C.L.E.A.R.’s END THE LOCKDOWN Activities in the Okanagan

C.L.E.A.R.’s END THE LOCKDOWN Activities in the Okanagan

—————————-Confidence is rooted in understanding–Fear is based on the unknown

Rallies, events and info

:November 29, 2020CLEAR Okanagan Grand Opening

November 21, 2020 Kelownaand VernonRallies!

November 22, 2020 1stPenticton Rally!

November 21, 2020Calgary Walk for Freedom

December 5, 2020Christmas Freedom Rally

Billboard fundraising

Telegram group set up for everyone

Updates from 1stVernon Rally and Kelowna Rally

Kelowna–Nov.29, 2020CLEAR is having our grand opening in the Okanagan, on Sunday,November 29, 2020 1:00-5:00 p.m.Location will be announced Nov. 23, 2020, in the heart of Kelowna. Our much anticipated,opening indoor meeting is set for November 29, 2020, where Memberships will also now be available.

We are urging everyone in the Okanagan and Interior regions, and anyone else able to travel here,to come to our afternoon opening. It is our opening day for freedom,oriented activists to join our group, learn about common law,and meet others throughout the region. You’ve heard about us now all year.We want to meet personally with everyone and provide you with some grounded information that we believe and have supported now for almost 18 years.

One of our group objectives beginning early in the new year,is to provide information and tools to assist people to know our Constitutional law and structure, and to empower them to learn our law and procedures to hold gov’t officials accountable for their actions, and to learn how to think of possible options, individually and with others in our organizations.We want to listen to your thoughts and feedback as well.Every group has a specific area of expertise they can provide to its members.Ours extends from interconnections with freedom oriented activists all over B.C.and Canada,to our public activities, and providing some of the most comprehensive and accurate knowledge on our foundational Constitutional and common law principles anywhere in Canada.

When the mask and social distancing issues are over, and they will be,we will still be here with information and knowledge to support everyone with respect to other fundamental rights and liberties deprivations by our gov’ts. We continue to will empower you long after this COVID corruption is over. When the lawyers petitioned the King for a monopoly over helping people in the courts in the 1600s, people had to take personal responsibility for their legal affairs or pay significant sums to monopolistic lawyers,with internal procedures, legal and Constitutional principles previously only knownto them. Let’s work to change that situation.Further objectives include gaining public recognition and respect through our rallies and factually/medically/Constitutionally supported positions that we take. To permit us to prepare, it is important for everyone wishing to come to this exciting event, to pre-register with CLEAR. You can do so by simply emailing us at:C2L0E2A0R@protonmail.com

This will be our inaugural CLEAR membership campaign,featuring information, books and a presentation from our CLEAR President, David Lindsay. With opportunities for participants to: meet David personally meet others from throughout the Interior learn of upcoming seminars and events participate in workshops & other activities get help with Telegram and much more!Cost:$25

See Darlene at our Rallies, or mail to:

P.O. Box 21113 Cherry Lane Mall,

Penticton, B.C. V2A 8K8. We can only take cash at this time, however,other payment methods are being worked on.————


Kelowna, B.C.See everyone on Saturday, November 21, 2020, 12:00noon atStuart Park in Kelowna.

Vernon, B.C.See everyone on Saturday, November 21, 202012:00 noon at Polson Park

See everyone on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 9:00 a.m., at Stuart Park – for our first Media Rally! Protest Media Censorship

See everyone on Wednesday, August 5, 2020  9:00 a.m., at Stuart Park – for our first Media Rally!

We need as many people as possible

for this all too important media rally!

If you have been unable to make it out to previous rallies, NOW is the time to come out!!!!  Everyone has complained about MSM, now is YOUR chance to do something!

Bring at least two friends and forward to all your email lists!!! Our attached Media Rally Poster can go up on all FB sites too.

Hi everyone. 

Previously, I raised the issue to our group of taking a ½ day during the week to rally at several downtown local media establishments, including the Courier, Global News, Castanet, CBC and CTV, in response to their lack of fair media attention to both sides, with respect to the unfair and almost complete denial of coverage of our opposition to the lockdown, the restrictions of our liberties, and social re-engineering of our society, based on falsified statistics and misrepresentation of the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus.  This is exactly what Vaccine Choice Canada and others are doing in the Claim filed in Toronto recently.

Response from the group was overwhelmingly positive to say the least. Now we need to show up!

There are many negative actions taken by MSM on issues of freedom – ignoring us as much as possible, misrepresenting our position, using footage of extremist elements and falsely targeting everyone, or using psychological warfare by using leading comments and questions to get answers they want from “experts” they have cherry picked to get these answers.  All methods have been utilized against us at some point during this COVID-19 Scamdemic.

As also noted previously, I have described more negative and inflammatory actions by the B.C. media against us, including Castanet reporter (if I dare call her that) Sarita Patel out of Kelowna, after she did a short interview with a woman named Grace Anderson, a downtown retail worker who claims to be an essential services employee, and found a brochure one of our committed freedom activists left at her business.


Ms. Anderson bemoaned our brochure, claiming that it was false, without of course specifying any errors, and which Ms. Patel reported in her story. No attempt was made to email us or solicit our viewpoint on the matter.  Ms. Patel told me that they would hear my side of the story prior to our Saturday rally by a different reporter as she was not working, but her supervisor Colin reneged on that guarantee and refused to interview me on the basis that he disagreed with our position.

This of course without either of them actually reading our brochure or doing any investigative reporting, because Ms. Anderson destroyed our brochure after taking pictures of it. Of course, Ms. Patel made no attempt to read it on Ms. Anderson’s phone.

Previously, “Erin” at Castanet gave me her word that we could pay for an ad on Castanet, and the only obligation was to provide the wording to her, which she would then review for publication, for purposes of space only.  Subsequently, she and her supervisor Colin, backed out of this agreement because they didn’t approve of our beliefs in relation to the Scamdemic known as COVID-19.

In the past, Global TV informed me that they were not doing interviews, and subsequently did an interview minutes later with a group member, despite my assurances that I had the statistics to support our position to give to him. Of course, none of our supporting evidence was televised to expose the gov’t lies on this same media network.

Other media such as the Kelowna Daily Courier, CTV, and CBC have completely ignored us and our rallies, and refuse to advance our position (as supported by tens of thousands of others in B.C.), on their newscasts.  (And we are not the only ones – despite over 1000 people, Toronto and national MSM provided no coverage of their rallies either).

A recent TV news interview a couple of weeks back, illustrates the psychological component of their FAKE NEWS with the following opening CBC News anchor’s comments:

Why are some people reluctant to wear a mask when health experts clearly say it is the right thing to do.”

Putting aside the facts that “health experts” are undefined and are usually gov’t paid medical staff, and the conflicting fact that only months ago they said wearing masks was not required (clearly medical expert gov’t doctors are confused on the matter – the issue is not settled), this type of wording from the start, labels us as anti-social, anti-gov’t, anti-mask, anti-everything, and portrays US as the bad guys, and of course, no one interviewed US to get our side of the story.  But they did interview a psychologist, Saunia Ahmad – as if she has any knowledge on the physics and medical efficacy of masks of any kind.  But no matter, she is an “expert” from the CBC.

Individually and collectively, this has had the detrimental effect of keeping the masses ignorant of the true underlying facts, statistics and gov’t agendas in relation to the ongoing restrictions of our rights, liberties, privileges and powers.

Now is the time we need to make the MSM know that we will not continue to accept their propaganda journalism, over investigative journalism that should be done.

Hearing only one side of a story and reporting it – is pure propaganda, not investigative reporting.

Starting at Stuart Park at 9:00, on Wednesday August 5, 2020 we will walk to the Kelowna Daily Courier, then to CTV, Castanet, Global News and then CBC, and back to Stuart Park.  Times for each media outlet will vary depending on weather, and responses from each media outlet. But we will start at 9:00 a.m.

1.  Kelowna Courier              550 Doyle St.

2.  CTV Kelowna                  1443 St. Paul

3.  Castanet                          455 Lawrence St.

4.  Global News                    342 Leon St.

5.  CBC News                       243 Lawrence St.

We have set aside Wednesday, August 5, 2020 to meet at Stuart Park.  We will then walk to each of these new media outlets for about 30-45 minutes each.  We will have several brochures and our Fact Sheet to hand out and hopefully get an interview with at least one of these MSM gov’t propaganda outlets.  We will also have all our signs available to get their attention.

Let’s swarm each of their offices with our presence and demand that they hear our side of the story and to put the really damning questions to Government officials!!

Also attached are a couple of cases where nurses have won the right NOT to wear masks, even as recently in BC as Dec. 2019.  I only have the BC news article not the actual agreement yet.  But I am working on getting it. I do have the Ontario arbitration board hearing attached however.

You will find the Ontario tribunal’s findings that masks don’t work at all, very informative.  Starting on p. 44.

In freedom