Now, the Thought Police Are After Ezra Levant for Criticisms of Gypsies

Now, the Thought Police Are After Ezra Levant for Criticisms of Gypsies

“Hate laws” exist to shield privileged groups from criticism and to shut down or stifle debate on key topics, like immigration. Beginning in the 1930s, the Canadian Jewish Congress began lobbying mightily for “hate” laws. Finally, in 1970, thanks to socialist Pierre Trudeau, they succeeded and we got Canada’s notorious “hate law” — Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code.

The latest potential victim is Ezra Levant, himself Jewish but no admirer of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Levant is a lawyer, writer and news commentator on Sun News television.

The delightful thing about “hate laws” is that a privileged minority can holler “hate” and now their critic becomes the object of attack. It’s an old sleazy lawyer’s trick: accuse the accuser. The neat thing is, by whooping up this noise about “hate”. the privilege group avoids having to answer or refute the criticism or deal with unflattering facts because the mere mention of these facts is “hate.”.

The Toronto Star (October 24, 2012) reported:” A complaint about broadcaster Ezra Levant’s rant that likened Gypsies to ‘swindlers’ has prompted a Toronto police investigation. Toronto’s Roma Community Centre, which has called the rant ‘vertly racist, prejudicial, and demeaning,’ lodged the complaint with police on Oct. 11.
Const. Wendy Drummond confirmed Toronto police had received the complaint and were investigating the comments aired on Levant’s Sun News show, The Source, on Sept. 5.

An Oct. 15 statement from Roma Community Centre executive director Gina Csányi-Robah described Levant’s comments as “nearly nine minutes of on-air racist hate-speech targeting our community.” Early in Levant’s segment, “The Jew vs. the Gypsies,” he likened Gypsies with ‘swindlers,’ and said ‘too many have come here as false refugees.’ Levant attempted to qualify his comments by saying politically correct terms are being used to obscure the truth.

Csányi-Robah said called the comments “one of the longest and most sustained on-air broadcasts of hate-speech against any community in Canada that we’ve witnessed since our organization was established in 1997.”

Levant argued: “‘These are gypsies,’ he tells us, ‘a culture synonymous with swindlers. The phrase gypsy and cheater have been so interchangeable historically that the word has entered the English language as a verb: he gypped me. Well the gypsies have gypped us. Too many have come here as false refugees. And they come here to gyp us again and rob us blind as they have done in Europe for centuries. . . They’re gypsies. And one of the central characteristics of that culture is that their chief economy is theft and begging.” (Toronto Star, September 15, 2012)

Forget all the fog about “hate”: the only relevant question is whether what Levant said was true. Do Gypsy “refugees” — not all, of course — commit many crimes, especially theft and shoplifting? Even though our press tends to downplay immigrant crimes, or, as in a recant television news story about Gypsy gangs descending on stores to shoplift that identified the bizarrely dressed perpetrators as dressed in Eastern European costumes, there have been many reports of considerable criminality among the Gypsy “refugee” claimants, many who seem to hit the ground thieving not long after they land.

Even Bernie Farber former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, in a feverish denunciation of Ezra Levant, reluctantly admitted: “There will always be those who claim the Roma engage in lawlessness and crime. And in Europe, statistics do demonstrate a significant increase in theft by those living in Roma encampments. These numbers have been used by French authorities to justify large scale deportations of Roma.|” (National Post, September 25, 2012)

“The Canadian Border Services Agency is asleep at the wheel allowing more than 400 alleged Roma gypsies – many of whom have extensive criminal records – into the country and specifically the GTA, critics say.
This week, the Durham Regional Police Service confirmed they had arrested 34 people and laid 263 charges in the largest investigation of its kind in the region,” CNEWS reported (September 8, 2012)


“Former Conservative MPP Toni Skarica, an Ontario Crown Attorney who, speaking at a parliamentary committee, said Roma refugees from Hungary come to Canada because ‘we have the most generous welfare package for refugees in the world. That’s why they’re coming here, because they get the best deal here.’” (Toronto Star, September 15, 2012)

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has repeatedly denounced the wholesale welfare scamming being perpetrated by many Gypsy “refugee” claimants. And, as to Ezra Levant’s charge that many are phoney refugee claimants, that is the conclusion of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, which rejects the overwhelming number of claims. Think about it. Hungary is a democratic country and part of the European Union. If Gypsies felt persecuted in Hungary, they could move, let’s say to Germany. The rub is that, while they get welfare and many social benefits including housing in Hungary, most other European countries would require them to work. They would not get welfare. So, hey, head to Pollyanna Canada, say the magic “:refugee” word, scarf up welfare and other social services and maybe do a little bit of thieving on the side.

A healthy nation would not rely on political police to investigate “hate.” We should have a full debate. Let the complaining Gypsy leader Gina Csányi-Robah offer evidence that her people are not disproportionately involved in shoplifting Perhaps, she can bring forth evidence that the shoplifting is really being perpetrated by clever Icelanders in dark face, dressed up in “Eastern European folk costumes.”

A full 98 per cent of Gypsy refugee claims worldwide end up in Canada and the vast majority of these claims are abandoned or rejected.

The government is bringing in new legislation to limit Gypsy “refugee” claims. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney ” hopes to create a list of countries that generally don’t produce refugees, to make it easier for the Canada Border Services Agency to separate unfounded refugee claims from those that have merit. Hungary, where a bulk of Roma refugee claims come from – and from where the vast majority are abandoned, withdrawn or rejected – would be on that list. ‘Countries whose nationals have an acceptance rate of 25% or less, or where 60% or more of claimants from a country have abandoned or withdrawn their claims … would be subject to designation,’ he said.” (CNEWS, October 16, 2012).

Canadians seem to approve. They were asked: “Do you think the federal government should attempt to limit Roma refugee claims?”

An overwhelming 85.7% said yes; 10% said no; and 4% were not sure.”? (CNEWS, October 16, 2012).

Political Dissidents Treated More Harshly Than Traitors and Violent Criminals in Canada’s Criminal Justice System

Political Dissidents Treated More Harshly Than Traitors and Violent Criminals in Canada’s Criminal Justice System

Lina Wertmüller, born Arcangela Felice Assunta Wertmüller von Elgg Español von Braueich, is an Italian film director of aristocratic Swiss descent. A contemporary of Fellini’s, Wertmüller was the first female director to be nominated for an Academy Award (four of them, in fact) for her seminal 1975 movie, Seven Beauties. A typical Wertmüller vehicle, the film explores northern v. southern Italian class issues, politics (Wertmüller’s are guaranteed to offend everyone), love, machismo and an offbeat humour that makes you laugh out loud, in spite of yourself.

The film’s hapless protagonist is named Pasqualino Seven Beauties, for the seven sisters he feels obliged to marry off brilliantly for the sake of a much adored widowed mother. Dressed in linen, Pasqualino’s progress through the streets of his village is a sustained seduction of every female he encounters: This one is chucked under the chin, that is proffered a rose, a third is whirled round in a dance step. And the women adore him right back. But Pasqualino’s idyllic world comes off the rails in a stunning moment of reckoning — he sees with his own horrified eyes — his eldest sister performing in a burlesque review. The sister is huge; she has a prominent wen, a big nose and bigger jaw. Her stage attire is no-nonsense cantilevered vintage lingerie. Her grotesque stage routine nevertheless drives her male admirers wild with lust. The shame of it all blinds Pasqualino; he vows to kill her pimp.

He does so in one of film’s most memorably hilarious sequences; after almost insurmountable logistical problems, Pasqualino has finally portioned the dismembered body between three suitcases, when his burden arrests the attention of a passing seeing eye dog. After a really bad night, Pasquilino must now endure abuses from a blind man. We see Pasqualino later, as a felon. He encounters a fellow convict as they are transported to prison. Pasqualino boasts that he has received a sentence of 12 years for murder. His companion shrugs and replies that his sentence is set at forty years. Pasqualino gasps and says, “I killed a man in cold blood; I am an axe murderer. I dismembered a body and stuffed it into 3 suitcases destined for Rome, Padua and Brindisi. I’d have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that dog. You might have heard of me, il monstro di Napoli? But 40 years – what on earth did you do??” His companion quietly says “I’m political.”

And so in Canada today.


* Inveterate letter writer — 1,\0,000 in 2o years — Brad Love was charged with “hate” under Sec. 319 of Canada’s Criminal Code. Yet, despite the offer of the $250,000 surety of his parents’ house, he was unable to get bail on these non-violent charges.

* More recently, for a mere breach of probation charge (writing letters and sending an information package to four pubic Jewish groups having acquired their permission), Brad had to post $22,000 cash bail and the surety of $110,000 on his sister’s house. Yet, his lawyer remembered numerous gangbangers charged with attempted murder having gotten bail for under $100,000. It seems dangerous and dissenting ideas are treated more harshly than dangerous and deadly ACTIONS.

*Terry Tremaine, also charged under the notorious Sec. 319, for posting controversial views on, under the name Mathdoktor99, and for posting his views on his own website —, also located in another country, was gagged from January, 2008 until just this September. He was not allowed to post on these or any “White supremacist” website. Note, he had not yet been tried, let alone found guilty of thought crimes. Finally, this September, Judge Frederick Kovach gave him back his freedom and tossed out the charges because of undue delay. But how can he regain these four years and eight months of enforced silence?

* Perhaps,.the most puzzling and egregious victim is Arthur Topham, like Terry Tremaine a victim of a Richard Warman complaint. In January, 2008, , he was raided, his computer and firearms taken by the RCMP’s British Columbia thought police, er “hate squad..” He was arrested and briefly jailed. To get out, he had to sign an “undertaking” to:

* Surrender his firearms;

* Not to post his political views on the Internet, especially on his freethinking, anti-Zionist website;

* Not to communicate directly or indirectly with his tormentors, the complainants Harry Abrams of B’nai Brith, and Richard Warman

What so mind blowing about the Topham case is that he has not even been charged. We are still trying to get an explanation about how it is possible to extract an “undertaking” when no charge has been laid, let alone any wrongdoing proved. The RCMP is still “investigating” and the Crown has yet to get the consent of the British Columbia Attorney General for a “hate charged” against the freethinker in the Cariboo. So, Arthur has been silenced for over five months. Hes been denied his guns even though he lives in bear country and actively prospects for gold in Grizzly territory. It’s his livelihood.

Now, let’s consider a self-admitted Canadian traitor and spy. Sub.Lieutenant Jeffrey Delisle. this blob-faced employee of the Canadian Navy admits over a five year period to passing on a treasure trove of Canadian secrets for $3,000 a month to the Russians. These secrets were not only Canadian military secrets, but also secrets from the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, the Privy Council, Transport Canada, the RCMP, and, most importantly, and most embarrassingly, secret intelligence from our allies. Our allies — the U.S., Britain and Australia — may be less likely to share or share fully intelligence with us. The result could be danger to Canadian soldiers in future missions and to Canadian citizens. He told interrogators “he sent over conve- rsations gleaned from electronic surveillance as well a ‘contact lists’ of intelligence officials.” (Globe and Mail, October 22, 2012)

So, what’s the damage assessment CSIS calls the result of Delisle’s admitted treachery “severe and irreparable.” The secretive Communications Security Establishment (CSE), which monitors electronic and radio communications in many other countries, assesses Delisle’s damage to them as “high.” The Navy’s trinity Centre in Halifax, where Delisle worked, rates the damage to the Canadian Armed forces as “astronomical.” The Department of National Defence terms his impact on them as “exceptionally grave.” (Globe and Mail, Ibid.)

And, yet, unlike Terry Tremaine or Arthur Topham, restricted and punished before ever being found guilty of anything, the already confessed spy who has done incalculable damage is given kid gloves treatment. The Globe and Mail (October 12, 2012) report: “SLt. Delisle will keep his rank and pay for now — at least until a judge delivers a guilty verdict [now scheduled for January, 2013.] His title earns him a monthly salary of about $5,00 to $5,700,” So, a confessed traitor and spy continues to collect salary and benefits, while an Internet dissident like Arthur Topham is stripped of his right to speak and the right to the weapons he needs to defend himself on the job.

The impenetrable Canadian “justice” system truly is an ass!

Paul Fromm



Terry Tremaine Wins Another One & the CBC Can’t Get Its Facts Right

Terry Tremaine Wins Another One & the CBC Can’t Get Its Facts Right

The Truth: On Tuesday October 16, 2012 a breach (of bail conditions) charge dating from August 5, 2009 was stayed by a judge in Regina. Terry Tremaine was allegedly in breach of a bail undertaking because of a posting on which supposedly was made on July 22, 2009. Under his bail conditions, Mr. Tremaine was not then to access the Internet, except to seek help in preparing his case. The night before he was to appear on a contempt of court charge in Regina, based on a complaint by Richard Warman, he posted his proposed statement of defence, seeking last minute advice from the STORMFRONT community. Because the Commission had never notified Mr. Tremaine that the Tribunal order had been registered in Federal Court and, thus, was now a Federal Court Order), they adjourned the proceedings sine die, without letting Mr. Tremaine know, the day before.

Mr. Tremaine’s bail conditions, however, stemmed from a “hate law” charge under section 319(2) of the Criminal Code. dating from January 23, 2008. This charge, too, has been instigated by Richard Warman. Mr. Tremaine was charged with “breach of undertaking and jailed for 22 days in August, 2009, before he could obtain bail.

The breech charge was to be heard, October 16. However, on September 6, Court of Queen’s Bench Judge Frederick Kovach stayed the Sec. 319 “hate” charges. Thus, the “breech” charge became irrelevant.

The CBC story is a mine of bias and misinformation. It states: “A Regina judge has stayed a charge against Terry Tremaine, who was accused of continuing to post hate speech online in defiance of an order from the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In 2007, the commission ordered Tremaine to stop posting anti-Jewish material on the Internet.” As already explained, the Regina judge didn’t clear Mr. Tremaine of defiance of a 2007 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (not Commission) order. The CBC’s garbled version understates the full ruthlessness of the bail condition. Mr. Tremaine was not enjoined from posting “hate speech”; he wasn’t allowed to post ANYTHING, except to seek assistance with his defence.

While we wish it were true, it is not, when the CBC reports: “With a stay of proceedings, Tremaine is no longer before the courts over the allegation of disobeying the commission’s order.” The CBC rightly identifies Richard Warman as the complainant behind the charge of contempt of court, or, as they put it, “disobeying a tribunal order.” That charged has not been stayed. Mr. Tremaine was acquitted in November 2010 of criminal contempt (against a Federal Court order) at the divisional level of Federal Court but was found guilty in September 2011 of civil contempt (against the Human Rights Tribunal’s order) at the Federal Appeals Court.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission and Richard Warman had appealed Federal Court Judge Sean Harrington’s decision acquitting Mr. Tremaine.The Supreme Court did not grant leave to appeal. So, the matter was returned to the divisional court for sentencing. The sentencing hearing on that matter occurred in Vancouver, October 9 and 10, and the presiding judge, Sean Harrington, has reserved judgment.

Paul Fromm



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Terry Tremaine no longer facing charges over alleged online activity
CBC News
Posted: Oct 16, 2012 6:05 PM CST
Last Updated: Oct 16, 2012 7:58 PM CST
A Regina judge has stayed a charge against Terry Tremaine, who was accused of continuing to post hate speech online in defiance of an order from the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

In 2007, the commission ordered Tremaine to stop posting anti-Jewish material on the Internet.

In 2009, Richard Warman — who initiated the complaint against Tremaine — said in an affidavit that Tremaine is disobeying the order and was, at that time, continuing to post material that advocates the extermination of the Jewish community and also attacks blacks and other non-whites.

With a stay of proceedings, Tremaine is no longer before the courts over the allegation of disobeying the commission’s order.

It is the second time this fall that a charge against Tremaine has been stayed.

In September a charge of promoting hatred was discontinued because the judge said the case took too long to get to trial.

Tremaine is a former math instructor for the University of Saskatchewan.

Anti-Zionist Publisher Arthur Topham Still Gagged After Five Months, Still No Charges Laid

Anti-Zionist Publisher Arthur Topham Still Gagged After Five Months, Still No Charges Laid
We do things a little differently in Canada. We don’t shoot dissidents in the streets or send them off to torture chambers. Still our political establishment, the police who serve (not you, silly, but) their political masters and protect (not you, silly, but) their pension plans, and the Zionist lobbyists who have pressed for and defended our anti-free speech laws find ways to throttle dissidents just the same.
Last week Canada Border Service Agency stopped Rev. Terry Jones who was on his way to Toronto to participate in a debate on Islam. Yes, he’d threatened to burn the Koran in protest against Islamic terrorism several years ago. CBSA resorted to goonery and legal knit-picking to send him packing. They tore his car apart for four hours — perhaps, the Reverend Sir had hidden a Bible. They invaded his laptop and cellphone. They then alleged he’d committed fraud fraud in Germany claiming to be a PH.D. The charge was later cleared when he explained to the German authorities that his doctorate was honourary.
In a country where politicians routinely lie — remember the B.C. Liberals promising no HST before the last election, then promptly doing a deal with the feds and bringing the HST in — this slight confusion seems remarkably petty. But, whatever, It served their purposes and Rev. Jones was kept out of the country,
Arthur Topham is a freethinker who for years published The Radical Press as a newspaper and, for the past few years, as a website. One of his key concerns has been Zionism. B’nai Brith activist Harry Abrams of Victoria brought a complaint under Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. However, with Marc Lemire’s stunning Victoria in September 2, 2009, get Sec. 13 declared effectively unconstitutional, the charges have been adjourned.
Still, Abrams and, apparently, arch complainer Richard Warman filed a complaint under Sec. 319 of Canada’s Criminal Code., the notorious “hate law.” In May, Arthur Topham’s home was raided, he was jailed, and his computer taken. He was forced to sign an undertaking — although no charges had been laid — not to write his views on the Internet, not to communicate directly or indirectly with Harry Abrams or Richard Warman, and to surrender his hunting rifles, even though he lives in and pursues placer mining in an area with a large bear population.
Mr. Topham reports that he has succeeded in getting his conditions modified a little. He needs your help. Here is a recent message slightly edited from Mr. Topham.
Paul Fromm

Arthur Topham, Publisher,
October 17, 2012
Now that the censors have lost their opportunity to jail Terry Tremaine for “hate crimes” it’s likely that they’ll be trying to nail me to the cross for this same phony, anti-democratic charge.

I was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) back in May of this year. The charge that was alleged against me was what has now become the Zionist’s standard fare around the world for gaining control of free speech on the Internet – committing a “hate” crime.
As a result of these trumped up charges laid by two of Canada’s most notorious serial complainers – Richard Warman and Harry Abrams – I was put in jail and my home later invaded by the “BC Hate Crime Team” set up to track and destroy any dissidents who criticize either the Zionist ideology or the policies of the state of Israel) and all of my computers and electronic files taken by the said “Hate Crime Team” led by Det. Cst. Terry Wilson and his second in command , Cst. Normandie Levas.

BC “HATE CRIME TEAM” Cst. Normandie Levas & Cst. Terry Wilson
Given that I was never formally charged by the Crown that didn’t stop “Captain Hate Crime” Wilson from arbitrarily imposing extremely severe restrictions on me before releasing me from prison. I was ordered not to go on the Internet or e-mail anyone other than those few individuals who I was working with in a private business venture.
Foremost was the order not to post any more articles on the web. The reason for this? Why, according to the police, to stop me from committing further offences. In other words I was already guilty of “crime” and, so, I had to be prohibited from committing more offences! But the real reason was to keep me quiet while the police were busy going through all of my private communications with friends and associates from around the world. I had thousands upon thousands of letters stored in my machine that the police were desperate to get a hold of and snoop into. So desperate in fact that they were willing to obtain an search warrant from a Judge based upon erroneous evidence in order to justify their actions.
After 911 the Zionist insiders were further able to have an additional clause added Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Right Act,that draconian law, stating that it was a hate crime to post anything on the Internet that might hurt the feelings of the Zionists. It was that section of legislation, known as sec. 13, that was first used against me and my website back in the year 2007.
What followed was a five year quasi-legal battle with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its Tribunal. They wanted my website shut down in the worst way and heavy fines imposed on me and an order to prevent me from writing anything further on this criminal cartel that’s destroying world harmony.
Eventually, because of public outcry, the federal government of Canada on June 7th, 2012, voted to scrap this specious piece of Zionist legislation and the case against me was finally thrown out. However,with the pending repeal of Sec. 13,I was not the victim of a complaint under the Canadian Criminal Code using Section 319(2) which states, “Wilful promotion of hatred”. It was this charge that landed me in jail back in May and was responsible for the theft of all of my computers and files and the state (Crown) order to not post or go on the Internet.
Eventually my lawyer Doug Christie was able to have the conditions of my Undertaking altered so that now I can send e-mails to friends and associates but I am still not allowed to write articles and post them anywhere on the web. This is why I can now send you a letter explaining why I have not posted on my website or written to people for the last 6 months.
Now the most outlandish and scary aspect of this ordeal is that to date, one hundred and fifty-five days after my arrest, I still have not been charged formally with this offence! Yet, the police and the state have effectively silenced me and prohibited me from publishing anything at all.
Free speech: only in Canada you say? NOT BY A LONG SHOT!
I’m a senior citizen (65 years old) living on a very small pension). Anyone wishing to donate to help with my legal expenses can send funds to:
Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel, B.C. Canada
V2J 6T8
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”
To donate via PayPal please go to the following website and click on the PayPal button on the top right corner of the home page.

Another Pinched, Petty Victory for Political Correctness: Terry Jones Kept Out of Canada

Another Pinched, Petty Victory for Political Correctness: Terry Jones Kept Out of Canada


Political correctness is a mean, petty creed, the modern anti-religious successor to its pinched Puritan ancestors.


Pastor Terry Jones is a controversial Floridapreacher who was invited to come to Canadato participate in a debate on Islam. At first, things looked hopeful. The National Post (October 9, 2012) reported: “Invited to speak in London, England, last year, Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who gained notoriety for his “International Burn a Koran Day,” never made it because the British government barred him from entering the country for ‘the public good.’

But with Mr. Jones scheduled to speak inTorontoon Thursday to argue that “Islam is not compatible with Western society,” Canadian immigration officials are saying there is little they can do since they lack similar powers.”.

Never underestimate the devious ability of bureaucrats to undermine free speech. Canada Border Service which couldn’t effectively keep out a shipload of Tamils brought in by the Tamil Taiger teerrorists or effectively prevent repeat visits by Jamaican gangsters already deported were lying in wait for aU.S.pastor and they figured out a way to deny him entry toCanada,


The Toronto Star (October 11,2012) reported: “Jones, who leads Florida’s tiny Dove World Outreach Centre, was held up for four hours earlier Thursday at the Windsor border crossing, before being denied entry into Canada to attend the evening event outside the Ontario Legislature.

The vehicle Jones shared with Pastor Wayne Sapp, as well as their cellphone records and computers, was searched while the two were interrogated by Canada Border Services Agency about the intent of their visit and what he was prepared to preach at the event.

Authorities also seized two 1-by-1.5-metre cardboard signs that said, “Koran burning site” and “Islam is the new Nazism.”

“Dr. Jones is obviously very disappointed. It’s a big blow to him and all of us,” said his spokesperson, Fran Ingram, inFlorida. “This is not about him. This is about free speech in the West.”

In barring Jones, border officials cited a fine he got in Germany in 1993 for using the title “doctor” there (as a recipient of an honorary doctorate in theology), as well as a criminal charge of breaching the peace at a planned rally in Detroit last year.

Ingram said Jones got both decisions overturned on appeal. However, unconvinced border officials demanded proof.”


Talk about petty! Whether he calls himself Reverend, Doctor or Grand Pooh-bah seems irrelevant.


There is, of course, a strong Christian-hating element inCanada’s elite. However, the ostensible reason for twisting regulations into unsavory pretzels were that the pastor’s views might drive radical Moslems to violence.


Thus, Jonathan Kay of the National Post (October 10, 2012) supported keeping Pastor Terry Jones out ofCanada: “But neither man is a Canadian citizen. Our government doesn’t owe either of them a podium. And so the decision whether to let Jones into the country to deliver a hate speech in front of the Ontario legislature on Thursday shouldn’t necessarily be governed by the same free-speech standard contained in Brandenburg, or even by Canada’s (less permissive) hate speech laws.

A more sensible approach is to look past Jones’ intentions, and examine only the single practical question of whether his speech inCanadais likely to cause violence. Based on precedent, I’d say the answer is yes.”


Two huge errors. Pastor Jones never got a chance to give his speech. Thus, Kay’s labelling it a “hate speech” is utterly unfair and speculative. So too is his speculation that his speech might cause vioence. Actually, his speech wouldn’t cause violence. The violence would come presumably from yet another mistake in Canada\s immigration policies – letting radical Moslems immigrate toCanadaand not insisting that they conform to Canadian ways and tolerance of others’ religious views.


For years I have warned that multiculturalism would cost us many of our rights, including free speech. The banning of Pastor Jones fromCanadais a clear example. His right to speak was violated as well as the rights of Canadians to hear his views and hear a debate.


The mere threat of bad behaviour by poorly screened immigrants was enough to send our politically correct establishment scurrying to twist the rules to keep the pastor out.


Too bad Pastor Jones is an honest Christian who told the truth when he tried to cross the border. He should have used another name and told the border guard: “I’m a refugee/” Of course, the claim would seem preposterous. No matter, at this point being a “refugee claimant,” he’d be allowed in. Even though it would be obvious he was lying about his identity, the mere lie, according to immigration regulations, wouldn’t be enough to send him back or at least incarcerate him. If the pastor wished to speechify or debate inCanadafor a few weeks, he’d be given welfare and public housing, If he needed some dental work done, no problem. If he needed a mole removed or a general check-up, Canadian medical services would be at his disposal.


But, to honestly come toCanadato express a controversial opinion or two no way!


In a related issue, the Toronto Sun (October 12, 2012) asked its readers: “Do you think anger towards the anti-Islam film is justified?”

  • ·Yes, it is blasphemous
  • ·No, it is freedom of speech
  • ·Only if it doesn’t include violence
  • ·I don’t know


  • Yes, it is      blasphemous: 7%; 855 votes


*     No, it is freedom of speech: 68%; 8374 votes

  • Only if it doesn’t include violence: 21%; 2555 votes


  • don’t know 3%; 422 votes

Sec. 13 is Nearly Dead: Commons Gives Third & Final Reading to Bill to Repeal Internet Censorship

Sec. 13 is Nearly Dead: Commons Gives Third & Final Reading to Bill to Repeal Internet Censorship

Wednesday, June 6, was a good day for free speech in Canada. The House of Commons, voting 153-136, gave third and final reading to Bill C-304, Alberta MP Brian Storseth’s private member’s bill that will repeal Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Now, it’s on to the Senate and likely approval and then Royal assent. We’re advised by one MP that Sec. 13 may be dead by the end of the Summer. Brian Storseth deserves high marks for his perseverance as do his caucus colleagues. However, the real heroes are the many victims of Sec. 13 who fought a lonely fight before kangaroo court “tribunals” usually ignored when not being vilified by the complacent press — people like John Micka, Glenn Bahr, Melissa Guille, Tom Winnicki, Jason Ouwendyk, Terry Tremaine, Eldon Warman (a de-taxer and no relative of arch complaint filer Richard Warman. Special honours go to Marc Lemire for not only fighting and winning against Richard Warman but also challenging successfully the constitutionality of Sec. 13. Marc’s intrepid lawyer Barbara Kulazska generated the briefs and paperwork that helped discredit this evil law. Marc’s long fight helped expose the police state nature of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Who can forget the Commission’s blind (don’t ask) “investigator” Dean Steacy insisting he gives no weight to freedom of speech as “freedom of speech is an American concept.” Tribute must also go to Doug Christie and the Canadian Free Speech League who have been steadfast allies against Sec. 13 and, especially to Doug for his masterful summation December 13, 2011 at the judicial review of constitutionality of Sec. 13. And modestly, CAFE can share in the credit. We have represented the unrepresented victims in many a Sec. 13 tribunal; we have intervened forcefully during Marc Lemire’s long fight and we have helped raise money for the victims.

Sec. 13, one of the two evil tentacles of state censorship of the Internet, hangs on by just a thread of its putrifying tissue. Still, it’s depressing that only one Liberal (Newfoundland and Labrador MP Scott Simms) voted for Bill C-304. Postmedia (June 7, 2012) reported: ” ‘It’s a really important step for freedom of expression in our country,’ Storseth said Thursday, the morning after the bill passed third and final reading in the House of Commons. There hasn’t been a tremendous pushback as you would have seen seven or eight years ago when this issue first really arose, and I think it’s because there has been a fruitful debate in our country.'”

Sadly the NDP’s Justice critic spouted utter nonsense in opposition to getting rid of this power of censorship: “Canadian police departments reported 1,401 hate crimes in 2010, or 4.1 hate crimes per 100,000 population, according to recently released data from Statistics Canada. New Democrat public-safety critic Randall Garrison said Wednesday that, due to the large number of hate crimes, the human-rights commission needs to have the power to combat the issue online and force individuals and groups to remove websites containing hateful speech. Removing the sections from the human-rights code will effectively strip the commission of its power to educate Canadians and shut down inappropriate websites, he said. ‘We do have a serious problem,’ Garrison said. ‘If you take away the power to take (websites) down, it’s not clear they have any mandate to even to talk to people about it and educate them about it.'”

We see with brutal clarity what the game is — silence critics, have websites, not just an offending phrase or remark, removed. This was the demand in the Marc Lemire case, until the defence team revealed that complainant Richard Warman had posted on the Freedomsite. If ALL the Freedomsite, even the address, as Warman once contended, was “hate” then surely Warman’s comments under one of his sneaky pseudonyms on the Freedomsite were “hate” too. The entire removal of dissident Terry Tremaine’s site is the demand of the Canadian Human Rights Commission which is hellbent on tossing him in prison for “contempt.” The site contains movies and much material from mainline sources, including many of Adolf Hitler’s speeches. Yet, the demand is for its total suppression. “Hate crimes,” as reported lovingly in police statistics, are seldom prosecuted and even less frequently result in a conviction. The puny numbers refers to “reports” rather than confirmed “crimes” and are mostly graffiti and insults — really small potatoes.

With ill grace, some of the leftist bloggers are now spreading the line that the opponents of Sec. 13 made their lot worse: Someone using the pseudonym “chapel” wrote on leftist BigCityLiberal’s blog, “Those opposing Sec. 13 bit off their nose to spite their face. No more silly servants sang [sec] questions on hate related issues; now big burly cops and the threat of jail are the real deal.” Not exactly. The remaining censorship tentacle is Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code – the notorious “hate law”. However, and this is a big however, unlike Sec. 13, there are defences — truth, sincerely held religious belief or opinion, material discussed for the public good.

Johnathan Kay of the National Post (June 7, 2012) rejoiced at the demise of Sec. 13: “Canadians had meekly submitted to a system of administrative law that potentially made de facto criminals out of anyone with politically incorrect views about women, gays, or racial and religious minority groups. All that was required was a complainant (often someone with professional ties to the CHRC itself) willing to sign his name to a piece of paper, claim he was offended, and then collect his cash winnings at the end of the process. The system was bogus and corrupt. But very few Canadians wanted to be seen as posturing against policies that were branded under the aegis of ‘human rights.”

The Fighting Side of Me: Paul Fromm Interviews Lady Michèle Renouf

The Fighting Side of Me:
Paul Fromm Interviews Lady Michèle Renouf
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Lady Michèle Renouf is an Australian activist, documentary filmmaker, and former model focusing on free speech issues concerning the historical analysis of real and alleged casualties during World War II and their connection to the historiographical narrative developed in the post-war period. Her videos are available for purchase on DVD through her website.

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Judge Ponders Sending Dissident to Prison for Not Shutting Down His Website

Judge Ponders Sending Dissident to Prison for Not Shutting Down His Website

VANCOUVER. October 10, 2012. A controversial website may soon disappear and many postings by a Regina university lecturer may be removed from STORMFRONT, if Canada’s thought control advocates get their way.

A federal judge was asked to jail Internet dissident and webmaster Terry Tremaine for months or until he breaks and removes a controversial website. After a tense morning of demands for the jailing of a man who has posted politically incorrect opinions on the Internet and equally strong submissions by his lawyer Douglas Christie decrying censorship and bullying by the state, Judge Sean Harrington adjourned court and reserved judgement in Mr. Tremaine’s contempt of court hearing here.

Representing the Canadian Human Rights Commission Daniel Poulin urged an 85 day term of incarceration for Mr. Tremaine or until “the original material found to be offensive” under Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (now repealed by the House of Commons) is removed. He argued that leaving the postings complained of was violating a Human Rights Tribunal’s order to “cease and desist.” In a further demand that had Internet savvy listeners shaking their heads, he insisted that Mr. Tremaine must remove his signature block from his more than 3,000 posting on Stormfront, where he posted under the name “mathdoktor99” because it provides the web address of his website. He then seemed to go further and said: “The only way to ensure the material is not repeated is to remove the website,” even though it was acknowledged there were several thousands of postings and audio and musical items, only a few of which formed the basis of the 2005 complaint by Richard Warman.

Mr. Poulin charged that Mr. Tremaine “knew he was ignoring the cease and desist order and he did so purposefully.” So, in Mr. Poulin’s submission, Mr. Tremaine is to be ordered to take down his website and write to STORMFRONT to remove material deemed offensive in the Tribunal’s order.

How, the judge asked, is Mr. Tremaine to “purge his contempt and remove material from the Internet” if he is in jail?

“He can have his lawyer do it or hire a consultant,” Mr. Poulin shot back.

Further, “if he fails to remove the website after 85 days, he must transfer the website to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. We’ll remove it and make it a blank page.” And then the final kick at Mr. Tremaine, who was rendered penniless after Richard Warman complained to the University of Saskatchewan long before the initial complaint was adjudicated and cost Mr. Tremaine his job. “While we recognize Mr. Tremaine’s ability to pay is limited, we seek costs.”

Richard Warman who has hounded Mr. Tremaine with the original human rights complaint, a complaint to his employer, a criminal code Sec. 319 “hate law” complaint, and at least three contempt of court complaints rose to make his sentencing submissions.

Warman demanded a jail term of three to six months, even if Mr. Tremaine removes the website. “Deterrence and denunciation are important, given the five year extensive period of contempt. I’d be concerned if he was let out as soon as he purged his contempt,” Mr. Warman continued.

Then, warming to his subject, he harrumphed: “There is the self-evident seriousness of Mr. Tremaine’s trying to alienate control of his site. It boggles the mind to think of anything so contemptuous of the court.” He referred to the startling revelation in court the previous day that Mr. Tremaine was arranging to sell his website to someone in the U.S., which is not bound by Canada’s police state censorship laws. The judge issued an order preventing him from communicating the password to anyone else.

However, Judge Harrington interjected, “there is no law preventing him from selling his website.”

Warman also wanted the order to direct Terry Tremaine to write to to ask that their copy of his site be removed.

Mr. Warman, too, said he was seeking costs, even though much of his trip to Vancouver would have been paid for by the Commission which called him as a witness. “You’re here as a complainant who is also a solicitor,” the judge noted.

“I have a day job and have foregone that revenue and I practise also as a solicitor and have foregone that income. [Mr. Tremaine’s] inability to pay is not a reason for not awarding costs.

Mr. Warman, too, didn’t want the large number of innocuous postings on Terry Tremaine’s website to remain: “You’ll recognize the dangers of sifting the wheat from the chaff on the nspc website. It is much better to close it entirely. If we don’t, we’ll be back here again soon and this matter will never end.

Acting for Terry Tremaine Douglas Christie, who is also general counsel for the Canadian Free Speech League, pointed out that, since Marc Lemire won his tribunal case and got Sec. 13 declared effectively unconstitutional, until a federal judge upheld the law, but stripped of penalties, that the sky had not fallen. There were no serious adverse consequences. That judge’s decision may well be appealed. The Senate may soon pass the repeal of Sec. 13 and the Supreme Court decision on Whatcott is eagerly awaited. This case challenged the power of human rights commissions to restrict free expression. He urged the judge to delay sentencing until these decisions are in. “Parliament has already determined that this material is not illegal,” he said.

He reflected on the bizarre ruling of the Federal Court of Appeal: “Now you are liable for contempt of an order even before you are informed of the order.”

“Mr. Tremaine’s right to free speech is important. His freedom to speak is your freedom and mine as well.”

In a comment that would draw a sharp rebuke from Richard Warman and a threat to complain to the Law Society of British Columbia, Mr. Christie said: “Mr. Warman has made a career out of shooting cripples,” as a figure of speech. His victims are “people who are marginal.” Some, like Terry Tremaine, end up in mental hospitals. “Mr. Warman now wants costs assessed against a man who cannot even hold a janitor’s job. At the behest of Mr. Warman, he was prosecuted under the Criminal Code.” And all this, said Mr. Christie, “to eliminate a political ideology Mr. Warman does not agree with.”

“Tolerance,” Mr. Christie reminded the court, “is best as a virtue when it is practised rather than preached.”

“Is there an order for Mr. Tremaine not to sell his website to some American who wants it? What my friends really need is to abolish the 1st Amendment. My friends hunt down ideas they do not like. They want to add ‘remove’ if the order’s ‘cease and desist’ doesn’t mean that.”

He pointed out that a recent Supreme Court decision authored by Madam Justice Rosalie Abella held that a link is not libel.” Mr. Tremaine’s signature block on is just a link and should not be ordered removed.

“My friends want the nspc website shut down so that Mr. Tremaine cannot be known. The objective is to eliminate thoughts.”

Mr. Warman, he argued, “didn’t have to be here. He’s a witness, counsel and plaintiff. He’s a voluntary participant. Now he wants costs which will haunt Terry Tremaine for life. He should not be entitled to costs.”

“There’s nothing illegal or immoral if the website is sold to an American. We don’t yet police the world. Unlike Canada, free speech really means something in the U.S.” He cited the case of a recent anti-Moslem video which sparked violence, riots and murder in the Middle East. Yet, no serious politician in the U.S. suggested banning it.

“Is it contempt of court to render yourself non-compliant” by trying to sell the website?” he asked.

“Mr. Warman’s proposal to put Terry Tremaine’s ideas down the memory hole is like most totalitarian states in the world.”

The clumsily worded human rights tribunal order enjoined Mr. Tremaine from “telephonic” communication. He did not engage in “telephonic” communication in the period in question: February – December, 2007, Mr. Christie said. “It is legitimate to communicate what is not specifically prohibited,” he added.

Mr. Christie denounced Mr. Warman’s “draconian, systematic totalitarian treatment of Terry Tremaine. He deprived him of his job, drove him into a mental hospital, refused an apology (which would have ended the human rights complaint in 2006) and kept him in litigation for years. Mr. Warman is a one-man anti-Nazi brigade.”

Urging a delay in handing down a judgement, Mr. Christie said: “Sec. 13 is on its way out. It won’t be around in a year. Terry Tremaine is not a bad man, He may have some bad ideas but he also has some good ideas that may benefit humanity.”

Concluding, Mr. Christie said: “Many people have suffered from these Warman complaints. Terry Tremaine has suffered well and truly enough since 2005. There is no need to make him suffer further.”

Judge Harrington reserved judgement.

A Small Victory for the Victims: Richard Warman and National Post owe Fourniers $7,230.44

Free speech and its defence in Canada are definitely not free but come at a huge cost.


Mark and Connie Fournier are among the most abused of Richard Warman’s victims. Until finally stopped by the Marc Lemire case which ruled Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act essentially unconstitutional, Richard Warman, as part of his “maximum disruption” tactic had been on a tear filing complaints at no cost and sometimes a profit to himself against persons whose politics he didn’t like: a diverse group of dissident victims he dubbed “neo-Nazis.” By way of further mischief, he filed or attempted to file Sec. 319(hate law) complaints against many of them, including Glen Bahr, Jessica Beaumont,. Alexan Kulbashian, Marc Lemire, and Terry Tremaine. (the list may not be all inclusive).Not all of these complaints led to charges. In addition, at least in the Terry Tremain case, busybody Warman went after the victim’s jobs successfully in Terry Tremaine’s case).


Now, if you defended free speech and criticized Warman’s legal rampage, you could face problems. CAFE and I were stout defenders of the victims and vocal critics of Richard Warman. retribution came swiftly. We were both sued for defamation. After five years of huge costs and legal torment, amazingly we lost. [According to Madame Justice Monique Methivier’s understanding of law and the English language, we may not call Richard Warman a censor. We note that observers in a freer country like theU.S.who also understand the English language as well seem to feel the term applies.] We faced a judgement of $43,000, not to mention our own hefty legal costs.

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Lady Michele Renouf Slams “Swindlespeak” as a Zionist Tool for Fooling Us

Lady Michele Renouf Slams “Swindlespeak” as a Zionist Tool for Fooling Us

HAMILTON, September 30, 2012. A cross Canada speaking tour with Lady Michele Renouf, British model, actress, film maker and free speech activist opened to a standing room only meeting tonight here.

Speaking to promote her new two hour video ,Dresden Holocaust 1945 Lady Michele urged the use of new language to discuss and define our dilemma. Her career in television advertising has helped form her vision of the use of language.

“Our predators – our traditional enemies – work by ‘swindlespeak’,” she explained. “It tells us the very opposite of the truth.” For instance, the term ‘diversity’ describes a good thing. “However, the policy of mass immigration from the Third World to Europe and North America will destroy diversity and result in one sad blend.”

The proper definition of the term ‘holocaust’ is a burned offering, the eclectic free speech supporter who has studied comparative religion, explained. “The British wartime strategy was to dehouse the German population and to burn them alive. Churchill sought to create a holocaust.”
“There was a deliberate intention to kill the German people. This was decided at an Allied conference by Churchill and Roosevelt in 1943. “The plan was to firebomb and make human torches out of German civilians in 60 German cities.”

At a meeting in 1944 in Quebec City, an even more inhumane plot was hatched for the post war period,. “The plan was to deliberately starve and decimate the German people,” she explained. This was the notorious Morgenthau Plan.

The Morgenthau Plan was not fully implemented after the war. The Allies decided to exploit and “rip off” Germany instead.

Lady Michele Renouf is a world traveller. She has twice visited Tehran and met Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “I urged President Ahmadinejad to tell his followers not to shout, ’Death to America,’ but to chant, ‘Down with Zionism; Up with Jeffersonian America.’” President Jefferson, she explained, opposed foreign wars and meddling.

Despite death threats, including one police have traced to a fanatical former Israeli settler in Canada who urged sending her the deadly poison ricin, Lady Michele is fearless: “We have to get over the fear barrier,” she said. “Our predator enemies thrive on making people unable to listen because their jobs depend on their not listening” to questions about the existing order.

Lady Michele’s Canadian tour is sponsored by the Canadian Association for Free Expression.


Copies of her dvd Dresden Holocaust 1945 can be obtained, postpaid, by sending $30 to C-FAR Books, P.O, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.