People’s Party Rally Cancelled After Antifa Terror Threats: Where are the Cops?

People’s Party Rally Cancelled After Antifa Terror Threats: Where are the Cops?

[The People’s Party of Canada was to hold its Ryerson Freedom Rally outside Ryerson University from 1:30 t0 3:00, Saturday. December 18. “This Saturday, December 18th I will be in Toronto with my friend Randy Hillier and former Trump advisor Dr. Paul Elias Alexander to make some important announcements about provincial politics.” — Maxime Bernier. However, organizers cancelled it Friday after terror threats fromAntifa

A memo from People’s Party of Canada National Headquarters

I regret to inform you that the Ryerson Freedom Rally has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, the organizers of the Ryerson event made the decision yesterday to cancel in light of threats from Antifa and other activist groups. 

I am disappointed in the organizers caving to the woke mob, though ultimately agree that the safety of our supporters is a top priority. The PPC does not promote nor endorse violent demonstrations at events and refuses to subject our supporters to that type of environment. 

The Ryerson Freedom Rally was intended to be a peaceful family-friendly event to speak out about vaccine mandates and unlawful lockdowns. 

I am still eager to get out and connect with my supporters and look forward to the next opportunity of having an event with everybody as we move forward in our fight for freedom against the corrupt globalist establishment.



Slovenian Prime Minister: Antifa Is ‘International Terrorist Organisation’

Slovenian Prime Minister: Antifa Is ‘International Terrorist Organisation’

Janez Janša, prime minister of former first lady Melania Trump’s home country of Slovenia, has labelled the far-left extremist group Antifa an “international terrorist organisation” following violence in France over the weekend

Prime Minister Janša made his comments on social media network Twitter, saying: “Antifa is a global terrorist organization. Supported by the capital of financial speculators forging profits at the expense of the chaos caused by the operation.”

The Slovenian leader was reacting to a post by American journalist Andy Ngo which highlighted Antifa violence over the weekend in the French city of Nantes which saw the far-left extremists attempt to disrupt a meeting of the conservative writer and French presidential hopeful Eric Zemmour.

According to a report from the newspaper Le Figaro, around 600 far-left extremists gathered in Nantes to oppose Zemmour on Saturday and some chanted for his death and clashed with police.

“We know who Joseph Stalin was, we know the hundreds of thousands of deaths he caused, these people are only his distant descendants,” Zemmour said in reaction to the far-left extremists.

Footage of the violence, as well as graffiti calling for Zemmour to be murdered, was reported by French journalist Clément Lanot.

Prime Minister Janez Janša is not the first world leader to label Antifa as a terrorist group. Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump urged former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to designate Antifa as a terrorist group earlier this year before leaving office.

The year prior, former U.S. Attorney General William Barr stated that Antifa members were involved in violence that amounted to domestic terrorism.

“The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly,” Barr said.

In 2019, when President Trump first discussed declaring Antifa a terrorist group, left-wing figures across Europe, particularly in Germany, reacted by declaring their support for the extremist group.

Shocking City of Toronto Employees Surveille & Compile a Dossier on Rebel Media for Covering Lawless Occupation of City Hall Square

Shocking City of Toronto Employees Surveille & Compile a Dossier on Rebel Media for Covering Lawless Occupation of City Hall Square

Remember that delightful encounter we had with those “peaceful” protesters that occurred back in June?

In case you don’t recall, here’s an abbreviated backstory: Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square had been taken over by a collective of ne’er-do-wells known as Afro Indigenous Rising. And I do mean taken over. Think of this group as a poor man’s version of Antifa and/or Black Lives Matter.

Par for the course, they were vulgar and violent and their makeshift tent city was filthy. Oh, and they were also breaking some 11 sections of the Trespass to Property Act. (Even though it took authorities weeks to enforce it…)

When Rebel News went to the square to report, given that it was clear the mainstream media would be sitting this one out due to political correctness, our staff were physically assaulted. But even worse, City Hall security sided with the lawbreakers, actually charging us with trespassing. Yes… trespassing on the public square… a public square that had been surrendered to thugs…

We never did bend the knee. And even though the squatters didn’t want us there, nor the security guards, nor the police, we stood our ground and reported on the chaos at City Hall nevertheless.

But get a load of this: we recently issued a Freedom of Information request regarding this shameful story, and we were shocked to find out that the city had compiled an almost 300-page long dossier — not on the thugs, but on Rebel News staff, complete with bios, spy photographs, and personal information.

The emails that city employees sent back and forth regarding our reporting were astonishing. You see, it became clear that the goal from the get-go was not to remove the violent squatters (who the bureaucrats continually refer to as “peaceful protesters”), but rather to come up with schemes that would limit freedom of the press!

But that’s how they roll in John Tory’s sanctuary city — reward the takers; penalize the makers.

In the meantime, the question arises: why was the city compiling such a database on journalists who were simply practicing journalism? Who has access to this database? And what will it be used for in the future?

Looks like we’ll have to issue yet more Freedom of Information requests to find out

Protected: Chabloz trial raises more concern over “right to offend” PLUS Alsion’s Latest Satire “Anything Goes”

Protected: Chabloz trial raises more concern over “right to offend”

December 19, 2020Alison Chabloz

We will likely never know the real reason why District Judge Snow instructed that my latest trial, originally scheduled to take place March 30 and 31 at Hendon Magistrates, has now been transferred back to Westminster Magistrates Court. 

Prior to reversing the choice of venue, the judge was clearly at pains to avoid any repetition of the “procedural nightmare” instigated by my first trial (which lasted from December 2016 to June 2018, followed by the hullabaloo with probation, including a short spell in jail, later overturned on Appeal, all for composing and performing satirical songs that were uploaded to the Internet, and that were deemed by the same court to be “grossly offensive”). In all, I was in the dock for less than an hour, then invited to sit in court whilst complex directives for what is to come next were set out.

Left: outside Wesminster Magistrates last Thursday with barrister Adrian Davies.

There were three or four journalists in court. Below are links to several reports (although the term must be applied loosely to the first two). (paywall)

“Blogger”, “music teacher”, “notorious” whatever… The inaccuracies (and indeed one particular sentence that is clearly contempt of court) are once again too numerous to mention. Likewise, my bail conditions prevent me from defending myself against the slurs and general character assassination. 

As for the po-faced band of “charitable” Inquisitors still pushing for my further persecution and prosecution, they are now demanding “a sentence with real teeth.”

Moreover, CAA appears to be fully tucked up in bed with Antifa:

Finally, two reasoned updates, December 17 and 18, along with more general news and observations, courtesy of Ian Millard.

As Mr Millard notes in his most recent blog post, of relevance to my latest case is Thursday’s announcement concerning the Court of Appeal ruling on the “right to offend”. In light of this legal precedent, if my trial does go ahead, at least we will be safe in the knowledge that rules applied to other groups do not apply to my accusers, (for whom vexatious prosecutions are apparently a lifestyle choice), and that the rest of us must be silent or else face the music – with real teeth.

Speaking of music, – far less tedious in my view than legal updates – I am proud to present my latest parody, Royal Variety style, just in time for Christmas.


 Subject: Bring it Antifa…

Bring it Antifa…

Probably a bad idea to cause trouble in this town.  They know how to deal with anarchists. 


June 1, 2020


If you ventured to downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho last night you would think you had entered a Militia family reunion. No one has an accurate count of how many heavily armed citizens came out to support peaceful protestors and protect local businesses and citizens against shipped in ANTIFA members but it was certainly HUNDREDS, perhaps over a THOUSAND.

“We just drove downtown Coeur d’Alene. It is packed with armed citizens. I’ve never seen so many AR-15s in my life. There’s at least a thousand armed citizens walking on the sidewalks and the streets are packed with cars and trucks with guys in the back with AR-15 and American flags everywhere. We saw two protesters wearing their little black clothing and black masks and sitting on a step quietly with their little poster board sign saying “our system sucks!” Guess why they’re being so polite.”~Keith Gibson, Coeur d’Alene resident.

Word got out that ANTIFA was going to ship in rioters to mingle with peaceful protestors in our quiet little town…and indeed they did as several white Mercedes vans were seen with dozens of people that didn’t belong in our community. It was also made known that they were planning to use the local WINCO store as their staging ground. After learning this, a well organized local group of concerned citizens set up a post in the parking lot to ensure that these unwelcomed invaders clearly understood that the citizens of Coeur d’Alene would have ZERO tolerance for any type of violence or destructive behavior in our town. 

Concerned Citizen removing crowbar from ANTIFA member 

Don’t tell me you’re peaceful and bring a crowbar to a protest…. not in our town… Was happy to remove it from their possession as we escorted him to his vehicle [ and just to clarify the guy in the beard handed me the crow bar when I requested it, His name is Sam and he did get that guy to leave ] Brett Surplus, Coeur d’Alene resident 

The downtown area of Coeur d’Alene, Id was wall to wall with armed citizens, who protected the city for the entire night. Many had posts directly in front of local businesses while others walked the sidewalks making their powerful presence known. Photo’s below courtesy of Mark Addy, Coeur d’Alene resident.

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy 

What was witnessed last night, 06/01/20 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, was PROOF that Good Guys with guns keep bad guys with evil intent away. There was unity in a cause to protect the community. There were young people, old people, individuals from all walks of life out patrolling the community and believe it or not, EVERYONE, except the ANTIFA creeps felt extremely safe!

We were surrounded by people so heavily armed…there was literally thousands of guns of all types…most people had several different weapons on them and I never felt more safe in such a huge crowd in my entire life! ~Grayson Cross, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho resident

People’s Party of Canada Calls for Banning of Antifa

People’s Party of Canada Calls for Banning of Antifa,

Do you remember the PPC event on free speech with Dave Rubin in Hamilton last year?

There were clashes with a group of “Antifa” demonstrators who wanted to prevent us from entering the building.

Some of them tried to stop an 81-year-old lady who was crossing the street with a walker.

They were yelling “Nazi scum” at her.

It was absolutely disgusting.

These people are violent and uncivilized.

They throw bricks at windows. They set cars and buildings on fire. They loot stores. They physically attack peaceful citizens.

They are terrorists. Their goal is to destabilize society in order to impose a communist regime.

For many years, they’ve been hijacking legitimate protests.

They did it again this past week in the US and in Montreal.

The American government has announced that it will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization and treat them accordingly.

It’s time we do the same in Canada.

Frederick, please sign our petition if you agree that the violent Antifa movement must be banned.

And help the People’s Party spread that message with a $2 donation or any amount you can afford.

Many thanks,

PS: I thank you if you recently donated. You can still help us by following the PPC on social media (see links below) and by sharing our content with your friends. Or by inviting them to subscribe to our free newsletter.

Antifa informant exposed: Schoolteacher Kurt Phillips of Drumheller

Antifa informant exposed: Schoolteacher Kurt Phillips of Drumheller

  Posted by Keean Bexte on January 11, 2020

In a show of incompetence, the CBC’s 5th Estate has accidentally released the identity of a longtime Antifa informant. This is someone who works with, employs, and shares information with the members and supporters of the violent Antifa movement: Schoolteacher Kurt Phillips.

The CBC was intending to cooperate with Phillips to conceal his identity, however when facial images were matched up, none other than Kurt Phillips, a Catholic School teacher in Drumheller Alberta was exposed as the mastermind behind ARC Collective.

ARC is a blog that was curated by Phillips until he recently resigned after his mask was removed. Phillips’ blog has shared the personal information, addresses, photos of homes, names, and faces of people who Phillips unilaterally determines are “fascists”.

Rebel News sent Phillips a list of questions with hopes to get his side of the story, however they were ignored. The school was quick to stand by Phillips – Principal JoAnne Akerboom insists Phillips is politically neutral and doesn’t bring his personal activism to the classroom. Tweets posted by an account bearing his name and photo appear to contradict the assertion he is neutral.

As for personal activism in to the classroom, that also seems to be untrue, as Phillips’ blog routinely posts defamatory content, during hours he is supposed to be teaching students. One might wonder how much taxpayer funded time Phillips is using to research, write, edit, and publish information that is fed to Antifa, an organization the President has considered labeling a terrorist group.