COVID jails legal battle: Rebel News, JCCF suing to end mandatory quarantine programme

COVID jails legal battle: Rebel News, JCCF suing to end mandatory quarantine programme

Today in federal court in Toronto, lawyers for Rebel News, alongside lawyers from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, are suing the federal government to put an end to Justin Trudeau’s illegal and unconstitutional COVID jail system.

Healthy Canadians arriving by air, who already tested negative for COVID before flying, have been required to quarantine for three days at the cost of thousands of dollars while they await a second PCR test upon landing in Canada. Upon the results of that second PCR test, these healthy COVID-free people are then required to finish out a 14-day quarantine at home.If travellers don’t submit to arbitrary COVID detention, which appears to be up to the discretion of the health agents at the border, or a second COVID test upon arrival, these law-abiding Canadians then face thousands of dollars in fines and possible jail time. Completely healthy people are being arrested, detained and — as we found out today in court — denied the knowledge that they have a right to contact a lawyer, all in the name of “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

That’s exactly what happened to former Rebel News journalist Keean Bexte, who travelled to Florida on assignment for Rebel News. Upon his arrival back in Calgary, Keean was taken to a COVID jail hotel, despite having the ability to quarantine alone, his own mode of transportation to his location of quarantine, and a negative PCR test before he got on his plane back to Canada.

Even worse, these quarantine measures don’t apply to travellers who are arriving back to Canada by land. Apparently, the federal government presumes that so-called variants of concern only travel via airplane. But in fact, the government provided no evidence of the variants of concern entering via plane in their affidavits.

Rebel News
 will be following the case over the next three days, providing video updates and live tweeting the proceedings.

Law-abiding Canadian citizens are allowed to travel in and out of our country. They shouldn’t be punished financially by being sent to an overpriced COVID hotel, and denied their liberty and security of person just for trying to come home.

The federal government has limitless resources to fight Rebel News in court, but we think freedom is worth it. We’ve got great lawyers from JSS Barristers working on the case, including Sarah Miller, who is also working on our Charter challenge to the lockdown in Saskatchewan and representing Pastor Artur Pawlowski in Calgary.

The War Against Christians & Dissidents Intensifies in Kim Jong Kenny’s Police State: Calgary Mayoralty Candidate Kevin J. Johnston Arrested for Attending END THE LOCKDOWN PROTEST

The War Against Christians & Dissidents Intensifies in Kim Jong Kenny’s Police State: Calgary Mayoralty Candidate Kevin J. Johnston Arrested for Attending END THE LOCKDOWN PROTEST

Police arrest Calgary mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston for attending illegal gathering

(Calgary Herald, May 15, 2021)

Police said in a news release Saturday evening officers arrested Johnston for attending an illegal public gathering against a provincial health order issued earlier this month. …


The illegal gathering took place Saturday morning, police said, though the service did not release details on the nature of the gathering and could not be immediately reached by Postmedia on Saturday evening.

On Friday, an Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench judge granted AHS the restraining order against Johnston, prohibiting him from a wide array of activities, including recording AHS officials, being within 100 metres of any AHS public health officer and uttering any threats against AHS employees.

The arrest Saturday was not under the recently granted restraining order, however. Johnston was arrested under a separate Court of Queen’s Bench Order obtained by Alberta Health Services on May 6, which applies to gatherings held in contravention of the public health orders.

Other public health scofflaws including Street Church preacher Artur Pawlowski and Whistle Stop Café owner Chris Scott have also been charged under the order.

“This order imposes compliance with public health restrictions on organizers of events, including masking, physical distancing and attendance limits,” police said in Saturday’s statement.

The Christ Haters Now Have Carte Blanche to Violently Shut Down A Christian Preacher

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SECRET WARRANT: Police permitted to use “any force necessary” to shut down Calgary church

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is being persecuted by the City of Calgary.  The rebellious pastor went viral recently after expelling police and health officials who came to his church to enforce Alberta’s coronavirus restrictions — not just once, but TWICE! 

Those videos were an international embarrassment for Alberta Health Services and the Calgary police.  Each time they came, Artur told the authorities to come back with a warrant, and it looks like they finally did. 

A secret warrant at that.A warrant obtained at a secret hearing, using secret evidence, and containing secret allegations against the pastor. It’s an unlawful warrant granted by a corrupt judge giving health inspectors and police the power to disrupt Artur’s church during service all day every day — a direct contravention of Section 176.2 of the Canadian Criminal Code. 

This isn’t the first time Artur has stared down the government. We met Artur last year when he became our first Fight the Fines case after he received a lockdown ticket for feeding the homeless.  With the help of our legal team and the generous donations from viewers like you, we were able to help Artur beat that ticket and many other tickets he received for refusing to comply with the province’s demonic health restrictions. But this is Artur’s biggest battle yet. 

They’re going to try to shut down Artur’s church and haul him off to jail — but not if we have something to say about it. Watch this video to hear from Artur and learn how we plan to help keep his church open and him out of jail.Could another Alberta pastor end up in jail like Pastor James Coates?

We have an excellent lawyer named Sarah Miller, who will fight hard on behalf of Artur to make sure that doesn’t happen.Sarah is good. Really good. She has successfully had many of Artur’s lockdown tickets tossed — maybe that’s why the police chose not to contact her after Artur explicitly told them to do so. This fight will cost tens of thousands of dollars, but Sarah is worth every penny, and we think it’s worth it to defend religious freedom in Canada. At this point, how many rights do we have left to defend? If you want to stand with Artur and support our legal fight, please click here or go to

Medico-Stalinist Tyranny in Alberta: Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless

Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless

Calgary Street Church pastor Artur Pawlowski has been charged, yet again, by police for providing food to the homeless. Oh, and for organizing a protest, too.

Rebel News viewers might recognize Artur from the very beginning of our campaign, when my colleague Keean Bexte caught up with the pastor after he’d received a $1,200 fine for helping feed downtown Calgary’s homeless population.

After we hired a lawyer to fight for Artur, the police ended up dropping their ridiculous charge.

But, just as restrictions on gatherings have returned to Alberta, so too have Calgary police returned to, yet again, charge Artur. Over just a few weeks, the pastor and his brother have been given nearly a dozen fines. He’s been charged for not wearing a mask — even though it was outside. He’s been fined for violating orders on outdoor public gatherings. He’s even been charged for organizing protests — something he assured me he isn’t doing.

I spoke to Artur and his brother at a protest in Calgary about the situation, and how Rebel News is going to help the brothers fight their fines.

If you want to help support our fight for Artur, and every other Canadian we can fight for, you can donate at Or, if you’ve received a charge yourself, you can tell us your story there, too.ProtestsCoronavirusFight the FinesCalgary