Report on the Do No Harm Symposium held in Hamilton

Approximately 100 enthusiastic supporters of bodily autonomy and constitutional rights attended the Do No Harm Symposium in Hamilton Ontario on November 25, 2023. 

Guest speakers included (in order of speaking appearance): pediatric dental surgeon Dr. Jennifer Hibberd, constitutional lawyer Michael Alexander, suspended emergency physician turned tireless freedom fighter Dr. Mark Trozzi, suspended physician Dr. Chris Shoemaker who originally supported the official Covid narrative but soon awakened from the illusions, as well as former member of the House of Commons and Ontario Party leader, Derek Sloan. 

Dr. Hibbard and Dr. Trozzi had just returned from a freedom of health choice conference in Europe. 

Dr. Hibbard outlined her extensive involvement internationally to promote the right to bodily autonomy. Her public exposure of the Covid fraud resulted in, “The Royal College of Dentists investigators raiding my office, then intimidating and interrogating my staff in my absence.”

Next up was Michael Alexander. He stated the following, to loud applause:  “The right of freedom of expression has been guaranteed by the Supreme Court of Canada jurisprudence. You can say whatever you want, whether you are right or wrong… you have the right to say it, as we all have the right to decide for ourselves what is true.”
“Informed consent is not only a constitutional right, it is a fundamental human right.”

“To successfully privately litigate against the government, you must prove that they broke the law… which is, in fact, not easy to do.”

Unsurprisingly, third speaker Dr. Mark Trozzi garnered the greatest popularity among the crowd. 
He lamented about his ongoing costly battle with his profession’s regulatory body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) over his medical licence which had been suspended as a result of his writing medical exemptions for his patients upon request who feared receiving the Covid injections. Dr. Trozzi had willingly sold his home and abandoned his career as a successful emergency room physician to focus exclusively on researching Covid, steadfastly standing up for medical freedom and upholding the fundamental right of informed consent; thereby honoring his revered Hippocratic Oath which states, “First, do no harm.”

He told the audience: “I did not ever sign up to agree to kill people.” 

“When the (Covid) shots came out, I read the ingredients, and quickly realized this is NOT a vaccine.”
“And I was just supposed to keep my mouth shut? For the sake of keeping my house and my car?”.
“I’m an emergency doctor, and THIS was an emergency!”. 

His closing statement, “Whatever it takes, we WILL defend ourselves!”, was met with thunderous applause and standing ovations. 

On stage next was Dr. Chris Shoemaker, who made a candid admission during his presentation: He revealed that he had initially agreed to receive 2 Covid injections early on in the ‘pandemic’ before he awakened to their significant danger and the true agenda behind the mainstream Covid narrative. 

He continued, “When a Covid injection is administered, the body frequently reacts similarly as if there had been a major organ transplant: The body can attack itself.” This phenomena is known as a cytokine storm. 
The last speaker, Derek Sloan, imparted hopeful reassurance for all in attendance before a Q & A session with the audience commenced. 
“More and more people are waking up and realizing that Canada is broken.” 
“Canadian citizens have the ability to take their power back, but the problem is that so many are still asleep.” 
“An awake population is needed to take out the trash!”

The symposium concluded with a delicious supper. 
Kudos to the organizers of this important symposium.

~ Raychyl Whyte

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Parties, Rallies, Local Events in the Okanagan

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Parties, Rallies, Local Events in the Okanagan

Penticton 4 Freedom Weekly Newsletter

Not all work and no play,

but a bit of Each! Hooray!

(I’m a poet, and I know it.) 😀


–      Rallies and local events

–      Christmas Gathering

–      Nov 29 – SD67 Board Meeting – Local action to support freedom-fighter presentation.

–      New Year’s Eve Party and Fundraiser for Dr Hoffe

–      1 Million Signatures 4 Children WITHDRAW FROM THE U.N. (& the WHO) – Petition

–      Postcards for Freedom – Bill 36, Natural Products

–      Druthers November Issue


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FREEDOM RALLIES – Penticton4Freedom – every Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.

                                                          at NE Corner of 2020 Main Street and Warren Avenue, Penticton

 In case you missed last week:

1)    News that James Topp’s court martial ended with a $4,000 fine and the judge’s endorsement of James’ character. Along with independent media reports, several major media reporters were there, but only one – the National Post, published any coverage. Here’s their report:

2)    Good news about nicotine (which is NOT the addictive agent in cigarettes) as an effective therapy in the age of COVID. Here’s one link for more information:

3)    Mike’s report on a positive reception to his “Exit the WHO and the UN” presentation at his church.

4)    Deborah’s story of handing out 30 copies of the latest Druthers at her church.

5)    United Health Care Workers of BC have launched a Class Action Lawsuit Against Bonnie Henry, representing all BC unionized health care workers who were affected by the mandates

6)    Announcement of a Christmas Party coming up December 9 – See details below.

7)    Great response from passing motorists with their symphony of horn-honking, waving and thumbs up. Our signs and enthusiasm are working!

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–      Special Guest: Amie, who will be there to answer any questions about her upcoming “myblueprint” presentation at the November 29 SD67 School Board meeting, and to encourage us to join her in support of holding Board members accountable for their decisions. Scroll down for date, time and location and invite others to join you at the School Board meeting. Let’s show Amie, we have her back on this.

–      Good news from the past week.

–      Open mic. Stories from the Freedom Front.

–      November Druthers – get your supply now – more people are waking up every day, and Druthers is helping!

Miss a week and you miss a lot! Surprise speakers are a common occurrence.
Fighting for freedom is more fun with friends. Bring a few. Bring your signs or borrow one of ours. Suggest a topic or a speaker, and we’ll gladly find someone to share their knowledge with us. ——————————————- o0o————————————————image.png

Penticton 4 Freedom Christmas Gathering

When: Saturday, December 9, 2023 – 1 to 6 p.m.

Where: 272 Green Avenue, Penticton

Details: Bob and Geraldine are hosting a private “Friends Christmas Party” in the party room of their building and inviting us to join them.

This is a potluck event.

Facilities include a microwave (but no stove), coffee maker, and kettle. Tea and coffee will be provided. BYORefreshments for greater variety.

Disposable dishes and cutlery will be provided from our P4F supplies.

Large room with both ping pong and pool table, washroom, tables and chairs aplenty.

Agenda items:

·        Music – (bring your Bluetooth Christmas music) and Sing-along time.

·        Meet and Greet with a “get to know you” game

·        White Elephant Gift Exchange for fun: Bring something you already own (particularly fun if you can recycle something you received as a gift in the past and always wanted to get rid of – new or used, clean), or if you wish, pick up a fun or fantastic gift – suggested budget not more than $10. Thrift stores and dollar stores are great resources. Wrap however you wish, enough to conceal your gift until it’s opened.

·        Stories of Christmases past – the craziest, funniest, best, worst…

·        A review of the past year at P4F and a look to 2024. (Max 15 minutes)

Those wishing to help with set up, decorations, etc. please arrive by noon the same day. Call Bob’s cell for entry: 250-462-8053

Parking: Behind the building, with overflow across the street in the shopping centre parking lot.

Building entry: Front of the building. Someone may be at the front door to let you in, or just tap on the big party room window to get attention if needed.

Bring friends. It’s a great way to show others we are (extraordinarily) “normal”.

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Join us this coming Saturday, Nov. 25 at 12:00 noon for our street protest on the corner of Hwy 97 and Cooper in Kelowna. Last week was wonderful with lots of support!


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Wednesday, November 29 – Penticton School Board Action

Join a delegation questioning the use of the “myblueprint” program in schools!

Amie, the mother of an elementary school child, has managed to have the topic placed on the November 29 meeting agenda of the School District 67 board. She has prepared a presentation, and encourages all who can, to attend the meeting, too.

It takes a lot of preparation and courage to stand up in public, and our support is important for Amie. It also shows school board trustees, that we are watching and asking questions. And… this provides an opportunity for us to “get our feet wet” for when we may someday have the opportunity to speak at a public meeting.


1.   Come and meet Amie at our rally this Sunday, November 26, where she will answer questions about “myblueprint” and her experience getting her issue on the agenda.

2.   Show up at the School Board meeting next Wednesday, November 29, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. to support Amie

Address – 425 Jermyn Avenue. Arrive by 6 and gather in the parking area, so trustees can see us as they enter the building.

3.   Prepare one or two short, clear, relevant questions in case there is time for audience participation.

4. Check this out if you wish. This website looks innocent, as does pretty much every product marketing message out there. Just remember how the globalists work. They tell us in advance what they are planning, then use whatever tools they can find to further their agenda, even those which may have been well-intended at their inception.

Our two biggest clues in this case, are the name of the company that launched the product (DoubleThink Inc.); and the much-repeated terms of use that provide zero promise of protection of the personal data gathered about each child. That warns us that private information of school aged children can potentially be exposed and lead to their exploitation.

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Enderby, December 31, 2023. New Year’s Eve Party and Fundraiser for Dr. Hoffe.

Dr. Hoffe will be there.

Silent Auction Items are encouraged. For those not able to participate in person, donations to help cover Dr. Hoffe’s legal fees can be made in the following ways:


Doak Sheriff Lawyers

#200 – 537 Leon Avenue

Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2A9

Please put “Attention:  Alex Hill” OR “File Number 138084”


Dr. Charles Hoffe

P.O. Box 550

Lytton, BC  V0K 1Z0


Email to for those who would like to send an e-transfer (no security question needed).

Once again, all funds raised from the event are going directly to Dr. Hoffe as well.

Please do share this one with all your contacts.


——————————- o0o————————————- ACTIONS OF THE WEEK   1 Million Signatures 4 Children On September 21, you made history by leading marches in your cities and communities to end SOGI123 in our children’s schools.

Why is it there to begin with?
Why do we have to fight so hard to get it removed?
What is the driving force?

Two words…

Leslyn Lewis is spearheading a petition calling on the federal government to exit the United Nations as well as the World Health Organization.
As long as we are a part of the UN, SOGI will be woven into society.

So…we need your help!

This is a digital march to remove Canada from the UN, ultimately ending Sogi 123 in our schools and releasing the grip of tyranny we have in our country.

Please sign and get this petition shared far and wide. Our march participants and supporters are waiting for the next step. This is it!


Video Explanation:

Thank you for your continued support!! ———————-o0o——————–   11 Estonian Parliament Members Reject the WHO Amendments   Some parliamentarians are alive, awake and putting their reputations on the line to defend the rights and freedoms in their countries. This is a fine example from Estonia, citizens from which, in 1989, along with others from Latvia and Lithuania, formed The Baltic Way – the longest unbroken human chain in history, with approximately 2 million participants spanning 675 kilometres from Tallin, Estonia to Vilnius, Lithuania. Learn more about the rejection of the courageous eleven, to the WHO Amendments Here:   Find the inspiring story of The Baltic Way here: ——————————- o0o————————————-   Bill 36 Postcards – KEEP THOSE POSTCARDS COMING TO KEEP THE PRESSURE ON   Here is the link to the Press Conference following the delivery of 5,000 signed postcards protesting Bill 36, by John Rustad to the BC Legislature on November 9, 2023. Sign online and a postcard will be sent to your MLA   Printed postcards are also available at our rallies, and we will be happy to post them for you if you wish.   ——————————- o0o————————————- Save our Natural Health Products Industry Download and print, write letters and/or Sign a postcard and pick up extras at your local Natural Foods Store.   PLEASE NOTE: Come to our rally and sign a card there. Some spares for your friends. We will make sure they get posted.   ——————————- o0o————————————-
WORTH A LOOK   Todd Harris, producer of “Uninformed Consent”, performs movie magic by combining scientific data with empathy in all his documentaries. He is making his latest film: The Big Picture” available for sale for a much lower cost than a daily Starbucks latte fix for a week. Only $25 and it is yours to keep. Bring your friends over and watch it together. Watch the trailer, read the purpose and story behind the film, and order your very own copy here: ——————————- o0o————————————-    image.png
Read The November Issue Online and pick up print copies at P4F rallies. Covering news and information that mainstream media won’t. For over a year, Penticton4Freedom supporters have donated enough money to Druthers to cover the cost of the 1,200 copies we distribute every month, plus some left over to support other distributors.   Thank you for being an everyday hero by donating, reading, sharing and distributing Druthers copies in your area.   The November issue is a biggie!! BOMBSHELL: There’s DNA In The Vaccines: Confirmed by Health Canada   Read DRUTHERS

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Want to join the fun in one of these initiatives or suggest another more important to you?

Just reply to this email or call 780-908-0309 to offer your help and suggestions.

Better yet, show up at our rallies, meet some fellow freedom lovers, and pitch in where your interests lead you.

Lots of ((( FREEDOM HUGS! ))) available (if you want them).

Remember that Freedom Hugs are available at ALL our Penticton4Freedom events!

Let’s make this weekend AMAZING!!

Mary Lou Gutscher


Political Prisoner Brad Love Mistreated By Cops At Start of “Harassment” Trial

Political Prisoner Brad Love Mistreated By Cops at Start of “Harassment” Trial

November 23. Political prisoner Brad Love called CAFE from prison in Fort McMurray today. He is ill and the court adjourned for the day. Brad faces three year old charges for writing harassing letters to elected officials and for posting “Keep Canada White” stickers.

Up until Sunday, Brad was being held without bail in the Edmonton Remand Centre, He was awakened at 5:00 a.m. and told to get ready. The van leaving for another 12 hours. He was put in a holding cell. The van finally picked him up after 5:p.m. for the five and a half hour drive to Fort McMurray.

He is kept in a call at the RCMP station in Fort McMurray. “I am treated like shot,” he says. “The light is kept on 24 hours a day. Five days without darkness! My eyes are frazzled. This is sensory deprivation. My health is deteriorating. The system is designed to break you down,” he adds.

An observer familiar with the case comments: “They’re putting him through the ringer. This is abuse by process!”

On the first three days of the trail, various eyewitnesses were unable to identify him as the man who posted stickers. The Crown let one witness winge that he “became nervous” when he say “Keep Canada White” stickers near his home.

Brad was not allowed to cross-examine civilian witnesses. The basic right to confront his accusers was curtailed to save the snowflakes. A court appointed lawyer did the cross-examination.

Brad will be allowed to cross-examine police witnesses himself.

Brad looks forward to cross-examining a policewoman with a phone-book size folder of fingerprint evidence. “The found many samples of my fingerprints in my residence,” he laughs. “I’m going to ask her how much gathering the fingerprints from my house cost the taxpayers.

You can write to Brad Love:

Brad Love,

Edmonton Remand Centre,

18415 127 St. NW,

Edmonton, AB.,  

T6V 1B1

Clear Cut Bias of the Zionist Press in Canada: Case In Point, The Hamilton Spectator

Boycotting the Hamilton Spectator for its contempt for Palestinian life 

While the Middle East coverage by the Hamilton Spectator has never been good, two incidents in recent weeks demonstrate that it is truly hateful toward Palestinians:

  1. On Thursday, Nov. 23 , the Spec REJECTED an ad listing the names of the 5600+ Palestinian children who had been killed by Israel and calling for a ceasefire.  The ad was sponsored by CJPME and the Muslim Council of Greater Hamilton.
  2. Yet less than two weeks ago, on Nov. 11, the Spec PUBLISHED a full-page ad about the Israeli hostages held by Hamas, showing each of their pictures and calling for their release.

That the Spec would refusing an ad expressing sympathy for Palestinian victims, yet publish another ad expressing sympathy for Israeli victims shows that the Hamilton Spectator is NO LONGER WORTHY OF OUR BUSINESS.

Tell the Hamilton Spectator that you’re done with it!  Please take 30 seconds to tell the owners and leadership at the Hamilton Spectator that you will henceforth 1) refuse to ever buy any issues of the Spec, 2) refuse to ever buy or place ads in the Spec, and 3) instruct your friends and family to do the same.

Organizer’s Tribute to Paul Fromm & Malcolm Ross, Speakers at CAFE Meeting in Nova Scotia, November 23

Organizer’s Tribute to Paul Fromm & Malcolm Ross, Speakers at CAFE Meeting in Nova Scotia, November 23

Maritimes AC hosted a private event and dinner with Paul Fromm and Malcolm Ross. Two men that have fought for our people for decades as warriors for truth, advocates for our people and political activism. These two gentlemen talked about their own place within the movement and our shared history, but what was truly impressive is how well kept up they were on current events and the struggles of our People today. They showed an energy and vitality that was still very much alive with the fires of truth showing that the grinding, thankless task of politically fighting for our People for decades has not slowed them down. Members discussed plans for the future, history, lineage, fatherhood, Christianity, Race, geopolitics and more. 
It was equally important for Paul and Malcolm to see that there will be future torchbearers and because of men like them who laid the foundations of WN 1.0 that our struggle here today will continue. It was a hopeful evening filled with bold bright predictions for the future. As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. In both mind and body when our People come together we are made stronger.

Justice Critic Gordon Watson Demands Action By BC Attorney General for September 20 Anti-Freedom Riot

Following is my 3rd letter to Peter Juk, after the riot at the Legislature which ruined the parental rights rally

Back in 1982, I met the Battling Barrister, Doug Christie, one of the noblest of them all.  He taught me : Freedom of speech  IS the issue.

I see the Trans-in-sanity thing as a passing fad.  Disastrous to those entranced by it, yet,   this too, shall pass. I am doing what I can to see the enemies of Freedom made accountable.

Gordon S Watson……………………

November  21st   2023

Peter Juk,  Deputy Attorney General
                   Criminal Justice Branch

01         This is my 3rd letter in expectation that the BC Prosecution Service will deal appropriately with the outrage which went on at the Legislature grounds on September 20th 2023.  Yet no reply?   Strikes me that two months is more than enough for a Branch of the government, to, at the very least , acknowledge concerns that I and many citizens have, regarding criminality we suffered at that riot.

02    Enclosed find a copy of the newspaper  DRUTHERS  which I was handing out that day.  The articles entitled “I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids – Now I’m blowing the Whistle” &  “From Transgender to Transhuman”are important for all-concerned to grasp the enormity of the problem of which the riot was a symptom.  See also the article ‘A medical atrocity’.    The classic treatise “Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of Crowds” by Charles Mackay is required reading in order for you to understand what is going on.    And what will continue to go on and get worse unless the Criminal Justice Branch does its duty to put the thugs in their place.   Meaning, the engine of the crimes committed by the mob that day, is  = hatred generated by profound mental illness.  Recent articles in the newsmedia ought to educate you that decent people no longer forebear criminals large and small, ‘getting away with murder’, by playing the mental illness card.    Ordinary people have the right to quiet enjoyment of public places.

03           What we saw on September 20th 2023 was the outworking of what Professor Marshal McLuhan observed : “When someone feels his self image is threatened he has a mandate for war”.  The A-pot-em-no-phil-iacs gained control of government apparatus by subterfuge.  The BC Civil Rights Code was amended by three readings in the House in one day while the public gallery was packed with supporters of Trans-gender-ism. Meanwhile ordinary British Columbians heard not a peep about it and were never consulted about reversal of the right to Freedom of Expression on this particular topic.    The self-image of those suffering ‘gender dysphoria’ aka A-pot-em-no-philia, is so fragile that, when their theology is criticized, they –   having nothing intelligent to say –  retaliate as experienced on the lawn of the Leg.    Demons moving individual meat puppets in mindless rage to a criminal extent.

04     My Grade 3 teacher taught us : ‘When people run out of intelligent things to say, they resort to profanity”.   Read through the transcript of the conference call of those who organized the riot, which I sent you in my last letter.   Writ large is tacit admission that they know they have no comeback in polite dialogue.    So they revile their political enemies as ‘bigots / fascists / haters’. This is dehumanization — stoking-up union members to go out and “overwhelm / displace by sheer numbers”  citizens assembled peacefully in the public square practising democracy.
Well, video recordings of the rallies in Victoria and Vancouver, show who the real haters are.      

05     Enclosed find a copy of a summary composed hours after the Event, by someone who was there.  Notice the slogans she reports as being chanted.  “fascist” “bigot”.  Especially ominous is  “Black Lives Matter”.  In order for your Branch to realize the potential for much worse to come, your homework is you must view video footage of mobs howling the same slogans, marauding through cities in the united States of America, not very long ago.     If you say ‘that can’t happen here’ I remind you that it already did happen here. As the mob broke down the statue of Captain Cook,  VPD officers were right there on the spot yet did nothing. Your branch then did nothing.   Studied evasion of your duty to enforce the law told the perps coddled by the NDP’s farm team at City Hall, i.e. ‘civil rights poverty pimps’ they are ‘untouchable’ in this present political climate.   The riot by Trans-idiots was an indicator how bad it is. They set out to and did impose by force,  their doctrine of sexual perversion on anyone who disagrees. Unless you get serious about the crimes they committed at the Legislature, the sickness will get  much  worse.

06     Lately we see people wringing their hands and whimpering about “law-less’ness’ on the downtown streets.  That didn’t happen overnight.  There is no other, more logical explanation for how bad things are now, but that the degradation of the physical plant of the city, and the outrageous attacks – even murders – on innocent people, is directly consequent from the communist strategy of emasculating leadership of law enforcement.  From what I’ve seen so far, those who promote SOGI123 are aiding and abetting what we used to call  “child molesters”.       The people shown on the video recording of the conference call were part of that longterm agenda; that is, engaged in a criminal conspiracy to commit indictable offences. It doesn’t get much more serious than that.   What are you going to do about it?

07   My letter of November 8th 2023  included a photograph of a man carrying the flag of the BCGEU at the riot.  It occurred to me that you may be a member of the BC Government Employees Union.  If so, that would explain why no response to my allegations.      So, “yes”  or  “no”?

Freedom fighter Gordon Watson.

Mr Juk.  Are you a member of the BC Government employees union?   Similarly :  Are members of the staff of the BC Prosecution Service members of the BC Government Employees Union?

Gordon S Watson

#4   5177 William Head Road    Metchosin  British Columbia   V9C 4H5

Anarcho-Tyranny In Canada: Lying Press, Montreal Antifa, Law Enforcement Suppress Young U.S. Female Musicians

Anarcho-Tyranny In Canada: Lying Press, Montreal Antifa, Law Enforcement Suppress Young U.S. Female Musicians’ Concert

Noah Arnold11/16/2023A+|a-

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Back in August of 2023, American female musicians Gezebelle Gaburgably [Instagram/SoundCloud], 19, and Brynn Miche [Instagram], 23, scheduled a concert in Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec, at a small bar venue called the Brasserie Beaubien. They have a small but enthusiastic fanbase in Montreal and 42 tickets were sold before the scheduled performance on November 11th, 2023. Montreal was to be Gaburgably’s first stop in a two-show tour in Canada, the second at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. In a classic case of Anarcho-Tyranny, her Montreal event was suppressed by the Lying Press and Antifa, in tacit alliance with law enforcement authorities. I was there.

Gaburgably, whose songs have been listened to millions of times online, is a self-described “e-punk” artist. Her unique library of music touches on a variety of themes, reflecting on online culture, frustration with modern dating, and the feeling of being a social outcast.

One day before the Montreal concert, Dan Collen (born Daniel Cohen-Collier) [email him], a journalist with the communist Canadian  Anti-Hate Network, published a hit piece that sought to paint the girls as right-wing extremists.

Citing a song by Gaburgably entitled “Christ Church Bible Study Club,” which is written from the perspective of New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant, Collen falsely suggested that Gaburgably celebrates the killing of innocent civilians:

Gurney’s “Christ Church Bible Study Club” portrays an upbeat, melancholic point of view of the Christchurch Mosque shootings: “I check behind the corners, Then I happily proceed. I provide all my tendencies with everything they need.”

“Incelcore” Artists Whose Music Celebrates Mass Shootings On Canadian Tour, by Dan Collen, Canadian Anti-Hate Network, November 10, 2023

Collen could not be more intellectually dishonest. The punk genre is no stranger to songs written about man-made horrors. For example, Foster The People’s very popular “Pumped Up Kicks” is written from the perspective of a disaffected teenager who enacts revenge on his classmates by committing a school shooting.

Pumped Up Kicks” is about a kid that basically is losing his mind

and is plotting revenge. He’s an outcast. I feel like the youth in our culture are becoming more and more isolated. It’s kind of an epidemic. Instead of writing about victims and some tragedy, I wanted to get into the killer’s mind, like Truman Capote did in In Cold Blood. I love to write about characters. That’s my style. I really like to get inside the heads of other people and try to walk in their shoes.

– Mark Foster, Spinner UK

Where were Collen and his “Anti-Hate Network” when Foster The People toured Canada?

The overall message of Gaburgably’s song is up to the interpretation of the listener. But of course Collen purposefully left out a key line of the song:

Here is the church, here is the steeple
Only satisfied killing innocent people [emphasis added]

Collen went on to attack Brynn Miche, whom he accused of being “connected to” White Nationalists because her boyfriend, Jimbo Zoomer, 22), is a prominent live-streamer on, a platform developed by the anathematized Nick Fuentes.

Jimbo, like many young people on the Dissident Right, has made his fair share of unwise statements in live-streams and on social media. But of course these statements were always made either ironically or purely for shock value. The vast majority of Jimbo’s live streams consist of him playing video games while making jokes about pop culture—a far cry from the White Nationalist bogeyman that Collen attempts to portray.

Regardless, Brynn Miche, like Gezebelle, is a young musician—not a political commentator. Her catalog features no political messaging. Instead it explores experiences with depression, failed relationships, and being bullied.

These are themes that are commonly explored in punk music and far more palatable than the majority of what is played on the radio nowadays.

I traveled to Montreal with Brynn Miche and her bandmates as a friend, hoping to capture and support their show. As I was packing cameras into my car, I received the news that, because of Collen’s hit-piece, the Brasserie Beaubien had cravenly cancelled the show, and that the performance would be moved to a karaoke bar, Bar Au P’tit Buck, just down the street.

We arrived for sound check at the new venue at 6pm. The musicians scrambled to set up their equipment as I began to unpack my camera gear. That’s when around 25 masked Antifa—French-speaking, apparently the virus has at least to some extent jumped the language barrier—filed into the bar and began making threats against the young performers.

The Bar Au P’tit Buck was apparently unbothered by the mob of Black Bloc communists who had come to harass their artists and paying customers. I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink as I watched the Antifa demand everyone pack their instruments and leave. Noticing the bartender was on the phone, I asked her “Are you calling the police?”

“No,” she said.

(Generally, I was struck by the anti-Americanism I encountered in Montreal.)

Eventually,  police were called—by a band member. The Antifa rushed out the back door as the police unhurriedly walked into the venue. A couple of police began to chase them but, when subsequently asked, they confirmed that no arrests were made.

With the language barrier making communication with both the venue and police frustrating and difficult, little could be done to ameliorate the situation. The owner of the bar eventually declared that the show was cancelled and everyone was ordered out of the venue.

Standing outside with their instruments, the musicians now wondered where to go.

This is where Anarcho-Tyranny became apparent. The remaining police in the area threatened that they would arrest us if we stayed to wait for paying fans—who were of course not aware that the event had been cancelled—or attempted to play in another bar.

(Police order all musicians out of the Bar Au P’tit Buck in Montreal, Quebec after Antifa disrupt sound check.)

A suggestion was made to simply take instruments to the Metro Station (Montreal’s subway, like Paris’, is called Le Métro) and let the show go on acoustically.

(Devoted fans follow band members to a nearby metro station.)

Two performances saved for posterity:

Brynn Miche sings an acoustic rendition of ”I Killed Myself In January.”

Gezebelle Gaburgably performing an acoustic rendition of ”I Can Fix Him” in the Montreal subway

But there too, a couple of Société de Transport de Montréal security officials (both apparently immigrants) rushed in and ordered everyone back out into the cold.

(Montreal STM Authorities order musicians to leave the area.)

(Oh, and Lee’s Palace in Toronto thereafter also cancelled.)

For these young American girls who simply wanted to put on a show for their fanbase in Montreal, this was an emotional night.

The goal of Anarcho-Tyranny is ultimately demoralization and capitulation. But the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (which John Derbyshire has called Canada’s SPLC knock-off), along with their masked paramilitaries and government enablers, failed in this attack.

There may never be another Gezebelle Gaburgably show at one of Montreal’s many dive bars. But as censorship and deplatforming of artists escalates, they will continue to grow their audiences online, and eventually be replatformed by venues that don’t capitulate to communist threats.

If only I knew of a place

Noah Arnold [email him] is a full-time video producer working with deplatformed personalities across the dissident right.