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· Political prisoner

· Decades long campaigner against abortion mills & the LGBTQ agenda

· Was acquitted of “hate” for distributing Bible tracts to 2016 gay pride parade

I was Acquitted of “Hate”, the Crown Appealed & Now I Face A Retrial!

Free U.K. Political Prisoner Sam Melia — 2 Years in Jail for Publishing Legal Stickers, Another Victim of Britain’s White-hating Legal System!

It has now been one week since Patriotic Alternative Regional Organiser for Yorkshire, Sam Melia, was sentenced to two years in prison for his “intentions” behind publishing stickers online that the prosecution said were legal and truthful.

Now that the dust has settled and we have heard from Sam and know where he is, I thought I’d put together a list of things we can do to help Sam and to push back against his unjust conviction and sentencing.

Before I begin, I would like to inform people that we are pursuing legal avenues in relation to Sam’s conviction. I am in touch with Sam’s solicitor and barrister, plus other legal professionals, and we are looking into what options are available to us. I hope people understand that due to not wanting to share too much information with people who wish Sam harm, we are keeping our cards close to our chest until we have something more concrete to report back.

I’d also like to say thank you to everybody who has helped to raise awareness of Sam’s case. The international response to his conviction and sentencing has been something that we never expected and when I told Sam about it on the phone this week, he was made up!

Write a Letter to Sam

Sam advised me yesterday that apart from missing his family, the worst thing about being in prison is the boredom. Please consider writing him a letter to show him some support and also help him to pass the time.

Please send any letters to:

Samuel Melia


HMP Leeds

2 Gloucester Terrace

Stanningley Road


West Yorkshire

LS12 2TJ

If you would like a letter in return, you will need to write your name and address on the back of the envelope. Sam can buy stamps from the canteen every Saturday. I asked the lady on reception if we could send him stamps and she said no he has to buy them himself, however you can include a stamped addressed envelope with the first letter this week.

Please note, if you get too political in your letter, they won’t let it through.

Email Sam

If you’d like to write an email to Sam, you can use this website to do so:

You have to add credit to your account. It cost me 68p to send him an email and pay for his reply back. They print your email off and hand it to Sam, and he gets a blank page to hand write a message back. They then scan his response and email it back to you. It took 24 hours for my message to get to Sam and 48 hours for Sam’s message to then get back to me, so it’s pretty fast!

Sam is in HMP Leeds and his prison number is A3370FC.  Please remember to put Samuel Melia and not Sam as his name.

Send Books to Sam

If you would like to send a book to Sam, we have to send this directly from one of the prison’s preferred suppliers. Unfortunately we cannot send books (or anything else) directly to Sam. To send Sam a book, please add the book to your basket on one of the following websites:

  • Blackwell’s
  • Foyles
  • Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights
  • Waterstones
  • WH Smith
  • Wordery
  • Housmans
  • Incentive Plus
  • Prisons Org UK

You’ll then need to write “Samuel Melia” and his prison number (A3370FC) as the recipient, and send it directly to HMP Leeds. As above, anything too political won’t get through.

This morning I sent Sam 10 books including 2 adult colouring books, 2 puzzle books, 2 history books, 2 journals and 2 fiction books. He enjoys anything outdoorsy (including camping and hiking) DIY, homesteading, exercising, climbing, comedy, graphic novels (he likes Batman), metal music, history, skateboarding, computer games and puzzles/quizzes.

Raise Awareness of Sam’s Case

Another way in which you can help is by raising awareness of Sam’s case. There are multiple benefits to doing this including showing the System that we won’t be silent while they attack our people simply for raising awareness about the terrible things that are happening to us. It also shines a light on their anti-White hypocrisy, helping to awaken other people to nationalism and bring people to our cause.

The response to Sam’s case has been unbelievable so far, with him receiving support from all over the world including from GBNews, Darren Grimes, Alex Jones, Red Ice, Edward Dutton, Steve Laws, Paul Joseph Watson, Count Dankula, Leo Kearse, Keith Woods, Morgoth, Millennial Woes, Tommy Robinson, Britain First, Warren Balogh, Eric Striker, Emily Youcis, Blair Cottrell, Thomas Sewell, Sascha Roßmüller, Adam Green, Way of the World, Joel Davis, James Goddard, Active Patriot, Lotus Eaters, Andreas Johansson, Lauren Southern, Nativist Concern, Tollah, Anne Marie Waters, History Debunked, Mike Enoch, UK Column, Counter-Currents, Pox Populi, Endeavour, UNN, Guardians of Aria, The Woodlander, Heritage and Destiny, Nathan Damigo, Hiraeth, Jody Kay, Horus, The Golden One, David Kurten, Brendan O’Neill at Spiked, Full Haus, No Chance, and even Elon Musk himself!

It’s important to note that not all of these people agree with Sam (or even like him or Patriotic Alternative) but they have taken a stand for his right – and as an extension our right – to freedom of speech, and they have highlighted the anti-White bias of the System. Coming down so hard on Sam for publishing legal stickers has united the “right” on an issue more than I’ve ever seen before in my time in nationalism.

Thanks to the huge public response to Sam’s case, more people have seen his stickers over the last week than they ever did over the two years that the Hundred Handers existed. It is also a massive kick in the teeth to the anti-White System that jailed Sam “as a deterrent” to others who have the same beliefs. The system certainly made an example out of Sam, but not in the way they intended.

We also have the hashtag #FreeSamMelia on Twitter/X.

See the massive amount of support Sam has received on PAtv.

Get Active

To follow on from my previous point of the sentencing being meant to act as a deterrent to other nationalists, getting active in an organisation is the best way you can ensure their failure here. They may have temporarily taken Sam out for a few months, but let’s step into his shoes until he’s back and let them see that this tactic of theirs won’t work on Sam or anybody else for that matter.

Get involved with Patriotic Alternative today.

Street Action

If you’re wondering whether there is going to be some sort of street action towards Sam’s sentencing, the answer is yes. Get involved with Patriotic Alternative to find out more.

Contact Your Local MP

If street activism isn’t for you then please consider contacting your local MP or political representative to share Sam’s story and ask them what they think. Even a negative response is positive because it highlights the fragility and anti-White bias of the System. If you get a response, feel free to share it with us at: 

The Grinch Judge Stole Brad’s Love’s Christmas & Half of His New Year: 15 Months for 3 Slashed Tires

The Grinch Judge Stole Brad’s Love’s Christmas & Half of His New Year: 15 Months for 3 Slashed Tires

December 19. Political prisoner Brad Love had been acquitted of mischief charges in his November 30 trial, but was still found guilty of slashing three tires, although no photographic evidence was presented nor any evidence connecting the 65 year old oil worker to the alleged crime. Today, however, a scolding judge gave him 15 months for three slashed tires. He’s spent four months in remand. So, his remaining sentence, with a third off for good behaviour, will end in June.

The sentencing, says, Mr. Love, was a farce. The judge denounced him for the stickers he allegedly posted and for which she’s acquitted him. “You’re harming the multicultural fabric of our society,” she said. CAFÉ has argued all along that Mr. Love’s problems have been political. Mr. Love must also pay $3,000 in restitution or face four more days in jail. Piteous “victim impact statements” were presented. One snowflake asked for $300 compensation for mental counselling. The request was denied.

Mr. Love was wheeled into court in a wheel chair so painful was his gout flareup.

So, a big lump of coal and six more months in jail in the New Year from Canada’s highly politicized “justice” system.

Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer Re-arrested & Sentenced to Six Months for Showing a Prisoner How High His Dog Can Jump

Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer Re-arrested & Sentenced to Six Months for Showing a Prisoner How High His Dog Can Jump

Dear friends,
Shortly before noon today, 23-08-23, the uniformed thugs came to pick Alfred Schaefer up at his home to give him his “taxi service” to jail. He is to serve a 6-month jail term for showing his buddy in the courtyard of the last jail he was in, how high his dog Pavlov could jump. 

Alfred’s wife heard a commotion and so she opened their front door, to see that the police had already entered the building. They had some strange tools, such as a rusty old spade, and they were on the phone telling headquarters that they had entered the building and were in front of the door of the targetted person. It seemed they had no intention of ringing or knocking. Lucky that Elfriede was already there, or they might have broken the door down, like they did to the old wheelchair-bound man Tom in Munich where they crashed his home in the middle of the night with a dozen police officers, to be sure they could contain him. 

Elfriede told these officers that Alfred was down in the garden, and she escorted them there. Two more police officers approached from the other side of the yard. Clearly they were ready to ambush Alfred in case he should run. 
Alfred had no intention of running. Background information for people who may not be aware: he was supposed to present himself at the jail on August 3rd, but he simply did not go willingly and voluntarily to the jail on August 3rd as per their orders, as that would have been a traitorous thing to do, to go to the enemy and say here I am, your prisoner of war.

Have you ever seen police officers carry rusty spades as part of their tool kit? I wonder what they had in mind. It was good that Alfred’s wife was present to witness all, because you never know what kind of story they might have concocted, just in case somebody got hurt, and then plant the “weapon” and call it self defence? I’m only speculating. Nothing of that sort happened, but the rusty old spade got my imagination going.

That is my news for the day. Please feel free to share this around. 

Monika Schaefer

PS: We do not know at this time which jail he will reside in, but as soon as I have his whereabouts, I will post his mailing address on my website and we’ll get the word out.

Political Prisoner Dr. James Sears Arrested At Gunpoint

Political Prisoner Dr. James Sears Arrested At Gunpoint

On Thursday, political prisoner Dr. James Sears was arrested at GUNPOINT by three police while leaving his regular appointment with his parole officer. He’s a 56-year old writer editor of YOUR WARD NEWS. We await further details. He was on parole on “hate” charges for satire!

Richard Edmonds Reports on the Rally to Celebrate Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck’s 91st Birthday


Ursula Haverbeck, nominated the grand Dame of German Revisionism by the late Prof. Robert Faurisson, “celebrated” her 91st. birthday in prison. Yes, you read that correctly: Frau Ursula Haverbeck is ninety one years of age and she finds herself incarcerated in a prison cell, charged and found “guilty” of questioning the allegation of the so-called “Holocaust”, the allegation that the Germans during the Second World war murdered millions of Jews in homicidal gas-chambers. For expressing her non-violent opinions on aspects of the history of the Second World War which she herself lived through as a teenager, the current ruling establishment of the Federal Republic of Germany, in its viciousness, has locked this 91 year old up in a prison cell in an attempt to silence her.

On Saturday, the 9th. November, the very day of Ursula Haverbeck’s 91st. birthday, hundreds of German nationalists, patriots and friends, well-wishers and admirers of the grand Dame of German Historical Revisionism marched through the centre of the north German town of Bielefeld where Ursula is imprisoned. With great gusto we paraded with flags flying and with banners held high proclaiming Ursula Haverbeck to be a Heroine for Germany and demanding Truth and Justice for Germany. The authorities gave us permission to hold a public rally right in the centre of Bielefeld. There was of course a large contingent of Police present. And there were of course large numbers of demented Lefties shouting their usual obscenities. However our loud-speaker system drowned out all that Sound and Fury signifying nothing (Shakespeare’s Macbeth). Our rally lasted the best part of two hours; right in the centre of town; the traffic was stopped; the trams ceased running; and we held our rally without any interruption. Here is the translation of the speech that I gave on this historic occasion:

“Dear German friends, my name is Richard Edmonds, I am British.

“I have travelled here to Bielefeld to show solidarity with the very brave patriot, Ursula Haverbeck, whom I have known for many years.She is a wonderfully brave campaigner for the honour of Germany and now this fine woman must “celebrate” her 91st. birthday in prison. Shocking. Ursula Haverbeck, an educated and cultivated woman, has posed questions regarding the topic of the “Holocaust”; she has posed the most serious questions, forensic, scientific, objective questions. And for this, she finds herself on her 91st. birthday in jail here in Bielefeld.

“Yes. I know , we are in the Federal Republic. In order to make the situation clear, I will refer to the trial that took place in Mannheim in 2003, the trial brought against the German-Canadian, Ernst Zundel, yet another individual charged with “Holocaust”-denial. At Zundel’s trial, the presiding judge, Dr. Ulrich Meinerzhagen, found himself obliged to state in the open court, and I quote him: ‘It is completely irrelevant whether the “Holocaust” took place or not. It is the act of denial of the “Holocaust” which is a crime. And that is all that matters in this court.’ : Presiding Judge Dr. Meinerzhagen.

“Here with absolute modesty can I (R.Edmonds) state that in Great Britain and in the United States of America, we have complete Freedom of Speech on the subject of the “Holocaust”; this means that every type of question may be posed on this topic; and eveyone has the right to publish answers which are based on forensic, scientific, objective facts.

“As a guest here in Germany, I can only quote the former, now retired, judge sitting on the supreme court in Germany, the Constitutional Court, Judge Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem:

‘I would not make the questioning of the Holocaust a criminal offence.’ Judge Hoffmann -Riem, July 2008 (Der Tagesspiegel, 10. July 2008)

“Finally, dear friends. I would like to quote the famous German hero, Ulrich von Huten, who five hundred years ago, said: ‘Germany is there, where strong hearts are beating.’ Thank you.” FINIS.

Finally let me make this comment: one does have to wonder if a change is now taking place in the Federal Republic of Germany, set up as it was by the western Allies at the end of the Second World War, the twin in fact of the Communist regime set up in Eastern Germany by the forces of the Soviet Union. How else might one explain the readiness of the authorities to give permission for this “Birthday celebration” right in the centre of the town where Ursula Haverbeck is held prisoner in the local jail ? The activity must have cost the town a great deal of money; vast numbers of Police were employed, and the centre of the town was effectively shut down for the afternoon: what with several hundred Nationalists and possibly as many as two thousand Lefties plus large numbers of Police officers, the result was that no trams were running through the town, no cars or delivery vehicles, access to the main-line railway station was barred for a time, little business could have been conducted that day; all this was predictable, but permission was given, in spite of counter-pressure from the usual suspects, permission was given for the go-ahead. A historic week-end. A privilege to be there.

Letter from German Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Who Just Celebrated Her 91st Birthday in Jail

Letter from German Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Who Just Celebrated Her 91st Birthday in Jail

Letter from Ursula Haverbeck[British patriot and frequent NATIONAL FRONT candidate Richard Edmonds, writes:]


Dear Friends,

Today I have received a letter from the brave campaigner from Truth in History, Ursula Haverbeck. Ursula expresses her astonishment and thanks for the amazing number of letters and cards of support that she receives from Britain and from France, and indeed from the whole world. In her letter to me Ursula H. singles out her specific thanks to Michele R. and to Peter R.

Let me repeat here, that letters and cards of support are a God-send to every brave and honourable patriot locked up in a narrow prison cell mixed in together with anti-social types and criminals, and isolated from the world and friendly faces – that’s prison, and in this nightmare “modern” world many of the prisoners will be Third-world criminals with Third-world personal habits.

All the more reason to send a friendly, cheerful card or letter, (which does not have to bear the address of the sender) to our brave Ursula:

Frau Ursula Haverbeck, JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede, Umlostrasse 100, D-33649, Germany.

Note on a related matter: The Jewish community in Bielefeld has raised its objections to a parade through the town, which friends and supporters of our Ursula have planed for next month, to commemorate her 91st birthday, that the astoundingly vigorous Ursula Haverbeck will “celebrate” in the Bielefeld prison (JVA).

The notice below from <bocage-info> confirms the information.

Regards to all,

[“Isn’t it wonderful that we live in ‘the free world’?” — Paul Fromm]

Monika Schaefer on the Brian Ruhe Show: 18 Months More in Prisoner for Dissident Alfred Schaefer for Defending Himself in Court
Just received this bad news tonight from Alfred’s sister Monika. This is the brief video we just released:

Alfred Schaefer Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Defending Himself!

Please write to Alfred, a Canadian in prison in Germany.


Alfred Schaefer
JVA Stadelheim
Stadelheimer Str 12
81549, Munich (München)