I Voted “Max” & the People’s Party of Canada

I Voted “Max” & the People’s Party of Canada

On this beautiful Thanksgiving afternoon, I voted “Max” — People’s Party of Canada. It’s the only party that promises real immigration reduction and reform; protection of our much eroded freedom of speech, and a challenge to the “diversity” delusion.

Salim Mansur Answers CAHN Free Speech Hater Evan Balgord

Salim Mansur Answers CAHN Free Speech Hater Evan Balgord http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=3395


Opinion: I am a PPC candidate and I am not a racist
I am a member of the People’s Party. In fact, I am likely more “evil” than most. You see, I worked on the PPC immigration policy and I am a PPC candidate in London, Ont.
OPINION Sep 27, 2019 by Salim Mansur Hamilton Spectator

On Wednesday an op-ed appeared in the Spectator’s opinion section. Written by Evan Balgord, Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, it called for Mohawk College to cancel an event at which Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, and YouTube talk-show host, David Rubin, were to discuss the erosion of freedom of expression in Canada.


Reacting to Balgord’s call to arms, a local group of Antifa activists has vowed to cause mayhem should the event at Mohawk College go ahead as planned. Their name, incidentally, is short for anti-fascist; a paradox given their totalitarian behaviour.

Of course, Balgord’s insistence that the free expression rights of a federal party leader be quashed underscores the importance of this topic and the scheduled talk. I’ll return to that in a moment.

But first I want to examine the justification Balgord gives for employing the methods of totalitarian regimes.

He makes the claim that freedom of speech and freedom of assembly must be quashed because Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party promotes racism.

By that kind of fractured logic, I must be a racist too.

I am a member of the People’s Party. In fact, I am likely more “evil” than most. You see, I worked on the PPC immigration policy and I am a PPC candidate in London, Ont.

Does this make me a racist? In Balgord’s logic it does.

But the Senate of Canada considered my years of effort in reconciling people of different faiths, especially Jews, Christians and Muslims, and together promote peace, as worthy to award me in 2017 with the Senate Sesquicentennial Medal celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of our Dominion.

I am professor emeritus, political science, at Western University where some of my work was dedicated to defending Canada’s liberal democratic values of rights and freedoms against those seeking to erode them.


Editorial Cartoon for Sept. 28.

Editorial: Climate change deserves an election…

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I am a survivor of genocidal war in Bangladesh, former East Pakistan, waged by the Pakistani army and Islamist collaborators, who have weaponized my faith-tradition for political purpose, causing havoc across the world.

I came to Canada as refugee. I am Muslim. And now I see the ideology and people that wrecked my homeland ensconced in my adopted country. They have become embedded in our mainstream political parties, pushing their anti-modern values into the bloodstream of Canadian culture and politics.

Yet, Balgord insinuates members and supporters of PPC, including me, are racists.

It is far-left ideology that motivates Balgord’s totalitarian behaviour and it’s now promoted in our universities and condoned by many in the media. Under this worldview, one must worship at the altar of identity politics. Heretics will be “burned at the stake” (increasingly, the threats and violence are becoming more than just figurative).

They want to stifle free speech in the name of fighting racism.

The irony is the activity of Balgord and his Antifa supporters are vulgar, un-Canadian and, plainly stated, racist.

It was the Chinese dissident and prisoner of conscience, Liu Xiaobo, who stated in his 2010 Nobel Peace Prize address that he could not deliver in person: “Freedom of expression is the foundation of human rights, the source of humanity, and the mother of truth. To strangle freedom of speech is to trample on human rights, stifle humanity, and suppress truth.”

Liu Xiaobo died in hospital in 2017 after spending years in Chinese Communist prisons and just being released from his latest sentence.

If we allow Balgord and his people to stifle our free speech, we are then heading down fast on a slippery slope toward a state of affairs against which individuals like Liu Xiaobo, Vaclav Havel, Solzhenitsyn and others struggled at the risk of their lives.

I found freedom in Canada. Balgord wants to take away that freedom from me on the false argument that allowing PPC to hold a free speech gathering in Hamilton will stoke racism.

I will speak on Sunday night at the event in Hamilton. I will talk about freedom and that without free speech there is no freedom.

Canadians fought and sacrificed twice in the last century defending freedom and saving Europe from totalitarian serfdom. Children of those Canadians who died in Dieppe and Normandy will not be bulldozed into silence by Balgord and his Antifa thugs.

Salim Mansur is the PPC Candidate for London North Centre


Antifa Terrorists threaten to shut down Dave Rubin and Maxime Bernier event at Canadian college 

Antifa Terrorists threaten to shut down Dave Rubin and Maxime Bernier event at Canadian college  


Cowardly administrations & and the anti-free speech terrorists. Antifa Terrorists threaten to shut down Dave Rubin and Maxime Bernier event at Canadian college .

As a publicly funded institution, Mohawk should provide space and security for such an event. If the threat is beyond them, call the police. Let the cops get out from behind their revenuing photo raadar and do their real job of ensuring law and order!


Evan Balgord of the wildly anti-free speech Canadian Anti-Hate (anti-free speech) Network says Mohawk College shouldn’t have rented space for the event. Au contraire, as a publicly funded institution if must not and should not discriminate. We are all taxpayers.



BREAKING: Activists threaten to shut down Dave Rubin and Maxime Bernier event at Canadian college

BREAKING: Activists threaten to shut down Dave Rubin and Maxime Bernier event at Canadian college

It appears that Dave Rubin’s event with Canadian candidate for Prime Minister Maxime Bernier may have its venue cancelled. This development occurred after local threats against the venue by Antifa, as well as the publication of a bizarre and defamatory op-ed in The Hamilton Spectator.

“It appears that my event with [Maxime Bernier] on September 29th has been cancelled due to threats from Antifa and this insane piece in the local paper. The school is now demanding 10 times the original security costs and could demand more before showtime,” Rubin tweeted this evening.

Dave Rubin


It appears that my event with @MaximeBernier on September 29th has been cancelled due to threats from Antifa and this insane piece in the local paper. The school is now demanding 10 times the original security costs and could demand more before showtime: https://www.thespec.com/opinion-story/9614811-mohawk-college-should-have-declined-to-rent-space-to-maxime-bernier/ 

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The op-ed, written by Evan Balgord, states that Rubin is a “far-right YouTube personality and a significant part of a radicalization process ushering people into the neo-Nazi movement.”

Rubin has recently interviewed three Democratic presidential candidates on his popular YouTube show, The Rubin Report. The notion that a moderate, classical liberal talk show host who advocates for ideological diversity and free speech is “ushering people into the neo-Nazi movement” is beyond insane. One has to wonder how this opinion piece got past the editors at The Spec.

The Post Millennial reached out to Rubin who said, “I don’t know where these threats came from, nor who the ‘journalist’ who wrote this ridiculous piece of fiction is. I was looking forward to talking to Maxime about freedom and liberty in front of hundreds of good people. I intend to be at the event as expected.”

That journalist’s bio lists him as the Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. This is a group that also convinced a Winnipeg gallery to cancel a People’s Party of Canada event, in coordination with Winnipeg anti-fascist groups and the arts community.

Rubin says that at this point they are unsure if they will need to seek out a new venue or if the matter can be settled, but he has already committed to waiving his speaking fee to put toward the security costs that the venue is now attempting to enforce. Rubin has made a career of open dialogue and debate.

Dave Rubin


Hi @ebalgord, can you point out my far right cred? Or how I’ve led anyone to the neo-Nazi movement? I lost family in the Holocaust and grew up around survivors you sniveling, pathetic, weasel of a human…

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Dave Rubin


I have just offered to cover the 10x security fee myself. cc: @BarrettWilson6 @GadSaad @MaximeBernier

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The fact that a popular talk show host and a legitimate candidate for Canadian Prime Minister could be labelled as hateful figures is preposterous enough. But now they have now been targeted by far-left ideologues to the point where their speech is in danger of being silenced. This is unacceptable and Canadians must not stand by and let it happen.

Vancouver Communists Threaten Protests Against Maxime Bernier’s Rally, September 25, 2019

Revolutionary Communist Party - Vancouver's photo.

Demonstration against Maxime Bernier and the Far-Right

Join the Revolutionary Communist Party – Vancouver, the Revolutionary Student Movement – Vancouver, and other anti-fascists in a demonstration against Maxime Bernier, the People’s Party of Canada, and their fascist goons.

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the far-right People’s Party of Canada, will be hosting a rally to gain support for his election. Bernier’s colonial, transphobic, nationalist, and anti-environmentalist rhetoric has called fascists from across Canada toward his party. Members of the Proud Boys, the Soldiers of Odin, and even Vancouver’s local neo-Nazi, Brian Ruhe, have all pledged their support to the PPC and are attempting to use the party as a Trojan horse for their own fascistic agendas.

The Hellenic Community of Vancouver will be hosting this event at their location. Back in March they were planning on hosting two white supremacists, Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern until the backlash they faced from the community forced them to cancel. They clearly did not learn anything from the last time because now they are back at it again. If it makes you mad that the Hellenic Community of Vancouver is hosting another far-right event on their property we encourage you to get in contact with them directly and voice your anger.

Phone: 604-266-7148
Email: contact@helleniccommunity.org, outreach@helleniccommunity.org, alexandra@helleniccommunity.org
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/HellenicVancity/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HellenicVanCity

Let the Hellenic Community of Vancouver know we will not allow them to bring the far-right into our communities!

This is Canada Not Cuba

This is Canada Not Cuba
Here ,unfortunately, cowardly corporate interests collaborate with the immigration lobby to limit Canadians’ right to learn where the People’s Party of Canada stands on a key issue.
Pattison Outdoor Advertising, which controls 55% of the billboard market in Canada has lined up squarely with censorship.
We shall remember. A Canada First government should prosecute them with interfering in an election, just as Bell Media did in refusing to sell advertising to populist candidate Faith Goldy in last year’s Toronto Mayoralty race.
ts a sad day in Canada when a small group can censor a candidate for PM and completely trash the charter. So much for freedom of expression Regardless of who you support, censorship of this kind should be denounced #cdnpoli

Corporate Cowards at Pattison Signs Interfere With Election Advertising — Pull Immigration Reform Billboards

Corporate Cowards at Pattison Signs Interfere With Election Advertising — Pull Immigration Reform Billboards

Anti-immigration billboards promoting Bernier’s party will be taken down, advertising company says

[What snivelling corporate cowards! Pattison did the same to me when I ran in Calgary Southeast in 2011. We must keep a careful record and, when times change, the corporate collaborators and enemies of free speech, including the Silicon Valley censors, will be made to pay.


Toronto Star’s report suppresses the rather salient fact that Paula Fletcher, the one tossing around smears like “racist” and “hate” is a longtime member of the Communist Party of Canada!

Wikipedia reports: “In Winnipeg, Fletcher worked as an educator in third world development, and became a community activist. In 1980, she ran for the Winnipeg School Board for Ward 2, in the city’s north end. In 1981, she was elected leader of the Communist Party of Canada (Manitoba) and served as leader for five years.[4] She ran in the 1981 and 1986 provincial elections in the Winnipeg riding of Burrows. She garnered 144 and 131 votes respectively, less than 2% of the popular vote. In the early 1980s, she sang with a group called Rank and File.

In 1986, Fletcher left the Communist Party and moved back to Toronto. In the 1990s, Fletcher worked at Toronto City Hall as executive assistant to [far leftist] city councillor Dan Leckie.”

Leckie’s smear, using the weaponized words “hate” and “racism” are the desperate flailings of a lying and discredited order. Nowhere does the poster even mention race — Paul Fromm, Director, CANADA FIRST IMMIGRATION REFORM COMMITTEE]


Controversial billboard advertisements promoting the People’s Party of Canada and its anti-immigration policies will be removed following “overwhelming” criticism, says the ad company that owns the billboards.

“I regret that the decision we made to allow the ad has been construed to suggest that I or anyone at Pattison Outdoor endorses the message of the advertiser,” reads a statement attributed to Randy Otto, president of Pattison Outdoor Advertising, that was posted to the company’s social media accounts Sunday afternoon.

The ads, which started popping up on billboards in cities across Canada late last week, feature a photo of party Leader Maxime Bernier, the slogan “Say NO to mass immigration” and a call to vote for Bernier’s party. They were immediately criticized as promoting anti-immigrant rhetoric. At least one of the billboards is in Toronto, at Lake Shore Blvd. E and Carlaw Ave.

An online petition calling on Pattison to take down the “racist” ads had garnered more than 11,000 signatures as of Sunday afternoon.

The billboards were paid for by a third-party advertiser called True North Strong & Free Advertising Corp., which is run by Toronto mining executive Frank Smeenk, according to Elections Canada filings. Smeenk is the president and CEO of KWG Resources Inc.

Calls to Smeenk’s office on Sunday afternoon were not returned. Neither were emailed interview requests sent to KWG Resources.

The phone number and business address associated with True North Strong & Free Advertising are the same as those of KWG Resources. The address and phone number are included in small print at the bottom of the billboards, as required by Pattison’s policy on “advocacy” ads.

True North Strong & Free Advertising Inc. filed interim financial returns with Elections Canada that show it spent $59,890 on billboards in “select cities in Canada” and received $60,000 from Bassett & Walker International Inc., a company that specializes in the international trade of protein products.

Last week, Smeenk declined to comment to The Canadian Press on the billboard beyond what appeared in the Elections Canada filing. Messages left at Bassett & Walker by The Canadian Press were not returned.

KWG Resources hosted a fundraiser for Bernier’s Conservative party leadership campaign at its Toronto offices in June 2018, before Bernier launched his new party. In a press release announcing the event, Smeenk is quoted as saying: “Maxime Bernier supports our vision that the development of the Ring of Fire (in northern Ontario) can be expedited by the needed transportation infrastructure being built and owned by a transportation authority.”

Toronto city Councillor Paula Fletcher, who represents the Toronto-Danforth ward where the billboard was recently erected, called the ad an example of “dog-whistle politics” and said Pattison should not have allowed it to go up in the first place.

“These are really bordering on hate and racism and I don’t think there’s a place for that in outdoor advertising,” she said in a phone interview.

Terrible Decision By Conservatives To Remove Salim Mansur Creates New Opening For Bernier

Terrible Decision By Conservatives To Remove Salim Mansur Creates New Opening For Bernier

Surrendering to pressure from the Liberal elites will only encourage more pressure. They can never be appeased.

Salim Mansur is a devout Canadian Muslim who has courageously spoke out against radical Islamism.

Mansur is a highly-respected professor, and has even been invited by Conservatives to testify on Parliament Hill about the threat of radical Islamism.

Mansur won the nomination to be the Conservative candidate in the riding of London North-Centre.

However, the Conservative Party has since disqualified him from running – without even letting party members in the area decide.

“I’m disappointed with CPC disallowing my candidacy, yet hopeful conservatives will persevere. I’ll have more to say about this & my role in 2019 election. Thanks to all for love & support. This setback won’t derail me to help rescue our Canada from Islamism & Globalism.”

He was told in an email that his candidacy was ‘disallowed.’

According to a report by Andrew Lawton for the True North Centre, “No reason was provided in the email, but Mansur told me in a brief interview that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s campaign manager, Hamish Marshall, advised him last week of the party’s concerns with Mansur’s past writing and public speaking on Islamism and the politics of radical Muslims, which Marshall said will likely be portrayed by Liberals and others as Islamophobic, and become disruptive to the party’s national campaign.”

If that is the reason, it’s a disgrace.

The whole point of being a leader is having the ability to persuade people and push back against falsehoods. So, if the Liberals call Mansur ‘Islamophobic’ (which is obviously absurd considering that Mansur is himself Muslim), then Scheer should simply push back and say “Mansur is a proud Canadian-Muslim who is fighting against extremism and terrorism.”

Then, Scheer should put Trudeau on the defensive by saying “Justin Trudeau must answer for his association with people like Joshua Boyle, Trudeau must answer for his plan to let ISIS terrorists back into our country, and Trudeau must explain why the Liberals are attacking a courageous Canadian Muslim instead of fighting against the anti-LGBT, anti-women agenda of radical Islamists.”

It would be so easy to put the Liberals on the defensive and stand up for Mansur.

But instead, the Conservatives simply booted him.

It’s weakness, and that weakness will only encourage more attacks from the Liberals.

As Cosmin Dzsurdzsa wrote in the Post Millennial, “The Conservatives will be accused of Islamophobia either way. There really is no way around it. In fact, the Liberals will likely pull out their full arsenal of phobias to fling at Conservatives. This decision won’t mitigate the persistence or the frequency of such smears. It should be clear from the recent elections in Alberta and before that in Ontario, that the left will invent reasons to accuse their opponents of all sorts of vile things if they can’t find any readily available. For the CPC to think that this might save them a headache is just naivete or self-delusion.”

This move sends a dangerous message to brave Canadian Muslims who are speaking out against extremism. If even Canada’s top Conservative party won’t stand up for them, then who will?

It’s demoralizing for the Conservative Base, and it’s a massive mistake.

It also creates an opening for People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier.

While Bernier has been struggling in the polls as his party gets off the ground, the Conservatives’ rejection of Mansur plays exactly into what he’s been saying about some Conservatives being far too willing to bow down to Liberal-style political correctness.

Here’s what Bernier said on Twitter:

“The Tories have rejected the candidacy of highly respected Prof. @SalimMansurLNC, a critic of islamism, for fear of being called islamophobic by Liberals. Can you trust Andrew Scheer to defend Canadian values? Is he willing to do *anything* to gain power?”

There will certainly be some justifiably-angry Conservatives who will consider the People’s Party more now because of the brutal error of getting rid of Mansur.

The Conservatives under Scheer have gotten many things right, particularly their willingness to confront Communist China, build up our military, and reverse Trudeau’s destructive and unity-destroying economic policies.

That said, their lack of toughness and fear of attacks led them to meekly surrender to the Liberals and remove Mansur and that mistake could cost them votes at Election time.

Canada needs people like Salim Mansur in our political leadership.

As a result, the decision must be reversed, and the Conservatives need to adopt the attitude of simply focusing all their attacks and attention on Trudeau’s pathetic and dangerous failures, rather than surrendering to the sickness of political correctness.

Spencer Fernando

Salim Mansur Introduces Maxime Bernier & Thunders “Free Speech is the Mother of Our Freedoms”

Salim Mansur Introduces Maxime Bernier & Thunders “Free Speech is the Mother of Our Freedoms”


MISSISSAUGA, July 24, 2019. Before an enthusiastic crowd that frequently leapt to its feet applauding, Salim Mansur delivered a ringing defence of free speech as he introduced People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier who unveiled his party’s immigration programme.

“Free speech in the mother of all freedoms,” the retired associate professor of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario thundered. “There is a crisis of courage in Ottawa,” the author of several books critical of radical Islam argued.


“Until a few weeks ago, I was the Conservative candidate for London North Centre. On June 10, I was informed that the party leadership had disallowed my candidacy. There were no reasons given. There was no hearing. Apparently, the party leadership viewed me as a liability because of my criticism if Islamism. My candidacy was disallowed due to political correctness.” The first person to call offering his support was Maxime Bernier, an old friend, who promptly asked him to be the People’s Party of Canada candidate in London North Centre.


“Our political system has turned into an  empty shell full of politically correct slogans,” he said. Today, the views of Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Louis St. Laurent and John Diefenbaker are disallowed  as politically incorrect by our leaders. “We will not accept these measures by those who would censor us, Freedom of speech is the foundation of our liberal democratic society. Under Maxime Bernier’s leadership, freedom of speech will be the first order of business.”


A practising Moslem himself, Professor Mansur warned that, in efforts to appease the Muslim Brotherhood, Justin Trudeau seeks to censor any criticism of Islamism. Globalism and Islamism are like Siamese twins. Islamism is dedicated to imposing sharia law. Globalism is the ideology emanating from the UN and the European Union.” If globalism and Islamism prevail over our Canadian national identity, “we will be ruled by shadowy unelected ideologues in New York, Brussels and Geneva.”

Furthermore, he warned: “We cannot discuss immigration or national security, if we cannot discuss Islamism.” Concluding to wild applause, Professor Mansur said: “The People’s Party of Canada is the only party to resolutely oppose globalism and Islamism and the UN-driven globalist agenda.”