Support David Lindsay: Stand Up for the “Man Behind the Wire”

Support David Lindsay: Stand Up for  the “Man Behind the Wire”
I spoke to political prisoner David Lindsay this evening. he’s being held by the Canadian state, actually the Province of British Columbia for 60 days. He will be in jail over Christmas.
David is encouraged by the fact that so many of you have sent him Christmas cards. It’s still not too late to send a little bit of Christmas comfort and best wishes for the New Year to this man behind the wire.
“And every man
Must stand behind
The men behind the wire.”
Paul Fromm
Tax Rebel David Lindsay Gets 60 Days — Extra Harsh Penalty for His Political & Religious Views
David-Kevin Lindsay has been a lecturer across Canada. He is a committed Christian, a staunch constitutionalist and one who believes that Canada’s Income Tax Act  is illegal. For some years, he has failed to file his income tax return. He has fought a running battle in the courts and is a ferocious researcher and most learned. He has astounded many judges and lawyers with his learning.
Last week, I reported on a disturbing trend by some government security “experts” and other officials to label non-violent free men (people with a strict sense of our ancient Anglo-Saxon liberties) dissidents and White supremacists as “terrorists.” My report said, in part:

“When Const. Curtis Rind pulled over a man without a valid driver’s licence during a routine traffic stop, he didn’t expect the man to start arguing that it was his God-given right to use the road. But the man was part of an emerging group of domestic terrorists that police have been notified to be on the look out for because of their anti-government beliefs.They’re called “freeman” or “sovereign citizens,” and basically believe the law doesn’t apply to them, and they shouldn’t have to pay taxes, Rind said. Rind, an officer in southwest division, first learned about freeman citizens a few years ago through notices and information bulletins circulating throughout the police service. In the last six months, Rind said freeman citizens have increased their presence in the city and now seem to be all over the place.” (Edmonton Sun, November 7, 2012)


This Const. Rind is a dangerous ignoramus. He was outraged that some mere citizen, who pays his exorbitant salary, actually believes he has “rights” and that driving isn’t some state-given “privilege.” They may be dissenters, they may be oddballs, but they are not terrorists, if “terrorist” means using extreme violence to further their political goals.
Ever since 9/11, many police and even rent-a-cops and airport security types have begun acting like Rambos on steroids, snarling, throwing their weight around and seeking to intimidate any mere citizen who doesn’t act like a submissive sheep/
It gets worse. The Sun report continued: “Anti-terrorism expert John Bain said police should be keeping a close eye on. Speaking at an anti-terrorism workshop Wednesday, Bain explained the different types of terrorists that range from “freedom fighters” such as Osama bin Laden and eco-terrorists such as Wiebo Ludwig, to religious and other extremist groups like white supremacists.  At this time, it’s the White supremacist groups that Bain believes poses the biggest threat to Canadian safety.”
David was sentenced to 60 days. This non-violent dissident and organic gardener fights through the courts. He argued with copious documentation that, in such cases, there is no jail time imposed for a first offence. However, David is seen as a leader. So, as a dissident with the wrong political  views , he’s off to prison in Kamloops.
I’d call him a political prisoner. When you consider the ongoing police indifference to Indians violently occupying land, despite court injunctions in Caledonia, Ontario, it’s hard not to conclude that the real offence is not in the alleged breaking of the law but in having the wrong political views.
Why not send a Christmas card to David, thus:
David-Kevin Lindsay, Political Prisoner,
Kamloops                 Regional Correctional Centre
PO Box 820 Kamloops, BC.,
 V2C 5M9
Paul Fromm
Here’s a message from David.
Hi to everyone, to begin please do not respond to this email as I am currently and unlawfully being held in custody at the Kamloops Correctional centre.  On Thursday, Nov 29 I appeared for sentencing on the second charge, this time of failing to comply with court order to file income tax returns. The judge, Judge DeWalle as expected ignored all my sentencing submissions. It was clear from the beginning when I showed up at court and there were 3 sheriffs in the court room with black gloves on that the judge had already made up his mind before even hearing me that he was going to send me to jail and he had already ordered the sheriffs that this was to happen.  Thus, my sentencing submissions meant nothing from the beginning as the issue was already decided before I entered the court.  I had insisted that there should be no jail, the crown suggested 60 days. I provided the judge with over 50 cases showing that on first offence the maximum penalty given was $1000 fine. However, in the first trial the provincial court tried to sentence me for 5 months, the appeal court shortened this to 30 days, even though at that time I had also provided the court with over 40 cases showing that jail is not an option on the first offence therefore because the court made that error the first time this court should not increase it but should keep it as a fine or 15 days or less.  I also provided him with 9 pieces where people had been charged the second time with failing to comply with a court order to file income tax returns , one person got 21 days in jail on 23 counts, all the rest were fines only.  I told the judge that my case was no different than these.  He disagreed relying on what the appeal court said in the first case, claiming with no evidence to support it that I was leader of either the Freedom movement or tax honesty movement.  As a result Judge DeWalle imposed a harsher penalty specifically due to my political beliefs, and my Christian religious beliefs which outlines in great detail at the sentencing hearing that formed the basis of my inability to file income taxes.  I also instructed the judge to the fundamental and constitutional principles to our law as admitted to by the most respected English judges in history including Blackstone, Coke, Broom, and Halsbury who all admitted that our constitution allows me and everyone else to refuse to comply with statutes that violate the principles of Christian law set out in the Bible.   I had attempted to apply to the Supreme court of BC, for release pending appeal however, the court refused to accept my application because an order exists from 6 years ago given in my absence, declaring that I was vexatious and that I was required to get leave ‘permission’ from the court before they would accept my application.  Despite the fact that I have never had any action instituted by me declared to be vexatious at any time and despite the fact that the court of appeal upheld in my position that this order does not apply in criminal or penal matters, the supreme court still refuses to accept my application of release pending appeal.   Also, this ignores the well known principle that the provincial legislation  permits this type of order to be issued, cannot override federal statutes including the Criminal code, which directly states that I am entitled by law to a right of appeal and to apply for release pending appeal, also as of right. 
 Consequently, I have no remedy to get released, as the court refuses to uphold my rights.  I am now going to spend the next 60 days less 1/3 rd time, in jail and will not get out until first week in January. I appreciate all the support from everyone across Canada and wish everyone to know that the judges in BC have decided that they will not rule on the issue of whether the income tax act violates the Coronation Oath Act which is part of our constitution.  I will send out another email through a third party friend in about a week and want everyone to know that this jail sentence has not diminished my resolve to expose the unlawful usury banking system and supporting tax structures and will continue to do so with all resolve beginning once again in the Spring upon my release. Thank-you again for your support and please remember that I cannot respond to any emails until January.


In Freedom I remain

David-Kevin: Lindsay