The Christ Haters Now Have Carte Blanche to Violently Shut Down A Christian Preacher

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SECRET WARRANT: Police permitted to use “any force necessary” to shut down Calgary church

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is being persecuted by the City of Calgary.  The rebellious pastor went viral recently after expelling police and health officials who came to his church to enforce Alberta’s coronavirus restrictions — not just once, but TWICE! 

Those videos were an international embarrassment for Alberta Health Services and the Calgary police.  Each time they came, Artur told the authorities to come back with a warrant, and it looks like they finally did. 

A secret warrant at that.A warrant obtained at a secret hearing, using secret evidence, and containing secret allegations against the pastor. It’s an unlawful warrant granted by a corrupt judge giving health inspectors and police the power to disrupt Artur’s church during service all day every day — a direct contravention of Section 176.2 of the Canadian Criminal Code. 

This isn’t the first time Artur has stared down the government. We met Artur last year when he became our first Fight the Fines case after he received a lockdown ticket for feeding the homeless.  With the help of our legal team and the generous donations from viewers like you, we were able to help Artur beat that ticket and many other tickets he received for refusing to comply with the province’s demonic health restrictions. But this is Artur’s biggest battle yet. 

They’re going to try to shut down Artur’s church and haul him off to jail — but not if we have something to say about it. Watch this video to hear from Artur and learn how we plan to help keep his church open and him out of jail.Could another Alberta pastor end up in jail like Pastor James Coates?

We have an excellent lawyer named Sarah Miller, who will fight hard on behalf of Artur to make sure that doesn’t happen.Sarah is good. Really good. She has successfully had many of Artur’s lockdown tickets tossed — maybe that’s why the police chose not to contact her after Artur explicitly told them to do so. This fight will cost tens of thousands of dollars, but Sarah is worth every penny, and we think it’s worth it to defend religious freedom in Canada. At this point, how many rights do we have left to defend? If you want to stand with Artur and support our legal fight, please click here or go to

End the Lockdown Caucus: Group of Canadian politicians Calls for End of COVID-19 Lockdowns

End the Lockdown Caucus: Group of Canadian politicians Calls for End of COVID-19 Lockdowns

April 15, 2021

Duration of video is 50 minutes

Derek Sloan Randy Hillier at the 8 minute mark: Excellent on freedom Pastor Michael Thiessen at the 12 minute mark: Science has no moral authority Maxime Bernier at the 22 minute mark (he speaks in French from 18 to 22 minutes): Covid normal flu Questions at the 27 minute mark   At a press conference on Parliament Hill, independent MP Derek Sloan, People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, Ontario independent MPP Randy Hillier and Pastor Michael Thiessen discuss the impact of lockdowns that are in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Their group, known as the End the Lockdown caucus, has been vocal in raising concerns about the effects of pandemic-related public-health measures.

Join MPP Randy Hillier & MP Derek Sloan & Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for Morning Service at the Aylmer Church of God

to me
Join MPP Randy Hillier & MP Derek Sloan & Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for Morning Service at the Aylmer Church of God –

If you are reading this email, then you are close by to the No More Lockdowns Stratford Family Freedom Event TOMORROW featuring me and Derek Sloan, MP of the End the Lockdown Caucus. We will also be in attendance at the Aylmer Church of God with Pastor Henry Hildebrandt for morning service. Service at Aylmer Church of God
Sunday, April 25th @ 10:30 AM < UPDATED TIME!

751 John St North, Aylmer, ON Family Freedom Peaceful Assembly
Saturday, April 24th @ 2 PM

55 Queen Street, Stratford, ON Join the many freedom loving Canadians taking a stand against lockdowns! See you there! Randy Hillier

OPP officer SHOVES 12-year-old boy while enforcing COVID restrictions


OPP officer SHOVES 12-year-old boy while enforcing COVID restrictions

C.L.E.A.R. Kelowna & Penticton Freedom Assemblies

C.L.E.A.R. Kelowna & Penticton Freedom Assemblies

Greetings, Freedom Lovers!


Other reminders:

·         Saturdays, noon to 3 – CLEAR freedom assemblies – Stuart Park, Kelowna

·         Sundays, noon to 2:30 – CLEAR freedom assemblies – Warren Avenue opposite Cherry Lane Mall

·         Next Penticton Action meeting – Monday, April 26 – Wild Scallion – show up at 7 and have a yummy dinner to support the restaurant – meeting 8 to 9 p.m. Poster making party 9 to 10 p.m. NOTE: IF new announcements from Horgan cause a change in plans, I will let you know as soon as I know.

·         Upcoming Cross-Canada MEGA “assembly” – Saturday, May 1 – 11:30 Music from our own Peter Esau of the Peter James Band (Dan and Shirley’s son); presentation noon to 1. March through town 1 – 1:30. “assembly” on the highway 1:30 to 3 – Stuart Park, Kelowna –  let’s car pool & support Kelowna

·         Our Second WorldWide “assembly” – Saturday, May 15 – details for be announced. Mark your calendars.


·         Stand in Your Power – Tuesdays, 8 p.m. – Zoom 813 569 7454 FREEDOM – Darlene Ondi

·         Action4Canada Boots on the Ground – Wednesdays, 6 p.m. (first-timers at 5:45 for intro) contact


1.       Feature length documentary of our first World Wide Freedom “assembly” held March 20, 2021 (features videos of Kelowna “assembly”, interviews with David Lindsay and more from around the world). Get a few friends together and enjoy the movie!–Oracle-Films–The-Day-the-World-Stood-Together–DareToThink:2

2.       Freedom Song – this one is for you, Helen. 😀  ONLY 5 minutes long and a great singalong.

Don’t miss any of these upcoming events. We’re making things happen! We are the 99%.