Spirited End the Lockdown Rally, Victoria January 9, 2021

TO > those who care about good government in British Columbia

When my old man was at the Dominion War College in 1942, he was taught   “sometimes getting shot at is the best intel. you can get”.   That was demonstrated on Saturday Jan 09 2021 as we protested outside the head office Ministry of Health in Victoria BC.

The corner of Blanshard and Pandora streets is a good spot for high-vis. advertising — hundreds of cars per hour going by.  Many of them stop at the traffic light. So, they do read our signs.  Response from motorists was 2 to 1 in sympathy with us.  But that spot has dis-advantages, too.   A couple of weeks ago,   I was hit on the chest by a plastic water bottle, hurled from a passing car.   Startled, came to mind Mick Jagger singing:      “I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse”.     Not even a flesh wound though … didn’t need to let it bleed 

A dangerous exception to the generally-polite response we get, was,  the guy who came up bellowing    “I told you last week to get the **** off this corner”. Sensing trouble I took a photo of him  — >  large, slovenly, drunk,  belligerent, could be 50 to 60 years old, one of the street people holed-up at the govt.-funded slum  a few blocks away.  Sure, you can make excuse for his kind … adrift in the big city, in deep personal pain.  But the moment you find yourself the target upon which they’re unloading their problems, is the moment when sympathy is ditched. 

When he noticed me taking his picture, he charged at me. I fled. He chased for about 20 yards before giving up.  Demons still yowling out of him … he headed across the street towards the group of protesters, raging that he was “going to punch them”. By then, someone had called 9-1-1.     About 20 minutes later, a cop did show up.   I told him what had gone on.  Of course, such altercation is pretty minor compared with the grief police deal with, daily.  The charming little old, very British town of good mannered White people which I knew half a century ago, has gone to the dogs. 

But the good news, is : standing 40 feet away from the group, conversing with VPD   constable #498,   was an opportunity for me to get info. re their attitude to what we are doing.  I asked him if he had his ticket book with him.  He said he did not.   I don’t believe that for a second.   I pointed out that the GATHERING of us regulars at this place …  which our critics call a “superspreader” ! …contravenes the Public Health Act Order.    He agreed, saying “you’re all ticketable right now”.  So, of course, I said:   “Well then, give me a ticket.”

  He declined, saying: ‘You’re carrying on a lawful protest’.   Yet, I did sense that if I’d pushed the envelope, I would’ve talked myself into one.   So I backed off.    I said “I don’t need one.  I had an incident on the ferries this week which is a good set of facts for challenging the govt. policy about masks”   Nodding towards the Law courts building, visible just down the way, I said “I’ll be in court with it.  I know police officers aren’t interested in hearing about the law”.   

To his credit,  he replied “I am interested in the law”….. so I reeled-off section 103 of the  Public Health Act.  Explaining right there is the defence to the strict liability offence created by Bonnie Henry’s Order re EVENTS AND GATHERINGS.  He did not say anything more, yet I got the impression that he was thinking for himself.

I’ve been at the big anti-lockdown  Events in BC, plus several small ones. There has been no major blowback. An occasional cat-call that we are “fools”, but that’s all. My sense, is,  the zombies going by with their fashion-statement muzzles on tight, are confounded by public presence of so many ordinary folks,  organized,  boldly contradicting official propaganda.   At this stage of this authentic populist movement,  provoking an individual to reconsider the Central Party Line is what we’re about.   Human beings go in-sane in herds.    They come to their senses one at a time.

In Kelowna and Nanaimo,  the RCMP have handed out notices alleging violations of the Public Health Act Order to people gathered to protest govt. policy.  Sgt. Roberts was the officer in charge on-site at the first big rally in Vancouver last September. When I asked him if they were going to hand out Violation Notices, he said :    “we decided not to issue tickets today because the Charter is above the Public Health Act”  direct quote

 To a certain extent, we have The Man with the Gun on our side.  The Victoria and Vancouver Police do not charge us because they have received legal counsel, advising them that our GATHERINGS  are Charter-protected political activity

The human mind has a miraculous innate logic programme.  The contrast between thousands of peaceful people, marching through the downtowns of major cities in BC, cops escorting our marches rather than bothering us,  versus nonsense purveyed on the lamestream media — images of thugs in uniform bullying individuals who are just going about daily life — works away at the consciences of ordinary citizens.    Something’s gotta give.

As for the argument out of section 103,  it’s important to realize that under the previous Health Act, there had to be evidence to support an Order. But the new statute changed it so that onus is now on the Accused, to prove his innocence.   One more detail telling that British Columbia now suffers under communist tyranny.   The way it’s going, I expect to be making this argument before a Judge.    I sincerely do believe  that the entire SARS-2-Covid19 extravaganza is medical malpractice ‘of the first water’   :  a  HOAX.   

At such a trial,  I will be submitting hundreds of articles grabbed from the Internet, written by world-class experts, undoing the very premise for the Order of that Head Witch, namely Bonnie Henry.   Any half-way intelligent person, with integrity to honestly examine such items, must conclude that there is mass psychosis upon the land. 
Wrong is put in place of right : Right is called Wrong.    And the man who calleth for Justice, maketh himself a prey

Section 103 of the Public Health Act  Revised Statutes of British Columbia


103   A person must not be convicted of an offence under this Act if the person proves that he or she

(a) exercised due diligence by taking all reasonable steps to avoid committing the offence,

(b) reasonably believed in the existence of facts that, if true, would establish that the person did not contravene this Act or a regulation made under it,

(c) relied on information or an instruction provided to the person by a health officer who was exercising a power or performing a duty under this Act, if the person had no reason to believe that the information may have been false or the instruction may have been unauthorized, or

(d) acted under the order of a health officer who was exercising a power or performing a duty under this Act, if the person had no reason to believe that the order may have been unauthorized under this Act or any other enactment. — Gordon Watson
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The Anti-Lockdown Revolt is Spreading: 250 Freedom Fighters Rally in Duncan, BC, Sunday, November 8

Reporter and freedom fighter Gordon Watson

The Anti-Lockdown Revolt is Spreading: 250 Freedom Fighters Rally in Duncan, BC, Sunday, November 8

My own highlight of the anti-lockdown rally in Duncan was =  the group hug I shared with a couple of gals.  If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then that moment of warmth communicated volumes in this climate of govt.-induced psychosis.  I didn’t get the name of the one wearing the Hugs over Masks shirt,  so = thank you “Miss SuperSpreader” !   Angel spreading Joy and Truth,  that is.   Heather and I were blessed. 

For openers, the master of ceremonies announced that we were expected to ‘social distance’ and that the police had told him they would be handing out tickets. Which was greeted with restrained mirth by the crowd of about 250.    ‘So what?!’  went unspoken.  I glanced at the 6 RCMP officers standing up on the bank, no hats,  all dutifully masked like desperadoes rather than law enforcement.    One of them taking photos.

Ryan Kulbaba came on like gangbusters, delighted at the turnout… livening-up the audience with his trademark “Freedom is essential” chant … calling it “a celebration of rights and freedoms”.  Exactly !    He asked the crowd how many had been to the other rallies… half of us raised our hands.   

Every rally has had a moment when we sing the national anthem.  Particularly dear to me, is, that a bunch of ordinary folks can sing Oh Canada, acapella, on a moment’s notice. This time we weren’t as good as Christie Doerksen leading us in Vancouver, singing her heart out …  yet as ragged a chorus as we were, we proved “seeing is believing but hearing is belonging”.     Ryan congratulated us  “you are all amazing Canadian Patriots”

Then he launched in to excoriating the Pharma-shill   – namely Bonnie Henry – sending her the message that “she will not tell us what to do in our own homes. Those Orders restrictions are NOT the law! We need oxygen to breathe.  Keep protesting. Keep having your voices heard. We have the Charter right to assemble.”   best of all “WE DO NOT COMPLY!”   

He then went in to a quick explanation of how important it is to appreciate that our immune system is the best defence against the Covid case-demic.

I was delighted to hear him get right down to the nittygritty, ie.  “the whole purpose is to crush businesses then get them dependent on CRB” calling it “communism”  At every rally I’ve been to, witty signs are educating the nation that this thing is NOT about ‘health’. The fiat currency of the US of A is at the end of its use-ful-ness to the globalists. Spend time doing your own research =  you will learn that the SCAM-demic is only coverstory for the gigantic Re-set of the monetary system.

An important aspect of each of the 5 rallies, has been :  we are on good terms with the police.  The MC pointed out that, on the march, ‘we do not engage with opponents. This is a peaceful protest. The RCMP will take care of any trouble’  asking the crowd to thank them for being there.  Which got a good round of applause. So far, I’ve attended 4 major rallies since the Panic-demic was imposed.   Each time,  police were present, standing by calmly.  Dave Lindsay set the precedent back in August, in Kelowna.   There –  the local by-law officer and the Inland Health Authority minion attempted to shut down the C.L.E.A.R event in a public park but Dave talked them down from their high-horse. It went ahead with an audience of 200+.  The RCMP were exemplary … playing their proper role of directing traffic while Canadian citizens exercise our rights, unmolested by official-dumb

Witch Henry is on the idiot-tube, daily,  casting her spell upon British Columbia,  pronouncing the Central Party Line >>>  constriction unto death.

But the mere presence of people assembled in public, breathing freely,  undoes that curse.   Witnessing against her wickedness,  David Bentley boldly announced himself a ‘born-again Christian coming from a Christian perspective’… reminding us  “you’re in a war”.  The war he’s referring to, is : the perennial contest of the Ages, between Good and Evil for control of the Planet.  In that battle,  Jesus Christ said he “came that ye may have life, and have it more abundantly”. 

I most strongly urge everyone attend these gatherings while you can. It is not inevitable that the dark night descends upon us.     There is much good information to be had that does not come across a computer screen. The internet is a mile wide but a quarter of an inch deep …  no substitute for the fun of fellowshipping with likeminded folks. Quit worrying how powerful the adversaries are … tune out Doktor Henry droning-on with her fear porn. A smile of understanding shared briefly with someone whose name you may not even know,  remedies her Mesmer-izing. 

Humans go insane in herds : they come to their senses one at a time.  Us showing up at these events, voicing our criticism of the NON-sense tells officialdom everything they need to know, if they were a’listening.   I doubt they are. But your neighbours are. We are leading by example.    Comes to mind Churchill’s quote

 “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without blood shed, if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.”

In all seriousness : that is where we are today

The Freedom Rallies across the Country have created what is known in British jurisprudence, as = a good set of facts.   At the Duncan gathering, I spoke with the RCMP officer in charge, Corporal Pharis,  relating what happened in Vancouver, on September 13 when 1000 + people were gathering in front of the Art Gallery. Sgt. Roberts said

“We decided not to enforce the Order today because the Charter is higher than the Public Health Act” direct quote.   Then I asked Cpl. Pharis ‘how come you aren’t handing out tickets ( Violation notices ) under the Public Health Act, for us contravening the Order of the Chief Medical health officer?”  He politely told me “it’s a peaceful crowd”. And that they were “exercising their discretion’.  Meaning … to enforce the Order, or not.   Fine with me!  So we now have 5 instances where 4 police forces did their job condoning expression of our political opinion.  Would this be happening if there really was an emergency?      
The question answers itself. 

In our law, there is a concept known as  “officially-induced error / bureaucratic indifference”.  It is crucial that these gatherings of local dissident voices continue,   regardless of how many warm bodies show up time by time in the Canadian winter.    Money cannot buy advertising like this.   While the good little serfs cower in their dwellings, paralyzed with fear,   we’re stating our case where it matters, on the ground. The so-called “pan demic” is the greatest medical mistake in history.      One of the best signs yesterday, was just the words   “We’re not having it”       So very British !!

The rally had been scheduled to march away at 2 pm precisely. But it was delayed by the first speaker going off on a tangent about the Great Flood of Noah’s Day. So by the time the marchers got back, the sun was getting low in the sky. Realizing that time was tight,  Dr Malthouse kept his remarks concise.  His presence now on the front line of this movement, is brilliant. His letter to Bonnie Henry boiled down the confusion to make the issue understandable to ordinary people.  Let’s see her rationale for subjecting the province to Medico-Stalin-ism

I am a great fan of pamphleteering.  So it was good to see Linda Morken there with lots of literature.    The Free Press is is the People’s friend, the Tyrant’s foe  because you never know where it penetrates.  People take it home.  It lasts.

The VaccineChoice court case is underway in Ontario. What’s going on = challenging the fools installed in provincial Legislatures =  is  “lawfare” …  having an independent judge  test the constitutionality of what the fascisti have done.   Such public interest litigation is how we confront the powers-that-Be without it getting ugly.  

 Gordon S Watson

The Sneaky Cats Paw Steps to a Medico-Stalinist Dictatorship in British Columbia

The Sneaky Cats Paw Steps to a Medico-Stalinist Dictatorship in British Columbia

Here’s a scary thought. This is not a rumor. 


This is the URL to the official BC govt. website listing forms under the Public Health Act  revised statutes of British Columbia


Here you have the nuts+bolts of the mechanism  by which the medical system transmogrified to unapologetic tyranny. 

While the minds of British Columbians were on vacation over the summer of 2020,  the NDP administration changed the Public Health Act so that police officers may now carry out the powers that, previously were ONLY available to Health Officers.

Amusing, that  that same Act makes a way for someone to demand re-consideration of an Order made by a Health Officer. But we don’t see that form listed, do we? 

No. Back a decade ago,  the Health Authorities slapped Orders on our little raw milk dairy.   When I went to the head office of Vancouver Coastal Health, seeking the form mentioned in section 43 of the Act,   head honcho Nick Losito sneered at me “I”m not giving it to you!” then ran back and hid in his office.  Eventually, via my MLA, I did get a copy of said form. Turns out it hadn’t even been composed, til I came calling!   But = demonstrating the insolence of  bureaucrats when they rise to a level beyond their competence  =  Mr Losito didn’t have the civility to acknowledge even that much

Same thing going on now with the Medico-Stalinists in charge of this poor suffering province.  The good thing to keep in mind : they  always overstep themselves

So  = as of this writing, what I’m expecting will happen > is some outrageous misuse of the powers of the  Act.  As unhappy as that will be for the individual who gets taken away in handcuffs, or a straitjacket ( I am NOT exaggerating)  it will provide a good set of facts with which to challenge the assinine GATHERINGS AND EVENTS Order which the sainted BonBon Henry authorized on Oct 30th 2020. 

challenging the police or asshole bureaucrat filled with her own importance, on the ground, in the moment,   is NOT the thing to do. Psychopaths love that, because it gives them the thrill of sheer power. Then officialdom uses such example of dissidence as propaganda to further kow the normies. 

No : we’re in the SitzKreig = opening stages of “law -fare”.  Our best hope, is > to get a constitutional challenge underway, before a decent judge who remembers what common sense used to be in this white, Christian nation, before the globalists slithered in to the high places of government.  And, to blaze to the skies the FACTS of what’s happening. Publicity is the soul of Justice

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic,
Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

Stand Up to Tyranny Rally in Victoria, November 1 — “I’ll be there” Says Human Rights Campaigner Gordon Watson

Stand Up to Tyranny Rally in Victoria, November 1 — “I’ll be there” Says Human Rights Campaigner Gordon Watson

To those concerned with good government in British Columbia

On the FaceBook Stand up to End Tyranny group, there’s a post advertising a gathering this Sunday November 1 2020 at 1 pm outside the Min. de Health Building 1515 Blanshard St.  Victoria BC

I plan to be there to discuss with other dissident voices, what we ought to be doing to counteract the INsanity of the  Central Party Line re the ScamDemic

The Public Health Act Order entitled  GATHERINGS AND EVENTS  categorically exempts political gatherings from its 50 person limit.  So far, 28 people indicated they will be going to the meet-up. Hopefully, we get more than 50 warm bodies. 

As of today, I have not yet received a reply from Victoria Chief of Police Manek, to my letter asking for a policy statement re how the VPD intends to enforce such Orders

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic
Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

Freedom Fighter Gordon Watson Seeks the Evidence the B.C.Gov’t Relied on for Various Freedom-killing COVID Orders

B.C. Freedom Fighter Gordon Watson


Published by you March 17th 2020


Authorized by you April 16th 2020

Workplace  COVID 19 Safety Plans

Authorized by you   May 14th     2020


Authorized by you October 9th 2020



Authorized by you October 9th 2020

Enclosed,  integral to this my REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION,   find the open letter to you from Stephen Malthouse, md. October 2020.   In his letter, Dr Malthouse uses the word   “evidence”.  You /  your legal counsel are aware that
                         the nature of evidence is :  it can be tested.   If it cannot be tested, it isn’t evidence.  

I, and the British Columbians for whom I speak, require from you and hereby demand, the  EVIDENCE  upon which each of your Orders was predicated.    We are not interested in computer models, cyber-hearsay,  surmise-upon-surmise nor whatever faddish notions are being bruited-about.    We are entitled to the   EVIDENCE,   forthwith.

Dated this  twentieth  day of October 2020 A. D.

Address for delivery of your response

                        Suite #4    5177 William Head Road    Metchosin    British Columbia    V9C 4H5


Whitewash of UpRoar incident in Oak Bay when Jenn Smith got shouted down

Whitewash of UpRoar incident in Oak Bay when Jenn Smith got shouted down

Yesterday  I got the police report to do with the UpRoar in Oak Bay, back in May 2019, when the mob shouted-down Jenn Ricky Smith

It’s a pile of paper about an inch thick, with zero information about what went on.

Absolutely nothing said about what Jenn Ricky Smith or Chris McCay told the Oak Bay police

A couple of pages have a couple of sentences of a fact or 2, that I didn’t know. Nothing of any importance.It’s just a make-work project so the Crown Counsel has a cover story for them staying my charges against the leaders of the riot

It consists of everything I gave the Victoria Police Chief about the disturbance on the Grounds of the Leg. back in September 2018, as well as everything I submitted to the Provincial Court charging Painter, Henry and Warren. In Triplicate!!

As well : the transcript of my  interview with Cnst. Ulanowski … at which time he made a point of saying that he ‘had nothing to do with the political angle’. Which of course! is what the damn’d thing is all about first and last!!

but this is by no means the end of this matter ….  Just another stage in their caravan as the NeeDiPpers slouch towards Gomorrah


Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

police report.jpg

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson — Incremental Shoving Back Against the ‘Trans’ Insanity


Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson — Incremental Shoving Back Against the ‘Trans’ Insanity


I had a mind to drive for Pearson College, which is just around the corner from me in Metchosin.  It would have been a good gig … but their policy on GENDER DIVERSITY is so bad it’s laughable … insanity writ large.

>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
September 10 2019

Pearson College UWCAttention :
Tyrone Pile ; Deana Cuthbert ;  Shelley Seysener ; Susan Duffel-Warthe ; Reese Harrison

from : Gordon Watson
This is my notice that I hereby withdraw my application to be an on-call driver for the College.Having read the documents delivered by surface mail,  it is clear that my own position within the so-called “trans” controversy is antithetical to your  GENDER DIVERSITY POLICY    to the extent that I am not able to co-operate with such insanity.
I am a long-time political activist, lately on the front line of court actions to do with the “transgender” nonsense being pretext for outlawing freedom of expression.   I could submit a few hundred pages explaining why the whole “trans”  thing is a textbook example of mass hysteria, but one quick overview will suffice :   following by regular surface mail will be the essay   “Transgender is a fad worth rejecting”

I recommend that the College make  “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Charles Mackay,  required reading for all-concerned … it’s the classic work explaining how human beings go crazy in herds, then regain common sense one person at a time.

As King Solomon said “this too shall pass”.  Meanwhile,  the College better pay attention to the lawsuits now underway in which parents of children who suffered at the hands of quacks in the ‘transgender’ racket,  are suing those practitioners and also the institutions which enabled medical malpractice.    As I write this, a lawsuit is being prepared by parents of children who were in care of the BC Children’s Hospital with that cause of action.  Being in the place of a parent for its students,  Pearson College has the duty to inform thy-self as to ALL of the readily available information on this topic before presuming the science is settled ; it most certainly is not.  In light of expert opinion on the harms done to individuals who once did present as “transgender”, then regained their sanity,   the College ought to get professional legal advice re    counselling an indictable offence /  ‘criminal negligence’

Yours truly
Gordon Watson

Free Speech Crusader Gordon Watson Demands Reparations from Oak Bay District for Failure to Protect Free Speech at Jenn Smith Lecture

Free Speech Crusader Gordon Watson Demands Reparations from Oak Bay District for Failure to Protect Free Speech at Jenn Smith Lecture


District of Oak Bay

            Attention  :     Mayor and Council

            And to :           whom it may concern

01         Enclosed find an article as a précis what went on at the Windsor Pavillion on May 2nd 2019.


02         Having received an invitation from the man who co-ordinated it,  I went to that event at Willow Park expecting to hear the guy who calls himself “Jenn Smith” explain why the so-called  “trans-gender’ fad is evil.   Having read his essay I wanted to hear what he had to say in person

03         In the provincial election of 2001, I stood as a candidate to be a member of the Legislature.     Thus, I am a politician.    I attended the Jenn Smith event in that capacity
as well as, distinctly separately, a member of the electorate of British Columbia
as well as, distinctly separately, a taxpayer
as well as, distinctly separately, a grandfather of children in the public school system
as well as, distinctly separately,   a Christian gathering information about the                                                                spiritual aspects of the phenomenon of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.

04         I arrived before 6:30 pm.  My old man was a cop.   He taught me to “always count the house”.   As I walked across the greensward at Willow park I counted over 300 people near the Windsor Pavilion.  I went in to the room upstairs where I saw the organizer readying the sound amplification system and the projector for showing Smith’s  “Power Point”    Shortly afterwards, sitting at the foot of the stairs, I watched many people come in and go upstairs.  From the numbers pouring in, and the fact that I’d seen those same people outside sloganeering / catcalling / holding signs denouncing Smith,  it was obvious that they were antagonistic and that someone had co-ordinated what they were doing so as to bother him.      Later, I got evidence that one of the ringleaders was a man named Ryan Painter.   Mr Painter made a point, repeatedly, of announcing that he was a politician, ie a member of the School board.  I saw and heard him inciting the mob to interfere with Smith informing the public about the SOGI program.

05         The right to freedom of Expression is a 2-way street … it includes the right of someone in an audience to receive information from a speaker.    The video of the Uproar shows individuals such as Ryan Painter, Rose Henry, Hope Warren and others yet to be ascertained co-operating in mischief in order to stifle the presentation, which is an offence against sections 175 / 176 and 430 (1) ( d) of the Criminal Code.   By chanting / singing  / mocking and using noise-makers those named incited the mob in criminal mis-conduct with the express purpose of drowning out what Jenn Smith was attempting to say.   Ryan Painter, Rose Henry, Hope Warren and dozens of others did engage in mischief for over an hour so as to sabotage the meeting which had been convened for a moral and political purpose.     Deliberately interferring with the normal use of that place,  for which Jenn Smith had a permit, Ryan Painter, Rose Henry Hope Warren and et cetera interferred with my right to hear what Mr Smith had to say.

06         After half an hour observing what was going on in the room where the event was supposed to take place, I went outside to photograph the scene and hear what the mob’s leaders were saying.  When I went back upstairs, the space in front of the door to the room was so crowded I could not get in. From comments I heard, around me, the crowd did not come to hear what Jenn Smith had to say. Rather,  people were intent on packing the room and making noise in order to suppress his presentation

07         I made my way right up beside the door, but was prevented from entering by a man who said he was a police officer.   Because he was not in uniform, I challenged him “show me some identification”    Which he then did. I did not get his name but I was satisfied by seeing ID he was an officer of the Oak Bay police force.  I said to him “you realize there are crimes going on here right now?” To which he replied “yes”. I then said “well, you better start taking names”  To which he said “we are”. In is incumbent upon Oak Bay councillors to acquaint yourselves with the video recordings of the uproar which may be seen on the internet Youtube website at
URL        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bCRaw_pOYk

08         Note particularly the scene showing that Oak Bay police officer in plain clothes being pushed out of the room on to the balcony by the mob.  Early in the going, I noticed Oak Bay policeman Davinder Dalep circulating in the crowd in plain clothes. Throughout the event
I noticed him talking on his cellphone.   Was he recording it on the camera on his phone ?
Why did he fail to come to the aid of a fellow officer in trouble?

09    Eventually, I did re-gain entry to the room.   As shown on videorecordings,  inside,  it was pan-demonium.  I counted over 150 people sitting in chairs and standing against the walls.  From what they were yelling,  and their signage, and the noisemakers they were using,  nearly all of them were there only to stifle Jenn Smith.   Repeatedly, the mob leaders boasted loudly
“this is not going ahead”   The two Oak Bay plain clothes officers could not have been ignorant that criminal offences were being committed. Yet they did nothing to stop the riot.  Why not?!    Only an hour later did uniformed police officers arrive.

10      The story in my family, is : that our grandfather James A Turner was the first police constable in Oak Bay. I distinctly recall my grandmother showing me his badge.   During the Uproar on May 2nd 2019 one of the most obnoxious of the characters mocked those of us who’d come to hear Jenn Smith speak, yelling
White supremecists! Nazis!!   Shame!    What would your grandparents say?!”

I was tempted to respond but I’d already learned that being logical is a waste of breath when dealing with communists.   I stayed quiet while gathering evidence of the crimes being committed.   Before leasing the Uplands farm = where UVic is today = Jim Turner had been a real cowboy … a long lanky Scotsman tough as nails, a man of few words.    His answer to their taunt would’ve been to wade-in and single-handedly sort out the whole bunch of them.

11     My paternal grandfather George Watson,  was with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, gassed at Ypres in WW One.   My mother grew up in Oak Bay, trained at the Jubilee, then went as a Canadian Army Nursing sister in the Italian theatre of War WW 2.   In WW2 my father fought with the Royal Canadian Regiment in Italy.    He got his 3rd  woundstripe in the Korean war,  blown up by a landmine.   He survived … the three other soldiers in the jeep, didn’t. I knew Wally Herzog, who was with the RCR at Kap Yong when a small contingent of Canadian soldiers stood off THOUSANDS  of Red Chinese communist soldiers coming at them in human waves.   A dozen other members of my family whom I can name, put on the uniform of the Armed Forces of the Dominion of Canada in order to fight the enemies of freedom on foreign soil.
My citizenship in this country was bought and paid-for in blood sweat and tears.
So my answer to the thugs who invaded that political meeting,   is :

      My people didn’t go to war half way ‘round the world so communist agitators and their entourage of fools can get away with terrorism in my own neighbourhood.
I am not going to stand by and let enemies of freedom prevail here.  

12     It is crucial that all-concerned appreciate that Freedom of Expression is a 2–way street : its reciprocal is = the right to receive information. Particularly – information previously un-known to the listener.   That’s how human beings learn.


13    Men and women of my parents’ and grandparents’ generations would’ve been astonished at the insane premise of those promoting ‘trans-gender-ism” :  ie.  ‘a man can become a woman, or vice-versa’.  Not for a minute would they have put up with rioters interferring with someone repudiating that nonsense in a public meeting

14     the Freedomfreeforall people have a recording which they claim is an admission by an officer on the Oak Bay Police force.  It can be viewed/ heard at the URL



15   IF that recording is authentic, then what went on at the Uproar at the Windsor Pavilion on May 2nd 2019 is an extremely serious matter.  It appears Mayor Murdoch conspired ahead of time to bring about circumstances wherein the mob would cause trouble, while he ordered police not to do their duty. Calls to ECOM 911 were dealt with other than  according to proper policy.    If it’s true that the Mayor knew police were NOT going to enforce the law , thus police misconduct that evening was not simple negligence and he was party to an agreement to aid and abet the ringleaders,   then Mayor Kevin Murdoch is an accomplice before the fact of their crimes.

16      FOR CONTEXT :  It is incumbent upon the council of Oak Bay to familiarize yourselves with what went on on the precinct of the Legislature on September 29th 2018.  That day,  about a hundred citizens showed up, with a permit from the Protocol officer of the Legislature, to listen to Jenn Smith and other speakers warn and inform parents and taxpayers and electors, about the wicked SOGI123 program, being imposed in the public school system.    About a hundred people of the same ilk as the mob at the Uproar at Willow Park,  were there too,   very loudly voicing their protests against what Jenn Smith and the Christian preacher were saying.   Enclosed find a copy of my complaint to the Victoria Police Chief.   Hope Warren, in particular, made himself very visible and obnoxious, thrusting high his fist clenched in the classic communist symbol.   The only reason the mob didn’t do the same thing on September 29th 2018 as they did on May 2nd 2019 in Oak Bay, is because there were 30 uniformed police on site,  walking through the crowd on the grounds of the Legislature.    Some of whom were in uniform of the Oak Bay police.      Point being : someone had a good idea of what was going to go on, ie. the protest.  And whoever that someone was, they’d arranged for a large contingent of police to be present

17     FOR CONTEXT :   It is incumbent upon the council of Oak Bay to familiarize yourselves with what went on, on June 2nd 2019 at the City Light church in Victoria.  That evening,  at least 20 Victoria City uniformed police officers along with several plainclothes officers were on site confronting the ragtag bunch of bizarrely-costumed clowns / lewd fellows of the baser sort / stunted adolescents who were there for no good reason but to revile Jenn Smith as well as the members of the audience entering the Church. The police prevented protesters from disrupting the meeting so Mr Smith had no trouble presenting his political opinion to an audience of about 100.

18     FOR CONTEXT       It is incumbent upon the council of Oak Bay to familiarize yourselves with what went on on June 15th 2019 at Robson Square in Vancouver. There, Kari Simpson / Culture Guard convened a meeting in which speakers denounced implementation of the SOGI123 program in public schools.   On site were 40 uniformed officers from the Vancouver Police. As well,  Kari Simpson contracted privately with India’s largest security company. A dozen brown men literally linked arms with white men … white nationalists,  imagine that !!!   making a circle of protection around her and the other speakers.

As my old man used to say  “nothing is so useless it can’t at least be used as a bad example”.    Taken together, these  4  incidents exemplify how local governments ought to act, contrasted with the outrage that went on in Oak Bay.  At the very least, you were grossly negligent in your duty to maintain the Peace and Dignity of Her Majesty the Queen in the face of pre-arranged criminal activity.    But I think it’s worse than just that much.    What happened at the Uproar at Willow Park perfectly demonstrates how communists incite violence as part of their strategy to “own the streets / own the public square”.  When they get away with it, they insolently threaten more of the same,  intimidating managers of public places from permitting them to be used by someone whom the communists hate … wickedness prevails when chickenshit governors cave in to terrorism :  that would be you.

19     I and about,  maybe, 2 dozen others,  showed up expecting to hear an intelligent discourse directly on-point of NDP government policy.  We walked in to a trap set by the Mayor of Oak Bay in cahoots with thugs Ryan Painter, Rose Henry,  Hope Warren et al. as doing their damn’d’st to intimidate us.   Which is the crime of conspiring to commit an indictable offence, to wit :  calculated interference in our right to security of the Person.

20       The Apotemnophilic cult imposing its IN-sanity on us is only the latest example of the madness of crowds ; people will be hurt as it destroys itself, but this, too,  shall pass.   What really matters,  is,  what my friend Doug Christie said       “Freedom of Speech  IS  the issue”
All-concerned better get this much straight : I am not going to just let the dust settle so the Uproar remains as a trophy for idiots who interferrred with my right to freedom of association ; freedom of expression ; freedom to participate in the democratic process.    I demand the Corporation of the District of Oak Bay remedy your fault so that the enemies of Free Speech do not prevail.
I claim that the Mayor and Council of Oak Bay owe to me, and to others who attended that event in good faith,  yet whose rights were similarly ruined by the Breach of Trust of Mayor Murdoch

   FIRST : an apology from Kevin Murdoch in his capacity as Mayor for him having encouraged criminal activity

SECOND : an admission of wrongdoing, more particularly :  that the Mayor’s public statements to do with the then-upcoming presentation did effectively incite the mob to breach the Peace

THIRD : an admission of wrongdoing, more particularly that the Mayor and others whom he is obliged to name – did act with malice to bring about a circumstance preventing both my right to hear what Jenn Smith had to say and also my right to dialogue with Mr Smith on his topic

FOURTH : an admission of wrongdoing ; more particularly, that the Mayor and “the managers”  – as mentioned in freedom free-for-all’s recording of the police officer – who ordered police to do nothing while the riot formed and proceeded, were grossly negligent in their duty to uphold the law.

FIFTH  :  payment to me of an amount of money commensurate with the seriousness of the insults to my rights as well as torts visited upon me at that Uproar,  all of which were directly caused by the Mayor and others conspiring to deny police services which
I – and other right-thinking citizens there at the melee –  were entitled to expect

                                                           Gordon S Watson

suite #4    5177 William Head Road    Metchosin    British Columbia    V9C 4H5

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson on The Transgender Agenda, Misgendering, the RCMP & The Decline of Our Society

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson on The Transgender Agenda, Misgendering, the RCMP & The Decline of Our Society
[To Henry Makow] Further to the reference in your twitter feed, about  the $50,000 penalty for ‘mis-gendering’ the complainant in the Ogre vs. Whatcott thing :

in fact : about 4 years ago, I moved  to Sidney British Columbia.  Driving a taxicab around town gave me a special perspective on the quiet, prosperous charming little burg.   I encountered a certain RCMP officer but I did not know her name at that time.  She was unremarkably just a lumpy broad with a crewcut lesbian hairstyle, in a rumpled regular duty  RCMP brown uniform with the yellow stripe down the pantleg, I’d guess not more than 40 years old. Back in my day  you’d never see an RCMP officer so sloppily dressed. I found it curious that she was obviously in such poor physical shape for a police officer.

A few years later,  I had trouble at the house I was renting ;  street people, to whom I’d rented rooms – not knowing  how verminous they are – had turned on me.  It was pan-demonium.  The cops were there 9 times in the last 3 weeks before I vacated as the place before it was  demolished.  This particular officer, then the RCMP Watch Commander, attended  a couple of the incidents. She was instrumental in cooling-out the altercation by taking charge of the little witch who was the worst troublemaker.   For which I was grateful.  I had no complaint about the officer’s  policing. She was always pleasant to me when we’d cross paths on the street, later.   At that point in time – spring 2018 – the woman RCMP officer had a noticeable beard, but it was very thin like a teenage boy.

A few weeks ago ( early 2019 )  driving the cab out to the ferry, a passenger remarked that she worked as a civilian employee at Sidney North Saanich RCMP detachment.  In a roundabout delicate way, I mentioned that I’d seen the RCMP officer with a more-or-less full beard. And my understanding was,  that the RCMP dress code prohibits an officer having a beard.  The passenger told me that the uniform code had been changed very recently.  Without me asking, she told me the name of the particular officer whom I’ll call Corporal X.   Even though I’d described the police officer as a woman,  my passenger was careful to refer to Corporal “X” as “he“.
century ago, Canadians considered the Bearded Lady a freak of nature, to be pitied. They were found in sideshows when the Circus came to town.   Yesterday I saw her go by on patrol in the Commander’s car. Worst of all,  as the Mao-ists informed us :  “political power flows out of the barrel of a gun!” .   Corporal X wears a loaded sidearm on her hip,  with power to imprison someone if he were to disobey the Order uttered by the BC Human Rights Commission arising from the case of Oger versus Whatcott. In that Soviet-style showtrial, we saw the naked face of evil … when the Tyrant figures she controls the Man with the Gun.  Namely =  fanatical Devyn Cousineau,  one of the ‘change agents’  seconded by BC’s Attorney General to ensure that thepolitical opponent of the New Democratic Party was vilified as an Enemy of the State.  If there’s one thing the antichrists cannot abide, it’s the prophetic type such as Bill Whatcott,  out in the public square,   denouncing sin … naming names. The Free Press is   the People’s Friend, The Tyrant’s Foe

I can’t help an ironic smile when I go in to the local copshop and see the big poster on the wall …    A classic image of a Mountie in full red serge, posed on a coal black horse, against a picturesque mountain backdrop. The propaganda we all grew up with … so far-removed from the present reality.   Would the white Christian men who made up the Force a generation ago …  upon whose dedication to duty our respect of the RCMP was based  … countenance ( so-called ) “trans-gender-ism” ?  Would they take orders from a female demanding to be addressed as a male?   What would they say about 2 Sodomites disgracing their uniform by dressing in it as they  ostensibly!  got “married”?

Like it or not, the Oger Whatcott ruling is the last word on “hate speech” in this poor suffering Dominion.   Cousineau’s Order  puts me in a quandary.   I had given Bill $60 to publish his flyers.  Even though I announced that I was his accomplice in the dastardly deed,   the Tribunal wouldn’t let me come on the hearing as an Intervenor.  So I have not yet had my say as to the validity of the 104 pages of Cousineau’s gobble-de-gook absurdity.   When I do, one of my chief arguments will be that when my Dad marched away from the RCR Barracks in London Ontario, in 1940, he assumed he was going to war against the very same mindset of the God damned fascisti as I face, here, 2 generations later. It cannot be that one of the foundational precepts in this country – preaching of the Gospel —  is illegal.   Adolph Hitler and his pals were national socialists who sent their critics to concentration camps  : Devyn Cousineau & the NDP are international socialists who send their critics to gaol.     See the difference?

I stood as a candidate in the BC provincial election in 2001.  I expect to do so again. Last time round, I had some very harsh things to say about the NDP ; all true.    There’s more of the same, and worse, that needs to be said, now.   Do I have to put me-self in jeopardy of going to prison, for publishing my political and religious opinion, which is ; that the New Democratic Party administration in BC is nothing less than Marxist thugs in 3 -piece suits … antichrists whose handmaids from Hell – Cousineau, Juricevic and Trerise –  formally outlawed the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven?

How the above relates to the curiousity of Corporal; X the bearded lady RCMP officer, is :

Cousineau’s wicked Order in the Oger Whatcott Order thing, legitimizes the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Regiment policy re   ‘trans-gender-ism” …  a textbook demonstration of how the Frankfurt school of Marxists do their damn’d’st …  sabotaging genuine Christianity so sexual perversion becomes normalized.   No mere co-incidence that the lame-stream newsmedia published not a line of print,  informing the public what’s going on in the office of the RCMP Commissioner.    You sure didn’t see a fullpage article in the Trawna Grope & Flail about trans-gender-ism polluting police forces.  Rather =  puff-pieces as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau crows about his new version of “Core values” in this post-national state.  All the while he and his treasonous pals in high places undermine the very foundation of the Dominion  = ie.  presumption that we are a white, Christian society.  Evidence that Justin Trudeau was sired by Fidel Castro, is overwhelming, for those who can muster the intellectual honesty to examine the facts.  No surprise then that ‘the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree’.  Papa Fidel would be so proud of him … infiltrating the soft underbelly of capital-ism by stealth.    The antichrist Marxists know full well what they’re doing = installing rebellion to God at every position  in the institutions of government.

the ruling of the BC Human Rights Tribunal in the  Whatcott v. Oger matter is of utmost importance to all right-thinking Canadians : penalty of $55,000 against Whatcott … $20,000 of it punishment for  “mis-gendering”  the pathetic creature, Oger the Ogre ( or is it the other way ’round? )  … for the sake of him publishing his political and religious opinion during an election, mind you!   It directs Bill Whatcott  henceforth, to use the pronoun “he” when referring, in public, to the man in the dress, Complainant Ronan aka Morgane Oger.  Or go directly to gaol. ‘And no more posting to social media/ the public square, your quibbles about how  color of law was used to disguise Oger’s mental illness’.

Words fail me to define how profoundly evil is Cousineau’s monstrosity.   Suffice to use the Biblical language :   Wrong was put in place of right : right is now called ‘wrong’.    Such absurdity cannot be allowed to stand.  The good news, is: this too = the bizarre fad of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria =  will pass. But it’s going to take some ugly skirmishing and persistence and serious amounts of $$s  in the courts and on the hustings to re-establish our right to freedom of the Press.

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

Metchosin British Columbia
April 30 2019

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson Seeks Transcripts of Oger v Whatcott Tribunal

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson Seeks Transcripts of Oger v Whatcott Tribunal


On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 3:30 PM Kelly, Ainsley AG:EX <Ainsley.Kelly@gov.bc.ca> wrote:

Dear Gordon,


Thank you for your email. I am writing to advise you that the Tribunal Registrar Steven Adamson is away from the office until April 29, 2019 and will respond to your inquiry after his return.



From: Gordon S Watson <watson.gordons@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2019 1:19 PM
To: BC Human Rights Tribunal AG:EX <BCHumanRightsTribunal@gov.bc.ca>
Cc: watson.gordons <watson.gordons@gmail.com>
Subject: Publicity is the soul of Justice


Steven Adamson, Registrar

BC Human Rights Commission


following below is a 2-page letter which I faxed at 12:45 pm today to the HR Commission

please acknowledge receipt of my fax.
And also, acknowledge that you’re aware I have requested the Transcripts described.
If this letter does not suffice as a proper request, then I need to know what the BC Human Rights Commission wants, in order for me and others, to get the Transcript of the Oger Whatcott hearing

Gordon S Watson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

April 18th 2019
British Columbia Human Rights Commission

Attention : Steven Adamson, Registrar

This is the first page of 2 pages, total, faxed to 604 775 2020

Re : Oger versus Whatcott your file # 16408

1. When the first session of the Tribunal in this matter convened I was in the audience. 
My notes show that Chairwoman Juricivic stated 
‘this matter is being recorded. A transcript may be available if a person requests it stating his reasons’.
2. at paragraph 14 of the Reasons for the ruling in this matter, Devyn Cousineau folded-in a paraphrase of what Bill Whatcott had said while testifying. Apparently, a transcript has been made of – at the very least – his testimony. Unless told otherwise by you, I’m going to assume that the testimony of Ronan/ Morgane Oger has also been transcribed.

3. I wish to have a copy of the transcript of what witnesses Oger and Whatcott testified before the Tribunal. Please advise me of the cost of each item and how to go about getting them?
My Reasons for having a copy of the Transcripts are :

4. I stood as a candidate to be a member of the Legislature in the general election of 2001. 
I intend to do so in the next provincial election. An essential part of my platform will be ; informing electors and taxpayers as to the implications of what went on in the Oger Whatcott Tribunal. It is of utmost importance for Canadians to appreciate how the ruling in this matter effectively outlaws the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, as proclaimed by Jesus Christ and the prophets of Israel. The submission by Dr Lugosi on behalf of Bill Whatcott responding to the Attorney General’s position in this case, sums-up what’s at stake : liberty to participate in democracy during an election, at all. I require the transcripts of the witnesses in order to make them available to the public : this matter is a perfect example of the maxim “Publicity is the soul of Justice” The written record of what was said is crucial for them to make up their own minds about the fitness for office of candidates of the New Democratic Party … for deciding who to vote for, or not vote for.

5. The Bible tells us that “by two or three witnesses a thing is confirmed”. I was not in the room when Complainant Oger gave his testimony. But two of my friends were. They each told me that he related an incident which – ostensibly – demonstrated why the Whatcott flyer was “hate speech” i. e. because a man was so moved by it that he attempted to assault NDP candidate Oger. Ronan / Morgane Oger is a classic example of the fragile homosexual. His type will do and say anything for attention. Had such a thing really happened then he – masterful at using social media – would have maximized it in cyberspace for purposes of his campaign. The lack of any report in the public record, of anything like unto what he pretended, speaks volumes.

6. The Commission is no doubt aware that I have a complaint underway to the Attorney General as to Devyn Cousineau’s fitness to sit on that Tribunal. Cousineau is a longtime partisan political activist on the issue which is the centrepiece of the Oger Whatcott matter. There is hard evidence of her contributing funds to a group which advocates for still more special treatment for the ?L?G?B?T?Q?/whatever? people. It doesn’t take a degree in law or political science, to realize that Devyn Cousineau was biased in the very first instance. It is outrageous that the thing went ahead with her on the panel
7. The notion that Oger ‘was about to be attacked and was only saved by intervention of a police officer’, is a classic example of emotional blackmail / playing on the sympathy of the public conscience – one of the favourite tactics of the Marxists. Had such an incident taken place, Devyn Cousineau would certainly have known about it : she would have used it as part of her Reasons. The fact that she didn’t, tells us that ‘it never happened’.

8. I am unlearned in the law. Nevertheless, I am one of Canada’s most experienced laymen in the laying of private Informations. I have good reason to believe and I verily do believe that, while testifying under Oath, Ronan Oger aka Morgane Oger committed Perjury. I require the transcripts as evidence for substantiating charges against him of Perjury and obstruct/ pervert Justice.

9. The Commission will be aware that at the Supreme Court of British Columbia Lawcourts at 800 Smithe Street Vancouver, anyone may arrange to listen to the recording of a proceeding, for free. As well, a party to it may obtain a copy of the entire proceeding of his or her case, on CD …. called ‘the DARS disc’. Someone asking for it, must apply to a Justice, and swear an Affidavit that such a disc will be used ONLY for purposes of refreshing their memory. But not for publication. Then, if the Order is granted, they pay a fee of $25

10 Please advise me if Bill Whatcott or his lawyer may obtain a copy of the DARS disc of the entire hearing before the Tribunal of file 16408 ?. I need that information in order for me to subpoena them to the Process Hearing when I lay the private information against Oger.

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

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