Gab has spent the past 48 hours proudly working with the DOJ and FBI to bring justice to an alleged terrorist. Because of the data we provided, they now have plenty of evidence for their case. In the midst of this Gab has been no-platformed by essential internet infrastructure providers at every level. We are the most censored, smeared, and no-platformed startup in history, which means we are a threat to the media and to the Silicon Valley Oligarchy.

Gab isn’t going anywhere.

It doesn’t matter what you write. It doesn’t matter what the sophist talking heads say on TV. It doesn’t matter what verified nobodies say on Twitter. We have plenty of options, resources, and support. We will exercise every possible avenue to keep Gab online and defend free speech and individual liberty for all people.

You have all just made Gab a nationally recognized brand as the home of free speech online at a time when Silicon Valley is stifling political speech they disagree with to interfere in a US election.

The internet is not reality. TV is not reality. 80% of normal everyday people agree with Gab and support free expression and liberty. The online outrage mob and mainstream media spin machine are the minority opinion. People are waking up, so please keep pointing the finger at a social network instead of pointing the finger at the alleged shooter who holds sole responsibility for his actions.

No-platform us all you want. Ban us all you want. Smear us all you want.

You can’t stop an idea.

As we transition to a new hosting provider Gab will be inaccessible for a period of time. We are working around the clock to get back online. Thank you and remember to speak freely.

Andrew Torba, CEO


Trans artist censored after doing portrait of Whatcott and o

Trans artist censored after doing portrait of Whatcott

Postby Bill Whatcott » Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:10 am

Dear Friends,

Much has happened and is going on for me this upcoming month.

To start with some good news. In the past few months as a result of NDP Vice President and transvestite activist, Mr. Ronan Oger’s human rights complaint against me, I have become friends with a rather interesting fellow by the name of Brooklyn Fink.

I followed Brooklyn’s story with some interest a couple years back, and though my ministry has made me a few friends and a pile of enemies amongst homosexual and cross dressing activists, I never seriously considered the possibility of getting to know Brooklyn one day.

Anyways, Brooklyn gained some notoriety when he burned the homosexual pride flag on the UBC campus back in 2016. You can read about his act of civil disobedience here: … -1.3553719

Anyways, today Brooklyn wrote me a rather nice e-mail and let me know he drew a portrait with my face on it and that was temporarily censored at a downtown Vancouver art gallery. Brooklyn gave me permission to share his e-mail and work of art with you, so here it is.

Dear Bill,

I have a solo show exhibiting this month in Vancouver. One of my paintings in the exhibition is St George smiting the Dragon, and I used your face as the model for St George.

I attached two photos. One from the front, showing the main illustration. And one from the side, showing the little decorative St George’s Crosses on the edges of the painting.

Anyways, Friday was opening night. And Morgane Oger sent her girlfriend to spy it out. She comes, armoured in her “smash the patriarchy” hoodie, emblazoned with LGBT buttons, and introduces herself to me, “hi I’m Heidi, I’m the president of the community association” (the gallery is in the community room of a miniature village type block in downtown Vancouver). Immediately another attendee at the opening shot up, “she’s Morgane’s girlfriend!” And I couldn’t help but smile and ask out loud, “Oh really?” She was visibly disappointed that her cover was blown.

Anyways she noticed you were the model for the St George painting. She asked, “is that Bill Whatcott?” And I confirmed that, yes, it was. And she thought about it for a moment, then asked, “then who’s the dragon?” And I replied, “That’s up to the viewer to decide.” And so she defensively said, “Well I just think he’s slaying his own inner demons” and I gave her a look that just said “whatever you say”.

So flashforward to Sunday, and I get an email from the gallery. They have received a complaint. The complaint is that “one possible interpretation of the work is that if Whatcott is St George, then that makes Oger the Dragon, and you are then depicting the literal murder of a community tenant”. I put two and two together and knew where the complaint came from, and the gallery director accidentally confirmed it when I just talked to him like I knew what I was talking about. Because of the complaint, the gallery took the painting down, leaving a bare spot on the wall.

I told the gallery I would be forced to take them to the Tribunal for discrimination based on political and religious belief if this was not remedied.

So at first, there was going to be a meeting on Wednesday for the board to vote on whether to uphold my censorship or put the painting back. I was going to present my case, and if it failed, I would quickly make a new painting, The Martyrdom of St George, before the gallery re-opens on Friday.

But as it turns out, the gallery director has convinced Oger’s girlfriend to withdraw the complaint. So my painting is back up.

Thought you’d like to know about that.

God bless you,

The work of art that was temporarily removed, but is now apparently restored:



I do appreciate what Brooklyn did for me and given our mutually entrenched differences on gender, I was pleasantly surprised that Brooklyn would show such kindness to me and display such courage to make a controversial, Christian friendly, painting (complimenting a notorious guy like me no less) in such a left wing place! Please pray for God to bless and touch Brooklyn in a special way. My wife and I are really looking forward to meeting Brooklyn and spending some time with him when we get to Vancouver for my Kangaroo inquisition before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in December.

My wife and I will be attending the “In One Accord” conference coming up in Edmonton on Friday, November 9th. This conference is designed to inform and equip believers to become united and effectively deal with the challenges facing us in present day Canada as it pertains to protecting our religious liberty in an increasingly hostile environment.

To learn more about this Christ centred and informative conferance and to register please go here:

On November 27th, my Judicial Pre-Trial Conference for my so-called “hate crime” (actually ministering the Word of God and accurate medical information to Toronto’s homosexual shame parade) will begin in Toronto’s College Park Courthouse. Pray for God to provide an agent to represent me so I don’t have to fly to Toronto again, unless God actually wants me there to do more preaching and ministering to that once great city that has now become a bastion of cultural Marxism. Please pray for this.

I have been invited to speak at the “Biblical view on homosexuality and sexuality” seminar in Calgary on Saturday, December 1, 2018 from
10 AM – 2 PM.

I will be speaking on the impact of homosexual activism on religious and other civil liberties in Canada.

This conference is hosted by Pastor Artur Pawlowski and the Calgary Street Church and is RSVP.
If you would like to attend please contact Pastor Pawlowski via:

Street Church Facebook page:
Phone: 403-607-4434

My kangaroo trial before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) is fast coming up for December 11-14.

As you can see in the latest judgment released by Devyn Cousineau, the homosexual activist adjudicator; my lawyer and I won some small victories. Ronan (he calls himself Morgane) Oger, the NDP Vice President and tyrannical transvestite activist, and his lesbian activist lawyer Susanna Quail were looking for an immediate pay out of $5000 cash from me for “misconduct” during this so-called human rights tribunal process. My alleged “misconduct” being calling Ronan a biological male (which he is) and a tyrant (a reasonable person looking at his online threats of litigation, attempts at career destruction, and attempts to hunt down and bully anyone who refuses to call him a woman can reasonably draw the same conclusion as me). Indeed, I am far from alone in seeing Ronan as a petty tyrant. Anyways, Devyn deferred judgment on whether I should pay Ronan and his lawyer $5000 in costs until the kangaroo trial is over.

We also won a small victory perhaps (I must admit my lawyer seems more excited about the development than me) in that Devyn Cousineau asked for two other members of the BCHRT to hear and adjudicate my case, in addition to her. Even though Cousineau appears dismissive of my concerns about her lack of impartiality, I suspect she really can’t ignore the fact that I dug up evidence of her donating money to transvestite rights organizations, her affiliation with the NDP, etc…. By having my case heard by three pro-homosexual/left-wing kangaroos, instead of just one kangaroo (Devyn), she probably hopes to give the process more of a veneer of impartiality. Of course, I expect the outcome to be the same. I have pointed out for years human rights tribunals are systemically kangaroo show trials. The Chairpersons overseeing these abominations tend to be left wing, pro-homosexual, dismissive of religious liberty concerns, and restrictive in terms of their view of free speech. The types of adjudicators these Chairpersons appoint to hear human rights cases are lawyers who share the same views as them. I do not believe a single conservative lawyer has ever been appointed to a Canadian human rights tribunal in the last three decades and hence why I will never dignify this process with any title more flattering than kangaroo court. Anyways, here is Devyn’s latest ruling:

November 1, 2018 Via Email

British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal

170 — 605 Robson Street Vancouver BC V6B 513
Phone: 604-775-2000
Fax: 604-775-2020
TTY: 604-775-2021
Toll Free: 1-888-440-8844 http://www.bchrt.bc.ea

Susanna Quail
Allevato Quail & Worth
405 – 510 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 1L8

Charles Lugosi
Crease Harmon LLP
800 – 1070 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8W 2C4

Dear Parties:

Re: Morgane Oger v. Bill Whatcott
(Case Number: 16408)

This letter addresses the following issues:

1. Ms. Oger’s application for costs
2. Mr. Whatcott’s request that I recuse myself on my own motion
3. The conduct of the Canadian Association for Free Expression [CAFE]
4. Mr. Whatcott’s witness list
5. The hearing panel

Application for costs

Ms. Oger applies for an award of costs against Mr. Whatcott for improper conduct during the course of this complaint: Human Rights Code [Code], s. 37(4)(a). The application concerns. Mr. Whatcott’s public comments that denigrate her, her counsel, the Tribunal, and me in my capacity as Tribunal Member managing the complaint. He made the impugned comments on his personal website and social media accounts, and in a podcast interview.

Mr. Whatcott opposes the application on the bases that his conduct was not improper and that, in any event, the Tribunal does not have jurisdiction to award costs for a party’s behaviour outside its process.

There is no question that Mr. Whatcott’s public comments are deliberately derogatory towards Ms. Oger. In many ways, his statements reflect those which have given rise to this complaint in the first place. He is also, in colourful terms, highly critical of the Tribunal and me personally,

and clear in his view that this process is a “kangaroo show trial”. He refers to Ms. Oger’s counsel as a “lesbian lawyer” and does not intend the phrase as a compliment.

The issue is whether these comments, made outside the Tribunal’s process but clearly related to it, can give rise to an order for costs under s. 37(4) of the Code.
Mr. Whatcott argues that the Tribunal’s jurisdiction to award costs is limited to instances where misconduct that impacts upon “practice or procedure in the proceeding itself”. He cites Routkovskaia v. British Columbia (Human Rights Tribunal), 2012 BCCA 141, where the Court of Appeal described the Tribunal’s discretion to order costs as limited to circumstances “when there is misconduct or breach of a BCHRT rule or order regarding practice and procedure”: para. 34.

This passage of Routkovskaia is not controversial. It merely summarizes what is apparent from the plain language of s. 37(4) itself. The discretion to award costs is not limited to circumstances where a party contravenes a rule or order. Rather, it also applies where a party has engaged in “improper conduct during the course of the complaint”. The phrase “during the course of” clearly signals that there must be a connection to a complaint. In that regard, I agree with Mr. Whatcott that the Tribunal does not have powers to punish a party’s conduct beyond what is conferred expressly by the Code and the applicable provisions of the Administrative Tribunals Act.

The issue in the application is whether Mr. Whatcott’s comments, made on social media and his website, are “during the course of the complaint”. Ms. Oger relies on Stone v. BC (Ministry of Health Services) and others, 2004 BCHRT 221 and Bakhitiyari v. BCIT (No. 6), 2007 BCHRT 320. In Stone, the costs award was based on more than Mr. Stone’s online comments alone. In Bakhitiyari, the complainant’s impugned conduct occurred both within and outside the Tribunal’s process. Neither case required the Tribunal to interpret “during the course of the complaint” in s. 37(4). Nor was the Tribunal in those cases called upon to consider Charter values in the exercise of its discretion: Dore v. Barreau du Quebec, 2012 SCC 12 at para. 24.

I do not have the benefit of legal submissions on the issue of whether the phrase “during the course of complaint” in s. 37(4) should be interpreted in light of Charter values or, alternatively, how Charter values may be relevant to the exercise of discretion under s. 37(4).

In my view, it will be most efficient to address Ms. Oger’s costs application at the conclusion of the hearing. At that point, the Tribunal will benefit from the submissions of all participants about the scope of Mr. Whatcott’s rights under ss. 2(a) and (b) of the Charter, and how those rights inform the interpretation of the Code. Within this framework, the Tribunal can interpret and apply s. 37(4) in a way that achieves its purpose of protecting the integrity of its process, and the vulnerable people who appear before it, and remains consistent with Charter values.

My decision on this application is therefore deferred to the conclusion of the hearing. I will allow all participants, including the intervenors, to make further submissions about the interpretation and application of s. 37(4) in light of the Charter.

Mr. Whatcott’s request that I recuse myself

Mr. Whatcott earlier applied to have me recuse myself because of a reasonable apprehension of bias. I denied that application and set out my reasons in Oger v. Whatcott (No. 3), 2018 BCHRT 183 at paras. 28-57.

Mr. Whatcott now says that he has learned more information about my past charitable, volunteer, and political affiliations that he says show conclusively that I am “hopelessly biased”. He says my failure to disclose those affiliations earlier “taints the integrity of the entire process”. He asks me to recuse myself “on my own motion”.

I do not intend to exhaustively address this argument again. I have set out the high bar for establishing a reasonable apprehension of bias in Oger (No. 3), and the law which makes clear that a judge’s “prior conceptions, opinions, or sensibilities” do not, on their own, operate to displace the weighty presumption that they are able to approach “each case with an open mind”: Yukon Francophone School Board, Education Area #23 v. Yukon (Attorney General), 2015 SCC 25 at para. 34. Mr. Whatcott has not identified any new circumstances that would persuade “an informed person, viewing the matter realistically and practically — and having thought the matter through … that (I), whether consciously or unconsciously, would not decide fairly”: Committee for Justice and Liberty v. National Energy Board, 1976 Can1_112 (KC), [1978] 1 SCR 369 at 394.

Mr. Whatcott’s energy would be better spent making arguments about the scope of s. 7 of the Code in light of the Charter rights to freedom of religion and expression. Indeed, I observe that the highest purpose of protecting free expression is to encourage “the exchange of opposing views”: Saskatchewan (Human Rights Commission) v. Whatcott, 2013 SCC 11 [Whatcott] at para. 117. There is no merit to an argument that a judge must share the views of a speaker in order to impartially adjudicate a claim engaging their right to express those views.

I decline Mr. Whatcott’s invitation for me to recuse myself.

The conduct of the Canadian Association for Free Expression [CAFE]

CAFE was granted leave to intervene in this complaint on September 8, 2017: Oger v. Whatcott, 2017 BCHRT 195. In that decision, Tribunal Member Rilkoff set out several conditions that applied to its participation, including that its role would be “limited to making oral and written submissions in regard to … whether the two flyers violated s. 7 of the Code.” Member Rilkoff was clear that “CAFE does not have standing to take part in any procedural matters before the Tribunal unless the Tribunal asks them for submissions”: at para. 30.

Notwithstanding these conditions, CAFE has repeatedly made unsolicited submissions in respect of the parties’ interim applications.

In a letter to all the participants dated August 10, 2018, I wrote:

I remind the intervenors that they do not have standing to make submissions or take positions in respect of the procedural matters that may arise, or applications that may be brought by the parties, unless their participation is invited. Their role is restricted to legal arguments — and possibly the introduction of evidence — at the hearing. [emphasis in original]

The Tribunal did not seek submissions from the intervenors on Ms. Oger’s application for costs. Notwithstanding this clear direction about the scope of its participation, CAFE filed another unsolicited submission in response to Ms. Oger’s costs application. The submission is 25 pages of dense text. Ms. Oger quite properly did not respond to it.

I have not read the entire submission because it was submitted contrary to the Tribunal’s direct, and repeated, instruction that intervenors not file submissions on interim applications unless they are invited to do so. This is important because the role of the intervenor is to help the Tribunal with the substantive issues presented by the complaint. In doing so, they are not to descend into the fray or take the litigation away from the parties. It would be unfair to Ms. Oger to allow CAFE to act as a second respondent alongside Mr. Whatcott and require her to expend time and resources addressing arguments against a party she did not name and which is not directly involved in the complaint.

I am concerned, therefore, that CAFE has demonstrated a pattern of disregard for the Tribunal’s clear instructions, and a persistent misunderstanding about its role in these proceedings. Although I did not read the full submission, I read enough to develop additional, more significant, concerns about its content. In the submission, CAFE directly attacks Ms. Oger based on her gender identity and her decision to bring forward this complaint. it argues that Mr. Whatcott’s comments about her are “true”, that she cannot produce “evidence of being actually a woman”, refers to Ms. Oger’s name as a “fantasy name”, and calls her a “transvestite… with tyrannical tendencies” and a “cruel or terrifying person”. And it goes on.

These submissions, though unsolicited, have been made to the Tribunal in the context of an application before it. As such, the concerns that I have identified about Mr. Whatcott’s speech — which has occurred outside the process —do not apply here. In my view, CAFE’s comments about Ms. Oger are completely improper and could fairly be the subject of a costs award if made by a party: Stone at para. 61; Colbert v. District of North Vancouver, 2018 BCHRT 40 at para. 54.
The circumstances are, in my view, more egregious because they come from an intervenor who is a participant in the process by invitation of the Tribunal. The role of the intervenors in this case is to assist the Tribunal with the substantive question of law. These types of submissions are not helpful and, more importantly, are inflammatory, derogatory, disrespectful and inappropriate. No person should be subjected to that kind of treatment while bringing forward or defending a complaint.

I hereby put CAFE on notice that if this type of behaviour is continued, I will revoke its status as intervenor in these proceedings. In future, it must only make submissions when invited —namely at the hearing. Those submissions should focus on how s. 7 of the Code should be interpreted in light of ss. 2(a) and (b) of the Charter. It should refrain from personal attacks against Ms. Oger, or further attempts to prove the truthfulness of Mr. Whatcott’s statements. I will not tolerate further such conduct in this proceeding.

Mr. Whatcott’s witness list

Mr. Whatcott was required to submit a copy of his witness’s will-say statements by October 25, 2018. Aside from his summary of Dr. Gutowski’s proposed testimony, he has not done so.

If Mr. Whatcott intends to call witnesses other than Dr. Gutowksi, he is required to give notice to Ms. Oger and file will-say statements forthwith. If he does not do so, he may be precluded from introducing such evidence at the hearing.

Hearing panel

As I have repeatedly observed, this complaint raises the important issue of how s. 7 of the Code is to be interpreted in light of the Charter and, in particular, the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Saskatchewan (Human Rights Commission) v. Whatcott, 2013 5CC 11.

Because of the novel legal issue at stake, I have asked the Chair of the Tribunal to appoint a three-person panel to hear the complaint. She has agreed to do so. As a result, I will hear and decide this matter along two other members of the Tribunal.


In summary:

The panel will hear further submissions about whether and how s. 37(4) should be interpreted in light of Charter values or, alternatively, how Charter values may be relevant to the exercise of discretion under s. 37(4). It will decide the application after the hearing.

• I decline to recuse myself from this complaint.
• CAFE is cautioned that its conduct in respect of Ms. Oger’s costs application was improper, and that I will revoke its intervenor status if its attacks on Ms. Oger continue.

• If Mr. Whatcott intends to call witnesses aside from Dr. Gutowski, he must give notice of who he intends to call forthwith, along with a summary of the subject matter of their evidence.

• This complaint will be heard by a panel of three members of the Tribunal.

cc: Paul Fromm
Lindsay A. Waddell
Rajwant Mangat
Jay Cameron.
Marty Moore
Kerri Fisher
Freya Zaltz

Dr. Lugosi and his firm understand I have absolutely no capacity to cover his full legal fees. So far for all three of my cases that Dr. Lugosi is litigating ($104 million lawsuit, hate crime charge, and this BCHRT Human Rights Complaint) I have raised $60,000 or so, which actually isn’t bad for a small budget and somewhat controversial activist like me. However, the actual bill if the full hourly rate was applied is somewhere around $250,000 – $300,000 or so….. The sixty thousand I have raised over the past year and a half is long gone on disbursements, research, a little bit for Lugosi’s rent and to eat, etc…..

That a legal bill can get this high and none of the cases have even made it to trial yet, makes me sad and leads me to think the system is systemically flawed and intrinsically unjust. Truly justice can only be attained for the rich or in my case because there is a Christian lawyer willing to martyr his financial well being in the pursuit of justice.

Anyways, while Dr. Lugosi knows $300,000 is not coming his way in this life, he asked if I could at least raise another $1000 or so this month so he can at least have his food during the trial, a modest hotel for 5 days, and his fairy fare from Vancouver Island to Vancouver covered. So far I have $800 set aside for Dr. Lugosi that I will be mailing to him this month. If I could get another $200 or preferably a little more for Dr. Lugosi that would be much appreciated.

To mail directly to Dr. Charles Lugosi:

Bill Whatcott Legal Defense Fund
Crease Harman Lawfirm:
#800 – 1070 Douglas Street
Victoria, B.C. V8W 2C4


Go Get Funding: … t-family/#

In Christ’s Service
Bill Whatcott

“Put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.”
Ephesians 4:22-24

Justice Facebook Style — Punishment Clear, Accusations Hazy

Justice Facebook Style — Punishment Clear, Accusations Hazy
Globalists, up until 20 years ago, dominated and controlled most mass media in North America and Britain. They could suppress or demonize free speech supporters, White nationalists and Revisionists. Their soap opera news, which wasn’t news, but approved “good guys” versus “bad guys” (us) misinformed the public as the media sought to shape or make news, not report it
Then, came the Internet and all sorts of new features — Facebook, Twitter, You Tube. Suddenly, all sorts of voices could be heard. The control freaks of anti-White globalism are still trying to shove the genie back into the bottle.
Here’s just a tiny example of the censorship Zuckerberg (is he Irish?) at Facebook invokes to try to hinder free expression.
Free speech supporters should start demanding measures, such as:
1. Media like Facebook that possess a virtual monopoly should be treated like public utilities. They must serve everyone, without restriction, UNLESS as actual crime is being committed on line.
2. Creative supporters of free speech must develop  their own platforms and technology to circumvent the censorship. This is what GAB has done to counter thought control at Twitter.
Paul Fromm
Facebook has policies to stop behavior that other people may find annoying or abusive. If your account is blocked, you will still be able to log on to Facebook, but you may not be able to use features.
Our security systems are currently blocking you from doing something on Facebook, such as posting or sharing. This block is temporary and can last up to 30 days, depending on the reason for the block.
We understand that you may have had good intentions or may have not known about our policies on acceptable behavior, and we also understand that this block can be frustrating. To help keep Facebook open and welcoming, we try to prevent people from unintentionally misusing Facebook, even if you felt that what you did was acceptable.
We may block people from doing something on Facebook when:
  • Something you posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to our security systems. This can last up to a few days.
  • Messages or friend requests you sent were marked unwelcome. This can last up to a few days.
  • You’ve done something that doesn’t follow our Community Standards. This can last up to 30 days
To avoid blocks like this in the future, you can:
  • Review our Community Standards to understand what kind of sharing is allowed on Facebook.
  • Only message people you already know.
  • Only send friend requests to people you know.


Things have been going very well in Warren & Lisa Kinsella’s vanity prosecution of Dr. James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine for allegedly “uttering a threat” in YOUR WARD NEWS against the Kinsella. These drama queens took their complaint to two different police personnel and two different Crowns. All told them there was no threat and no case. They laid a private charge and the Crown took it over.
As you have seen from my reports, Dr. Sears lawyers have humiliated the Kinsellas, caught them in, er, shall we say, many untruths and exposed their visceral hatred of Dr. Sears and desire to bankrupt him and shut down the hilarious, satirical YOUR WARD NEWS by any means necessary.
On Thursday, the judge delivered a directed verdict and the charges against Leroy  ST. Germaine were withdrawn. One down; one to go.
In a somewhat frightening incident, during the noon break, defence lawyer Chris Murphy was assaulted at Starbucks by a sixtyish, fat, greying woman who spat on him before several witnesses. She may have been part of what Dr. Sears terms “post-menopausal crazy cat ladies” who seem to make up part of the Kinsellas’ anti-racist entourage. The assault was brought to the attention of the Court,.
Come out and by your presence witness for free speech. The final day of the trail is Tuesday, October 20 at 10:00. It will be on the second floor of the College Park Building, southwest corner of Yonge and College.
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and shoes

GAB (Alternative to Twitter) Under Attack By Psycho Censors is under attack. We have been systematically no-platformed by App Stores, multiple hosting providers, and several payment processors. We have been smeared by the mainstream media for defending free expression and individual liberty for all people and for working with law enforcement to ensure that justice is served for the horrible atrocity committed in Pittsburgh. Gab will continue to fight for the fundamental human right to speak freely.

As we transition to a new hosting provider Gab will be inaccessible for a period of time. We are working around the clock to get back online. Thank you and remember to speak freely.

The synagogue “shooting” is already used as a pretext to silence the Alternative Media, specifically Gab, a libertarian alternative to Twitter. Unlike Twitter, Gab does not censor speech, although Gab vehemently condemns acts of violence and terrorism.

Bowers has been active on social media, including Gab, where he calls himself @onedingo. His bio on Gab says “Jews are the children of satan. (john 8:44)”. (New York Post)

Upon learning of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter’s identity, Gab immediately took down Bowers’ page, but not before backing it up and sending it to the FBI.

For letting Bowers speak freely on Gab, first PayPal banned Gab, followed by Gab‘s hosting provider, Joyent, saying it will discontinue hosting Gab on Monday morning because of an unspecified “breach of the Joyent Terms of Service”.

But Facebook and Twitter aren’t facing any backlash although Bowers had accounts on both. Likewise, package bomber Cesar Sayoc was allowed to spout threats on Twitter for two years. Twitter suspended Sayoc only after he was arrested two days ago, on Friday, Oct. 26. (RT)

See also DCG’s post, “Twitter is “deeply sorry” for refusing to take down pipe bomb suspect’s tweet“.

In a tweet this morning, Gab says they’ve secured a new hosting provider.

Political Prisoner Horst Mahler May Be Near Death in German Prison

Political Prisoner Horst Mahler May Be Near Death in German Prison
Germany politic0-philosopher and imprisoned dissident Horst Mahler (born 1936) is in a very bad way in a prison hospital.   
Behind bars for years and for the next 10 years despite his crippling condition after a leg amputation in consequence of the life-endangering prison diet for a diabetic, the octogenarian and former attorney has committed no crime for his jailed condition save expressing peaceful philosophical opinions.  
Attorney Mahler’s wife writes (for general public interest release) the news her husband wishes conveyed via Robert Steinert.   (Mr. Steinert is the co-producer of the film based on the groundbreaking book “Other Losses” … the untold loss of a million POW and German civilians driven, on the sociopathic orders of the postwar barbaric Eisenhower, who intentionally starving them to death in tightly packed fields of the Rhine Meadows exposed to harsh elements).

<<Dear Herr Steinert, I am sending you this message at the request of my husband… Yesterday I visited my husband in the detention department of the municipal hospital in Brandenburg. He has been there since Wednesday – after a breakdown in the cell !

 Horst suffers from necrosis of his remaining right foot (its big toe).

In addition pneumonia has set in – quite heavily now. 

His CRP value of his blood is 300 – this is very high. A normal value is about 10.

For two days he has been on antibiotics – now we have to wait and see whether the inflammation levels drop.

Mentally Horst is clear, as always, but very weak. He fears that he will not get through this time….

Yours sincerely, Elzbieta Mahler>>

In the circumstances, well-wishers may like to take this opportunity to send their respects to Horst Mahler who is regarded by many (to quote Robert Steinert):
<< as without doubt one of the greatest thinkers Germany has ever produced. Nevertheless, I hope that he will survive this crisis, because we all need him urgently!>>


Horst’s prison address is:
Justizvollzugsanstalt Brandenburg A.D. Havel,
Inhaftierter: Horst Mahler 
Anton-Saefkow-Allee 22 
14772 Brandenburg 
For those interested, Telling Films has many unique interviews with Horst Mahler available in English as listed at and via
Best regards,
Michèle Lady Renouf

Alfred & Monika Schaefer Sentenced to Jail in Germany for Questioning the “Holocaust”




Alfred Schaefer, left, and Monika Schaefer. (Anne Wild photo)

The trial in Germany of two siblings, both Canadian citizens, for denying the Holocaust has ended with jail terms.

According to Anne Wild, a photojournalist who monitored the trial for The CJN, Alfred Schaefer, 63, who lives in Germany, received a prison sentence today of three years and two months. His sister, Monika Schaefer, 59, who lives in Jasper, Alta., received a term of 10 months.


But since she has been in prison since the charges were laid in January, she was set free, with her time already served.

The siblings were tried together on six counts of “incitement to hatred” for producing and posting at least one video in which Monika Schaefer denied the Holocaust.

The trial began in July in Munich. Monika Schaefer was in Germany visiting her brother at the time and was arrested while attending the trial of another Holocaust denier.

She’s a musician and activist who was born in Canada to German parents and was the federal Green party’s candidate in the Alberta riding of Yellowhead in 2006, 2008 and 2011.

Monika Schaefer gained notoriety in July 2016 after appearing in a five-minute YouTube video, titled Sorry, Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust, in which she said the Holocaust was the “biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.”

In it she claimed that death camps were really work camps where prisoners were kept “as healthy and as well-fed as was possible.”

According to Wild, Monika Schaefer told the court, in German, that, “I’m convinced that the Holocaust is a great untruth of history.” She said she made the video to make peace with her mother and that she wrote the script.

Wild said the trial heard evidence that the video was produced by Alfred Schaefer in the town of Tutzing, outside Munich. Monika told court that she knew it would be published online.

Monika Schaefer was ousted from the Green party over the YouTube video, which the party condemned “in the strongest possible terms.”

In May, Alfred Schaefer was convicted of incitement to hatred for a speech he delivered in the German city of Dresden in February 2017. He was fined 5,000 euros ($7,700).

It was reported that at the start of his trial, Alfred Schaefer delivered the Nazi straight-arm salute in the courtroom.

It was not clear as of Friday whether the verdict or sentences will be appealed

YOUR WARD NEWS Defence Lawyer, Chris Murphy, Assaulted Outside Hearings

YOUR WARD NEWS Defence Lawyer, Chris Murphy, Assaulted Outside Hearings
I wanted to raise this as a potential security incident. I’m at the
Starbucks across the street and a woman (whom I have NOT seen in our
courtroom) came up to me and spit in my face (and on my coat, as per below
picture). There were 2 Starbucks employees who witnessed it. I would be
able to ID her if I see her again. I thought
you should know. — 

The Complaining Kinsellas Unravel During Withering Cross-examination in the YOUR WARD NEWS “Uttering Threats” Case

The Complaining Kinsellas Unravel During Withering Cross-examination in the YOUR WARD NEWS “Uttering Threats” Case
TORONTO, October 24, 2018. The trial of YOUR WARD NEWS editor Dr. James Sears and publisher Leroy St. Germaine of charges of “uttering threats” continued in Toronto today Defence lawyers (Chris Murphy for Mr. St. Germaine) and (George Gray for Dr. Sears) painted a picture of an ugly feud going back to 2015 as the Kinsellas and their group STAMP (Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice) sought to drive the satirical tabloid out of business by any means necessary, including, Warren Kinsella admitted trying to bankrupt Dr. Sears: “I want to do whatever it takes to shut this paper down,” he snapped.
The defence attorneys shredded the credibility of the complainant couple is rigorous cross-examination. George Gray revisited Kinsella’s extraordinary assertion from the previous day that he was only “vaguely aware” that Dr. Sears was running for mayor of Toronto. After some technical fumbling the testimony from yesterday was played back to the court. Mr. Gray said:   “I submit you absolutely knew he was running” and references a tweet where Kinsella praised John Tory for refusing to participate in any “all candidates” debate where either Dr, Sears or populis videographer Faith Goldy were present because they were “White supremacists.” Having tried to muddy the waters by saying it took 25 signatures to nominate a candidate and that he did not keep close track of Dr. Sears’ campaign, Kinsella admitted: “I authorized the article. James Sears name never passed Mr. Tory’s lips. We do not want to legitimize White supremacy, misogyny and anti-Semitism,”
Mr. Gray also reminded Mr. Kinsella of his fighting tweet on October 22, urging supporters to come to the court proceedings, or help in other ways by donating money. However, as the Crown is prosecuting the case, the Kinsellas have no expenses. “In your view, it’s ethical to solicit funds for other proceedings.” Earlier Kinsella had admitted the funds would assist in other legal cases, a defamation action, they are pursuing against YOUR WARD NEWS.
Kinsella was visibly angry when confronted with his nickname “Prince of Darkness.” He insisted that short-lived Tory Kim Campbell called his that after her disastrous campaign. Kinsella had been a close war room advisor to victor Jean Chretien. He then added that his publisher had insisted on this handle. He concluded by asserting: “It’s what Mr. Sears does manipulating Wikipedia.” How he might do this was never explained.
Mr. Gray then confronted him with the name of the punk band he has played in SFH. Kinsella feigned surprise that Mr. Gray did not know what the initials meant and then explained “Shit From Hell”. Mr. Gray suggested that Prince of Darkness and Shit From Hell might explain the demonic and religious themes in some of YWN’s cartooning about the Kinsellas.
In the afternoon, Lisa Kinsella took the stand. In her testimony, she exposed the snowflake nature of this complaining couple. She explained the various action they and STAMP have taken — using her lobbying skills and insider Ottawa connections to get Dr. Sears and Mr. St. Germaine’s mailing rights removed, calling advertisers urging them to cease advertising in YWN, and lobbying with Jewish groups to get Dr. Sears and Mr,. St. Germaine charged under the “hate law”..
However, when Dr. Sears sought a review of the Interim Prohibitory order, she asked the review panel “not to ask her to give her address” as she was sworn in. [Paul Fromm, representing CAFE at these hearings had objected to this special privilege. He had argued for openness and transparency.]
The alleged threat in this case arose out of a reaction by Dr. Sears to the Children’s Aid Society being called to investigate his family and care of their young son. Six months later, Dr. Sears said he had not written about this malicious trick earlier because  “there was the chance that some hothead … would lose it and do something illegal, like bludgeon the Kinsellas to death … I chose to turn the other cheek and let enough time pass for (those) people to react with cool heads. As a Christian, I don’t want to see harm come to the Kinsellas and have delayed this information to let tempers cool”
As on the previous day, questioning centred on a tweet by Warren Kinsella calling Dr. Sears a “neo-Nazi serial sex offender” and attaching an article which posted his picture, street address, picture of his house, car, licence plate number and a picture thereof. She said her husband never posted Dr. Sears’ address. The article said: Dr. Sears ” seems to think he can sexually harass people and promote all kinds of racist Nazi bullshit with little consequence … here’s his home address and some personal info for anyone who’s interested.”
“Do you think this is a call to action?” Mr. Gray asked. Lisa Kinsella bobbed and weaved: “Well, my husband didnt’ write this and I am not responsible for what my husband does. I cannot  speculate” whether it’s a call to action.
Finally, she insisted: “It’s not a call to action when compared to what was written about us.”
The trial continues before Judge Dan Moore on Thursday. — Paul Fromm