One More Victim of Politically Correct Censorship: Heather Leung, Critical of the LGBTQ Agenda, Dropped by Tories After NDP Protest

One More Victim of Politically Correct Censorship: Heather Leung, Critical of the LGBTQ Agenda, Dropped by Tories After NDP Protest

[Candidates for mainstream Canadian political parities must be cyphers, never having said anything critical of privileged groups like Moslems or the LGBTQ censorship crowd. A cowardly Andrew Scheer hopped to it and, when openly homosexual and convicted shoplifter NDPer Svend Robinson commanded, he meekly obeyed and dropped candidate Heather Leung who has some private views on homosexuality. She believes in conversion therapy, feels homosexuality is perverted [there’s backup for that in the Bible] and believes some homosexuals recruit children. Wouldn’t it be better to have candidates that actually believe in something rather than programmable parrots ready to squawk out whatever the party leader decides is the party line?]

Conservatives drop Burnaby North-Seymour candidate Heather Leung after homophobic comments

The party says it made the decision after learning about historical comments by Leung.

Heather Leung, former Conservative candidate for Burnaby North—Seymour in the 2019 federal election. Handout / PNG

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The Conservative Party of Canada has dropped Heather Leung as their candidate in the Burnaby North—Seymour riding, after video interviews surfaced in which she made homophobic comments.

In a video that appears to be from 2016, Leung said conversion therapy provides hope to those living “the perverted homosexual lifestyle.”

In a 2011 “Heather Leung is no longer representing the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of Burnaby North—Seymour,” the party said in a news release“Recent media reports have brought to light offensive comments made by Ms. Leung saying ‘homosexuals recruit’ children, and describing the sexual orientation of the LGBTQ community as ‘perverted.’”

Leung has not responded to a request for comment.

Conservative spokesperson Rudy Hesny said the decision came after the party had time to review Leung’s comments.

“We said in our statement, they were obviously very offensive, and we couldn’t tolerate those kinds of comments,” he said. “It was just a question of reviewing all of it and, as media were also reporting different comments and things like this, we were able to get all the facts.
Burnaby, BC: OCTOBER 04, 2019 — NDP candidate Svend Robinson addresses the media Friday, October 4, 2019 at his constituency office in Burnaby, BC about homophobic remarks Conservative Party candidate Heather Leung has made in the past. Jason Payne / PNG

Hesny said the Conservatives intend to send a letter to Elections Canada informing the agency that Leung no longer represents the party, but that it may be too late to have her party affiliation removed from the ballots, which may have already been printed.

“Her name is going to still be on the ballot but the question is if they can remove her being a representative of our party,” he said. “I think this is something we have to discuss with Elections Canada.

Earlier on Friday, Robinson, the NDP candidate in the riding, challenged Scheer to denounce Leung, strip her of the candidacy and take away her party membership after the video interviews resurfaced earlier this week.

Robinson became Canada’s first openly gay MP in 1988, which resulted in death threats and the trashing of his constituency office. Through the 1980s and 1990s, he introduced at least five different private member’s bills aimed at amending Canadian laws to include same-sex marriage.

He said statements like Leung’s are hateful and hurtful, especially to vulnerable youth who are struggling with their identity.

Scheer’s decision Friday echoes that of his predecessor, Stephen Harper, who set the precedent during the 2015 election when he stripped membership from an Ontario candidate who called homosexuality “unnatural,” but it also serves to push back against critics who have called the Conservative leader anti-gay.

Scheer has refused during the campaign to say whether his views have changed since 2005 when he opposed same-sex marriage.

He has promised, however, to protect LGBTQ rights.

“There is no tolerance in the Conservative Party for those types of offensive comments,” the Conservatives said.

Hesny said that the party’s decision Friday reflected Scheer’s vision for Canada, laid out in a keynote speech delivered last May.

“I find the notion that one’s race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation would make anyone in any way superior or inferior to anybody else absolutely repugnant,” Scheer said then. “And if there’s anyone who disagrees with that, there’s the door. You are not welcome here.”

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson to Lay Charges Against Oak Bay Rabble Who Attacked Jenn Smith Meeting

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson to Lay Charges Against Oak Bay Rabble Who Attacked Jenn Smith Meeting

Private Information background Oak Bay Uproar


Following is a background submission to go along with the criminal charges I’ll be laying tomorrow against the leaders of the UpRoar in Oak Bay on May 2nd

this email app. has disturbed the formatting. but = other than that = if you see anything in it that needs to be corrected,  typographical errors or major mistakes, please let me know.

Gordon S Watson


01     Item 1 of the Materials to be Relied Upon is the letter which I sent to Del Manak Chief of Police for Victoria, after an incident at the Legislature on September 29th 2018.

02     Item 2  is a copy of the private Information I layed against Marianne ALTO arising out of the incident at the Legislature.

03     Item 3  is a copy of the notice from Crown Counsel staying my private Information  BEFORE  the process hearing

04    Item 4 is a copy of my letter to the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court along with a copy of her reply.


05         Items 1 through 4 are supplied in order to give background as to what was going on in the political controversy to do with the so-called  “trans-gender” issue before the incident in Oak Bay out of which these charges arise.    As of the date of the Uproar in Oak Bay, I still had time to Petition a Justice in the Supreme Court for Judicial Review of the ‘stay’ of my charge against Miss ALTO on the ground that what Crown Counsel Joel Gold did was flagrantly improper.   In light of what happened on May second, I decided to ditch Judicial Review of the way the charge had been stifled and concentrate having leaders of the riot at Windsor Pavillion held liable.
Suffice to say : from my experience on the frontlines of the anti-abortion fray, nigh-on a quarter of a century ago, in which Marianne ALTO was one of the feminsts then arrayed against me,   I knew that the nonsense visited on us on September 29th 2018 at the Legislature, led by her and the likes of Hope WARREN was only a warm-up.    Item  5   is a photograph from the local newspaper illustrating how thoroughly-involved Marianne ALTO is in the transgender political movement.   The fact that my charge against her was stayed   BEFORE  it even came before a Justice in the Process Hearing    proves that the Criminal Justice Branch is prejudiced on this topic.    Had Marianne ALTO been prosecuted,    the outrage at the Windsor Pavillion would not have happened.

06       Chris McCay had obtained a permit from the District of Oak Bay for use of the Windsor Pavillion so a guy who calls himself “Jenn Ricky Smith” could present his political opinion pertaining to the SOGI123 program.  The essence of Smith’s presentation is set out in his essay entitled  Synanon, the Brainwashing “Game” and Modern Transgender Activism: The Orwellian Implications of Transgender Politics.  He explains why the Apotemnophiliac cult is so dangerous.   The meeting was advertised via the internet as being open to the public with no entry fee.    I went to it, partly, to ask Smith questions about who financed SOGI123.      As well, I wanted to hear his response to questions put to him by others.

07         At the FaceBook page of Freedom Free for All are video recordings made at the Windsor Pavillion at Willow Park in Oak Bay British Columbia on May second 2019.   They show the Accused in full throat leading the mob disrupting the meeting.  Those videos evidence the crime of mischief incited by the Accused.  Particularly, that PAINTER, WARREN and HENRY intended to, and did, interfere with the rights of Persons who had come to the meeting to hear Mr Smith and to dialogue with him on the topic of SOGI123 being imposed on school children.

08         Item  6  is material printed out from the internet of commentaries by Jenn Ricky Smith as to what went on at the Windsor Pavillion at Willow Park on the evening of May 2nd 2019

09     Item  7   is the opinion of Dr Charles Lugosi who was on the scene.      It is important the Court appreciate the calibre of who says this –  one of the world’s experts in Common Law, having been a professor of law at Universities in Canada and the united States of America.    He was counsel in cases in the Supreme Court of Canada and also the Supreme Court of the united States of America.

10     Item   8   is my letter to the District of Oak Bay,   summarizing what I saw go down at the Windsor Pavillion on May second 2019


11     Item  9  is what the UVic  Martlet  newspaper printed about the Uproar

12      Item 10  is the Media Release by the Oak Bay Police along with Jenn Smith’s rebuttal

13         At the Process Hearing I shall apply for a subpoena de tecum upon Christian Michael McCay.      In order for me to make my full submission,   I need him to take the witness stand and give evidence as to what he saw and heard in the incident.   More particularly : Mr McCay will identify the Accused from images on the videorecordings.  And also, give evidence as to the oral agreement he had with the Oak Bay Police that they would be present at that place and time to provide security for the event.  Especially, what he knows about the 911 ECOM centre hanging up on callers from the Windsor Pavillion who were demanding police attend the riot.      Further ; what he was told after the incident why the police did not do their duty to keep the Peace.  All, going to my contention that there was a criminal conspiracy to which Mayor Kevin Murdoch and Chief Brinton and the Accused Ryan PAINTER, Rose HENRY and Hope WARREN were parties,   to let the mob make so much of a disturbance that the authorities would have an excuse to shut down Mr Smith’s presentation.

14         At the Process Hearing I shall apply for a subpoena de tecum upon Davinder Daleep who is a constable with the Oak Bay police.  The videorecordings which form part of the evidence for my charges show him in the room in plain clothes during the riot.      He will say the Oak Bay police had foreknowledge there would be trouble that evening and they were aware Ryan PAINTER  had organized the mob to show up and interfere with the normal use of that place.

15         At the Process Hearing I shall apply for a subpoena de tecum upon Constable Montaro who was on the scene during the riot.   The videorecordings which form part of the evidence for my charges show him in the room in plain clothes.    He will say the Oak Bay police had foreknowledge there would be trouble that evening and they were aware Ryan PAINTER  was one of the people organizing the mob via the internet.  He will corroborate the sentence in the Media Release put out by the Oak Bay police, to wit : Smith’s words did not reach the audience do  [ sic ] to loud chants,  yelling and noisemakers of the protesters that surrounded him and his audience

16         At the Process Hearing I shall apply for a subpoena de tecum upon Josh Steffler.  Videorecordings of the riot show him in the crowd at the scene of the crimes.    He was there representing his business namely Freedom Free for All, which publishes news and commentary about politics in Victoria on the internet.   I require him to take the witness stand to substantiate provenance of the videorecordings, as well as to identify the Accused Ryan PAINTER, Rose HENRY, Hope WARREN and a certain member of the Victoria City Council who was in the crowd.  Mr Steffler will submit a videorecording that has the voice of an Oak Bay police officer answering the lack of police presence : “that was a decision not made by us. That was a decision made by management and by …umm… the Chief and also city hall.”  – in context meaning Mayor Kevin Murdoch,  Chief of Police Brinton and others yet to be ascertained – deliberately let Ryan PAINTER and his group of protesters cause so much trouble that there would then be an excuse to shut down Jenn Ricky Smith’s presentation

17         A few years ago Madame Justice Risa Levine said on the Bench that I am “a longtime political activist”.   From that 25 years’ experience I know that the Uproar at the Windsor Pavillion was staged for a political purpose, ie.  – to counteract efforts by citizens who adamantly oppose the SOGI123 program being imposed on children in the public schools.
The incident out of which my charges arise originate with the Human Right Commission complaint by Ronan / Morgane Oger © against Bill Whatcott, as Mister OGER acknowledged in the videorecording found on one of the FaceBook pages administered by Ryan PAINTER. At the Process Hearing I shall play that videorecording.     It is most important that the Court grasp the fact that Ryan PAINTER solicited and did gather-in funds to pay for Ronan / Morgane © OGER to attend the incident.
In fact, Devyn Cousineau had been a long-time political activist with the “Transgender community”.  David Eby appointed her to preside over the Human Rights Tribunal OGER versus Whatcott,   the central issue of which, was = allegation Whatcott had illegally insulted NDP election candidate OGER by warning voters he was a liar.   AG Eby interposing Devyn Cousineau into that Tribunal demonstrates how shameless the New Democratic Party government is, intruding itself into the Justice system.    Beyond doubt,  appointment of Cousineau  – AFTER the matter was underway ! – was not done in good faith,  but only to ensure that her ruling would criminalize people who criticize implications to the public of the Apotemnophiliac cult.
I believe that Attorney General Eby’s refusal to comply with my current demand pursuant to the  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act  for records to do with Cousineau’s appointment,  then the staying of my Information against Marianne ALTO, are parts of a co-ordinated covert NDP agenda for staving-off scrutiny of its obstruction of Justice within the “transgender” controversy.  And that the commotion at the Windsor Pavillion was intended to demonize critics.  The NDP is terrified that those of us who are critical of the SOGI123 program will get the facts about the cult being funded by provincial monies ; ESPECIALLY that those funds flow to friends of the NDP
I believe that AG Eby and persons yet to be identified in his administration are framing-up for prosecution men whom they perceive as political enemies of the NDP.   Which is what happened to me in the early 1990s, when Deputy Premier Elizabeth Cull proclaimed me her “enemy”. Then … arising from my anti-abortion activity … I had exposed the NDP’s private bank [ the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding society ]  using the NDP-controlled ‘non-profit societies’ operating the abortion clinics,  laundering public fund$ back to the New Democratic Party.  Notes taken by his executive assistant at the meeting in June 1993 at 815 Hornby St. Vancouver with the abortion industry lobbyists,  show Attorney General Gabelmann did direct the head of the Criminal Justice Branch – namely Ernest Quantz – to go after me and prosecute me selectively because of my political activity.     In Court, I proved that Mr Quantz set out to contrive an incident on the public sidewalk outside an abortuary so that I would be put to trial on criminal charges.   At the conclusion of one of those trials, Provincial Court Judge Keith Libby opined “there is probably more truth than not to Watson’s assertion that they are spinning a web to catch him”   direct quote.
Those who would wish-away what I say about NDP corruption back then, better read the report of the Commission in to the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society.  When NDP partisans proffer the notion that “the Peck Report exonerated AG Gabelmann’, bear in mind that Richard Peck Q. C. was in a partnership with lawyer Michael Tammen.  A year later I found out that … by the most amazing co-incidence! … Mr Tammen was Colin Gabelmann’s personal lawyer at that very time / summer of 1994.    In those days,  a partnership at law was seen as one Person.     Thus, Mr Gabelmann had the luxury of having my allegation against him for Perjury investigated by his own lawyer.


18         Back then,  contracts the Everywoman’s and Elizabeth Bagshaw societies had with the Province of BC in the early 1990s stipulated that a certain percentage of the gross income to each of the abortion clinics was to be payed to another pretended federal “charity”.  From whence it was then covertly payed to the global account of the NCHS in Nanaimo. NDP cabinet minister Dave Stupich boasted that he ‘had created an omlette that no-one could un-scramble’.  But at trial, Special Prosecutor Don Sorochan did just that : Stupich went to prison.

The similarity of the NDP govt. fomenting prosecution of Pro-Lifers in the 1990s set alongside what’s going on now in the “trans-gender” controversy, is obvious  ie.  Critics of the NDP found out that funds are being disbursed from public accounts to “non profit societies”  to finance ‘experimental medicine’   read :  quackery  upon 500 [ five hundred ] children in care of the Province at Children’s Hospital.    Notably;    the Morgane Oger Foundation headed by NDP vice president Ronan / Morgane Oger © his-self.

19     Guided by life-long communist Geoff Meggs = now Premier Horgan’s right-hand man =  the NDP is again using the communist tactic of causing trouble at street level as an excuse for demonizing its critics.  The Uproar at Willow Park was such a piece of political theatre.     Professional agitators, personified by Hope Warren’s clenched fist as seen in the videos, the very hallmark of communism…  stoked the emotions of the crowd so that opposition to the “trans-gender” cult can be framed into a Human Rights complaint Soviet-style show-trial,  wherein the Defendant will be portrayed as a “hater”.   Listen closely to the soundtrack of the videorecordings and you can hear the leaders of the mob yelling the classic communist smears “Nazi !!!” and “white supremecist” !!! 

20                 I am a private citizen, not a lawyer :    I bring these Informations because I have good reason to believe that controversy arising from resentment against the BC Human Rights Code being amended without consultation with those directly affected,    is being exploited by the NDP administration to obstruct / pervert Justice.    As the Code now is, someone gets prosecuted for publishing his opinion about harms done to individual children and also to the Public Health system by the “trans-gender” cult.  When NDP vice-president Ronan OGRE dragged Bill Whatcott in to that Human Rights Tribunal there was calculated interference from Attorney General Eby into the process.   When I demanded of the Ministry of AG copies of certain documents which expose Mr Eby for having appointed Devyn Cousineau to the Tribunal, improperly,  they frustrated me.   I have been unjustifiably prevented getting information about the influence of NDP vice-president OGER into the Tribunal process in which he was the Complainant.  Not least of all : Miss Cousineau being an accomplice to OGER committing Perjury in that matter.
21         It is no mere co-incidence that the individual who uses the name Morgane Oger © for his political purposes was on the scene at the Uproar in Oak Bay on May second 2019.  OGER, PAINTER, WARREN and HENRY set out to bring it about as a tactical manoeuvre.  At the Process Hearing I will submit evidence proving that OGER conversed with Mayor Murdoch in advance.  I strongly suspect that OGER used his influence as a vice-president of the NDP to have the provincial Chief Law Enforcement Officer – that being David Eby –  order police to stand back and let the Accused disrupt a legitimate public meeting.    Their primary purpose being :   intimidating citizens who opposed the SOGI123 program – especially,  others who heard about the riot via the newsmedia –  from participating in the democratic process.

22         I intend to take the witness stand at the Process Hearing.  The witnesses I want to call to it will give evidence, partly in the form of a videorecording made after the Uproar,   proving that the lack of uniformed police that moment was arranged with the Mayor of Oak Bay and the Chief of Police Brinton.   Josh Steffler can identify the Oak Bay police officer whose voice is heard on one of them admitting that he and his fellow officers were ordered NOT to show up.   That, set alongside the Media Release published by the Oak Bay Police,   goes directly to the aspect of my charges that – since the acts of the Accused undeniably did interfere with my right to participate in the democratic process, and also, my right to freedom of speech for dialoguing with Jenn Smith  –  then the Accused certainly did contravene section 180 of the Criminal Code.

23         On the witness stand at the Process Hearing I will show the videorecordings to substantiate that,  via his activity on the internet prior to the event,   Ronan OGER aka Morgane Oger © did urge people to show up for Jenn Smith’s presentation.   I will submit photos of the members of the crowd parading upstairs to the room where Smith was preparing his projector and sound equipment.     The mob didn’t just suddenly spontaneously go into the Windsor Pavillion a propos nothing at all ; Ryan PAINTER and Ronan /Morgane OGER © prompted them to do so.  Thus, via its Agent OGER the New Democratic Party is an accomplice before the fact in the criminal conspiracy to commit the crimes committed there.

24         UN-learned as I am in the law, I believe that I have the right to have a Justice hear me out on my private Information before an Agent for the Attorney General steps in to the matter.  If the Criminal Justice Branch again attempts to stay these Informations before the Process Hearing then I certainly shall apply for Judicial Review of such UN-reasonable interference with my right to lay criminal charges











item                                                                               mentioned at paragraph
1          my letter to Chief Manak                                                                        1

2          private Information charging Marianne Alto                                      2

3          Notice of stay of my charge against Alto                                            3

4          letter to Chief Judge and response                                                       4

5          photo of Marianne Alto from Times Colonist newspaper 5

6          Jenn Smith’s comments on the UpRoar                                               8

7          comment by Dr Charles Lugosi                                                             9

8          my letter to District of Oak Bay                                                    10

9          article published in the Martlet U Vic newspaper                               11

10        Police Media Release and Jenn Smith’s rebuttal                                12

The United Nation’s LGBTQ Agenda to Indoctrinate Children Worldwide.

The United Nation’s LGBTQ Agenda to Indoctrinate Children Worldwide.


The UN LGBTQ Agenda to Indoctrinate Children Worldwide.

Exposing the Driving Force Behind the LGBTQ Political Movement.

The following Report is an Alert advising of the current war we find ourselves in, for the hearts
and minds of our children, against Sexually Deviant Activists pushing unscientific and trans
ideology in an attempt to deconstruct the family and cultural norms. This report is intended to
equip Elected officials, Leaders of the Church, and all Citizens with facts and resources
necessary to counter the lies and misinformation. We must be informed and no longer permit
the soft language of inclusion, acceptance and equality to silence the critical opposition
necessary to preserve a strong, moral, and democratic society. To protect Freedom of
Speech and Freedom of Belief.

This article is a publication, with hyper-links, to important information. Please ‘click’ on the
hyper-links (
highlighted) in order to be fully informed.

There are legitimate concerns and significant objections to the ever-increasing amount of
political propaganda associated with the LGBTQ2+ sex activist lobby initiated by the United
Nations, directed at our children and society as a whole.

This includes:

 Comprehensive Sex Education, Eg, SOGI 123 BC schools (indoctrination) (more
information below)
• Changing the Human Rights Act to include gender expression and gender identity

• Pride Parades (warning graphic images)
 Rainbow crosswalks , Flags,
 Rainbow stickers (intended to create ‘safe’ spaces? Do we assume these spaces were
unsafe prior to the stickers or is it propaganda?)
 Public Imagery (please sign petition)
• media, legal documents, forced pronouns, women’s/children’s private spaces, attacks
against personal beliefs and convictions, freedom of speech, businesses, etc.

The creator of the Pride flag, Gilbert Baker, did not mince words when he declared its meaning,

“That’s what flags are for. “Flags are about proclaiming power”… that
visibility is Key to our success and to our justice.”

With this in mind…do we want the rainbow flag being raised at our schools claiming
power over our youth? …or our cities?

The loud voice afforded to the LGBTQ2++ activists must be tempered and it is imperative that

the voice of reason, rationale and commonsense prevail.


To be clear, opposition is not against the individual peacefully living their lives. It is aimed

directly at those who are attacking Canadian’s Rights, Freedoms and Democracy. The

LGBTQ 2++ activists are attempting to mask their intentions as a noble cause yet cloaked in

deceptive language. This is not a harmless, benign agenda to promote inclusion, anti-bullying

and equivalent human rights.


The once earnest cause to support the LGBTQ community has mutated into an ideological

demonization of hetero-normativity by the LGBTQ2++ political movement which now exploits

the gay and lesbian community using them to vilify and attack our society’s concepts of

gender. Disguised as “Social Justice Warriors” the political movement is inflicting and

imposing lies and misinformation in order to advance their agenda to deconstruct the family,

remove parental rights and sexualize our children.


Anyone who does not agree is attacked using hateful bullying tactics, labelling those who

oppose as Nazi, Alt Right, homophobic, transphobic, intolerant, bigots. Victimization of this

group has enabled manipulation of our anti-hate laws wherein you can now be convicted for

your ‘Speech’. Opposition is no longer a Freedom. It has been replaced by the “Thought

Police”. The Sex Activists no longer strive for acceptance, their goal is domination of ‘their’



The Canadian Human Rights Act, both federally and provincially, was specifically amended to

give special privilege to the LGBTQ community by adding ‘gender identity and gender

expression’ – an unnecessary decision as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms already

covered the protection of citizens equally.


Section 15 (1): “Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the

equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination”.


However, the amendment now permits individuals to force unscientific delusions on the rest of

society and demands, not only acceptance, but participation. If you refuse to comply there is

the risk of being dragged before the Human Rights Council, thus being forced to forfeit

freedom of thought and belief.


The change to the Human Rights Code is in conflict with the provision of rights permitted in

the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The HR code must be challenged and



The “Duty of State Neutrality” also stipulates neutrality must be adhered to and upheld by

elected officials, who must do so without favour and in respect of the law. Giving special rights

to one group is divisive and unlawful.

The Supreme Court of Canada addressed this issue in Mouvement laïque québécois v. Saguenay
(City), 2015 SCC 16, [2015] 2 S.C.R. 3 (para 72 -74). it stated:


• [73]…“When the state adheres to a belief, it is not merely expressing an opinion on the subject. It is creating a hierarchy of beliefs and casting doubt on the value of those it does not share. It is also ranking the individuals who hold such beliefs:

• [74]”By expressing no preference, the state ensures that it preserves a neutral public space that is free of discrimination and in which true freedom to believe or not to believe is enjoyed by everyone equally, given that everyone is valued equally.

The UN Convention on the Rights of a Child supports parental rights in raising children and determining best practices. Article 14;[2]

• [2] Parties shall respect the rights and duties of the parents and, when applicable, legal guardians, to provide direction to the child in the exercise of his or her right in a manner consistent with the evolving capacities of the child.

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 26(3)

• (3) Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

In spite of this, there is currently a dangerous agenda, set by the UN “Human Rights Council” who appointed an LGBTQ Czar, Vitit Muntarbhorn, to ensure ‘every’ UN Member Nation complies with the following 5 point mandate:

 decriminalize sodomy,

 prevent mental health professionals from treating homosexuality as a disorder,

 ensure legal documents reflect individuals’ subjective gender identity,

• impose social acceptance of homosexuality, including by challenging religions,

• and indoctrinating children and society through propaganda at all levels.

UN Goals For Humanity Target Children as “Agents of Change”.

It comes in the form of the aforementioned Comprehensive Sexuality EducationIt is supported by theUNFPA , UNICEF, IPPF, UNESCO and the UN World Health Organization. CSE is a program that “seeks to change sexual and gender norms in children as early as possible”. Instructing children 0-4 to be taught about masturbation, 4-6 to be taught about same sex relationships, etc.

The UN’s edict is already a full reality in Canada with the overwhelming support and endorsement from the Prime Minister and the Liberal and NDP governments.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lowered the age of anal sex from 18 to 16 in support of the UNHRC’s objective.

The depth of sexual depravity has no limit, opening the door to incest and bestiality.

Bill C-16 (known as the bathroom bill) amended the Canadian Human Rights Act, federally, to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination aligning with the demands of the UNHRC, allowing –

• men into women’s washrooms and change rooms, putting women and children at risk.

 boys into girls change rooms and bathrooms

• boys/men to compete in girls/women’s sports.

• access to women’s prisons and women’s shelters.

**Note**- the majority of transgender males are fully intact. Consider the risks for women in shelters andprisons.

Consider the sacrifice of women athletes, who train vigorously to compete, only to be outdone by a male counterpart. Losing scholarships and opportunities. Is a transgender’s journey to glory more important than a biological woman’s?

Gender Neutral bathrooms, in High Schools, “Students” are protesting decision. Boys and Girls are being forced to use the same bathroom and showers. Open space between stalls, risk of filming.

One of the most heinous organizations is one in which paedophiles are re-branding themselves as “MAPs” or “Minor Attracted Persons” in an effort to gain acceptance and sympathy and be included into the LGBT community. The blanket term MAP includes infantophiles (infants), paedophiles (pre-pubescent children), hebephiles (pubescent children), and ephebophiles (post-pubescent children). Having gone so far as to create their own flag. Refer to Video exposing the push for Paedophilia (**full version).

Gender neutral and non-binary pronouns have been imposed, no matter how illogical.

A beauty pageant in Spain recently allowed a transgender male to participate… and win. And will now be the first biological male to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant. “There are women with a penis and men with a vagina, because the only key part of being a woman is to be and feel like a woman,” ‘she’ said.

The transgender movement is fraudulently attacking the unique creation, value and beauty of womanhood and emasculating boys/men and their unique creation and strengths.

Facts about transgenderism.

An egregious component of the LGBTQ agenda is against individuals who are caught in this lifestyle and may be victims of childhood abuse. Whether sexual, physical, or emotional, it has had a powerful and lasting effect on the psyche and, if left untreated, manifests itself in the form of self-abuse such as drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, depression, suicidal tendencies, self-mutilation and unhealthy relationships. Due to the gross agenda of the radical LGBTQ2+, these individuals are being exploited and marginalized rather than genuinely being supported through counselling and care in a safe and healthy environment.

A priority of the Homosexual Agenda is to prohibit and outlaw conversion therapy, particularly for teenagers. This is an attack against a parent’s right to provide counselling for their child. Vancouver has banned conversion therapy and several U.S. states have enacted such laws. This would effectively ban all forms of therapy or the sale of material to help anyone who sought freedom from homosexual urges or gender confusion to seek faith-based counselling and resources.

Conversion Therapy Report – In debunking the LGBTQ’s claim that Conversion Therapy is ineffective former chief psychologist “Nicholas A. Cummings, declares, “Gays and lesbians have the right to be affirmed in their homosexuality.” However, he also wrote in USA Today that “of the patients I oversaw who sought to change their orientation, “Hundreds were successful”.

Good News – Recent push back in California by faith-based organizations, family counselors, church leaders,OnceGay and citizens alike, recently defeated a bill to ban conversion therapy.

Puberty blockers have been approved for children/youth who are questioning their gender. Despite the fact that, statistically, 80–95% of children work through confusion to eventually embrace their birth gender if not discouraged from doing so. In an effort to force parents to comply, new Ontario law allows gov’t to seize children if parents oppose their gender identity. Puberty blockers are extremely harmful and leaves permanent damage. Puberty blockers sterilize children. Invasive surgery has been approved for youth, removing perfectly healthy body parts. Youth are not permitted to vote, buy alcohol or drugs until they are 18 or 19 but life-changing, permanent surgery, mutilating their bodies, is somehow acceptable. This is child abuse.

Individuals who have undergone sex reassignment surgery have a 20 times greater rate of committing suicide than the general population.

Sex Change Regret Stories. those who underwent “sex change” operations but then experienced regret and ended up accepting their biological sex.

“Sex is a binary biological characteristic of the human person that is established by our DNA at conception.One is conceived either male or female. Gender, in contrast, is a term that refers to the psychological and cultural characteristics associated with biological sex. Gender identity refers to an individual’s awareness of being male or female and is sometimes referred to as an individual’s “experienced gender.” Gender identity has to do with thoughts and feelings.”

Pediatrician explains why the transgender movement is a fraud.

American College of Pediatricians reports Gender Ideology Harms Children.

Health hazards of homosexuality and mounting health care costs. Syphilis rates continue to climb amongst gay men as well as oral cancer and anal cancer. “Among men who have sex with men (MSM), the incidence of anal cancer is significantly more prevalent and increasing annually”, as reported by the National LGBT Cancer Network.

In BC, taxpayers are covering the full cost for individuals to receive HIV prevention medication.$15,000/per year per person. While diabetics, and others, are forced to pay for their life-saving drugs, gay men, who choose to take part in risky sex, are fully covered.

“Millions” of taxpayer dollars are paid every year, throughout the provinces, to fund LGBTQ2+ organizations.

Gladd is the media arm of the LGBTQ (USA). It “works with news, entertainment, sports, and

social media in an attempt to share LGBT stories in an aim to change society.” “GLAAD has already empowered itself by being able to use a mass communication tool to build and frame its agenda with the assistance of the mass media. …Furthermore, less appealing truths are avoided in an aim to strategically advance the organization’s goals for an overall perceived greater good, even at the potential harm created by such avoidance”. EGALE is a Canadian version.

Flags and Crosswalks – A method of self-victimization is advancing the LGBTQ’s movement. The rainbow crosswalk and flag are key to their progress as they conquer one city/school after another, claiming these symbols are inclusive of everyone.

The pride parades are vile, exposing children to degeneracy, nudity, perversion, bondage and extreme sexual fetishes and indecent acts. (Warning graphic images) If parents took their child to a strip club the child would very likely be removed from the parent’s care, yet taking children to Pride ‘Festivals” is acceptable.

Foster care and adoption. There are growing instances wherein traditional families are being demonized and priority is being given to placing children with gay couples, despite children having lived for many years in a traditional home, and the foster parent’s willingness to adopt them.The best interest of the child is being overlooked, yielding to a Political agenda.

In July 2016 the BC Human Rights Code was changed to include ‘gender identity or expression’ (Bill 27),provincially, without the public’s awareness… yet 100 sex activists showed up for the vote. Then BC Premier, Christi Clarke, reportedly, ordered her MLA’s to vote in support or else! 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading all in one day. This opened the door…very timely….to secretly launch the SOGI 123 Resource Sept./2016 into numerous school districts.

Around the world this agenda is rapidly progressing. Once the Human Rights Code is amended to include ‘gender identity and expression’, opposition is stifled and the invasive sex-ed resource follows shortly thereafter.

SOGI 123 Resource is an example of what is being integrated into every facet of the Canadian Education system beginning in Kindergarten to grade 12. Including the indoctrination of teachers (a UBC program is required to obtain degree). The resource teaches and promotes normalization of homosexuality, transgenderism and gender dysphoria. Parental rights are being violated and the resource is a threat to our child’s identity, values, morals and religious beliefs.

SOGI teaches children that gender is fluid, they can be a boy, a girl, anything in between or neither,teaching explicit sexual behaviour well beyond their intellectual capacity. Instructing teachers they can no longer use the term boy and girl, mother and father, pink or blue, stick people, removing celebratingmother’s/father’s day in school, to question parental authority, etc…the list goes on. (Refer to further SOGI resource links provided below).

Drag Queen story time for children in schools and public librariesThe trend began in San Francisco and is quickly moving throughout Canadian public libraries.

The BC Ministry of Education is demanding every child be taught the SOGI 123 resource and has intentionally intertwined it throughout the curriculum to ensure parents cannot have their child opt out.

SOGI 123 was created by the ARC foundation in partnership with the BC Ministry of Education, BC Teacher’s Federation, UBC Faculty of Education and local, national and international, LGBTQ community organizations. *** Sogi Backgrounder

**Note** – No Child Psychologist or Parental input was given in the development of the SOGI 123 Resource.

The resource was created in violation of The 1989, Order in Council Statement of Education Policy Order which requires that parents participate in the development of policies.

The OIC states:

• Parents: have the right and responsibility to participate in the process of determining the educational goals, policies and services provided for their children. They have a primary responsibility to ensure that children are provided with the healthy and supportive environment necessary for learning. They have a responsibility to help shape and support the goals of the school system and to share in the tasks of educating their young.

The BC School Act also states that parents are entitled to be informed of a student’s behaviour and progress in school and that a parent may consult with school staff with respect to the student’s educational program, yet, in spite of these legal privileges that are granted to parents, the SOGI 123 agenda uses “confidentiality” as grounds for not involving parents in this crucial part of their child’s education.

Alberta recently passed a bill prohibiting parents from being informed if their child joins a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) club at school. GSA’s are supported by organizations who produce gay porn.

SOGI was a Trojan horse, brought into schools under the guise of anti-bullying and to teach children to be “Inclusive” and support LGBTQ2+ students. However, the SOGI 123 resource goes way beyond this to indoctrinating kids into unhealthy sexual behaviour and confusion through lies and misinformation.

Many teachers and parents are unaware of the resource as the Ministry of Education has intentionally neglected to inform the public. Parents are also unaware that activities have been in place in schools, for many years, that seemed benign, but were also created by the ARC foundation, ‘Out in Schools‘ (warning graphic), the Queer Film Festival, and others directly associated with the LGBTQ political movement. ‘Out in Schools’ is associated with the Queer Film Festival who produce gay porn. **The ARC foundation, reportedly, funds the Queer Film Festival. The websites have exposed students to explicit gay porn.

An example of an activity held without parental consent or knowledge is Sex at LunchHosted by teachers for students at a Vancouver public high school. The students were instructed not to tell theirs parents.

It is vital for parents to engage their children and youth in conversation.

Take Action…Print, sign and present the following Declaration of Family Rights to your school principal and take authority over your child’s education. Please read the instructions carefully.

This political agenda can be revoked. But parents, educators and leaders, must get involved. In Ontario, under the leadership of a new provincial government, the Wynne sex-ed curriculum is currently being repealed due to the strong opposition of Parents As First Educators (PAFE). An organization who are rallying parents through a grassroots movement. In BCCulture Guard is working tirelessly to do the same.

Society is being turned upside down for the trans community who make up approximately.01% of the population (combined LGBTQ 3%).

The LGBTQ2+ Political Lobby group are not interested in creating genuine unity but instead, because of their consistent overreach into every facet of society, are provoking resentment due to their contentious demands…thus the political symbol of the crosswalk in turn becomes a contentious matter as is the flag. This is a massive movement viciously imposing their agenda by forging through society voraciously consuming anything in its path that does not agree or conform to their ideology. They trample on the Charter Rights of all faith groups, Christians, fellow citizens, and create unequal rights, for a small, select group, with venomous precision. The double standard, through their intolerance and mean spirited attacks against individuals, the family unitchurchesbusinessesand universities, is evidence.

Elected Officials, Teachers and Parents who have naively decided to support the SOGI 123 resource, rainbow crosswalks and the raising of the flags, may have had good intentions but truly need to step back and understand the detrimental consequences of the LGBTQ2+ movement. It is a Social Engineering Propaganda machine. Accomplished through manipulating our laws, our sense of fairness, compassion and sympathy.

Hiding behind the beauty of the rainbow does not negate the evil it now encompasses.

The original biblical meaning of the Rainbow is one of grace for humanity and undeserved favour.

Reportedly the Prime Minister and every Liberal and NDP (NDPleader, as well as some in the Conservative party, support Bill C-16 and the LGBTQ2+ agenda.

Governments, including our school boards, which we support with our taxes, and which we have helped to elect, are misusing their powers to undermine parental authority and institute this harmful propaganda.

Therefore it is time to:

• Scrutinize the values and policies of ‘every’ elected official – School Trustees, City Councilors, Mayors, MLA’s, MP’s, etc.

• Demand the Canadian Government pull out of the UN.

• Demand ‘gender expression and gender identity’ be removed from the Human Rights

Code, both provincially and federally.

We respect an individual’s right to live according to their own beliefs but when it so forcefully impedes on the rights of others, with such devastating consequences, there must be fierce, swift and righteous opposition.

Rise up Canada, Rise up Parents and Leaders, from all faith groups and backgrounds!

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil

is for good men to do nothing!

Edmund Burke

Join organizations who are working to make a difference.

Volunteer, donate, write letters!

Our friends at Culture Guard are taking strong positive action against SOGI 123, and all political propaganda Nationwide. We have the the power to unite and generate change. Legal action, as well, is forthcoming. View brochure for details.

Sign up to Culture Guard and be informed of meetings, rallies and events to inform the public and give support to leaders and teachers. AKA CultureGuard.

Thank you,

From the Team at CC4RG


Join CC4RG

Canadian Coalition For Responsible Government

Protecting Rights and Freedoms

“Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the

Supremacy of God and the rule of law”


Tyranny Defeats the Rule of Law in Oak Bay British Columbia

Tyranny Defeats the Rule of Law in Oak Bay British Columbia

The account below is a short take on what happened last Thursday night in Oak Bay … the mob shouted-down the guy who calls himself “Jenn Smith”

It was the watershed  moment in the contest to get out the information about just  HOW  crazy the trans-benders are

Its author – Dr Charles Lugosi – is one of the best minds in the British Common law world.

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic

Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

Tyranny Defeats the Rule of Law in Oak Bay British Columbia

By Dr. Charles I. M. Lugosi, SJD         May 5, 2019

Grassroots democracy is under attack in British Columbia in direct violation of the rule of law. On May 2, 2019, in Oak Bay BC, Jenn Smith was permitted by the local municipal council to give a public educational talk about the serious harm that can result from transgender surgery and from toxic drugs prescribed to teenagers who self-identify with a gender different than their sex assigned at birth by DNA.  Smith is an opponent of SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) in BC schools, which is supported by the LGBTQ community, the BC Teachers Federation Union and the Liberal and NDP parties. LGBTQ activists and their allies now feel empowered to silence any opposition to SOGI as “hate speech,” in the wake of the Whatcott decision issued in 2019 by the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

The enemies of Jenn Smith view him as a traitor to their cause to promote transgenderism and put pressure upon the Oak Bay municipal council to cancel his talk. To their credit, Oak Bay’s leaders accepted sound legal advice, and ruled that the event was legitimate and lawful, in accordance with the values of democracy, the rule of law, and freedom of political expression, and permitted Smith to have his event.

The opponents of Smith rebelled against this decision. People who wanted to hear Smith had to pass through a large boisterous crowd of several hundred protesters that may have intimidated many who wanted to hear Smith. Various speakers from the LGBTQ community, took the opportunity to support SOGI. Dozens of Smith opponents, took their rainbow flags, drums and signs, and packed the small meeting room upstairs, leaving no room for people who wanted to sit and listen to Smith.  Someone blasted an air horn, others made very loud rattling noises, while another screamed vulgar profanities. Someone pulled a fire alarm that rang for a very long time. There was such a public disturbance that it was impossible to hear anything Smith had to say.

An elderly man responded to chants of “hate speech” by the crowd by yelling back back “free speech,” but that lone soul was drowned out. The bully tactics of the opponents of Smith became increasingly aggressive. A few of them became very angry, and appeared mentally disturbed.  There was no violence. In any other context, the police would have arrested those protesters under the Criminal Code for causing a public disturbance, trespass and mischief. In this context, by doing nothing to quiet the protesters, the police who were present, appeared to take sides with the protesters.

Throughout Smith was composed. Although it was futile, with great civility he attempted to give his presentation entitled, “The Erosion of Freedom: How Transgender politics in school and society is undermining our Freedom and Harming women and children.”

The Oak Bay police refused to clear the room of hooligans so that the talk could proceed. An announcement was made by a leader of the protesters that the police informed him that uniformed officers were coming, but that the meeting was to be shut down. This information resulted in jubilant cheers by the unruly crowd, happy that they had attained their goal to silence Smith.

The police apparently chose not to do their duties under the Police Act, the common law, or the Criminal Code.  Citing “safety” concerns as a sham pretext to do nothing, one police officer informed the event organizer that the event was forcibly closed by the police. To any objective observer, the police shamefully engaged in a gross dereliction of duty, by permitting hooliganism to triumph.

Suppression of freedom of speech by hooliganism, violates the rule of law.  Without the enforcement of mutual respect and self-control to listen without interruption, the right to freedom of expression and the corresponding right of willing listeners to hear the message, the very foundation of democracy is threatened. Civilized debate of opposing viewpoints can occur in a question period at the end of a presentation or in an organized debate between opponents. Good manners, social stability and enforcement of the rule of law are the hallmarks of a functioning democracy. Selective law enforcement that discriminates against those with a moral, political or social message, gives more than a legal license to bullies to silence political opponents: It enables the roots of tyranny to grow and flourish.

Whatcott 5,000 anti-Ronan/NDP flyer update and court dates: Ongoing persecution of Christian preacher Bill Whatcott.

Whatcott 5,000 anti-Ronan/NDP flyer update and court dates

Ongoing persecution of Christian preacher Bill  Whatcott.

Postby Bill Whatcott » Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:02 am

Whatcott went to the Burnaby All Canadidates Meeting at Gilmore Community School on October 11th, after delivering his 5,000 flyers letting Vancouver voters know God did not want them to vote for “Morgane” (actually Ronan) Oger, to voice his support for pro-family Christian School Trustee candidate Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson. Leftist SOGI supporters in their usual nasty fashion tried to censor Whatcott as he tried to share this video with you.

Dear Friends,

The mission to bring three essential truths to the Vancouver civic election and provide Vancouver’s voters with a Biblical and reality based framework on how not to vote if they wish to obey God’s will is now completed.

Here is the flyer that informed Vancouver voters God did not want them to vote for “Morgane” (actually Ronan) Oger

The three essential truths that were made known in spite of the left’s nastiest efforts to silence them is.

1. “Morgane” Oger was born Ronan Oger and even though he adopted a woman’s name, calls himself a female, got the Canadian government to recognize his fake name and gender identity, and threatens people with prosecution who question his delusion; Ronan is in fact still Ronan and is 100% a biological male.

2. Ronan bilked his ex-wife out of $120,000 and a native band out of a year’s worth of rent.

3. God does not want Ronan Oger to be a School Trustee or hold any other political position until he repents of his gender delusions, homofascism and makes things right with his ex-wife and the native band that he bilked.

Notwithstanding, considerable opposition from the LGBT left, they really seem to believe and act like public disagreement with their degenerate agenda is against the law, in the final analysis the 5,000 flyer truth offensive against Morgane (actually Ronan) Oger’s candidacy to become a Vancouver School Trustee was a success.

While no small number of NDP supporters followed me down the street in a menacing manner, F-bombed me, called the cops on me, reported me to Elections BC, and in a couple of instances threatened me, still a handful of recipients thanked me for the flyers and in one case confirmed that they will vote against Ronan.

For a guy who is quite capable of dishing out verbal abuse, name calling, threats of prosecution, and routinely insults those who he disagrees with, it is amusing watching the guy whine about being the target of a truthful flyers, with unflattering information about him. Indeed, only a NDP transvestite could seriously believe they are entitled to behaving in an abusive manner for years and then run in an election and have it turned into their personal “safe space” where no one can say bad things about them, on pain of being arrested and incarcerated.

Ronan’s whine…. yawn1


Yup, the same guy who called SOGI opponents a–holes and who Tweeted that parents who fail to approve of their children being given transgender hormones and surgery should lose their kids, is now whining that I am giving voters accurate and unflattering information about him….

After the 5,000 flyers were delivered, I headed to Burnaby to support Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson in her bid to become school trustee.

The leftists putting on the event wanted to ban all videotaping of the All Candidates Debate, presumably to hide their bad behaviour towards Laura Lynn and others who oppose their SOGI, child perversion/abuse agenda. I videotaped my support of Laura Lynn anyways, and you can see the result above.

Please keep these dates in your prayers and join us if you can…

I have been ordered to appear in court to have a discretionary bench warrant removed. My appearance will be at College Park Courthouse, Courtroom 503, Tuesday, October 16, 10:00 am. College Park Courthouse is located Downtown Toronto, at the corner of Yonge and College St.

After court I will be preaching at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, I will be standing at Hoskin Ave and Queens Park Cr 3:30 pm -4:30 pm, Tuesday, October 16th.

Please also pray for my kangaroo trial for the “crime” of correctly gendering “Morgane” (actually Ronan) Oger, the tyrannical NDP transvestite activist who seems to believe elections are his safe space when he runs in them. The trial is coming up at the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. The Tribunal is located at 605 Robson St, Vancouver, BC, and will be going from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, December 11-14.

To help us with court and living expenses until these trials are over: … tt-family/

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”
Jeremiah 29:11