Great CAFE Meeting In Edmonton Tonight

The Canadian Association for Free Expression held a very successful talk in Edmonton tonight.

The Great Replacement — That Means YOU!

* More people are waking up. A May Abacus Data poll found 37 % agree: “There is a group of people … who are trying to replace native-born Canadians with immigrants.”

* Establishment figures like Michelle Garner-Rempel denounce it as a “conspiracy theory” and “hate”

* What is the Great Replacement? Is it just a theory?

Supporters stayed around an extra two hours discussing the issues of the day.

Paul Fromm Nominated to Run for Mayor of Hamilton

Paul Fromm Nominated to Run for Mayor of Hamilton

Paul Fromm for Mayor of Hamilton,

P.O. Box 332,

Rexdale, ON.,


M9W 5L3


PH: 416-428-5308

For Immediate Release

            HAMILTON, August 15, 2022. Paul Fromm, a former educator and Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression declared his candidacy for Mayor of Hamilton in the upcoming October 24 municipal election. His nomination papers were filed with the City Clerk, August 11.

            “I am running for Mayor for several reasons. Hamilton City Council has become arrogant, secretive and out-of-touch. It insolently, at times, refuses to hear citizen input during the section of meetings set aside for delegations. A representative — councillor or Mayor — should LISTEN to concerned citizens. As Mayor, I will hold regular town halls to get taxpayers’ opinion,” Mr. Fromm promises.

          “I am the FREEDOM CANDIDATE and the MOTORIST’s FRIEND,” he declares.

           During COVID, Canadians’ rights were trampled in the worst way since World War II. “To begin with, to help repair some of the harm done during COVID, I insist that the City of Hamilton compensate all the workers put on unpaid leave for the months of lost wages,” he insists.

          Further, Mr. Fromm declares, “as the MOTORIST’S FRIEND, I want the City of Hamilton to pursue a policy of moving traffic as quickly as possible. Fix the potholes that make some of our roads a menace. Do repairs in an expeditious manner.

          Traffic gridlock is a costly as well as nerve wracking problem for the entire GTA. The causes are twofold: mass immigration over the past 40 years which has more than doubled the population of the GTA and politicians, at all levels, who have failed to build the infrastructure — roads, expressways, hospitals, and housing — to accommodate the influx. “The City of Hamilton must speak truth to power,” he adds, “and insist that immigration be tied to massive expenditures to accommodate the newcomers.”

          ” Individual freedom, for me, is a lifelong commitment. Since April of 2020, I have attended End the Lockdowns and End the Mandates freedom rallies, often many times in the same city, in 15 cities in Ontario and British Columbia,” he adds. “I was a proud supporter of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy and, on a frigid Thursday, January 29, joined thousands of other Hamiltonians, to cheer the convoy on its way to Ottawa.”                                                           

Paul Fromm Sits Down with the Daily Rake, Part 1 – the Overview: My Early Years in Politics

Paul Fromm Sits Down with the Daily Rake, Part 1 – the Overview

theTDCtheTDCJuly 30, 2022

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I recently had an interview with none other than Monika Schaefer. She’s the wonderful woman who made a video fact-checking the lampshadocaust in 2016, only to have her life turned upside down by the usual suspects. Video of our interview is below.$/embed/POL_MonikaSchaeferInterview/8cfd113aa77409dad307f6df6258c2c777b85b7d?r=FTJ3BGxkHz9uNBeBiPCCFtPdA1DwVM19

At the bottom of the article I wrote on our interview, the first in the series, I mentioned that I had an interview set up with Paul Fromm, and in fact I finished this interview two days ago. Unfortunately, we had serious technical issues right from the very beginning. This caused us to delay the interview by forty minutes, and eventually we settled on simply having me call Paul and record the conversation with him. The video is below.$/embed/POL_PaulFrommInterview/b31283be29ff5bc40c5b880e7499ad187e1bcc03?r=FTJ3BGxkHz9uNBeBiPCCFtPdA1DwVM19

As for Paul Fromm himself, he’s been fighting for Our People for half a century now, starting out in the anti-communist days, and moving on to what we see today. One thing I did mention to him, and which he agreed with in our interview, is that it sure does seem like the communists of the day, like William “Moses” Kunstler, seem to be pushing the exact same anti-White pervert garbage as the capitalists of today.

But just as I’m doing with Monika Schaefer, I’m going to write one or more additional articles on my interview with Paul Fromm. So I won’t get too in depth as to our interview right now.

In fact, I’m not going to get too in depth as to Paul Fromm’s history either, but it certainly is interesting. Fromm has been the international director of the Council of Conservative Citizens. He founded the Edmund Burke Society with Don Andrews and Leigh Smith when he was just a teenager. He’s founded CAFE, a free speech organization, in the 80’s, 

And for those who want to do the whole “SerIoUS GuYS wOrK WiThIN thE CuckSeRVAtIvE/RepUbLiCAn PaRTy” bit, he, like many of these guys, has had the ear of some Conservative politicians since back in the late 60’s. Although now he agreed with me that the Conservative Party of Canada is a thoroughly useless and in fact actively harmful institution.

He’s been involved in multiple high profile legal cases, had serious violent confrontations, all started by antifa/commies of course, been the leader of the Ontario Social Credit Party, fought against koshervatives like Jason Kenney, and is of course denied entry to the United States of America. And I guess at one point he crossed paths with Evalion. 

Paul Fromm with Evalion. Remember her?

I told him when I began interviewing him that I would need to wrap it up as soon as possible. I had planned something like just ten minutes, and then we could reschedule a new meeting when the technical hiccups were ironed out. Of course we ended up talking for forty minutes, and I didn’t even get to ask him about some entire topics of interest, like his defamation trial, his connection to Ernst Zundel, and many other topics.

That will have to wait for a later date. For now I’ll end here, and simply thank Paul for coming onto the Daily Rake, tolerating the technical problems we had, and accepting my stilted, scatterbrained interview “technique.” I’ll have the video up shortly, and an in depth piece will be released on this interview after tomorrow’s event — The 2022 George Orwell Free Speech Awards to Monika and Alfred Schaefer in Vancouver.

Catch My Daily Radio Programme “The Fighting Side of Me”

Catch My Daily Radio Programme “The Fighting Side of Me”

My daily programme The Fighting Side of Me contains news and views and commentary for OUR people; that is, the European founding/settler people of Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Rhodesia and those in the European heartland.

Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer Freed From German Jail

Dominion Day brought good news for supporters of free speech. Alfred Schaefer, born and educated in Canada, but now a German citizen was released after more than three years in prison in Germany for questioning the Hollywood version of World War II — a crime under Germany’s nebulous Sec. 94 of the criminal code which prohibits “racial incitement of the masses.”

His sister Monika formerly of Jasper, Alberta served nine months in a German jail under the same section of the criminal code for a video Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust.

A few hours ago, Monika sent out this message: “Friends, my dear brother Alfred is out of prison!!!! Even Alfred did not know until two days ago if he would be let out today July 1st, or Monday July 4th, or if they would pull a hat trick and find some excuse to keep him caged. I just spoke with him, and he is so excited! All the wise and beautiful butterflies are flying, and his wonderful dog is jumping for joy. He can hardly contain himself. Which one, you ask, the dog or Alfred? Both!”

“Canada’s many supporters of free speech rejoice with Alfred and his wife in his regaining his freedom today,” said Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. Alfred is a brave and passionate man who changed his views as he studied history over the past two decades. He had been fearless in sharing his new knowledge and beliefs with others It is to Germany’s everlasting disgrace that it has jailed the Schaefers and thousands of others for the non-violent expression of their political/historical opinions. Why send arms to fight for freedom in the Ukraine when there is little in Germany and not a great deal in Canada?”

A NEW STATE RELIGION & THE END OF FREE THOUGHT IN CANADA — Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln Discuss Canada’s Proposed Law to Outlaw Holocaust Questioning

A NEW STATE RELIGION & THE END OF FREE THOUGHT IN CANADA — Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln Discuss Canada’s Proposed Law to Outlaw Holocaust Questioning
Will thinking Canadians be victimized by another minority flim flam?