Pressurization of the Freedom Protests in Victoria

Pressurization of the Freedom Protests in Victoria

Last December, when Joseph Roberts reminded us of the Nuremberg trials,   PROTESTation at the Legislature took on a life of its own.  Every Saturday since,  has been a big EVENT with crowds of 1000 up to 5000 warm bodies.  Word is out :  we who don’t go along with the SCAMdemic myth, and those who are starting to think for themselves,  arrive for fellowship, for smiles, for touch from normal people and to hear the speakers. 

From the low point of the coldest day of the year – a dozen of us out there the day the fountain froze –  there’s been daily presence on Belleville Street.    Anywhere from 1 lone guy at 6 am, to one hundred on Wednesday afternoons. Flags galore. Honks from most of the big trucks going by.   Many more from cars — 10 to one sympathetic to us

Saturday March 12th the front page of Victoria’s [ pathetic excuse for a ]  newspaper * had a big color photo of John Horgan headlined
 The Premier himself in damage-control mode evidences how rattled are the Powers-that-Be.   The letters to the editor page – echoed by CHEK tv  – is a polutical [ sic ] science case study in how government co-opts newsmedia for stoking hatred = outright  hatred =  against its critics
* Times Colonist

Victoria City Council was so terrified of the rumored ‘occupation’ that they brought in new traffic bylaws.  That dirty trick was played on us, Saturday March 19th.   As I got there, I noticed cops setting up big bright orange pylons a block away from the Legislature,. but didn’t think anything of it.   At 11:30 am, I was puzzled by how few were on site for a day with a scheduled Big GATHERING. 

Around noon, when the MC called for folks to assemble at the steps of the Legislature, the crowd was much smaller than predicted…  maybe 300.    Around 12:30 pm, I got word from folks trickling in, that police were diverting traffic at Belleville, up Douglas,  the main street of Victoria.  Only traffic local to James Bay neighbourhood – where the Rockpile is – was allowed past checkpoints.  Like the analogy of how pigs were corralled in the swamp,   communism came to our town under color of law, one seemingly-polite soft barrier at a time

Speakers had been told to shorten their remarks so the march would go sooner than first planned.  I’m not a fan of appearance by video at an outdoor venue.   Even if they’re not professional,   much more information is gained from live humans,  in what we used to call “the real world”.  These people were outstanding.   Jeremy Maddocks, Dr Chris Shaw and the lady lawyer from Ottawa, –  others whose names I didn’t get – each made it as clear as can be :  The NDP government  smearing us with utter lies day-by-day, attempting to divide citizenry, sez we are now in a full-on crisis.    NOT a health crisis, rather,  illegal interference with basic civil rights.   The veteran who spoke called for everyone to “stand to”. Be ready to do whatever is necessary. 

At 1:20, Christian McCay exhorted: “If the Convoy can’t come to us, let’s go find them and bring them back here!”  The crowd of about a 1000  ( by then )   moved off.   For eight previous Saturdays, traffic going by a rally had been a solid parade of trucks + vehicles,  honking.  Because traffic was so sparse this time, the crowd just took over Belleville Street.  Cops on motorcycles with lights flashing, and walking, fell in to provide a professional police escort all the way up Douglas to City Hall at Fisgard,  then back.    

I stayed put, fraternizing.  At quarter after 2:00,   the sight of Red and White flags en masse,  coming down by the Inner Harbor past the famous Empress Hotel,  was thrilling!    By 2:30 the marchers were all back,  exhilarated,  at the peak of a beautiful sunny spring day. The drum circle was soon in full throat.   More speakers underscored
“this is not over” .  When I left the scene at 3:30, they were warning about Bill 233 : the wording of how communism is supposed to be imposed on Canada.   And not a shot is fired

From two sources, I got the story re a bit of drama unfolding afterwards.    As planning for the rally had been in the works,  for weeks, a guy tried to wrangle use of the WWFR logo for himself.  But been thwarted.  Somehow he’d found out that the organizer had obtained sanction from the Legislature Protocol officer to use the grounds from noon to 4 pm.   He showed up with his own sound system.  A minute after 4:00, he cranked it up,  venting unhappiness from 100 yards away,  personifying the contest going on for moral leadership of the Freedom movement.    Such minor irritants are inevitable in the midst of enormous energies swirling around.     As my old man used to put it: ” Nothing is so useless it cannot at least be used as a bad example. “

As for world famous Convoy, we are starting to wonder.  On the last 3 Saturdays, it was announced from the stage that The Convoy (c)  would roll in the following Monday.   I’m pessimistic that the BC version of  The Bearhug ( c )  has anywhere near the sheer numbers of supporters / vehicles to pull off such a prank.   Then again, as Lenin said   “decades go by when nothing happens. Then decades happen in a week”. 

The lack of moral courage shown by politicians in British Columbia during the SARS2Covid19 nightmare, is one of the ways our institutions failed us.    If you can point me to one single exception, please do.    The medium IS the message. I was on CHEK tv for one minute, explaining that the defiance swirling around the Legislature precinct, is an attempt by dispossessed people,  to convey two years’  accumulated pain to incompetents in power. Horgan Dix and dyspeptic Minister of Misery Farnworth walled-themselves-in behind halfinch Plexiglass / steel security doors at MLA offices, refusing to do the basic duty under the Westminster model of government, i.e. meaningful dialogue with electors.    They take their cue from how their confrere in Auto-Wa-Wa Crime Minister Trudeau dealt with authentic complaints, there.   Terrified, showing their true colors – void of any grace under pressure – the Non-Democratic Pricks resort to calling in minions in the uniform of the state with loaded guns on hips.    The wicked flee when no man pursueth       

The boulevard outside the Ministry of Health at 1515 Blanshard Street is a better spot to reach the public,  on Wednesdays.   I plan to be at the office of saint BonBon Henry at noon.  Not abandoning my friends at the Leg.    Culture jammers have to take a page out of the handbook for guerrilla war.  Being flexible as circumstances change, is crucial

Gordon S Watson

Metchosin  British Columbia

rally March 19 2022 Leg. 006.jpg
rally March 19 2022 Leg. 009.jpg
rally March 19 2022 Leg. 011.jpg

checkpoint Charlie set up in your town

Freedom Convoy Rallies Outside Constituency Office of B.C Premier Horgan

Freedom Convoy Rallies Outside Constituency Office of B.C Premier Horgan

The Convoy payed a boisterous, not un-friendly visit to the  office of MLA John Horgan today Feb 22 2022. It was bright and very cold at noon hour as about 40 vehicles did a slow-roll through the parking lot a few times, at a little stripmall in Langford. 

Of course, the office was locked tight against listening to  ‘the rabble’.  So, folks pasted votes of NON-confidence on his window. An excellent, cheap spontaneous expression of DIS-approval.   Let’s do  that on every one of the 87 constituency offices of MLAs in B. C. !      The medium IS the message !!

I saw a poster this evening with the logos of the BCGEU and  CUPE, the big unions of gov’t. workers in British Columbia, promoting  rallies in Vancouver this week.
IF that’s  true , then the Horgan administration is in BIG trouble. The New Democratic Party being the labour movement in 3-piece suits.  If the NeeDiPpers have lost the support of unions, especially those employed by the gov’t.,   then they’re in death-spiral. 

When Carole James departed, the NeeDiPpers were at a loss. Horgan stepped in and managed to form a gov’t., doing OK as long as he contained his infamous “Irish temper”.    The Peter Principle, is people rise to the level of their INcompetence.  For at least twoyears, it’s been obvious that John Horgan was over his head, as Premier.  The presser last week  …where he peddled  the notion that “anti-vaxxers had harassed a health care worker‘,  calling  it “thuggery” … tells me he’s ready to blow a gasket.    Desperately making stuff up to deflect attention from our GATHERINGS on the lawn of the Legislature
I hope he does it publicly. It’ll be great entertainment ! A suitable climax punctuating the end of his disastrous performance.

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

convoy Horgan's office Feb 22 2022 001.jpg


Gordon S WatsonTue, Feb 8, 3:12 PM (3 days ago)
01    The GATHERING at the Leg. on February fifth 2022,  was BIG ! 
Not as big as the previous Saturday, yet plenty big enough that everyone felt it as a tippingpoint in this populist movement.    The crowd on Jan 29th for the WorldWide Rally had been 3000+. Police estimated 5000.   Taking in to account the hundreds of cars trucks waving flags and honking as they circulated the Rockpile … could be.

02     Strolling around, I ask people to give me their impression in one word, or one sentence.  Best quip > “this has got some testosterone.” To which he immediately added, mocking political correctness   “in a good way!”   “we’ve had enough”  “peaceful yet strong”  “inspiring”  “this is just the beginning” 

03    For the duration of kRonaMadness, the pathetic excuse for a newspaper in Victoria  * relentlessly dished the Central Party Line. Not so much as a sentence of type questioning the spell cast by its heroine GrandWitch Bonnie Henry,   appeared in its pages.  But our PROTESTations can no longer be ignored. I like to think that our tiny witness at the Gates of the City, penetrated to the conscience of the nation.      On the Sunday after Feb fifth,  front page of the Timely Colonic was a fullcolor photo taken at the Trucker’s convoy EVENT.   Of course,  the image was spun so as to portray the few counterprotesters in the best light.   About a dozen of them at the corner and another 40?  on the other. Vastly outnumbered ; the medium is the message.   
*  calls itself the Times~Colonist. I call it the Timely Colonic.  

04     In fact > from 11 am until 4 pm, the South side of Belleville street was crowded four deep all the way down the block.   Hundreds of Canadian flags of all sizes, from handheld to enormous, everywhere. Some right side up, some upside down as the international signal of a ship in distress.    Focus was on the federal govt.  Many many ! signs castigating Justin Trudeau, and not in polite language.      The honking and cheering was continual. You could hear it blocks away.  Close to the street, I had to shout to be heard by someone standing beside me.   People leaning out of cars,  rejoicing in being present at history in the making.   Friends came up, in tears. I said “people cry when they’re happy, too”    The atmosphere was that powerful. 

05    A point we have to get across  is : we who are showing up, standing up and speaking up at these EVENTS, are not going to change our mind.    We know the so-called pandemic, is bogus … people who think for themselves realize it’s a psychological exercise.   
06    Last May, I spoke from the stage at the World Wide Rally for a few minutes. Making it clear to all and sundry  “don’t antagonize the police. They are on our side.”  Afterwards, when people came up to me, I asked  “what do you think will happen next?”  One lady – obviously a devout Christian – said   “We’re heading toward a national, near-death experience”.  So is this the healing crisis ?

07    At the base of the War Memorial there was a party going on.      A gal with a professional drum set gave out with the beat from Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy in the USA”, on snaredrum, for a good half hour, nonstop.  The circle of 7 drummers alongside was pretty impressive.  They fell in with the beat on which Scots and Celts and Gaels go to WAR.   Then Nathan added his bagpipes.    Bystanders were up and dancing…. they couldn’t help themselves!  I encourage all-concerned to read the Declaration of Arbroath :  the Scots reminding the Pope who they were, and that they had always been independent.

08    In the Bible we read about how ancient Israel went to war … singers dancers and musicians going out first.   Here we are in a battle of Biblical proportion and  – spontaneously – out pours the music and dances of old. Hearing the pipes and seeing the maidens dancing their hearts out in the public square, was magical.   The sight of a young lady, in Tartan trousers hands up over head, fingers and thumbs pinched in the classic posture, doing the steps of the Sword Dance, made me tear-up.  The evil Agent of the United Nations World – namely Doktor B Henry – pretends to rule at the moment, dictating conditions of our bondage. Yet she / her commie bastards accomplices cannot suppress the Liberty which is our birthright.

09    Analysing the crowd as I always do, I noted that it’s 97% White people.  Why this matters, is,  because politicians of every stripe, pay attention to the numbers as well as the demographics of an audience. Who is here /  who is absent?   And why? Lots of children ; average age was between 45 – 50.    Major Canadian newspapers give place to the usual enemies of Freedom trotting-out their kneejerk epithets >>> white supremacist / anti-semite … all the rest.   In fact;  2 native Indian ladies came to the Leg. to advertise to fellow citizens that they certainly do support the Truckers’ convoy.   I heard one, livestreaming, tell her audience “this is not a racist movement”.  Direct quote.   My guess is : we’ll see all of their relatives. Not that they won’t come ‘round to our side. Just that they’re slow to come ‘round.

10      as I compose this Tuesday morning, word on FB, is, Victoria police were issuing traffic tickets on Monday. I’m guessing = to cars which stopped on Belleville right in front of the Leg. then wouldn’t move on.   That’s trivial.  I predict that what we’ll see by the time I get down there on Wednesday, is > the Speaker originating legal action against John Doe and his sister, Janey for an Order that they …  members & associates of Clan Doe … be constrained from impeding interfering intimidating obstructing molesting Persons in vehicles in the vicinity of the Legislature.  Without Notice, mind you.  Rank perversion of justice for a partisan political end, but it’ll be effective. Confer with  File 20 0710 Supreme Court Registry Victoria for how the anti-pipeline mob was dealt with when they camped outside the office of the Premier in Feb 2020.   The Speaker complained that they were in contempt of the Legislative Assembly.

11       Once a Justice utters an Order directing how things are supposed to go near the RockPile,  protesters will be on thin ice.   Contempt of Court is a dirty trick petty tyrants use when they have nothing intelligent to say.   So they brandish the billyclub.  Anyone on the wrong side of the NDP will be in jeopardy of being hauled away charged with ‘contempt of Court’.   Pokerfaced cops will act first to get you off the precinct … you then have the luxury of arguing about it, months later. And bear in mind that there still is a tiny gaolcell down in the bowels of that building !   Prosecutors just love ‘contempt of court’.   It’s reverse onus.  The alleged contemnor is presumed guilty. He has to talk his way out of the allegation.  With very rare exception,  he / she winds up grovelling an apology for having brought the administration of Justice in to dis-repute. The administration comes off as lawabiding … its critics vilified.

12       section 180 of the Criminal Code would work, too, to suppress PROTESTation in the form of a ‘slow roll’,   if the NeeDiPpers had an Attorney General who had the testicular wherewithal to use it.   Which they don’t.   David Eby being the worst Chief Law Enforcement Officer in living memory.    And that includes the Sphinx, old Colin Gabelmann the one who committed Perjury in my first prosecution for anti-abortion protest.

Gordon S Watson
Metchosin    British Columbia
February 08 2022


The Legal Harassment of B.C. Free Speech Activist, Dave Lindsay

The Legal Harassment of B.C. Free Speech Activist, Dave Lindsay

Below the – 30 –  is a message in circulation re criminal charges against David Lindsay for his involvement in protests against the LOCKDOWN.   To which I’m adding more information gained from speaking with him. 

Dave has in hand the official transcript of what was said in a hearing  where Crown Counsel Grabavac applied to change the Warrant for arresting him.    Court was told that the original Warrant allowed for him to be released by the police on the usual conditions.    But the Crown wanted a different Warrant so he’d have to go through a bail hearing from which he’d be released only on condition that he undertake not to go near Interior Health buildings, nor any school nor any park.   Obviously !  it was a trick creating the premise for the NDP’s  “no-free-speech bubble zones”  around hospitals and schools

It doesn’t take a degree in political science to figure out that the maneuver by the Crown was first last and ONLY a way to hobble Lindsay from  leading political activity to embarrass the NDP more.  Their asking he be enjoined from attending Stuart Park,  where he’s associated and communicated with citizens for nearly two years, to do with the CONTROLA-VIRUS horror story,   is a rank perversion of Justice.    

To her credit, Judge Daneliuk deferred ruling saying that she was unsure if it would be proper for her to accede to the change sought.    And a good thing she did, too.  In light of the ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada in the case of   HM the Queen versus  Chaycen Zora.   It doesn’t get any clearer than its paragraphs 83 – 99, especially  85:

    “Terms of release imposed under s. 515(4) may    “only be imposed to the extent that they are necessary” to address concerns related to the statutory criteria for detention and to ensure that the accused can be released.    They must not be imposed to change an accused person’s behaviour or to punish an accused person. ”

By the Grace of God,   Dave got wind of the Warrant a couple of days earlier.  The usually-reliable source warned him that a tv camera crew would be hovering at Stuart Park at  the upcoming Saturday weekly rally.    So, the script was   uniformed agents of the state ( with loaded weapons on their hips, never forget )  agreed to lend prestige and resources to a made-for-media spectacle so that the leader of the local political dissidents would be demonized on the evening news.    How perfect is that, eh, for purposes of the New Democratic Party propaganda ?!

David Lindsay has ‘been around the block’ a few times in this game.    In fact,very quietly, he went to the Kelowna RCMP  HQ on Monday Dec 20th ,  surrendered, co-operated getting the bail paperwork done, so was out on the street within the hour.

One would think that expertise re what the Supremes had to say about how Bailment ought to go,   would be part of the duty of the Agent for the Criminal Justice Branch.    A handy explanation for Mr  Grabavac’s ignorance, being that was above his pay grade.   But he does not get off the hook that easily.    There is no doubt in my mind that this outrage was co-ordinated from the very top of the hierarchy,  by which I mean,  the Chief Law Enforcement officer,  by which I mean, the Attorney General himself David Eby.    Mister Eby got elected as an MLA, largely on the reputation he’d made as head of the BC Civil Liberties Association.  In the days when he was part of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,  had such a disgrace as this —  the Crown perverting due process of law for a partisan political purpose  –come to his attention,  David Eby would have been on his feet in the House,  making political ‘hay’ out of it.       

This  “devil-in-the-details” moment exemplifies how our institutions have failed us.    Suffice to say that what went on  in the Lindsay matter was a crime unto itself, ie.  an attempt to pervert Justice contrary to section 139 of  An Act respecting the criminal law RSC. 

The Criminal Justice Branch didn’t just come up with this on its own.   Don’t tell me David Eby wasn’t aware of it.    There is no other, more logical explanation of this witting interference with the rights of a critic of the government,   but that it was done with approval of David Eby.    Which makes him accomplice before the fact,  in another, distinct criminal offence — conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, section 465  ( 1 ) ( c ) of the Criminal Code.   And for those who may say : ‘Oh, well, they did not succeed so no harm done’.  I remind you-all  the attempt   IS   the crime

The reason I am sure of Eby’s involvement in the Lindsay matter, is  that  a similar thing happened to me, back in 1993.   Then, AG Gabelmann was moved by lobbyists including the lawyer for the NDP David Bellamy, to pervert powers and  resources at his disposal against me because I was out on the public sidewalk, informing and warning citizens how the NDP was laundering funds through the abortion ‘clinics’ back to itself.      Years later, I proved in Court that Gabelmann had directed the head of the Criminal Justice Branch – then, Ernest Quantz – to frame me up for selective prosecution.     I had the satisfaction of hearing Judge Keith Libby say from the Bench:

“There is probably more truth than not to Watson’s assertion that they are spinning a web to catch him.”

The “they” to which he referred was Colin Gabelman and Ernest Quantz.    I boast that I   ‘lit the fuse on the stick of dynamite that blew the doors off the NCHS”.   Out of that commotion, the criminal enterprise known as the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society went to pieces.   Its mastermind  NDP cabinet minister David Stupich was sent to prison.  

History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.   The pettiness of their attempt to  outlaw a political adversary gives away how our relentless intelligent peaceful EVENTS convened in front of the Leg. and similar  GATHERINGS all over B. C.  have caused Eby & Co. to come unglued.   For comic relief , see clause DD page 5 of GrandWitch Bonnie Henry’s latest Public Health diktat.  She turns the screws torturing British Columbians still more, yet she knows bloodywell she won’t prevent us assembling in OUTDOOR GATHERINGS.     To save face,  she pretends to extend her permission ! 

        The BonMonster says:

“I am not prohibiting outdoor assemblies for the purpose of communicating a position on a matter of public interest or controversy, subject to my expectation that persons organizing or attending such an assembly will take the steps and put in place the measures recommended in the guidelines posted on my website in order to limit the risk of transmission of COVID19.”

It’s worth noting that Dave has received 45 Violation Notices for alleged infractions of local by-laws, arising from his involvement in the END THE LOCKDOWN movement.   Forty five … count ‘em.   Every one a trophy of what? RESISTANCE  TO  TYRANTS!

END THE LOCKDOWN RALLY PENTICTON JULY 25 2020  dave lindsay 4.jpg

looks like when push comes to shove.

* file 96731-1 Kelowna Registry  Heard Dec 10 2021

Gordon Watson

       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ – 30 – ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

 As many of you were aware, David was not at Saturday’s Kelowna Rally.  As David predicted last year would eventually happen, the Crown has authorized two (2) falsified charges to be laid of assault, allegedly against two ( 2) Palladin Security officials at Interior Health 505 Doyle in Kelowna, from Aug. 19, 2021. 

Media were present on Saturday in the hopes of getting pix of police arresting David and taking him away in handcuffs, to publicize and scare people away from coming to rallies.     That did not materialize
That the Crown would do this is conclusive proof that our rallies are having a major effect on deterring people from getting vaccinated and from complying with Bonnie the Commie’s lockdown measures.

More information will be forthcoming; however, we are limited in what we say to protect the right to a fair and impartial hearing – something that is already tenuous at best.
Paid complainants on a witness stand is going to be very interesting indeed.    First appearance is on Feb. 17, 2022.  Full disclosure is expected by the end of January and with hopes to set a trial date at that time.    The sooner the better.

Rent A Mob

Rent A Mob Ad

At the bottom of this missive, is,  an ad which appeared today on the List of Craiglist. Dec 19 2021 headed “Seeking professional Protesters”, the ad has photos of images from the movie V

I find it more than a bit suspicious: One possibility, being, that it’s for-real … dirty tricksters  hidden behind layers of disguise,  collecting  on-call mercenaries who will show up for a stunt at a political office or public target.   Part of such stunt — an outrage /insult of some kind,  then pinned on us in the authentic END THE LOCKDOWN movement

For instance, at the COMMON GROUND EVENT, at the Legislature on Dec 9th, as the speakers began,  four people arrived behind the stage,  holding up branches with a rope around the neck of an effigy. On the effigies, were faces of John Horgan ; Bonnie Henry. And I assume, Dix and Farnworth.

At the moment, opinion among my associates in the movement, is divided. Some take the display of effigies being hanged,  as a successful piece of performance art in context of the gathering being a memorial of the Nuremberg trial of the Nazi doctors,  after which, seven of the accused were hanged by the neck until dead. Some take the stunt as polluting the discourse; . that it disgraces us opposing the SCAMdemic. 

Til I locate the perpetrators and hear what they have to say,  my mind is not made up. I’m 50 50 inclined to think that it was  contrived by dirty tricksters… preparing the ground for legislation to outlaw protest of NDP policies.  Most suspicious of all, is that Global TV was right there on the bit.   They then merchandised the image on the evening news … without putting it in context of over 700 people gathered to hear Brian Peckford and the doctors. Each speaker was brilliant ! We’ve had larger rallies over the last year + half, without the lamestream media having nary a thing to say.

Just the merest of coincidences that this ad arrives as we’re preparing to make our dissident voices, heard, on the doorsteps of MLA constituency offices around BC ?

I think not

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic
Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians


If you believe in Anonymous, and call yourself Anonymous, you are Anonymous.”

We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Due to overwhelming interest, protest is being delayed until early January as volumes of masks and shirts are arriving to meet the demand. Also, special effects are being manufactured for the event.

Professional protesters needed to lead a protest at the United States consulate in Vancouver for one day, and a townhouse complex in Surrey the second day. Responsibilities will include wearing a theatre mask and trying to remain anonymous, dancing and singing to heavy metal music, holding picket signs/banners while communicating peacefully and responsibly, but standing your ground with any law enforcement officer; communicating with the media; shouting and chanting phrases; leading unpaid protesters; and reading a speech through a megaphone.

The protest topic involves the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and their crimes committed against innocent civilians, such as a drone attack in Pakistan that intentionally killed twelve innocent people including women and children, U.S. soldiers killing reporters and innocent people because a telephoto lens vaguely resembled a rocket launcher, the recent murders of innocent women and children in an Afghani drone strike, and other targeted illegal killings of non-Americans the United States perceives as a threat (Whether true or not).

The second day will involve a protest in Surrey of a suspected CIA operative, who has for certain committed serious crimes in Canada, including seriously injuring and almost killing a Canadian climate scientist.

The protests are to be lawful and peaceful only. Hired protesters will be briefed and provided material on their rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how to stand their legal ground against the police if necessary. Also, unless you are suspected of committing a crime, you have no obligation to identify yourself to a police officer. They will threaten you with Obstruction of Justice for not identifying yourself, but it will be explained to you how to successfully sue for well over $10,000 if you are arrested.

Hired protesters will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding certain details, so asking further questions ensures you will be a volunteer protester and not paid.

Interested individuals should submit a summary of all related education and experience, with references that can be verified by a person at local places of business. You will also have to provide a valid photo ID upon hiring, however that information will be kept strictly confidential.

Worldwide Freedom Rally Victoria, November 20,

Nov 20 2021

The EVENT started off well.     Then we were treated to a short sharp lesson in how spiritual warfare plays out on the carnal plane. 
John Randall Phipps and the crew had done an excellent job, preparing.   I was amazed then overjoyed to hear him say he would lead us saying the Lord’s Prayer.      
When’s the last time we saw such a thing in public?   I can tell you … Dominion Day 2020, when Tanya Gaw preached her heart out on the steps of the Leg.

Randall pronounced the GATHERING was to be peaceful saying,  pointedly,  “if you have anger, please leave now”.  Shortly after,  a man behind the stage erupted … lashing out verbally at the organizers / everyone close by.      He attempted to commandeer the microphone but the sound guy fended him off.     On the little platform,  moments earlier,  the man who does his ‘Christian Rap” thing had pronounced that the occasion was for ‘peace love and good vibes’ [  my paraphrase. ]  And here we had 3 men wrestling down on the muddy grass!!  The instigator grabbed the microphone.  The sound man – whose property it was – yelled  “get off the stage!!!”.     I wasn’t ready to mix it up with someone obviously demon-possessed.

The troublemaker =  Jeff Harris  = is small potatoes in the big picture, yet it’s worth talking about what happened : it demonstrated the contest for leadership of this movement.  The audience was not sympathetic to him crashing the party.   A few boo-ed but for the most part, they were silent, appalled.     M.C. Sandy took charge.      With great presence of mind, she said   “we’re libertarians. We believe in free speech”.   Indicating –  even though not scheduled –  he would speak.   The sound guy turned off the microphone.   Humiliated, Harris  put it down and turned to leave.     A couple of armslengths from him,  I shouted : “you don’t need a microphone.  if you have something to say, say it.”     Provoked by my heckling, he launched a tirade.

I got the impression people were worried we were in for an hour’s worth of sanctimony like Oct 31,  when the Indians usurped.    But he lasted only 3 minutes of  ‘all about Jeff’.  Ie. : ‘I’ve been out on the street for 18 months … no-one cares about me. God is not going to save us. We have to save ourselves.’  Condemning everyone for not doing enough / not doing it his way.  I was tempted to needle him “so what do you have to show for it?”  but didn’t. 

Afterwards, there were 7 cops standing by.   If you have anything worthwhile to contribute the incident # is 2021-45941.    3 people came up to me, asking if we can get a Peace Bond against him.   At first I said ‘yes.  I’ll show you how to do it.”   Thinking some more, I now wonder if it’s worthwhile entangling me-self in the thickets of the law, wasting time on someone who’s  “sent to wear out the saints”.

Half a lifetime ago – after conviction for aggravated assault – a seasoned Corrections Officer told me, kindly. “In gaol, guys have monkeys on their backs … demons. You let someone else’s monkey’s climb your frame”.    Stuck in his own personal trauma,  Mr Harris is completely self-centred.  He has done more harm than good for this movement.   For instance: when CHEK tv arrived to get footage for their hit-piece on us, he literally got in their faces.  When he came near me I rebuked him = “you managed to disgrace all of us”.   With a big smirk on his face, he said “I don’t care”  direct quote.   His version of success, is – same as the bozo on steroids known as THE REAL CHRIS SKY (c) =  having the police show up for his own aggrandizement.

Reason I spend even this much time on the incident on Saturday, is ;    the enormous power of righteous indignation swirling in the so called Freedom Movement,  up for grabs,  attracts false prophets +  opportunists + conmen + predators + parasites + outright IN-sane individuals  + bad actors of all stripes, who run out ahead of the crowd, positioning demselves as “leaders”. 

A year ago when he was out in the middle of the street, screaming at a police van “Nazis!!!”   I tried to help Jeff Harris … warning he is on his way to gaol. 
His performance at the WW5 rally was the last straw … only a matter of time, before he’s off to the psych. ward.     Some problems resolve themselves

Last May, I told the assembly at Centennial Square “the police are not the enemy”.  Afterwards, I asked people who came up to talk to me,  “what do you think will happen next?”  One lady said   “we are going to go through a national near-death experience”   

 Beyond argument now >  the office holders in high places are fools, or deliberate Traitors.    Either way > they’ve got to be removed.  Christians are called to step in to the gap.  One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is : government. Another is, discernment.   Spare me the mewlings about  ‘not involving ourselves in politics’.    Long ago, a wise man said “if you won’t participate in politics, you allow yourself to be ruled by those more stupid than you’.

We are privileged to have top notch speakers locally.  Here’s a few observations from Jackie R

Today at the anti-mandate rally, about 450 people.  I was surprised at how moved I felt by the various speakers.  One was Kam, the organizer of our Tuesday Thursday church group, very clear and inspiring. Then a wonderful woman, Karine, reminding us that the biggest threat to all of us, no matter where we stood, was fear and to be patient with ourselves and others going through stages of grief including rage and depression.  Because we are all dealing with deaths, death of how we wanted our futures to be, how we trusted in some of our institutions and leaders, death of certainty and safety …

And the last was Dr Malthouse who was another channel of balm and light in this sometimes bleak time.    Lots of courage and resilience and even laughter and celebration.    A good day

Dr Malthouse and Dr Hoffe are on tour,  speaking publicly re >  EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE. They will be in Victoria on the evening of December 9th 2021

As well > Common Ground magazine is convening an EVENT at 3pm December 9th  on the grounds of the Legislature. With a candlelight vigil later. 
Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland is scheduled to speak.     I expect this to be an historic moment

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

November 23 2021 A. D.

Metchosin    British Columbia

WW5 Rally Nov 20 2021 002.jpg
WW5 Rally Nov 20 2021 013.jpg
WW5 Rally Nov 20 2021 003.jpg
WW5 Rally Nov 20 2021 011.jpg
WW5 Rally Nov 20 2021 010.jpg

Report on Recent END THE LOCKDOWN Freedom Protests in Victoria

      Dissident Voices in British Columbia :  Wed Nov 24 and Sat Nov 27 2021

Some folks tell me that they appreciate these updates to do with our PROTESTations against the NDP-fomented mass psychosis.  

Last Wednesday was another good day in front of the Leg. More confirmation that what we do, is worthwhile. Started off with just a few of us by my big banner asking

IS THIS MEDICAL FASCISM?   NO VAXX PASS  but no small signs. The very first passersby were a mom and stroller with three children. She stopped to thank us for being there.   That kind of thing makes it all worthwhile

Within 15 minutes we had the usual quorum.  When Randall appeared with the individual signs, we were greatly heartened.  By 1:00 p.m. we were up to 35 warm bodies on our side, with 2 counterprotesters keeping Little Nell company on the other side of Belleville Street

I was suspicious of a woman sitting on the bench, across the street with a camera fixed on us. So I went over and chatted.  Turns out : she is one of us. She had been through the Rentalsman process to do with the mask policy in her apartment building. She prevailed against the property management company!  The Rentalsman is an administrative tribunal, at the bottom of the Court ladder.    Even as small as this ruling may seem, it is exactly what we seek ; official acknowledgment that the mask diktat is UN-enforceable.    As of this writing, I have not yet found it on the Rentalsman website. 

On Saturday November 27th the rain was already coming down in buckets when we got there. By 2:00 pm we were drenched. Yet in good spirits. 

Another proof that our fellowshipping pays off, was hearing from one of the stalwarts that 400 dentists are signatories on the Notice of Liability they served on the Dental Association.  So, even if the lamestream media refuses to report about them, big things are happening.

I’d expected just a handful would show up in such filthy weather. Yet, by 1:20 pm there were 50 warm wet bodies on the sidewalk, commiserating : “I didn’t feel like coming but I thought I’d better,  to support the cause.”   Counterprotester Little Nell did drop by,  all by her lonesome, but got rained out.    She waved us all a sweet ‘goodbye’ at 1:28.

     The letter which gives away that there is no evidentiary basis for the mask diktat

Obtaining this letter is a defining moment trophy in our campaign to END the LOCKDOWN IN-sanity.  Realizing how damning it is, the Min. de Health refused to cough it up via Freedom of Information for most of a year.   In it, Bonnie Henry announced the end of dispute between BC Nurses and the Health Sciences Assn.    Since 2013, the policy had been, that nurses who would not submit to the ‘flu shot’ were ordered to put on a face covering.   It had been an ongoing labor grievance since then.  On official govt. stationery the Provincial Medical Officer gave away that neithershe nor anyone else, had evidence for substantiating the notion that wearing a face covering,  mitigates transmission of influenza.  And I emphasize that policy pertains to the hospital setting, where one would assume the situation would be most compelling.    Her  “Dear Colleagues” letter –  undated but probably at the end of November 2019 – is tacit admission that the government side could not produce evidence substantiating requirement for the mask diktat. 

Relentlessly misleading British Columbians that putting on the mask is somehow “the science”, when she knows perfectly-well it’s all nonsense, Bonnie Henry is revealed as a consummate liar.   Worse, that she and her accomplices are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to breach section 180 of the Criminal Code.   Participating in a conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, is another, distinct,  crime committed by John Horgan, Adrian Dix and Michael Farnworth


180 ( 1) Every one who commits a common nuisance and thereby
( a ) endangers the lives, safety or health of the public, or

 ( b ) causes physical injury to any person

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

( 2) For the purposes of this section, every one commits a common nuisance who does an unlawful act or fails to discharge a legal duty and thereby

( a ) endangers the lives, safety, health, property or comfort of the public ; or

( b ) obstructs the public in the exercise or enjoyment of any right that is common to all the subjects of Her Majesty in Canada.

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic,     Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians


November 29th 2021 A. D.

Nov 27 2021 in the rain 004.jpg

LesLee and Will

Gordon Watson’s Report on Fake News Media Smears of END THE LOCKDOWN Protesters

Gordon Watson’s Report on Fake News Media Smears of END THE LOCKDOWN Protesters

Victoria’s Inner Harbor on Oct 23rd was a pleasant scene.  The sun broke through at noon.  As the Carillon chimed I thought: “I guess I’m here by me-self today”  but a quorum soon arrived.   By 1 pm we had 60 warm bodies in good spirits, half a dozen of whom were holding the fort at the intersection.  NellyBelle and 10 of her VaxxFanatics stationed across the street.  The Grim Reaper came by. So, we compared notes — a reasonable sort of fellow, actually. 

Saturday was the high water mark so far for attention from the Powers_That_Be  to our continuing PROTESTations.    Assuredly, it won’t be the last.    The Timely Colonic *  devoted most of its front page to the apotheosis of Bonnie Henry.  Reporter Cindy E Harnett quotes a guy sneering at us,   as  “a mob”.   Also,  Saint Bonnie commending  Nell Saba –  provocatrix who’s shown up for the last couple of months, holding up her VACCINES SAVE LIVES sign who “ just very quietly and calmly puts her voice out there.”  Straight out of the Sol Alinsky playbook: Villains versus heroine. 

A few pages further-in,  atop the editorial page, was Raeside’s cartoon of us — his usual flat, talentless scrawl.   Never in the same league as the delicious, punchy genius of the real cartoonists of yore,   yet I’ll take it.  P T Barnum quipped: “I don’t care what you say about me. Just spell my name right”.   Meaning : following the tv hitpiece 2 weeks ago, the TC smear re anti-Lockdown protesters, gives away how much our GATHERINGS annoy the NDP administration.  Venal, yes,  but not stupid; they’re sensitive to resentment gathering against their INsanity.   

By the most amazing coincidence the frontpage of the Vancouver Sun on Saturday featured a photo of John Horgan. Inside,  a paean to this darling of “the Silent Majority”.   Oh yeah?   Were Mr Horgan able to muster the testicular wherewithal and join us, at our usual spot,  100 yards from the office of the Premier  –  he’d hear very different things being said aloud, about him,   than Lisa Cordesco reported in her puffpiece.

The capper, was one full page of type headed  “ANTIVAXXERS IGNORE INCONVENIENT TRUTHS”.   Daphne Braham pretending worry about the direction taken by Joseph Roberts’ magazine Common Ground  re the Covid thing.  Lobbing-in “holocaust deniers / white supremecists / Nazis” insinuation of guilt by association.   Supreme irony being >>> Braham’s smarm exemplifies the infamous quote by Goebbels

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.   The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.    It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent,    for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie,    and thus by extension,   the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

One of our strengths, is,  we are immune from fear stoked by official lies called statistics …  GrandWitch Bonnie’s spellcasting chant of  “cases cases cases” does not work on us.  A propaganda outfall –  in this case, the Slum * – doesn’t print 2000 words just to fill grey space between the ads.  Thus Braham’s sophisticated smear of Roberts, pays us quite the compliment, signalling … anti-Vackzers are no small potatoes on the political gameboard.       * ‘local rags’  being = the Victoria Times Colonist. pathetic excuse for a newspaper in the capital city of the Province.   The Vancouver Sun … a long, long way down in the gutter from the days when it was a newspaper that mattered

Having been through the Pro-Life thing,  3 decades ago, I am sure the   kNeeDiPpers   are slithering-around behind the scenes,  fomenting trouble at street level,   contriving excuse for their “safety zones” around hospitals and schools.    The punchup on Oct 6 – in which someone  ( ostensibly on our side? )  took the bait and punched a guy – was ‘golden’ for purposes of justifying “no-free-speech-zones”. 

Revelation that Nell Saba’s sister, Rosa Saba, is a reporter for the Trawna Grope&Flail  was the clincher =  something wicked does indeed slouch this way out of Central Canada.   Having taken the federal subsidy disbursed to the “legacy media’ … let’s just call it what it is : a BRIBE …   the local rags are bound to play the tune called-for by their PAYmaster.   Our chorus of dissident voices may seem remote from the Family Compact which runs Central Canada, but there is no doubt Justin True-Dope and his pal Horgan are conniving to stifle dissent.   Doesn’t bother me a bit.  They will not prevail 

Meanwhile, we’re out there engaging the Electorate on Wednesdays and Saturdays at noon to 2, networking, comforting real people who have been devastated by the Horgan-ized crime family.   Such as this lady shown in the pic, a nurse, fired for conscientious objection to the poisoned needle,   still smiling after the shock of her career having been stolen from her. 

Gordon S Watson

Metchosin British Columbia October 24th 2021

Sat Oct 23 2021 Sylvia.jpg

Thoughtful Analysis of the END THE LOCKDOWN Rallies & Chris Sky’s Strategy by Longtime Victoria Freedom Fighter Gordon Watson

“I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse …” **  

Our usual GATHERING at the Legislature. had a bit more bother on Oct 16th.    The presence of cops on scene afterward was payday for the provocateur who’s shown up lately to counterprotest us.      At noon – our meet up time – there were only three of us dissident voices.  But it didn’t matter.   I’ve been coming out for over a year, to have my say, regardless what else goes on.      An important part of our gathering is big hugs all ‘round.  We are a support group for folks who find ourselves anathema to friends / family,  shunned for refusing to buy-in to the official nonsense. After a year in place this group is a beacon … the only game in town ..  an ongoing witness against Medico-Stalinsim.  By 1:00 pm, there were 46 warm bodies fellowshipping on a beautiful fall day

In the last few weeks we’ve been irked by provocateurs such as a guy spraypainting our signs, a skateboarder dressed all in black.  That day,  Victoria police were there in minutes, and took him away. Already in handcuffs, the fool started to fight them!  So, he was wrestled to the pavement. To me, it looked contrived , as if he was putting on a show for dramatic effect.    I suspect antifa.   

We guessed right about the one who showed up week after week,  standing in our ‘midst, holding her sign :  VACCINES SAVE LIVES.    Having seen such street theatre in ‘other movies’ [ my longtime political activism ]   it was obvious the stage was being set for a made-for-media-moment.    Sure enough, on Oct 6th the professional tv camera set up across the street, focused on her.  On the news the next evening, the storyline was : ‘valiant little waif bullied by cranky refusniks’

The clip shown on CHEK TV was a textbook example of how a hit piece is done.  Go out and gather raw footage, then edit it so our group is smeared for criticizing the Central Party Line.    Give the devil his due, though.   The money shot opens with a woman striding down the sidewalk towards the camerawoman screeching  “I am Satan !!”. As crazyhot as it gets.   The intrepid journalists then interviewed the target of the Screecher, namely Nell Saba, the pro-VaXX counterprotester –  afterwards,  in the green room.  So the troublemaker came off as the sweet, cool voice of reason.  Utter nonsense, of course, but the role of the LugenPress is twisting reality for mass consumption.     Several of our regulars won’t come out anymore after that public relations disaster. 

Yesterday, there was a bit of a punchup. Most of us protesting the Lockdown, were within earshot of  20  counterprotesters standing 50 yards away at the intersection.  Usually, the core of our demo. is in the middle of the block, with people spread out, holding signs curbside for the length of the block.  One of our own group, unhappy with how things have gone lately,  chided us for standing at the usual spot.   She demanded we all go to the intersection and challenge the counterprotesters.  I declined to get in to such a petty turf war.   What crossed my mind was what old Georgie Gordon taught us ;
             “you can avoid a lot more trouble than you can get yourself out of”. 

My intuition was borne out within minutes.   Story I got, is  a man sidled up to a woman who was standing at the curb.  He used his body to bump her in to the street. Not sure yet,  if she was Nell Saba, or one on our side.   Jeff Harris then went over to that guy,  remonstrating.   Video taken by a bystander shows Harris being punched first.  Mr Harris then punched back.    Nothing like fresh bright red blood all over a white face for shock value.  The guy who’d done the bumping, that is.  after the scuffle, I went up to Victoria Police officer Kersti, advising her that there are 4 witnesses to what had gone on.  She waved at the security cameras up all ‘round, saying: “It’s all on video”.  The cops did not take formal witness statements.

Witnesses told me a very curious factoid : vis, a black Tesla was stopped in the inside lane on Belleville Street at the very spot when the man bumped the woman into the street.  After the punching happened,  a guy came out of the melee, got in that car and drove away.  Another strand of circumstantial evidence that the altercation was scripted.

Apparently Nell Saba’s sister Rose, is a reporter for the Trawna Globe& Mail.  There you gO: linkage to an employee of the “legacy” media which received $61 million in subsidies, to puke-out the Central Party Line. What an amazing !! coincidence, eh?

In the US of A, the content and style of  The Screecher  [ supposedly on our side? ]  would be freedom of speech in a public place.  But it’s different in Canada.   Both content and her style are at the margin of ‘qualified speech’ in this country.  Because of the decibel level of her screeching,  I’d warned her previously that she was in jeopardy of being charged with ‘Causing a disturbance by shouting’.    To which she sneered :  “This is what a protest looks like”. Direct quote.      One wonders why this woman shows up at the same place and time to hang around with mild-mannered Canadians not on the same page as her?    No doubt that clip will be used as evidence against us in the in-evitable court cases to come

The EVENT scheduled for Saturday Oct 16th in Duncan, was prohibited from convening on the big field by the Aquatic Centre, as we did in previous END the Lockdown rallies.    Instead, participants were directed to stand alongside the highway holding signs. The RCMP told organizer Brian Egan that if any participants actually go on the field,  the school board – which owns it –  will consider them trespassers.  

So the SitzKreig is over.   Word went out from on high that public display of opposition to public health diktats,  is to be stifled.  The NDP administration is doing what thugs in power always do as their house-of-cards comes unglued  — create pretext for gaoling Truthtellers.     “bubble-zones” are to be imposed around schools and hospitals. Apparently, those who work there are so fragile that encountering a message contrary to myth about SARS2/Covid19 will be traumatized … the socalled Minister of Public Safety’ making teachers and healthcare workers “safe”  by outlawing criticism of his government!    Next stage, is … AG Eby calls on the Criminal Justice Branch.      So, discussion of the rationale for official response to the foundational myth of SARS2/Covid19 gets submerged in the criminal INjustice racket.

Not waiting for the ink to dry on the Order paper in the House, Premier Horgan has drawn the battle lines.  However they word it, his no-free-speech zones are an affront to what used to be called ‘common sense’.      The NeeDiPpers know that resentment is festering against their assinine policy.   Unable to admit they blundered badly,   they are hipchecking political opponents in to the briarpatch of the legal racket.    Ever  since GrandWitch Bonnie bleated that our presence on the doorstep of the Ministry of Health headquarters was “unacceptable” –  the pathetic-excuse for-a-newspaper in the province’s capital city the Timely Colonic (Victoria Times-Colonist)  disparages us with letters to the Editor.  The latest one comes very close to breaching section 319 of the Criminal Code :  bringing a definable group into contempt.   That would,  us, walking around UNvaxxed, having the temerity to proclaim ourselves “naturally-immune. The non-GMO control group’ in this vast medical experiment

I can hardly wait to see what the NDP pretends as color of law for their regulation, illegal as it will be ab initio.   As my old friend Doug Christie used to put it:  FREEDOM OF SPEECH   IS   THE ISSUE.  

This old warhorse = moi =  welcomes Horgan’s announcement. It brings the issue to a fine point.  I am soliciting a ‘flying squad’ of individuals who have a good grasp of the right to freedom of expression. If confronting the problem at Ground Zero is your idea of a good time,   contact me.

The URL to a video record on the scuffle at the Leg. on Saturday October 16th. was posted on FaceBook, but I cannot locate it now.     It does show a proVAXX guy throwing the first punch.     But that doesn’t really matter.   Little Miss Saba and her handlers – she’s not on her own doing this — got what they came for. 

Finally : I see The Real Chris Sky (c) trademark is heading West, advertising his trip as the ROSA PARKS 2021 MOVEMENT.  I find it hard to believe that Mr Soccaccia ( real name) and  his handlers didn’t do their homework so as to know that The Real Rosa Parks was a card-carrying commie.     Her notoriety arose from a piece of agitprop sponsored by the Communist Party USA.    One is entitled to ask : is that the inspiration for Mr Sky’s project?

Indeed, he does have some good points speaking to crowds, but the circus that goes on around him – his “new Jersey dude bro thug act’ – disgusts me. . My take on it, is = the cartoon of Sky as celebrity spokesman for the End the Lockdown movement, is from the bag of tricks of Liberal Party ‘attack dog’ Warren Kinsella.  One bit of circumstantial evidence, being Sky’s attack on the People’s Party, at Victoria on July 25th. He was invited to talk on condition he would NOT get political.  But he did, spending 15 minutes of his hour on stage, slagging Maxime Bernier by name. Confer with lawsuit for defamation brought by Maxime Bernier against Warren Kinsella. 

** As Mick Jagger sang back in 1969,  on Let it Bleed

Gordon S Watson

October 17 2021    Metchosin    British Columbia

Vancouver Freedom & Democracy END THE LOCKDOWN Rally A Huge Success

Vancouver Freedom & Democracy END THE LOCKDOWN Rally A Huge Success

Saturday March 20th 2021

The rally put on by the Liberty Club was a good effort.  Not quite as many folks as previously. Very important that we showed up to align ourselves with millions of other folks at rallies in cities and towns … large and small …. all around the world.

When I arrived at 11:30 am a light rain was falling, so I was pessimistic.   But the drizzle quit and the public square filled up  … there were at least 400 warm bodies by 12:30 pm..   Not more than a couple wearing the muzzle … everyone else breathing freely  … delighted to be in the company of like minds.  I left early but photos posted taken later in the day show a crowd of ~=1000

It grated on me that the mistress of ceremonies spent time + energy, talking about how the lame-stream media treat our GATHERINGS.    I strongly disagree with her pandering to them, stating that  ‘we are not anti-maskers. We are not anti-vaxxers’.     Oh, but we are.   And we ought not apologize.    This lady is going to learn the lesson we learned the hard way,  ‘way back in the anti-abortion thing;  You cannot grovel low enough to please the Adversary.    In the rough-and-tumble of politics, it is MOST important to have the measure of your enemy.    The directing mind of the conspirators who have brought about the God damned Lockdown, is wicked to its core.  Their hirelings —   so-called “legacy media”  — are only propaganda outfalls.    So, treat them accordingly

A year ago,  40 dissident voices were raised at Vancouver City Hall against the Lockdown.    If we’ve learned anything since, it’s that the SARS 2 Covid19 thing is the greatest medical malpractice in history: essentially,  statistics of the annual incidence of influenza, rebranded as a cover story while the US dollar goes off the scale and off the rails.   People like Provincial Medical Officer Henry, Premier John Horgan, cabinet Ministers Dix and Farnworth, cannot be ignorant of the evidence that the thing is a blatant HOAX.   From feedback at our bi-weekly protest in Victoria,  I guess that an honest poll would reveal the majority of British Columbians don’t believe them

My attendance at rallies in Vancouver, Victoria and Duncan has given me a sense of where the movement is heading.    The    N eeD iP pers  are venal, but they’re not stupid.   They most certainly are paying attention to this populist movement.    Premier Horgan, Ministers Dix, Farnworth et al. are getting off easy, so far.   Horgan’s come-uppance will come when the recall campaign puts the evidence of his criminality in front of voters in his riding.  

The mouthpiece of Horgan and his ilk  Professor David Suzuki,  took the lead vilifying  us with his letter denouncing the End the Lockdown  movement, as “white supremecists Klu Klu Klansmen”. Laughable,  yes, but he really did say that.  

What I saw yesterday was  focus being blurred of what originated as authentic single-issue populism   misled toward the pet project of Suzuki’s gang of un-apologetic communists : ie decolonization.    As the third speaker declared that the ground we were standing on is Indian Land, my suspicions were confirmed.   She then addressed a prayer to Gitchee Manitou,  the name of some spirit being ? who is no god at all, to me and to Christians.  After which the lady sang a religious song in her aboriginal language. I’d had my fill.   I ‘got off the bus’.   I walked away.    

A couple of weeks ago, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson convened a Christian worship service on the steps of the Vancouver Law Courts.  All was going well with about 100 sympathizers singing and praying as  speakers exhorted the congregation.  Along came a ragtag bunch of Native Indians, drumming and hollering attempting to disrupt this religious meeting. This just happens to be a criminal offence, per section 176 of the Criminal Code. They were quite obnoxious,  loudly going on about “stolen land”.  They intimidated congregants almost pushing over the loudspeakers set up for the meeting. Fortunately, a Vancouver Police officer standing by stepped in and put  the aboriginals in their place.    Pastor Art Pawlowski grew up under communism in Poland. He is a physically intimidating man.  Story is before he was saved, he was one bad ass there.  Deeply insulted,   he bellowed in his best street preacher voice

we are lions. We will not be silenced by hyenas!”

as politically-incorrect as it gets. A word fitly-spoken, indeed !!  The hyenas left with their tails between their legs.

The genesis of the  End the Lockdown movement was   authentic spontaneous assembling of people who are righteously indignant against profound incompetence in government.    Even that much would be to give the   NDPers  more of the benefit of the doubt than they deserve.    I don’t believe Horgan et al. are that stupid.  Given half an hour, I could explain that what they’ve done is Treason;  that some of them know they are complicit in crimes against humanity.   

And for those who would dismiss that phrase,  your homework is to read the book “The Trial of the Nazi doctors” along with similar works re Judgment at Nuremberg.  After WW 2 the Allies set up an international Court with 5 judges to dispense victor’s justice. Their problem, though, was that they didn’t have a nail from which the charges could be seen to hang properly. So, they came up with the notion that the leadership of the National Socialist German Workers Party carried on a Grand Conspiracy to make war illegally.  In which war,  things done by the armed forces and institutions of the  3rd Reich were so awful that they were in a category all by themselves or “crimes against humanity”.    Such had never been part of international law.   It was ex post facto law but that didn’t matter.  No one was about to gainsay indictments brought by lead prosecutor Robert Jackson  who was then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S. of A.   I think that some of those who hold … or are close to … the reins of power,  know that what’s going on is wrong.    Fear hath torment : They are terrified that when they’re found out, the mob will turn on them. A hint of which, was   a dozen climate change fanatics / Extinction Rebellion showing up at Premier Horgan’s home a year ago February.     What made Donkey-Bonnie Henry tremble in the CBC interview, was,  NOT our band of persistent peaceful protesters.   Rather, she worries that some loner who’s  reached the very end of his patience with her wickedness, will lash out, randomly.  Like what happened two years ago. An office worker was murdered right there on  the porch of the Ministry of Health building.  Bonnie Henry and the NDP MLAs should be afraid.  But not of us. In reality, our dissident voices are a safety-valve for the resentment felt by the silent majority despising her confederation of dunces. 

20 March 2021 Vancouver 005.jpg

above photo is of scene of our protest on the boulevard outside the Min de Health

Doktor Bonnie better take counsel concerning legal responsibility in her personal capacity, for being part of the directing mind perpetrating this evil Covid FRAUD.   The class action lawsuit now being put together by Rainer Fulmilch is the sound of a distant army on the march.   There is no stopping an idea whose time has come.   The “hall pass” the NDP wrote for themselves last summer,  ostensibly waiving ALL right to sue for any and everything re Covid *   will come back to haunt them. It was  illegal in the first instance. What it demonstrates is  : witting connivance to evade their sworn duty.

* Except gross negligence. I look forward to discussing that with a judge when my Claim against Canadian Tire employees arising from KronaMadness   gets before Small claims court.

Last week we got the ruling of Chief Justice Hinkson  re the Petition brought by churches challenging the Order prohibiting them from congregating.    It is so bad it would be ridiculous.    But we are not laughing under the consequences of this utter perversion of Justice.     They are people whose right to get associate with each was outlawed.   Carefully and as humbly as possible, they bundled-up their complaint then put it in front of someone whose job it is to do something about it.    To his eternal discredit,  the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia shat on them.  

What astonished us courthouse hounds about that case, was  that the Legal Services Branch  representing Provincial Medical Officer Henry  didn’t bother to put in any affidavits to buttress its position ! At that level of government, you cannot be that stupid.   Out of the mouth of govt. lawyer Gareth Morley came the excuse “She was too busy”. I am not making this up.

The crux of the constitutional challenge was  to ‘reasonableness’ of the particular diktat re how many people could associate inside a church building at one time.    Rather than get at it, Hinkson J. took Judicial Notice of saint Bonnie’s opinion that ‘there is a world wide pandemic underway.’ Then, he launched into his Reasons,  tapdancing all ‘round the issue with a ream of legal-ese.      No evidence whatsoever to support that opinion. He deferred to surmise-upon-surmise-upon-computer models which proved over the year, to be dead wrong.    See how that works?  Circular reasoning right out of Alice Through the Looking Glass : “Words will mean what I say they mean”.  

What went on was one of the most obvious charades we’ve ever seen:  the fix was in and the judge was in on the fix.   But so what, eh?  The Lockdown is officially pronounced as interfering with charter rights, ‘yes,  but such interference is “reasonable’ says he.    Lewis Carroll’s cartoon Cheshire cat smirks down from its branch in the thickets of the law

The capper to the exercise, being   Head Witch Bonnie spinning her nonsense now “allowing” ! outdoor protests.  The bright lights atop the Ministry of  Health realized that thousands of people at our superspreader EVENTS all over the province were embarrassing her, anyway.  So they papered over genuine civil disobedience as though it was their idea all along!

But I am not cast down. I have great faith in our God to look after us.   The energy of true Americans will not be strangled by these antichrists who think they rule over us. 

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic

Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

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