RCMP Continue to Harass Brad Love – Voice of the Working Man

RCMP Continue to Harass Brad Love – Voice of the Working Man



Paul Fromm is Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression at http://cafe.nfshost.com Out of compassion for the world the Brian Ruhe channel brav…

“I’m trapped in my own police state,” say ex-political prisoner & dissident Brad Love, raided by cops with blank search warrant

“I’m trapped in my own police state,” say ex-political prisoner  & dissident Brad Love, raided by cops with blank search warrant
“I am trapped in my own police state and it’s called Fort McMurray, Alberta,” exclaims Brad Love, an outspoken dissident and former political prisoner, after a police raid on his Fort Mac residence on March 23
The police came with a blank warrant — no mention of what they were looking for. They left with three bags of property but left Mr. Love with no receipt for the goods stolen.
Mr. Love lives with three other room mates. He was in the shower when seven burly cops used a ram to hammer open an unlocked door and storm in with rifles and guns drawn.  “They’ve been watching too much television,” says the unarmed writer and dissident.
The next day in traffic court, Mr. Love spoke to a legal aid lawyer in another matter. The lawyer said: “The police can pretty much do what they want. You could hire a lawyer and apply to the court for reasons for the warrant and a list of what was taken.”
Mr. Love has searing contempt for lawyers in Fort Mac. “Half the lawyers in town are afraid of me and won’t talk to me. They are afraid of the police. I need a headhunter lawyer. This is a small town and the cops, the courts and the lawyers are in a comfy, cozy relationship,” he adds.
Anyone else would be able to march down to the police station and inquire about the blank warrant and ask for a list of the goods stolen However, Mr. Love is in the final year of a three-year probation order, imposed on him, not in North Korea but in Ontario. He is forbidden to communicate his views to any political, press, police or religious organization.. Thus, strictly speaking, he is not allowed to even speak to the police. And justice is not just blind, it is brainless and literal as well, in Mr. Love’s case.

Political Prisoner Brad Love at work in the oilpatch

Inline image 1
He wonders whether the incident was cop payback for a confrontation the day before. He and a friend were driving in town. They noticed a car pulled over and being ticketed by the RCMP. Mr. Love who was in the passenger seat called out, “Go get him, di Pasquale.” Moments later two RCMP cruisers chased after Mr. Love’s vehicle. He was ordered out of the car, but said: “I am not the driver. I don’t have to get out.” The police searched the car, without a warrant and then issued Mr. Love, who was not the driver, a $600 ticket for “stunting”.
“Stunting”, in Alberta, is defined as:
 “115 (2) A person shall not do any of the following:

(e) perform or engage in any stunt or other activity that is likely to distract, startle or interfere with users of the highway;
(f) drive a vehicle so as to perform or engage in any stunt or other activity on a highway that is likely to distract, startle or interfere with other users of the highway;

The policeman in question wasn’t even driving or using the road at the time of the incident. Mr. Love described officer  di Pasquale as “a head hunter. There is bad blood between us.”

Ezra Levant Says Trudeau in Cahoots With George Soros on Banning Islamophobia

Ezra Levant Says Trudeau in Cahoots With George Soros on Banning Islamophobia

Justin Trudeau’s government is forcing through a Parliamentary motion, M-103, that proposes a “whole of government” ban on Islamophobia.

Every part of the government — from the CBC, to the RCMP, to the Canada Revenue Agency, to the Canada Border Services Agency — will work on “eliminating” Islamophobia, a term they never define.

In effect, it will mean anyone who criticizes Islam itself, or mass Muslim immigration, or the slow creep of sharia law in our schools and courts and public institutions. Take my word for it — I was prosecuted for 900 days for daring to publish the Danish cartoons of Mohammed back in 2006. And that was even before this Islamophobia ban was proposed.

So, who’s behind it all? Who’s financing it?

Well, it’s no secret. Last September, Justin Trudeau put out a press release bragging about it.

George Soros, the U.S. billionaire.

Here — see for yourself:


Justin Trudeau has outsourced Canadian public policy to a far-left, New York billionaire. They’re threatening our freedom of speech.

That’s un-Canadian.

Please click here to sign our petition against M-103, and add your name to the tens of thousands of Canadians who refuse to live under sharia-style censorship.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant


VICTORIA, British Columbia, August 10, 2016. Political police in Canada? You’d better believe it. Back in June, at the last minute CAFE was called by the very arrogant and abusive manager of the Quality Inn Waddling Dog who announced he was cancelling our meeting scheduled for the next afternoon. This, despite the fact we’d held at least five meetings there, without incident, over the past few years.
The manager was rude, ending his conversation with me by denouncing Paul Fromm whom he had called,  as a “racist piece of shit.” [They hadn’t discussed race or ethnicity.]
The next day Gordon Watson arrived at the Waddling Dog to see what was happening and to redirect any people who might not know of the new location of our meeting, There he found five (5) members of the Central Saanich Police who ignored the effort of the manager, one Brandon Petraroia to body check him and provoke retaliation. A member of the RCMP also showed up — quite a police presence to shut down a political meeting — in CANADA! not Cuba.
Inline image 1
Two days later Mr. Watson filed a Freedom of Information request with the Saanich Police.
Recently he received a heavily redacted response — secrecy’s the name of the game in Canada: can’t let the taxpaying sheoples know too much!
It turns out the RCMP Internet snoops learned of the meeting and alerted to Central Saanich Police who approached the hotel manager. Not a believer in free speech in the bunch! This, of course, is political policing and state censorship. There had never been trouble at our meetings; our agenda was entirely non-violent political opinion. Trudeau’s Charter, however flawed, does mumble something about freedom of speech freedom of believe and freedom of assembly. Apparently, the word hadn’t reached the cops in Victoria.
Gordon Watson reported:

“I received the reply to my Freedom on Information request, from the Central Saanich police, today [July 25, 2016] in the mail

Quite amusing to guys like me and you

In their own hard copy, is evidence that the RCMP in Sidney “… had picked up a meeting on social media that was scheduled to take place at the Waddling Dog. … The meeting had appeared via a twitter account named “Canadians Against Mass Immigration”
So, there you have it : the RCMP taking the initiative to meddle in political activity, telegraphing to a private business that ‘it might not be a good idea to let this guy express his political views‘ (my paraphrase).
Out of 19 pages total, in the FoI reply, the last 10 are withheld!”
“This matter is not finished,” said Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

Monika Schaefer Defends Herself Against Jasper Fitzhugh Smear Article

Monika Schaefer Defends Herself Against Jasper Fitzhugh Smear Article

18 July 2016 noon Mountain Time
Paul Clarke’s hit piece on me in the July 14th 2016 edition of the Fitzhugh requires a response. First, what is the story? The Fitzhugh reports that the RCMP is not currently investigating the matter. It is also reported that the Alberta Human Rights Commission neither confirms nor denies receiving a complaint. What is the news? 
It appears that the only real substance to Paul Clarke’s smear is his detailed account of Ken Kuzminski’s antagonism towards my video. On the basis of his political judgement, Kuzminski seeks to criminalize me and evict me from my home. He declared on social media that I am not welcome in Jasper. From my perspective, my peaceful expression of disagreement with official orthodoxy is being met with a publicized incitement to hatred against me. Who is most in danger here?
Frederick Fromm's photo.
I invite my friend Ken to consider the authoritarian implications of his draconian interventions. Do we have freedom of speech in Canada or not? How far does Ken wish to go in criminalizing dissent?
Ken Kuzminski’s announcement that I am banned from the Jasper Legion, of which he is president, raises the most profound issues. We were always told that Canadian soldiers fought for our freedoms, including freedom of speech and association. Shutting me out of the Legion demeans the values that our veterans supposedly fought to protect. 
Kuzminski contacted the German Embassy. Why? Is he trying to get Canada to follow Germany’s even more repressive police-state censorship on the issue of what actually happened in WW2? 
[The remainder of the letter is the portion that The Fitzhugh refused to print – MS]
The truth does not fear investigation. Only lies need protection by law. 
I will exercise my freedom of speech here. I insist on some reckoning with facts and evidence. 
After the Toronto “Holocaust trials” of Ernst Zündel in 1985 and 1988, the curators of the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland reduced death statistics from 4 million to 1.5 million. Why did the 6 million number remain unchanged?
Evidence in those trials brought to light the fraud of the gas chamber story. The French Professor Robert Faurisson was a pioneer in this line of investigation. He has been repeatedly convicted in French courts and physically assaulted for persisting with his scientific inquiry. Faurisson was instrumental in bringing Fred Leuchter, America’s top gas chamber specialist, into the Toronto trials. Leuchter conducted a thorough scientific examination of the facilities at Auschwitz and concluded that there were no homicidal gas chambers. 
Robert Faurisson’s trials and tribulations speak of the high stakes nature of genuine historical inquiry into the evidence of this subject. He has famously summarized, in a 60-word sentence, his conclusion from decades of research on the forbidden subject: 
“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the state of Israel and international Zionism, whose principal victims are the German people — but not their leaders — and the entire Palestinian people.”
Many people, including Jews, died in WW2. Most of the concentration camp deaths occurred in the final months of war because food was not reaching the camps. The Allies carpet-bombed Germany, in particular transportation corridors. Camp inmates died of starvation and disease. The International Red Cross figure for total deaths in all the concentration camps was 271,301. Look it up.
According to Clarke’s article, Martin Sampson, director of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, claims “it is the most well-documented genocide” and “the truth is the Holocaust was industrialized, state-sponsored murder committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people”. Yet, in the many thousands of government documents and archives that were seized by the Allies after the war, not a single item was found indicating a plan to exterminate the Jews. How could the mass murder of 6 million people take place without a plan? 
I have always been a peace activist, and I am still a peace activist. What we have now is a world of war and turmoil, structured by lies and deception. I am standing up for a better world.
Monika Schaefer
. Creative Commons photo.A video shot by a local resident denying the Holocaust has been widely condemned by the community and at least one resident has filed a formal complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

On June 17, Monika Schaefer, a well-known Jasper resident and former Green Party candidate, appeared in a video on Youtube denying the Holocaust. The video was subsequently posted on her Facebook page.

“This is the most persistent and pernicious lie in all of history,” said Schaefer, about the Holocaust.

In the video she described the Holocaust as the “the six-million lie” in reference to the six million Jews who lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War.

The six-minute video quickly went viral and garnered more than 30,000 views at the time of publishing.

At the end of the video Schaefer invited viewers to read several books published by Holocaust deniers, including Ernst Zündel, who lived in Canada for four decades before being deported to his native Germany where he was imprisoned for five years for denying the Holocaust.

Ken Kuzminski, president of the Jasper Royal Canadian Legion, described the video as hate speech.

“Monika has a right to say whatever she wants to say, but once she’s published it I feel that’s moved on to hate speech,” said Kuzminski.

“She can stand up and say whatever she wants, but she has to accept the consequences of doing that.”

He said he has written a formal complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, contacted the local RCMP detachment and the German embassy.

“By her denying that this ever happened it perpetuates hatred, racism and discrimination,” said Kuzminski, adding he’s heard from several young people in town that they no longer feel safe.

“This is not the community we are and what we believe in.”

The Alberta Human Rights Commission neither confirmed nor denied it had received a formal complaint.

“All of the information that comes into the human rights commission with regards to complaints is confidential,” said Susan Coombes, with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

With that said, she said any complaint involving hate would fall under section three of the Alberta Human Rights Act.

“It’s really difficult to prove,” said Coombes, about whether someone is in violation of the act. “What you have to do is say that there was intent to incite hate.”

The Jasper RCMP confirmed it was aware of the video, but said no formal investigation has been launched.

“At this time what I can say is that I’m aware the video exists and it was brought to my attention,” said RCMP Sgt. Rick Bidaisee. “Discussions are ongoing.”

Schaefer said she stood by her comments in the video during a telephone interview July 11.

“Right now the issue for me is freedom of speech,” said Schaefer. “Last I checked I thought we had freedom of speech in Canada and suddenly I’m the criminal.”

She confirmed she shot the video in Germany, where it is illegal to deny the Holocaust.

“If we don’t have the right to question a historical event then we don’t have freedom of speech,” said Schaefer.

Schaefer was slated to perform during Canada Day, but was pulled from the schedule after the Canada Day committee learned a group of residents were going to protest her performance.

“We had really reliable information that there was going to be a protest and in the interests of public safety and her safety for that matter, we decided it would just be in everybody’s best interests if she stood down for this year,” said Pattie Pavlov, general manager for the Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce.

Kuzminski confirmed she is also banned from the legion.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) quickly condemned the video after learning of its existence.

“As a Holocaust denier, Ms. Schaefer, who appears in this absurd video, has earned her place on the very margins of society,” wrote Martin Sampson, director of communications for CIJA.

“Her comments would be laughable but for the intense pain they cause the survivor community and their descendants. Denying the Holocaust exposes her as an anti-Semitic ignoramus.”

“The truth is the Holocaust was industrialized, state-sponsored murder committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people. It is the most well documented genocide—by both perpetrator and victim—in history. To deny this fact is to spit in the face of truth.”

News that a formal complaint was lodged with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, on July 10 in Poland, where one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in the Second World War.



On Monday, August 24, I received an urgent call from former political prisoner Brad Love (under Canada’s “hate law” he’d received 18 months in prison for writing non-violent letters to politicians)
Brad was in a Catch 22 situation: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
Frederick Fromm's photo.Brad Love in Fort McMurray
He’d arrived home from work in Fort McMurray that afternoon and found a business card from the RCMP. He informed his advisors at CAFE, lest he be arrested, passed the word to several others and went out to dinner with a friend.
Why, you might ask, did he not take the card and call the cop back? Well, he’s under a probation order from Ontario Judge Kelly Wright forbidding him from contacting or expressing his views to police, media or political groups. [Yes, that Orwellian order was imposed, not in communist North Korea or in some African despotism, but in an Ontario court that gurgles on about Trudeau’s Charter of [very limited] Rights and Freedoms.
Specifically, Judge Wright’s July, 2012 order insisted: “Mr.  Love is to refrain from any political speech or commentary to any media  outlet, political, cultural or religious group or organization, or  police organization.
So, strictly speaking, Brad was not supposed to talk to the police. Were they trying to entrap him and send him back to jail. Fort McMurray sees regular killings among its newly acquired Somali community but the RCMP seem to spend an inordinate amount of time and manpower trailing, visiting and harassing the town’s most prominent dissident.
Brad continues the account. “On August 26 the RCMP attended my house for the third day in a row to finally toldl me that I’m being investigated for ‘writing to Ottawa officials.’
It takes two cops in two cars to do all this? And am I actually being ‘investigated’ or intimidated?
I asked them this. I also told them that I am under  their own order as well as a Court order not to communicate with them and, as they had visited me three times to communicate with me, this constitutes a ‘conspiracy to impel an offender to breach  bail/court orders’ and I would be subpoenaing them to my October 26 trial to let a judge hear of this.
They were not happy campers upon hearing this.
And the beat goes on.
Locally, I am dying to have answers to the following questions, yet dare not ask a single yellow-bellied politico or media sap any of them,
They are:
1. Besides Kuwaiti money being poured into it, is any public money being thrown at the local super mosque that’s being built?
2. How much did our Western Summer Games cost/lose?
3. What is the true price of our real estate collapse in Alberta?
4. Who dares to take on or even discuss all of those ‘Natives only’ hiring practices?
5. There are so many Somali shootings here, yet no media attention. Why?
6. Who calls for the media’s constant stream of multicult promotion or do they make it all up themselves?
7. How many millions of dollars are sucked out of my country by Temporary Foreign Workers sending money home to the Philippines, Jamaica, Africa, etc.?
8. And what do banks like the TD, RBC or Western Union make by facilitating such a drain?
9. What does our over-staffed $1.25 a ride whoosh transit company lose yearly?
10. How many local jobs have been lost due to the $43-a-barrel oil?
11. What do so many sickly recent immigrants and their  large broods, whom I never see working, cost my local hospital, schools and welfare system?
12. There are many sports and entertainment facilities being built here that no one asked for. What are their final costs to the taxpayers? And how many people will actually use them? Beware of your government using your money to amuse you.
13. Why is the Food Bank here always empty?
14. Why does China or Chinese interests won 20% of Syncrude and all of Nexen, Husky Energy and Synopec? — Paul Fromm


Political Prisoner Letter Writer Brad Love Flown Back to Alberta in Handcuffs & Chains
Curious travellers at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport last Thursday may have wondered who that 54-year old man, in handcuffs and leg irons being pushed in a wheelchair through departures by two Mounties was. Was he some mass murderer? Was he a rapist and killer Paul Bernardo copy cat?
No, he was Brad Love, the prolific writer of opinionated non-violent letters to media and politicians — more than 10,000 letters over a 20 year period. At huge cost to the taxpayer, two members of the RCMP had flown to Ontario, picked up Mr. Love, who had been scheduled to be released on probation, Sunday, June 15, and flown him to Alberta. The police never showed him a warrant or any documentation, and, Mr. Love marvels, he had no identification on him but still managed to board an airplane and go through “security.”

Having landed  at Edmonton International Airport, Mr. Love was driven to nearby Leduc. The Mounties charged him with missing a court appearance in Fort McMurray last August 7. This charge is bogus and a further piece of political police state spite. Mr. Love missed the court date for the very good reason that he was in jail in Ontario, as of August 1, 2013 serving his draconian 18-month sentence for breach of probation (sending information packages to several Toronto Jewish groups) — a charge that usually attracts a 30-day sentence! However, political prisoners are usually treated more harshly.
Peter Lindsay, Mr. Love’s Toronto lawyer, had advised the court in Fort McMurray that Mr. Love was in jail in Ontario, and, therefore, unable to keep the court date.
The RCMP opposed granting Mr. Love bail at a bail hearing held by video teleconference. They said people in Fort McMurray would be “appalled” if Mr. Love got bail. Also, they added, he has no ties to the community. “I argued that I had lived and worked there for eight years and few people in Fort Mac have ties to the community. They come from out-of-province to work and make money. The JP (justice of the peace) wanted $1,000 cash bail. I said I had about $960.”

“So, I was released on $900 bail. I was turned out on to the street by the RCMP with $60 in my pocket,” Mr. Love told CAFE in an exclusive interview today. “My credit cards had been cancelled. Most of my belongings and cellphone were with a friend in Ontario. I used my $60 to get a cab to take me to a banking machine and I got the money to return to Fort McMurray.”
Mr. Love is seeking to resume employment. He faces his first court appointment — a date to set a date — on June 30 in Fort McMurray.
Mr. Love notes an odd coincidence. One of the public officials he is accused of “harassing” (by sending letters or phoning) is a reporter for Fort McMurray Today. Several years ago, he filed a complaint against this newspaper for running “aboriginal only” employment ads. They blatantly proclaimed racial discrimination in a way that would never be allowed if the ads said “Whites only.”
Similarly, another of those complaining against him is a local OXFAM campaigner named John Crossley. He and his wife are employed by Keyano College. Mr. Love some years ago challenged Mr. Crossley who was promoting OXFAM at a public display, Mr.  Love had argued to a shocked Mr. Crossley that most foreign aid was wasted and that OXFAM should be putting the needs of Canadians first. Mr. Love also filed a human rights complaint against Keyano College for running an “Indians only programme.” Both complaints were dismissed — not unusual for the pathologically anti-White “human rights” industry mindset.
“This has been a set-up from the get-go,” an angry Mr. Love concludes