating a botfarm and that “these expenditures could constitute a waste of charitable assets and breach of the Brimelows’ fiduciary duties as VDARE officers and directors.”

But, as she perfectly well knows, we categorically deny that we were involved in “coordinated inauthentic behavior”and in fact sued Facebook for libel on this exact point—see “They Want Us In Gulags” (That Includes Trump). Why Is Suing Facebook For Defamation.

Facebook, probably because it has testified before Congress to the contrary, seems not to want to admit that it is engaging in political censorship. But of course it is absolutely obvious to everyone that it is—e.g., completely independent third-party Facebook users who wish to share items are now libelously informed ”this URL goes against our community standards on spam.”

And in any case, is a charitable/educational organization that is in the business of spreading its message.

Paying to promote our message is unimpeachably legitimate.

Furthermore, most of the monies that NYAG Letitia James instances were actually paid, not by the VDARE Foundation, but separately by our Social Media consultant, to promote his own private business, helping us and his other clients.

NYAG Letitia James knows this—because the expenditures appear nowhere in our accounts.

By not acknowledging this she is, again, stupidly lying about material facts.

  • Payments

NYAG Letitia James asserts:

In 2019, VDARE reported a six-fold increase in revenue, from $700,000 in 2018 to approximately $4.3 million in 2019 […] Also in 2019, VDARE doubled the salary of its Chairman, Peter Brimelow, to approximately $345,000,

The VDARE Foundation had a great year in 2019, thanks to our wonderful donors. In previous years, in a way that is typical of small business owners, Lydia and I had often eschewed income to pay bills, depending on financial circumstances. So in 2019, the VDARE Foundation Board formally approved a payment for the year to me of $349,500. (N.b. Lydia was paid some $10,000.)

But in contrast, in 2020, with no major donor, Lydia and I together were paid only some $270,000.

And, for what it’s worth, in 2023 to date, basically because of the cost of NY AG James’ regulatory onslaught, we have not taken any salary at all.

BTW in 2023, NYAG Letitia James is the highest-paid State Attorney General in the U.S. according to Wikipedia, which puts her salary at $210,000 per annum (and she is allowed to get speaking fees, which I am effectively prevented from receiving by the Reign of Terror).

Personally, I think that Lydia and I deserve to earn much more. In 2021, National Cuckview’s Rich Lowry was paid apparently paid $400,000.

Who is doing more for the Historic American Nation?

  • Compliance

NYAG Letitia James asserts about our purchase of the Berkeley Springs Castle and subsequent reorganization transactions:

[u]nder New York law each required approval and written documentation of that approval by disinterested members of the VDARE Board of Director [CITATION OMITTED] and should have been submitted for review and approval to OAG or to Supreme Court [CITATION OMITTED]. Transfer of charitable assets to a for profit entity without fair consideration to disqualified persons is a violation of both New York and federal law.

But this would only be true if the purchase and transfer were to a non-profit entity independent of, and not controlled by, the VDARE Foundation.

NYAG Letitia James knows that this is not the case with the VDARE Foundation’s purchase of the Berkeley Springs Castle and its subsequent creation of a for-profit entity that the Foundation controls.

She is again lying to the Court—stupidly, because the facts are readily ascertainable, for example in our lawyers’ briefs.

Why now?

When I’m in an optimistic mood, I think this lying Deep State assault, along with so many others, is happening now because the Ruling Class is panicking. It has simply never recovered from the shock of Trump’s 2016 victory and the realization that the Democrat stealth strategy of Electing A New People could be halted (as it actually was for a time under Trump) and even reversed.

That’s why Biden has risked impeachment by opening the borders to rush in the Great Replacement in a plainly treasonous way, to finish the job as quickly as possible.

Which means that, now more than ever, the Regime must keep the immigration issue out of public debate—until America’s demographic transformation is complete.

Dissent on immigration must be utterly crushed—even polite dissent from a tiny operation like

What happens now?

Frederick J. Scullin, Jr., the senior judge in the federal District Court for the Northern District of New York,will rule ontwo of the competing motions that are pending before him:

  1. On NYAG Letitia James’s motion to dismiss the entire case, which he will either grant or deny and
  2. The VDARE Foundation’s motion to enjoin any attempt to enforce the subpoena by the AG.

We don’t know how long this will take. Federal judges are supposed to rule within six months, but often don’t. However, we are told this is not likely to be the case here.

But a footnote: Lies have consequences—we intend to move to sanction and disbar lying NYAG Letitia James

In journalism, and of course in politics, you get used to opponents lying all the time.

But NYAG Letitia James is not just a journalist and not just a politician: she is also the head of a state agency, and a lawyer.

That means that, as a lawyer, she is what is known as an “Officer of the Court.” As says

As officers of the court lawyers have an absolute ethical duty to tell judges the truth… [Emphasis added]

You can see why this is necessary. The system simply cannot function if all factual assertions have to be checked all the time. Truthfulness “cuts down on transaction costs,” as the great Nobel Laureate economist Milton Friedman once pointed out to me.

NYAG Letitia James, however, has consistently lied in court filings.

And it has worked—until now.

Thus, for example, New York State Judge Sabrina Kraus, in her ruling all too obviously cut-and-pasted from NYAG James’ brief, stated:

Public postings by Respondent Chairman Peter Brimelow and others indicate that he and his family have used the castle as their primary residence since at least March 2020. [A lie. As stated above, we lived only briefly in the Castle before moving to the cottage, AND WE PAID INDEPENDENTLY DETERMINED RENT THROUGHOUT. Moreover, Judge Kraus nowhere acknowledges that the Castle was purchased for an unimpeachable purpose: providing a venue for meetings that, because of communist threats that U.S. law enforcement authorities seem unable to counter, we cannot hold elsewhere.] During this same period, Respondent also substantially increased payments to Brimelow and to third-party, for-profit companies he controls… [A (confused, see “payments” above) lie. The West Virginia for-profit company—there’s only one—is OWNED BY THE VDARE FOUNDATION.]

Respondent separately reported spending tens of thousands of dollars on office expenses in 2019 [this is because at that time we operated from a home office in our home in Litchfield CT, a completely standard procedure] as well as paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a third-party LLC controlled by Brimelow that was based at Brimelow’s residential home address. [This was simply an employee leasing company that paid the salaries of all VDARE employees, including Lydia and myself. One of its purposes was to protect our employees from being doxxed.]

In December 2020, Respondent conveyed the entirety of the Berkeley Springs Castle property to two West Virginia corporations incorporated by Lydia Brimelow, Peter’s wife and a Respondent director, five months earlier. Respondent conveyed the castle itself and the land that it sits on to the Berkeley Castle Foundation (BCF), a non-profit corporation. Respondent conveyed the remaining land, consisting of eight parcels, to BBB, LLC, a for-profit corporation. [Misleading at best. Judge Kraus nowhere acknowledges that the West Virginia corporations are ALL controlled by the VDARE Foundation.]

Of course, Judge Kraus could have avoided these stupid errors simply by reading our lawyers’ brief.

But apparently New York State judges don’t have to do that kind of thing.

Nevertheless, and this is a critical distinction: Attorney General NYAG Letitia James absolutely does have to tell the truth to Judge Kraus, and to all courts involved in our lynching.

Instead, she has systematically lied to them.

This implicates several New York Rules of Professional Conduct:

RULE 3.3:


(a) A lawyer shall not knowingly:

(1) make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material fact or law previously made to the tribunal by the lawyer…

(3) offer or use evidence that the lawyer knows to be false…

The official comments, which are designed to elucidate the rule, provide the gloss:

This Rule sets forth the special duties of lawyers as officers of the court to avoid conduct that undermines the integrity of the adjudicative process…although a lawyer in an adversary proceeding is not required to present an impartial exposition of the law and may not vouch for the evidence submitted in a cause, the lawyer must not allow the tribunal to be misled by false statements of law or fact or by evidence that the lawyer knows to be false. [Comment 2 to Rule 3.3]


…an assertion purporting to be based on the lawyer’s own knowledge, as in an affidavit or declaration by the lawyer or in a statement in open court, may properly be made only when the lawyer knows the assertion is true or believes it to be true on the basis of a reasonably diligent inquiry. There are circumstances where failure to make a disclosure is the equivalent of an affirmative misrepresentation. [Comment 3 to Rule 3.3]

Comment 5 states:

Paragraph (a)(3) requires that the lawyer refuse to offer or use evidence that the lawyer knows to be false, regardless of the client’s wishes. This duty is premised on the lawyer’s obligation as an officer of the court to prevent the trier of fact from being misled by false evidence.

Comment 12 provides:

Lawyers have a special obligation as officers of the court to protect a tribunal against criminal or fraudulent conduct that undermines the integrity of the adjudicative process.

Accordingly, paragraph (b) requires a lawyer who represents a client in an adjudicative proceeding to take reasonable remedial measures, including disclosure if necessary, whenever the lawyer knows that a person, including the lawyer’s client, intends to engage, is engaging or has engaged in criminal or fraudulent conduct related to the proceeding.

Such conduct includes, among other things… unlawfully destroying or concealing documents or other evidence related to the proceeding; and failing to disclose information to the tribunal when required by law to do so. For example, under some circumstances a person’s omission of a material fact may constitute a crime or fraud on the tribunal.”

In our case, New York Attorney General NYAG Letitia James has committed every one of these violations.

And these violations can have consequences. Thus Harvard Law School emeritus professor Alan Dershowitz, author of the best-selling book Get Trump, has argued that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg could be disbarred for indicting President Trump while knowing that the key witness, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, is lying [Alan Dershowitz slams Alvin Bragg’s potential Trump arrest: ’One of the most dangerous precedents’, Fox News, March 26, 2023].

And, remember, despite Politically Correct feeding frenzies in this age of the Great Awokening, sanctions have actually been successfully applied to culpable leftist Officers of the Court—for example against Soros Prosecutor Kim Gardner in the McCloskey case, and against Duke Rape Hoax prosecutor Mike Nifong [Judge Sentences Ex-Durham County District Attorney Nifong to Jail for a Day, Fox News, January 13, 2015].

Accordingly, we intend to file a grievance with the Disciplinary Committee for the First Judicial Department asking that Letitia James be sanctioned, and hopefully disbarred.

Needless to say, we don’t have any particular expectation, in the current Unequal Justice environment, that justice will be served.

But we think that President Trump, if he notices us, will agree.

Remember, miracles happen quite often in politics. BUT VDARE.COM NEEDS A MIRACLE RIGHT NOW.

NYAG Letitia James’ regulatory harassment has driven us to the wall.

We are now right at the point where we cannot continue to pay our writers and our technical support staff—let alone defend their pseudonymity.

So, again, we must ask you to help us continue to fight for immigration patriotism—and for America.

We—and all of our posterity—will be profoundly grateful.

Peter Brimelow

Participate in a Survey & Sound the Alarm About the Globalists’ Planned Digital Currency

o you wish to participate in a survey initiated by the Bank of Canada?

There are about 20 questions, some requests for opinions and your background. It is said to be confidential, but your IP address may be a consideration for some.
The Bank of Canada wants to know what Canadians think about the possibility of a digital loonie.

Survey found through the link just below. Scroll to the page bottom and click on “NEXT”

We’re exploring the possibility of issuing a digital form of the Canadian dollar, also known as a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

In 2022 during the trucker rally in Ottawa, Trucastreau jr. gave us a glimpse of how centralized digital currencies could effect individuals. Numerous individuals involved with the trucker protest rally in Ottawa had their stored savings in private banks frozen by the central government. With a centralized digital currency, having your monies deliberately locked away from you would be much much easier to do. Also consider your privacy. With electronic money, or currency, every deposit and expenditure would be recorded. Do you want to have all of your financial transactions available for viewing? This is not an issue of “Well, I don’t have anything to hide”. Of course you don’t. Not having anything to hide is not and issue for most people. At issue is snooping, surveillance, centralized control that is out of your hands, and compliance to receive “an allowance”.

Besides the aforementioned and much more, an electronic, or digitized, currency is not necessary for the common person. The egregious abuses of currencies are already apparent and enacted through private usurious financial institutions, with illicit organized crime conducting the lesser.

Privacy versus high probability of being anonymously surveyed. Anonymity in spending versus transactions being recorded. Freedom to choose versus limitation. 

If you’ve paid attention to what our successive governments have done to our culture, and particularly for the last three years – government involvement in our day-to-day financial lives is something not to be trusted.

Vincent Renouard, Former Political Prisoner & Political Exile, Now Jailed in Edinburgh & Faces Extradition to France

Most revisionists know “the heroic Vincent Reynouard », as Dr Robert Faurisson would call him. Having fled to England and then Scotland to avoid imprisonment in France, Vincent was finally spotted in a small Scottish village, and France is demanding his extradition. The trial will take place on June 8. Charges against him are his research into the gas chambers, which confirms that of Professor Faurisson, and his study of the Oradour massacre. Here is the letter he sent to French President Emmanuel Macron on April 24. Please take the trouble to read it, Vincent deserves it. Our thanks to the translator.


Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to you from Edinburgh prison, in Great Britain, where I have been detained since the 10th of November 2022. On the 8th of June 2023, the Scottish justice system will decide on my extradition, which France is requesting in order for me to serve the prison sentence I was sentenced to in June 2015.What crime have I committed to still be hunted down after more than seven years? Did I rob a bank, commit massive tax evasion, rape or murder? No, I posted a revisionist video on YouTube – you would say: “negationist” – in which I denounced the political recruitment of young people in the name of the “duty to remember”. More specifically, I exposed the untruths that were taught to them about Auschwitz. For this presentation of less than an hour, the French justice system sentenced me to one year in prison.

I then fled to England.Revisionism is not an offence in the UK, so in order to obtain my extradition, the French authorities did not hesitate to lie: they issued a European arrest warrant claiming that I had been convicted of “racism/xenophobia”, an offence which makes extradition automatic. The Scottish judiciary sniffed out the manoeuvre and Paris had to issue a second arrest warrant, based on three complaints against me, one of which was for ‘public provocation of hatred’.In a video broadcast in 2020, I allegedly preached anti-Judaism. To allege this, the judicial authorities extracted 31 seconds from a 45-minute presentation! I was responding to a viewer who said that the extermination of the Jews was a “necessary evil”. After stressing that a “necessary evil” was a moral contradiction, I explained why exterminating the Jews would serve no purpose, as they only revealed the dysfunctions from which our societies suffered and for which we were the first responsible. The 31 seconds extracted summarise this opinion: they could not constitute a call to hate the Jews.The viewing of the whole video confirms this. I also note that in thirty years of activism, I had never been prosecuted under the so-called “anti-racist” law. For a very simple reason: I am not a “racist” in the sense given to this word today (a “racist” would advocate racial hatred).

Moreover, I declare myself Judeo-indifferent. In other words: I have neither sympathy nor antipathy for this people composed – like all peoples – of very different people.These abusive proceedings for “public provocation to hatred” are a new manoeuvre attempted by France, which is struggling to obtain my extradition. The final objective is to throw me into prison and to keep me there as long as possible in order to reduce me to silence.What a confession, Mr President! I could not have hoped for a more glowing recognition of the value and importance of my work from your authorities. Indeed, let us compare the forces at work:* On the one hand, France has many memorial museums: the Shoah Memorial in Paris, the Deportation Museum in Lyon, the Caen Memorial, the Oradour Memorial Centre in Oradour-sur-Glane, not to mention the dozens of “memory books” throughout the country, to which are added the school programmes (the Shoah in primary, secondary and high school), In addition, there are “educational trips” to Struthof, Oradour or Auschwitz camps, “memory facilitators”, films, broadcasts, books, and witnesses in schools, because the “duty of remembrance” benefits from thousands of voices – all of them in line with the official history – and funding that reaches millions of euros.*

Faced with this, a man almost alone, who has no subsidy, only donations from his limited audience (two or three thousand people at the most); who, to live, gives private lessons; who distributes his work on a self-publishing basis and sells his books drop by drop, because no publisher agrees to publish his research; who, chased away from all the major sharing platforms, publishes his videos in the catacombs of the Internet – namely, a Gab channel and a blog in the United States of America.These are the elements involved, which could be described as follows: faced with a huge choir singing at the top of its voice accompanied by a deafening orchestra, a single man with a derisory paper cone as a megaphone. However, for the French authorities, this is still too much: this lone man must be made to shut up by arresting him at all costs and throwing him into prison! A first arrest warrant was not enough, so they issued a second one after filing three more complaints.

Yes, truly, I could not have hoped for a more glowing recognition of the value and importance of my work.You will no doubt argue, Mr. President, that the repression against me has a completely different cause: my theses, you will say, offend the victims and may lead certain fragile elements of the population to perpetrate “racist” acts. I would reply that this is false, for two reasons.* I have never denied the appalling tragedy experienced by the people present at Oradour-sur-Glane on Saturday the 10th of June 1944. I have never denied the tragedy of the hasty deportation, in the middle of the war, of millions of people, including women, children, the elderly, the weak and the disabled. Although the excavations carried out over the past twenty-five years in the camps of Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and Chelmno have not made it possible to discover gas chambers, they have contributed to the discovery of numerous improvised mass graves. I have never disputed the existence of these pits. They contain the bodies of tens of thousands of Jews who died in the trains or were euthanised on arrival because they were wounded, ill or too weak to go any further east.

Many accounts corroborate these physical findings. In several videos, I have quoted some of them, without disputing or rejecting them. In addition, there are the living conditions in the overcrowded and sometimes poorly supplied ghettos in Poland or in the East: they claimed many victims that I have also mentioned. Finally, there are all the deportees who died in the last months of the war, when the situation inside the camps deteriorated (overcrowding, lack of medicine, insufficient supplies) in a Germany that had been devastated by bombing. I have shown the appalling photos taken at the liberation of Buchenwald, Dachau, Vaihingen or Bergen-Belsen on many occasions, without ever calling them montages. No one, therefore, can honestly claim that I would offend the memory of the victims by denying their death or the terrible circumstances of their death.* As for leading some people to commit “racist” acts, my answer will be simple: in the thirty years that I have been disseminating my work, there has not been a single aggression in which I would have proven to be the inspiration.However, let us go further. Yes, let’s admit that my presentations could lead a handful of fragile people to perpetrate ‘racist’ violence. Should the entire population be deprived of certain historical truths by sanctioning their public dissemination? Certainly not!

However, I can already hear your reply, Mr. President: “France is a country of freedom of research and will never prohibit the dissemination of scientifically established truths. With the negationists, however, it is not a question of truths, but of lies refuted by reliable witnesses and a cohort of accredited historians. You are quite presumptuous, Mr Reynouard, to claim to be right against these people.In reality, I am no more presumptuous than an investigator who is convinced that he has solved a case despite the denials of the accused and their lawyers. And why is that? Because from Oradour to Auschwitz, I adopted the traditional methods used in criminal investigations.* I went to the scene to examine the alleged crime scene; * I made physical observations to understand what might have happened;* I verified the accounts collected (testimonies and confessions) by comparing them with the material findings and analysing their intrinsic consistency;* I completed my research by studying useful documents. In short, I have established the materiality of the facts.Am I wrong in my conclusions?

Let’s debate it fairly, each party being free to express itself and to place its documents on the table. I am ready for this confrontation on equal terms. I even demand it.You will object that one does not debate history with a person who has no training as a historian. Should I deduce from this, Mr. President, that a non-historian cannot intervene in a question of history? Thirty years ago, however, in 1993, the CNRS published a book entitled: « The Crematoria of Auschwitz. The machinery of mass murder ».The press praised it, claiming that it definitively refuted the revisionist theses. Yet its author, Jean-Claude Pressac, was a pharmacist by profession. Even more revealing: the man considered until his death as the number one expert on the Holocaust, Raul Hilberg, was not a trained historian either. I could also mention Robert Jan Von Pelt, Jean-Jacques Fouché or Guy Pauchou (for Oradour).

Proof that non-historians can intervene in questions of history.Some of my opponents – Gilles Karmasyn for example – claim to refute me, but without ever accepting the debate. They are comparable to boxers who, alone in the ring, would punch the air before raising their arms and shouting: “I won! He’s out.” To anyone who is surprised that their opponent is not there, they reply: “Come on! You don’t box with a non-boxer”. To claim that one does not debate history with a non-historian is a pitiful evasion.Admittedly, I have no training in the subject, but at Auschwitz and Oradour, the SS are accused of having massacred innocent people. These are therefore criminal cases. The fact that the alleged murders were committed in the past does not change the nature of the issue, so it does not change the methods of investigation. And, as I said, I apply these methods scrupulously.

Do you want proof? Here it is: in Birkenau, the SS allegedly set up homicidal gas chambers in four large crematoria. The most deadly – 400,000 alleged victims – was in Krema II. The SS allegedly poured Zykon B through four square holes in the roof. The lethal pellets were said to have fallen along four wire mesh columns firmly attached to the floor and ceiling. Although the crematorium was dynamited, the roof, partially collapsed, remains. Having inspected it from above and below, I saw no trace of any introduction hole or of a grill column attachment. Nothing.In 2004, three independent researchers (Keren, McCarthy and Mazal) claimed to have located three of the four holes, but the Auschwitz Museum authorities never dared to refer to their study.

Seven years later, moreover, the director of the Museum prefaced a Historical Guide to Auschwitz in which the two authors warned that it was futile to search for the exact location of these ghostly holes. Nothing has changed since then.In the event of a debate with a historian, I would first bring the discussion to this subject. I would propose that we go together to the site, to look for the alleged holes and the traces of the grilled columns. I would take advantage of our presence on the site to ask my adversary if he could show me blue traces on the wall or ceiling of the “gas chamber”.In the spring of 1943 (the date of the beginning of mass gassings in the crematoria according to the official chronology), the structure had just been built. Therefore, the masonry was alkaline. The hydrocyanic acid allegedly used by the SS for mass gassing would have partially penetrated the wet materials (bricks, plaster, concrete). There it dissociated to form a ferrocyanide-based pigment: Prussian Blue.Very stable, resistant to light and bad weather, the walls and ceiling of the room presented as having served as a gas chamber should still contain it today. Therefore, one should be able to see more or less large blue traces. However, the historian would be unable to show me any of them. Would he claim that this pigment cannot form in an unheated room? I would show him the opposite.

On the original blueprints of the crematorium, this room is designated as a morgue. Everything shows that it was used for this purpose, without ever having been converted into a homicidal gas chamber.”No Hole No Holocaust”, Professor Faurisson has been repeating since 1994. He was right, because without these holes, the 400,000 alleged victims of this gas chamber are imaginary. All the testimonies and confessions will not change anything.The anti-revisionists ask us: “If the millions of Jews were not exterminated, then where were they in 1945? Excuse me, but this is reversing the charge of proof. It is up to the anti-revisionists to demonstrate that the Jews were systematically exterminated, three million of whom perished in the gas chambers.According to the official history, Auschwitz-Birkenau was the centre of this extermination by gas (almost one million victims). The Krema II gas chamber was the most deadly (40% of those asphyxiated). It is therefore the first chamber to be examined. Where are the holes for the introduction of Zyklon B?

Historians, please show them to us so we can discuss them. And where are the blue traces? It is true that a training in chemistry is necessary to understand the importance of their absence. I have a degree in organic chemistry, so I am better suited than a historian to conclude.The same applies to Oradour. The Waffen SS are accused of having slaughtered several hundred women and children in the village church. They allegedly tried to suffocate them before machine-gunning them and then setting the building on fire. The widespread fire is said to have turned the holy place into a crematorium, and a large number of bodies were burnt to ashes. In this matter, notions of heat diffusion, radiation and material resistance are necessary.My studies led me to study these subjects and I used my knowledge to assess the church. This assessment is the subject of an entire chapter in my book published in December 2022: Oradour, the victims’ cry. I conclude that the official story is false: the women and children died in explosions that shook the whole building. How did I come to this conclusion? Here is how:* The fact that the wooden furniture (the confessional in the chapel of the Virgin and the altar in the chapel of St Joseph) has been preserved refutes the theory of a general fire;* The partial melting of the bells (some parts completely melted, others intact to the point of still showing the patterns engraved on them) shows that the destructive event was very rapid and very brief, in a word, an explosion;* The observation of the blows to the thin brass sphere under the apex cross confirms that the destructive phenomenon was accompanied by a powerful blast.The state of the bodies found in or near the church is also a factor: they are not charred, but shredded, with their clothes intact, as after a bombardment

.Finally, there are the stories told by the woman presented as the sole survivor of the church, Marguerite Rouffanche. A few weeks after the tragedy, twice in November 1944, then once in January 1953 (at the Waffen SS trial) and once again in 1969 (for television), she testified. A comparative study of the different versions reveals insurmountable contradictions and obvious material impossibilities.1. At the end of June 1944, Madame Rouffanche stated that the slaughter of the church had begun with a “crate” brought by two Waffen SS. The device had not exploded, it had only given off thick black smoke.2. A few months later, however, the vaults of the church nave collapsed, indicating that the building had been severely shaken. To explain this, it was necessary to invoke an explosion: on 16 November 1944, Mrs Rouffanche therefore made a 180-degree turn and claimed that the “box” had been the site of a “small detonation”.3. However, this was insufficient to explain the shaking of the fortified building. Two weeks later, the ‘sole survivor’ changed her story again: she claimed that the device had exploded strongly. This testimony became the official account, published everywhere, while the account of the 16th of November remained hidden from view, in the military archives closed to the public.In addition to the contradictions, there are obvious impossibilities. In particular, Mrs Rouffanche’s escape from the church, by climbing up to a stained glass window and then jumping from four metres high on a sloping surface without causing herself the slightest injury, an impossible task for a 46 year old woman.In the Oradour story, everything betrays a clumsily improvised lie. On the basis of material evidence, documents and ignored testimonies, I affirm that a clandestine ammunition depot was located under the roof of the church, above the vaults.Under what circumstances was it set on fire? As long as the military archives are closed to independent researchers, no definite answer can be given. However, assuming that the Waffen SS had discovered it and blown it up to kill the women and children, by 1944 the fact would have been revealed: Oradour-sur-Glane would have been presented as a heroic village in its resistance to the Occupier, a victim of abominable revenge by the “Nazis”. That is why I remain convinced that the Waffen SS bear no direct responsibility for the outbreak of the church tragedy.Having discovered that the building was used by the local Resistance (which hid Allied pilots who had fallen in France and were taken in by the “Comet Escape Line” escape network), my thesis is the following.On the 10th of June 1944, some resistance fighters had taken refuge in the church, with their ammunitions.

The Waffen SS had surrounded the village and it was impossible to escape. Reported by two collaborators living in the village (see Mathieu Borie’s testimony, finally published in full), they blew up the ammunition depot in order to cover their escape through a side door leading out of the town. They had not foreseen that the explosions would spread to the bell tower, causing the destruction of the vault weakened by the presence of the oculus. The overheated gases spread throughout the nave, causing debris to mutilate the people present.In Oradour, as in Auschwitz, my material observations are undeniable, my analyses meticulous, and my arguments rational. Far from any ideological consideration, I remain on the ground of facts. Hence this desire and determination to silence me, the other reasons given being fictitious pretexts.Will France manage to have me extradited? Perhaps, but it is too late: I have published my work on the Internet and I was only just able to finish my book on Oradour before my arrest on the 10th of November 2022. It has been on sale since last January.About thirty years ago, as a young revisionist, I was invited to the Faurissons’ home. One morning, I was discussing in the workroom; I pointed out that our adversaries had financial and repressive means at their disposal. Professor Faurisson was washing in the adjoining bathroom. On hearing this, he half-opened the door and, putting his head through, said: “Yes, but we sleep in peace ».It was true then, it remains true now: in my cell in Edinburgh I sleep peacefully, for having sown the seeds of historical truths, I have done my duty.

From now on, my personal fate is of no importance. France, which you represent, can insist on having me extradited in order to imprison me. When you consider the forces at work, this determination appears to be an acknowledgement: an acknowledgement that I am right and that my work is important. Yes, really, I am sleeping peacefully, and the more your henchmen persist, the more peacefully I shall be sleeping.Please accept, Mr President, the assurances of my highest consideration.Vincent Reynouard

Freedom Events, Rallies, Court Hearings in the Okanagan: 15 Minute Cities; Druthers, National Citizens Inquiry Etc.

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Please forward 

“It Ain’t Over”

Where have all the men gone?

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


NOTE: Due to the volume of work required in filing a response to this Petition, which we are doing personally as we do not have a lawyer involved, I will not be able to provide much updates in this week’s newsletter. This may be the case for next week as well. Thanks kindly for your understanding. This Petition to ban rallies in downtown Kelowna is one of the most vicious attacks on our freedoms in this province, and will affect everyone and is going to require much more work to ensure we file the best defence possible.

I have been working on our response to this attack for weeks now, reviewing over 60 case law and authorities, several with over 500 paragraphs! I have to now pause just for this week & devote attention to the “falsified assault charge” against me, which trial continues this coming Tuesday, May 23, at 9:00 a.m. as noted below.

Thanks kindly for your understanding.

Trial Update and hearing dates this week

The Kelowna Courts of Injustice

May 23 (9:00 a.m.) May 24-26, 2023 9:30 a.m.

Kelowna Courthouse

R v David Lindsay s. 266 Criminal Code Assault

After an incredible two days in court March 1st and 2nd, everyone finally got to see what the fuss is all about – and the shock even in the media was visible everywhere in the courtroom. Even opposition media, who came out in droves hoping to see some incredible fight scene to label me with, were amazed and dismayed at what truly occurred. The video, taken by one of our loyal supporters clearly showed that THEY (security guards) pushed into David, not the reverse. And more evidence is yet to come.

Now that everyone in the courtroom has seen the video of what really happened, even some media who were present were surprised at what occurred. I guess they were hoping for some wild fist fight that of course simply did not happen…as the video shows, THEY assaulted me. Thank you for all your support!

IMPORTANT NOTE – Just to NO to unlawful searches:

Please do not bring bags, purses, knapsacks etc. as the corrupt Sheriffs will likely be trying to search everyone going into the courtroom. I would prefer that we do not give up our Constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches while we are exercising our Constitutional right to open court!

Our next protest/rally is set for:

June 3, 2023 12:00 Stuart Park, Kelowna

Update — Petition to ban Kelowna Protest/Rallies

The Petition and supporting Gov’t affidavits to ban our protest rallies have now been served upon David, on Monday at 4:30 p.m. We have until June 9, 2023 to file our response.

All documents and pleadings are now placed on our website for public viewing: Details of our position cannot be released just yet, however it will be interesting to expose their corruption as we move along. Once our responding materials are filed, we will post them on line as well.

Unfortunately, this case will have significant repercussions for every protest rally in British Columbia, and indeed, in Canada, as it is being heard in a superior court in the province. This will be an incredibly complex case. Donations would be very much appreciated. Etransfers can be done to: or cash donations can be mailed to: PO Box 21113 Cherry Lane Mall, Penticton BC V2A 8K8

Please stay tuned for more updates.

See Cash is King Poster for businesses below!! The City of N. Vancouver is now attacking protestors there!



Rashid, thank you for your relentless fight to save humanity. Your physical presence will be missed, but the mistake the establishment made is that you are now boundless and more capable of helping us than ever before and we know your work is far from done.

Rest in peace and God bless you and your family Dr.Rashid Buttar.

You can watch the full interview we did with Rashid and David Icke here… it is more relevant than ever:


Thank you to Danielle and Alicia so much for all their incredibly hard work for these events and productions!!

To learn more and support please visit


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Lions Gate Christian Academy

919 Tollcross Road

North Vancouver

The Hidden Healthcare Crisis

To learn more and support this cause please visit

Will be live-streamed on Facebook Live


Vernon and VCC Petition to Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix

Thank you to Darren in Vernon, and Ted with Vaccine Choice Canada

Hi Everyone!

Please sign this petition! It is demanding an immediate halt to the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in BC! This is an educational petition designed to wake up the masses to prevent people from further death and disabilities from the vaccine. 

We are asking everyone to make this petition go viral! Please share it out through social media, emails, chat boards, forums and any people or groups you can think of. Please go online to find emails of government employees or professionals (i.e. dentists, naturopaths, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, police, mayors, council members, School Board members) and send them the petition. 


Acting together, we will win!


This is amazing information on what is becoming an incredibly important issue. The details behind what our governments and military are doing is as important to know as all other rights and freedoms issues.

Thanks to Bettina for all her dedication and hard work on this vital topic.


Contact Bettina

Geoengineering Free Canada | Facebook

This group is to educate people and try to put a stop to the geoengineering and poisonous chemtrails they spray in our skies.


Thank you, Nadia for all your hard work and dedication to freedom!!!

Please Spread to Your Groups
Climate Truth Action Group Goes Provincial
Takes Actions Against 15 Minute Cities and Digital ID’s
The New RDCK “Climate Action Plan” is now public. The budgets tell us the framework of the future. Climate action plans, urban planning and land use by-law changes may herald in 15 minute cities and the social credit system. Involvement from everyone is needed. There are definite game’s afoot

A newly formed multi-regional Climate Truth Action Group is taking action and inviting farmers, homesteaders groups and freedom groups across the province to sign up to attend zoom meetings to join the delegations forming across the province to ask questions and educate their representatives before plans are approved.

If you care about freedom, please join the team and zoom meetings which can be accessed through this link. You don’t want to miss this first meeting scheduled for April 5th. Please pause your VPN to open this invitation.




Smart Cities
First, they will promote them as being convenient.Then they will promote them as supporting the environment.Then they will promote them as being voluntary.Then they will become mandatory with fines.Then you will be prohibited from traveling unless you comply with gov’t legislation and orders.Then you’ll be prohibited from traveling unless you are part of the gov’t.
Even your dogs will not be allowed more than 15 min from home

Samantha Edwards Report –
Unmasking the Smart City Agenda



Smart Cities

First, they will promote them as being convenient.

Then they will promote them as supporting the environment.

Then they will promote them as being voluntary.

Then they will become mandatory with fines.

Then you will be prohibited from traveling unless you comply with gov’t legislation and orders.

Then you’ll be prohibited from traveling unless you are part of the gov’t.

Even your dogs will not be allowed more than 15 min from home

Samantha Edwards Report –

Unmasking the Smart City Agenda


Know Your Rights: 

Guidelines for Peaceful Protesting/Gathering/Rallies and/or Attending Events (eg. Council Meetings, School Boards, Handing out Flyers)

Check out A4C for some of the most successful actions and strategies available to us!

And a big thank you to Tanya for all her hard work and dedication and support for the Christian principles that founded our nation!





In the absence of rallies every Saturday, we don’t get the funding we used to that allowed us to print all the resources we provide at the CLEAR booth, as well as the inserts that go into the Druthers newspapers for our Sunday paper deliveries. Thanks to your past donations, we have delivered over 8000 copies of Druthers, plus various inserts, in Kelowna and W. Kelowna, with lots more to go!

Future protests are being strategically planned right now for City Hall, the courthouse, and other locations.

Many people believe that the COVID-19 issue is over – and it is not. Freedom is a multi-generational struggle, where we hope to leave a better place for our children. Other serious issues are lurking ominously in the near future that we will need to focus on: 15 min cities; legal actions; digital ID and digital currencies to start. These will require ongoing research and production of signs and materials for public education. The digital ID and currency issues are two of the most critical and going to involve significant amounts of education for people.

Please help with your donation by etransfer to: You can also mail cash (this remains safe) by Expresspost to: P.O. Box 21113 Cherry Lane Mall, Penticton, BC, V2A 8K8. Cash of course, would be the preferred method to protect everyone’s privacy.

These are unfortunately the only methods available right now to accept donations outside of the monthly rallies. Everything we do is on a volunteer basis and if you are not able to volunteer, your cash donation is what keeps the freedom wheel turning.

We do need volunteers to join our Fundraising Focus Group. If you are good at event planning and have some time to devote to organize regular fundraising occasions, please come see Linda at the CLEAR booth this Saturday or contact

We need volunteers who are:


Can work independently

Able to collaborate with others

Responsible and Dependable






If you possess these qualities and want to make a difference right now as a Freedom Activist, please add your name to the Volunteer List at the CLEAR booth this Saturday or contact to get more information.

Freedom requires time, energy or money. Thank you all for your help, in any form you are able to assist with. Everything you do for the sake of freedom is a seed planted. And although you may not see where it lands, trust that it will grow and bear fruit! Otherwise, why have the City, Province and Feds continually tried to shut us down?!! We are effective with one of the lowest vaccination rates in BC and Canada – thanks to YOU!


Sunday PAPER  Deliveries Next delivery day:
MAY 21, 2023

(Weather Permitting) 

Add your name to the delivery list and make sure to check your email on Sunday mornings for confirmation that our paper delivery will take place that day Make sure you arrive before the designated time so we can all get going ASAP! 
Every Sunday at 11:30 am 

Sign-up on the Newspaper Delivery list so that you get an email confirming the deliveries for each Sunday. With winter in mind, we will only do this if roads are bare and it’s not snowing. The advantage of delivering this time of year is that nobody is hanging out in their front yards except for the odd snowman.

We meet at the Capri parking lot between A&W and De Dutch Pannekoek House

Bring a large bag for carrying the papers if you want

Grab a free small Kelowna mapbook that can help you get situated. Your cell phone will be tracking and tracing you. Learn how to read maps again

You will be provided with a printed google map of the area you will be delivering to. Bring a yellow marker to indicate which streets you completed. You may run out of papers or you may end up with extra

We ask that with every paper you deliver, you remove the inserts and place them in the mailbox in front or behind the paper. That way, someone who may hastily throw out the paper will still be forced to see each individual flyer

Please deliver only one paper per mailbox, regardless if you have different papers (we usually have a combination of different papers and editions). Some houses may have up to 4 mailboxes; put one paper in each as they are for different tenants 

Sign up as a Volunteer to participate in one of the many focus groups we are working to organize. Most people are too busy to commit to fighting for freedom. I guarantee you will have plenty of extra time after Canada becomes a full-fledged communist country and your jobs & businesses are gone.

Time to add freedom-fighting to your list of priorities. Much of the help needed can be done at home and even one hour per week will be helpful. Even if you don’t want to join a specific group, maybe you have something you can offer to help out. Let us know!

Contact Linda at

3 Simple Things Freedom Activists can do to WIN this War:

1 Spread the Word by delivering papers and flyers everywhere:Knowledge is power!

2. Replace your cell phone with a flip phone:Think of your apps as TRAPS!

3. Use CASH:Hand out the “Use cash cards” and “pay cash” business posters


New Credit Card Fees & Lack of Privacy
It is starting – Use cash as much as possible – use credit cards or digital only if there is no other alternative. Companies will not use digital currency if we are not using digital currency! It will cost them too much in lost business.Here is an awesome poster you can distribute to all businesses to put on their entrance doors, advocating for the use of cash. Print on 8 1/2 x 11 glossy hard stock for best results.  For Business owners:Spread the Word by delivering papers and flyers everywhere: 


The dangers of digital gov’t ID and currencies are here… you need to use cash as much as possible. As recognized by Freedom Rising, there are many inherent dangers of using digital currency. What do you do, not if, but when:

The internet is down

There is a power outage

The card reader malfunctions

Your phone battery dies or doesn’t work for other reasons


Your phone is stolen

Your passwords are co-opted

Your credit/debit card strip is damaged – needs replacing

There are errors in relation to the quantum of $$ on your card

Gov’t limits your purchases/CRA liens the balance on your card


CLEAR has promoted the non-use of digital currencies and credit/debit cards as much as possible, for years.  


Withdraw money on Saturday/Sunday from the bank or bank machine, and then leave your money at home if you are scared to carry it with you, and just carry the amounts of cash for each day’s purchases for the week.


USE CASH $$$$$$$$$

Get these cards below at the CLEAR booth to give out everytime you use cash – or print your own to hand out!

Make Business sized cards to hand out at all your cash purchases!

Thanks Nadia for this link:

Find out which
institutions near you
Support Digital ID

The Digital ID System is being
supported by a rapidly growing number
of provincial and federal governments,
financial institutions, networks for
payments and for identity verification,
technology service providers, strategy
and integration experts to name a few…

New signs???
Even though COVID-19 restrictions are, for the most part, no longer
in effect, other freedom issues have arisen as gov’ts use the cover of COVID-19 to introduce other more formidable liberty restrictions,
including privacy violations.

Freedom is a multi-generational struggle – our legacy is to leave a
better place for our children, not simply to quit after an issue appears
to be over and anger diminishes; and of course, it rarely is truly over.

We urge you to provide designs ( and/or your
own signs for upcoming threats, including

Digital ID
Digital currency and no cash
Climate change fraud
Further health, property, rights and freedoms restrictions

Ed Kallio

CLEARBITS is on hold until our response to the Petition is
filed. Thank you for your understanding.


Providing awesome, professionally sanctioned materials and information against
the COVID and other vaccines in Kelowna

The Epoch Times (note, thanks to Google, you have to look at the 4th screen to
get their home page, just by searching for Epoch Times)

 Just say NO to Digital iID




Immediate Halt to the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in BC!

Dr. Malone

Freedom Rallies

It ain’t over till it’s over”

Next Kelowna Rally:


June 3, 2023

12:00 pm Stuart Park

Join us for important announcements on the local, legal scene, and informative speakers!

May 28, 2023
 12:00 noon
Vernon Freedom Rally
12:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. @ Polson Park
Join Darren for the Largest rally in the North Okanagan, and growing weekly!

North Okanagan Shuswap Freedom Radio


Oliver Freedom Rally

MAY 28, 2023 12:30 pm Town Hall

Join the Oliver freedom activists who are continuing their local Freedom Rallies!


Kamloops Freedom Gathering
MAY 28, 2023 10:00 – 12:00 Noon

Valleyview Centennial Park


Penticton Freedom Rally

MAY 21, 2023 1:00 p.m.

Warren & Main St. in N.E. lot

Join Mary Lou for the largest rally in the South Okanagan, and growing weekly!


My Twitter Account Was Suspended; CAFE Retains Legal Help

My Twitter Account Was Suspended; CAFE Retains Legal Help

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has made a name for
himself opposing censorship and promised to free Twitter from
political censorship. He now has a chance to prove it. On April
24, I learned that my Twitter account which I have had for over a
decade had been suspended. I quickly learned that mine was not
the only one. Accounts belonging to fellow nationalists
broadcaster James Edwards, authors Professor Kevin
MacDonald and Dr. Tom Sunic, and the American Freedom
Party were suspended the same day, interestingly the same day
popular populist broadcaster Tucker Carlson was purged from
Fox News.

This was Twitter’s message: “After careful review, wedetermined your account broke the Twitter Rules. Your account
is permanently in read-only mode, which means you can’t Tweet,
Retweet, or Like content. You won’t be able to create new
accounts. If you think we got this wrong, you can submit an
appeal.”All five of us appealed. Mr. Edwards and I sent in threeappeals. Both Mr. Edwards and I have had our accounts for over a
decade and encountered no troubles. We asked what Twitter
Rules we had broken.
My appeal read: “My suspension came as ashock. I am not aware of breaking any Twitter rules. I wish to
know how I offended and ask that my account be restored. I
protest the denial of due process, any sort of a hearing or dialogue
or proper notice of exactly in what way I broke Twitter rules.”
There has been no response from Twitter to the various appeals.

Accordingly, CAFE reached out and obtained the assistance of a
prominent California lawyer to take our appeals further up the
food chain and, hopefully, directly to Elon Musk. — Paul Fromm

Freedom Events & Campaigns in The Okanagan


Penticton 4 Freedom Weekly Newsletter

–      Rallies and local events

–      Keep Cash Alive

–      Bill 36~ Petition and action steps – Big Thanks to Laureen & Friends

–      National Citizens’ Inquiry – Vancouver recap

–      Time to stand up – Michelle Leduc Catlin

–      Freedom Rising Newsletter – Issue 46- we are many

–      Druthers The May edition is online And now available at our rallies! Donations are always needed.

–  Thanks from GINA

——————————- o0o————————————-

In case you missed the rally last Sunday…

Bettina spoke on what is becoming an incredibly important issue.

The details behind what our governments and military are doing are as

important to know as all other rights and freedoms issues. Please sign up for her information directly on her site. 

Like we always say…

Surprise speakers are a common occurrence at our rallies. 

Miss a week and you miss a lot!

——————————- o0o————————————-


Want to join the fun in one of these initiatives or suggest another more important to you?

Just reply to this email or call 780-908-0309 to offer your help and suggestions.

——————————- o0o————————————-

RALLY – Penticton4Freedom – every Sunday at 1.

Sunday, May 21st, 1 to 3 p.m. 2020 Main Street, Corner of Main & Warren, Penticton. image.png 


Future dates:

Summer Fun – Penticton4Freedom is moving to the beach.

Starting May 28th, we will move the rally to the Gazebo at Skaha Lake- at the same time just cooler location. More to come

  Fighting for freedom is more fun with friends. Bring a few. Suggest a topic or a speaker, and we’ll be happy to find someone to share their knowledge with us.   ——————————- o0o————————————- OTHERS’ EVENTS   ·      Kelowna CLEAR Rallies – 1st Saturday of each month at noon – Stuart Park, Kelowna ·       Oliver Rally – in front of city hall – Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. ·      

 Local Action4Canada – Tuesdays at noon, in front of Richard Cannings’ Office – 301 Main Street ·      

Next Planning Meetings June 6 and June 20 – at 4:30 p.m. – Winepress Church ~ ~ Contact Derrick for details of local prayer walks scheduled for Penticton locations. ~  ·      
 First & Third Tuesdays, Penticton Council meeting at 1. City Hall, Penticton. ·       School District 67 School Board Meetings 6:30 PM – last Monday of the month. ·       

The Kelowna Courts of Injustice May 23 (9:00 a.m.) May 24-26, 2023, 9:30 a.m. R v David Lindsay s. 266 Criminal Code Assault ·    
Special Screening – “Unacceptable?” an incredible documentary coming to West Kelowna! Eagle Vision Video Productions has produced a documentary titled “Unacceptable?” about the “Freedom Convoy to Ottawa 2022” protest in Canada gathering interviews from key players and firsthand experience of the event while travelling across Canada.  This documentary is unique, combining exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage from the protest. The producers believe in transparency and are striving to provide an honest portrayal of the protest for all citizens of the world to see. A screening of this must-see film is scheduled for: Saturday, May 27th, 9:45am West Kelowna Family Friendly, PG Rated Movie Tickets are being pre-sold for the event – $20 each.  Only available for purchase at     ——————————- o0o————————————- ACTIONS OF THE WEEK ———————————— o0o————————————-  
Our very own STEVE has been busy helping us promote the cash is King initiative. Please continue to connect with him and get on his email list~ thanks Steve for all you do.   Keep Cash Alive! Info and links on 15-minute cities, digital ID’s, using cash, and much more. At the bottom of the page download the above handout to inform others. DOWNLOAD  

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Musk’s Free Speech Schizophrenia

Musk’s Free Speech Schizophrenia

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“Censor not, lest ye be censored,” Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Twitter, tweeted recently. Since purchasing Twitter, Musk has been vilified by the far left and liberal activist community for pledging to restore free speech on the platform, ostensibly allowing more conservative and right-wing voices space on one of the world’s largest and most influential social media sites.

That very same day, Monday, April 24, several notable right-wing dissidents were unceremoniously deplatformed and banned on Twitter with no explanation given. Popular talk radio personality James Edwards, the longtime host of The Political Cesspool, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, one of the leading dissident intellectuals who edits The Occidental Observer, Dr. Tom Sunic, a Croatian-American former diplomat, academic, and author, along with countless others had their increasingly popular Twitter accounts permanently banned.

Edwards explained to this reporter:

I had been on Twitter since 2016 and never once received a prior warning or reprimand. This wasn’t my second or third strike. This was an online assassination that went straight to a permanent ban. No reason was given.

I conduct myself professionally and have always been sure to responsibly present our arguments. I don’t quarrel with individuals on social media and have never even used profanity or crude rhetoric.

Simply put, by no reasonable standard of measurement could it be argued that I violated even the most ambiguous terms of service. This was just another case of naked censorship.

Dr. Kevin MacDonald noted he simply received an email with a subject line that read: “Your account is permanently suspended.”

The email continued:

After careful review, we determined your account broke the Twitter Rules. Your account is permanently in read-only mode, which means you can’t Tweet, Retweet, or Like content. You won’t be able to create new accounts. If you think we got this wrong, you can submit an appeal.

No reason was provided for the permanent ban, and no explanation was provided detailing in what specific way any Twitter Rules were violated.

“No reason was given and that’s also the case with James,” MacDonald told this reporter referring to the permanent ban. “We have appealed, asking for reasons but I rather doubt anything good will happen.”

Sunic, meanwhile, noted that the Twitter ban didn’t surprise him at all, arguing “that the censorship in the U.S. is continuing where the Soviet Union left off.”

Sunic wrote following his ban:

I know what I am talking about. My family and I were all proscribed in communist ex-Yugoslavia for several decades. My father, an ex-lawyer, even served prison time for “hostile anti-communist literature.”

Now we are witnessing the same intellectual purges, albeit adorned with fancy and demonic euphemisms such as “hate speech” and “ethnic sensitivity training” in the U.S. and EU—akin to the ex-Soviet People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, i.e., the NKVD.

Several other dissident commentators were purged recently as well, including Andrew Anglin, editor and lead writer for The Daily Stormer, easily one of the most censored websites in the world. Paul Fromm, a Canadian free speech activist and occasional contributor to this newspaper, was also banned. It remains unclear what specific rules any of these activists, writers, and commentators broke, if any.

In addition to the recent censoring of popular dissidents, many other content creators and political activists have been permanently banned for months now. Mike Peinovich, Joseph Jordan, Warren Balogh, and others associated with the National Justice Party (NJP), a burgeoning political movement dedicated to advocating “for White civil rights, the working and middle class, and the traditional family against our corrupt and illegitimate institutions,” have been shut down and censored on Twitter. Links to the organization’s website are also banned from even being shared on the platform.

Patriotic Alternative, a similar right-wing political movement based in the UK, and its leadership and affiliated organizations are also permanently banned on Twitter. Additionally, Nick Fuentes, a leading political commentator and organizer based in Chicago, is also banned on the platform.

Laura Towler, a leader with Patriotic Alternative, recently pointed out:

Twitter censorship is worse under Elon Musk than it ever was before. Not only are most of our accounts suspended still/again, but so are URLs to websites like Patriotic Alternative and NJP. This makes it almost impossible to share any [public] activism, direct people to solutions, or even recruit people to sign up. People are able to lie about us and we have no ability to defend ourselves.

Warren Balogh also powerfully argued that censorship under Musk is even more extreme than it was previously, noting that Musk purchased “the most important social media platform in the world for political discourse, with the promise to restore free speech, then [has made] it more restrictive than it ever was for dissident individuals and parties in the West at the wishes of the ADL [Anti-Defamation League.—Ed.].”

Balogh explained:

This is what we get living under the arbitrary rule of an oligarchy of degenerate billionaires. This whole system has to go, including oligarchs like Musk who think they are gods, and the world and all our most fundamental freedoms are their playthings, that they can amuse themselves with or discard when they get bored.

Shortly after purchasing Twitter, which was a long, drawn-out process fraught with controversy and conflict, Musk openly stated that, under his watch, the platform would allow all speech that the First Amendment specifically protects.

“By ‘free speech,’ I simply mean that which matches the law,” Musk tweeted on April 26, 2022. “I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law.”

Musk’s mixed messaging and outright schizophrenic thinking on free speech matters continues to grow. While denouncing censorship on his personal Twitter account, which receives millions of views, his underlings at the social media behemoth censor legitimate and responsible right-wing dissidents that have long been in the crosshairs of organized special interest groups like the ADL, who work overtime to cancel and shut down their opposition.

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Class Action for Victims of COVID Vax Mandates Filed

Greetings! The following press release is being sent out later today, but we want our loyal supporters to receive the news here first:

Free to Fly Canada, through retained counsel Umar Sheikh of Sheikh Law, has filed a Class Action lawsuit against the Canadian government on behalf of aviation employees harmed as a result of vaccination mandates. We have developed a comprehensive and methodical approach to holding the government responsible and bringing justice to thousands of impacted workers.

Plaintiffs Greg Hill, Brent Warren, and Tanya Lewis are representative of a proposed class of those subjected to tortuous harm by Transport Canada’s “Interim Order Respecting Certain Requirements for Civil Aviation Due to COVID-19, No. 43“. This Order mandated vaccination for those within the transport community in 2021. In so doing, it induced employers to violate contractual agreements for thousands of Canadian employees, violated rights guaranteed by the Charter, and interfered with free and fair collective bargaining. This is the first time a case of this type has been brought in Canadian Courts and we are proud to help chart this course.

The class action is open to any unvaccinated employees who have been adversely affected by Transport Canada’s Interim Order 43. This could be reflected through termination of employment, coerced early retirement, or suspension. These suspensions were often called a leave of absence by employers, but given their involuntary nature were not thus, by definition. We have been failed by our government, unions, and employers, and this proceeding is a means to fight back.
To read the full pleading and get more information on signing up or supporting, please use the link below. We’ll be sure to keep you updated and appreciate any and all support in moving this cause forward!
Greg & Matt