More Support For Free Speech & Common Sense in Hamilton

More Support For Free Speech & Common Sense in Hamilton
To Chad Collins [councillor]
Hi. I read about this today and am very disappointed by council. Paul Fromm is an advocate for freedom of expression and such freedom is ours granted by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and as such is the supreme law of the land. Further spelling out what this means is the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which Canada is a signatory. Especially pertinent is article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Also relevant is article 2: Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. 

The city and council have acted appallingly of late. The considerable outlay of time and effort to craft by-laws that are clearly designed to block individuals from exercising their Charter rights is inexcusable. The dismissal of a city employee who performed his duties faithfully at the behest of demands for his removal by Marxist hatemongers is no less objectionable. Because of activities the employee may have engaged in on his own time, although entirely within the law, may indicate that he holds or held political views that are not currently fashionable merits his dismissal or coerced resignation makes the city of Hamilton look like a grim Marxist satrapy in the old Soviet Union – only missing a show trial with pro forma confessions of the purged apparatchik.
From these two episodes I was interested in asking just who is driving this Marxist anti-constitutional agenda the city has chosen to pursue and just what is it about these hate-driven steerers of city governance that makes council feel compelled to follow their dictates but today I read of the motion you and councillor Merulla put forward that was unanimously backed by council. I am unimpressed by your virtue signalling although it was predictably favourably painted in the Spec. That is because it is merely doubling down on the same pattern of dismissing the Charter rights of some citizens simply because they hold differing political opinions. In other coverage, the Marxist saturated Spectator lies outright or is deliberately deceptive in their reporting and it seems like many on Council take the narrative as presented by Spec writers as accurate. It is not. Just as an example, the often mentioned clash that happened in Gage Park between Christians and masked Antifa terrorists only descended into violence after the LGBT militant side assaulted the Christians. The Spec first reported the opposite and I wrote to them to correct them referring to the best video recording of the event. I don’t believe my words alone were persuasive to them but in the mentions since then, the Spec doesn’t claim that the Christians started the violence but their phrasing is slick and gives this impression to a reader who does not know better, and so is still deliberately deceptive. You should go and speak to people in the city to get a better idea of the prevailing street level opinions people have towards masked Antifa criminals as well as the rapid influx of 3rd world populations into our communities for which we have not been asked for our consent. If you and council see fit to turn away a citizen who advocates for the founding stock of white Europeans who created a nation, Canada out of the wilderness that was here before them, then in fairness you should also turn away all special interest groups including black lives matter movements, LGBTQ+ groups, and every ethnic group present here. To reserve this shabby treatment for only a backer of rights for whites and no one else is evidence of the racism prevalent in the current Marxist orientation. In fact, Marxism is inherently racist – against whites. Quit it immediately and move to push overt Marxists out of city governance for the reason that their calls to violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of this country are incongruous to any role serving city residents. 


Rob Janosevic

Jenn Smith debriefing after Abbotsford Antifa Attack

Jenn Smith debriefing after Abbotsford Antifa Attack
At 27 minutes in to the video de-briefing by Jenn R Smith after his Abbotsford presentation,   Smith says that he has hints from friends that Oger is a plant from some intelligence agency

Smith talks about “the Glo Mar response” loop = say anything … look like they’re answering when they are not


Whatcott hate crimes and prayer needs update

Postby Bill Whatcott » Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:25 pm

Dear Friends,

My next court date is Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at the Ontario Superior Court, 361 University St, Toronto. My lawyer requested I be at the Superior Court for 9:30 am.

Please continue to pray for my case. For those who don’t know, I have been charged with a hate crime for infiltrating the Toronto Homosexual Shame parade with the Gospel and accurate information on the negative health and spiritual implications of homosexuality while disguised as a “gay” zombie. You can read about our charitable, clever, and Gospel oriented stunt here:


My counsel has informed me the Crown Prosecutor is seeking 18 months in prison.

Anyways, the oppression against those Christians who dare to speak out against Sodom is getting worse in Canada and it is not only me who is facing criminal charges now.

A Christian Street Preacher by the name of David Lynn is facing criminal charges for politely preaching the Gospel in Toronto’s homosexual district. His charge is a fairly minor summary offense (Causing a Disturbance) and he won’t be going to jail, but still the fact he is facing criminal charges at all for the polite preaching that you can see in the video below is a testament to the erosion of freedom of speech in Canada as the LGBT agenda advances in all aspects of our society.

When you remember to pray for me, also please remember to pray for justice for David Lynn.

Please also pray for my friend Brother Phil, and the other Christian brothers involved in this confrontation. … lebration/

To put it bluntly the Hamilton Spectator and the NDP politician quoted in this story are speading fake news AKA lying. I know Brother Phil and have preached with him and his friends before. They did not come to the parade to start a fight. Though you wouldn’t know it from this fake news story, actually Antifa came to the Hamilton parade prepared for a fight and indeed they started it. Brother Phil was punched several times in the face and was swarmed by multiple Antifa members. To what I could gather Phil was hurt but never hit back and because it was at least 3 on one, might not even have been able to hit back if he wanted. Some of the other Christian brothers did fight back to defend themselves after extreme provocations.

Sadly, I doubt the police or the courts will be interested in the truth. It seems the media and political establishment are trying to use this disturbing incident as a pretext to shut down legitimate dissent on issues such as homosexual activism and uncontrolled immigration. In the news article the left is calling for right wing and socially conservative protests to be banned in front of city hall.

In my past experience dealing with Antifa (once they attacked my preaching venue in Calgary in 2017 and more than 100 of them attacked a pro-life rally I helped organize at Queen’s Park in 1999) is even though they injured people on my side, used weapons on both occassions, and at my Toronto demonstation even attacked the police and injured one of their horses; the Antifa thugs never went to trial and were never convicted of any crimes. Christians who speak out against abortion and homosexuality on the other hand do go to jail in this country, even when they are completely non violent. I fear charges will be laid against the Christian brothers who defended themselves, but we will not see a single homosexual activist or Antifa member get charged with anything even though the far left thugs punched the preachers repeatedly and destroyed their property. Please pray for these brothers and for our country.

After I left the law office today, I bicycled down Queen Street West and I noted how prolific and open the homosexual propaganda was on the private businesses in Toronto’s west side.

Urban Barn home furniture store has queered their window

Toronto’s pizza stores have jumped on the queer bandwagon too

Even Soufi’s Syrian Arab restaurant wants to appear pro-LGBT. Note the women in conservative Muslim attire chatting in the window while the business has a sign above the door advertising its self as “676 Queer St. West”

These businesses are a small sampling of the numerous business seeking to identify themselves with LGBT activism in Toronto’s west end. Perhaps as many as a 1/3 of the businesses are openly promoting homosexuality on Queen Street between Bay and Bathurst Streets.

Many Torontotonions claim either there is no God or if they believe in the existance of a god, their god has no relevance to their lives. However, the reality is if someone gets rid of the real God it seems they will replace the real God with something else. The new religion in Toronto as far as I can tell is LGBT. This new god will not satisfy Toronto’s spiritual needs, but in their mad rush to worship at the false god’s altar many lives will be ruined and in the process many fundamental freedoms will be lost.

“Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods.”
Psalm 40:4

​ Transgendered Threaten Protest & Jordan Peterson Cancelled Out of Ryerson

Transgendered Threaten Protest & Jordan Peterson Cancelled Out of Ryerson
Hi Students in Studies in Propaganda, 
I hope you are having a good summer.  Just to touch base, I will be doing “CENSORSHIP” in the Fall.
UNITE THE RIGHT was backed by the ACLU, the speakers were booked and approved months before.  Given permission by the Federal courts.
Soros money paid for the riot with “ANTIFA” so the Republican speakers would not be heard.  One of my students phoned me from Charlottesville and told me it was all actors in “ANTIFA”.  
Here in Toronto, Professor Jordan Peterson was booked to talk at Ryerson last Thursday (August 17).  There was violence threatened by the trans-gender group so that it was shut down.
It was so Orwellian now that anyone who desires a debate is called a NAZI.  So I will be talking most of the Fall on Censorship where it comes from and who is making the money on it and what is the real goal of the perpetrators.
I think lectures will start around the middle of October.
Sydney White
Investigative Journalist
Studies in Propaganda
Professor Peterson is a fierce critic of cultural Marxism and transgendered delusions insisting people call them by weird pronouns, depending on the state of their hormones on any given day.He produces a stream of fascinating and spirited You Tube videos.

Expert Witness Gilad Atzmon Physically Attacked by Antifa Thugs in Britain

Gilad Atzmon, a gifted musician and anti-Zionist, was a key expert witness at Arthur Topham’s “hate law” trial in Quesnel British Columbia in the Autumn of 2015.

Gilad writes: “On May 30th I was attacked from behind by 3 Antifa activists on my way to a literature event in Edinburgh with political commentator David Scott. Police was informed and as you can see we posses photos of two of the overwhelmingly enthusiastic ‘anarchists.'”




Report to THE EVENING STANDARD of Antifa Efforts to Shut Down London Forum, Feb. 4

Report  to THE EVENING STANDARD of Antifa  Efforts to Shut Down London Forum, Feb. 4
Dear  Sir,
 Whilst in Central London on Saturday anti-Trump protesters were making full use of their liberty of expression by demonstrating  against President Trump, another set of demonstrators dressed in black and wearing balaclavas have received much less attention; they were trying to deny the liberty of expression to those they didn’t agree with, by trying to close down a legal, peaceful, orderly  meeting of British and European nationalists, identitarians and independent thinkers – often bracketed as ‘alt-right’, which was being held at The Holiday Inn.   Speakers  came to ‘The London Forum’ meeting   from across Europe and as far afield as Canada and Iran.   
 Unbeknownst to most of those at the meeting the antitfa movement, with the usual  sprinkling of ‘Hope Not Hate’ supporters,  were putting intense pressure  on the Hotel management  to close the meeting down; the pressure was applied by blockading the hotel entrance, harassing hotel staff and  prospective patrons of the hotel, letting off smoke bombs, chanting and generally disrupting  and terrorizing anyone who wasn’t wearing a balaclava.  (See Ruptly TV news clip on youtube below)  It was made clear to management that if it wanted the disruption to stop it had better break up the meeting.  
Around 2pm  the hotel manager, police and the meeting chairman met to discuss the situation and to raise concerns regarding the safety of hotel patrons and other members of the public.  After some discussion, and to the credit of the Hotel Management an agreement was reached to allow the meeting to continue and for it to finish at its scheduled time.  The police eventually issued a Dispersal Order to the demonstrators and once the meeting had finished were again on hand to provide security as the meeting attendees left.  I have nothing but the highest praise for the actions and conduct of the police and hotel staff, for without ‘safe spaces’ to hold political meetings of all persuasions of what use is democracy?
As for the masked demonstrators it will be recalled that in  early January the Home Secretary banned ‘National Action’ labelling them a terrorist group for doing nothing more than wearing balaclavas whilst carrying out public protests.  The law should be applied justly, evenly and fairly, is it therefore not time that the Government also banned the masked thugs of  ‘antifa’?
Yours truly,

Adrian   Romilly  

Anti-Racist Terrorists Repelled in Attack on South Western Forum in Bristol, UK

Nationalists’ meeting raided by balaclava gang ‘dressed like special forces’ with guns


A meeting of 'far right nationalists' at Almondsbury Sports and Social Centre was raided by a suspected anti-fascist group

A meeting of ‘far right nationalists’ at Almondsbury Sports and Social Centre was raided by a suspected anti-fascist group

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A gathering of ‘far right nationalists’ in a village social centre was raided by suspected anti-fascists who allegedly fired air guns, threw chairs and swung fire extinguishers.

Terrified onlookers were forced to barricade themselves inside as the balaclava-clad gang, dressed like a ‘special forces unit’, smashed the windows of Almondsbury Sports and Social Centre and attacked members of the meeting.

Three people were left injured after the raid against the group, said to be called the ‘Bristol Forum’, which one person said was formed of nationalists.

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Attendee Adrian Romilly said it is suspected the raiders were an anti-fascist group and likened the scenes to a ‘special forces’-style attack.

He described the event as a meeting of ‘far right nationalists’.


Photos of the raid show balaclava-clad attackers in a confrontations with members of the meeting

“By the way [the attackers] acted they gave the impression they’d done this sort of thing before and their silence, dress and general ‘professionalism’ added to the sense of menace’,” said Mr Romilly, who lives in Plymouth but attended the meeting with a friend.

He said the meeting was made up of people who ‘discriminate in favour of [their] own people’.

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Mr Romilly described how the chaos unfolded at about 3pm on Saturday, January 7, one hour after the meeting started.

“I was asking one of the speakers a question, then there was a sound like a rifle shot and the first window glass splintered, shards of glass scattering over the place where the speaker had been sitting moments before,” he said.

“This was followed by a series of sharp cracks as a succession of windows were broken by a fire extinguisher and by chairs brought up from a lower floor.


Three people were injured in the fracas, before police were called and the attackers fled

“While the windows were being broken several of the attackers were trying to force the entrance doors to the room in which the meeting was taking place.

“The doors were bulging and appeared to be about to give way but, fortunately, some of the audience counter-pushed and kept them out.”

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Detectives investigating the raid said CCTV is now being reviewed in a bid to identify the raiders.

Mr Romilly said a ‘scuffle’ broke out in the landing area of the meeting room as police were called, before the attackers fled.

He urged anybody with information about the raid to give details to police.

The attackers ‘left no visiting card and carried out their work in silence’, he said.


The drama unfolded at Almondsbury Sports and Social Club, off the A38 Gloucester Road

A police spokesman said: “We’re investigating linked offences of criminal damage and assault following an incident at Almondsbury Sports and Social Club on Saturday 7 January.

“Several people tried to disrupt a private meeting being held at the venue and caused damage to windows.

“Three people suffered minor injuries after being assaulted after the damage was caused.

“Our investigation into these offences continues and we’re reviewing CCTV footage and carrying out forensic enquiries.

“If anyone has information on who was responsible, we’d encourage them to call 101 and give the call handler the reference number 5217004475.”

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