CAFE Sponsored Talks By Political Prisoner Bill Whatcott in Hamilton & Toronto


The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Presents


· Political prisoner

· Decades long campaigner against abortion mills & the LGBTQ agenda

· Was acquitted of “hate” for distributing Bible tracts to 2016 gay pride parade

I was Acquitted of “Hate”, the Crown Appealed & Now I Face A Retrial!


CAFE protested outside the Maplehurst Detention Centre for political prisoner Leslie Bory who has been inside for 381 days, without bail, for allegedly posting threats against privileged groups on a podcast. His trial may not occur until next January. He will have been in two years  Meanwhile violent criminals, mostly black, get bail. It’s political discrimination.

CAFE Endorsed & Supported Freedom Fighter Adam Skelly’s New Year’s Even Toronto Fundraiser

CAFE Endorsed & Supported Freedom Fighter Adam Skelly’s New Year’s Even Toronto Fundraiser

The Canadian Association for Free Expression had a number of associates, including Director Paul Fromm, at a Scarborough fundraiser for freedom fighter Adam Skelly New Year’s Eve.

The City of Toronto and Province of Ontario came down on Adam Skelly like ten tonnes of bricks.  The government brought six, separate legal proceedings against him for daring to dissent.

Why? To single him out. To make an example of him. To punish him for just saying NO. Adam was the first person in North America to be arrested for disobeying public health orders. In the age of COVID-19 tyranny and totalitarianism, dissent and debate are no longer permitted.

The government hit. And we hit back.  Last year, CCOC helped Adam retain new counsel. We are determined to be heard – and will be heard. 

We are challenging the Reopening Ontario Act, its lockdown regulation 82/20, and Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health authority on legal and            constitutional grounds.   Here is a link to our Notice of Application:

We retained six PhD experts to submit evidence that strongly challenges the Great Lie. This evidence has yet to be heard in court.  It is irrefutable.  All the legal documents, including the expert evidence, are as follows:

CAFE Held A Great Meeting In Nova Scotia This Weekend

CAFE Held A Great Meeting In Nova Scotia This Weekend

For the first time since before COVID, CAFE held a meeting in Atlantic Canada. Our Nova Scotia gathering attracted many new supporters.

CAFE Director Paul Fromm opened the meeting: “We meet this afternoon on land our European ancestors — Scots, French, English, then many others — built from the wilderness. They built the farms, the fisheries, the industry, the roads and infrastructure in this great province. This land is ours. No more guilt.” The largely young audience broke into loud applause. Mr. Fromm’s topic was “My Issues: Free Speech & Immigration: Not Enough Free Speech but Too Much Immigration.”

Mr. Fromm was joined my Moncton’s Malcolm Ross, a Christian author and longtime free speech advocate. Both Mr. Ross and Mr. Fromm were fired in the 1990s from their positions as school teachers, after extensive Jewish lobbying pressure, for their political views expressed on their own time off school property. Both won the 1994 George Orwell Free Speech Award.

Mr. Ross spoke on the importance of family in this age of mind-bending attacks on children through the LGBTQ and Woke agenda being inflicted on them in many schools.

Back In Kelowna, CAFE Supports C.L.E.A.R. BC’s Monthly Freedom Rally 9

Back In Kelowna, CAFE Supports C.L.E.A.R. BC’s Monthly Freedom Rally

C.L.E.A.R. BC has staged rallies opposing the freedom smashing COVID restrictions since April, 2020. C.L.E.A.R. BC follows the motto “Resistance is Not Futile.” C.L.E.A.R. Director David Lindsay is leading a fight against Kelowna City Council that seeks to ban freedom protests in public — that means, the taxpayers OWN them — parks.

CAFE Director Paul Fromm with the old Red Ensign, the flag of the REAL Canada

CAFE Supports “Hands Off Our Kids” Rally in St. Catharines, Ontario

CAFE Supports “Hands Off Our Kids” Rally in St. Catharines, Ontario

ST. Catharines, October 21, 2023. Over 200 people rallied today here to oppose indoctrination of children with the radical SOGI (Sexual Orientations and Gender Identity) sex ed programme. They also insisted that parents be informed if their under age and perhaps confused children are changing their names or pronouns at school.

CAFE supporters took at active part in the rally.

The St. Catharines rally was one of dozens taking part across Canada.

About a dozen pro-LGBTQ counterprotesters shadowed the march bust stayed well back.

Paul Fromm, CAFE Directors report from the rally: –

Christian Decency Protest Leader Bubba Pollock Addresses CAFE & Alternative Forum, “Tactics & Strategies for Fighting Cancel Culture” Toronto, September 14, 2023

Christian Decency Protest Leader Bubba Pollock Addresses CAFE & Alternative Forum, “Tactics & Strategies for Fighting Cancel Culture” Toronto, September 14, 2023


• 34 year-old businessman, semi-retired
• Born in London, went to UWO and Duke University
• Got a degree in business
• Lived and worked in London for many years, worked several
different jobs
• Talk about experience with cancel culture (media articles, social
media comments, messages, getting banned from flag football
• Not “death punch” for me as it might be for realtor with 2 kids
and wife in a single-earner household or a small business owner
with their name on the business
• Today I want to talk about strategies we as a group and as
individuals, no matter your situation, can use to fight cancel

Tactics & Strategies for Fighting Cancel Culture

• Doxing is identifying who a person is, what their views are and any information about
them (workplace and organizations they’re a part of)
• Call to action to a bigger group to make the person’s life difficult
• Call to many people to reach out to these places and complain about the person,
demanding they be “cancelled”

How to Counter Doxing
• Use false statements people make to advantage, false negative statements made
publicly may be slanderous, SAVE THEM
• Legally, “To prevail in a defamation suit, whether for libel or slander, the plaintiff must show:
That the statements in dispute are defamatory. That the plaintiff was alluded to by the terms.
That the statements were spoken to at least one person other than the plaintiff”
• Protect yourself from doxing: know the policies & procedures of any organizations
you’re part of, regularly get a copy of your HR file, know organizational rules, and call
them out if they violate them

Taking the War to the Woke Crowd
• Take away the money, take away their platform, take away their power
• Find ways to hit their bottom line
• Protest businesses and organizations that support woke culture
• Hit the bottom line of individuals who are active in cancel culture
• Use misinformation to tax their resources for security and counter-protestors at events

Strategies Used Against Drag Story Time
• The goal is to make protests a big event, a big issue to tax their resources, create
supporter fatigue, and force them to pay for police and security
• Document any illegal activity by the other side, report it to police to justify our own
private security
• Show the average person who supports us that they don’t have to fear cancel culture,
get them to stand up and speak up
Get Average People to Become Active
• Step outside your circle, use a soft approach to get people on your side
• Police don’t have resources to watch most members, but protect yourself by keeping
everything legal

CAFE & Canadian Nationalist Patriots Protest Race Huckters Whose Bullying Led to Toronto Principal’s Death

Gus Stefanis alongside Paul Fromm and his Canadian Association for Free Expression supporters (About CAFE protested the KOJO institute August 18th 2023.

KOJO institute Anti-Racism instructor Kike Ojo-Thompson (Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Consultancy – KOJO Institute consulted Toronto Principal Richard Bilkszto before his suicide.

‘Your Job in This Work as White People Is to Believe,’ DEI Instructor Tells Principal Who Later Committed Suicide…

Former Toronto principal accused of ‘white supremacy’ during ‘diversity training’ commits suicide – Rebel News…

What Anti-Racism Instructor Told Toronto Principal Richard Bilkszto Before His Suicide

We surprised them with our presence and gave them hell with the megaphone!

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Paul Fromm protests KOJO institute Aug 18th 2023

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