Ezra Levant Says Trudeau in Cahoots With George Soros on Banning Islamophobia

Ezra Levant Says Trudeau in Cahoots With George Soros on Banning Islamophobia

Justin Trudeau’s government is forcing through a Parliamentary motion, M-103, that proposes a “whole of government” ban on Islamophobia.

Every part of the government — from the CBC, to the RCMP, to the Canada Revenue Agency, to the Canada Border Services Agency — will work on “eliminating” Islamophobia, a term they never define.

In effect, it will mean anyone who criticizes Islam itself, or mass Muslim immigration, or the slow creep of sharia law in our schools and courts and public institutions. Take my word for it — I was prosecuted for 900 days for daring to publish the Danish cartoons of Mohammed back in 2006. And that was even before this Islamophobia ban was proposed.

So, who’s behind it all? Who’s financing it?

Well, it’s no secret. Last September, Justin Trudeau put out a press release bragging about it.

George Soros, the U.S. billionaire.

Here — see for yourself:


Justin Trudeau has outsourced Canadian public policy to a far-left, New York billionaire. They’re threatening our freedom of speech.

That’s un-Canadian.

Please click here to sign our petition against M-103, and add your name to the tens of thousands of Canadians who refuse to live under sharia-style censorship.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

The Lying Mainstream Media — Slandering Populist Dissenters

.Global added to the BS on Sunday (11th of Dec)…when they were talking about ‘Fake News’…of which they are one of the worst...and claiming anyone with a computer can take and mislead people using ‘parts’ of the news…AND citing the Rebel as a perfect example...these are sicko’sthat pretend to be the ‘gospel’…(according to the clown’s which set up their ‘direction’)…I would say more…but I have a computer that needs to be trashed!!!…Don

The Rebel

The mainstream media hates you.

Here are two shocking pieces of evidence.

As you know, we had a rally against the carbon tax on the weekend. 1,100 people showed up for a family-friendly event, featuring many great speakers. One of them was Derek Fildebrandt, the Wildrose MLA. He waved at the crowd — and the CBC snapped a photo of him, trying to make it look like he was giving the Nazi salute!


Get it? Fildebrandt is German; he’s a conservative; the CBC hates him. So they tried to make him look like a Nazi. That’s so gross. You really should watch Sheila Gunn Reid’s video about this disgrace:


Well, if you thought that was bad, get a load of this.

Another reporter at the rally, Haley Jarmain from Newstalk 770 radio, came to the rally too. Two hours later, she tweeted that she had received a death threat!

She literally accused one of the 1,100 people at our family-friendly rally of being a would-be murderer! But her story kept changing. For example, first she said it was a group of men who threatened her; then she said it was just one person.

But the strangest part is: we had more than a dozen police and private security at the rally. They were everywhere. And yet Jarmain didn’t mention it to any of them. In fact, she still hasn’t filed a police report.

Even stranger, I have offered to go through all the security video at the hotel with her, to help identify the culprit. She won’t do it.

Let me say the obvious: it was a lie, a smear — her way of implying that the entire rally was made up of violent, disreputable people. Sort of like what the CBC did to Fildebrandt.

Here’s my video on Haley Jarmain’s inexcusable slander of 1,100 good people:


You really should watch it.

You need to know that the mainstream media isn’t just biased. It isn’t just inaccurate.

You need to know that the mainstream media actively hates you, and will lie about you.

And their treatment of our carbon tax rallies is just the latest proof of this.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. What makes me so mad about the CBC is that we have to pay for their slander through our taxes — they receive $1.5 billion/year from Justin Trudeau. We’re 100% independent — if you want to help keep us strong, please click here to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign!

Don’t Suspend Prof. Tony Hall

Don’t Suspend Prof. Tony Hall

Canadian Association for Free Expression

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-566-4455; FAX: 905-566-4820

Website: http://cafe.nfshost.com

Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director

October 7, 2016


Mike Mahon,

President of the University of Lethbridge

Lethbridge, Alberta,


Re: Suspension Without Pay of Professor Anthony Hall

Dear Dr. Mahon:

The Canadian Association  for Free Expression (CAFE), founded in 1982,  is Canada`s most active free speech advocacy group.

I write to express our grave concerns about the recent suspension without pay of Professor Anthony Hall who teaches Globalization issues. This brutal measure, seemingly without a trial or hearing or opportunity for Professor Hall to explain his point of view, violates both academic freedom and due process and fairness.


The university’s complaints, in your recent letter to Professor Tony Hall are:

  1. “Virulent anti-semitic posts on Facebook.” These occurred during a time Professor Hall was travelling. Facebook removed them. Someone planted them or hacked his account. He completely repudiated them. It has since emerged that these scurrilous posts were the mischief  of a notorious provocateur one Joshua Goldberg.  Cartoonist Ben Garrison appeared in the rightly impugned post. He writes: “Unfortunately that Photoshopped image of me assaulting that Orthodox Jew man continues to circulate and be posted everywhere. Ironically,it was created by a 20 year-old Jewish kid named Joshua Goldberg. He was arrested by the FBI about a year ago for sending bomb making instructions to what he thought was a Muslim terrorist–instead it was an FBI undercover agent.Goldberg is now pleading mental illness, but for years he was allowed to stir up trouble from his parents` basement in Florida. For some reason he enjoyed targeting me and he’s the one who created that image as well as many other hate screeds.”

Ben Garrison had his life ruined by trolls like Goldberg, who vandalized Garrison’s cartoons to make it appear that Garrison was a rabid Jew-hater. Now Goldberg’s hate speech has damaged another man’s career and reputation: that of Professor Anthony Hall, Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge. Mainstream media outlets including CBC and the Lethbridge Herald accepted B’nai Brith’s false narrative that Professor Hall was responsible for Goldberg’s planted image.

  1. Professor Hall has blamed Israel for 9-11.
  1. At a recent meeting between the provost and the dean at the University of Lethbridge, Professor Hall inquired whether either was Jewish. This was an entirely proper inquiry as to possible bias, as Professor Hall’s main tormenters are the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith.

According to the CBC (September 30, 2016), “A Jewish group is calling on the University of Lethbridge to fire a professor who it alleges is ‘well-known for using his academic credentials to deny the Holocaust and promote 9/11 conspiracy theories.’ Anthony Hall co-hosts a weekly YouTube show called False Flag Weekly News, which allegedly promotes the notion of a Zionist conspiracy to foster hatred of Muslims through ‘false flag’ terror events, beginning with 9/11. B’nai Brith alleges that Hall “is a proponent of what he refers to as an ‘open debate on the Holocaust,’ a supporter of Holocaust [skeptics] like Monika Schaefer, and has even accused Israel of ‘playing a key role’ in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.”

Clearly, it didn’t take the university long to hop to the order of B’nai Brith and betray your mission to protect scholarship and freedom of speech. Within days you sought to oust this tenured professor.

Over 60 years ago, the Catholic Church in Quebec exercised a heavy hand in censoring professors at French Canadian universities, even leading to the exclusion of future Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau for his leftish views. Recent events seem to point to the replacement of the Catholic Church by B`nai Brith as religious arbiters of what can be said and believed on campus.

I urge you to rethink the university`s position and reinstate Professor Hall with full pay. Canada needs more free speech, not less, and more divergent thinkers like Professor Hall, not fewer.

Paul Fromm



The CBC Matrix

The CBC Matrix

by Tim Murray

The CBC Matrix

News item: The CBC won’t name a swimming pool sex assault suspect because he’s a Muslim migrant.

Effective propaganda consists not so much in spinning the news, but choosing it. Choosing what is newsworthy, and what to exclude — the Lückenpresse, “Gaps Press”, as the sorely afflicted Germans have recently come to call it. At best consumers are fed a half-truth, with the other half left out. Thus the credulous dupes who rely on state broadcasters like the CBC, the BBC and the ABC subsist on a meager diet of lies and omissions — pseudo-intellectual junk food that leaves their brains chronically malnourished. As such, they cannot comprehend reality because they have never been introduced to it, while lacking the ambition, diligence and skepticism required to search for alternative information sources. They wear their misconceptions like a comfortable shoe, and are disinclined to get out of it. They are the “Friends of the CBC”.

If you live in the CBC matrix, you will not know what is happening in the real world. In the CBC matrix there is

If you live in the CBC matrix, you live in a make-believe world,

CBC health warning logo
CBC health warning logo. Myriads of Canadian blue pillers are trapped in the CBC matrix.

If you live in the CBC matrix, you are living in a bubble that will soon be pricked by reality. A reality that even the CBC cannot hold at bay. Your trusted information gatekeepers will not be able to stop the truth from busting through and overwhelming you. The shock will render you bewildered and paralytic. You will not be able to make sense of what has befallen you, much in the way that the establishment media pundits are dumbfounded by Trump’s success. How could this happen?

If you live in the CBC matrix, you are going to get a rude awakening. You have been living in a hot house environment that is about to be breeched, and leaving you to stand helpless before the cold draft of politically incorrect facts. Leftist Group-Think will die of exposure.

It is at that point that you will realize that the “Lückenpresse” has let you down. CBC Pravda did not tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Panic will set in. You will suddenly understand that you are alone, left to your own devices. You will have to start thinking for yourself. God forbid.

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Canada’s courts are dominated by judges holding to a Cultural Marxist ideology. In their world, people are divided into “vulnerable minorities” who must be protected from criticism and oppressors. Near the very top of their “vulnerable minority” hit parade are homosexuals and the whole LGBTQ-alphabet soup of the sexually unusual. A strong critic for over 20 years of the homosexual agenda is Bill Whatcott. Beggared, jailed, fined, ruined by a homosexual led boycott of his carpet cleaning business, Mr. Whatcot t is nothing if not a fighter.

He won a libel action against the CBC for their deliberate distortion of his words. Good for him. However, the short-lived victory, was substantially reversed with an additional punishing kick in the kidneys, saddling him with the CBC’s costs.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeals upheld the finding of libel but slashed the $30,000 award to a measly $1,000 and essentially cancelled it by awarding costs against Whatcott. An appeal can run $10,000 – $40,000 easily. So, even in winning, partially, Mr. Whatcott, the real victim, loses.

The decision written by Neal Caldwell concluded: “There is simply no evidence upon which to quantify or begin to assess the level of damages in this case. For this reason, although the Chambers judge’s finding of defamation attracts a presumptive award of damages, the absence of evidence of the effect of the defamation that occurred here limits that to an award of nominal damages only. The appeal is allowed in part. The finding of defamation is not subject to appellate reversal. The judge’s findings with respect to the extent of publication and actual malice are set\ aside, as is the award of aggravated damages. The award of compensatory general damages is reduced to the nominal amount of $1,000. Since the CBC was substantially successful, it shall have its costs in this appeal in the usual manner.”

The Court of Appeals is advancing the novel proposition that it is hard to know how big an audience CBC News has or what influence, if any its stories, have. Thus, so the bowel twister of an argument goes, there is no proof Mr. Whatcott suffered any damage. If the CBC really has such a small audience and so little influence, this is a sad commentary on decades of taxpayer $billion+ annual subsidy for this leftist propaganda agency.

Interestingly, in the CAFE/Fromm’s libel case, where we were sued for defamation by Richard Warman for, among other things, calling him “the high priest of censorship”, the Court gladly awarded $40,000 in damages, even though our words were circulated on relatively obscure websites, not blared over Canada’s national news network. In that case, Judge Monique Metivier seemed convinced that Warman’s reputation had been damaged by our merely uttering these words. It’s flattering but not convincing to believe that our writings are more powerful than the multi-billion dollar foghorn of the CBC. Actually, this is just another case of our leftists courts beating up on a pesky Christian; namely, Bill Whatcott.

The National Post (February 26, 2016) provides more detail to the story: In Saskatchewan, “he province’s top court has significantly cut the amount of money the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has to pay for defaming anti-gay crusader Bill Whatcott. Originally ordered to pay Whatcott $30,000, the CBC is now on the hook for only $1,000 after a partial win before the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.
“While I find no cogent basis to set aside the finding of defamation, I would nevertheless intervene and reduce the general damages awarded in this matter to a nominal amount,” Justice Neal Caldwell wrote on behalf of the court. ….

The issue dates back to October 2011 when the CBC published a report on The National and its website about a case involving Whatcott that was before the Supreme Court of Canada. It stemmed from a Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruling regarding Whatcott’s battle with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission over anti-gay pamphlets he distributed in Saskatoon and Regina in 2001 and 2002.

The CBC report included a pan of one of Whatcott’s pamphlets — but not the one that was at issue in the human rights case. Rather, it was one Whatcott had distributed in Alberta in 2008. The CBC showed the side of the pamphlet with lyrics to a song that Whatcott had modified to read, “Kill the Homosexual.” On the reverse side, which the CBC didn’t show, “Whatcott had purported to disclaim or exculpate himself from liability for its inflammatory content, suggesting that he did not truly advocate the murder of homosexuals,” the decision notes.
(Don Healy / Leader-Post)Bill Whatcott handing out flyers at the University of Regina on March 6, 2013.

Whatcott sued, claiming that CBC’s depiction of the pamphlet would cause viewers to believe he advocated murdering homosexual people.
In January 2015 Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Richard Elson agreed, finding the CBC had misrepresented the pamphlet in its four-minute news segment. He awarded Whatcott $20,000 in general damages and an additional $10,000 in aggravated damages after finding the broadcaster had acted with malice.
The CBC appealed, arguing Elson had made several legal errors.

The mere fact the CBC had published a defamatory news segment does not serve to increase the measure of general damages or to justify an award of aggravated damages.

“While the defamatory nature of the news segment is open to some interpretation, I cannot conclude that the judge’s interpretation of it as defamatory was either unreasonable or borne of an error of law,” wrote Caldwell in a decision made unanimous by Justices Ralph Ottenbreit and Maurice Herauf. Elson had found the CBC’s focus on a single, offensive phrase conveyed the impression Whatcott’s activism was more extreme that it actually was and would “tend to lower the plaintiff’s reputation in the eyes of a reasonable person.”

However, the court did determine Elson erred in other findings.
Caldwell said the judge had no evidence about the scope of the publication so erred in assessing damages. The court said Whatcott was responsible for making his case, and “it was not for the judge to fill in the gaps with speculation.”

Whatcott had also failed to provide proof of actual malice, and Elson had made inferences based on “scant evidence,” said Caldwell.
“The mere fact the CBC had published a defamatory news segment does not serve to increase the measure of general damages or to justify an award of aggravated damages,” wrote Caldwell.”

Terry Tremaine Wins Another One & the CBC Can’t Get Its Facts Right

Terry Tremaine Wins Another One & the CBC Can’t Get Its Facts Right

The Truth: On Tuesday October 16, 2012 a breach (of bail conditions) charge dating from August 5, 2009 was stayed by a judge in Regina. Terry Tremaine was allegedly in breach of a bail undertaking because of a posting on STORMFRONT.org which supposedly was made on July 22, 2009. Under his bail conditions, Mr. Tremaine was not then to access the Internet, except to seek help in preparing his case. The night before he was to appear on a contempt of court charge in Regina, based on a complaint by Richard Warman, he posted his proposed statement of defence, seeking last minute advice from the STORMFRONT community. Because the Commission had never notified Mr. Tremaine that the Tribunal order had been registered in Federal Court and, thus, was now a Federal Court Order), they adjourned the proceedings sine die, without letting Mr. Tremaine know, the day before.

Mr. Tremaine’s bail conditions, however, stemmed from a “hate law” charge under section 319(2) of the Criminal Code. dating from January 23, 2008. This charge, too, has been instigated by Richard Warman. Mr. Tremaine was charged with “breach of undertaking and jailed for 22 days in August, 2009, before he could obtain bail.

The breech charge was to be heard, October 16. However, on September 6, Court of Queen’s Bench Judge Frederick Kovach stayed the Sec. 319 “hate” charges. Thus, the “breech” charge became irrelevant.

The CBC story is a mine of bias and misinformation. It states: “A Regina judge has stayed a charge against Terry Tremaine, who was accused of continuing to post hate speech online in defiance of an order from the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In 2007, the commission ordered Tremaine to stop posting anti-Jewish material on the Internet.” As already explained, the Regina judge didn’t clear Mr. Tremaine of defiance of a 2007 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (not Commission) order. The CBC’s garbled version understates the full ruthlessness of the bail condition. Mr. Tremaine was not enjoined from posting “hate speech”; he wasn’t allowed to post ANYTHING, except to seek assistance with his defence.

While we wish it were true, it is not, when the CBC reports: “With a stay of proceedings, Tremaine is no longer before the courts over the allegation of disobeying the commission’s order.” The CBC rightly identifies Richard Warman as the complainant behind the charge of contempt of court, or, as they put it, “disobeying a tribunal order.” That charged has not been stayed. Mr. Tremaine was acquitted in November 2010 of criminal contempt (against a Federal Court order) at the divisional level of Federal Court but was found guilty in September 2011 of civil contempt (against the Human Rights Tribunal’s order) at the Federal Appeals Court.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission and Richard Warman had appealed Federal Court Judge Sean Harrington’s decision acquitting Mr. Tremaine.The Supreme Court did not grant leave to appeal. So, the matter was returned to the divisional court for sentencing. The sentencing hearing on that matter occurred in Vancouver, October 9 and 10, and the presiding judge, Sean Harrington, has reserved judgment.

Paul Fromm



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Terry Tremaine no longer facing charges over alleged online activity
CBC News
Posted: Oct 16, 2012 6:05 PM CST
Last Updated: Oct 16, 2012 7:58 PM CST
A Regina judge has stayed a charge against Terry Tremaine, who was accused of continuing to post hate speech online in defiance of an order from the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

In 2007, the commission ordered Tremaine to stop posting anti-Jewish material on the Internet.

In 2009, Richard Warman — who initiated the complaint against Tremaine — said in an affidavit that Tremaine is disobeying the order and was, at that time, continuing to post material that advocates the extermination of the Jewish community and also attacks blacks and other non-whites.

With a stay of proceedings, Tremaine is no longer before the courts over the allegation of disobeying the commission’s order.

It is the second time this fall that a charge against Tremaine has been stayed.

In September a charge of promoting hatred was discontinued because the judge said the case took too long to get to trial.

Tremaine is a former math instructor for the University of Saskatchewan.