Pro-lockdown protesters assault & assail Rebel News reporter & demand that Alberta bring back public health restrictions

Pro-lockdown protesters assault & assail Rebel News reporter & demand that Alberta bring back public health restrictions

Over the last year, we’ve seen our fair share of anti-lockdown protests.

These protests have taken place across Canada and around the world and are often attended by friendly freedom-minded individuals who are fed up with government overreach.

Protesters at these events typically share a similar sentiment; they just want to be left alone by our well-meaning and safety-conscious public officials.

Lockdown restrictions have taken a massive toll on small businesses, families, friends, and communities. And the longer they’ve gone on, the more damage they have caused.

But for a few lucky provinces, including my home province of Alberta, those restrictions have finally ended once and for all — or so we’re told.

You would think that people would rejoice at this welcome news, but that hasn’t been the case for everyone.

Unbelievably, protests have occurred across Alberta calling for increased restrictions, masking, isolation, and testing.

So earlier this week, we went down to talk to these protesters. But instead of getting meaningful and well-reasoned responses, we were berated and accosted for daring to ask them questions.

In the sea of insults, snarky remarks, and middle fingers, one protester even tried to break my cameraman’s equipment!

Here, take a look:

Pro-lockdown protesters demand Alberta brings back public health


These protesters insist that they’re a tolerant and loving crowd who just want to save lives, but their behaviour that day was not reflective of their claims.

As you can see, the tensions were extremely high at this protest, and for that reason, we brought two bodyguards to keep my cameraman and me safe.

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Yours truly,

Adam Soos

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P.P.S. We’re still looking for the protester who assaulted my cameraman and have put up a $500 reward for any information leading to her arrest. If you

OPP officer SHOVES 12-year-old boy while enforcing COVID restrictions


OPP officer SHOVES 12-year-old boy while enforcing COVID restrictions

Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

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Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

B.C.’s publication bans are stifling free press and have been weaponized to throw a father in jail for trying to speak out against the government facilitating his child’s gender transition without parental consent.At this very moment, C.D. is sitting in jail awaiting trial for allegedly breaching a protection order that forbade him from publicizing his name and face on his funding page, and he will remain there until his trial in April.
Meet the lawyer helping us take on B.C.’s dangerous publication bans

As you may know, I’m legally obligated to refer to the father as “C.D.” as part of the airtight publication bans placed on his case. If I breach those conditions, I could also be thrown in jail.The publication bans surrounding this case are beyond comprehension. Even C.D.’s legal counsel, Carey Linde, is straining to unwind the tangled mess of rules governing what the press can divulge to the public.  Thanks to your donations, we hired Kyle Bienvenu, to help us fight this uphill battle. We want the facts of this case to see the light of day — they are just too important to hide from the public. Kyle is an excellent litigation lawyer with plenty of experience navigating the world of publication bans. I recently spoke with Kyle to get some clarity on this ban and find out how he plans to fight it. Click here to watch our interview.

These publication bans are a mess and Rebel News is the only organization willing to take a stand against them.  If you believe C.D. deserves the opportunity to share his story with the public, then please head over to to donate to our ongoing legal fight. People need to have the ability to scrutinize this case and the court process.Whether activist schools, activist judges, and activist lawyers should have a say in your child’s gender transition without your knowledge or consent should be fiercely debated. But our legal system is hellbent on making sure that doesn’t happen. The battle to end these publication bans is just getting started, and we’re not ready to back down. To help us out with a donation, please click here.Yours truly, Drea Humphrey

Medico-Stalinist Tyranny in Alberta: Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless

Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless

Calgary Street Church pastor Artur Pawlowski has been charged, yet again, by police for providing food to the homeless. Oh, and for organizing a protest, too.

Rebel News viewers might recognize Artur from the very beginning of our campaign, when my colleague Keean Bexte caught up with the pastor after he’d received a $1,200 fine for helping feed downtown Calgary’s homeless population.

After we hired a lawyer to fight for Artur, the police ended up dropping their ridiculous charge.

But, just as restrictions on gatherings have returned to Alberta, so too have Calgary police returned to, yet again, charge Artur. Over just a few weeks, the pastor and his brother have been given nearly a dozen fines. He’s been charged for not wearing a mask — even though it was outside. He’s been fined for violating orders on outdoor public gatherings. He’s even been charged for organizing protests — something he assured me he isn’t doing.

I spoke to Artur and his brother at a protest in Calgary about the situation, and how Rebel News is going to help the brothers fight their fines.

If you want to help support our fight for Artur, and every other Canadian we can fight for, you can donate at Or, if you’ve received a charge yourself, you can tell us your story there, too.ProtestsCoronavirusFight the FinesCalgary

The Great Canadian Barbecue Rebellion — A Report by THE REBEL

On day three of what will now be known as “The Great Canadian BBQ Rebellion,” I returned to Adamson Barbecue to continue to cover the incredible anti-lockdown protest that was sparked by Adam Skelly’s civil disobedience.

Skelly reopened his little restaurant in defiance of the stage one lockdown that was imposed by in the Toronto region, drawing hundreds of hungry protesters who supported Skelly’s efforts to speak out against the lockdown madness. 

If you can believe it, Toronto police and public health enforcement officers changed the locks on Adamson Barbecue in an effort to prevent Skelly from opening his doors. Under the guise of ‘public safety,’ they attempted to prevent people from choosing to get a tasty meal at the family-owned establishment. 

And yet, I visited the Costco just down the road to find long lines and people packed into aisles like sardines in a can! Hypocrisy much?

In this video, I spoke to Adam Skelly about his flame-broiled defiance of the lockdown measures hurting small businesses just before he was arrested by Toronto police for trespassing on his own property! 

Take a look at our footage, and ask yourself the question: Is this really the direction we are headed as a county?

If you’re a small business owner like Adam who is choosing to open your doors in peaceful defiance of the lockdown, you can tell us your story at You can also pitch in a donation to help us fight the fines of Canadians cited for breaking arbitrary COVID-19 violations on our page.