Persecution of Spanish Nationalist Firebrand, Isabel Peralta, by Corrupt Globalist Gov’t

Madrid authorities seek to jail H&D writer in blatant political prosecution

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Madrid prosecutors aim to jail Isabel Peralta, H&D’s European correspondent, for her comments at a demonstration last year.

Isabel Peralta – European correspondent of H&D who recently addressed our meeting in Preston – is in court this week in Madrid, where the authorities aim to jail her for three years.

The case has been brought under Spain’s equivalent of the UK’s racial incitement laws, but as our assistant editor Peter Rushton explains in this article, Isabel is being targeted in blatant political machinations: not only by the Spanish government, but also by lobbyists working in the interests of the Moroccan government.

For this and other reasons which we shall disclose in a later article, the prosecution of Isabel Peralta is a disgrace to Spanish justice. If she is convicted, the matter will be appealed if necessary as far as the European Court. Spanish politicians and Moroccan lobbyists are the true criminals, working against the interests of Spain and against the interests of Europeans.

Isabel Peralta addressing H&D’s event in Preston a few weeks ago

The case dates back to 18th May 2021, when a demonstration was held outside the Moroccan Embassy in Madrid by a Spanish nationalist youth group. Isabel was at the time a leading activist in this group.

In an interview and speech, both of which were later broadcast on YouTube, Isabel explained the purpose of this demonstration: to draw attention to the attempted blackmail being exerted by the Moroccan Government, who were threatening to flood Spain with immigrants unless Spain accepted Moroccan control over Western Sahara.

This is a diplomatic dispute that has been going on for more than half a century, ever since Spain gave up its colonial control over the province once known as Spanish Sahara. Morocco seeks to grab the entire area for itself, but is opposed by an independence movement called Polisario Front, which is backed by Algeria.

It is in Spaniards’ economic interest to back the Polisario, partly in order to remain on good terms with Algeria, which supplies Spain with natural gas. But for the past two years the Moroccan government has exerted blackmail on Spain.

Spain’s shameless Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez being entertained by leading politicians in Morocco in April 2022 after his government’s surrender to Moroccan blackmail.

Morocco’s main weapon is control over illegal immigration into Spanish territory. They have indicated that they are prepared to turn the immigration tap on or off. And Spain’s socialist government is naturally unable or unwilling to take firm action against the consequent flood, just as it fails to resist mass immigration from elsewhere.

Essentially this was the background to the demonstration addressed by Isabel Peralta in Madrid in May last year. The demonstration targeted both the Moroccan government’s blackmail, and the Spanish authorities’ weakness.

Isabel’s interview and speech was making a serious and well-informed case. She explained that the demonstrators had come to the Embassy “to stand up to the indecency of our politicians who look the other way, while we suffer unprecedented racial replacement”.

She emphasised that “the problem here is not Morocco. The problem is what purports to be our own government, which with impunity sets off this explosion: the arrival of immigrants on a massive scale.”

Since politicians were not prepared to stand up to the Moroccan government’s blackmail, Spanish nationalist youth had to come forward. Isabel concluded her interview with words that require some explanation to British readers: “We shall not allow another Green March.”

Moroccan invaders on the ‘Green March’ in November 1975

The Green March – on 6th November 1975 – was the deliberate incursion by 350,000 Moroccans (organised by their government) into what was still Spanish colonial territory, in what is now Western Sahara. Because Spain was beginning its decolonisation, its soldiers were ordered not to open fire and to accept what was essentially an invasion.

So the Green March was a Spanish surrender, abandoning their responsibility to their former colonial subjects. Spain signed the so-called Madrid Accords, which effectively rewarded Morocco for their illegal invasion. (Part of the problem was that this was happening during the last weeks of General Franco’s life: he was dying and incapable of exercising any political authority.)

During her speech to the rally outside the Moroccan Embassy, Isabel picked up the theme that had concluded her interview: “Now as in 1975, they are trying again and they are coming with force, and 5,000 now seems like a lot to us, but in ten years they will seem like few, because if we do not stop them this will be our future: immigration in Europe will supplant our race, our diversity, our religion and our culture, and we are the only ones who are going to fight for it.”

The context is very clear: Isabel is correctly comparing the surrender in 1975, when the Spanish government gave in to Moroccan invaders and betrayed the indigenous people of Western Sahara, to the potential surrender in 2021-2022, when today’s Spanish government is similarly weak in the face of Moroccan threats.

Isabel addressing the Embassy rally in May 2021. Her accurate analysis of Spain’s surrender to Moroccan blackmail has resulted in Isabel herself – not treacherous politicians and lobbyists – facing trial!

It turned out that Isabel was absolutely correct. Not only has the Madrid government continued to allow floods of immigrants, it has also surrendered to Morocco’s blackmail. In March 2022, almost a year after Isabel’s comments, Spain’s socialist government carried out a U-turn and adopted a pro-Moroccan position, abandoning the decades-long Spanish policy that Western Sahara’s future should be settled by a referendum of its inhabitants.

The U-turn threatens vital trade deals including the supply of natural gas from Algeria.

The entire situation is a shambles, rooted in the inability of Spain’s socialist government to stand up for Spanish interests.

As so often across the West, when the arguments of nationalists are vindicated, the authorities’ response is to persecute us. And as so often, weakness in the face of an invader or a blackmailer merely invites further invasion and further blackmail.

This time it is our correspondent Isabel Peralta who is on the frontline. As they prepared their surrender to Morocco, the Spanish authorities launched a prosecution of Isabel, which has come to court in Madrid this week. Prosecutors are asking for her to be jailed for up to three years.

In presenting her interview and speech as inciting racial violence, prosecutors have deliberately ignored its political context. They have not only deliberately distorted her speech, they have even omitted crucial words from the transcript. Isabel clearly said that the demonstration was anti-immigration, but not motivated by hatred of any race. Such hatred, she emphasised, would be absurd since our entire political outlook is based on recognition of racial differences. We are motivated, she pointed out, “by admiration and devotion to our own race in the face of a threat to its very existence”.

The political manipulation at the heart of this case is obvious from official papers that I have examined.

Mohammed Chaib (above, third left) at an official Moroccan event with his good friend Karima Benyaïch, the Moroccan Ambassador to Madrid, plus socialist MP Ricardo Garcia and Spain’s honorary consul in Morocco, Khadija El Gabsi. Chaib has extensive Moroccan business interests – an employee of his foundation brought the only criminal complaint against Isabel’s speech.

Ten days after the demonstration, Madrid’s political police were visited by Sofia Bencrimo, an employee of a charity that promotes the integration of immigrants. Later the same day these police officers sent a report to the prosecutors: this was the first step in the process leading to Isabel’s criminal trial.

The political police (duly followed by prosecutors) presented Ms Bencrimo’s complaint against Isabel as though it reflected a charity standing up for ordinary immigrants who felt threatened by Isabel’s words. In the entire prosecution dossier of more than 90 pages, which I have studied in detail, Ms Bencrimo’s is the only complaint from anyone outside Spanish officialdom.

Yet the organisation this complainant represented – the Ibn Battuta Foundation – is not as simple as police and prosecutors pretend.

Its president is Mohammed Chaib Akhdim, a veteran politician and businessman with close personal and financial ties to the Moroccan government – the very people whose actions were being exposed and criticised in Isabel’s speech.

Chaib is a former MP in both the Catalan and Madrid parliaments for the left-wing party PSC (Socialists Party of Catalonia). But he is also a wealthy businessman with financial interests in his native Morocco, and in particular stands to benefit from Morocco taking control of Western Sahara. Since 1992 he was been director of business development in Morocco for COMSA Industrial, a company with vast interests in engineering and construction projects in Morocco, including the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

Mohammed Chaib (second left) with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Chaib’s business will profit greatly from Sánchez’s surrender to Morocco over Western Sahara; meanwhile the politicised Spanish police prosecute Isabel Peralta for drawing attention to the treachery of Sánchez’s government. An employee of Chaib’s foundation brought the complaint that facilitated this prosecution.

It is a remarkable coincidence that the “charity worker” who brought the complaint against Isabel Peralta was an employee of Chaib’s foundation.

H&D fully supports our brave and brilliant comrade Isabel. We look forward to her victory over this politically motivated prosecution – however long that victory takes.

We shall be reporting further on the development of this case, and on the related political persecution of Isabel in Germany, which was assisted by border security in our own country who disgracefully detained her for more than six hours a few weeks ago during her visit to England. Check this website and our January edition of H&D for more extraordinary revelations about the state of European justice.

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Jamie Sarkonak: Jon Kay’s legal victory exposes Canadian Anti-Hate Network’s anti-conservative agenda

Jamie Sarkonak: Jon Kay’s legal victory exposes Canadian Anti-Hate Network’s anti-conservative agenda

(National Post, November 24, 2022)


This is a politically motivated group that has no qualms about accusing mainstream conservatives of being racist and using the legal system to try to silence them.

A recent decision by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has given Canadians yet another reason to question the federal government’s relationship with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN),

On Nov. 10, the court dismissed a defamation lawsuit launched by lawyer Richard Warman, also a board member of CAHN. Warman sued journalists Jonathan and Barbara Kay for tweets that criticized CAHN’s links to the Antifa movement in the United States, which has been covered by C2C Journal and The Federalist (the Kays did not name Warman himself in their tweets). In the end, the judge ruled that the tweets weren’t defamatory, which meant the Kays wouldn’t be liable.

Even if the tweets did meet the legal threshold to be considered defamatory, the Kays would have been saved by the legal defences available. The judge said that the statements made had the benefit of being true, noting that, “CAHN did in fact assist Antifa and that the movement has been violent,” and it would be reasonable to state that it is not a “good look” for a human rights organization to support a violent movement.

Additionally, the judge concluded the defence of fair comment could apply, meaning the opinions expressed by the Kays could be reasonably drawn from the known facts and were not expressed out of malice. The judge noted that even “Warman’s evidence was that he and CAHN were part of the Antifa movement,” and its “muscular resistance” and “physical disruption” were known to two other board members.

The decision tells us two things: that there are members of CAHN who are willing to use the legal system to silence its critics, and that there is a relationship between CAHN and the Antifa movement. It’s yet another indicator that the Government of Canada — particularly the Department of Canadian Heritage — should distance itself from the organization.

CAHN has received government funding in the past, including a grant of $268,400 to participate in an “anti-racism action program” from October 2020 to March 2022. The grant agreement, obtained through an access to information request, shows that the money was used to hire additional staff members, facilitate workshops, write articles about hate groups (CAHN covers everyone from far-right neo-nazis to conservative-leaning school board candidates)  and engage on social media.

A “recommendation for ministerial approval” form (also obtained through an access to information request), which is used by bureaucrats to review the grant application prior to its approval, described the expected outcomes:  “This project will increase the organization’s capacity to counter online hate by hiring four team members to carry out the monitoring of extreme-right groups, report on their activities and file complaints with law enforcement; it will educate the public as to these groups and the damage they create, and will share information through 10,000 Facebook and Twitter followers.”

Reporting citizens to police wasn’t an expectation written into the final grant agreement, but it’s concerning that paying a third-party group to investigate people for the purpose of initiating criminal investigations was on the table in the first place.

On top of that, CAHN has advised the government on numerous occasions. Records from an access to information request show that it was listed as a Canadian Heritage stakeholder on the Public Health Agency of Canada’s vaccine roll-out round-table. That was in January 2021, a month after CAHN signed its contract with the federal government.

In March 2022 — the month the government grant was set to expire — Canadian Heritage created an advisory group to help it craft its online censorship legislation. Among the appointees was Bernie Farber, chair of the CAHN. (Months before he was named to the panel, Farber told the CBC that when it comes to internet regulation, “I would rather have poorly worded legislation than nothing at all.”) The panellists could be paid a maximum of $27,000 for their work.

The panel made a number of recommendations for an online censorship regime, one of which was public education: specifically, the implementation of “programs to improve media literacy and developing a concept of e-citizenship through outreach programs in schools and communities.”

The recommendations were released on June 15, 2022. A couple weeks later, the Government of Canada and CAHN launched an “anti-hate toolkit” for use in schools — a project that was supported by the Canadian Heritage grant. The toolkit’s focus was on far-right radicalization (it should be noted that far-left radicalization and Islamic radicalization, which have also been problems in Canada, were not mentioned in it).

Among other things, the toolkit outlined problematic behaviours in students that should be reported to teachers and corrected, including displaying the Red Ensign (Canada’s former flag), the use of various memes and supporting unsavoury politicians like former U.S. president Donald Trump.

The toolkit is very much a political document that primarily targets the far-right. But in doing so, it goes after mild traditionalism, classical liberal stances on social policy and mainstream conservative values, as well.

Despite the fact the organization was only just incorporated in 2018, members of CAHN have appeared before parliamentary committees multiple times since 2019, often to discuss social policy and public safety. Its members also often appear in the media as independent “experts” on the subject hate.

This is a politically motivated group that is now recognized by a court to be associated with Antifa, and has no qualms about accusing mainstream conservatives of being racist and using the legal system to try to silence them. It’s free to advocate for whatever it wants, but the federal government shouldn’t be using the group to push fundamentally illiberal views on the limits of free speech in a free and democratic society.

Canada’s Illiberal Backsliding

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland wanted individuals whose bank accounts had been frozen to be denied their cash until they reported to the police. The suggestion was not ultimately acted upon,


Is Canada becoming an illiberal democracy?

That description is typically associated with developing countries such as India, or recent democracies such as Hungary, where right-of-centre governments are accused by western observers of democratic backsliding and an illiberal turn. It’s ironic, then, that, by some measures, Canada, which we once assumed to be a bastion of liberal democracy, is becoming increasingly illiberal.NP Platformed Banner

Sure, we have a government that is ostensibly centre-left and claims to have a “progressive” and “inclusive” agenda. Yet it was the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that invoked highly illiberal emergency powers during peacetime. This had only happened once before, under another Liberal government, led another Trudeau, during the October Crisis of 1970.

You would think that in a country in which many people, certainly many of the elites, profess liberal and progressive values, a lot of them would have been disturbed by last winter’s declaration of an emergency. Police forces acting under government orders broke up a peaceful protest in the nation’s capital, and the bank accounts of many innocent Canadians who participated in, or gave support to, the Freedom Convoy were frozen.

We recently learned through secret cabinet documents that Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland wanted individuals whose bank accounts had been frozen to be denied their cash until they reported to the police. The suggestion was not ultimately acted upon, but was made public in a redacted document shared with the Public Order Emergency Commission.

What is even more alarming is that the major banks were apparently pleased with this suggestion. One financial institution, Farm Credit Canada, a Crown corporation that provides financial services primarily to farms, went so far as to tell its employees to proactively and secretly record the names of customers who they suspected may have been involved with the convoy, according to a Blacklock’s Reporter story based on documents provided through an access to information request. This sounds more like communist East Germany, than India or Hungary.

But it’s not just the liberal elite who seem to be giving up on liberal values in Canada. A recent poll by Innovative Research Group found that 51 per cent of Canadians surveyed said that they supported the use of the Emergencies Act, which is actually up two per cent since February.

This, despite revelations in the ongoing public inquiry, which fell within the polling period, that law enforcement officials at all levels did not believe that there was an imminent threat to Canada’s national security and that the protesters were not violent extremists, which demolishes the government’s stated rationale for its use of the Emergencies Act. It’s more than a little disturbing that more people actually support the emergency declaration after these revelations were made public.

Until not that long ago, Canada was, and was widely seen internationally, as a sane and pragmatic country, where rights and freedoms were protected, and encroached upon only when absolutely necessary, such as in the two world wars. While Pierre Trudeau’s use of emergency powers to round up a small group of separatists in Quebec has been debated, the overreach of all levels of government in dealing with the pandemic has been nothing short of astonishing.

Canada had the toughest restrictions in the advanced world, something that Justin Trudeau himself bragged about, and now, when the rest of the world is moving on, voices in Canada’s “liberal” elite are again fear-mongering and urging for fresh restrictions, such as a return to mandatory masking, with the threat of new vaccine mandates not officially disavowed by the federal government.

It’s noteworthy that much of the advanced world has been moving to the right, most recently Italy and Sweden, but Canada remains in thrall to a government driven by a leftist ideology that is among the most illiberal in the western world. How did the citizens of a country that proclaims itself the “true north strong and free” start accepting life under government diktat and the loss of our individual liberties?

R.I.P. Udo Walendy, German Revisionist Author, Former Political Prisoner & Free Speech Martyr

The great Udo Walendy dies in Germany at age 95

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2022-11-23 13:39

There is not as much information on the Internet as there should be for this important revisionist historian. But that’s the story of our time.

Walendy was born in Berlin on 21 January 1927. He died November 17 in the same city at the ripe age of 95. His best-known book is the classic Truth for Germany – The Question of Guilt for the Second World War, first published in 1964.

He served in the Reich Labor Service and then as a Luftwaffe helper as a teenager before being drafted into the Wehrmacht when he turned 18 in 1945. Walendy completed his secondary education after the war, then attended journalism school in Aachen. Between 1950 to 1956 he studied political science at the Hochschule für Politik in West Berlin, receiving a diploma (a degree in Germany). For the next ten years he was employed as the director of a folk high school (adult education) in Herford and as business leader of an employers association in Bielefeld. [Remember, he was associated with “undesireable” political views in post-war Germany.]

In 1965, Walendy independently founded the Verlag für Volkstum und Zeitgeschichtsforschung (“Publishing House for Folklore and Contemporary Historical Research”) in Vlotho, which continues today under his wife Margarethe’s name. It maintains close contact with the Belgian revisionist organisation Vrij Historisch Onderzoek (VHO).

Walendy as author and publisher

As early as 1964 he published his own book, Wahrheit für Deutschland – Die Schuldfrage des Zweiten Weltkriegs (Truth for Germany – The Question of Guilt for the Second World War), which in 1979 was listed by Germany’s ‘Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons’ as material that could not be publicly advertised or given to young readers. The sole reason was that it differed from the official history in the way it presented the events that led up to WWII. In other words, it didn’t put the full blame on the German Third Reich.

After a long legal battle. this restriction was lifted in 1994 on the grounds that Walendy’s constitutional rights (as an academic) had been violated.

Castle Hill Publishers (UK) republished an “updated, expanded and corrected,” and re-translated 2nd edition in 2014, under the title Who Started World War II: Truth for a War-Torn World. I personally don’t appreciated the change in title, so I don’t know if I would appreciate the new translation either. But since it’s probably an attempt to increase the book’s readership in today’s world, and since Udo Walendy must have given his permission, and I don’t intend to study and compare the two versions, my cursory opinion is irrelevant.

Walendy’s historical revisionist magazine series Historische Tatsachen (Historical Facts), continues to be published by the Vrij Historisch Onderzoek (VHO) in Flanders. It began in 1974 with a translation of Richard Harwood’s booklet “Did Six Million Really Die?”.

Walendy was also responsible for the German translation of Arthur Butz’s ground-breaking book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, which shed a shining light on so much of the faulty, often concocted, “evidence” for the “Holocaust.”

Walendy also authored Forged War Crimes Malign the German Nation, not currently available at online booksellers, but can be downloaded here ( and here (

Udo Walendy was imprisoned in 1999 for fifteen months for “publicly questioning the Holocaust” under Germany’s Volksverhetzung law (incitement to hatred).

We’ve now lost one of the best of the German patriots, who continued to fight throughout all these years, sacrificing personal material ambitions and comfort in the interests of justice and truth for the nation he loved. A true fighter. Herzlichen Dank, Udo Walendy. — Carolyn Yeager

Theft of Druthers Convoy Money

The $150,000 theft of Druthers Convoy Money

Money seized under the Emergencies Act still frozen eight months later! Bank wants names of donors before they’ll return the money.

Deceit, Lies, Propaganda & Journalism in the World Wars by Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historical Review

Deceit, Lies, Propaganda & Journalism in the World Wars by Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historical Review  

This information-packed broadcast dissects lies and deceit from the two world wars. Fantastic stories about German atrocities in World War I were promoted to mobilize public opinion in the US, Britain and France, and the public was kept in ignorance about the scope and horror of the fighting. One of the wars most lurid and widely-circulated atrocity tales was the story that the Germans were boiling the bodies of dead soldiers to extract glycerin for munitions. In World War II, Allied spinmeisters portrayed the disastrous British evacuation of Dunkirk as a great success. It was only years later that the legend of the miracle of Dunkirk was deflated. Another durable Allied propaganda myth was the story of merciless German bombing of the English city of Coventry. Churchill was eager to escalate the killing to enrage American public opinion, and thereby encourage US entry into the war on Britain’s side. For that reason, it was the British, not the Germans, who first began indiscriminate bombing of civilians. As historian Phillip Knightley points out, German news reports about the war were generally more accurate and reliable than those of the Allies

We Must Insist on Politicians Who Loudly Support Free Speech

We Must Insist on Politicians Who Loudly Support Free Speechp

FILE – U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., speaks about Twitter, April 28, 2022, on Capitol Hill in Washington. On Monday July 25, 2022, a judge in Atlanta has rejected an appeal by a group of voters and affirmed the Georgia secretary of state’s decision that U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is eligible to run for reelection. The voters said she played a big role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol and was therefore ineligible for reelection. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)