Professor Rick Mehta Faces Investigation for His Political Views — Update

Professor Rick Mehta Faces Investigation for His Political Views — Update

I won’t be spending much time on social media today because I’ll be preparing for my long meeting (9:30 am to 4 pm) with the university’s lawyer tomorrow. As I reflect on the events that led to this investigation and tomorrow’s meeting, I’ve noted that a tweet I sent to Andrew Scheer (federal opposition leader in Canadian politics) in January is what led to me being in the public spotlight due to the media coverage that my tweet received.

But I first became outspoken on July 25, 2017, when I spoke out against my union – in part because I was opposed to getting a raise on the back of the support staff. At around November, I then started to use public postings on FB to continue speak out against my union as an impending strike seemed to be looming.

In December, I sent a campus-wide email message to counter the claims made in an article in the student newspaper about women’s participation in academia that were based almost exclusively on a perspective that seemed to be provided by WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Acadia.

In early January, I sent a campus-wide email to express my concerns about the university’s decolonization initiatives, with one of my key concerns being that they would worsen race relations. The responses I got (both public and private) were rather telling.

As I prepare for tomorrow, I see the situation as me having the truth on my side while the other side has an agenda that appears to be well-funded. In other words, from my perspective, this meeting is about truth versus money & power. — Prof. Rick Mehta

Brian Ruhe Talking About Monika Schaefer & Free Speech on the Streets of Vancouver

Brian Ruhe Talking About Monika Schaefer & Free Speech on the Streets of Vancouver

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Hi everyone,

I received a letter and a postcard, copied below, from Monika Schaefer who has been imprisoned in Germany since Jan. 3 for questioning the official narrative of the Holocaust. Please copy and send her letters to your lists if you like. Recently we went on the streets with Monika posters and made a video talking with people about free speech:

Monika Schaefer and Free Speech on the Streets of Vancouver

I have been storing my old and new videos into Bitchute, which takes a lot of time, at the link above and I have a new Brian Ruhe YouTube channel linked above as well. I am continuing with my work as I want to do what I feel is best for the world.

If you would like to contribute to my efforts please donate at:

Here you go, thanks…

Brian Ruhe…

2018 March 27

Stadelheim Prison

F3 – CD – 106

That’s where I live these days, courtesy of the occupied gov’t of Germany. Aren’t they kind,

giving me all this free room and board!

Dear Brian,

I am long long overdue to write directly to you — so sorry I haven’t done so sooner. This is letter #2 to you, I hope you received the other one way back when …. I know that many of you are communicating with each other about this “situation” etc. and I am exceedingly grateful for that.

Thank you for the card —Valentine’s card — which got here on March 21st. The volume of mail has increased somewhat and the “proofreaders” seem to be getting a little behind. Also they were preoccupied with trying to decide what to do with me so there was a period of over 2 weeks where no mail got through. There’s an avalanche. I have a very “good problem” right now. Even while I am writing as many letters as I can, I am unable to keep up with the flow – thus there will probably be a few unanswered letters and cards. I am extremely grateful for every single letter, card, greeting, and prayer coming my way, and I want that to be known out there. I apologize to those that I might not find the time to personally thank – but please know that every letter is so appreciated. It is also very good for the “authorities” to see that not everyone on this earth agrees with their narrative, nor does everyone approve of locking me up for daring to speak my mind.

Brian, I have been hearing so many wonderful things about the work you are doing. Thank you!!!

It is fantastic that you organized a protest at the German Consulate in Vancouver. (That video is at: ) I heard about it from other letters as well as your mentioning it in the Valentine’s card. All of these things cause many ripples. The ripple effect is huge, I have no doubt about that.

The last couple of weeks were a bit of a roller coaster ride for me for a couple of reasons, but I have recovered and am doing just fine. Plus, I now have my violin with me – that is absolutely GREAT! One of the things that sent me for a loop was a hearing before a judge to see if I could have “house arrest” at that beautiful lake where my brother lives instead of in this F3-CD-106 5-star-hotel-room.

So I allowed myself to dream of walks through the forest and sharing a glass of wine in good company … and then (of course) it was a no go which sent me for a bit of a dive. Funny thing is, I was doing just fine before this thing even came up, but when you are presented with even just a possibility, and all the people around you are saying nice things trying to encourage you, like “oh yes, you’ll get out for sure!!”, well then the disappointment is stark. But anyway, it only took me a few days to recover.

But then I learned of logistical problems on the home front regarding [the] post office. Without getting into too much detail here, it could cause me huge problems, like an unraveling of my right to live in Jasper. Wouldn’t that be something, if this illegal detainment here leads to my homelessness back home?! Anyway, I got the Canadian Consulate involved so I am hoping for resolution on that problem.

Brian I hope you are well! Please give my love to all those around you, including Nancy (I appreciated her note to me in the card). Please rest assured, I am in good spirits!

Sending much Love,


[post card]

Letter #3 – 31st March 2018

Hi Brian, this is two letters in a row after a long time pause in letter-writing to you, so I imagine #2 and this one might reach you at the same time. You never know with the mail out of here, this lovely hotel they’re putting me up in, the service is questionable. Anyway, just thought I’d send you a quick note on this, my 88th day of incarceration, full moon for extra power (second “Blue” moon this year). I think I also counted 88 keys on my piano, but I can’t verify that right now. Being a musician, I should know that, shouldn’t I. Hey Brian didn’t you tell me once you were a stamp collector? Or maybe that was someone else – I’m getting confused now. But you might like a few German stamps anyway. Take care – sending lots of love. Monika

Write to Monika at the following address:
Monika Schaefer
JVA Stadelheim
Schwarzenbergstr. 14
81549 München




I leave it to you to distribute in the endeavour to raise worldwide awareness of her appalling plight.  With best respects to Monika,

“The Good Comrade” – a personal tribute to the integrity of Monika Schaefer a Canadian citizen and a free debate champion. This footage comprises…


Don’t forget to write to political prisoner Monika Schaefer.
 Please write her a short letter or note. Let her jailers know that free men and women are watching this shameful arrest and detention  of a Canadian citizen.

Monika Schaefer

Schwarzenbergstr. 14

81549 München,



JVA Stadelheim
Schwarzenberg Str 14
81549 Munchen

March 4, 2018 
Dear Diane and Jim,
It’s so good to hear from you. It took your letter exactly one month to reach me and that is about average here, with all the “proofreading” that’s going on. I’m sure they are just checking for grammar and punctuation mistakes, n’est pas? Oh yeah that’s Canadian for “right.” 
It is so interesting what you are telling me that some people ask why in the world would she go to Germany? The first thought that jumped into my head at that was that those people are somehow missing the point entirely. Aren’t they asking the wrong question? Shouldn’t the question be directed at the regime which would have laws against thinking, investigating and articulating their results and conclusions about historical events, and then locking someone up just because they dared speak about these things? Does it not occur to people that we are all enslaved if we cannot think and speak freely? I am only imprisoned in body in this jail. Like another friend wrote to me: “When ONE of us is not free then NONE of us is free.”  I thought that was well said! Please feel free to share these thoughts with your readers and listeners. 
You, my dear friends, are absolute Heroes for all the work you have been steadfastly doing over the years. I want you to know that you have been and still are a big inspiration to me. Another thing: The American people better fight like hell to hang on to the First and Second amendments. It is important not just for Americans but for the world. 
I am not alone in here. The thoughts and prayers of many people are touching me deeply. And I pray as well. Since my Awakening a few years ago about what’s going on in the world, I’ve been having another kind of Awakening and am ever so grateful for that. God is giving me strength. The LIGHT will prevail, just as sure as the sun rises in the morning. 
Love Monica. 
PS.  I love your words: “We will do WHAT we can, ALL we can WHILE we can … to talk about the truth….”