George Orwell Free Speech Award, 2023

                In 2021, the Canadian Association to Free Expression (CAFÉ) revived the George Orwell Free Speech Award, started in the 1980s by the late Doug Christie, the “Battling Barrister.” The last one was awarded in 2013, the year one of Canada’s most outstanding defenders of free speech died. In 2021, with the permission of Doug Christie’s widow, we revived the award. Because of the generosity of a special donor, the award is accompanied by a $1,000 prize. It is awarded alternately in Eastern and Western Canada. In 2021, the winner was political prisoner and editor of Your Ward News, Dr. James Sears. The award was presented in Toronto. In 2022, the award winners were brother and sister political prisoners Alfred and Monika Schaefer. The award was presented in Vancouver. This year, the award was presented on October 12 in Toronto to Jurgen Neumann.

                The award read: The Canadian Association for Free Expression Presents The George Orwell Free Speech Award for 2023 For Outstanding Courage In Challenging Censorship and Defending Freedom  In Pursuit of the Truth And for Outstanding Talent as a Freedom Communicator & Videographer who has collected and preserved so many vital historical speeches, events, and discoveries online for future generations to Jurgen  Neumann.   Presented in Toronto,  October 12 , 2023 Continuing a Tradition Begun by the late Douglas Hewson Christie, The Battling Barrister & the Canadian Free Speech League.”

                Adding his congratulations was Christian Klein, President of the Association of German Expellees and himself a longtime supporter of the late Mr. Zundel’s struggle for free speech and historical truth.

                We received a number of congratulatory messages. One came from fellow videographers Diane King and Jim Rizoli:On our last trip to Canada about five years ago or so, one of the most important things we had to accomplish was to meet up with Jurgen Newmann to acquire all of the Ernst Zundel and any other Revisionist videos that he had. This was particularly significant since both Ernst and Ingrid had died and the estate was relegated to Ingrid’s son who would have nothing to do with the revisionist community whatsoever. What Jurgen possessed was an immensely valuable archive of information dealing with the truths about The Third Reich and WWII. Jim spent time with Jurgen acquiring these videos, which we have been able to promote and display on BitChute and other formats and will continue to do so as long as we are able. We could not have accomplished this without Jurgen and his dedication to the truth concerning and on behalf of the Germans in WWII and The Third Reich.”

                You can watch this year’s George Orwell presentation here:

CAFE Director Paul Fromm Presents 2023 Winner Jurgen Neumann With the George Orwell Free Speech Award
Christian Klein, Committee of German Expellees, Salutes Jurgen Neumann

Remembering A Free Speech Martyr & Christian Author, Malcolm Ross

Remembering A Free Speech Martyr & Christian Author, Malcolm Ross

A friend gave me his treasure trove of tapes and book and pamphlets among which are many recordings of CAFE meetings

I listen to a tape in short segments. 
I am most of the way through the talk given by Malcolm Ross June 25th 1998 “My 10 Year Battle for Vindication.”
I’m pretty sure I bought Ross’ book from you at some point. [The book is Cross-Examination: Christianity on Trial –– BY Malcolm Ross fired for his religious writings on abortion and other issues appealed to Canada’s Supreme Court in 1990. This rare book is available for $25.00 plus $10 postage from C-FAR Books, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, CANADA.]

I will be turning the tape-recording in to a transcript. His explanation of the implications of the ruling of the Supremes is shocking a quarter of a century later — astonishing not a scintilla of genuine “evidence” that any real person felt they were in a “poisoned environment” in his classroom. Yet, the Supremes figured out that it was only reasonable to draw the inference  of such !!

This, I fear, is what’s going to happen to Bill Whatcott, if he goes through the meatgrinder again. The Bible itself becomes ‘hate literature’ if published anywhere outside some little ‘safe space’ of a building properly registered with the gov’t as a ‘charity’ for purposes of income tax receipts

Ross cites a book to do with the doctrines of modern Juda-ism in which the “Holocaust” is understood to be an essential part of that religion.

There isn’t one person in a million who grasps that. I sure didn’t

What that means for Canada, is,    after the recent amendment to section 319 of the Criminal Code, a person can be prosecuted for ‘blasphemy’ against the state-sanctioned religion,  if some one of the Jud-aic persuasion, feels his or her dignity has been impugned by his questioning the Hollywood version of World War II.

Gordon Watson

Prisoner Faces Discrimination Because of White Nationalist Politics

Prisoner Faces Discrimination Because of White Nationalist Politics

Michelle Erstikaitis is not a political prisoner, but she s suffering in prison for her political views.

Miss Erstikaitis is currently in prison in the Fraser Valley Institution in Abbotsford, BC. She’s from Toronto, Ontario and knows no one in B.C. She’s had her problems over the years. She’s been designated as a “dangerous offender” even though her crimes are relatively minor — several assaults, breach of probation, harassing calls and an attempted arson many years ago. She is also the victim of her own misguided lawyering. “Dangerous offender” designation is almost always reserved for repeated crimes of extreme violence that usually involve sexual assault. None of this applies to her. She is scheduled for release in 2023.

She has struggled with mental issues, but is making huge progress.

We are not saying she is an angel, but she has repeatedly been treated with extra harshness because of her politics. She has applied to be transferred back to Grand Valley in Ontario where she can be closer to her adoptive mother and friends.

Her request for transfer has been denied for what seem like blatant political reasons. A July 4 decision says, in part: “She is deemed polite, calm, respectful, and able to engage in conversation with staff. Ms. Erstikaitis is identified as an active member of a White Supremacist group. … [She] is a self-proclaimed White Supremacist who associates with likeminded people. Some of these associates are part of the reason she has identified wanting to transfer to Ontario in order to be closer to them. … At the present time, Ms Erstikaitis’ community contacts do not appear to be pro-social, positive supports with the exception of her adoptive mother.”

How can she be an “active” White Supremacist is jail? To our knowledge she has called herself a White nationalist, not a supremacist. Notice no details are given about her “associates”. None of her offences involved her politics. Particularly bizarre is the decision that her “community contacts”, presumably her political friends, “do not appear to be pro-social, positive supports? What, exactly, is “pro-social”?

“The prison’s decision would seem to violate Michelle Erstikaitis Charter rights to freedom of belief and opinion. Their labelling her as a ‘White Supremacist’ is a smear and misleading. But, even if she were a ‘White Supremacist’, she’s entitled to her political opinion and, further, entitled not to be discriminated against on this basis,” says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

“I have known Michelle for over 15 years and knows she has a passionate interest in politics, including having worked in elections and even worked for a while with a Conservative candidate in Toronto. She attended the memorial held in Toronto in March 2013 for free speech lawyer Douglas Christie, the “Battling Barrister”. Also, in 2013, she participated in a protest held outside the South African Consulate in Toronto to support South African White farmers. For several years, she was also a writer for YOUR WARD NEWS. She has even reached out and written a letter of support to political prisoner Dr. James Sears.”

“While no saint, she’s a victim of political correctness and violation of her right to her peaceful political beliefs,” Mr. Fromm concludes.



July 8, 2017


(Barbara left, with Doug Christie & Marc Lemire)
Barbara Kulazska RIP  
Canadian free speech lawyer and close associate of Doug Christie, Barbara Kulaszka, passed away at age 64 from lung cancer on June 15. 
Barbara played a key role in research and drafting legal facta in the second Zundel “false news” trial in 1988. She was a huge help in Doug Christie’s attack on Canada’s war crimes law in the Finta case in 1990. The appeal to the Supreme Court virtually destroyed the law’s usefulness to the vengeance lobby as the following of reasonable orders was accepted as a defence.
In later years, Barbara was a vigorous defender of free speechers charged with libel by Richard Warman, people like Marc and Connie Fournier (a long and complicated case) and myself.
She was Marc Lemire’s lawyer in his heroic confrontation with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. He was prosecuted — another Richard Warman complaint — under the notorious Sec . 13 (Internet censorship) which was repealed by Parliament in 2012. Marc’s was the first victory — even if partial — under Sec. 13. She continued to represent him as the  question of the constitutionality of Sec. 13 moved to the Federal Court and then the Federal Court of Appeal in 2013. She also represented Henry Makow in a complaint from the Canadian Jewish Congress to the CHRC. 
Barbara had been in delicate health for many years.
She was first trained as a librarian and then switched to law.
She died in her hometown of Brighton, Ontario, surrounded by family.
Memorial Event
* Music by Christian Klein and Dieter Kahl.
* Tributes by Marc Lemire,  Christian Klein, Lynda Mortl, Paul Fromm and others.
* Tributes read from people across the world.
TORONTO. Wednesday,  July 12, 2017. Richview Library, Auditorium (1806 Islington Ave, Etobicoke, ON.  — two blocks north of Eglinton (6:15 p.m). **** NEW LOCATION & TIME****Admission $10.00

Some Key Works By Canada’s Free Speech “Battling Barrister”

Some Key Works By Canada’s Free Speech “Battling Barrister”


CAFE, Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3


___    Here is my donation of $_______ to help CAFÉ’s ambitious campaign for free speech to support Arthur Topham and other censorship victims this Autumn.

___ We fought the good fight but were stymied by the Supreme Court. Here is my donation to help defray the costs of the McCorkill Appeal.

___Please renew my subscription for 2016 to the Free Speech Monitor ($15).

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Doug Christie Free Speech  Booklets

For 30 years, Doug Christie, the Battling Barrister, has been Canada’s outstanding free speech attorney. He passed away of liver cancer, all too young, on March 11, 2013  at age 66. Order his outstanding free speech booklets published in C-FAR’S Canadian Issue Series and speeches he gave over the years.

__ The Zundel Trial & Free Speech by Douglas Christie (1985) $4.00

__  Thought Crimes Trial: The Keegstra Case by Douglas Christie (1987) $4.00

__   Free Speech IS the Issue by Douglas Christie  (1990) ($5)

___ Doug Christie –His Last Speech: Free Speech in Canada – Lesbians, Hypocrisies& Contadictions. DVD.  Toronto, December 2, 2012. $20.00

___ How I Became A Revisionist Film Maker And Lost A Lot of Jobs by Brian Ruhe. Toronto, June 30, 2016. $6.00

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Elderly Blogger Arrested for Opposing Zionist Genocides

Elderly Blogger Arrested for Opposing Zionist Genocides


by Joshua Blakeney


“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire

Recently Prof. James Fetzer invited me to contribute to The Real Deal radio platform on a regular basis. The Real Deal has been one of the most distinguished venues for discussions about all the censored subjects that have been of import in recent years. Canada's Prime Minister Harper is surrounded by members of the Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch in Ottawa<img alt=”Canada’s Prime Minister Harper is surrounded by members of the Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch in Ottawa” src=”” width=”366″ height=”244″ />From 9/11 to 7/7 to Fukushima to JFK to the deleterious role of Zionist-neocons, Prof. Fetzer’s shows have offered the public invaluable analyses of the kind that are all too often lacking in the mainstream media and the foundation-funded alternative venues such as Democracy Now, which typically censor discussions of topics such as false-flag terrorism and Zionist power.

This week I interviewed a man who is potentially going to have to spend two years in prison in Canada due to the content of political statements he made on his website. Arthur Topham is an anti-Zionist blogger and critic of Canada’s subservience to Israel who was arrested for authoring a satirical article which brought Israel’s existence into question.

The Topham Interview:


According to Israel’s puppet regime in Ottawa questioning Israel’s right to exist is “inciting genocide” which is a crime in Canada. So if you support a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine debacle rather than an ethnocentric two-state solution you are “willfully promoting genocide” according to John Baird, Israel’s man in the Canadian parliament. You don’t support a multi-cultural democracy if you promote the one-state solution, you want to “drive every Jew into the sea” according to the logic of Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister.
YouTube – Veterans Today –

Press TV report: “Canadians Search for Explanations for Foreign Minister’s Radicalism”

Double Standards and Injustice


To illustrate the double-standards applied with Israel, Topham penned a very clever parody indeed. He took the genocidal tract “Germany Must Perish!”, written in 1941 by Theodore Kaufman, and replaced the word “Germany” with “Israel” to see how the Zionists would like a taste of their own medicine. Opposing anti-German racism, Zionist genocides and Israeli criminality however is a criminal act in Canada. Just as kings and dictators have enshrined laws throughout history to prevent their subjects criticizing them, so Canada’s influential Zionists have successfully established legislation which allows for the criminalization of those who zealously criticize the power and influence of the Jewish “state” and its sayanim in the West.Unknown<img alt=”Unknown” src=”” width=”189″ height=”267″ />

Opposer of anti-German racism, Ernst Zundle, was kidnapped from the USA and imprisoned in Toronto, Canada for two years in solitary confinement (with the lights on 24-7) for the “crime” of drawing politically incorrect historical conclusions in 2003. Esteemed British historian David Irving found himself on the floor of an Air-Canada plane in handcuffs after the Canadian government deported him to prevent the Canadian public hearing the truth about history. Similarly Mr. Topham has been criminalized for espousing viewpoints which are distasteful to those who rule Canada.

In my interview with Mr. Topham, he explains how he was driving down the highway in his home province of British Columbia with his wife when the police “swooped” down upon their car as if he was a bank-robber, tearing this internet-blogger away from his beloved spouse and dragging him off to jail. This all because he wrote a piece of satire which irritated Zionist anti-free speech groups in Canada. As Dr. Kevin Barrett recently observed in an interview with Topham, writing through the prism of satire usually gives one a great deal of latitude to say things which one would not normally opine. Indeed when I read Mr. Topham’s parody I immediately thought “this is the kind of thing Kevin or perhaps Gilad Atzmon would have written.” But in Canada it seems universally accepted literary standards are to be subordinated to the censorious whims of pro-Israel lobbyists.

Interestingly, there is a schism within the Zionist community currently between those who support anti-free-speech legislation and those who support unfettered free-speech (albeit so they can freely bash Muslims). Since Israel’s 9/11 false-flag was pinned on Muslims Zionist journalists have been authoring genocidal, Hate-Speech against Muslims with the goal of paving the way for the enactment of the Oded Yinon Plan. Whereas Topham was arrested for the hypothetical promotion of a hypothetical genocide against the most invunerable people in the world, Zionist journalists have actually succeeded in creating an environment conducive to pitting different ethnic and confessional groups against each other in the Middle East as per the Oded Yinon Plan. So it is notable that a segment of the Zionist population has begun to oppose Canada’s anti-free speech legislation, presumably realizing that it could be used to prosecute them for anti-Islamic Hate Speech, as has been attempted already. On the other hand there are still those such as the B’nai B’rith who support so called “Hate-Speech” legislation.

Truth Is No Defence


Canada’s Supreme Court, 44% of which consists of Jewish judges, recently upheld a segment of Canada’s anti-free speech, thought-crime legislation. On behalf of the Supreme Court Judge Marshall Rothstein wrote that “not all truthful statements must be free from restriction”. In other words a truthful statement uttered about Canada’s influential Zionist community could land you in prison in Canada.

There is great selectivity displayed when it comes to criminalizing people for their speech in Canada. In almost every instance Canada’s Orwellian Human Rights Commissions (which seemingly exist to deny and negate the Human Rights of free-speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press) target poor, vulnerable white, Christian men such as Mr. Topham. The recent Whatcott ruling, critically analyzed here, effectively makes the bible criminal. Although Zionist Ezra Levant holds opposite viewpoints to me on 99% of issues, when it comes to opposing thought-crime laws his analyses are valuable. I highly recommend watching this video.

Mr. Topham is currently in need of support in many forms. He was to be represented by Doug Christie, the inimitable and indefatigable lawyer who defended free-speech thoughout his career until his untimely death earlier this year. Christie’s death means that Arthur Topham and other victims of thought-crime legislation are without the kind of legal support necessary to defend themselves against persecution. In addition to losing his lawyer Mr. Topham has been denied legal aide which underscores the need for lovers of free-speech to contribute in some capacity to his struggle, be it financial or otherwise.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

The late Doug Christie defends free speech against establishment censors

Doug Christie exposes CSIS Agent Grant Bristow and the whitewash “Heritage Front Affair” Report (1995) [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive

From the Freedomsite
Doug Christie exposes CSIS Agent Grant Bristow and  the whitewash “Heritage Front Affair” Report (1995) [Douglas Christie Memorial  Video Archive]
The  Doug Christie Video Archive
In  memory of Douglas Christie
#13:  Doug  Christie exposes CSIS Agent Grant Bristow and the 
whitewash  “Heritage Front Affair” Report  (1995)
[Feb 4 1995] Doug Christie  exposes CSIS Agent Grant Bristow, who infiltrated the Heritage Front and Reform  Party of Canada. The Bristow case showed how the Political powers in Ottawa  (Liberal Party of Canada) used spies to attempt to embarrass political parties  (Reform Party). The Liberal government then whitewashed the entire affair  through Bob Rae and the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) which  issued a report called “The Heritage Front Affair”.
Interesting, Grant  Bristow tried to get information on the Imre Finta case from Christie. Bristow  even tried to give advice on certain jurors and which ones he should object to.  Doug Christie gives the inside story about the David Irving ban in Canada and  what happened.
Douglas       Christie Video Archive – Weekly   Shows
Tune in       weekly to the FreedomSite YouTube       channel for videos from my archive celebrating the life of        Douglas Christie.  For the       next 20+ weeks I am going to post a new video each week which will include       interviews, speeches, documentaries and other freedom inspiring       material.
Bookmark our       channel:

All videos will be       cross-posted to:

Doug       Christie Memorial Video Archive Shows

#1: Doug       Christie Debates Human Rights Hack on the Cherington TV show June       1984
Douglas Christie, The battling       barrister and freedom of speech advocate demolishes the head of the       Ontario “Human Rights” Commission, Dr Bhausaheb Ubale on the issue of       Freedom of Speech and out of control “human rights” which are being used       to silence critics and enforce their “guilty until proven innocent” mantra       which forces Canadians to fight against the overwhelming power of the       state to apply your rights to freedom.

#8:        Doug Christie on Freedom of       Religion in Canada and the Malcolm Ross Case (1995)
[Oct 29, 1995] (Ottawa,       Ontario). Douglas Christie speaks about the dangers to freedom of religion       in Canada. This speech is about the case of Teacher Malcolm Ross and the       Human Rights Inquisition which followed because Mr. Ross wrote a few books       on religious topics.  Mr. Ross never brought any of his views into       the classroom, but that mattered little to the Human Rights Fanatics that       were destined to destroy him.  This speech was given on the eve of       the Supreme Court hearing on the Malcolm Ross       case.

#2:        Doug Christie on Webster TV       show  (Debate on Freedom of Speech & Zundel       hearings) A spirited debate between       Douglas Christie, a lawyer dedicated to freedom of speech and TV       personality Jack Webster. This is part of the Doug Christie Memorial Video       Archive

#9:        Doug Christie Speaks on the       loss of Freedom of Thought in Canada (1986)
[Toronto, Feb 22, 1986] One of       the most powerful speeches by lawyer Douglas Christie on freedom and the       war against freedom of thought and speech. After listening to this speech,       you will believe and understand in the value of freedom and as Doug said       “you will never never surrender!”. Doug touches upon the James Keegstra       and Ernst Zundel cases and the fight against the totalitarian regime in       Canada, which thanks to the Duschenes Commission (so-called War Crimes       commission in Canada) evidence from the Communist Soviet Union would be       accepted after demands by Canadian Jewish Groups (B’nai Brith, ADL and       others). Paul Fromm introduces Doug       Christie.

#3:        Doug Christie Speaks about       Freedom & Zundel Appeal – Jan 25, 1986 Doug Christie Speaks about       Zundel Appeal and freedom of speech in the Canadian Court system. This       speech was given on Jan 25 1986.

#10:        Doug Christie on 5th Column       exposing the Fraud of so-called “War Crimes Trials”       (1990)
[July 1990] Douglas Christie,       defense lawyer for Imre Finta in Canada’s only war crimes trial, appears       on the BBC “5th Column” to discuss the dangers of so-called “War Crimes”       Trials.  Christie demolishes the fraud of so-called “War Crimes”       Trials – especially the Imre Finta Trial – and exposes how viscous       political pressure was applied which lead to a poisoned legal environment       where a blood lust for a guilty verdict over-shadowed the facts in the       case.  Imre Finta was found not guilty in 1990 by a Jury in Canada       after less than 12 hours of deliberation.  (The Canadian Government –        drunk on tax-payers money – appealed the case all the way to the Supreme       Court of Canada .. and lost)

#4:        Doug Christie Speaks at Open       Space in Victoria, BC Nov 14       1985
Doug Christie Speaks about       freedom and Canadian censorship at “Open Space”, Victoria BC on Nov 14       1985. With an introduction by David       McCalden.

#11:        Doug Christie Speaks in New       Brunswick on the importance of freedom (1988)
[Nov 25 1988] Doug Christie       Speaks in New Brunswick on the importance of freedom. The power of the       state has grown out of control to censor people.  The government now       controls and manipulates the media which leads to a limit on freedom of       speech. Receives award from NB Free       Speech League

#5:        Doug Christie Appears before       the Supreme Court of Canada in the Malcolm Ross Case – Nov 1       1995
[Nov 1 1995] Doug Christie       Appears before the Supreme Court of Canada in the Malcolm Ross Case       (representing freedom of speech and religion). Malcolm Ross was a teacher       in New Brunswick, but was dismissed from his position after the fanatical       Human Rights Commission claimed he created a “poisoned environment” in the       school due to his Christian beliefs, which he never taught in the       classroom. Doug Christie makes an impassioned plea for freedom of speech       and freedom of religion, only to be constantly interrupted by activist       Judges, who can hardly conceal their contempt for freedom and       religion.

#12:        Doug Christie speaks in Great       Britain on the importance of freedom around the world       (1995)
[1995] Doug Christie speaks in       Great Britain on the importance of freedom around the world. Doug Christie       was in Britain defending Lady Jane Birdwood who was prosecuted in       1994/1995 for violating the “Public Order Act 1986” for allegedly       publishing a pamphlet entitled “The Longest Hatred – An Examination of       Anti-Gentilism”. (The Longest Hatred, ed. Jane Birdwood 1991. On ‘anti-Gentilism’)

#6:        Doug Christie on Freedom of       Speech in Canada (1991)
[Jan 29 1991] (Ottawa,       Ontario). Doug Christie speaks about the dangers to freedom of speech in       Canada. Doug highlights threats from the Canadian Human Rights Commissions       and various Canadian political police       forces.

#13:        Doug Christie exposes CSIS       Agent Grant Bristow and the whitewash “Heritage Front Affair” Report       (1995)
[Feb 4 1995] Doug Christie       exposes CSIS Agent Grant Bristow, who infiltrated the Heritage Front and       Reform Party of Canada. The Bristow case showed how the Political powers       in Ottawa (Liberal Party of Canada) used spies to attempt to embarrass       political parties (Reform Party). The Liberal government then whitewashed       the entire affair through Bob Rae and the Security Intelligence Review       Committee (SIRC) which issued a report called “The Heritage Front Affair”.       Interesting, Grant Bristow tried to get information on the Imre Finta case       from Christie. Bristow even tried to give advice on certain jurors and       which ones he should object to. Doug Christie gives the inside story about       the David Irving ban in Canada and what       happened.

#7:        Doug Christie on building a       secure and free community for freedom minded citizens       (1992)
May, 1992: Doug Christie       speaks about freedom and how to secure and free and prosperous future in       Canada by moving to our own community and leveraging the municipal       infrastructure to protect and promote freedom. This would be creating a       new community of freedom minded people, organizing under the “Newgate       Project”. Doug is introduced by legendary freedom activist Eileen       Pressler.

More on  Douglas Christie at: Douglas Christie

Judge Ponders Sending Dissident to Prison for Not Shutting Down His Website

Judge Ponders Sending Dissident to Prison for Not Shutting Down His Website

VANCOUVER. October 10, 2012. A controversial website may soon disappear and many postings by a Regina university lecturer may be removed from STORMFRONT, if Canada’s thought control advocates get their way.

A federal judge was asked to jail Internet dissident and webmaster Terry Tremaine for months or until he breaks and removes a controversial website. After a tense morning of demands for the jailing of a man who has posted politically incorrect opinions on the Internet and equally strong submissions by his lawyer Douglas Christie decrying censorship and bullying by the state, Judge Sean Harrington adjourned court and reserved judgement in Mr. Tremaine’s contempt of court hearing here.

Representing the Canadian Human Rights Commission Daniel Poulin urged an 85 day term of incarceration for Mr. Tremaine or until “the original material found to be offensive” under Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (now repealed by the House of Commons) is removed. He argued that leaving the postings complained of was violating a Human Rights Tribunal’s order to “cease and desist.” In a further demand that had Internet savvy listeners shaking their heads, he insisted that Mr. Tremaine must remove his signature block from his more than 3,000 posting on Stormfront, where he posted under the name “mathdoktor99” because it provides the web address of his website. He then seemed to go further and said: “The only way to ensure the material is not repeated is to remove the website,” even though it was acknowledged there were several thousands of postings and audio and musical items, only a few of which formed the basis of the 2005 complaint by Richard Warman.

Mr. Poulin charged that Mr. Tremaine “knew he was ignoring the cease and desist order and he did so purposefully.” So, in Mr. Poulin’s submission, Mr. Tremaine is to be ordered to take down his website and write to STORMFRONT to remove material deemed offensive in the Tribunal’s order.

How, the judge asked, is Mr. Tremaine to “purge his contempt and remove material from the Internet” if he is in jail?

“He can have his lawyer do it or hire a consultant,” Mr. Poulin shot back.

Further, “if he fails to remove the website after 85 days, he must transfer the website to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. We’ll remove it and make it a blank page.” And then the final kick at Mr. Tremaine, who was rendered penniless after Richard Warman complained to the University of Saskatchewan long before the initial complaint was adjudicated and cost Mr. Tremaine his job. “While we recognize Mr. Tremaine’s ability to pay is limited, we seek costs.”

Richard Warman who has hounded Mr. Tremaine with the original human rights complaint, a complaint to his employer, a criminal code Sec. 319 “hate law” complaint, and at least three contempt of court complaints rose to make his sentencing submissions.

Warman demanded a jail term of three to six months, even if Mr. Tremaine removes the website. “Deterrence and denunciation are important, given the five year extensive period of contempt. I’d be concerned if he was let out as soon as he purged his contempt,” Mr. Warman continued.

Then, warming to his subject, he harrumphed: “There is the self-evident seriousness of Mr. Tremaine’s trying to alienate control of his site. It boggles the mind to think of anything so contemptuous of the court.” He referred to the startling revelation in court the previous day that Mr. Tremaine was arranging to sell his website to someone in the U.S., which is not bound by Canada’s police state censorship laws. The judge issued an order preventing him from communicating the password to anyone else.

However, Judge Harrington interjected, “there is no law preventing him from selling his website.”

Warman also wanted the order to direct Terry Tremaine to write to to ask that their copy of his site be removed.

Mr. Warman, too, said he was seeking costs, even though much of his trip to Vancouver would have been paid for by the Commission which called him as a witness. “You’re here as a complainant who is also a solicitor,” the judge noted.

“I have a day job and have foregone that revenue and I practise also as a solicitor and have foregone that income. [Mr. Tremaine’s] inability to pay is not a reason for not awarding costs.

Mr. Warman, too, didn’t want the large number of innocuous postings on Terry Tremaine’s website to remain: “You’ll recognize the dangers of sifting the wheat from the chaff on the nspc website. It is much better to close it entirely. If we don’t, we’ll be back here again soon and this matter will never end.

Acting for Terry Tremaine Douglas Christie, who is also general counsel for the Canadian Free Speech League, pointed out that, since Marc Lemire won his tribunal case and got Sec. 13 declared effectively unconstitutional, until a federal judge upheld the law, but stripped of penalties, that the sky had not fallen. There were no serious adverse consequences. That judge’s decision may well be appealed. The Senate may soon pass the repeal of Sec. 13 and the Supreme Court decision on Whatcott is eagerly awaited. This case challenged the power of human rights commissions to restrict free expression. He urged the judge to delay sentencing until these decisions are in. “Parliament has already determined that this material is not illegal,” he said.

He reflected on the bizarre ruling of the Federal Court of Appeal: “Now you are liable for contempt of an order even before you are informed of the order.”

“Mr. Tremaine’s right to free speech is important. His freedom to speak is your freedom and mine as well.”

In a comment that would draw a sharp rebuke from Richard Warman and a threat to complain to the Law Society of British Columbia, Mr. Christie said: “Mr. Warman has made a career out of shooting cripples,” as a figure of speech. His victims are “people who are marginal.” Some, like Terry Tremaine, end up in mental hospitals. “Mr. Warman now wants costs assessed against a man who cannot even hold a janitor’s job. At the behest of Mr. Warman, he was prosecuted under the Criminal Code.” And all this, said Mr. Christie, “to eliminate a political ideology Mr. Warman does not agree with.”

“Tolerance,” Mr. Christie reminded the court, “is best as a virtue when it is practised rather than preached.”

“Is there an order for Mr. Tremaine not to sell his website to some American who wants it? What my friends really need is to abolish the 1st Amendment. My friends hunt down ideas they do not like. They want to add ‘remove’ if the order’s ‘cease and desist’ doesn’t mean that.”

He pointed out that a recent Supreme Court decision authored by Madam Justice Rosalie Abella held that a link is not libel.” Mr. Tremaine’s signature block on is just a link and should not be ordered removed.

“My friends want the nspc website shut down so that Mr. Tremaine cannot be known. The objective is to eliminate thoughts.”

Mr. Warman, he argued, “didn’t have to be here. He’s a witness, counsel and plaintiff. He’s a voluntary participant. Now he wants costs which will haunt Terry Tremaine for life. He should not be entitled to costs.”

“There’s nothing illegal or immoral if the website is sold to an American. We don’t yet police the world. Unlike Canada, free speech really means something in the U.S.” He cited the case of a recent anti-Moslem video which sparked violence, riots and murder in the Middle East. Yet, no serious politician in the U.S. suggested banning it.

“Is it contempt of court to render yourself non-compliant” by trying to sell the website?” he asked.

“Mr. Warman’s proposal to put Terry Tremaine’s ideas down the memory hole is like most totalitarian states in the world.”

The clumsily worded human rights tribunal order enjoined Mr. Tremaine from “telephonic” communication. He did not engage in “telephonic” communication in the period in question: February – December, 2007, Mr. Christie said. “It is legitimate to communicate what is not specifically prohibited,” he added.

Mr. Christie denounced Mr. Warman’s “draconian, systematic totalitarian treatment of Terry Tremaine. He deprived him of his job, drove him into a mental hospital, refused an apology (which would have ended the human rights complaint in 2006) and kept him in litigation for years. Mr. Warman is a one-man anti-Nazi brigade.”

Urging a delay in handing down a judgement, Mr. Christie said: “Sec. 13 is on its way out. It won’t be around in a year. Terry Tremaine is not a bad man, He may have some bad ideas but he also has some good ideas that may benefit humanity.”

Concluding, Mr. Christie said: “Many people have suffered from these Warman complaints. Terry Tremaine has suffered well and truly enough since 2005. There is no need to make him suffer further.”

Judge Harrington reserved judgement.