Masks on kindergarteners cause “more harm than good”: Ontario parents protest school board decision

Masks on kindergarteners cause “more harm than good”: Ontario parents protest school board decision

Would Jesus wear a mask?

Recently, parents and allies protested outside of Oakville (Ontario) Town Hall to stage their opposition to the Halton Catholic District School Board’s proposal push ahead with its mandatory face mask rule for all students (including junior kindergarten.)

When classes resumed earlier this month, the provincial government mandated that students in Grades 4 and up were required to wear non-medical masks; however, individual school boards, if they had the approval of the local public health authority, could extend the mandatory mask rule to cover other grades as well.

Some parents in the Halton Catholic District School Board wanted the board to simply comply with the provincial guidelines (Grades 4 and up.) They allege that the Halton Public Health Unit has merely acknowledged the request of the Halton Catholic District School Board, as opposed to approving the request.

Many parents are unhappy about the mandatory masking measure for all students.

Among their arguments:

  • Young people are by far the most resilient to the Wuhan virus. In Ontario, so far only one person under 20 has died (and that person had serious health complications) so why target this demographic as opposed to those who are most at risk (namely, the elderly residing at long-term care facilities?)
  • Some young people have their breathing compromised by wearing masks, thereby wearing masks actually do more harm than good
  • There is no hard scientific evidence indicating that wearing a non-medical mask makes anyone more resilient to the virus
  • If wearing a mask is a prudent idea, why have masks never been a requirement during flu season, given that influenza is extremely contagious and potentially deadly?

RESIST THE MEDICO-STALINIST TYRANNY — Fight the Fines VICTORY: Walter Matheson’s “Tim Horton’s” social distancing ticket DROPPED

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RESIST THE MEDICO-STALINIST TYRANNY — Fight the Fines VICTORY: Walter Matheson’s “Tim Horton’s” social distancing ticket DROPPED

Another Rebel News victory!  I’m happy to report that Walter Matheson, our tenth case, had his social distancing ticket dropped!  

You may remember Walter as the very nice, very ordinary New Brunswick man who was slapped with a social distancing ticket while eating a muffin and drinking a coffee in an empty Tim Horton’s parking lot, alone, inside his car, with the windows closed. This win would not have been possible without our faithful Rebel News supporters that donated to help Walter out with his case.  

Click here to watch my interview with Walter and hear a message from our civil liberties lawyer Sam Goldstein.  According to Walter, the prosecutor threw the ticket out because the address was filled out incorrectly, but we think it might have had something to do with all the attention we gave this case — we got nearly half a million views on Walter’s original video.

  But that’s the whole point. If we didn’t do our job and shine a light on what happened to Walter, he might have ended up having to pay that bogus ticket and the cop that gave it to him would have felt free to give out more. 

We want law enforcement and power-hungry bureaucrats to think twice when trying to bully people with social distancing fines and hopefully, come to their senses and stop enforcing these silly social distancing measures. 

To support our fight and help us cover some of our legal fees, please visit and donate today.

Yours truly,  Sheila Gunn Reid 

.S. Please visit to help more people like Walter Matheson stand up to power-hungry police who are using this pandemic as an excuse to bully people. While you’re there, please consider donating to help us fight social distancing tickets that many others have received during the Wuhan flu lockdowns. And if you know someone who has been fined and wants our help, send them our way, and if their case has merit, we’ll make sure to stand up for them too. Thank you.

Medico Stalinism in Australia State of Victoria: Victoria, Australia to jail “conspiracy theorists” Victorian Government Pushes New Bill to Detain ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ Anti-Lockdown Protesters, and Families

Medico Stalinism in Australia State of Victoria Victoria, Australia to jail “conspiracy theorists” .

Victorian Government Pushes New Bill to Detain ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ Anti-Lockdown Protesters, and Families

Staff Writer

By Staff WriterSeptember 16, 202029 Comments

The Victorian government will debate a new bill in the State Parliament this week which would hand authorities the power to forcibly detain “conspiracy theorists” and people suspected to likely spread coronavirus, such as anti-lockdown protesters and their close contacts.

If passed, the Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill will allow the state to detain anyone they suspect of being “high risk” or likely to negligently spread COVID-19, either if they have the virus or have been in contact with an infected person.

According to The Age, a state government spokesman said the rule could be applied to “conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.” Advertisement

Those detained could then be placed in quarantine facilities, such as hotels, where they can be monitored by authorities.

On Sunday police fined 200 people and made 74 arrests during an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne. Could this bill lead to the mass-forced quarantining of similar anti-lockdown protesters?

Will the legislation result in anti-lockdown protesters being deemed “high risk” of spreading the virus, resulting in the forced detainment and mandatory quarantining of their family members, work colleagues, and close friends?


End The Lockdown Mass Rally in Vancouver, September 12 — A Report & Weekly Protest in Kelowna, September 19

Below material is also attached as a PDF.  We urge everyone to distribute the attached information brochures on COVID and masks issues, personally and on line. Our flyer is also attached which we urge everyone to place on all Facebook and other social media sites as well.


The constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which they are entitled.”

Nova Scotia (A.G.) v. Canada (A.G.)
[1951] S.C.R. 31

What is the first thing you notice about this principle from the Supreme Court of Canada?       See answer at the end.


See everyone on Saturday, September 19, 2020  12:00 noon at

Stuart Park in Kelowna!

We need as many people as possible

for these rallies!

If you have been unable to make it out to previous rallies, NOW is the time to come out!!!!

 The Real New Normal from now on, is:

Live normally and just say NO!


Join us on September 19, 2020, 12:00 – 2:30 at Stuart

Park in Kelowna, B.C., and every Saturday until this lockdown and all social re-engineering comes to an end, to voice your concerns and our demands upon Premier Horgan, the Public Health Officer Bonnie Henry, and Communist P.M. Trudeau.

Bring at least two friends!

Send this email to all your lists  – and distribute the Fact Sheet and Masks Brochure far and wide.

Constitutional rights and freedoms exist and protect us exactly for these types of situations we are in today.

They are not rescindable at will by corrupt or dishonest opportunist Gov’ts.  Our rights and liberties are Non-Negotiable. We will never accept these rights and freedoms deprivations – now or in the future.

If you don’t realize the gov’t is using a virus with a 99% + survival rate to control the country, you’re not paying attention.

Something much bigger is happening.

And thanks so much to all our volunteers at our weekly rallies – who help with signs, organization, water, and a host of other work that is simply invaluable to our efforts!!! 

Vancouver Victory!

Thanks so much to Ryan and all his supporting volunteers for all the incredible work they have put into organizing this event. 

Over 1 200 freedomites converged in downtown Vancouver for an awesome precedent setting march and rally this past Sunday. This was by far the most effective rally against the COVID Gov’t sponsored lies to date.

Congratulations to all our group members who sacrificed their time, energy and money to attend and promote this event.  And a special thank you for all our group members who helped promote this even, especially Toby whose ongoing support and promotion over several weeks resulted in many people attending who likely would not otherwise have gone. As well as Fran, Henry and others who attended the Kelowna mall to promote this event.

Thank than you to Jane for her efforts to secure a bus and drive almost 20 people to this event.

There are far too many names to mention, but everyone attending had a positive impact on this rally.

The entire event was initiated by the incredible Christy Derksen singing our national anthem, with the original lyrics and over 1000 people singing along – good for her!

Well known internet reporter Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson opened up the proceedings thereafter with excellent advice to all – “Fear is the virus” – and introduced Ryan Kulbaba, who immediately got the crowd chanting and screaming for freedom. Excitement was high at this rally, exceeding all expectations right from the beginning.

Ted Kuntz opened up the event with a presentation that left the crowd in an ongoing state of cheers for all his efforts against mandatory vaccination.

In a surprise announcement, Tanya Gaw of Action4Canada announced that a challenge is now being launched here in B.C. against Bill C-19, which was rushed through the legislature permitting the Gov’t to bypass certain legislation in relation to the COVID scam, and with full civil immunity for so doing, notwithstanding how much harm or death they cause in the process.  Over $15 000.00 has already been raised in one day!!!!!

This was followed by Donna Roth, myself and Ross Anderson, all of our local group. I was so happy to have the entire crowd so energetically screaming to “Lock them up!” as I pointed out the fact that Dix, Henry and Farnworth have all lied to us and are criminals who should be jailed and locked up for what they have done. I found this extremely inspiring to know that so many others know in their hearts I am correct when I say these people are true criminals. This cannot be sugar coated in any way.

How often do we get 1 200 people screaming in public to have politicians locked up and thrown in jail!!!! 

Here are some of the many, many sites available out there to see glimpses of this event, and actual videos of our speakers.

NOTE:    CBC and other media portray our event as having only a few hundred people.  Yet compare this picture above, with similar pictures from a BLM rally below, where CTV headlines claims that “Thousands join anti-racism protest at Vancouver Art Gallery” earlier this year on May 31, 2020. Why with pictures showing virtually the same number of people do they have 1000’s and we only have a few hundred? We know…


Hundreds of people also turned up in Calgary for their Walk for Freedom this past weekend.  Check out this link, for actual drone video coverage of their event – amazing footage.  Congrats go out to Brad and his awesome group of volunteers for all their incredible efforts for these ongoing rallies in Calgary as well.

Here is more info on their upcoming event on Sunday Sept. 27 at 1:00 p.m.  I urge everyone, if you know anyone in Alberta, to pass this along to them and encourage them to all attend and support Brad and their freedom walk.  Support for these events is critical and does not end at the B.C. borders.


I strongly urge everyone to read the small book, The Politics of Obedience by Etienne de la Boetie, written hundreds of years ago.  Boetie so correctly confirmed that all positive change takes place by just saying no and refusing to comply. Change does not take place by complaining and doing nothing.

Civil disobedience to unconstitutional laws and orders, or the unconstitutional re-engineering of our society, is a Constitutional right and freedom.  Indeed, it is such a duty.


Interesting thought:

COVID-19 quarantine restrictions are for 14 days.  They check on you regularly and you can’t leave the home.

House arrest has long been recognized as a form of incarceration.  People who are put on house arrest, must first have a period of jail time imposed upon them – then the Court will decide where the jail is to be served – gov’t facilities or at home.

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled that no prisoner can remain in solitary confinement for more than 15 days.

The home is the equivalent of a jail cell – bathroom, sink, commode, TV, etc.

Hmmm, 14 days max for quarantine, and 15 days for solitary confinement.

That is a little too close of a coincidence for my liking.


The Constitution being referred to by the SCC does not include the Constitution Act nor the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as they were not passed until 1982! 

So, what were our primary Constitutional documents in 1950-51?  Inter alia:

BNA Act 1867

Statute of Westminster 1931

Act of Settlement 1701

English Bill of Rights 1689

Coronation Oath Act 1688

Habeas Corpus Act 1640, 1679

Magna Charta 1215 forward


The common law!

 See everyone on Saturday, September 19, 2020 12:00 noon at Stuart Park

Resistance is NOT Futile!


The Common Law Education and Rights Initiative

Best Regards

David Lindsay

Best Regards

David Lindsay

Vice Chairman


The Common Law Education and Rights Initiative

Sent from ProtonMail, Swiss-based encrypted email.

Why Would Anyone Want to Serve in Canada’s Politically Correct Anti-Free Speech Military?

Why Would  Anyone Want to Serve in Canada’s Politically Correct Anti-Free Speech Military?

Canada’s politically correct military leadership has been dancing to the censorship tune of Jewish groups demanding a purge of the ranks of “right wingers”. The Friends of the Simon Weisenthal Centre “is urging Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan to turn all suspected acts of racism, white supremacy and hateful conduct within the Canadian Armed Forces over to a specialized task force of military police officers or the RCMP for investigation. … The centre also wants to see the military adopt a policy of immediately sending all cases of alleged white supremacist activity to military police or the RCMP for investigation.” (CBC, September 4, 2020) [What, exactly, is “White supremacy”? Opposition to massive Third World immigration is sometimes labelled White supremacy. So is White pride. But Zionism or Jewish pride are alright?] “We need to end this culture of tolerance for neo-Nazis and neo-Nazi activities within our Armed Forces and it needs to be done now,”  Jaime Kirzner-Roberts of the Wiesenthal Centre demanded.

“The commander of the Canadian army says he plans to issue a special order that will give individual army units across the country “explicit direction” on how to deal with soldiers suspected of hateful conduct and extremism.

Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre told CBC News he also will reinforce the message personally by convening a meeting of all commanding officers and regimental sergeants major — 450 mid-level leaders — to discuss the problem of far-right infiltration of the military. “There is absolutely no place in the Canadian Army for those who hold hateful beliefs and express these beliefs through hateful behaviour. If you have those types of beliefs — get out. We don’t want you. You bring discredit and dishonour upon our organization.” (CBC, September 15, 2020)

So, as a member of the present military, you’re asked to risk your life to defend freedoms in other countries (say, Afghanistan), which the same military denies to you? Let the wankers, and soy boys and snowflakes go and fight, if they don’t go scuttling to the nearest “safe space” first.

So cadaver guy has no use for political diversity in the Canadian Armed Forces. Who’d want to fight for other’s freedoms in an army that has no room for political diversity. Let the wankers, soy boys and snowflakes fight for “diversity”.

The leaderless movement (documentary)

The leaderless movement (documentary)

The leaderless movement (documentary)

Ten days ago I swapped my writer’s pen for a video camera and drove off to Ottawa to document a rally on Parliament Hill that brought 7000 people together to challenge the Covid narrative and other issues involving government deception, overreach, and tyranny.

This is being called a ‘leaderless’ movement due to the awareness on the part of the organizers that humanity as a whole needs to be deprogrammed out of blindly trusting and following ANY leaders, and individuals need to step up and establish their own personal sovereignty.

All around the world different groups of people who have been divided for decades and even centuries are standing proudly side by side fighting for a common cause. Ottawa provides a microcosm of this as the rally represented a true coming together and mutual respect between the English, French, and First Nations.

Meeting with the brave and wonderful people who worked together to organize this event confirmed my belief that we are starting to see the great awakening of humanity unfolding before our eyes.

Patron Banned From Library After Petitioning To Discontinue LGBT Promotions

Patron Banned From Library After Petitioning To Discontinue LGBT Promotions

Decision follows shortly after Patron began campaigning to discontinue publicly promoting homosexuality.

Sep 2020 Patron Banned From Library After Petitioning To Discontinue LGBT Promotions Decision follows shortly after Patron began campaigning to discontinue publicly promoting homosexuality. Canadian Nationalist Party Activism, News

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron has been banned from his local library after he began forming a petition to discontinue publicly promoting LGBT.

On Saturday, August 30th, a video emerged on social media of Patron advocating against “drag queen storytime at the library“. Video Player00:0007:21

In response, the local librarian has stated that they are “intrigued at the idea” of having a “queen scheduled to show up at the library”.

The local authorities have informed Patron that he is not to visit the local library and that he is now effectively banned. Local authorities have restricted his access to the Redvers library (Tuesday, September 1st, 2020): Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Patron has inquired with the regional headquarters as to why he is banned from Redvers library (Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020): Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Upon receiving the news, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron had this to say:

Libraries should be a place of learning and inclusion, not used to endorse LGBT or exclude those who may campaign to discontinue the public promotion of transgenderism and homosexuality. It is fundamentally against the nature of academic honesty to exclude those who do not share the same beliefs as those in a position of authority. It is also entirely hypocritical to advocate for “inclusion” while excluding those who share different views from accessing public utilities. Most Canadians are not interested in living in a LGBT dictatorship. This development within our community demonstrates that LGBT advocates sometimes resort to bullying and intimidation in order to silence the opinions of others.

– Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader

As We Warned, the Medico-Stalinist Police State May Soon Start Interning COVID Dissenters


As We Warned, the Medico-Stalinist Police State May Soon Start Interning COVID Dissenters

Quebec City Says it Will Isolate “Uncooperative” Citizens in Secret Corona Facility

Health officials also visiting homes to take away people who violate quarantine.

Paul Joseph Watson

Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

Authorities in Quebec City, Canada have announced they will isolate “uncooperative” citizens in a coronavirus facility, the location of which remains a secret.

During a press conference, Dr. Jacques Girard, who heads the Quebec City public health authority, drew attention to a case where patrons at a bar were ordered to wait until their COVID-19 tests came back, but disregarded the command and left the premises before the results came back positive.

This led to them being deemed “uncooperative” and forcibly interned in a quarantine facility.

“[W]e may isolate someone for 14 days,” Girard said during the press conference. “And it is what we did this morning…forced a person to cooperate with the investigation…and police cooperation was exceptional.”

The health official then outlined how the state is also tracking down people for violating their home quarantine and forcibly removing them to the secret facility.

“Because we have had people isolated at home. And then, we saw the person was not at home. So, we went to their home, and then told them, we are isolating you where we want you to be,” said Girard.

“Six other Quebec City bars “known to have been frequented by Kirouac regulars” are now being examined by public health officials,” reports the RAIR Foundation.

“It should be noted that it is not being claimed that anyone is actually sick from the coronavirus. But the state has the power to force a citizen into isolation anyway.”

As we previously highlighted, the government of New Zealand announced similar measures, saying that they will put all new coronavirus infectees and their close family members in “quarantine facilities.”