Pandemic! What Pandemic?: Statement by Travis Patron, Leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party

What Pandemic?

The recent declaration of emergency from the provincial government has proven to be unnecessary and economically debilitating.

Citizens of Redvers,

The recent “pandemic” has impacted all our lives in one way or another. Local businesses especially are feeling the pinch due to restrictions which many believe are becoming intolerable. We ourselves, the Canadian Nationalist Party, served the provincial government of Saskatchewan a notice of objection to their declared state of emergency in March of this year (, claiming it was “unprecedented and unnecessary” and that these actions have a “high probability of causing undo suppression of our economic conditions – especially in rural areas of the province”.

We believe those words to be self-evident today.

What we need to do is aggressively lift restrictions and get people back to work. No amount of “stimulus” cheques can replace millions of workers who are now unemployed across the country. We need government that is capable and willing to stand up to regional, provincial, and federal agencies who limit access to public utilities, essential services, and private functions. This needs to stop. I don’t believe I’m alone when I say I PREFER NOT to wear a mask. I personally have yet to meet basically anyone who has contracted this illness. Fortunately, for those who DO contract it, there is a ~99% survival rate.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the people who’ve infiltrated our government/media are attempting to collapse our economy, extinguish our national identity, and usher in a world government surveillance state using a combination of social media data mining, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition technology. We oppose this and we hope you’ll join us …

C – O – R – O – N – A         = 6
3 – 15 – 18 – 15 – 14 – 1   = 66
                                               = 666, NUMBER OF THE BEAST, (manipulation)

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” – Revelation 13:8

“The numbers of the beast shall be sixty-six, and six hundred and sixty-six, and the parts thereof. Because in the coil of the cycle, behold the distances are two-thirds of a circle (2/3), whether it be a hundred or a thousand or three times a thousand.” – God’s Book Of Ben

It may be necessary to disconnect from social media and the television entirely if we are to regain control of the cultural narrative. Regardless, if the good people of Redvers are not having their voices heard by their current elected officials, I am confident they will look to other local political bodies for representation – with or without the approval of the ballot box, with or without the approval of our increasingly untrustworthy media apparatus.

Our citizens demand accountability from their leaders and will not support an administration which is no longer serving their best interests.

In your service,

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Mr. Travis Patron

Stand Up to Tyranny Rally in Victoria, November 1 — “I’ll be there” Says Human Rights Campaigner Gordon Watson

Stand Up to Tyranny Rally in Victoria, November 1 — “I’ll be there” Says Human Rights Campaigner Gordon Watson

To those concerned with good government in British Columbia

On the FaceBook Stand up to End Tyranny group, there’s a post advertising a gathering this Sunday November 1 2020 at 1 pm outside the Min. de Health Building 1515 Blanshard St.  Victoria BC

I plan to be there to discuss with other dissident voices, what we ought to be doing to counteract the INsanity of the  Central Party Line re the ScamDemic

The Public Health Act Order entitled  GATHERINGS AND EVENTS  categorically exempts political gatherings from its 50 person limit.  So far, 28 people indicated they will be going to the meet-up. Hopefully, we get more than 50 warm bodies. 

As of today, I have not yet received a reply from Victoria Chief of Police Manek, to my letter asking for a policy statement re how the VPD intends to enforce such Orders

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic
Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

A CAFE Supporter Challenges Freedom Lovers in the GTA –Time to Put on Your Marching Boots: END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY, Toronto, Saturday, October, 31 — Be There on Hallowe’en

A CAFE Supporter Challenges Freedom Lovers in the GTA –Time to Put on Your Marching Boots: END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY, Toronto, Saturday, October 31

 — Be There on Hallowe’en

A CAFE Supporter Challenges Freedom Lovers in the GTA –Time to Put on Your Marching Boots: END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY, Toronto, Saturday, October 24 — Be There

Nobody here is going to accomplish anything politically from behind your computers and hiding at home, especially under current tyrannical rule.

Work on getting your freedoms back first! 

It’s time to lace up your boots, get out there, and march! 

Faith without works is dead. 

Two Saturdays ago, a minimum of 4,000 patriots and freedom fighters (myself included) took over downtown Toronto and marched. Think I’m lying?

Check out this Tweet and look at that crowd:

If you live in Ontario, I expect you out next Saturday, 12:00 p.m. at  Dundas Square (Yonge and Dundas St.). No excuses! 

If you’re outside of Ontario, find a march near you. They’re happening all over the country. 



FORCED MASKS — WE’VE BEEN SCAMMED! “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little if any protection from infection. The desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.” — NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, May, 2020.

THE GREATEST HEALTH THREAT IN OUR LIFETIMES? — ” The basic facts are that the coronavirus is not fatal to 99.997 per cent of people under the age of 65, and not fatal to 94.6 per cent of people above the age of 65. The vast majority of people of all ages, including the elderly, have zero or minimal symptoms when afflicted by it. The approximately 98 per cent of people who do contract the coronavirus and survive it appear to be thereafter largely immune to it, at least for a time.”  — Conrad Black (National Post, October 24, 2020)

“Research also shows that over 80 per cent of fatalities attributed to the coronavirus in advanced countries that test comprehensively and report accurately are people who also suffer from other significant illnesses or vulnerabilities. The extent to which the coronavirus is the effective cause of death varies in each case and is sometimes nearly impossible to determine.” — — Conrad Black (National Post, October 24, 2020)

My Family Had the COVID — From A Doctor Friend in the State of Washington

My Family Had the COVID — From A Doctor Friend in the State of Washington

Second week of Coronavirus

The second week of my family’s isolation was uneventful. No one was particularly sick although minor symptoms seem to linger and linger (light cough, sporatic diarrhea, tiredness, loss of appetite). Kids are all normal. No one had a temperature after that first day, two weeks ago. Whether or not any of this is contagious is anyone’s guess. I have heard some people have such vague symptoms for many months. 

The suggestion that people need to isolate until 14 days after the last symptom, like Fauci’s 12-foot social distancing, Fauci’s goggles, or the University of Washington-Bothell recommendation of ear coverings, is impractical. And quickly forgotten.

In Washington State, the Public Health Department commands that after testing positive three things will take place immediately: (1) contact tracing; (2) medical briefing; and (3) briefing on financial aid available. None of that was done. (The only financial aid discussed for people with coronavirus was $100 million for illegal aliens.) All these measures are just window dressing. Everything they congratulate themselves on is imaginary. They just send people home to recover or die, on their own.
We are all back to normal.

New Zealand concentration camps for “refusers”

New Zealand concentration camps for “refusers” 

Australia, especially Melbourne, is already in tyrannical lockdown, as is Great Britain.  

Are such quarantine isolation camps are planned for all of Canada and the United States?

In New Zealand, you can now be interned in a quarantine isolation camp, if you refuse to be tested for COVID 19. Even if you do not have ANY symptoms – they can now order ANYONE to be tested for ANY reason. You can also now be held indefinitely in one of these quarantine isolation camps in New Zealand!

Persecution of Videographer Jan Lamprecht Instigated by Jewish Lobby in South Africa

Persecution of Videographer Jan Lamprecht Instigated by Jewish Lobby in South Africa

Hi Everyone,

The South African Board of Jewish Deputies is the ADL of South Africa. They were formed to “protect” the Jews. The vice chairperson of them is Professor Karen Milner. She is the one laying the charges against me. She’s even pretending that I’ve harassed her. All nonsense. 

This morning, I got a phone call from a white journalist at news24 this morning. News24 and IOL are the 2 biggest English news conglomerates in South Africa. News24 is huge. It is linked to an Afrikaans group that went Liberal that has huge investments in China. News24 is enormous, and has a big global reach. 

It seems to me the Jewish Professor has gone and leaked the story to new24. 

She is of course playing the victim card. 

In South Africa it is the law that the media cannot publish a story about you without having tried to communicate with you. You will see my response below. 

So this thing is going to go global now, and I’m sure from here that the rest of the Jewish mass media will pick up on it. So the Jews are out to get me and destroy me for once and for all.  

However, I will fight tooth and nail. Below is the email with the questions from the journalist as well as my reply to him. 

So this thing will hit in about 5 or 6 hours time. 



——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Re: Attention: From Jan Lamprecht
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 09:41:26 +0200
From: History Reviewed <>
To: Jeff Wicks <>

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your call. And thank you for the email.

I MOST DEFINITELY want to have a chance to comment on ANY STORIES you write about me in News24. I do not want you to publish any stories about me without my comments. That applies to this story and to any other story that you may run in the future. You MUST ask for my comment, and I will comment on any story you publish.
For now, I will state this:-

1. I am aware of Professor Milner laying 2 criminal charges against me.

2. I will definitely be opposing the application in court.


On 2020/10/27 09:22, Jeff Wicks wrote:
Good morning Mr Lamprecht,

Our conversation this morning refers. As I mentioned, we intend to publish a story on our website tomorrow morning which centres on yourself.

It is our information that Prof Karen Milner of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies in July registered a case of crimen injuria, referencing articles and statements you have published on your website.

She has alleged the following:

1. That you openly advocate for the hatred of/violence against those of the jewish faith.
2. That the postings on your website are racist, neo-nazi content.
3. That you openly sell nazi paraphernalia on your site. 
4. That you posted Milner’s picture and place of work, resulting in her receiving hate mail.
5. That as a result of this, she has approached the court for a protection order?
5. That you, via your site, disseminate white supremacist propaganda?


1. Do you wish to refute any of the above? If so, please do so in the same order?
2. Are you aware of the criminal investigation into yourself?
3. Are you aware that Prof Milner has applied for a protection order against you?
4. Do you stand by the contents published on your website?
5. Do you have any comments to offer outside of these questions?