Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson to Lay Charges Against Oak Bay Rabble Who Attacked Jenn Smith Meeting

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson to Lay Charges Against Oak Bay Rabble Who Attacked Jenn Smith Meeting

Private Information background Oak Bay Uproar


Following is a background submission to go along with the criminal charges I’ll be laying tomorrow against the leaders of the UpRoar in Oak Bay on May 2nd

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Gordon S Watson


01     Item 1 of the Materials to be Relied Upon is the letter which I sent to Del Manak Chief of Police for Victoria, after an incident at the Legislature on September 29th 2018.

02     Item 2  is a copy of the private Information I layed against Marianne ALTO arising out of the incident at the Legislature.

03     Item 3  is a copy of the notice from Crown Counsel staying my private Information  BEFORE  the process hearing

04    Item 4 is a copy of my letter to the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court along with a copy of her reply.


05         Items 1 through 4 are supplied in order to give background as to what was going on in the political controversy to do with the so-called  “trans-gender” issue before the incident in Oak Bay out of which these charges arise.    As of the date of the Uproar in Oak Bay, I still had time to Petition a Justice in the Supreme Court for Judicial Review of the ‘stay’ of my charge against Miss ALTO on the ground that what Crown Counsel Joel Gold did was flagrantly improper.   In light of what happened on May second, I decided to ditch Judicial Review of the way the charge had been stifled and concentrate having leaders of the riot at Windsor Pavillion held liable.
Suffice to say : from my experience on the frontlines of the anti-abortion fray, nigh-on a quarter of a century ago, in which Marianne ALTO was one of the feminsts then arrayed against me,   I knew that the nonsense visited on us on September 29th 2018 at the Legislature, led by her and the likes of Hope WARREN was only a warm-up.    Item  5   is a photograph from the local newspaper illustrating how thoroughly-involved Marianne ALTO is in the transgender political movement.   The fact that my charge against her was stayed   BEFORE  it even came before a Justice in the Process Hearing    proves that the Criminal Justice Branch is prejudiced on this topic.    Had Marianne ALTO been prosecuted,    the outrage at the Windsor Pavillion would not have happened.

06       Chris McCay had obtained a permit from the District of Oak Bay for use of the Windsor Pavillion so a guy who calls himself “Jenn Ricky Smith” could present his political opinion pertaining to the SOGI123 program.  The essence of Smith’s presentation is set out in his essay entitled  Synanon, the Brainwashing “Game” and Modern Transgender Activism: The Orwellian Implications of Transgender Politics.  He explains why the Apotemnophiliac cult is so dangerous.   The meeting was advertised via the internet as being open to the public with no entry fee.    I went to it, partly, to ask Smith questions about who financed SOGI123.      As well, I wanted to hear his response to questions put to him by others.

07         At the FaceBook page of Freedom Free for All are video recordings made at the Windsor Pavillion at Willow Park in Oak Bay British Columbia on May second 2019.   They show the Accused in full throat leading the mob disrupting the meeting.  Those videos evidence the crime of mischief incited by the Accused.  Particularly, that PAINTER, WARREN and HENRY intended to, and did, interfere with the rights of Persons who had come to the meeting to hear Mr Smith and to dialogue with him on the topic of SOGI123 being imposed on school children.

08         Item  6  is material printed out from the internet of commentaries by Jenn Ricky Smith as to what went on at the Windsor Pavillion at Willow Park on the evening of May 2nd 2019

09     Item  7   is the opinion of Dr Charles Lugosi who was on the scene.      It is important the Court appreciate the calibre of who says this –  one of the world’s experts in Common Law, having been a professor of law at Universities in Canada and the united States of America.    He was counsel in cases in the Supreme Court of Canada and also the Supreme Court of the united States of America.

10     Item   8   is my letter to the District of Oak Bay,   summarizing what I saw go down at the Windsor Pavillion on May second 2019


11     Item  9  is what the UVic  Martlet  newspaper printed about the Uproar

12      Item 10  is the Media Release by the Oak Bay Police along with Jenn Smith’s rebuttal

13         At the Process Hearing I shall apply for a subpoena de tecum upon Christian Michael McCay.      In order for me to make my full submission,   I need him to take the witness stand and give evidence as to what he saw and heard in the incident.   More particularly : Mr McCay will identify the Accused from images on the videorecordings.  And also, give evidence as to the oral agreement he had with the Oak Bay Police that they would be present at that place and time to provide security for the event.  Especially, what he knows about the 911 ECOM centre hanging up on callers from the Windsor Pavillion who were demanding police attend the riot.      Further ; what he was told after the incident why the police did not do their duty to keep the Peace.  All, going to my contention that there was a criminal conspiracy to which Mayor Kevin Murdoch and Chief Brinton and the Accused Ryan PAINTER, Rose HENRY and Hope WARREN were parties,   to let the mob make so much of a disturbance that the authorities would have an excuse to shut down Mr Smith’s presentation.

14         At the Process Hearing I shall apply for a subpoena de tecum upon Davinder Daleep who is a constable with the Oak Bay police.  The videorecordings which form part of the evidence for my charges show him in the room in plain clothes during the riot.      He will say the Oak Bay police had foreknowledge there would be trouble that evening and they were aware Ryan PAINTER  had organized the mob to show up and interfere with the normal use of that place.

15         At the Process Hearing I shall apply for a subpoena de tecum upon Constable Montaro who was on the scene during the riot.   The videorecordings which form part of the evidence for my charges show him in the room in plain clothes.    He will say the Oak Bay police had foreknowledge there would be trouble that evening and they were aware Ryan PAINTER  was one of the people organizing the mob via the internet.  He will corroborate the sentence in the Media Release put out by the Oak Bay police, to wit : Smith’s words did not reach the audience do  [ sic ] to loud chants,  yelling and noisemakers of the protesters that surrounded him and his audience

16         At the Process Hearing I shall apply for a subpoena de tecum upon Josh Steffler.  Videorecordings of the riot show him in the crowd at the scene of the crimes.    He was there representing his business namely Freedom Free for All, which publishes news and commentary about politics in Victoria on the internet.   I require him to take the witness stand to substantiate provenance of the videorecordings, as well as to identify the Accused Ryan PAINTER, Rose HENRY, Hope WARREN and a certain member of the Victoria City Council who was in the crowd.  Mr Steffler will submit a videorecording that has the voice of an Oak Bay police officer answering the lack of police presence : “that was a decision not made by us. That was a decision made by management and by …umm… the Chief and also city hall.”  – in context meaning Mayor Kevin Murdoch,  Chief of Police Brinton and others yet to be ascertained – deliberately let Ryan PAINTER and his group of protesters cause so much trouble that there would then be an excuse to shut down Jenn Ricky Smith’s presentation

17         A few years ago Madame Justice Risa Levine said on the Bench that I am “a longtime political activist”.   From that 25 years’ experience I know that the Uproar at the Windsor Pavillion was staged for a political purpose, ie.  – to counteract efforts by citizens who adamantly oppose the SOGI123 program being imposed on children in the public schools.
The incident out of which my charges arise originate with the Human Right Commission complaint by Ronan / Morgane Oger © against Bill Whatcott, as Mister OGER acknowledged in the videorecording found on one of the FaceBook pages administered by Ryan PAINTER. At the Process Hearing I shall play that videorecording.     It is most important that the Court grasp the fact that Ryan PAINTER solicited and did gather-in funds to pay for Ronan / Morgane © OGER to attend the incident.
In fact, Devyn Cousineau had been a long-time political activist with the “Transgender community”.  David Eby appointed her to preside over the Human Rights Tribunal OGER versus Whatcott,   the central issue of which, was = allegation Whatcott had illegally insulted NDP election candidate OGER by warning voters he was a liar.   AG Eby interposing Devyn Cousineau into that Tribunal demonstrates how shameless the New Democratic Party government is, intruding itself into the Justice system.    Beyond doubt,  appointment of Cousineau  – AFTER the matter was underway ! – was not done in good faith,  but only to ensure that her ruling would criminalize people who criticize implications to the public of the Apotemnophiliac cult.
I believe that Attorney General Eby’s refusal to comply with my current demand pursuant to the  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act  for records to do with Cousineau’s appointment,  then the staying of my Information against Marianne ALTO, are parts of a co-ordinated covert NDP agenda for staving-off scrutiny of its obstruction of Justice within the “transgender” controversy.  And that the commotion at the Windsor Pavillion was intended to demonize critics.  The NDP is terrified that those of us who are critical of the SOGI123 program will get the facts about the cult being funded by provincial monies ; ESPECIALLY that those funds flow to friends of the NDP
I believe that AG Eby and persons yet to be identified in his administration are framing-up for prosecution men whom they perceive as political enemies of the NDP.   Which is what happened to me in the early 1990s, when Deputy Premier Elizabeth Cull proclaimed me her “enemy”. Then … arising from my anti-abortion activity … I had exposed the NDP’s private bank [ the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding society ]  using the NDP-controlled ‘non-profit societies’ operating the abortion clinics,  laundering public fund$ back to the New Democratic Party.  Notes taken by his executive assistant at the meeting in June 1993 at 815 Hornby St. Vancouver with the abortion industry lobbyists,  show Attorney General Gabelmann did direct the head of the Criminal Justice Branch – namely Ernest Quantz – to go after me and prosecute me selectively because of my political activity.     In Court, I proved that Mr Quantz set out to contrive an incident on the public sidewalk outside an abortuary so that I would be put to trial on criminal charges.   At the conclusion of one of those trials, Provincial Court Judge Keith Libby opined “there is probably more truth than not to Watson’s assertion that they are spinning a web to catch him”   direct quote.
Those who would wish-away what I say about NDP corruption back then, better read the report of the Commission in to the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society.  When NDP partisans proffer the notion that “the Peck Report exonerated AG Gabelmann’, bear in mind that Richard Peck Q. C. was in a partnership with lawyer Michael Tammen.  A year later I found out that … by the most amazing co-incidence! … Mr Tammen was Colin Gabelmann’s personal lawyer at that very time / summer of 1994.    In those days,  a partnership at law was seen as one Person.     Thus, Mr Gabelmann had the luxury of having my allegation against him for Perjury investigated by his own lawyer.


18         Back then,  contracts the Everywoman’s and Elizabeth Bagshaw societies had with the Province of BC in the early 1990s stipulated that a certain percentage of the gross income to each of the abortion clinics was to be payed to another pretended federal “charity”.  From whence it was then covertly payed to the global account of the NCHS in Nanaimo. NDP cabinet minister Dave Stupich boasted that he ‘had created an omlette that no-one could un-scramble’.  But at trial, Special Prosecutor Don Sorochan did just that : Stupich went to prison.

The similarity of the NDP govt. fomenting prosecution of Pro-Lifers in the 1990s set alongside what’s going on now in the “trans-gender” controversy, is obvious  ie.  Critics of the NDP found out that funds are being disbursed from public accounts to “non profit societies”  to finance ‘experimental medicine’   read :  quackery  upon 500 [ five hundred ] children in care of the Province at Children’s Hospital.    Notably;    the Morgane Oger Foundation headed by NDP vice president Ronan / Morgane Oger © his-self.

19     Guided by life-long communist Geoff Meggs = now Premier Horgan’s right-hand man =  the NDP is again using the communist tactic of causing trouble at street level as an excuse for demonizing its critics.  The Uproar at Willow Park was such a piece of political theatre.     Professional agitators, personified by Hope Warren’s clenched fist as seen in the videos, the very hallmark of communism…  stoked the emotions of the crowd so that opposition to the “trans-gender” cult can be framed into a Human Rights complaint Soviet-style show-trial,  wherein the Defendant will be portrayed as a “hater”.   Listen closely to the soundtrack of the videorecordings and you can hear the leaders of the mob yelling the classic communist smears “Nazi !!!” and “white supremecist” !!! 

20                 I am a private citizen, not a lawyer :    I bring these Informations because I have good reason to believe that controversy arising from resentment against the BC Human Rights Code being amended without consultation with those directly affected,    is being exploited by the NDP administration to obstruct / pervert Justice.    As the Code now is, someone gets prosecuted for publishing his opinion about harms done to individual children and also to the Public Health system by the “trans-gender” cult.  When NDP vice-president Ronan OGRE dragged Bill Whatcott in to that Human Rights Tribunal there was calculated interference from Attorney General Eby into the process.   When I demanded of the Ministry of AG copies of certain documents which expose Mr Eby for having appointed Devyn Cousineau to the Tribunal, improperly,  they frustrated me.   I have been unjustifiably prevented getting information about the influence of NDP vice-president OGER into the Tribunal process in which he was the Complainant.  Not least of all : Miss Cousineau being an accomplice to OGER committing Perjury in that matter.
21         It is no mere co-incidence that the individual who uses the name Morgane Oger © for his political purposes was on the scene at the Uproar in Oak Bay on May second 2019.  OGER, PAINTER, WARREN and HENRY set out to bring it about as a tactical manoeuvre.  At the Process Hearing I will submit evidence proving that OGER conversed with Mayor Murdoch in advance.  I strongly suspect that OGER used his influence as a vice-president of the NDP to have the provincial Chief Law Enforcement Officer – that being David Eby –  order police to stand back and let the Accused disrupt a legitimate public meeting.    Their primary purpose being :   intimidating citizens who opposed the SOGI123 program – especially,  others who heard about the riot via the newsmedia –  from participating in the democratic process.

22         I intend to take the witness stand at the Process Hearing.  The witnesses I want to call to it will give evidence, partly in the form of a videorecording made after the Uproar,   proving that the lack of uniformed police that moment was arranged with the Mayor of Oak Bay and the Chief of Police Brinton.   Josh Steffler can identify the Oak Bay police officer whose voice is heard on one of them admitting that he and his fellow officers were ordered NOT to show up.   That, set alongside the Media Release published by the Oak Bay Police,   goes directly to the aspect of my charges that – since the acts of the Accused undeniably did interfere with my right to participate in the democratic process, and also, my right to freedom of speech for dialoguing with Jenn Smith  –  then the Accused certainly did contravene section 180 of the Criminal Code.

23         On the witness stand at the Process Hearing I will show the videorecordings to substantiate that,  via his activity on the internet prior to the event,   Ronan OGER aka Morgane Oger © did urge people to show up for Jenn Smith’s presentation.   I will submit photos of the members of the crowd parading upstairs to the room where Smith was preparing his projector and sound equipment.     The mob didn’t just suddenly spontaneously go into the Windsor Pavillion a propos nothing at all ; Ryan PAINTER and Ronan /Morgane OGER © prompted them to do so.  Thus, via its Agent OGER the New Democratic Party is an accomplice before the fact in the criminal conspiracy to commit the crimes committed there.

24         UN-learned as I am in the law, I believe that I have the right to have a Justice hear me out on my private Information before an Agent for the Attorney General steps in to the matter.  If the Criminal Justice Branch again attempts to stay these Informations before the Process Hearing then I certainly shall apply for Judicial Review of such UN-reasonable interference with my right to lay criminal charges











item                                                                               mentioned at paragraph
1          my letter to Chief Manak                                                                        1

2          private Information charging Marianne Alto                                      2

3          Notice of stay of my charge against Alto                                            3

4          letter to Chief Judge and response                                                       4

5          photo of Marianne Alto from Times Colonist newspaper 5

6          Jenn Smith’s comments on the UpRoar                                               8

7          comment by Dr Charles Lugosi                                                             9

8          my letter to District of Oak Bay                                                    10

9          article published in the Martlet U Vic newspaper                               11

10        Police Media Release and Jenn Smith’s rebuttal                                12