Anti-Zionist Publisher Arthur Topham Still Gagged After Five Months, Still No Charges Laid

Anti-Zionist Publisher Arthur Topham Still Gagged After Five Months, Still No Charges Laid
We do things a little differently in Canada. We don’t shoot dissidents in the streets or send them off to torture chambers. Still our political establishment, the police who serve (not you, silly, but) their political masters and protect (not you, silly, but) their pension plans, and the Zionist lobbyists who have pressed for and defended our anti-free speech laws find ways to throttle dissidents just the same.
Last week Canada Border Service Agency stopped Rev. Terry Jones who was on his way to Toronto to participate in a debate on Islam. Yes, he’d threatened to burn the Koran in protest against Islamic terrorism several years ago. CBSA resorted to goonery and legal knit-picking to send him packing. They tore his car apart for four hours — perhaps, the Reverend Sir had hidden a Bible. They invaded his laptop and cellphone. They then alleged he’d committed fraud fraud in Germany claiming to be a PH.D. The charge was later cleared when he explained to the German authorities that his doctorate was honourary.
In a country where politicians routinely lie — remember the B.C. Liberals promising no HST before the last election, then promptly doing a deal with the feds and bringing the HST in — this slight confusion seems remarkably petty. But, whatever, It served their purposes and Rev. Jones was kept out of the country,
Arthur Topham is a freethinker who for years published The Radical Press as a newspaper and, for the past few years, as a website. One of his key concerns has been Zionism. B’nai Brith activist Harry Abrams of Victoria brought a complaint under Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. However, with Marc Lemire’s stunning Victoria in September 2, 2009, get Sec. 13 declared effectively unconstitutional, the charges have been adjourned.
Still, Abrams and, apparently, arch complainer Richard Warman filed a complaint under Sec. 319 of Canada’s Criminal Code., the notorious “hate law.” In May, Arthur Topham’s home was raided, he was jailed, and his computer taken. He was forced to sign an undertaking — although no charges had been laid — not to write his views on the Internet, not to communicate directly or indirectly with Harry Abrams or Richard Warman, and to surrender his hunting rifles, even though he lives in and pursues placer mining in an area with a large bear population.
Mr. Topham reports that he has succeeded in getting his conditions modified a little. He needs your help. Here is a recent message slightly edited from Mr. Topham.
Paul Fromm

Arthur Topham, Publisher,
October 17, 2012
Now that the censors have lost their opportunity to jail Terry Tremaine for “hate crimes” it’s likely that they’ll be trying to nail me to the cross for this same phony, anti-democratic charge.

I was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) back in May of this year. The charge that was alleged against me was what has now become the Zionist’s standard fare around the world for gaining control of free speech on the Internet – committing a “hate” crime.
As a result of these trumped up charges laid by two of Canada’s most notorious serial complainers – Richard Warman and Harry Abrams – I was put in jail and my home later invaded by the “BC Hate Crime Team” set up to track and destroy any dissidents who criticize either the Zionist ideology or the policies of the state of Israel) and all of my computers and electronic files taken by the said “Hate Crime Team” led by Det. Cst. Terry Wilson and his second in command , Cst. Normandie Levas.

BC “HATE CRIME TEAM” Cst. Normandie Levas & Cst. Terry Wilson
Given that I was never formally charged by the Crown that didn’t stop “Captain Hate Crime” Wilson from arbitrarily imposing extremely severe restrictions on me before releasing me from prison. I was ordered not to go on the Internet or e-mail anyone other than those few individuals who I was working with in a private business venture.
Foremost was the order not to post any more articles on the web. The reason for this? Why, according to the police, to stop me from committing further offences. In other words I was already guilty of “crime” and, so, I had to be prohibited from committing more offences! But the real reason was to keep me quiet while the police were busy going through all of my private communications with friends and associates from around the world. I had thousands upon thousands of letters stored in my machine that the police were desperate to get a hold of and snoop into. So desperate in fact that they were willing to obtain an search warrant from a Judge based upon erroneous evidence in order to justify their actions.
After 911 the Zionist insiders were further able to have an additional clause added Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Right Act,that draconian law, stating that it was a hate crime to post anything on the Internet that might hurt the feelings of the Zionists. It was that section of legislation, known as sec. 13, that was first used against me and my website back in the year 2007.
What followed was a five year quasi-legal battle with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its Tribunal. They wanted my website shut down in the worst way and heavy fines imposed on me and an order to prevent me from writing anything further on this criminal cartel that’s destroying world harmony.
Eventually, because of public outcry, the federal government of Canada on June 7th, 2012, voted to scrap this specious piece of Zionist legislation and the case against me was finally thrown out. However,with the pending repeal of Sec. 13,I was not the victim of a complaint under the Canadian Criminal Code using Section 319(2) which states, “Wilful promotion of hatred”. It was this charge that landed me in jail back in May and was responsible for the theft of all of my computers and files and the state (Crown) order to not post or go on the Internet.
Eventually my lawyer Doug Christie was able to have the conditions of my Undertaking altered so that now I can send e-mails to friends and associates but I am still not allowed to write articles and post them anywhere on the web. This is why I can now send you a letter explaining why I have not posted on my website or written to people for the last 6 months.
Now the most outlandish and scary aspect of this ordeal is that to date, one hundred and fifty-five days after my arrest, I still have not been charged formally with this offence! Yet, the police and the state have effectively silenced me and prohibited me from publishing anything at all.
Free speech: only in Canada you say? NOT BY A LONG SHOT!
I’m a senior citizen (65 years old) living on a very small pension). Anyone wishing to donate to help with my legal expenses can send funds to:
Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel, B.C. Canada
V2J 6T8
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A Small Victory for the Victims: Richard Warman and National Post owe Fourniers $7,230.44

Free speech and its defence in Canada are definitely not free but come at a huge cost.


Mark and Connie Fournier are among the most abused of Richard Warman’s victims. Until finally stopped by the Marc Lemire case which ruled Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act essentially unconstitutional, Richard Warman, as part of his “maximum disruption” tactic had been on a tear filing complaints at no cost and sometimes a profit to himself against persons whose politics he didn’t like: a diverse group of dissident victims he dubbed “neo-Nazis.” By way of further mischief, he filed or attempted to file Sec. 319(hate law) complaints against many of them, including Glen Bahr, Jessica Beaumont,. Alexan Kulbashian, Marc Lemire, and Terry Tremaine. (the list may not be all inclusive).Not all of these complaints led to charges. In addition, at least in the Terry Tremain case, busybody Warman went after the victim’s jobs successfully in Terry Tremaine’s case).


Now, if you defended free speech and criticized Warman’s legal rampage, you could face problems. CAFE and I were stout defenders of the victims and vocal critics of Richard Warman. retribution came swiftly. We were both sued for defamation. After five years of huge costs and legal torment, amazingly we lost. [According to Madame Justice Monique Methivier’s understanding of law and the English language, we may not call Richard Warman a censor. We note that observers in a freer country like theU.S.who also understand the English language as well seem to feel the term applies.] We faced a judgement of $43,000, not to mention our own hefty legal costs.

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