Report on the Do No Harm Symposium held in Hamilton

Approximately 100 enthusiastic supporters of bodily autonomy and constitutional rights attended the Do No Harm Symposium in Hamilton Ontario on November 25, 2023. 

Guest speakers included (in order of speaking appearance): pediatric dental surgeon Dr. Jennifer Hibberd, constitutional lawyer Michael Alexander, suspended emergency physician turned tireless freedom fighter Dr. Mark Trozzi, suspended physician Dr. Chris Shoemaker who originally supported the official Covid narrative but soon awakened from the illusions, as well as former member of the House of Commons and Ontario Party leader, Derek Sloan. 

Dr. Hibbard and Dr. Trozzi had just returned from a freedom of health choice conference in Europe. 

Dr. Hibbard outlined her extensive involvement internationally to promote the right to bodily autonomy. Her public exposure of the Covid fraud resulted in, “The Royal College of Dentists investigators raiding my office, then intimidating and interrogating my staff in my absence.”

Next up was Michael Alexander. He stated the following, to loud applause:  “The right of freedom of expression has been guaranteed by the Supreme Court of Canada jurisprudence. You can say whatever you want, whether you are right or wrong… you have the right to say it, as we all have the right to decide for ourselves what is true.”
“Informed consent is not only a constitutional right, it is a fundamental human right.”

“To successfully privately litigate against the government, you must prove that they broke the law… which is, in fact, not easy to do.”

Unsurprisingly, third speaker Dr. Mark Trozzi garnered the greatest popularity among the crowd. 
He lamented about his ongoing costly battle with his profession’s regulatory body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) over his medical licence which had been suspended as a result of his writing medical exemptions for his patients upon request who feared receiving the Covid injections. Dr. Trozzi had willingly sold his home and abandoned his career as a successful emergency room physician to focus exclusively on researching Covid, steadfastly standing up for medical freedom and upholding the fundamental right of informed consent; thereby honoring his revered Hippocratic Oath which states, “First, do no harm.”

He told the audience: “I did not ever sign up to agree to kill people.” 

“When the (Covid) shots came out, I read the ingredients, and quickly realized this is NOT a vaccine.”
“And I was just supposed to keep my mouth shut? For the sake of keeping my house and my car?”.
“I’m an emergency doctor, and THIS was an emergency!”. 

His closing statement, “Whatever it takes, we WILL defend ourselves!”, was met with thunderous applause and standing ovations. 

On stage next was Dr. Chris Shoemaker, who made a candid admission during his presentation: He revealed that he had initially agreed to receive 2 Covid injections early on in the ‘pandemic’ before he awakened to their significant danger and the true agenda behind the mainstream Covid narrative. 

He continued, “When a Covid injection is administered, the body frequently reacts similarly as if there had been a major organ transplant: The body can attack itself.” This phenomena is known as a cytokine storm. 
The last speaker, Derek Sloan, imparted hopeful reassurance for all in attendance before a Q & A session with the audience commenced. 
“More and more people are waking up and realizing that Canada is broken.” 
“Canadian citizens have the ability to take their power back, but the problem is that so many are still asleep.” 
“An awake population is needed to take out the trash!”

The symposium concluded with a delicious supper. 
Kudos to the organizers of this important symposium.

~ Raychyl Whyte

An Urgent Call to Action for Hamilton & District Freedom Fighters

An Urgent Call to Action for Hamilton & District Freedom Fighters

ATTN- Freedom supporters in Hamilton & the surrounding areas:
A hard copy of this flyer was found randomly by me during a recent walk. 
Have since listened to some of Dr. Lukasik’s presentations.

It is not difficult to read between the lines of her “strategies”. They are the strategically concealed trappings of the 15 minute city/’smart’ city agenda + the WEF “you will own nothing and be happy” goal. 

It is imperative that as many freedom supporters as possible flood the venue next Wednesday, November 8 at 7:00 p.m.

We should record the talk, and have pointed questions + examples prepared to diplomatically yet firmly and intelligently debate Dr. Lukasik in order to expose the true agenda behind ‘climate change’, such as, e.g.:

“Are you aware that it takes significantly more energy to produce the lithium ion batteries which power electric vehicles (EVs)?”

“Are you aware of the multiple incidents of spontaneous combustion associated with the lithium ion batteries which power EVs?”

“Who is going to cover the cost of the climate change retrofit program? What if the property owner cannot afford to pay for it, or they choose to opt out?”

“Will the climate change retrofit program be voluntary, or will it become mandatory?”

We should also consider bringing folded-up or rolled-up placards with anti-15 minute city & climate change fraud slogans to open up near the end of the Q & A session. Displaying them too soon would likely result in our being kicked out prematurely… which will defeat the purpose of our presence there. 

**This is a vital opportunity to voice our valid concerns regarding the WEF climate change fraud & expose the deceitful scam which- if unchallenged- will lead to permanent total control over our lives. This affects EVERYONE.**

Please contact Raychyl to plan our peaceful, lawful, yet resolute attendance at this presentation. (905) 921-3671 or



Raychyl Whyte is raising funds for CAFE on St. Patrick’s Day.

Friday March 17, 2023 will be Raychyl’s 17th annual 42 km (26 miles) trek from Toronto to Oakville, and she is pleased to raise funds for CAFE again this year. The walk will begin at 9 a.m. at Toronto City Hall on March 17, and conclude sometime between approx. 4:15-4:50 p.m. in downtown Oakville, at or near 234 Lakeshore Rd. E.
(Note: Everyone walks at their own pace, so arrivals at the ‘finish line’ vary). 

~ Wear something green. ~
Here are pictures from the 2022 walk.

Here’s a short video of the beginning of 2021’s walk, featured on CityTV!

Our freedoms are under serious attack now more than ever before in Canada’s history, so your help is crucial.Please donate directly to CAFE. Mail your cheque to:CAFE,P.O. Box 332,Rexdale, ON.,M9W 5L3CANADA.In the info line mention, “RAYCHYL’S WALK”.

OR send an e-transfer to and mention “RAYCHYL’S WALK”

Royal Bank Turns Down The Rebel & Ezra Levant for a Mortgage BECAUSE They Are Conservative

[Canadian banking is a near monopoly. The banks are militantly Woke. The Bank of Montreal gave $500,000 to the viciously anti-free speech Canadian Anti-Hate Network in 2020. All the banks shove the LGBTQ agenda in customers’ faces. When I ran provincially in 2018 in Etobicoke Centre, RBC would not open an election account for me because of my politics. This was conveyed to my financial agent, Raychyl Whyte. Now, RBC denies a mortgage to Ezra Levant’s Rebel BECAUSE it is conservative. Today [November 2], I heard an ad on Toronto’s 1010 Talk Radio: “Diversity and inclusion matter to RBC, the sponsors of ‘Chatter that Matters’ with Tony Chapman,” The hypocrisy is stomach churning. — Paul Fromm]

PROOF: The Royal Bank of Canada rejected our mortgage because we’re conservative

We’ve published recordings of RBC banksters admitting to financial de-platforming. Toronto headquarters stopped our mortgage to purchase a home for freedom-oriented Canadian media, activists, and think tanks. But we’re not letting them win, we need your help to fight back.


I was turned down for a mortgage last week by the Royal Bank.

Rebel News was applying for a commercial mortgage to buy an office building in Calgary — our own place from which we could never be cancelled or de-platformed.

But even though our application was strong — we’re debt-free, thanks to our viewers — the Calgary banker said the head office in Toronto wanted to review it for politics. And because of our “strong opinions” about Trudeau, the Royal Bank decided to block us. Even though I’ve done all my personal banking at that Royal Bank branch for decades.


We wanted to buy an office building so that we could never be cancelled or deplatformed. And even before we bought it, we were cancelled and deplatformed.

I was so excited about the building.

It was going to be my big New Year’s announcement to our viewers: to tell you about our new office, not just for us at Rebel News, but for all conservatives sick of being deplatformed and cancelled.

And I tell you one more thing: in our building, we certainly wouldn’t be asking people nosy questions about their private medical status in order to work there or visit!


The building makes sense in so many ways. Calgary has a 30% office vacancy rate right now — so prices are very affordable.

It’s going to be the Rebel News office. We’ve got six journalists in Calgary now, and we’re growing.

But we don’t need a whole building just for them. Here’s the big idea: we’re also inviting other likeminded conservative and democracy groups to work out of the office building too.

I’ve spent the past few months calling fellow travellers and telling them about it and everyone is pretty excited. For example, our friends at True North have agreed to put their Calgary staff in there too. I’ve talked to five groups that are actively considering it. It’s going to be amazing. I imagine a place not just for established groups but for start-ups, like a Silicon Valley incubator, where conservative activists have a desk, and wifi and a mailing address, to get started.

We’d each have our own offices. But there would be common areas — a lounge area and cafeteria we’d all share; and there would be a big boardroom that any of us could book. And other really useful rooms — like a YouTube studio and a podcasting studio that anyone in the building could use.

The building is pretty big — more than 15,000 square feet. Some space is already rented out, which helps cover the costs, but gives us room to expand in the future. So there’s going to be a lot of space for public gatherings. It’s going to be a place for speakers, for events, for townhall meetings, for book launches, even for conferences.


It’s called “co-working” in real estate lingo, but it would be just for people who work in freedom-oriented politics and media and organizing.

And if I had owned it, then it would be un-deplatformable. Maybe that’s why the bank killed it?

I’ve been toying with different names for the building, like the “Freedom Factory” or “The “Centre for Democratic Unity.”

After all, everyone there is working to make our democracy better. And unity — well, imagine all these conservative groups that are splintered right now, coming together under one roof. There’s a lot of splittism in conservative politics right now. How about some common purpose?

Just seeing each other and talking with each other every day in the common areas, or at events, will be amazing. I’ve already recruiting conservative leaders and thinkers for a monthly speakers series in the common areas there — I’ll be sure to invite you. That’s the whole point of this place.

The left has a ton of these buildings, by the way — I actually stumbled into one by accident in Toronto. I couldn’t believe where I found myself: every Tides Foundation and Soros Foundation leftist was hanging out there. Free wifi, a desk, software, other services. But mainly, they were building a sense of community and camaraderie. It was more than just an office; it was a team. They learned from each other, supported each other. And they were winning.

We don’t have anything like that on our side. And it’s time we did.

That’s why this building is so important.


The Royal Bank’s Calgary branch went through our mortgage application with a fine-tooth comb. We showed them everything — our Rebel News financial statements, going back years. My personal finances, because I agreed to personally guarantee the mortgage. We showed them all the details about the office building. We had an independent appraisal done. We even sent over environmental reports and structural inspections.

The Calgary bankers were so impressed that they hopped on a Zoom call with me, and even joked that our application was so strong, they wanted to give Rebel News mortgages for two buildings, not just one!

And right after that call, they sent me an email confirming it. Not only did they agree to a mortgage, but they wanted to offer us a huge line of credit too. I didn’t ask for a line of credit, but that’s how good they felt about Rebel News as a customer.

I was excited.

But then the Royal Bank loans officer who reviewed my application told me my mortgage was only cancelled because Rebel News has the wrong opinions. I recorded that phone call, because it’s too incredible to believe without proof.

It’s an absolute scandal: the Royal Bank has a blacklist of Canadians it considers political enemies. 

And Rebel News and I am on that list. (I wonder who else is?)

This office would be a co-working office building for other conservative journalists and political activists. An un-cancellable place for speakers, for events, for town hall meetings, for book launches, even for conferences. That’s why the bank killed it.

It’s a scandal that a chartered bank keeps a blacklist of Trudeau’s political enemies. But you know the saying: don’t get mad, don’t get even, get ahead. Let’s use this setback to actually buy the building ourselves, without Trudeau’s bank involved.


So, what do I do? I know what other media companies would do — they’d ask for a bail-out from Trudeau. But we’d have to give up our “strong opinions” and be obedient to him. Never.

(Here’s a longshot: if you or someone you know is in a position to replace the Royal Bank’s mortgage — or even a chunk of it, please tell me. If you’re a serious real estate lender or investor who doesn’t discriminate against conservatives, I’ll show you the mortgage application I gave to the Royal Bank. Please send me an email to if you are in a position to lend us the money, secured against the building, and if you think a mortgage rate of 5% is a good rate of return.)

So maybe a miracle will happen, and an angel investor will give us the mortgage that the Royal Bank won’t. But I’m not counting on it.

So, let’s see if we can do it ourselves.

Many hands make light work. Let’s crowdfund it — a permanent home for Rebel News and for other conservative groups. An uncancellable venue for events and a home for conservative and freedom-oriented media, think tanks and activists alike. 

Brick by brick we’ll buy this place. And instead of owing money to the bank, we’ll own it outright. And if we do, we can make it available to whomever we choose — not to whomever Trudeau or his bankers choose. Instead of having a liability, let’s have an asset, and use it to build our movement.

I am completely committed. I know our team is. I know other conservative groups are excited about this, too. Will you help us, please? Or will you let Trudeau and his friends at the Royal Bank blacklist us?

If you help me, I promise you we will make that building a fortress from which we will fight for freedom every day.


We need a lot of help — more than we’ve ever needed before. But it can be fun too — we’ve set up incentives for different amount of gifts.

$250: if you can help us with a $250 donation, we’ll have a brick with your name and a short message from you on it, so we’ll see that every day as we pass by.

$1,000: if you donate $1,000, we’ll give you a brick, plus engrave your name on a brass plaque that we will hang on our boardroom wall.

$5,000: and if you can afford to chip in $5,000 — we’ll put your name on a cornerstone of our office and add you to the brass plaque too. 

$50,000: And if you are a guardian angel who has the ability to help us beyond our expectations, if you are in a position to donate $50,000, we will officially name a key room in the office after you — like the boardroom; or the YouTube studio or the podcasting studio.

Brick by brick we’ll buy this place. And instead of owing money to the bank — we’ll own it outright. And if we do, we can make it available to whomever we choose — not to whomever Trudeau or his bankers choose. Instead of having a liability, let’s have an asset — and use it to build our movement.

Symbolic brick purchasers will receive an email a few days after they donate asking them to fill out this form with their brick dedication

Will you help us, please? Or will you let Trudeau and his friends at the Royal Bank blacklist us?

The pandemic and the lockdowns have shown the value of Rebel News. We’ve never done more important journalism. Our motto “telling the other side of the story” has never been more relevant. We now have 52 staff across the company — we need an office in Calgary. But this new building isn’t just for us. That’s why I like the name “Centre for Democratic Unity”. This building will be a home for the entire movement!

Kicked Out of A Free Speech Lecture

Kicked Out of A Free Speech Lecture

On September 22, the Democracy Fund sponsored a lecture by writer and businessman Conrad Black and National Post columnist and former CBC personality Rex Murphy entitled The History of Civil Liberties in Canada, Part 2 to be held at the Canada Christian College in Whitby, Ontario.. Tickets had to be ordered online from Eventbrite. Accordingly, I ordered two tickets and invited a local supporter, Raychyl Whyte, to join me. We were cordially greeted by people I took to be Eventbrite staff and invited to go into the college auditorium. I took a seat and chatted with several people I knew. Just before the lecture was to start, I was approached by a burly man who asked if I would step out into the lobby. There he told me he was the head of college security. He said: “I want you to leave. The College wants you off its property now.” I told him I’d paid for my ticked and had been admitted. “The college will refund your money,” he said. But, I had not paid the money to the college and have not received the refund

Raychyl Whyte an associate of CAFE who attended the lecture contacted Cameron Ward Events Space Co-ordinator at Canada Christian College. He said that none of his personnel had ordered me expelled: ” He told me that he has made several attempts to find out information from The Democracy Fund, but claims to be “in the dark” as much as I am, because they have not responded. He has also spoken with all management staff at the College. The most he has been able to find out so far is that an (unidentified) employee at The Democracy Fund recognized you, knew about your “past”, and did not want you there.”

Raychyl Whyte contacted the Democracy Fund which is a Canadian charity. Its directors are Conrad Black, Dr. Julie Ponesse and lawyer Bob Moran. They are very hard to reach but seem to want donations. They require you to fill out an e-mail. A “Sarah” answered her e-mail but said the fund didn’t have the capacity to return a phone call. Raychyl Whyte wrote back: ” With respect Sarah, it is curious that your organization does ‘not have the capacity to call’, but evidently ‘does’ have the capacity to e-mail.” Nearly a month after her September 23 inquiry, she has received no answer. When h learned what had happened, YOUR WARD NEWS publisher Leroy St. Germaine who was in attendance, asked Rebel News bossd Ezra Levant why I had been ejected. He said he doubted it had been by the college but by the organizers, which would be the Democracy Fund whose mandate is “to advance constitutional rights in Canada.”” Very strange!

He said he was with the Christian College but they deny it

Thanks to Raychyl Whyte for Her Fifth Annual St. Patrick’s Day Walk to Raise Funds for CAFE

Thanks to Raychyl Whyte for Her Fifth Annual St. Patrick’s Day Walk to Raise Funds for CAFE

CAFE activist Raychyl Whyte has been a regular for the past 16 years in the 43 km. annual St. Patrick’s Day Walk from Toronto City Hall to Oakville.

For the past five years, she’s dedicated her walk to CAFE as a fundraiser.

You can still donate.

Mail your cheque to:


P.O. Box 332,

Rexdale, ON.,

M9W 5L3


In the info line mention, “RAYCHYL’S WALK”.

Thanks for your support!



On February 3, former political prisoner Dr. James Sears was arrested at gunpoint in the parking lot having just seen his parole officer for his regular visit. He is charged with “breach of probation”. On February 17, in a telephone hearing, he was found guilty of “not being of good conduct”. Why?  Because he accepted the George Orwell Free Speech Award from the CAFE and the presenter, Paul Fromm, “is a known White Supremacist”. [Not true.] Also, the Orwell Award was created by the late Doug Christie, “a far right lawyer.”

Thus, it’s clear Dr. Sears is in prison for his political views!!!

As part of our mission to support freedom of speech and the victims of tyrannical censorship laws, the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE)  held a protest outside the Toronto South Detention Centre located at 160 Horner Ave, Toronto, ON M8Z 0C2,  Sunday afternoon, March 6.

Whew, it was windy, in fact, so windy — gale force winds — that one regular of advancing years was unable to struggle across the four-lane Horner Ave to join us.

Thanks to J.L. for bringing a boom box and some Johnny Cash prison songs. Thanks, also, to E.H. for the photos of the protest.

The website of the poisonous taxpayer-funded Canadian Anti-Hate Network suggests that the issue may also be comments he made in jest about Teresa Tam in his talk after CAFE gave him the George Orwell Free Speech award soon after he got out of jail. We have a strong suspicion we know which liberty-hating individual in Ottawa made the complaint.

Those of us who cherish freedom owe it to our values  to demonstrate and support Dr. Sears. These protests matter. Guards told him last fall that they knew for a fact that CAFE’s protests — six in all last year — were a factor in his being granted early parole.

* Amnesty International defines a  “prisoner of conscience” or political prisoner as  a person punished solely for the non-violent expression of their political, religious or cultural views. Both Dr. James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine are political prisoners — jailed because they criticized politically powerful minority groups. Free speech activist Raychyl Whyte has continued her  lobbying of Amnesty to adopt Dr. Sears as a “prisoner of conscience”

* A lasting disgrace is that only one mainstream media writer has  criticized this attack on freedom of the press, which they regularly condemn if it occurs in Hong Kong or the Philippines.


Dr. James Sears, Political Prisoner,
Toronto South Detention Center,
160 Horner Ave,
Toronto, ON
M8Z 0C2
_______________________CAFE (The Canadian Association for Free Expression)P.O. Box 332,Rexdale, ON.,M9W 5L3

The End Game

The End Game

The end game is here,

But it is NO game. 

All your compliance,

Now life will never be the same.

Kept giving up your rights,

Never stood up to fight.

The enemy will not just retreat

Into the night.

You reap what you sew,

Now the Grim Reaper is closer than you know.

The agenda of Satan

Is masquerading as our salvation. 

Obey, obey, obey….

Freedom will never again see the light of day. 

This is Armageddon,

And it’s the real deal.

But you remained apathetic, 

Now how do you feel?

Freedom isn’t free,

It comes at a price.

But you didn’t want to pay,

So get ready to live on your knee. 

Keep paying for your poisoning,

Keep believing all the lies.

You’re so damn brainwashed,

It should come as no surprise.

Even if you finally wake up tomorrow

To realize the wool’s been pulled over your eyes,

It’s far too late, 

So accept your demise. 

Believing the deceit

Has lead to your defeat. 

There is no turning back

Humankind has been hacked.

It’s the goal 

Of globalist world control. 

~ Raychyl Whyte

Thanks to Raychyl Whyte for Fundraising for CAFE On the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Walkathon

Thanks to Raychyl Whyte for Fundraising for CAFE On the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Walkathon

For the fourth year in a row, Raychyl Whyte a15-year veteran of the St. Patrick’s Day annual Toronto City Hall to Oakville Walkathon solicited pledges to help CAFE.

Big thanks, Raychyl and

you are most becoming with “the wearing of the green”



Raychyl Whyte is raising funds for CAFE on St. Patrick’s Day
Wednesday March 17 will be Raychyl’s 15th annual 42 km trek from Toronto to Oakville, and she is pleased to raise funds for CAFE again this year.

The walk will commence at 9 AM at Toronto City Hall on Wednesday March 17 2021, and conclude sometime between approx. 4:15-4:50 PM at Mo’s Restaurant & Tavern in downtown Oakville, 234 Lakeshore Rd. E., where CAFE members are welcome to join in the celebration with Raychyl.

Hopefully the Covid restrictions won’t interfere too much. 

~ Wear something green. ~
Our freedoms are under attack, so your help is more important than ever.

RAYCHYL dress for walk.jpg

Please donate directly to CAFE. 
Mail your cheque to:


P.O. Box 332

,Rexdale, ON.,

M9W 5L3


In the info line mention, “RAYCHYL’S WALK”.

Thanks for your support!