Royal Bank Turns Down The Rebel & Ezra Levant for a Mortgage BECAUSE They Are Conservative

[Canadian banking is a near monopoly. The banks are militantly Woke. The Bank of Montreal gave $500,000 to the viciously anti-free speech Canadian Anti-Hate Network in 2020. All the banks shove the LGBTQ agenda in customers’ faces. When I ran provincially in 2018 in Etobicoke Centre, RBC would not open an election account for me because of my politics. This was conveyed to my financial agent, Raychyl Whyte. Now, RBC denies a mortgage to Ezra Levant’s Rebel BECAUSE it is conservative. Today [November 2], I heard an ad on Toronto’s 1010 Talk Radio: “Diversity and inclusion matter to RBC, the sponsors of ‘Chatter that Matters’ with Tony Chapman,” The hypocrisy is stomach churning. — Paul Fromm]

PROOF: The Royal Bank of Canada rejected our mortgage because we’re conservative

We’ve published recordings of RBC banksters admitting to financial de-platforming. Toronto headquarters stopped our mortgage to purchase a home for freedom-oriented Canadian media, activists, and think tanks. But we’re not letting them win, we need your help to fight back.


I was turned down for a mortgage last week by the Royal Bank.

Rebel News was applying for a commercial mortgage to buy an office building in Calgary — our own place from which we could never be cancelled or de-platformed.

But even though our application was strong — we’re debt-free, thanks to our viewers — the Calgary banker said the head office in Toronto wanted to review it for politics. And because of our “strong opinions” about Trudeau, the Royal Bank decided to block us. Even though I’ve done all my personal banking at that Royal Bank branch for decades.


We wanted to buy an office building so that we could never be cancelled or deplatformed. And even before we bought it, we were cancelled and deplatformed.

I was so excited about the building.

It was going to be my big New Year’s announcement to our viewers: to tell you about our new office, not just for us at Rebel News, but for all conservatives sick of being deplatformed and cancelled.

And I tell you one more thing: in our building, we certainly wouldn’t be asking people nosy questions about their private medical status in order to work there or visit!


The building makes sense in so many ways. Calgary has a 30% office vacancy rate right now — so prices are very affordable.

It’s going to be the Rebel News office. We’ve got six journalists in Calgary now, and we’re growing.

But we don’t need a whole building just for them. Here’s the big idea: we’re also inviting other likeminded conservative and democracy groups to work out of the office building too.

I’ve spent the past few months calling fellow travellers and telling them about it and everyone is pretty excited. For example, our friends at True North have agreed to put their Calgary staff in there too. I’ve talked to five groups that are actively considering it. It’s going to be amazing. I imagine a place not just for established groups but for start-ups, like a Silicon Valley incubator, where conservative activists have a desk, and wifi and a mailing address, to get started.

We’d each have our own offices. But there would be common areas — a lounge area and cafeteria we’d all share; and there would be a big boardroom that any of us could book. And other really useful rooms — like a YouTube studio and a podcasting studio that anyone in the building could use.

The building is pretty big — more than 15,000 square feet. Some space is already rented out, which helps cover the costs, but gives us room to expand in the future. So there’s going to be a lot of space for public gatherings. It’s going to be a place for speakers, for events, for townhall meetings, for book launches, even for conferences.


It’s called “co-working” in real estate lingo, but it would be just for people who work in freedom-oriented politics and media and organizing.

And if I had owned it, then it would be un-deplatformable. Maybe that’s why the bank killed it?

I’ve been toying with different names for the building, like the “Freedom Factory” or “The “Centre for Democratic Unity.”

After all, everyone there is working to make our democracy better. And unity — well, imagine all these conservative groups that are splintered right now, coming together under one roof. There’s a lot of splittism in conservative politics right now. How about some common purpose?

Just seeing each other and talking with each other every day in the common areas, or at events, will be amazing. I’ve already recruiting conservative leaders and thinkers for a monthly speakers series in the common areas there — I’ll be sure to invite you. That’s the whole point of this place.

The left has a ton of these buildings, by the way — I actually stumbled into one by accident in Toronto. I couldn’t believe where I found myself: every Tides Foundation and Soros Foundation leftist was hanging out there. Free wifi, a desk, software, other services. But mainly, they were building a sense of community and camaraderie. It was more than just an office; it was a team. They learned from each other, supported each other. And they were winning.

We don’t have anything like that on our side. And it’s time we did.

That’s why this building is so important.


The Royal Bank’s Calgary branch went through our mortgage application with a fine-tooth comb. We showed them everything — our Rebel News financial statements, going back years. My personal finances, because I agreed to personally guarantee the mortgage. We showed them all the details about the office building. We had an independent appraisal done. We even sent over environmental reports and structural inspections.

The Calgary bankers were so impressed that they hopped on a Zoom call with me, and even joked that our application was so strong, they wanted to give Rebel News mortgages for two buildings, not just one!

And right after that call, they sent me an email confirming it. Not only did they agree to a mortgage, but they wanted to offer us a huge line of credit too. I didn’t ask for a line of credit, but that’s how good they felt about Rebel News as a customer.

I was excited.

But then the Royal Bank loans officer who reviewed my application told me my mortgage was only cancelled because Rebel News has the wrong opinions. I recorded that phone call, because it’s too incredible to believe without proof.

It’s an absolute scandal: the Royal Bank has a blacklist of Canadians it considers political enemies. 

And Rebel News and I am on that list. (I wonder who else is?)

This office would be a co-working office building for other conservative journalists and political activists. An un-cancellable place for speakers, for events, for town hall meetings, for book launches, even for conferences. That’s why the bank killed it.

It’s a scandal that a chartered bank keeps a blacklist of Trudeau’s political enemies. But you know the saying: don’t get mad, don’t get even, get ahead. Let’s use this setback to actually buy the building ourselves, without Trudeau’s bank involved.


So, what do I do? I know what other media companies would do — they’d ask for a bail-out from Trudeau. But we’d have to give up our “strong opinions” and be obedient to him. Never.

(Here’s a longshot: if you or someone you know is in a position to replace the Royal Bank’s mortgage — or even a chunk of it, please tell me. If you’re a serious real estate lender or investor who doesn’t discriminate against conservatives, I’ll show you the mortgage application I gave to the Royal Bank. Please send me an email to if you are in a position to lend us the money, secured against the building, and if you think a mortgage rate of 5% is a good rate of return.)

So maybe a miracle will happen, and an angel investor will give us the mortgage that the Royal Bank won’t. But I’m not counting on it.

So, let’s see if we can do it ourselves.

Many hands make light work. Let’s crowdfund it — a permanent home for Rebel News and for other conservative groups. An uncancellable venue for events and a home for conservative and freedom-oriented media, think tanks and activists alike. 

Brick by brick we’ll buy this place. And instead of owing money to the bank, we’ll own it outright. And if we do, we can make it available to whomever we choose — not to whomever Trudeau or his bankers choose. Instead of having a liability, let’s have an asset, and use it to build our movement.

I am completely committed. I know our team is. I know other conservative groups are excited about this, too. Will you help us, please? Or will you let Trudeau and his friends at the Royal Bank blacklist us?

If you help me, I promise you we will make that building a fortress from which we will fight for freedom every day.


We need a lot of help — more than we’ve ever needed before. But it can be fun too — we’ve set up incentives for different amount of gifts.

$250: if you can help us with a $250 donation, we’ll have a brick with your name and a short message from you on it, so we’ll see that every day as we pass by.

$1,000: if you donate $1,000, we’ll give you a brick, plus engrave your name on a brass plaque that we will hang on our boardroom wall.

$5,000: and if you can afford to chip in $5,000 — we’ll put your name on a cornerstone of our office and add you to the brass plaque too. 

$50,000: And if you are a guardian angel who has the ability to help us beyond our expectations, if you are in a position to donate $50,000, we will officially name a key room in the office after you — like the boardroom; or the YouTube studio or the podcasting studio.

Brick by brick we’ll buy this place. And instead of owing money to the bank — we’ll own it outright. And if we do, we can make it available to whomever we choose — not to whomever Trudeau or his bankers choose. Instead of having a liability, let’s have an asset — and use it to build our movement.

Symbolic brick purchasers will receive an email a few days after they donate asking them to fill out this form with their brick dedication

Will you help us, please? Or will you let Trudeau and his friends at the Royal Bank blacklist us?

The pandemic and the lockdowns have shown the value of Rebel News. We’ve never done more important journalism. Our motto “telling the other side of the story” has never been more relevant. We now have 52 staff across the company — we need an office in Calgary. But this new building isn’t just for us. That’s why I like the name “Centre for Democratic Unity”. This building will be a home for the entire movement!

The New Corporate Totalitarians: Air Canada HQ Won’t Accept Rebel News 200K Petition Against Vaxx Passports

The New Corporate Totalitarians: Air Canada HQ Won’t Accept Rebel News 200K Petition Against Vaxx Passports

Air Canada HQ refuses to accept Rebel News’ vax pass petition

On May 2, Air Canada employees currently on unpaid leave due to their vaccination status will be laid off permanently if the federal vaccine mandates for airlines persist.

Voir plus bas sur la page pour l’article en français.

While air travel restrictions are gradually being lifted in other countries, and vaccine passports as well as masks are becoming a thing of the past, we are seeing a vastly different reality at the federal level in Canada.

Justin Trudeau, even though provincial restrictions are being phased out, isn’t considering lifting health measures for air, sea and rail transport. On May 2, Air Canada employees who are currently on unpaid leave due to their vaccination status will be laid off permanently.

Matthew Macdonald, a lawyer for The Democracy Fund, took the time to explain to us what has happened and what is currently going on with Air Canada employees’ legal battle.

We also delivered our petition against vaccine passports to Air Canada’s headquarters in Montreal. Our visit there was very tumultuous — we were quickly escorted off the property.

This story is dedicated to the issues that Air Canada employees are currently facing.

Pendant que les restrictions au niveau du transport aérien sont en train de se voir retirer tranquillement dans d’autres pays et que le passeport vaccinal ainsi que les masques deviennent choses du passé, nous observons une tout autre réalité au niveau fédéral au Canada.

Justin Trudeau, bien que les restrictions provinciales soient graduellement retirées, n’envisage pas le retrait des mesures pour le transport aérien, naval et ferroviaire. Le 2 mai prochain, les employées d’Air Canada qui sont présentement en congé sans solde dû à leur statut vaccinal seront définitivement mis à pied.

Matthew Macdonald, avocat pour “The Democracy Fund“, a pris le temps de nous expliquer ce qui s’est passé et ce qui se passe présentement, au niveau légal, avec les employées d’Air Canada.

De plus, nous avons livré notre pétition contre le passeport vaccinal au siège social d’Air Canada, à Montréal. Notre visite là-bas fut très tumultueuse — nous avons rapidement été escortés hors de la propriété.

Ce reportage est dédié aux problèmes que les employés d’Air Canada font face présentement.

Pro-lockdown protesters assault & assail Rebel News reporter & demand that Alberta bring back public health restrictions

Pro-lockdown protesters assault & assail Rebel News reporter & demand that Alberta bring back public health restrictions

Over the last year, we’ve seen our fair share of anti-lockdown protests.

These protests have taken place across Canada and around the world and are often attended by friendly freedom-minded individuals who are fed up with government overreach.

Protesters at these events typically share a similar sentiment; they just want to be left alone by our well-meaning and safety-conscious public officials.

Lockdown restrictions have taken a massive toll on small businesses, families, friends, and communities. And the longer they’ve gone on, the more damage they have caused.

But for a few lucky provinces, including my home province of Alberta, those restrictions have finally ended once and for all — or so we’re told.

You would think that people would rejoice at this welcome news, but that hasn’t been the case for everyone.

Unbelievably, protests have occurred across Alberta calling for increased restrictions, masking, isolation, and testing.

So earlier this week, we went down to talk to these protesters. But instead of getting meaningful and well-reasoned responses, we were berated and accosted for daring to ask them questions.

In the sea of insults, snarky remarks, and middle fingers, one protester even tried to break my cameraman’s equipment!

Here, take a look:

Pro-lockdown protesters demand Alberta brings back public health


These protesters insist that they’re a tolerant and loving crowd who just want to save lives, but their behaviour that day was not reflective of their claims.

As you can see, the tensions were extremely high at this protest, and for that reason, we brought two bodyguards to keep my cameraman and me safe.

If you can help us cover those costs, please click here or go to

Yours truly,

Adam Soos

P.S. Making sure our reporters are protected from aggressive protesters is very important to us. That’s why we hire bodyguards while we report from hostile territory. If you want to help us recoup those costs, please click here to donate or visit

P.P.S. We’re still looking for the protester who assaulted my cameraman and have put up a $500 reward for any information leading to her arrest. If you

OPP officer SHOVES 12-year-old boy while enforcing COVID restrictions


OPP officer SHOVES 12-year-old boy while enforcing COVID restrictions

Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

Watch    Listen    Take ActionShop   Donate 

Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

B.C.’s publication bans are stifling free press and have been weaponized to throw a father in jail for trying to speak out against the government facilitating his child’s gender transition without parental consent.At this very moment, C.D. is sitting in jail awaiting trial for allegedly breaching a protection order that forbade him from publicizing his name and face on his funding page, and he will remain there until his trial in April.
Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

As you may know, I’m legally obligated to refer to the father as “C.D.” as part of the airtight publication bans placed on his case. If I breach those conditions, I could also be thrown in jail.The publication bans surrounding this case are beyond comprehension. Even C.D.’s legal counsel, Carey Linde, is straining to unwind the tangled mess of rules governing what the press can divulge to the public.  Thanks to your donations, we hired Kyle Bienvenu, to help us fight this uphill battle. We want the facts of this case to see the light of day — they are just too important to hide from the public. Kyle is an excellent litigation lawyer with plenty of experience navigating the world of publication bans. I recently spoke with Kyle to get some clarity on this ban and find out how he plans to fight it. Click here to watch our interview.

These publication bans are a mess and Rebel News is the only organization willing to take a stand against them.  If you believe C.D. deserves the opportunity to share his story with the public, then please head over to to donate to our ongoing legal fight. People need to have the ability to scrutinize this case and the court process.Whether activist schools, activist judges, and activist lawyers should have a say in your child’s gender transition without your knowledge or consent should be fiercely debated. But our legal system is hellbent on making sure that doesn’t happen. The battle to end these publication bans is just getting started, and we’re not ready to back down. To help us out with a donation, please click here.Yours truly, Drea Humphrey

Medico-Stalinist Tyranny in Alberta: Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless

Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless

Calgary Street Church pastor Artur Pawlowski has been charged, yet again, by police for providing food to the homeless. Oh, and for organizing a protest, too.

Rebel News viewers might recognize Artur from the very beginning of our campaign, when my colleague Keean Bexte caught up with the pastor after he’d received a $1,200 fine for helping feed downtown Calgary’s homeless population.

After we hired a lawyer to fight for Artur, the police ended up dropping their ridiculous charge.

But, just as restrictions on gatherings have returned to Alberta, so too have Calgary police returned to, yet again, charge Artur. Over just a few weeks, the pastor and his brother have been given nearly a dozen fines. He’s been charged for not wearing a mask — even though it was outside. He’s been fined for violating orders on outdoor public gatherings. He’s even been charged for organizing protests — something he assured me he isn’t doing.

I spoke to Artur and his brother at a protest in Calgary about the situation, and how Rebel News is going to help the brothers fight their fines.

If you want to help support our fight for Artur, and every other Canadian we can fight for, you can donate at Or, if you’ve received a charge yourself, you can tell us your story there, too.ProtestsCoronavirusFight the FinesCalgary

The Great Canadian Barbecue Rebellion — A Report by THE REBEL

On day three of what will now be known as “The Great Canadian BBQ Rebellion,” I returned to Adamson Barbecue to continue to cover the incredible anti-lockdown protest that was sparked by Adam Skelly’s civil disobedience.

Skelly reopened his little restaurant in defiance of the stage one lockdown that was imposed by in the Toronto region, drawing hundreds of hungry protesters who supported Skelly’s efforts to speak out against the lockdown madness. 

If you can believe it, Toronto police and public health enforcement officers changed the locks on Adamson Barbecue in an effort to prevent Skelly from opening his doors. Under the guise of ‘public safety,’ they attempted to prevent people from choosing to get a tasty meal at the family-owned establishment. 

And yet, I visited the Costco just down the road to find long lines and people packed into aisles like sardines in a can! Hypocrisy much?

In this video, I spoke to Adam Skelly about his flame-broiled defiance of the lockdown measures hurting small businesses just before he was arrested by Toronto police for trespassing on his own property! 

Take a look at our footage, and ask yourself the question: Is this really the direction we are headed as a county?

If you’re a small business owner like Adam who is choosing to open your doors in peaceful defiance of the lockdown, you can tell us your story at You can also pitch in a donation to help us fight the fines of Canadians cited for breaking arbitrary COVID-19 violations on our page.