Jim and Diane discuss latest holocaust happenings this time the Florida principal and his holocaust issues, July 24, 2019



Jim and Diane discuss latest holocaust happenings this time the Florida principal and his holocaust issues, July 24, 2019


Jim and Diane Discuss Florida Principal Targeted because of his stand on the HOLOHOAX and Free Speech

Jim and Diane discuss latest holocaust happenings this time the Florida principal and his holocaust issues, July 24, 2019


Tulsi Gabbard sues Google for suspending her ads after first Dem debate

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Wikimedia Commons
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Tulsi Gabbard sues Google for suspending her ads after first Dem debate

July 26, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – While most of the voices accusing tech giants of political discrimination are conservative, some left-of-center figures have been caught up in the controversy as well, including 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard.

Gabbard, a congresswoman from Hawaii, announced Thursday that she’s suing Google for suspending her campaign’s Google Ads account for several hours after the first Democrat primary debate.

The New York Times reported that following the debate, Gabbard was “briefly” the most-searched presidential candidate on Google, and the campaign wanted to seize that momentum with some ad buys, but found their account suspended.

“For hours, Tulsi’s campaign advertising account remained offline while Americans everywhere were searching for information about her,” Gabbard’s campaign charged. “During this time, Google obfuscated and dissembled with a series of inconsistent and incoherent reasons for its actions. In the end, Google never explained to us why Tulsi’s account was suspended.”

The campaign gave the Times emails indicating that Google initially suspended them for “problems with billing information or violations of our advertising policies,” then sent a notice several hours later reinstating the account and claiming the temporary suspension was meant to verify billing information and compliance with Google’s policies.

Google spokesman Jose Castaneda told the Times that the company’s automated systems, which are designed to catch “unusual” activity such as large spending changes, “triggered a suspension,” but “the account was reinstated shortly thereafter.”

“Google’s discriminatory actions against my campaign are reflective of how dangerous their complete dominance over internet search is, and how the increasing dominance of big tech companies over our public discourse threatens our core American values,” Gabbard declared in a statement. “This is a threat to free speech, fair elections and to our democracy, and I intend to fight back on behalf of all Americans.”

The lawsuit seeks an injunction against Google engaging in further election interference and a minimum of $50 million in damages. It also alleges that her campaign emails found their way into Gmail spam folders at “a disproportionately high rate” compared with those from other Democrat primary campaigns.

Gabbard has drawn some interest for ostensibly being more moderate than the rest of the Democrat field. As recently as 2004, she opposed same-sex “marriage,” but is now a doctrinaire liberal on abortion, LGBT issues, and even decriminalizing prostitution.

Since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, Google has been under fire for allegedly intensifying efforts to slant their platforms and services in favor of Trump’s opponents and other left-wing causes in a variety of ways, including blacklists, biased algorithms, and more. Concerns have also been raised that figures within Google and other tech companies have been “subverted” by foreign governments. 

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai told Congress last month that he considers “unregulated Silicon Valley tech giants” today’s “greatest threat to a free and open internet.” Earlier this month, Trump announced that he was “directing my administration to explore all regulatory and legislative solutions to tech censorship.” Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, has proposed legislation that would require social media platforms to certify their political neutrality with the FCC if they want to keep their congressionally granted immunity from legal liability for what they allow users to post.

People’s Party of Canada Will Repeal Much of the “Hate Law” — Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code & Law Giving Special Privileges to the Transgendered (C-16)


The rights of Canadians to freely hold and express beliefs are being eroded at an alarming speed under the Trudeau government. Some of its recent decisions even require that Canadians renounce their most deeply held moral convictions and express opinions they disagree with.

In 2018, the Liberal government denied summer job funding to organizations, including charities, that would not sign an attestation supporting abortion. It also passed bill C-16 as part of a trend to force Canadians to express support for the existence of various gender identities beyond the biological categories of male and female, and to use pronouns demanded by those who identify with these other genders.

In addition to these assaults on conscience, the government launched a series of regulatory attacks on free speech on the internet and is pressuring social media companies, which are already censoring speech that isn’t politically correct, to crack down even more. It is also considering bringing back Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. This hate speech provision was repealed by the Conservative government in 2013 because it was being used arbitrarily to censor statements that offended some people on the internet.

In what appears to be a first step towards restricting our right to criticize some religions, it adopted M-103, a motion that condemns religious discrimination but only specifically mentions one religion, Islam, and without defining the term “islamophobia.”

Finally, on university campuses, a growing number of faculty and administrators—those who should be fighting for open debate of controversial ideas—have become aggressive advocates for censorship.


History and social scientific research show that freedom of conscience and freedom of expression, when maximally protected, advance the intellectual life of a nation, foster greater ideological diversity and societal understanding, and nurture other freedoms necessary for a successful democracy.

This is why Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees citizens freedom of conscience and religion, as well as freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.

Our Plan

What some people find politically incorrect, offensive or even hateful cannot serve as the legal basis for discrimination and censorship. Canadians should be able to enjoy maximum freedom of conscience and expression as guaranteed in Section 2 of the Charter.

A People’s Party Government will:

  • Restrict the definition of hate speech in the Criminal Code to expression which explicitly advocates the use of force against identifiable groups or persons based on protected criteria such as religion, race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Repeal any existing legislation or regulation curtailing free speech on the internet and prevent the reinstatement of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
  • Repeal C-16 and M-103.
  • Ensure that Canadians can exercise their freedom of conscience to its fullest extent as it is intended under the Charter and are not discriminated against because of their moral convictions.
  • Withhold federal funding from any post-secondary institution shown to be violating the freedom of expression of its students or faculty.

Terrible Decision By Conservatives To Remove Salim Mansur Creates New Opening For Bernier

Terrible Decision By Conservatives To Remove Salim Mansur Creates New Opening For Bernier

Surrendering to pressure from the Liberal elites will only encourage more pressure. They can never be appeased.

Salim Mansur is a devout Canadian Muslim who has courageously spoke out against radical Islamism.

Mansur is a highly-respected professor, and has even been invited by Conservatives to testify on Parliament Hill about the threat of radical Islamism.

Mansur won the nomination to be the Conservative candidate in the riding of London North-Centre.

However, the Conservative Party has since disqualified him from running – without even letting party members in the area decide.

“I’m disappointed with CPC disallowing my candidacy, yet hopeful conservatives will persevere. I’ll have more to say about this & my role in 2019 election. Thanks to all for love & support. This setback won’t derail me to help rescue our Canada from Islamism & Globalism.”

He was told in an email that his candidacy was ‘disallowed.’

According to a report by Andrew Lawton for the True North Centre, “No reason was provided in the email, but Mansur told me in a brief interview that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s campaign manager, Hamish Marshall, advised him last week of the party’s concerns with Mansur’s past writing and public speaking on Islamism and the politics of radical Muslims, which Marshall said will likely be portrayed by Liberals and others as Islamophobic, and become disruptive to the party’s national campaign.”

If that is the reason, it’s a disgrace.

The whole point of being a leader is having the ability to persuade people and push back against falsehoods. So, if the Liberals call Mansur ‘Islamophobic’ (which is obviously absurd considering that Mansur is himself Muslim), then Scheer should simply push back and say “Mansur is a proud Canadian-Muslim who is fighting against extremism and terrorism.”

Then, Scheer should put Trudeau on the defensive by saying “Justin Trudeau must answer for his association with people like Joshua Boyle, Trudeau must answer for his plan to let ISIS terrorists back into our country, and Trudeau must explain why the Liberals are attacking a courageous Canadian Muslim instead of fighting against the anti-LGBT, anti-women agenda of radical Islamists.”

It would be so easy to put the Liberals on the defensive and stand up for Mansur.

But instead, the Conservatives simply booted him.

It’s weakness, and that weakness will only encourage more attacks from the Liberals.

As Cosmin Dzsurdzsa wrote in the Post Millennial, “The Conservatives will be accused of Islamophobia either way. There really is no way around it. In fact, the Liberals will likely pull out their full arsenal of phobias to fling at Conservatives. This decision won’t mitigate the persistence or the frequency of such smears. It should be clear from the recent elections in Alberta and before that in Ontario, that the left will invent reasons to accuse their opponents of all sorts of vile things if they can’t find any readily available. For the CPC to think that this might save them a headache is just naivete or self-delusion.”

This move sends a dangerous message to brave Canadian Muslims who are speaking out against extremism. If even Canada’s top Conservative party won’t stand up for them, then who will?

It’s demoralizing for the Conservative Base, and it’s a massive mistake.

It also creates an opening for People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier.

While Bernier has been struggling in the polls as his party gets off the ground, the Conservatives’ rejection of Mansur plays exactly into what he’s been saying about some Conservatives being far too willing to bow down to Liberal-style political correctness.

Here’s what Bernier said on Twitter:

“The Tories have rejected the candidacy of highly respected Prof. @SalimMansurLNC, a critic of islamism, for fear of being called islamophobic by Liberals. Can you trust Andrew Scheer to defend Canadian values? Is he willing to do *anything* to gain power?”

There will certainly be some justifiably-angry Conservatives who will consider the People’s Party more now because of the brutal error of getting rid of Mansur.

The Conservatives under Scheer have gotten many things right, particularly their willingness to confront Communist China, build up our military, and reverse Trudeau’s destructive and unity-destroying economic policies.

That said, their lack of toughness and fear of attacks led them to meekly surrender to the Liberals and remove Mansur and that mistake could cost them votes at Election time.

Canada needs people like Salim Mansur in our political leadership.

As a result, the decision must be reversed, and the Conservatives need to adopt the attitude of simply focusing all their attacks and attention on Trudeau’s pathetic and dangerous failures, rather than surrendering to the sickness of political correctness.

Spencer Fernando

Salim Mansur Introduces Maxime Bernier & Thunders “Free Speech is the Mother of Our Freedoms”

Salim Mansur Introduces Maxime Bernier & Thunders “Free Speech is the Mother of Our Freedoms”


MISSISSAUGA, July 24, 2019. Before an enthusiastic crowd that frequently leapt to its feet applauding, Salim Mansur delivered a ringing defence of free speech as he introduced People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier who unveiled his party’s immigration programme.

“Free speech in the mother of all freedoms,” the retired associate professor of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario thundered. “There is a crisis of courage in Ottawa,” the author of several books critical of radical Islam argued.


“Until a few weeks ago, I was the Conservative candidate for London North Centre. On June 10, I was informed that the party leadership had disallowed my candidacy. There were no reasons given. There was no hearing. Apparently, the party leadership viewed me as a liability because of my criticism if Islamism. My candidacy was disallowed due to political correctness.” The first person to call offering his support was Maxime Bernier, an old friend, who promptly asked him to be the People’s Party of Canada candidate in London North Centre.


“Our political system has turned into an  empty shell full of politically correct slogans,” he said. Today, the views of Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Louis St. Laurent and John Diefenbaker are disallowed  as politically incorrect by our leaders. “We will not accept these measures by those who would censor us, Freedom of speech is the foundation of our liberal democratic society. Under Maxime Bernier’s leadership, freedom of speech will be the first order of business.”


A practising Moslem himself, Professor Mansur warned that, in efforts to appease the Muslim Brotherhood, Justin Trudeau seeks to censor any criticism of Islamism. Globalism and Islamism are like Siamese twins. Islamism is dedicated to imposing sharia law. Globalism is the ideology emanating from the UN and the European Union.” If globalism and Islamism prevail over our Canadian national identity, “we will be ruled by shadowy unelected ideologues in New York, Brussels and Geneva.”

Furthermore, he warned: “We cannot discuss immigration or national security, if we cannot discuss Islamism.” Concluding to wild applause, Professor Mansur said: “The People’s Party of Canada is the only party to resolutely oppose globalism and Islamism and the UN-driven globalist agenda.”

Tucker Carlson: ‘Canada Is a Sick Society’ That ‘Hates Itself’ –

Tucker Carlson: ‘Canada Is a Sick Society’ That ‘Hates Itself’ –
Tucker Carlson: ‘Canada Is a Sick Society’ That ‘Hates Itself’ – Tucker says it all. Lynda  youtube.com/watch?v=Tj48Vh…



The Canadian Red Ensign

FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2019

Brother Moonpie and the Devil’s Apocalypse

Hidden away in the mountains, in a forgotten branch of the Carpathian mountain range somewhere on the border between Transylvania and Cisylvania, is the last remaining monastery of the ancient and holy Order of Marshmallownians. It is also the Order’s first monastery, founded over a thousand years ago by St. Michael of Marshmallow himself, shortly before he was captured by Count S’more of Cisylvania, who sent him to his martyrdom by burning him at the stake. The Marshmallownians are a very devout Order, who fast three days a week, and slow on the others. They never miss their daily recital of the seven hours of prayer, and often stick an eighth and even a ninth one in to boot. The prayers are never said in the vernacular, nor is ordinary Church Latin good enough for them. Only Double Dog Latin will do for the Marshmallownians and each member of the Order is expected to be fluent in this lamentably neglected sacred tongue. If you ever get a chance to visit them, be sure to do so and to join them for prayer, for you will never hear anything like it anywhere else.

The current head of the Order is a man whose family name is Cracker and who at birth was given the name Graham after a distant relative who was a famous evangelical preacher. His parents gave him this name because they hoped that he too would become a preacher but he opted to become a monk instead. To his fellow Marshmallownians he is known affectionately as Brother Moonpie, and they rightly esteem him to be the holiest and most devout of them all.

You can imagine the surprise, therefore, when one morning, during Matins, before they had even gotten to the ibi-tay erubim-Chay et-ay eraphim-Say in the Te-ay, eum-Day audamus-Lay, he up and walked out of the chapel.

Brother Wagonwheel, worried that something was wrong, followed him out. Brother Moonpie, not seeming to notice that he was being shadowed, walked down the corridor to the monastic library, where he went to a neglected shelf in the back and pulled a dusty tome forward. A wall swung open to reveal a hidden chamber. It too was lined with books, older and dustier, for the most part, than the ones in the main part of the library, and contained a study desk upon which what looked to be the oldest and dustiest book of them, lay open. Brother Moonpie sat down in front of the book, turned a page, and then said:

“If you ever wish to moonlight as a detective, Brother Wagonwheel, you will need to learn how to trail people in a much less noticeable manner. I have a DVD that might help you in this. It is a vert rare copy of the film version of the only known collaborative work between Ian Fleming and Erle Stanley Gardner, a James Bond/Perry Mason teamup which was published under the alternate titles The Defense Never Rests and The Case of the Debonair Assassin when the manuscript was discovered after both of its authors had passed on. Someone managed to talk Sean Connery and Raymond Burr into reprising their most famous roles for the film. I really do recommend it and you could pick up some marvelous tips.”

“Um, thanks, I think. I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

Brother Wagonwheel really didn’t know what else to say.

“So, you must have followed me, to the ultra-secret reserved section of the library that up until now only I knew about for a reason. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I followed you because I was concerned. It is not like you to slip out of Matins before it is even half sung. I was worried that something was wrong.”

“Well, you were right to be worried. Something is wrong, very wrong, but not with me. At least, not in the sense you were thinking.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Something is very wrong in the world outside the walls of this, our safe haven, my friend. I have observed the signs for years and they have been increasing. I have been unable to concentrate on anything else and so have come here to meditate upon the situation.”

“Signs? Of the Apocalypse you mean?”

“Yes and no. As you know, both Testaments of our Holy Scriptures, contain Apocalyptic writings, vivid prophesies of a climactic final battle, in which our Lord and Saviour shall return, defeat the forces of darkness, judge the living and the dead, and reign forevermore. Signs of this Apocalypse would not disturb me at all, for it is the blessed hope for which we are commanded to watch and wait.”

“What other Apocalypse is there?”

“There is nothing pertaining to our Lord that Lucy has not attempted to counterfeit.”

“Lucy? You mean the daughter of the innkeeper in the village down the mountain?”

“No, I mean Lucifer, the enemy of men’s souls.”

“Oh, right, that Lucy.”

“This foul tome that lies open before me is Lucy’s Apocalypse. We keep it here for reference, but in this strictly restricted section, because it is more wicked than the Necronomicon, the Satanic Bible, the Communist Manifesto, the Feminine Mystique, Locke’s Two Treatisesand all other such works put together. As you might expect there are both similarities to the Apocalypse in our Holy Scriptures and significant differences. Like our Apocalypse it tells of a final decisive battle between God and the devil. In Lucy’s version the devil wins.”

“But there is not the slightest chance of that happening.”

“Of course not. But that will not stop Lucy from trying to make it happen. Indeed, Lucy has attempted to make it happen several times throughout history. In your studies you have probably encountered the fact that several historical figures have been identified by Christians in their day as the Antichrist, the Man of Sin who will arise to lead the devil’s forces in the final battle. In one sense this identification was a mistake, for none of these figures turned out to be the final Antichrist who features in our Apocalypse and will be defeated directly by Christ at the Second Coming. They were, however, previous attempts by Lucy to bring his own version of the Apocalypse to pass.”

His version? With a name like Lucy shouldn’t it be her version?”

“The fact that someone is confused about his gender does not give him the right to impose his confusion on the rest of us. Professor Peterson has some excellent videos on this subject, I’ll send you a link.”

“So the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine, if I understand correctly, tells us what will happen at the end of time because it has been foreordained by God to happen at a time that He has also determined but not revealed, whereas Lucy’s counterfeit Apocalypse gives the outcome the devil wants to make happen. God’s version will inevitably play out in history but only once, whereas Lucy’s version will periodically recur because he lacks the power to bring about his desired outcome and will keep trying until his final defeat in the real Apocalypse.”


“And you think we are living in one of those periods now?”

“The signs first became evident a decade or so ago when the first of the Four Justins of the devil’s Apocalypse appeared on the scene.”

“Don’t you mean the Four Horsemen?”

“No. Remember, Lucy’s Apocalypse counterfeits the true Apocalypse. It is in St. John’s Apocalypse that the Four Horsemen are described as being unleashed upon the earth when the first seals on the seven-sealed scroll are broken. In Lucy’s version, the Four Justins are beings that Lucy sends to wreak his wicked will through the means of popular entertainment. We have seen three of the four make their appearance.”

Brother Moonpie indicated with his hand an envelope on the desk next to the book and Brother Wagonwheel opened it and looked at the three glossy pictures inside. He then objected:

“I thought you said they would be popular entertainers. This one is a Canadian political leader.”

“Evidently, you are not familiar with Canadian politics. It is a form of popular entertainment, a subgenre of ordinary clowning. The individual you have indicated is well known to be a clown. Many people have a hard time distinguishing between clowns and the bogeyman. There is a reason for that.”

“Are you saying that he is like Pennywise?”

“It is hard to tell exactly where on the scale of clownish evil he falls – perhaps he is closer to the Joker, maybe he is closer to that guy who sells hamburgers – but either way he is a definitely a clown and like the other two Justins has all the signs of having come straight from Lucy himself.”

“Two of the three are Canadians, the other is an American. Does that mean that the fourth one when he appears will be an American?”

“It is possible. We know that Lucy’s most recent attempt to raise up the Antichrist involved an American. Three years ago one of Lucy’s American daughters, a member of the sisters of the night, the most sinister witches’ coven of all, was poised to take control of the American military-industrial complex and start World War III. Lucy’s scheme was defeated, however, by the triumphant rise to power of Donald the Orange.” (1)

“Wait, would that not mean that this round of the devil’s Apocalypse is over?”

“I wish it were as simple as that. But Lucy is not admitting defeat and, indeed, seems, if you will pardon the expression, hell-bent on bringing down the man who thwarted his designs and is more determined than ever to bring his version of the Apocalypse about.”


“I don’t have all of the facts, but this much I can tell you, that Lucy’s relationship with Mick and Keith has been under a lot of stress in recent years and the Orange Caesar’s defeat of Lucy’s daughter happened to follow immediately on the heels of the latest and ugliest quarrel. Illogical as it seems, Lucy appears to blame Donald for the fight.”

“How do you know this?”

“Do you remember how a year or so ago we granted sanctuary to a man named Cesare Salad?”

“Yes, he was a sort of a rough looking character.”

“He had been an enforcer for the Fettuccini crime syndicate in Ontario, Canada. His godfather, Don Alfredo, the head of the syndicate, is a good friend of Lucy’s. (2) One day he happened to overhear Lucy discussing his plans with Don Alfredo and some Ontario judge (3) and it frightened him so bad he ran away, all the way to us.”

“What kind of plans?”

“Apparently Lucy has been using the findings of stem-cell research, of which he has plenty to make use of for every aborted foetus is a sacrifice to Satan, to conduct experiments in the genetic engineering of demons and has found a way of crossing the harpies from the seventh circle of his infernal domain with the Malebranche from the eighth to produce a kind of super-harpy. He has made four of these fiends so far, which he calls his “squad”, and they are supposed to be so terrible and horrifying as to make the Justins look tame in comparison. He has sent them to wreak his vengeance on Donald the Orange.”

“Surely he will just send them back where they came from.”

“Most likely. In the meantime, however, the signs are continuing to increase.”

“What is the latest one?”

“The disturbing increase in veganism. Everywhere you look, these days, you find these new plant-based meat substitutes being advertised and sold.”

“I know that veganism is disgusting and silly and wrong but is it really a sign of the devil’s Apocalypse?”

“Of course it is! It is central to Lucy’s entire plan. Have you forgotten that is was by persuading Adam and Eve to eat a piece of fruit that he brought sin into our world long ago? Or that he caused the first murder by inspiring the plant-eater Cain to be envious of his carnivorous herdsman brother Abel? Lucy knows that even with Original Sin working in his favour the only way he will ever be able to deceive enough people to follow his Antichrist will be if he can starve their brain cells of essential nutrients and that the easiest way of doing so is to persuade them to voluntarily reject the most delicious source of nutrition that God in His grace has given to man.”

“So what you are saying is…”

“That to foil this part of Lucy’s scheme we must get beyond vegetarianism.”

At this point Brother Moonpie glanced at his watch and exclaimed “Look at the time! We have been discussing this all day. Vespers will have started already. Come with Brother Wagonwheel. With any luck we will still be in time for the agnifcat-May.”

The two monks left the secret room, carefully concealing the entrance again, and walked back to the chapel to resume their prayers.

(1) See The Witches Sabbat.

(2) Don Alfredo and the Fettuccini crime family feature in Justice for Minnie?

(3) Justice Bob Baddecision of the Ontario Inferior Court first appears in Lucy’s Day in Court.

People’s Party of Candidate Purged For Merely Linking to National Alliance Website

People’s Party of Candidate Purged For Merely Linking to National Alliance Website

The People’s Party of Canada has a lot going for it. It has a strong platform plank on free speech promising not to reintroduce Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, defunding of universities that do not ensure free speech and repeal of Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, except for speech explicitly advocating violence against privileged minorities.


And yet, they threw candidate Fawzi Bidawi under the bus. The candidate for Scarborough Centre was purged for merely linking to the White Nationalist National Alliance website in a tweet.


Sadly, even the good guys are bad.

A Canadian Political Candidate Was Fired For Tweeting A Link To A Neo-Nazi Website

Fawzi Bidawi’s political career ended before it began.

Colin Leggett2 hours ago

Updated on July 25 @ 12:53 PM

Zwawol | Dreamstime Fawzi Bidawi

The wrong tweet can cause a lot of trouble, especially for people who might be running for public office. That’s what happened to Fawzi Bidawi, the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate running in Scarborough Centre. After posting a tweet that linked to a radical neo-nazi website, Bidawi’s name was taken off the list of candidates.

Bidawi had tweeted about a South African family whose claim for refugee status was rejected based on their submission of “white supremacist hate literature.”

The family claimed that they had been the victims of racially motivated persecution, citing a number of crimes committed against them by black South Africans. However, they could not prove the crimes were committed due to their race.

Bidawi’s tweet regarding the whole situation first questioned whether the government had discriminated against the family because they were afraid “that they will vote right.” Bidawi then included a link to National Vanguard, a website tied to a white supremacist group of the same name.

National Vanguard is a white nationalist, neo-Nazi organization. A candidate for @MaximeBernier’s #PPC is openly sharing links to NV’s (deplorable) website. This is disgusting and totally unacceptable. Will Maxime condemn this tweet and fire @BidawiFawzi? #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/UQVbzQAxMn

— Ryan Jespersen (@ryanjespersen) July 22, 2019

After Bidawi was called out for his tweet, he refused to take it down, writing, “…Presenting a question about a website doesn’t mean is[sic] support the website. They made an argument and I am challenging it’s[sic] validity.”

First of all, presenting a question about a website doesn’t mean is support the website. They made an argument and I am challenging it’s validity. Free and open discussion are important. I fear no topics and favour no groups.

— Fawzi Bidawi (@BidawiFawzi) July 22, 2019 …


Bidawi’s name was removed from the list of candidates, and all reference to the PPC was removed from his Twitter account. Still, Bidawi stood by his tweet.

I refused to remove some tweets. I am no longer on the list of Candidates. Let free speech prevail.

— Fawzi Bidawi (@BidawiFawzi) July 23, 2019

The PPC is led by Maxime Bernier, who is currently running for Prime Minister. The party is polling at around three percent.

Radical trans activist hits Christian with $35K ‘human rights’ complaint for injured ‘dignity’

Bill Whatcott. David Cooke via YouTube
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Radical trans activist hits Christian with $35K ‘human rights’ complaint for injured ‘dignity’

PETITION: Tell Rights Tribunal to THROW OUT cases of trans ‘woman’ demanding females wax his genitals Sign the petition here.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian trans activist who has drawn global headlines for demanding female beauticians wax his male genitals and attempting to organize LGBT “swim parties” for children is now going after Christian activist Bill Whatcott for publicly referring to him as male.

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is a man who “identifies” as a woman. He recently rose to prominence for filing 16 complaints against local beauticians who offer bikini waxes to actual women but have refused to wax his male genitals, then for seeking permission from the Township of Langley, British Columbia, for “LGBTQ2S” groups to hold topless-optional swimming parties for “all people aged 12+,” with parents and guardians barred from attending.

Whatcott is a Christian social conservative activist whom the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal fined $55,000 in March for distributing a flyer identifying trans activist and former political candidate Ronan “Morgane” Oger as a “biological male,” which the court deemed an affront to Oger’s “dignity, feelings and self-respect.”

In a post Tuesday at the Free North America forums, Whatcott revealed that Yaniv is seeking $35,000 for “gender identity or expression” discrimination for publicly referring to him in sidewalk preaching and a flyer as a “biological male” and a “transvestite deviant” looking to “prey on vulnerable biological women.”

The complaint alleges that by stating the facts of Yaniv’s gender and expressing a negative opinion about his public activities, Whatcott has caused him “immense injury to dignity and self respect,” “incited hatred towards myself,” and “clearly intended to injure and, regardless of his intent, did injure the my privacy, dignity, and economic interests by calling attention to my sex and gender identity in a hateful manner.”

“God has created two sexes, and your gender identity should align with reality,” Whatcott declares in the video the complaint highlights. “If you choose to believe something fake, if you choose to believe you’re a woman when in fact you were born a biological male, I feel sorry for you. But you have no right to impose that falsehood on me. You have no right to impose that falsehood on other Canadians.”

“Really, these so-called human rights complaints are all an offense to real democratic principles and when it comes to complaints involving so-called transgender complainants the process is an offense to reality itself,” Whatcott responded to the complaint. “What is clear to me is if these frivilous (sic) and vexatious complaints continue (and all indicators are the BCHRT is happy to spend taxpayer’s money entertaining them) the ability to use peaceful speech to challenge the mostly fraudulent claims of the LGBT agenda, especially as it pertains to so-called gender theory will be gutted.

“No doubt Yaniv and the BCHRT would be really happy if I incurred the cost of another lawyer and expended all sorts of energy to defend myself,” he continued. “I believe we Christians have to do something different and indeed we have to work to reform our country and remove the ability of cultural Marxists and malcontents to use the power of the state to silence our speech.

“Beyond pointing to Christ as our ultimate answer, I have no solution as to how to Canadians can regain our freedom,” Whatcott lamented. “I think the judgments I am facing and the ordeal these 16 female estheticians have faced at the hands of a sick predator and a corrupt human rights tribunal is clear evidence our courts and political system is corrupt and I see no mass uprising on the horizon of outraged Canadians demanding to have their freedom back.”

Apart from the transgender ideology issues at play, some speculate Yaniv may simply be a male heterosexual predator using “gender identity” as a pretext to prey upon women and girls (he identifies as a lesbian, indicating he remains sexually attracted to the people he wants to wax his genitals and share locker-room space with).

The Daily Caller reported that Yaniv has a record of disturbing texts about being in locker rooms with girls as young as age 10, asking questions like, “If there’s like 30 girls in the change room, how many of them would you say are out there changing freely with their vaginas and tits out?” and, “What are some things that girls do like in the bathroom stall and in the change room that I should be doing to make myself more a girl,” specifying that he was asking about “the gross stuff.”

Moreover, Oger himself has accused Yaniv of “outrageously inappropriate acts, some towards children who are tweens and teens,” spanning 2013 to 2018.” Yaniv is alleged to have attempted to solicit phone numbers from teenage girls online, and to have taken photographs of underage girls at a beauty pageant without permission.

For his part, Whatcott says he may be willing to sit down with Yaniv for mediation, noting that while he doesn’t have the money for the damages Yaniv seeks, “I have Good News that I can share and a treasure more long lasting and beneficial to his well being than money.”

Ex-Miss Michigan says pageant dethroned her for conservative views & For Refusing to Put On a Hijab

Ex-Miss Michigan says pageant dethroned her for conservative views & For Refusing to Put On a Hijab

(CNN)The woman stripped of her Miss Michigan 2019 tiara for tweets that the pageant’s organizers found offensive said Monday she stands by everything she says on social media, despite having apparently deleted one of the posts in question.

Kathy Zhu, a University of Michigan student and vice president of the school’s College Republicans, had her crown taken the day after it was placed on her head last week.
“They stripped me of my Miss Michigan title due to my refusal to try on a hijab in 2018, my tweet about black on black gun violence, and ‘insensitive’ statistical tweets,” she tweeted Thursday.
In her response to Miss World America officials, which she shared on Twitter, she says the organization has fallen for “photoshopped tweets” and that “a girl” has been targeting her “because she had grievances against me.”

‘We do have a problem’

The beauty queen posted a chain of text messages that she said she had exchanged with Laurie DeJack, state director for Miss World America Michigan.
In them, DeJack says she needs to talk to Zhu and instructs her not to post anything to social media.
“Do not go out representing Michigan World America. We do have a problem,” one text says.
Zhu pleads for more information. Eventually, Zhu is told her social posts are problematic. She is provided a link to a post in which she wrote, “Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others.”
“How is that racist?” Zhu asks before texting, “It’s statistics” and “Didn’t know statistics were racist.”
DeJack disagrees, according to the texts posted by Zhu: “That is not a statistic. It’s a comment with no statistics to back it up.”
Zhu says she will come by DeJack’s house to drop off her crown and sash and accuses DeJack of believing “false claims” rather than sticking up for the state pageant winner.
“Maybe you should read a educational journal on the statistics of blacks killing other blacks … I go to school for this … I’ll save you the chance to lose this political debate. I’ll be dropping off everything at your front door,” Zhu says over three texts.
CNN’s efforts to obtain comment from DeJack and other Miss World America officials were unsuccessful. DeJack referred questions to the Miss World America national office. CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the emails and texts posted by Zhu.

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December 2016: Ex-beauty queen delivers tearful thanks to Trump 02:44
In the email Zhu posted, DeJack says that the organization was alerted to social media posts containing “offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content” in violation of pageant rules that require contestants to be of good character and not bring the organization into disrepute.
“MWA does not recognize you as a participant of any sort or in any capacity,” the email says, ordering Zhu to remove all references to participating in the pageant from her social media accounts.

Context is everything, Zhu says

Speaking to CNN on Monday — an exercise Zhu said was intended “to make sure the left will get an understanding of my stance and where I come from” — she maintained a similar defense. She did not deny tweeting two controversial statements attributed to her, nor did she accuse anyone of Photoshopping her tweets.
The black-on-black murder tweet must be viewed in its full context, she said. First, it was a response to another tweet, she said, which is true. She was responding to someone who had tweeted Vice President Mike Pence to say, “STOP KILLING BLACK PEOPLE !!!”

Kathy Zhu is vice president of the University of Michigan's College Republicans.

Secondly, she said, she sees this as an attempt to hush an opinionated woman because of her conservative views.
“Everything I’ve posted was my statistics and my opinions, and I think that we should be empowering women’s voices and not just stripping them of their titles only because of their opinion,” she told CNN.
Pressed on why she responded to a tweet referring to police violence against African-Americans with a reference to black-on-black killings — when federal stats show most whites are killed by whites (FBI data also indicates most Latinos are killed by Latinos) — she insisted again her tweet was taken out of context.
“This is all backed up statistics and facts. I think it’s really, really awful how the left thinks that statistics and facts are racist, so I don’t think anything I said was remotely wrong. I stand by every tweet that I post,” Zhu said.
She continued, “Of course, everyone has problems with their communities, and I completely understand that, but we have to empower women’s voices honestly to show that we could have different political opinions — and not just statistics and facts are racist.”
Following the interview, she thanked CNN in a tweet for putting her on air, but added, “Next time, please learn what ‘responding to another tweet’ means and the importance of staying on subject when having a dialogue.”

‘Try a hijab on’ tweet

Despite remaining steadfast in defending the views she shares in her posts, one post appears to have been deleted. The Orlando Sentinel, however, published a screengrab of the February 2018 tweet, posted when Zhu was a freshman at the University of Central Florida, before she transferred to Michigan.
“There’s a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus. So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?” the tweet reads.

Dalia Mogahed: Millions watched her TED talk

Dalia Mogahed: Millions watched her TED talk 01:10
Zhu was a political science major at UCF in 2017 and 2018, school spokesman Mark Schlueb said. He would not discuss her disciplinary record but said, “I can verify that the social media posts in question did not violate student conduct codes, and Ms. Zhu was not expelled from UCF.”
Speaking to CNN, Zhu called the hijab “a sacred garment” and likened a non-Muslim wearing a hijab to a non-Catholic carrying a rosary.
“There are so many women in Muslim countries right now who are being stoned to death because they don’t want to wear a hijab … and I think we should be focusing on that.
“There’s so many bad things happening in Muslim countries … and their women are being crucified for not wearing a hijab, and I think that’s really, really awful.”
In her response last week to Miss World America officials, she accused a Muslim woman of trying to force the hijab on her.
“A muslim woman tried to forcibly put a hijab on my head without my permission. I tweeted about it on my social media, and it got the attention of the media. Almost everyone was supportive of me refusing to be put in that situation,” she wrote in her letter to DeJack and others.
Zhu did not mention the claim during her CNN interview.

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August 2016: Former Miss Florida seeks $15 million 05:31
“It’s disgusting how you would rather lie to the public’s face than be supportive of someone that is trying to make a difference by talking about subjects that no one dares to say,” Zhu says in her email to pageant officials.
“I am sure you will love to find a ‘woman’ who is cookie cutter perfect and says brainless comments like, ‘I love world peace.'”