Spirited End the Lockdown Rally, Victoria January 9, 2021

TO > those who care about good government in British Columbia

When my old man was at the Dominion War College in 1942, he was taught   “sometimes getting shot at is the best intel. you can get”.   That was demonstrated on Saturday Jan 09 2021 as we protested outside the head office Ministry of Health in Victoria BC.

The corner of Blanshard and Pandora streets is a good spot for high-vis. advertising — hundreds of cars per hour going by.  Many of them stop at the traffic light. So, they do read our signs.  Response from motorists was 2 to 1 in sympathy with us.  But that spot has dis-advantages, too.   A couple of weeks ago,   I was hit on the chest by a plastic water bottle, hurled from a passing car.   Startled, came to mind Mick Jagger singing:      “I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse”.     Not even a flesh wound though … didn’t need to let it bleed 

A dangerous exception to the generally-polite response we get, was,  the guy who came up bellowing    “I told you last week to get the **** off this corner”. Sensing trouble I took a photo of him  — >  large, slovenly, drunk,  belligerent, could be 50 to 60 years old, one of the street people holed-up at the govt.-funded slum  a few blocks away.  Sure, you can make excuse for his kind … adrift in the big city, in deep personal pain.  But the moment you find yourself the target upon which they’re unloading their problems, is the moment when sympathy is ditched. 

When he noticed me taking his picture, he charged at me. I fled. He chased for about 20 yards before giving up.  Demons still yowling out of him … he headed across the street towards the group of protesters, raging that he was “going to punch them”. By then, someone had called 9-1-1.     About 20 minutes later, a cop did show up.   I told him what had gone on.  Of course, such altercation is pretty minor compared with the grief police deal with, daily.  The charming little old, very British town of good mannered White people which I knew half a century ago, has gone to the dogs. 

But the good news, is : standing 40 feet away from the group, conversing with VPD   constable #498,   was an opportunity for me to get info. re their attitude to what we are doing.  I asked him if he had his ticket book with him.  He said he did not.   I don’t believe that for a second.   I pointed out that the GATHERING of us regulars at this place …  which our critics call a “superspreader” ! …contravenes the Public Health Act Order.    He agreed, saying “you’re all ticketable right now”.  So, of course, I said:   “Well then, give me a ticket.”

  He declined, saying: ‘You’re carrying on a lawful protest’.   Yet, I did sense that if I’d pushed the envelope, I would’ve talked myself into one.   So I backed off.    I said “I don’t need one.  I had an incident on the ferries this week which is a good set of facts for challenging the govt. policy about masks”   Nodding towards the Law courts building, visible just down the way, I said “I’ll be in court with it.  I know police officers aren’t interested in hearing about the law”.   

To his credit,  he replied “I am interested in the law”….. so I reeled-off section 103 of the  Public Health Act.  Explaining right there is the defence to the strict liability offence created by Bonnie Henry’s Order re EVENTS AND GATHERINGS.  He did not say anything more, yet I got the impression that he was thinking for himself.

I’ve been at the big anti-lockdown  Events in BC, plus several small ones. There has been no major blowback. An occasional cat-call that we are “fools”, but that’s all. My sense, is,  the zombies going by with their fashion-statement muzzles on tight, are confounded by public presence of so many ordinary folks,  organized,  boldly contradicting official propaganda.   At this stage of this authentic populist movement,  provoking an individual to reconsider the Central Party Line is what we’re about.   Human beings go in-sane in herds.    They come to their senses one at a time.

In Kelowna and Nanaimo,  the RCMP have handed out notices alleging violations of the Public Health Act Order to people gathered to protest govt. policy.  Sgt. Roberts was the officer in charge on-site at the first big rally in Vancouver last September. When I asked him if they were going to hand out Violation Notices, he said :    “we decided not to issue tickets today because the Charter is above the Public Health Act”  direct quote

 To a certain extent, we have The Man with the Gun on our side.  The Victoria and Vancouver Police do not charge us because they have received legal counsel, advising them that our GATHERINGS  are Charter-protected political activity

The human mind has a miraculous innate logic programme.  The contrast between thousands of peaceful people, marching through the downtowns of major cities in BC, cops escorting our marches rather than bothering us,  versus nonsense purveyed on the lamestream media — images of thugs in uniform bullying individuals who are just going about daily life — works away at the consciences of ordinary citizens.    Something’s gotta give.

As for the argument out of section 103,  it’s important to realize that under the previous Health Act, there had to be evidence to support an Order. But the new statute changed it so that onus is now on the Accused, to prove his innocence.   One more detail telling that British Columbia now suffers under communist tyranny.   The way it’s going, I expect to be making this argument before a Judge.    I sincerely do believe  that the entire SARS-2-Covid19 extravaganza is medical malpractice ‘of the first water’   :  a  HOAX.   

At such a trial,  I will be submitting hundreds of articles grabbed from the Internet, written by world-class experts, undoing the very premise for the Order of that Head Witch, namely Bonnie Henry.   Any half-way intelligent person, with integrity to honestly examine such items, must conclude that there is mass psychosis upon the land. 
Wrong is put in place of right : Right is called Wrong.    And the man who calleth for Justice, maketh himself a prey

Section 103 of the Public Health Act  Revised Statutes of British Columbia


103   A person must not be convicted of an offence under this Act if the person proves that he or she

(a) exercised due diligence by taking all reasonable steps to avoid committing the offence,

(b) reasonably believed in the existence of facts that, if true, would establish that the person did not contravene this Act or a regulation made under it,

(c) relied on information or an instruction provided to the person by a health officer who was exercising a power or performing a duty under this Act, if the person had no reason to believe that the information may have been false or the instruction may have been unauthorized, or

(d) acted under the order of a health officer who was exercising a power or performing a duty under this Act, if the person had no reason to believe that the order may have been unauthorized under this Act or any other enactment. — Gordon Watson
Victoria EVENT 2021 Jan 09 004.jpg

Victoria EVENT 2021 Jan 09 011.jpg

Enthusiastic Anti-lockdown Event Victoria BC Saturday Dec 19 2020 — A Report by Gordon Watson

Enthusiastic Anti-lockdown Event Victoria BC Saturday Dec 19 2020

About 200 folks gathered under the porch at the head office of the Ministry of Health,  encouraging each other as we dissent from the Central Party Line.   Victoria is famous for being mellow and so we were.   In high spirits in the pouring rain, exercising our right to assemble peacefully … from little papooses wrapped closely on their moms, children playing ‘mongst concerned parents / grandparents, to elders in our 80s, we hugged each other spreading good will,  dispelling KronaMadness in the most practical way.      

Among the excellent speakers, doctor Stephen Malthouse was the hero of the hour.    In 8 minutes he put the boots to the official non-sense.   
On the very doorstep of her office, calling Bonnie Henry a liar … going so far as to declare  “there is no real pandemic, This thing was pre-planned.   governments around the world are lying in lockstep”.    I urge you-all to locate the Malthouse open letter sent to BC’s Chief Health Officer.    Call Dr. Henry and demand she address the serious queries in it.   Saint Bunnie’s phone number is 250  952 2611  

For 3 hours, everyone in attendance was violating the Public health Order as well as Farnsworth’s Ministerial Order M425.    Yet –  other than a few passersby – none of us were muzzled.   Of course the mainstream media was conspicuous by its absence.   The scene of our ‘crime’ is about half a mile from the Victoria Police building, but not one of them showed up.   Days earlier, Premier Horgan had come out in petulant mode, fuming that provincial officials have been delegated to issue tickets against us bad citizens … antimaskers! antivaxxers!!  Heretics !!!  All that did, is,  confirm scuttlebutt that the RCMP are declining to issue Violation Notices in light of legal counsel that Covid regulations in British Columbia won’t stand scrutiny by a Judge.     

Linda Morken made several excellent points, quoting Sally Fallon, founder of the Weston A Price foundation: ‘Don’t grumble about a problem ‘til you can offer a solution’.  Everyone wants immediate remedy for the outrageous intrusion of Big Sister govt.  into our lives. But we’re going to have to put up with what Charles Maclean said in his classic work “Popular delusions and the madness of crowds” :   People go crazy in herds, they come to their senses one at a time.  Each speaker told us that our task is to kindly educate those entranced in the propaganda, so they can “untie the knot of fear in their mind’.  Other than bearing witness in our daily lives – particularly, by going around breathing freely and cultivating strong personal immunity   – we were pointed to Action4Canada’s big project =   taking on the validity of the Orders in Court via a constitutional challenge in Court. 

As seemingly tiny as they are, each  grassroots gathering across the continent and around the world, are having effect.  We are what George Washington called his “winter soldiers”  the men who suffered through the first winter in appalling conditions … the backbone of the first American revolution.   Those who show up at rallies, witnessing against authoritarian-ism, are every bit as important to our nation now.

We got hundreds of favourable honks / thumbs-up from motorists going by on Blanshard St.   This present administration has badly miscalculated the depth of opposition to its Covidiocy.    The  (NDP) are fat and sassy now, coasting in the glow of re-election to majority government.   That happened mostly because Dr Bonnie Henry cast her spell, daily, bewitching the electorate.   But when people realize the enormity of the damage, this authentic populism will get organized,  then this gaggle of  antichrists  will go down as the most unpopular govt. in BC history. 

The contrived jolly public face the Premier put on while electioneering brings to mind what they say in Poland : “he laughs. He has not yet heard the bad news.”   Most recently,  though, it’s the smirk peculiar to conmen, aka “duper’s delight”.   My take on Mr Horgan, is: he’s a local boy made good but that’s as far as it goes.   Capable of getting elected on his own turf, played his hand well as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, but IN-competent at actually governing.   Stupified in the newsmedia glare,  he’s not the “brains’ of the NeeDiPpers.   No, he’s akin to the puppet clubs of “motorcycle enthusiasts” which the Hells Angels allow to operate on their territory … ie. Mr Horgan’s riding where the HA clubhouse is.   Big bluff Irishman Horgan is the mouthpiece of guys like Geoff Meggs, lifetime Trotskyite in a 3piece suit. 

Back in 1967, I made my way to Haight Street in San Francisco.  That summer, there was magic in the air… it really was peace love and good vibes, outwardly. I crashed overnight in one of the iconic Victorian skinny houses, then dropped in to the Digger house. What I encountered was the other, seamy side of the hippie culture. Local Negro petty thugs had mugged a couple of naive  white kids fresh in from rural America.    About 50 people were sitting around the front room, talking about what to do. Like something straight out of a movie, The Big Man who had been summoned from the local white gang, tossed a handful of bullets in to the middle of the circle,  saying “is it going to come to this?”  Simpleton that I was, I  gathered them up, handed them back to him. Then got-the-hell-out-of-there.   My infatuation with the hippie thing sobered-up right there and then.  Point being : we’re now at that same stage of the spiritual battle against KronaMadness.   The diplomatic Sitzkreig of the last 10 months ended with the image out of Calgary.  Two hysterical female cops embarrassing themselves in a textbook example of how  NOT  to carry out an arrest,  hints at what’s planned.      Faced with larger increasingly-confident displays repudiating the PANICdemic,  officialdumb  – comprised of individuals with the emotional plague** –  will turn the screws to enforce their delusion.  ** Wilhelm Reich defined such character as someone so emotionally-crippled they cannot abide anyone else enjoying life.   Mockery drives emotional plague types right around the bend.   Laughter is the anti-dote, so –  bring on the comic relief ! 

Thank you Brett Beckett for putting on quite the party, and!  to the guys who gave us live music. Let’s do it some more

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians


KELOWNA. December 12, 2020. “This is the biggest freedom rally the Okanagan has ever seen,” Dave Lindsay shouted as he greeted the over 2,000 people who had gathered here for the Mega END THE LOCKDOWN Rally at noon. They came from Lilooet and Kamloops, from Salmon Arm and the Lake Country, from Vernon and Armstrong, from Keremos, Penticton, Okanagan Falls and Oliver. One caravan even drove up from Vancouver. As the cavalcade from Salmon Arm and Vernon drove down the highway their honking horns and anti-Lockdown banners drew many thumbs up and supportive honks.
The rally opened with the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. Singer and songwriter Jacqueline-Rose warmed up the crowd as latecomers continued to stream in.
Then, Dave Lindsay of Penticton, Chairman of C.L.E.A.R. (Common Law Education and Rights Initiative), who has organized the weekly Kelowna Rally since April had the crowd cheering with an attack on Bonnie Henry, British Columbia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health: “Bonnie Henry is trying to steal Christmas from us. Have as many people in your house as you want to.” “And,” he added to laughter and more cheers, “Bonnie the commie will never get another Christmas present!”
Mr. Lindsay noted: “COVID has divided families and it’s divided mine.” He charged that the government’s position is a mass of lies and misinformation. “The PCR test they use ha 10 major flaws. It can have an up to 95% error rate. So, why are we using this test?The death rate in B.C. was going down before masks were made mandatory in indoor public spaces. Now, the death rate is going up!”
In a nurses’ case, several years ago, “Bonnie Henry gave testimony that masks  are not effective,” but now she’s imposing them on British Columbians. “Bonnie Henry, you’re not a hero,” Mr. Lindsay concluded and the crowd took up a chorus of “lock her up!”
Ted Kuntz, President of Vaccine Choice Canada, also spoke. He outlined the terrible damage done to his son by a vaccine and the years of suffering before the lad’s premature and untimely death.

Thanking the R.C.M.P. for helping the rally co-ordinate its march, Mr. Lindsay directed the crowd out from Stuart Park for a parade through the downtown part of Kelowna. Police blocked off one side of the road. The freedom fighters, including many couples with children and even some with babies in strollers stretched more than 10 city blocks. The joyous crowd, with not a mask in site, frequently broke into chants of “freedom” “no more lockdowns!” and, at several points, “Oh, Canada.” Many people along the route gave a thumbs up, many passing cars honked in approval. A few signalled disapproval, including one old lady, masked and alone in her car, who flashed the middle finger at the freedom parade.

After the parade many of the freedom fighters lined the sidewalk along Harvey Street where traffic inbound to Kelowna crosses over a bridge spanning  Lake Okanagan.
The afternoon, however, ended on a sour note when rally organizer Dave Lindsay was presented with a $2,500 fine by the R.C.M.P., a fine that the court-wise Mr. Lindsay intends to challenge vigorously.
Once again, CAFE, which has backed all END THE LOCKDOWN protests since they began in Vancouver in mid-March, attended with a number of supporters from up and down the Okanagan.

Mark Donnelly — The Latest Victim of the Medico-Stalinist Tyrants & Their Corporate Collaborators: ‘O Canada’ singer addresses firing by Vancouver Canucks at anti-mask rally

Mark Donnelly — The Latest Victim of the Medico-Stalinist Tyrants & Their Corporate Collaborators: ‘O Canada’ singer addresses firing by Vancouver Canucks at anti-mask rally http://cafe.nfshost.com/?p=5169

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Mark Donnelly sang anthem at Christmas Freedom Rally in Vancouver on Saturday

The Canadian Press · Posted: Dec 06, 2020 9:27 AM PT | Last Updated: December 6

Mark Donnelly at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday, where people gathered to protest COVID-19 restrictions. A day earlier, the Vancouver Canucks said over Twitter that Donnelly would no longer be singing the national anthem before the NHL club’s games. (CBC News)

The popular singer of ‘O Canada’ at Vancouver Canucks hockey games says he knew he might lose his job for standing up against what he describes as the “tyranny” of COVID-19 restrictions.

Mark Donnelly sang the national anthem at an event called the Christmas Freedom Rally in Vancouver on Saturday, where hundreds of people protested restrictions imposed by British Columbia’s provincial health officer.

Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini tweeted late Friday that Donnelly was now the former Canucks anthem singer, followed by the Twitter hashtag #wearamask.

Donnelly told the crowd, many of whom weren’t wearing masks or physically distancing, that he decided to sing because he questions the “draconian lockdown protocols.”

“What was originally sold as a 15-day hunkering-down sprint for the common good has turned into a 10-month marathon from hell, where the finish line is constantly being moved further into the distance,” he said.

Donnelly said he doesn’t think health officials have done a cost-benefit analysis looking at the harms of the restrictions compared with preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“As someone known for singing our great national anthem, I’m standing up against what I feel is tyranny, plain and simple,” he said to applause and cheers from the crowd.

Donnelly sings O Canada at a rally against provincially mandated COVID-19 restrictions on Saturday in Vancouver. (CBC News)

Donnelly described his firing as censorship by an institution that he’s followed for 50 years and been publicly associated with since 2001.

“Sports figures, entertainers, politicians, et cetera, can stand for anything as long as it supports the narrative. You can support rioting, looting, destruction of livelihoods and reputation, but take a position against the narrative and you are worthy of exile or worse.” 

Donnelly said he hasn’t had direct contact with Aquilini or the Canucks and that if he is no longer with the team, a phone call would have been a more respectful way to find out his reasons for taking part in the rally. 

He said he had hoped the ownership and management of the Canucks would have had the “courage to support the freedom to express [a] science-based position that is for the greater good of the country.”

‘Follow the provincial health orders’

On Saturday, Canucks COO Trent Carroll said in a statement that the organization hoped that people understood that Donnelly was not representing the team with his views.

“Mark Donnelly is acting independently,” the statement said.

“We encourage everyone to wear a mask and to follow the provincial health orders. They are in place to help everyone in B.C. to stop COVID-19 from spreading in our province.”

Hundreds of people gather outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday to attend an event called the Christmas Freedom Rally, to protest against pandemic restrictions, such as wearing face masks. (CBC News)

After listening to speeches on Saturday at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the protesters then took to the streets in a march.

Vancouver police spokesperson Tania Visintin said police need to exercise discretion with large groups of protesters violating public health orders, saying public safety is the priority.

She said mass arrests or ticketing could escalate an already tense situation. 

“This position does not automatically guarantee anyone special privileges at a protest. The bottom line is people who are contravening the public health order, they could be issued a ticket. Officers are using discretion with each situation that arises.”

B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said last month that she has “no time for people who believe that wearing a mask somehow makes them ill or is a sign of lack of freedom.”

Instead, she said, wearing a mask is about respect for those who are suffering through the pandemic together.

WATCH | Dr. Bonnie Henry critical of people who refuse to wear masks over ‘lack of freedom’:

Dr. Bonnie Henry denounces people who refuse to wear masks over ‘lack of freedom’

18 days agoVideo1:02B.C.’s provincial health officer says wearing masks is a sign of respect. 1:02

With files from Cory Correia

Bonnie Henry’s Church Hating Medico-Stalinist Regime — B.C. Church Fined $2,300 for Indoor Service: Costco In; Churches, Out!

  Every day, it seems like COVID-19 laws get more and more bizarre. From mask mandates to arbitrary business closures, it has become next to impossible to keep up with the rule changes and their logic. And now, they’re targeting churches!  Under B.C.’s new province-wide COVID-19 restrictions, churches and other places of worship have been forced to close in what our un-elected health officials claim is an attempt to curb the spread of the virus.  Yet restaurants, bars, and gyms remain relatively unaffected. How does any of this make sense? 

That’s what brought me to Riverside Calvary Chapel this past Sunday, where worshippers chose to attend an indoor church service in defiance of the new rules.   A bylaw officer had been there all day to monitor the morning service before police arrived to issue the church a $2,300 fine! Not only that, but they also threatened to give out more fines if the church remained open. 

Watch this video to see my interaction with the bylaw officer and police who came to issue the COVID fine. 

Let’s get this straight: people can go to Costco with no issues, but they can’t attend a church service to worship God?  What’s worse, the police weren’t even sure what order they were there to enforce! So, where did they get the authority to issue this fine? 

Can Canada still be referred to as “the true north strong and free” if we continue to head down this path?  Freedom of movement, freedom of association, and freedom of religion have all fallen to the wayside because of these emergency measures, which are in direct contravention of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  

We don’t think Riverside Calvary Chapel should have to pay this fine. Do you?  If we learned anything from our “Fight the Fines” civil liberties project, it’s that these fines won’t easily stand up in court. And if you help us, we’ll make sure they never will.  Yours truly,  Drea Humphrey 

Update on Meeting & Rallies in the Okanagan: END THE LOCKDOWNS

Notice of Postponement

Hi everyone.

Unfortunately, due to the recent orders by the B.C. Gov’t, including Bonnie Henry and Mike Farnworth, our
planned November 29, 2020 CLEAR opening has been postponed until January.  This was brought to our

attention on Tuesday.

We are looking at all possible options right now and hope to be able to re-schedule this important event and

presentation as soon as possible.
If you have informed anyone of our event, please let them know of this postponement. 

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Fortunately, the organization in charge of the building we were going to use, is taking serious pro-active actions against the gov’t in relation to what has happened.  However, a decision was made by the organization to postpone our opening to accommodate the actions that they are planning.

I understand and respect their position, and courage to challenge the Government on these issues, and we need to remember the blame lies fully and completely with Bonnie Henry and the B.C. Government, none of us personally.
It our hope to be able to offer this presentation and event shortly. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at:   clear2012@pm.me.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding.  If anything, this should strengthen our resolve to refuse to comply. 

Our rallies throughout the Okanagan will continue every Saturday in Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton as part of our ongoing opposition to theGovernment actions as well.  More details in our next email update on Thursday.

In freedom

David Lindsay


Freedom Fighters Defy Bonnie Henry’s Latest Stalinist Lockdown & Rally to End the Lockdown

Freedom Fighters Defy Bonnie Henry’s Latest Stalinist Lockdown & Rally to End the Lockdown

VANCOUVER. Sunday, November 8, 2020. On Saturday, British Columbia Chief Medical Officer of Health announced more Stalinist restrictions for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. According to Global News (November 7, 2020) these new massive assaults on Charter rights of freedom of association included: “Under the new order, residents are banned from visiting each others’ private homes for two weeks.”

The order applies to social gatherings of “any size” with people other than one’s immediate household, regardless of whether it is fewer than 50 people or physical distancing is observed.

Today, Vancouver area freedom fighters defied the tyranny and held their weekly Sunday END THE LOCKDOWN Rally in Robson Square outise the Vancouver Art Gallery.

A participant reported: ” It was a great day for about 300 of us.  A movie company had their trailers and other equipment on most of the plaza and had it fenced off, but we all managed to squeeze into the Howe St. side .  The Vancouver police were very supportive of us at the rally and on the march.  We had high energy speeches and a wonderful march. ”

End The Lockdown Mass Rally in Vancouver, September 12 — A Report & Weekly Protest in Kelowna, September 19

Below material is also attached as a PDF.  We urge everyone to distribute the attached information brochures on COVID and masks issues, personally and on line. Our flyer is also attached which we urge everyone to place on all Facebook and other social media sites as well.


The constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which they are entitled.”

Nova Scotia (A.G.) v. Canada (A.G.)
[1951] S.C.R. 31

What is the first thing you notice about this principle from the Supreme Court of Canada?       See answer at the end.


See everyone on Saturday, September 19, 2020  12:00 noon at

Stuart Park in Kelowna!

We need as many people as possible

for these rallies!

If you have been unable to make it out to previous rallies, NOW is the time to come out!!!!

 The Real New Normal from now on, is:

Live normally and just say NO!


Join us on September 19, 2020, 12:00 – 2:30 at Stuart

Park in Kelowna, B.C., and every Saturday until this lockdown and all social re-engineering comes to an end, to voice your concerns and our demands upon Premier Horgan, the Public Health Officer Bonnie Henry, and Communist P.M. Trudeau.

Bring at least two friends!

Send this email to all your lists  – and distribute the Fact Sheet and Masks Brochure far and wide.

Constitutional rights and freedoms exist and protect us exactly for these types of situations we are in today.

They are not rescindable at will by corrupt or dishonest opportunist Gov’ts.  Our rights and liberties are Non-Negotiable. We will never accept these rights and freedoms deprivations – now or in the future.

If you don’t realize the gov’t is using a virus with a 99% + survival rate to control the country, you’re not paying attention.

Something much bigger is happening.

And thanks so much to all our volunteers at our weekly rallies – who help with signs, organization, water, and a host of other work that is simply invaluable to our efforts!!! 

Vancouver Victory!

Thanks so much to Ryan and all his supporting volunteers for all the incredible work they have put into organizing this event. 

Over 1 200 freedomites converged in downtown Vancouver for an awesome precedent setting march and rally this past Sunday. This was by far the most effective rally against the COVID Gov’t sponsored lies to date.

Congratulations to all our group members who sacrificed their time, energy and money to attend and promote this event.  And a special thank you for all our group members who helped promote this even, especially Toby whose ongoing support and promotion over several weeks resulted in many people attending who likely would not otherwise have gone. As well as Fran, Henry and others who attended the Kelowna mall to promote this event.

Thank than you to Jane for her efforts to secure a bus and drive almost 20 people to this event.

There are far too many names to mention, but everyone attending had a positive impact on this rally.

The entire event was initiated by the incredible Christy Derksen singing our national anthem, with the original lyrics and over 1000 people singing along – good for her!

Well known internet reporter Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson opened up the proceedings thereafter with excellent advice to all – “Fear is the virus” – and introduced Ryan Kulbaba, who immediately got the crowd chanting and screaming for freedom. Excitement was high at this rally, exceeding all expectations right from the beginning.

Ted Kuntz opened up the event with a presentation that left the crowd in an ongoing state of cheers for all his efforts against mandatory vaccination.

In a surprise announcement, Tanya Gaw of Action4Canada announced that a challenge is now being launched here in B.C. against Bill C-19, which was rushed through the legislature permitting the Gov’t to bypass certain legislation in relation to the COVID scam, and with full civil immunity for so doing, notwithstanding how much harm or death they cause in the process.  Over $15 000.00 has already been raised in one day!!!!! 


This was followed by Donna Roth, myself and Ross Anderson, all of our local group. I was so happy to have the entire crowd so energetically screaming to “Lock them up!” as I pointed out the fact that Dix, Henry and Farnworth have all lied to us and are criminals who should be jailed and locked up for what they have done. I found this extremely inspiring to know that so many others know in their hearts I am correct when I say these people are true criminals. This cannot be sugar coated in any way.

How often do we get 1 200 people screaming in public to have politicians locked up and thrown in jail!!!! 

Here are some of the many, many sites available out there to see glimpses of this event, and actual videos of our speakers.

NOTE:    CBC and other media portray our event as having only a few hundred people.  Yet compare this picture above, with similar pictures from a BLM rally below, where CTV headlines claims that “Thousands join anti-racism protest at Vancouver Art Gallery” earlier this year on May 31, 2020. Why with pictures showing virtually the same number of people do they have 1000’s and we only have a few hundred? We know…    https://bc.ctvnews.ca/thousands-join-anti-racism-protest-at-vancouver-art-gallery-1.4962940


Hundreds of people also turned up in Calgary for their Walk for Freedom this past weekend.  Check out this link, for actual drone video coverage of their event – amazing footage.  Congrats go out to Brad and his awesome group of volunteers for all their incredible efforts for these ongoing rallies in Calgary as well.

Here is more info on their upcoming event on Sunday Sept. 27 at 1:00 p.m.  I urge everyone, if you know anyone in Alberta, to pass this along to them and encourage them to all attend and support Brad and their freedom walk.  Support for these events is critical and does not end at the B.C. borders.


I strongly urge everyone to read the small book, The Politics of Obedience by Etienne de la Boetie, written hundreds of years ago.  Boetie so correctly confirmed that all positive change takes place by just saying no and refusing to comply. Change does not take place by complaining and doing nothing.

Civil disobedience to unconstitutional laws and orders, or the unconstitutional re-engineering of our society, is a Constitutional right and freedom.  Indeed, it is such a duty.


Interesting thought:

COVID-19 quarantine restrictions are for 14 days.  They check on you regularly and you can’t leave the home.

House arrest has long been recognized as a form of incarceration.  People who are put on house arrest, must first have a period of jail time imposed upon them – then the Court will decide where the jail is to be served – gov’t facilities or at home.

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled that no prisoner can remain in solitary confinement for more than 15 days.

The home is the equivalent of a jail cell – bathroom, sink, commode, TV, etc.

Hmmm, 14 days max for quarantine, and 15 days for solitary confinement.

That is a little too close of a coincidence for my liking.


The Constitution being referred to by the SCC does not include the Constitution Act nor the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as they were not passed until 1982! 

So, what were our primary Constitutional documents in 1950-51?  Inter alia:

BNA Act 1867

Statute of Westminster 1931

Act of Settlement 1701

English Bill of Rights 1689

Coronation Oath Act 1688

Habeas Corpus Act 1640, 1679

Magna Charta 1215 forward


The common law!

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Best Regards

David Lindsay

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