Standing Up for Monika Schaefer — People Rally to Her Cause

Standing Up for Monika Schaefer — People Rally to Her Cause

On Saturday, February 2. CAFE posted Monika Schaefer’s account of the way she’d been humiliated and denied photocopying services  by Sonja Dickey owner of the 3 Sheets Stationary Store & Laundromat in Jasper, Alberta. Miss Dickey refused to do some photocopying because Monika was a “hateful” person.

It is heartening so see the torrent of support from Britain, Europe and across North America admonishing the small town snowflake Dickey and backing Monika.

Well done, free speech supporters.

Here’s just a sample of the e-mails sent thus far.

Paul Fromm




Canadian Association for Free Expression

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-289-674-4455; FAX: 289-674-4820;


Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director

February  2, 2019

Sonja Dickey
P.O. Box 2098,

Jasper, AB,

T0E 1E0

Dear Miss Dickey:

I read on the Internet about a recent incident in your store where you refused to provide service — running off photocopies —  to local musician Monika Schaefer because you believe she’s a “hateful” person.

You are in the business of serving the public, not running a private club. You are obligated to serve anyone who behaves and can pay her bill. Your treatment of Miss Schaefer may well be a violation not only of her rights but of provincial statute. I have asked our in- house counsel to review the law so that we might advise Miss Schaefer further.

I do a nightly radio show entitled “The Fighting Side of Me”. I invite you to be a guest on my show to explain your actions. I heard Miss Schaefer speak recently in Toronto, as part of a cross-Canada tour. Her treatment at the hands of some people in Jasper — shunning, banned from the Legion, subject of a smear campaign to ruin her violin lesson business — was disgusting. Jasper sounds, at times, like a bigoted, judgemental small town right out of some old movie.

I hope you’ll reconsider your treatment of her and consider coming on my show. We can hook up by Skype.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Fromm



Dear Ms. Dickey,

Along with Monika Schaefer I would like to know what you meant when you said you did not want to serve someone ‘who hates’.


According to the Merriam – Webster dictionary the definition of the verb ‘to hate’ is:

1to feel extreme enmity toward

2to have a strong aversion to


Do you think ‘hate’ should be quantified on a scale of, say, 0 to 100 according to which 0 means no hate, that is, no dislike or aversion and 100 means complete hate, that is, total and complete dislike or aversion?

In my view, on such a scale Monika’s forthright regard and search for historical truth along with her honorable exercise of the valuable principle of Freedom of Speech merit her an award of 0 on that scale.

What level of hate would you assign to Monika, and for what?

Because of the unprincipled way you treated Monika, I would award you a value of 70 or 75 on that scale.

Now that you know that I feel some dislike of, and disrespect for, what you have done, do you now hate me?  If so, at what level?


Rudy List, Ph.D. (Mathematics)

P.S.  If I come to Jasper, would you be willing to discuss this with me?

Dear Sonja,
Recently, you refused service to a brave Monika Schaefer. You need to know that Monika does not hate anyone, as you fervently believe, but stood up for the right to disagree on something – that is not hate – it is our right to debate – to disagree – to challenge – any and all ideas – in Canada so far – to scare people like yourself to keep quiet. You are fearful and obedient to the idea that someone who simply states that she does not believe the official story about something must be run out of town and destroyed – this is the despicable act you and your friends have done – shame on you.
You seem to not understand that your very business depends on free speech – the right to print free ideas. Try that in old Soviet Union, or North Korea or Cuba – you will go to jail for expressing free speech – you could not run your little printing business there – did you know that? Canada is so far not there but you need to understand that Monika stood up for you and me and 35 million Canadians to protect that right. So you can run a business that operates on the principle of free speech that people like Monika Schaefer are willing to fight for on your behalf – and for that you stab her in the back?
The obvious subject is Holocaust gas chambers which has been proven wrong by scientists and engineers – most people, myself included, and many politicians, scientists, academics, lay people, see the Holocaust as a big lie – these were work camps – nothing more – there was and is not any evidence of anything sinister happening there. All Monika did was express her belief that the Holocaust never happened – that is not hate – that is simply a belief and our Canadian right to do so.
Unfortunately you have been drawn into the fear of speaking for yourself and maybe thinking for yourself. Speaking about any subject is not hate speech. It is about questioning the official story. I know for a fact that Monika Schaefer does not “hate” as you put it – she simply reserves the right to express her opinion which I wholly agree with as do millions of others.
By disallowing Monika to use your services you are making a strong statement that you agree that free speech must be killed and stifled if someone does not like your point of view. Well, that is a dangerous thing – I may not agree with you, for example, but I don’t prevent you from running your business or conducting your life. We discuss. We disagree. But we walk away agreeing we disagree – but we do not chastise or disenfranchise each other. Jasper has bullied Monika shamefully. I hope you are proud.
Because Monika stood up for her convictions she was imprisoned in Germany. She was brave and she stood up for principles of free speech, the most fundamental right humans have in a free society. Jasper should be ashamed for victimizing a wonderful productive peaceful soul. In Medieval times people like you watched accused people tied up and burned at the stake and I’m sure you would have been right there watching, cheering and happy at someone being killed for some idea that others disagreed with – is that the world you want? I do hope you have a deep serious think on your actions. I hope you and your fellow Jasperians have a reflection on how you treated a fellow citizen for simply standing up for basic Canadian rights.
Maybe one day you will actually get some guts and conviction and realize that the free speech Monika stands up for is more than you and your many fellow Jasperians have done except condemn someone for protecting what you don’t even know you have. I am sad for you and your friends – you have lots to think about.
Al Majauskas

Dear Ms. Dickey:
It has come to my attention that you have a customer who is a friend of mine: namely, Monika Schaefer who lives in your beautiful town of Jasper.
Monika reports that you recently asked her to leave your store because you believed she was a “hateful” person.  This seems very curious to me.  A very odd and inexplicable story.
I know that there are always two sides to everything, and I would like to hear yours.
I am a native Texan who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, but I have lived all over and was once offered a job at the University of Calgary and then another at the Royal Tyrrell (I didn’t take either of them because I was afraid of the winters—but that was before global warming really set in, I guess…).  Anyhow, I love the Canadian Rockies and the province of Alberta and have had great friends up there throughout my life, Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Drumheller, Fort Macleod, Lake Louise…. so I don’t feel I am a total stranger to the setting… I think Canada is a lovely place and I have always had very special affection for the Canadian people…..
I am writing as a great fan of Monika Schaefer to ask whether you would like to appear on my extremely informal podcast talk show, either with Monika or alone, and explain to her, to my audience, and the world, why you think Monika Schaefer or her work embodies or represents any kind of hatred?
I suppose we are all (all of Monika’s friends and admirers) wondering why you would see fit to exclude a civil rights heroine from your store, to refuse to do business with her.
Won’t you explain, please?  To me privately if not to the world.
I happen to find Monika to be one of the kindest and gentlest, sincerest and truest people I know on earth.  To me, Monika Schaefer and her brother Alfred stand for LOVE and TRUTH above all.  If you disagree, I would like you to tell me, and the world, why.
If you think that the world is an exceedingly simple place, of black and white, I’d like to know how you can possibly put Monika Schaefer in among the forces of darkness.
My invitation is quite real and sincere and my podcast (based in New Orleans) is very informal.  You would not be embarrassed or “trapped” by any of my questions, but I think if you believe sincerely that Monika Schaefer is wrong about something—you should tell her “to her face” in a public forum…..

I hope that you will consider accepting my invitation to speak about why certain people should not be allowed in your store….. why you think their money would “taint” you or your equipment…..
I absolutely believe in freedom of association, and I certainly respect every person’s right to have opinions and even prejudices, but if these opinions are based on a perception different from mine, I am always very interested in hearing it.
To my mind, Monika Schaefer is just a superior person in every way.  But we should never be trapped inside our own worlds, unable to see through other people’s eyes.
Won’t you please explain to me why you would treat this lovely lady so badly as to order her out of your store?
I really want to hear YOUR side of this story… and I think a lot of other people would also…

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

“Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint, und das mit recht, 
denn alles was entsteht, Ist werth daß es zu Grunde geht.”
Deo Vindice/Tierra Limpia

Telephone: 504-777-5021 

This is what I emailed:  (Joe Rizoli)

I just read this incident that you had with Monika Schaefer and I really have to say this, how could you hate somebody so much to refuse their business? Its incomprehensible that people can act like this in this day and age.

If Monika was gay, black, an immigrant, Jewish or anything else this would be front page news.

Monica is a wonderful person and for you to treat her in this way is really disappointing to me…or better yet, shameful…

Joe Rizoli
Framingham, Massachusetts USA


(My email, Diane King)
Dear Ms. Sonja Dickey:

I just learned about what happened to my dear friend, Monika, in her attempt to acquire services at your copy business. I’ve visited Canada for years and am continually astounded at the increasing restrictions and soviet-style prohibitions imposed on regular Canadians for what? AND what did she do to you? I can only conclude that you must have received word from the higher-up soviet-style elite to tell you what to do or like she said, that you ARE afraid of consequences to doing normal business with her.

I do understand the concern about retribution (though I doubt you fully understand other than what someone MIGHT have told you about her), but I don’t accept the ‘ caving’ into their thugocracy.

We of those who cherish freedoms are appalled at your behavior and truly, you SHOULD be ashamed. You owe her an apology at the very least and some free service for her trouble. You can fix this.


Diane King
Nacogdoches, TX, USA

Dear Sonja,

I hope this email finds you inundated with comments regarding your refusal to serve Truth Warrior, Monika Schaefer based on spurious allegations flung at her by a certain international group of trouble makers who have a significant nest in Jasper.  Refusing someone a service which you advertise you will perform for recompense based on lies, innuendos, and ignorance is not a very good way to conduct business.  Especially not in a nation where free speech is still valued; albeit seriously under attack by the entity you no doubt are aware of and who likely contacted you and scared the bejeebies out of you.  In my opinion, you are a coward and stand contrary to the Canadian Bill of Rights.  If you are a Canadian citizen, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Sincerely, Gertjan Zwiggelaar, B.A., B.Ed. &c.

(Richard Edmonds)
Dear Ms. Dickey,

I write to you as a Briton who as a young man lived in Canada. In the 1960s I lived in the province of Ontario and worked in the smelter of a nickel-mining company at Falkenbridge, Sudbury.

I learn that you have refused to serve in your store a woman whom I have got to know, Monika Schaefer. As you might know Monika Schaefer was recently released from a jail in Germany where she had been incarcerated for eleven months for the “crime” of expressing her non-violent opinions. All shame on the German judicial authorities that their law-books make Free Speech a criminal offence. Thank goodness that we Britons and including Canadians, of course, enjoy Free Speech in our lands.

All that said, I cannot understand your refusing to serve Monika Schaefer and your talk of “hatred”. Monika Schaefer, a music teacher and resident of your town of Jasper, is a pleasant, mild mannered middle-aged woman who takes a lively open-minded interest in the world. Surely we can all rub along and leave talk of “hatred” behind us ?

Yours sincerely, Richard Edmonds


Dear Ms. Dickey,

Well said, Mr. Richard Edmonds!

Good grief, your ill-treatment of dear Monika, a sweeter person of non-hatefilled disposition one could ever hope to meet!   
A shop-keeper who cannot allow herself to recognise her own personal experience of Monika’s firm but sweet nature – a personal experience which should over-ride that shop-keeper’s evidently media-emboldened, hate-indoctrinating prejudice.

Talk about turn-speak!
Bravo Monika Schaefer for standing your ground as always with role-model courteous dignity; shame on any media-gullible, hate-compliant shop-keeper.
Yours truly,  Lady M. Renouf


Subject: to Sonja Dickey in Jasper, Alberta: regarding your treatment of Monika Schaefer
To: <>

Hello Sonja,

As a defender of free speech I’m dismayed at the way you treated Monika Schaefer. Please consider that when it comes to being turned into an outcast for speaking your mind she is historically in good company. You can go back into early Greek society where you find the philosopher Socrates who had to drink poison because his opinion did not agree with that prevailing among the people of Athens. Others that come to mind are Galileo and Martin Luther. A Czech religious leader, Jan Huss, was burned at the stake for proposing a change in the creed of his time – and there are many more.


Why are you giving support to what we call the “Politically Correct”? That is the tyranny of the ruling oligarchy that has produced one war after the other. Why are so many people acting like

brainless sheep? In the end they will all be led to the slaughter. Why don’t people start to think on their own rather than relying on the opinion of others? All it requires is to inform oneself beyond the

mass media and read some books that certain people try to suppress? Of course, Sonja, it is much more convenient to follow the herd than to do your own research. What else can I say? I feel sorry for you for having been brainwashed.


Chris Klein, President,

Coalition of Victims and Survivors of World War II


Just in from the “Land of the (once) free and the Home of the Brave” Holocaust Skeptic Diane King’s Vimeo Accounts Cancelled



Just in from the “Land of the (once) free and the Home of the Brave” Holocaust Skeptic Diane King’s Vimeo Accounts Cancelled



To ensure delivery, add to your address book.


Dear Diane King,

Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating our Guidelines.

Reason: Vimeo does not allow videos that harass, incite hatred, or include discriminatory or defamatory speech.

For more information on our content and community policies, please visit:

If you believe this was an error, please reply to this message as soon as possible to explain. (Please be aware that Vimeo moderators take action as violations come to our attention. “I see other people doing it” is not a valid explanation.)

Otherwise, we hope that you find a video platform better suited to your needs.

Vimeo Staff

TM + © 2018 Vimeo, Inc.
555 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
Terms | Privacy Policy


A number of friends of mine have recently simultaneously had their VIMEO accounts removed. As we watched YouTube remove channels of the people who are Politically Incorrect, (not just people like myself who discuss the World War II issues, but all kinds of issues largely to the right of the political spectrum, we have watched them be targeted and marginalized. Now because this was not occurring with VIMEO at that point, we thought that VIMEO was taking the high road in regard to political correctness, fully supporting the FREEDOM OF SPEECH mandate in our Bill of Rights. In fact, I even boasted that VIMEO was seemingly championing free speech – we were cautiously optimistic … BUT WRONG!!!

My friend and I had a PRO account, which entails spending between $200 and $250 for the year. We thought that as a result of that we might be given additional or even special consideration, like being sent a warning. But that was not the case.  It appears that VIMEO received the PC word to ‘ax’ holocaust skeptic discussions without consideration.  This was done very swiftly, so apparently, VIMEO doesn’t feel our business is worth their time.  And you likely are being compensated for your betrayal and treachery – why ‘dis’ a 3-year customer who is spending the money for the PRO account! I hope it’s worth it to have received your 30 pieces of silver, selling your soul to your masters instead of doing the right thing!

Well here’s the thing about that, frankly, we don’t feel VIMEO is worth OUR time. You stole the money from us that we paid to you in good faith for the service you had provided. You terminated our channels. (Yes I know your policies excuse you from refunding us. That still doesn’t make it right.)  It seems you are permitted (for any reason) to terminate the business relationship for your ill-gotten gains!  You obviously don’t care about your reputation in the social media community – business must be THAT good. Maybe you’re being compensated to betray your patrons in the Soviet-style draconian method of dealing with free speech.

But, actually, you have done us a huge favor. Rather than depending on perhaps what used to be the major social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube and VIMEO yourself, where we were formally supportive and would throw business your way, we no longer have to. We are fully prepared to explain and express what VIMEO has done to us in the same way we have talked about YouTube. We will warn others about your treachery.
There is NO excuse for what you have done to me and my friends, especially with our nearly 3-year business relationship with you.  SHAME ON YOU and actually, if this is the way you conduct business – GOOD RIDDANCE to you and your TREACHERY!
Diane King




Texas Law Lays the Groundwork for Persecuting Those Who Criticize Israel (I didn’t want to believe it)



“Chuck Lindell from the American-Statesman paper reported that the Texas Senate passed the bill opposing BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) by a 25-4 vote and that it was sent to the Texas House of Representatives for a vote. “No senators spoke in opposition to [bill] SB 29 before the vote,” the paper reported, adding that the bill’s author, Sen. Brandon Creighton, said Texas should not do business with companies that participate in the BDS movement. … Charles Kaufman, who chairs B’nai B’rith’s International Center for Human Rights and Public Policy, delivered testimony in the Austin legislature in support of the anti-BDS bill. Kaufman, who lives in Texas, said, “In another time, in another place in history, people who wanted to rid the earth of the Jewish people boycotted their businesses. Filled with fear, these good citizens, stripped of their possessions, separated from their families, would subsequently fill boxcars… and you the know rest.”  (As he trots out the holohoax when it’s financially convenient.)  NOW THEY ARE BOYCOTTING OUR BUSINESSES.

LT GOV DAN PATRICK (Traitor to the Bill of Rights)

Patrick:  “This legislation codifies our commitment to protect Texas trade and oppose discrimination against entities and individuals on the basis of their national origin, ethnicity, or religion.”It won’t play out that way ‘to oppose discrimination’ – it will be a tool to target, criminalize and penalize businesses AND individuals who criticize Israel.  Texas will NOT be a safe place. (Diane)

As of January 2018, 24 states have enacted anti-BDS laws (precursor to antisemitic laws).


My Letter to Lt Gov Patrick and Governor Abbott:

SB 29, the alleged ‘anti-discrimination’ support for Israel – giving the jews in our government the tool to target, criminalize, penalize and ultimately suppress ANY AND ALL criticism, now corporations, colleges but soon, individual expression!!!  Not even our president has that right – nor our Texas governing body.   Do you in Austin realize what you have done!  You have laid the groundwork for stripping us of our right to freedom of expression with the #1 psychopaths on the planet.  And THAT statement alone that I just made could get me in trouble, right? My opinion?  The bill of rights doesn’t count anymore? You know, freedom of expression?  I’m appalled to tears that my state should be one of the 5 who would be the first to bail, buckle and forfeit such protections.
Texas has caved – I’m ashamed to be a Texan. Now ALL states will buckle to the jewish oppressors, but I didn’t think Texas would be in the Top 5. “The bill, authored by Representative Phil King, prohibits the state of Texas from conducting business with companies involved in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. After the bill becomes law, it ensures that certain public funds are not invested in any entities participating in this movement. Additionally, state contracts will only be given to verified businesses to guarantee that Texas maintains a strong and supportive relationship with Israel.”
How could you do this?! You signed away our freedom of expression in your state. The law not only prohibits criticism of the BDS movement but it also lays the groundwork for penalizing us for criticizing the psychopathic practices and government of Israel that also includes numerous activities in our country as well. I can’t believe how appalled I feel right now about you and your government. I thought Texas would stand against Free Speech encroachment but instead you’ve welcomed it with open arms. It saddens me to say I will no longer be supporting you. Nor is Texas a place to go to exercise your Bill of Rights freedoms. You have betrayed and slayed us.
Voltaire was noted to have said:  “To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize”  Israel is NOT our friend. — Diane King


  • From FB:  “The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:  Please remove this link to continue.  If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”


JVA Stadelheim
Schwarzenberg Str 14
81549 Munchen

March 4, 2018 
Dear Diane and Jim,
It’s so good to hear from you. It took your letter exactly one month to reach me and that is about average here, with all the “proofreading” that’s going on. I’m sure they are just checking for grammar and punctuation mistakes, n’est pas? Oh yeah that’s Canadian for “right.” 
It is so interesting what you are telling me that some people ask why in the world would she go to Germany? The first thought that jumped into my head at that was that those people are somehow missing the point entirely. Aren’t they asking the wrong question? Shouldn’t the question be directed at the regime which would have laws against thinking, investigating and articulating their results and conclusions about historical events, and then locking someone up just because they dared speak about these things? Does it not occur to people that we are all enslaved if we cannot think and speak freely? I am only imprisoned in body in this jail. Like another friend wrote to me: “When ONE of us is not free then NONE of us is free.”  I thought that was well said! Please feel free to share these thoughts with your readers and listeners. 
You, my dear friends, are absolute Heroes for all the work you have been steadfastly doing over the years. I want you to know that you have been and still are a big inspiration to me. Another thing: The American people better fight like hell to hang on to the First and Second amendments. It is important not just for Americans but for the world. 
I am not alone in here. The thoughts and prayers of many people are touching me deeply. And I pray as well. Since my Awakening a few years ago about what’s going on in the world, I’ve been having another kind of Awakening and am ever so grateful for that. God is giving me strength. The LIGHT will prevail, just as sure as the sun rises in the morning. 
Love Monica. 
PS.  I love your words: “We will do WHAT we can, ALL we can WHILE we can … to talk about the truth….”




The Zionist thought police have a hate-on for anything Revisionist videographer Jim Rizoli does. 

“Jim could be videoing MILLING FLOWER IN MASSACHUSETTS and get this same demonization,” says his co-worker Diane King. Here’s the YOU TUBE ban notice. Below it is the video of the Toronto meeting YOU TUBE seeks to censor.

Imagine that…


Regarding your account: J Rizoli

We have received a legal complaint regarding your video. After review, the following video: Toronto Trip, Toronto, Ontario meeting with Jim and Diane, Nov 2, 2017 has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s):

Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Israel, Italy, Martinique, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Reunion, French Southern Territories, Wallis and Futuna, Mayotte, United Kingdom

YouTube blocks content where necessary to comply with local laws. Please review our help center article on legal complaints //

The YouTube Team

Jim Rizoli and Diane King speak at Alternative Forum, Toronto, Canada, Nov 2, 2017. AN UPDATE ON REVISIONISM,


Paul Fromm, CAFE, Canadian Association for Free Expression, Jim Rizoli and Diane King speak in Toronto, Ontario about Free Speech issues in the states, the looming assaults of freedoms from the government.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Jim Rizoli and Diane King speak at Alternative Forum, Toronto, Canada, Nov 2, 2017. AN UPDATE ON REVISIONISM,

Jim Rizoli and Diane King speak at Alternative Forum, Toronto, Canada, Nov 2, 2017. AN UPDATE ON REVISIONISM,


Paul Fromm, CAFE, Canadian Association for Free Expression, Jim Rizoli and Diane King speak in Toronto, Ontario about Free Speech issues in the states, the looming assaults of freedoms from the government.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

The Rizoli Rebellion: Tenacious brothers battle immigration epidemic and Holocaust hoax

The Rizoli Rebellion: Tenacious brothers battle immigration epidemic and Holocaust hoax

. (March 2016) Their motto: Exercise the courage of your convictions By John Kaminski –

I know a lot of keyboard warriors. Heck, I’m one myself, trying to convince people of the dangers we face without actually confronting them in the real world. Though my advice might be authentic, my actions are not, because I’m not out there in public battling the tyrants and swindlers who are busy ripping us off and killing those who oppose them.

Am I afraid of suffering the harsh penalties incurred by so many who have challenged the powers that be? You bet I am. Do I know the day will come when I will be forced into open warfare with the people who run our country and have turned it into a giant prison system? Absolutely I do. It could happen any day now. And each day this unpleasant but vital task inevitably draws closer.

Though I am definitely a member of an exclusive club that has tried for decades to alert my fellow citizens to the lethal danger we face living in a society governed by ruthless  bankers who have no real point to their lives other than stealing from others and murdering those who stand in their way, my admiration really goes out to my compatriots who step out from behind their keyboards and wade out into the public chaos to defend the courage of their convictions and expose the constant and profound crimes that are being perpetrated by our owners against ordinary people who don’t ever quite seem to grasp the danger of their own predicament and how near they are to losing everything, including their own lives.

I’ve observed Jim Rizoli stepping out into the public spotlight for ten years now, first as a courageous protester of this strange and mysterious epidemic of foreign born illegal aliens being inserted into towns all across America, seriously diminishing the lives of native-born Americans who have worked all their lives for their modest piece of the pie. They have been constantly betrayed by their own leaders.

Some might consider what Rizoli is doing as tilting at windmills, but others of a more intelligent nature realize he is a 21st century patriot running at top speed to try and prevent the descent of the United States into a thoughtless prison camp dominated by aliens from the Third World and the Warsaw ghetto.

This surreptitious sabotage of American culture has grown to epidemic proportions with a deliberate but secret program of importing Third World aliens into the U.S. that has wracked big cities and small towns with ungrateful non-English speaking migrants who overload social systems and steal jobs from unemployed locals who need them.

And more lately, Rizoli has become the chronicler of one of the great hoaxes of the 20th century, a lucrative scam that has persisted into the 21st century as disingenuous Jews continue to swindle governments around the world with their heinous heist known as Holocaust reparations.

Inline image 1

He has done this by undertaking a series of YouTube videos aptly titled the League of Extraordinary Revisionists, introducing to the public those heroic truth tellers who have been savaged by the poisoned mainstream media yet have persevered to correct the damaging Jewish lies that not only caused the destruction of Germany back in World War II, but are now wrecking America and Europe with their Jewishcentric political correctness that encourages perversion, anarchy and dependence on government to destroy a thousands of years old family structure that has been the bulwark of civilization and now teeters on the brink of ruin.

“The Holocaust is like a wheel with spokes that extend out from the center and poison all areas of human activity,” Rizoli likes to say.
He, like so many of us, has seen far too much of it. But he, like so few of us, has been slugging away at the corrupt basis of it for more than a decade, going nose to nose with the Jews who control the political cobwebs of every town in America.

Oddly, it was his resistance to the sudden appearance of hundreds of Brazilian immigrants in his hometown of Framingham, Mass. that eventually led him to correlate this social disease to Jewish power and more specifically to the lies that have been told about the Holocaust.

“It all goes back to immigration,” Jim says. “My brother Joe got into it first.” Joe still writes commentaries and passes on links to his brother, but it is Jim, accompanied by his new sidekick Diane King, who are constantly updating a remarkably thorough website ( — note the extra “i”, standing for Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement) that contains both the story of their immigration battles with the corrupt town fathers as well as a unique and thorough set of files about the Jewish manipulation of reality.

“We held a meeting at the library, and right off the bat they jumped on us,” Jim explained. “They pegged us as racists and wouldn’t let us even talk about it.

“It made us more determined to go at it.”

It was the Rizolis’ stand against the barrage of immigrants overwhelming Framingham that initially got them in trouble with their community, repeatedly banned from their local cable TV channel, and on the Jewish Anti Defamation League’s target list as Holocaust denying anti-Semites. Its description of the Rizolis’ activities is absolutely heroic.


During an October 2009 segment of his public access television show, which was aired during a primetime slot, Jim delivered a lengthy diatribe promoting Holocaust denial. He defended Holocaust denier and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, instructed viewers to conduct their own research on the Holocaust to discover the “truth,” and directed people to visit Web sites that advance Holocaust denial.

Jim Rizoli has attempted to defend his statements about the Holocaust to the Boston Globe, which reported in November 2009 that he “believes…only around 300,000 people died, not six million, and that the majority were not killed but ‘died of sickness and disease.'”

During the same segment of his public access television show, Jim Rizoli alleged the existence of a “Zionist controlled government,” implying that Jews manipulate national and global institutions.
Rizoli also claimed during the show that “a lot of the Jewish people are not going to be happy to hear this [referring to his recommendation to view videos that advance Holocaust denial] because this whole thing all stems upon Judaism [sic] and what happened with them.” This is an anti-Semitic implication that Jews fabricate the Holocaust to advance their own agenda.

Joe Rizoli has questioned the severity of the Holocaust on the Jews. During an interview with the MetroWest Daily News in February 2004, he argued, “What happened to the Jews was atrocious, but you know what? Nine million people in Germany died in Dresden and related incidents. They say 13 to 20 million people died in Russia.” Rizoli went on to question, “Did the Holocaust happen? You define to me what the Holocaust is. I don’t know. There’s no letter or whatever that pinpoints Hitler saying it.”

In 2004, Joe Rizoli signed an Internet petition supporting Ernst Zundel, who was fighting deportation to his home in Canada from the U.S., which he entered illegally. Reportedly, Rizoli became interested in Zundel after receiving a “ZGram,” an E-mail that Zundel’s wife, also a Holocaust denier, sent to subscribers. Ironically for a xenophobe, Rizoli spoke out against Zundel’s deportation, which was the result of Zundel’s illegal entry into the U.S.
As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. To those onto the Jewish scam of the Holocaust, these are all admirable achievements. But to Jews, ever the promoters of lies and false stories, Rizoli’s unflinching achievements are anathema.

“We had a good following,” Jim remembers. “We became like celebrities because we had the balls enough to talk about illegal immigrants. It opened up the door to talk about it in the whole state. Even the governor came and talked to us. And a Brazilian station put us on down there.”

“Then I started getting into the Holocaust and even the immigration people were scared off,” he remembers.

“We took the most heat from then on. In 2010 we were banned by our cable station for a year for false allegations. We came back in 2011 with four shows. We were on 12 times a week.

“We were pounding away at the Jews. It’s a wonder that they didn’t kill us.”

The cable company shut them down again in 2014.
“Nobody would dare come on a show dealing with the Holocaust issue.”

Good fortune came Rizoli’s way about this time when he hooked up with Diane on Facebook and the pair have become teammates in a game most Americans are afraid to play — Holocaust revisionism.
What has gained Rizoli new found attention after years of battling the Jews in a beat up suburb of Boston now dominated by Brazilians is a series of YouTubes sketching the lives of famous historians who can tell the real story of World War II, which is not the one told in movies and on TV by paid shills who spout the bogus Jewish version of reality.

League of Extraordinary Revisionists
Be sure and check out the real heroes of the revisionist movement captured on film by JIm Rizoli.

These include, among many other luminaries, Fred Leuchter, author of the Leuchter Report that proved there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz; Robert Faurisson, the dean of Holocaust Revisionists who for more than a half century has been challenging the Jewish liars “to show me or draw me a picture of the gas chamber at Auschwitz”; Germar Rudolf, the German chemist jailed for his efforts at refining and reinforcing the evidence for the Holocaust hoax; and the late Bradley Smith, interviewed in the final months of his life after selfless decades of preaching historical sanity on college campuses with his Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.

In addition, there are many other controversial topics covered in — Holocaust Liars and Holocaust Truthers, Auschwitz and Treblinka, AIPAC and the Slave Trade, witch trials and Rizoli Uncensored.

Among the many highlights are a riveting account of the fake Boston Marathon bombing and a Police file that explains how public officials are allowed to commit crimes and get away with them.

“We’re not letting up,” says Joe, then making this writer not mention an event they’re in the process of unleashing on the public.
“It’s going to be a struggle forever,” says JIm. “I don’t know how we’re going to do it (“it” being to get the public to accept the real story of what happened in World War II in Germany).

“We just have to hang in there. We’re not looking to convert the world we’re just trying to get the word out.”

Rizoli is constantly emphasizing that “the Holocaust is the hub of what has gone wrong with the world.

“But I love the fight. I’m not going down on my knees. If I go down I’m going to be standing up. You have to do what you know is right.”
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