Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer Freed From German Jail

Dominion Day brought good news for supporters of free speech. Alfred Schaefer, born and educated in Canada, but now a German citizen was released after more than three years in prison in Germany for questioning the Hollywood version of World War II — a crime under Germany’s nebulous Sec. 94 of the criminal code which prohibits “racial incitement of the masses.”

His sister Monika formerly of Jasper, Alberta served nine months in a German jail under the same section of the criminal code for a video Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust.

A few hours ago, Monika sent out this message: “Friends, my dear brother Alfred is out of prison!!!! Even Alfred did not know until two days ago if he would be let out today July 1st, or Monday July 4th, or if they would pull a hat trick and find some excuse to keep him caged. I just spoke with him, and he is so excited! All the wise and beautiful butterflies are flying, and his wonderful dog is jumping for joy. He can hardly contain himself. Which one, you ask, the dog or Alfred? Both!”

“Canada’s many supporters of free speech rejoice with Alfred and his wife in his regaining his freedom today,” said Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. Alfred is a brave and passionate man who changed his views as he studied history over the past two decades. He had been fearless in sharing his new knowledge and beliefs with others It is to Germany’s everlasting disgrace that it has jailed the Schaefers and thousands of others for the non-violent expression of their political/historical opinions. Why send arms to fight for freedom in the Ukraine when there is little in Germany and not a great deal in Canada?”

Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer, President of Truth & Justice for Germans, Defends Florida Principal

High School Principal Fired over noncommittal answer about holocaust – open letter

What follows is an open letter from the Truth and Justice for Germans Society to board and staff members of Spanish River High, a school in Boca Raton, Florida which serves a large Jewish population. William Latson was the principal of that school before he was fired, re-instated but fired again because he replied to a parent in 2018 that he could not confirm whether the Holocaust really happened.

Here is a link to an article in the South Florida Sun Sentinal, for background on the story.

The Letter

2021, January 5

To School Board and Faculty, Spanish River High, Florida,

They say that TRUTH is the first casualty in war. Wars have often been triggered and fought on the basis of deceptions. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to expect that the history books about those wars also contain some truths, some half-truths and some lies and deceptions. Victors write the history books. Even the grade school teachers talk about that from time to time. When they tell us that the victors write the history books, they are not just talking about the choice of font with which they write the story.

We, at the Truth and Justice for Germans Society, are appalled about the case of William Latson having been terminated from his job as school principal, simply because he could not confirm the holocaust story. It must be noted that he did not deny it either. Apparently, for the Jewish community, this neutral stance is a serious enough crime to have this school principal fired.

What other event in history is so untouchable, that even a neutral stance on it will have a teacher dismissed for saying they cannot confirm that it happened? There is none. Why is this holocaust story so sacrosanct that there cannot be any discussion, debate, questioning, and now there cannot even be a noncommittal answer to the question?

For your edification, let us just examine one aspect of the official story, to put this story into perspective.

The 6 million number.

At Auschwitz, the main “extermination” camp according to the official narrative, there was a plaque which said 4 million died at the hands of the “NAZI MURDERERS” between 1940 and 1945.

That plaque was later replaced with this one, which lowered the number significantly.

Just as the 4 million figure was made up, the 1.5 million figure was also made up. According to the records the approximate number that died was 100,000, more Roman Catholics than Jews. Contrary to the popular story that the “Nazis” destroyed written records, that is not true. The Soviets seized the “Death Books” from Auschwitz at the end of the war, and these were released 45 years later following glasnost. Detailed records were kept for every prisoner that died, including Doctor-signed death certificates.

Let us look at the records for another of the “notorious” concentration camps. Here are the numbers, down-graded over time, for Majdanek.

Despite the changes to the official numbers killed at Auschwitz and Majdanek, amounting to a reduction of 2.5 + 1.9 = 4.4 million, the 6 million figure for the number of Jewish victims has not budged.


The changing numbers and mathematical impossibilities constitutes just one aspect of the problematic nature of the holocaust story. The official narrative is also not backed up by the physical, chemical, topographical, architectural and documentary evidence. I encourage you to visit codoh.com or holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com for more information.

Even if none of you individually wish to further educate yourselves on this topic, please consider the fact that when a teacher or principal of a school says that they cannot confirm a historical narrative, that leaves space for the student to think for themselves, to pursue information and seek answers on their own.

Here are some ideas for the curriculum: they could be taught that the “holocaust” is a controversial topic, and that many people have gone to jail for questioning the official narrative. They could be taught that evidence is illegal [see this article for example] in some “holocaust trials”. They could be taught that the numbers of “holocaust survivors” keep going up instead of down as might be expected over time. They could be taught about methods of social control, such as Ritual Defamation, which is applied to anyone who does not go along with “political correctness”, on this topic and many other topics too.

We should be encouraging students to engage in the thoughtful pursuit of knowledge, instead of spoon-feeding or force-feeding them one single narrative – no discussion and no debate allowed – forever more.

Do not bow to the pressure of lobby groups. Please do the right thing and reinstate William Latson into his position, with full backpay and compensation for damages.


Monika Schaefer
President of the Truth and Justice for Germans Society

Further Gagging of Canadian Dissident & Political Prisoner: Arthur Topham Forbidden from Mentioning Jews for Three Years http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=5434

Arthur Topham forbidden from mentioning Jews

28 Saturday Nov 2020

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“To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?” ~ Kevin Alfred Strom, 1993

Arthur Topham

In the case of Arthur Topham, it matters not if he would be criticizing or praising, he is not permitted to publicly utter the word “Jew”.

The CBC reports:

For the next three years, Topham is forbidden from publishing or printing publicly any reference to or information about  the Talmud, Zionism, Israel, and  the Jewish religion, ethnicity or people.

Topham is also forbidden from publicly posting the names of people he knows to be of Jewish origin. 

According to court documents, he will still be allowed to publicly name his wife and her family, but not to mention their ethnicity or origin. During his original trial, Topham told the court his wife is Jewish.

These are some of the probationary rules inflicted on Arthur Topham, for allegedly breaching sentencing conditions after the 2015 trial in which Topham was found guilty and not guilty for two counts of the exact same charge under Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada, “… did… wilfully promote hatred against an identifiable group…”

Arthur Topham’s satirical treatment of the book “Germany Must Perish” by the Jew Theodore Kaufman was one of the focal points of that trial. Topham simply replaced “Germany” with “Israel” and “Germans” with “Jews”, replicating the book word for word. It was clearly a satire and was identified as such, and was intended to shine light on the horrific 1941 book in which Kaufman advocates for and describes the method (mass sterilization) by which the German people should be annihilated out of existence, forever.

Fantastic News: The Radical Press is back up and running!   Update: See next paragraph.

[I have removed the link as Arthur tells me there are concerns of a possible legal nature. He no longer has control over the domain name and whoever has it is also using it to advertise Rolex watches and who knows what else and could post inflammatory articles which would be attributed to him. ~ MS. Updated December 1, 2020]

Some of my previous articles will help to give background to Arthur Topham’s work over the years.

Please see my 2017 “Dear Arthur” letter/article, in which I said the world owed him an apology and a great big thank-you. 

Following that, I published this article in response to a genuine inquiry by a friend who wished to understand how and why I was defending Arthur Topham. It is called “The Lies They Tell about Arthur Topham: a Thinking Person’s Query”

One more article which explains to friends and family about the state of the world, the deceptions, Arthur Topham’s case regarding the Kaufman book and how the media twists everything.

Please see this excellent article on the Christians for Truth website covering the latest Orwellian development in this saga that has dragged Mr. Topham through the corrupt court system for many years

Open Letter to Mayors and Councils of McBride, BC and Jasper, AB From Freedom Fighter Monika Schaefer About the COVID Craziness: “Resistance to tyranny is obligatory”

Open Letter to Mayors and Councils of McBride, BC and Jasper, AB From Freedom Fighter Monika Schaefer About the COVID Craziness

Earlier this year I wrote an open letter to the Mayor of Jasper, copied to the Mayor of McBride and Councillors in both communities, in which I asked many questions about the Corona Virus and the lockdowns. I did not receive any answers. Answers are not forthcoming, I would guess, because the answers to my questions about masks, isolation, vaccinations, lockdowns, 5G, inflated death counts, and tests are not in line with the official narrative about the Corona Virus.

In case you did not see my earlier letter or would like to reread it, here is a link:https://freespeechmonika.wordpress.com/2020/06/01/open-letter-to-jasper-town-council/

Since then, so much more evidence has emerged, pointing to this plandemic being a scam. 

I am appealing to you to stop participating in the fraud called Covid-19. It is a tool being used to impose medical martial law. Many of the recipients of this letter are well aware of this, or at the very least, your gut tells you something is deeply wrong with the story. Yet, you are going along with draconian lockdowns, isolation, masks, contact tracing and you are trying to prevent us from exercising our natural and God-given rights to assemble and to breathe freely. This madness is destroying our souls, our economy, our entire society.

Your reasons might be: “we will lose our grant money”, or “I will lose my job”, or “I am afraid of…x, y, or z… if I do not obey the higher authorities”.  

None of those excuses will matter if we do not put a stop to the tyranny. All those things which you are afraid of losing will cease to exist if we carry on allowing this insanity. We will have nothing left worth protecting. 

People are now being encouraged to snitch on each other. An application can be made for the arrest of someone who you think might be infected. Do you understand the implications of this?

We the people have the power to stop this. We the people have the power to take back our lives, our freedoms, our beautiful world. We the people refuse to be muzzled. Keep in mind, you work for the people, not the other way around! And the people are waking up in droves.  

Please restore your power to reason, do some basic research and come back to your natural senses. It is imperative that you ignore the orders and impositions of those who are perpetrating the fraud. I am appealing to each and every one of you to immediately cease participation in this tyranny. Use your power at the local community level and announce a re-opening of everything. End the anti-social distancing mandates, end the mask mandates. Terminate the special position of “Covid by-law officer”.

Think about your children. Think about what kind of world they are inheriting. It will be a dystopia that even George Orwell would marvel at. 

Children are being told that if they don’t obey the mask and distancing rules, they could be responsible for the death of their grandparents. This can traumatize them for life! Imagine how they would feel if one of their grandparents happens to die during this time (of any cause – but Covid appears on the death certificate even though it was NOT the cause of death – that is exactly what is being done), and that child then suffers false guilt because they had visited with their loved ones. 

If you still suffer the mistaken belief that there is a serious threat from a virus which is so “dangerous” that most people who test positive for it do not even know they are sick, I encourage you to disabuse yourself of the lies and deceptions that are being foisted on us. It is incumbent upon you to learn and understand what is really going on. 

Implementing harmful orders from authorities who have no legitimate authority over us is wrong!

Following is a short list of considerations, accompanied by just a few links to videos or articles for your convenience. There are countless more sources, and there are thousands of whistle blowers in all walks of life and professions. But censorship is extreme, and that alone should raise questions. Why is free and open information so dangerous?


Donning a mask to stop a virus is about as effective as stopping mosquitoes with a chain link fence. Masks are completely useless at best, and harmful – sometimes even deadly – at worst. But they do serve to impact our whole society, both psychologically and physically. People are reacting to each other with fear and distrust. In addition, masks can cause permanent brain damage, especially in children. 

Please see the following video and article.https://www.technocracy.news/german-neurologist-on-face-masks-oxygen-deprivation-causes-permanent-neurological-damage/


There are serious problems with the reliability of tests, thereby giving false numbers of so-called Covid-19 cases. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests can be manipulated in order to bring about positive results by increasing the amplification cycles of the genetic material being tested. It is interesting to note that the media talks about “cases”, confusing positive results with sick people. Adding to the confusion is the declaration that these healthy people could be “carriers” of the disease. It is also interesting to note that flu deaths have decreased, while so-called Covid deaths prevail. 

The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test was never designed to test for a virus. The inventor of PCR, Nobel Chemistry Prize winner Kary Mullis,  said: “With PCR if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody” and “it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick”. 

Please see video:https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Kari+Mullis+PCR&&view=detail&mid=05768204A865D14D014905768204A865D14D0149&&FORM=VDRVSR

Predictive Programming and the Plandemic:

Have you heard of Event 201? That was a planning exercise which took place over a year ago, simulating exactly what then came about.

See: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Event+201+plandemic+Amazing+Polly&docid=608025807346140031&mid=8B7EAD22D054C7807F608B7EAD22D054C7807F60&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
See also: Olympic opening ceremonies, London England, 2012  https://vimeo.com/408121823

There are more examples of the prediction of the pandemic. Could it be that it was a plan rather than a prediction?

Contact Tracing:

The ramifications of monitoring, following, and tracing every individual in our society in the name of keeping us healthy, based on the fraudulent “science” of this plandemic, are profound indeed. These measures will completely nullify our every freedom, take away all our God-given rights, and will serve to control our every move. Last I checked, this is pure communism. And that is not good. In case you were unaware, tens of millions of people were murdered, starved, tortured and enslaved by the communist Bolsheviks in Russia during the previous century.

Rather than suggesting one video or one article about the devastation brought about by the Bolsheviks, I recommend that you put some words such as “Bolshevik murder millions” into your search engine and choose from among many sources to research this yourself.


How can there be a vaccine for something which has not been isolated and identified?

See this article: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/10/jon-rappoport/the-smoking-gun-where-is-the-coronavirus-the-cdc-says-it-isnt-available/

That is just the tip of the iceberg, but should be enough to prompt a person to question the official story. 

What have governments done? 

As Sir Charles Walker MP (UK) puts it: 

“We have criminalized freedom of association, the freedom to go about one’s business, the freedom to travel, and the freedom to protest…. [we are] criminalising parents for seeing their children and children for seeing their parents… The freedom to protest is the oxygen of democracy…” ~ Sir Charles Walker

Bi-law officers and police officers around the country are engaged in implementing mandates through intimidation and fear. Bi-laws and mandates are not worth the paper they are written on. Any laws that are being passed regarding lock-down measures are themselves unlawful and unconstitutional. These measures, mandates, by-laws, bills and statutes go against Natural Law and Common Law. 

We are being herded into enslavement. Please, have courage, and stop participating in this madness! We can stop it all tomorrow if we want to. Shed your fears about what “might happen” if you go against the orders from your higher-ups in government. If you are not working for the people, you are part of the tyranny. Follow your conscience, not these illegitimate orders from unaccountable so-called authorities.

Resistance to tyranny is obligatory.


Monika Schaefer McBride, BC

In the Green Party, Support for Israel is Required

Former Green Party candidate, political prisoner and free speech advocate, Monika Schaefer

In the Green Party, Support for Israel is Required

Former Green Party four-time candidate Monika Schaefer says that she learned that, at its core, the Green Party is green on the outside and red on the inside. Well, if not red, at least stridently Zionist. Recently, the Green Party elected a new leader to replace Elizabeth May, who, it must be remembered, refused to even answer pleas for her to help her former colleague  political prisoner Monika Schaefer, when she was jailed for 10 months in 2016 for a video she had posted (“Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust).

The Greens, like  their leftist counterparts in the NDP, seem unable to resist the lure of “diversity”. The NDP chose Turban Guy, Jagmeet Singh, a media favourite, who promptly lost half their seats in the 2019 election. Much of the party’s base wasn’t so keen on this “diversity”. Now, the Greens have chosen a Toronto Black Jewish lawyer, Annamie Paul. She came first of eight candidates. Close runner up was Dimitri Lascaris of Montreal, who describes himself as an “eco-socialist”. However, it’s not the degree of state intervention that can get you kicked out of the Green Party: It’s your commitment to supporting a foreign state.  Lascaris was kicked out of the party leadership for a while because of his views on Israel and, according to  outgoing leader, Elizabeth May and incoming Zionist Annamie Paul, Lascaris should be kicked out of the party. The National Post (October 3, 2020) reports: “At the beginning of the race, frontrunner Lascaris’ candidacy was rejected by the party’s vetting committee in late May due to ‘public statements on a number of issues’.

Though the party’s Leadership Contest Authority did not detail the issues, Lascaris was widely criticized for an ‘anti-Semitic’ tweet in 2018 accusing two Jewish Liberal MPs of being more loyal to Israel than their own country.” [How is that anti-Semitic, if it happens to be true?] Though race frontrunners Paul and Lascaris agree on many policy decisions, their views on Israel differ strongly.

During the party’s convention in 2016, Lascaris successfully moved the resolution to support the “Boycott, Divest, and Sanction” movement — colloquially known as BDS — against Israel. During her time as leader, May never seemingly officially abided by that resolution.” [So much for party grassroots democracy! Far from “telling truth to power”, Elizabeth May was just another party leader dictator like the Big Three.]

In separate interviews with Global News published this week, both May and Paul said they thought Lascaris should have disqualified him from the race. ‘There is no question that the Green Party has work to do in addressing racism, anti-Semitism, systemic discrimination in all its forms,’ Paul told Global News. ‘My view and the party’s views are solid on this: to the extent that anyone who is running for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada and who has expressed anti-Semitic views, they shouldn’t have been allowed to run,’ May added.” [And “anti-Semitic” is criticism of Israel!]

Warrant Out in Alberta for Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer

Warrant Out in Alberta for Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer

Hey you’ll get a kick out of this: there is an arrest warrant out for me in Alberta since I think September 10th, that I just found out about. That second court case against me (the first was the “Trivial Trespass Trial” that I wrote about last December on my website, which I won) anyway the second case was supposed to be in April. Then covid hit and court was shut down. What I did not know is that the onus was on me to find out what next. I assumed I would be contacted, and when nobody ever made a peep, I assumed the whole thing just went away. I assumed that the accuser was only too happy that it all was going away because he hasn’t got a snowball chance in hell of winning. Well maybe I shouldn’t talk like that. We do have a totally criminal system in place, but anyway.\

It turns out I missed 4 or 5 court dates (in Hinton, not Jasper), and they issued an arrest warrant in August, but held it, then in September they activated it. Pretty funny, eh?

I called the court a few days ago and that is when I found out there was an arrest warrant issued for me.

When I called a few days before the April 9th date to verify if there was going to be court in Jasper or not, they said no, it was closed until further notice. They did not say anything about holding court in Hinton instead. Mind you, I called anonymously. Would they have told me if I had said my name? I don’t know. 

There were 4 dates in total between April 9th, 2020 and September 10th, each one adjourned to another date, and always in Hinton. Apparently, I should have had a representative there. But we did not know about these court dates.

I think the onus is reversed. They put the onus on the accused to chase after them for information about when and where court was happening, after they rolled out their insane Covid Lockdown. I am innocent. Someone accused me of something. I was all ready to go to court April 9th. They cancelled it, not me. Shouldn’t they contact me?

It makes me think of how the burden of proof is reversed in certain crimes. If something did not happen, it is a moot point to prove it did not happen. If it did happen, then the person alleging that it happened should prove that it happened. (The holocaust story comes to mind.)
Here is the article about the other trial that happened in December 2019.

So next time I am in Alberta, I have to present myself at an RCMP station and they will set a new court date. What a farce.

Open Letter to Jasper Town Councilby Monika Schaefer

Open Letter to Jasper Town Council

01 Monday Jun 2020

Today, June 1st, 2020, they are apparently re-opening the town of Jasper, but with limitations and a suggestion to “bring your own covid kit”. That means masks, hand-sanitizers and gloves. While the lock-down happened in more places than just Jasper (big understatement – I know) the absurdity of it struck me as particularly acute there when I visited a few days ago.

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 8.54.09 AM

31 May 2020

Dear Mayor Richard Ireland, and fellow Councillors,

On May 26, 2020 I visited my old home town of Jasper. Where there should be bustling activity, I found a ghost town. In front of the town entrances, signs scream go away with the words “CRITICAL SERVICES ONLY!”. Upon entering a building, one is commanded to first sanitize the hands before speaking.

Enough already! This Corona hysteria is based on distortions, lies and misrepresentations. By going along with the “authorities” and their nonsensical “recommendations”, you are participating and propelling our lemming walk into total police state / medical martial law. Surely you know that there is much more going on with this response to the hyped up plandemic (not a typo) than meets the eye on the television.

Mayor Ireland, what do you mean by telling the public that your “backyard” is not ready yet? What is it that needs to be ready? Why don’t you just tell the businesses, the hotels and restaurants to open their doors. Put the Welcome mat out. The rest will take care of itself.

Here are a few questions to think about.

  • How much sense does “social distancing” make, when in fact the isolation will weaken our immune systems?
  • Why are the so-called authorities recommending wearing masks, when doing so for any length of time is actually bad for your health? Not enough oxygen, too much carbon dioxide, and breathing in your own air can lead to illness.
  • Is it just coincidence that the hardest hit areas of Covid-19 happen to be the same areas where 5G has been rolled out? (Remember Wuhan?) And is it just coincidence that EMF radiation causes the same symptoms as Covid-19 is said to cause?
  • Did you know that the tests for this Corona virus do not actually test specifically for Covid-19? They test for exosomes, which are essentially genetic material. During the course of the test, they double the material and keep on doubling it until they arbitrarily decide they have amplified the material enough. Any one of us could test positive some days, negative other days, quite randomly and depending how many times the testers double our material. This means that there are many false positives. Does this not make the tests meaningless?
  • Were you aware that doctors and nurses are pressured to write Covid19 on death certificates, even if the patient died of other causes? And did you know that they need only suspect that the patient had Covid19? They do not even have to test for it. It seems that almost everybody who dies these days has Covid19 on their death certificate. Why are doctors pressured into making this diagnosis? Might there be an ulterior agenda?
  • Even if we assume “social distancing” works, how does it make sense to close outdoor spaces, when in fact it would be easiest to practice “social distancing” outside?
  • Do you think it is good for the children’s health to traumatize them and terrorize them with this big bad bogeyman of a disease? How many children have died of Covid19? Are you aware that the stress of fear, especially constant fear, is bad for our health?
  • Even if you believe the numbers, is this disease really that deadly? Why did they not lock down and shut down the world during flu season every single year? Many people die of the annual flu, especially old people. I hear that in Alberta the average age of death with Covid19 is 83. Is this good reason to destroy small businesses, shut down schools, and put everyone in a state of fear?
  • They tell us that you can have the disease, then recover, but that you can then get it again. They also tell us that the vaccination will carry the virus and that is supposed to make us immune. How does that make sense?
  • Why do small businesses get shut down while large businesses remain open? Are small family run businesses more prone to spreading disease than the Walmart and Safeway stores?
  • Do you think it is good and right that old people in care homes are forbidden from seeing their loved ones, just in their moment of need, sometimes at end of life?
  • Why is it that meat packing plants and other food producers seem to be disproportionately hit with outbreaks (or so they tell us)? Why are they dumping milk and telling farmers in some regions to plow their crops under? It would not be the first deliberately induced famine – just research the Holodomor.
  • Have you ever heard of predictive programming? And have you heard of Event 201? That was a planning event for a Corona virus pandemic, held in October 2019. Have you heard of Agenda 21?
  • Do you believe everything they tell us is true?

I could go on with more questions about this Corona virus “pandemic”, but those will suffice as “food for thought”. I have looked into this, and have come to the conclusion that what we are witnessing is nothing less than the implementation of a New World Order, and it is pure communism. If they succeed, it will be a tyrannical one-world-government police state in which our every move will be monitored, controlled and dictated. We will be slaves in a dystopia. We will be force vaccinated, and the vaccine will not be good for us.

Let us look at the local health scene in Jasper as it relates to this so-called virus. It will provide us with an excellent example of how reality is distorted.

In Jasper there were 9 cases of Covid19. Eight recovered and one died so far. The man who died had a tube up his nose and schlepped his oxygen tank around with him long before this so-called pandemic began. He was 86 years old when he died. His health was extremely compromised already. Yet he makes up the statistic of Covid19 death in Jasper. Repeat that scenario everywhere. That is a typical story, not the exception.

On May 26, the day I was in Jasper, there was one patient in the hospital. And yet we are left with the impression from the mass media that health care workers are over-worked. Again, repeat that scenario everywhere. Hospitals are largely empty.

Who are these authorities who are giving out the orders? They have no authority over us! They have acquired their so-called authority through deception and crime. When we obey that ill-begotten authority, we give them legitimacy. They do NOT have our best interests at heart. They are destroying us.

Fear is a powerful control tool. So is the money they are handing out, to keep everyone calm, docile, and quiet. For now.

Already they speak of the second wave (and third… and fourth…). It is all planned. Like a Boa Constrictor tightens its grip just when the intended prey exhales in order to take a new breath, this is how the New World Order is being implemented. Relax a little, then lock down harder, and harder, squeezing the last breath of life / freedom out.

By “obeying” the insane lockdown and social distancing measures, we are willingly walking into this dystopian nightmare. If we are too stupid to recognize it, maybe we deserve it? No! Millions are awake to the agenda, but the quislings still go along with their puppet-masters.

You are in a position to say NO to the “orders”. Those orders are not laws. They are recommendations, and even if they were laws, they would not be legitimate. We can ALL just say no, in fact we MUST say no to this, in order to survive as a people. We owe this to our children and grandchildren.

Your children and grandchildren will talk to you from the future, a future where every move and every breath and every conversation is controlled and monitored, and a future in which they quite possibly are hungry, they will ask you: “Ma, Pa, Grandma, Grandpa, what did you do in 2020?”

And you will say: “I obeyed the health authorities, and I obeyed the government. I trusted them.

Wake up! Resist this tyranny! We will take back our world! Work, play, and gather again. Shed our fear. That’s enough idiocy. Let’s get back to living again.

If we stop consenting to our enslavement, then it will not happen. We are many. They are few.

Monika Schaefer

P.S. This wonderful piece of satire was not in the original email letter, but adding it here for my readers. Enjoy!


Congratulations to Monika Schaefer, Former Political Prisoner, the New President of Truth and Justice for Germans

Truth and Justice for Germans Society


The name tells the story, and it is long overdue. It is high time for there to be Truth and Justice for Germans. The lies, deceptions, vilification, demonizing and slander against the German people began long ago and has continued non-stop to this day. Not only did Germany suffer the physical devastation of two bloody “world wars”, they suffered the total ‘re-education’ and indoctrination of themselves and a world who falsely blame the victim (the Germans) for the wars and for a fantastical genocide which they never committed. They are not permitted to grieve their own losses, and are criminalized for speaking truth about their history and achievements. Everything has been turned on its head. The pain of destruction is one thing, the pain of being falsely turned into villain is on an entirely other level. Germany has been brought down to her knees, and the war against her has never ended. 

I came into contact with the Vancouver-based Truth and Justice for Germans Society after my June 2016 video “Sorry mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” was released. It is hard to put into words how much it helped me when I was occasionally able to join them at their gatherings. It was a sanctuary of sanity for me, a strength and sustenance-giving sojourn, in between facing the battle front in Jasper on a daily basis at the time.

They have now invited me to become president of their organization, which I am honoured to accept. ~ Monika Schaefer



We are dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending the honour, dignity and reputation of the German people and their descendants, both in Canada and abroad, from slander, insults, false news, and biased and incomplete reporting, which has led to discrimination, fear, hatred and Anti-Germanism in the public realm. We hope our efforts will foster a better understanding of German history, culture and accomplishments, and a more accurate and complete view of world history as it relates to the German nation and people. We believe that through countering the war propaganda which continues to be regurgitated to this day and by replacing the historical lies with facts and evidence that have been systematically ignored, that a measure of justice may be achieved for the German people, and that a Third World War may also be averted.


The founder and first president of the Truth and Justice for Germans Society in 2015 was Wayne Prante. In his introductory essay, he described the background for his motivation. Reading this moved me deeply. In his story lies the essence of what has happened and what our current situation is and the critical importance of our mission in bringing truth and justice to the German people. Here is his story. 


By Wayne Prante, May 2015

Many of you, I am sure, are shocked by the scenes portrayed in Hellstorm and had a hard time watching it and processing it. I feel for you. This is the reality I have lived with since I was a small child. I wasn’t there, but my parents were, and they described these things to me clearly, and their memories became a part of me, and have also motivated me, and continue to do so.

My father was about 16 towards the end of the war. He was learning to fly in gliders, hoping to become a Luftwaffe pilot, and being trained for the flack artillery. He wanted so desperately to shoot back, but they didn’t let him. Towards the end, he became so fatigued from the day and night terror bombings that he finally said “to hell with running to the shelters. I just want to sleep. If they kill me, they kill me!” And so he stayed home in bed and slept through it, and survived, while many others he knew did not.

My mother and her family survived many near misses. The apartment building next to hers was completely destroyed and she lost numerous friends. She told me about the scenes of the smoking stumps of people who got stuck in the burning asphalt, and of the people who were cooked alive in their basement shelters, of close friends of hers who perished in a place where she was supposed to be, but was prevented from being there by other circumstances. To this day, my mother just trembles at the sound of the Lancaster engines in TV films, or real prop planes overhead such as those used by search and rescue teams, or forest fire crews.

And both told of the horrible starvation in the aftermath, and the brutality of the occupiers, how they would burn their leftovers from their mess halls to make sure the Germans got nothing. How US soldiers would eat sandwiches etc in front of them and starving children, and then mash their leftovers into the ground in front of them and laugh, or growl and shoo them away. They taught me to be grateful and not wasteful.

They also told me about how wonderful, orderly and peaceful things were before the war. How good it was, compared to what their parents endured after World War I. They were not hungry, though not well off, but they felt secure and hopeful, and part of a vibrant society and culture, who were proud to be Germans, working together for their common good, as a free people, in spite of the world wide boycotts. There was rationing, even before the war because of the boycotts and no hoarding. It was good and honourable to be German. They were happy to be part of the Hitler Youth and had fond memories of it. They could not understand why the world hated them. They were proud of their leader and the form of government, and what it had accomplished for all Germans.

They also told of the influx of ethnic German refugees from Poland (former German territories) and the unspeakable atrocities these people had recounted, all of which the world ignored. But it was no secret in Germany.

During the war, my mother also enjoyed being part of a girls choir that would sing in the hospices for the wounded, recovering German front soldiers of WWII and putting together packages for those on the front lines. It was a duty, an honour, and a joy.

I don’t do what I do because I have white skin, but because I am German. Not German because I am a BRD citizen (though I am), but because of my German blood, and the history, culture, heritage and honour it carries with it, which courses through my veins, and because of the DNA in each of my cells. My family has its roots in the midst of the Teutoburg Forest where Herman the German (Arminius) defeated the Romans in 9 AD. I have living blood relatives there today.

Yes, I am German, and proud of it, though not superior to anyone else. But I also carry this pain of my forebears; this burden of the voluminous lies told about us, and the weight of the horrific crimes perpetrated against us on the basis of a pack of lies. While I have no children of my own, I will not go to my grave without having done all I could to correct the historical record and to have sought justice for my parents, my forebears, and for future generations of Germans.

But, as I have always said, it goes beyond this and what happened to Germany. It is a struggle for all of humanity. For this same Modus Operandi is still being used today against other peoples, and still more people are still being sucked in by atrocity propaganda and bogus threats to go off and fight needless wars, and commit still more atrocities, which benefit the same elite few who fomented and benefited from WWI and WWII, to the detriment of us all.

This must stop! And WWII Truth is the key.

  [….]  I didn’t start this by having all of the answers. Nor do I have them all yet. This is the culmination of a life long quest for the truth and the facts which have been suppressed, and for the vindication of people. I am still learning from my own research, from the many other brave individual historians and investigators who have gone before me, some who have suffered greatly, as well as many contemporaries who share my passion and realize the importance of cutting through the decades old lies and propaganda, and establishing the true facts. Not only for the sake of the German people, but the world at large, today. For it impacts us all, regardless of nationality, here and now.

    I was born in Canada, the son of two German immigrant parents, both of whom grew up in National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler and who survived the war and hell on earth. From the time I was a small child, they shared with me and my siblings the facts as best they knew them, and their own experience: the good, the bad, and the unspeakable horrors and indignities which they, like all other Germans of that era had experienced, some though worse than others, and of course, many did not survive to tell their stories. I had no relatives in Canada, only German family friends whom my parents became acquainted with en route to this country. Surrogate relatives, so to speak. They too shared their stories. Thus, even as a child, I had a far different view of the war than that which was presented to us on television, motion pictures and in school. Of course, I did not have any books such as those which are available today and there was no internet back then for me to really do my own fact finding and checking. But I knew enough to know that there were two sides to this story, and the German side was never presented. I also knew about allied propaganda, and I knew who controlled the media. So even as a child and especially later as a teenager, I did my best to speak out in school to defend my people as best I could with what I did know, or where I could at least cast doubt about the sources of the material. I also had more than a few school yard fights with those who called me a “Nazi”. There were always some things, however,  which I could not challenge as I simply had nothing to go on and so I had to accept them as fact, until much later in life.  My passion for this struggle never left me.

    I was an activist and researcher on many issues over the years, and with the advent of the internet, it eventually brought me back to this fight for truth and justice for my people. And in the process, I discovered many facts which allowed me to discard even those things which I had previously accepted as fact, and, armed with this new knowledge, I was finally prepared to go public, […] certainly not to win any popularity contests. Nor for any other political agenda.  Indeed, I made many enemies early on and endured many nasty and vicious attacks from others whose agenda I did not endorse, though they assumed I would. My agenda, however, has always been clear, and I am still here. It was always my hope that my efforts would lead to a grassroots movement, primarily for Germans or those of German descent who also shared my early experiences, and of other honest truth seekers. The response I have received over the years, in spite of the lunatic fringe and a few nasty, severely brainwashed individuals has been overwhelmingly positive.


    As painful and distressing as it was to hear the horrific stories that my parents and the others told me as a child, it was important for them to share it with me and my siblings. It was also essential to hear their pre-war experiences in The Third Reich under National Socialism, and to understand what was destroyed. The question was always “why?”.  My father is long gone, as are most of the others, but my mother is still alive and I cherish the moments I can talk with her now one on one and can finally explain to her “why” these took place and for whose benefit. I can tell her, that I am proud to be German, as she should be too, and that we have nothing to be ashamed of. I can tell her and show her that there was no good reason for the war, that it could easily have been avoided and that Hitler did all he could to avoid it; that all of the horror, misery and death wrought by the allied powers, political whores and their financiers, was pure jealously and greed and born of their desire to rule the world and over all mankind. It is a satanic agenda and simply, pure evil. Nothing could ever justify what was done to our people and the lies which are perpetuated to this day.  It has only served to solidify and perpetuate the power of an elite, self-chosen few, who continue to use the same model today against any other nation or people which dares to stand up to them and to assert their sovereignty and financial independence, free of the International Bankster Gangsters, and who happen to call themselves International Jewry. Those who refuse to see through the lies and propaganda and glory in their own national mythologies are either well paid shills or blind sheeple, being led to their own destruction, by those who rule over them. For the world is not “safe” and not “free” today, nor “democratic”, and we are all slaves to the global banking cartel that Hitler and National Socialist Germany tried to resist, and for a time, did so successfully.

    I can also tell my mother, and my fellow Germans, that there are many thousands of people worldwide who are finally waking up to this truth each day, that I have played a part in this awakening, and so has she, as did my dear father, and all of the other survivors who told us their stories. Moreover, there are many others each day joining this battle and sharing this information globally, in books, films, websites and radio shows, and even many more others daring to share the information on the internet through many social networks, as well as local meetings.

    This is the battle for all of humanity and the future of this planet, and I salute all of you who have has summoned the courage to look for answers, find the facts, to speak the truth and to share it any way you can. We do not know what the future may hold as a result of our efforts, but we need only to look around us to see where it is going if we do nothing and say nothing.

    We can never undo the destruction, misery and death, and the suffering on all sides, but maybe, just maybe, we begin to put an end to their beast system (aka the New World Order), put an end to the needless wars being waged today,  bring the true war mongers and war criminals to justice, and then build a sane, fair and just world, where all nations and peoples are truly free of international tyranny for the benefit of the few.

Prosecutor Appeals: Asking More Jail-time for Alfred Schaefer for Speaking in Court!

Prosecutor Appeals: Asking More Jail-time for Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer for Speaking in Court!  The new Iron Curtain of thought control in Germany


If you think it is bizarre that a person can be jailed for the things they say in their defence in court for an alleged speech crime, hold on tight, this will blow your socks off. The Muppet Show continues. Alfred will be back in court on November 12, 2019, to face his inquisitors. Why? The 18 month prison sentence (which is in addition to the 38 months he is already serving) is not enough – according to the prosecution.

Almost one year ago on the 26th of October 2018, the final day of the Schaefer Sibling Trial in Germany, the judge sentenced me (Monika) to 10 months – time served – prison, and my brother Alfred Schaefer to 38 months prison. This was not for theft, vandalism, murder or rape, no, this was for having “wrong-think” about our history. It was for making videos, educating the public about what is really going on in the world, and in my case for an apology to my mother in my “Sorry mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” video. Transcript here.

During the 20 day trial, there were several instances when the judge interrupted Alfred to warn him that the things he was saying could lead to additional charges. Alfred waved those warnings off and said,

You want to lock me up for 6 million years anyway, so I will continue because I am simply speaking truth.

On 8.8. 2019 those additional charges led to the added sentence of 18 months (article here). Both sides are appealing. The prosecutor had asked for 24 months at the time, and is not satisfied with 18 months. If they get their 24 months, the total sentence would be over 5 years. All for speaking peacefully.

Meanwhile there are countless examples of rape and/or assault by “new Germans” which garner far lighter sentences than that, because “they don’t understand our culture” in the words of the judges.

When history comes to you enforced by law, you can count on one thing being for certain: it is a lie. Why else would they legislate a story into existence? Can it get any more brazen than when they make it impossible to make a defence in court, to explain how you have reached your conclusions, or to bring forth evidence which support your conclusions?! How can any thinking person not see the Orwellian tyranny in this? Words elude me.

Through all this, Alfred remains in good spirits. His letters radiate triumph. I know from experience that when you have truth on your side, it is easy to keep your spirits up, and to feel free in heart and mind and soul, even when physically in prison. It also helps immensely to know that we are not alone. Our enemies try their best through their psychological warfare to make us think we are “lone nut-cases”, when nothing is further from the truth.

Just a reminder: letters and postcards are immensely appreciated not only by the political prisoner but also for the authorities to see that the prisoner is not forgotten. Alfred Schaefer’s address: Stadelheimer Str. 12, 81549 Munich, Germany.

Alfred Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Forbidden Speech during the 2018 Trial Update by Monika

Alfred Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Forbidden Speech during the 2018 Trial Update by Monika Schaefer

Alfred Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Forbidden Speech during the 2018 Trial

by Monika

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.34.01 PM

On August 8th, 2019, Alfred Schaefer was hauled from his prison cell into the courthouse to face the Inquisition once again. What were his charges? Speech crimes which he committed during the 2018 Schaefer Siblings Trial for previous speech crimes. Another Muppet Show, as Alfred had called our trial, this one for things he said and did right in the courtroom in 2018.

How can that be, you might reasonably ask. Is it not normal for both sides, the prosecution and the defense, to present their evidence and argument to the judges for them to weigh the evidence and make a “judgement” based on what they have heard and seen? Can a person not defend himself while in court? Can you not explain how you reached your conclusions – the ones they deem illegal to speak out loud? Can you not provide evidence to the court of law to support your conclusions?

Not without committing “New Crime”! When you speak in court in the occupied Federal Republic of Germany, you are supposedly speaking in public. (Even that is questionable, given the intimidation tactics in the courthouse and the non-existence of a court transcript.) Since you are prohibited from publicly speaking the truth about certain subjects in Germany, in particular the fake jewish holocaust, it is impossible to defend yourself with evidence and argument even whilst facing charges for speaking about these forbidden subjects. A completely circular situation – a Catch 22. Can this still be called justice? Can it be a fair court? Can there ever be a verdict other than the predetermined one?

To be fair, Alfred was also being charged with a certain gesture which he dared do in court on Day 1 on July 2nd, 2018. After I had been brought into the courtroom in handcuffs, Alfred jumped out of his chair and gave quite the spirited speech to the media, the public gallery and the whole court. He spoke of how we are winning, and that the Truth is coming out. He also jubilantly gave the Roman Salute, while saying,

Look how high my dog Pavlov can jump!

Prozess gegen die Geschwister Monica und Alfred Schaefer u.a. wegen Volksverhetzung

Not sure why my eyes have been blocked out in this image which I found on-line. The Jasper newspaper “The Fitzhugh” published that picture and an article entitled “Racist Filth: Schaefers sentenced in Germany” just in time for my return home, to remind the local population what a “hater” I am.

This makes him a particularly “dangerous man”, the fact that he could brazenly and fearlessly make this salute. One has to wonder why a simple body motion – non-violent and non-threatening – can be so frightening to the PTSNB (powers-that-should-not-be). They call it an evil crime and the person doing it is deemed highly dangerous.

Compare that to the background of rapists and murderers getting off with the lightest of sentences, particularly if they come from a culture where “they just didn’t understand our culture”, as some judges are reputed to have said.

The 18 month verdict is not what the prosecution asked for. They wanted 24 months. They are appealing the sentence as it is “too light”! Remember, this is on top of the 38 months which Alfred was already sentenced with, simply for speaking.

Alfred’s lawyer is also appealing this new verdict. The original sentence is under appeal as well. No verdict is legally binding yet. By their own rules, Alfred should not even be in jail at all, except that he has been deemed a “flight risk” because of the severity of his alleged criminality. He never has been a flight risk, he has been married to a German woman for decades, and has expressed his keen desire to stay and fight this injustice that is befalling Germany. They simply did not like that he continued to talk to the world.

On August 10th, the day I learned of this latest blow, I had a conversation with Brian Ruhe to talk about it. Here is the 8 minute video of that interview.

On 21 August 2019 I was on the Realist Report with John Friend. We not only spoke about Alfred’s situation, but covered other topics such as the music industry influences, psychological warfare, and the holohoax being the lynch-pin of deceptions holding up the house of cards. Podcast here.

Another show I would like to tell you about is one that I had the privilege of being a guest host on. The Sonny Thomas Show of August 1, 2019. This was a two hour show during which I gave some background to my story about our “speech crimes”, the Schaefer sibling trial, jail, the verdict etc. I also spoke about how Ritual Defamation is such a key element in keeping the deceptive narratives going. In the second hour I was joined by special guest Frank Frost, who spoke of corruption at the very highest levels of government, police and the so-called justice system. It was a very powerful conversation.

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