Iconoclast Roy Albrecht Defends Paul Fromm & Free Speech

Iconoclast Roy Albrecht Defends Paul Fromm & Free Speech


An Open Letter to Hamilton City Council, the Hamilton Spectator and the Citizens of Hamilton:

1)  The Hamilton Spectator is the Worm Hole Central Plexus of disinformation in the Region of Hamilton Wentworth that is overwhelmingly controlled by Zionist Jews.

2)  According to many peer reviewed sources…,
not the least of which is Prof. Emeritus, Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s authoritative best seller, The Culture of Critique…,
Zionist Jews have been documented as instrumental in the World Wide push to eliminate Indigenous European Rights in their own nations since the early 1960’s.

3)  Paul Fromm, has been Canada’s leading voice for the indigenous White European peoples of Canada for nearly HALF A CENTURY!

4)  Hamilton City Council is under EVERY OBLIGATION to allow Mr. Fromm to express views that Jewish Lobby Groups are keen to censor because they fear that Mr. Fromm’s Truth Telling may derail their hidden agenda of White Christian Hatred and their goal to replace Canada’s founding settlers of European Heritage with low skilled imports from Third World Nations.
5)  The fact that the Spectator frames their argument, against allowing Mr. Fromm a voice due to “…White Supremacy…” is proof positive of the underhanded and insidious tactics that Jewish Lobby Groups will go to in order to increase and maintain their present overwhelming control of Canada’s economic climate.

6)  I have personally known Paul for over twenty years. He is professional, honest, unbiased, and on the side of the little guy time and time again.  Paul has even supported the rights of Natives and Metis to exercise their right to speak freely on whatever topic they choose, even if he personally disagrees.

Paul trusts that the people of Canada are smart enough to decide for themselves whom they will or will not believe.



RCMP SWAT Team Arrests Canadian Man For Visiting Website Jewish Watchdog Doesn’t Approve Of

RCMP SWAT Team Arrests Canadian Man For Visiting Website Jewish Watchdog Doesn’t Approve Of

RCMP SWAT Team Arrests Canadian Man For Visiting Website Jewish Watchdog Doesn’t Approve Of

The RCMP raided the rural Manitoba house of a military reservist who is suspected of frequenting a survivalist website that advocated preparedness for a possible upcoming civil disturbance:

No charges have been laid against Master Cpl. Patrik Mathews, a member of the Winnipeg-based 38 Canadian Brigade Group, but both RCMP and the military are investigating his alleged ties to The Base, an organization that promotes hate.

Mounties descended on Mathews’s home in the rural town of Beausejour, about 50 kilometres east of Winnipeg, late Monday, ordering him out of his house.

In a video of the raid, posted to Facebook a short time later, a voice can be heard saying: “Patrik Mathews, we have a search warrant for this residence. You can exit the back door with your hands in the air.”

RCMP said later they searched a house in Beausejour and seized a number of firearms, but no one is in custody at this time…

Sarah Lockhart, who lives across the street, said dozens of police officers and a tactical team were at the home across from hers around 10:30 p.m. CT.

He came out quietly,” she said. “It took them about five minutes to get him out…”

The Department of National Defence is investigating claims that Mathews, an eight-year member of the 38 Canadian Brigade Group, is involved in a neo-Nazi group.

If the allegations are confirmed, Mathews could be forced to undergo counseling or lose his job, among other possible consequences, said brigade commander Col. Gwen Bourque.

“It’s completely unacceptable for [Canadian Armed Forces] members to participate in any activity or have any membership in a group or organization that the members know or should have ought to have known that is connected to criminal activities,” Bourque said Tuesday in a conference call with reporters.

“Every soldier must respect the dignity of all persons, at all times.”

Details of Mathews’ alleged activities were originally revealed by the Winnipeg Free Press, whose reporter went undercover posing as a white nationalist wishing to join the group. According to the report, Mathews has training with explosives.

Bourque acknowledged Mathews, as a combat engineer, has “very rudimentary” explosives training that involves basic understanding of demolition.

Bourque also stressed that Mathews would only have access to explosives as part of sanctioned military exercises. She described his master corporal rank as a “junior” position within the Army Reserves but said he would’ve received leadership training and been in charge of a section of reserve soldiers…

(((Bernie Farber))), chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, described The Base as an extreme right-wing North American hate organization.

It’s focused on growing its membership through recruitment and training for violence, he said.

“They consider the alt-right to be not extreme enough,” he said. “They are almost like a neo-Nazi death cult.

It isn’t clear how many people belong to the group in Canada, but Farber said the size of the group isn’t necessarily the most important detail.

It only really takes one or two very committed, ultra-violent individuals to create all kinds of havoc,” said Farber.

One of The Base’s stated goals is for members to get into the military in order to receive training and then spread that to others in their group, according to Evan Balgord, executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

He said The Base idolizes mass killers and pledges to carry out terrorist attacks to accelerate what they see as a coming race war…

Some experts estimate the membership in The Base is around 50 to 100 members

The Military Police Criminal Intelligence Section tracked incidents of racism and white supremacy within the CAF from 2013 to 2018. Less than one per cent of the military population was engaged in racist or hate-motivated activities, according to the military police.

Punishment for this type of behaviour ranges from counseling to career consequences, including dismissal and legal repercussions. The military said seven administrative reviews have been conducted related to extremism and racism, which has led to two individuals being released from the Forces.

So Matthews was arrested but committed no crime except perhaps a “thought crime” which apparently is treated far more seriously than an actual crime with an actual victim.  When police go to arrest a common rape suspect, do they surround his house with a SWAT team comprised of dozens of tactical warfare experts?  Need we ask?

Keep in mind that everything being alleged about this “hate group” comes to us from a self-appointed jewish expert on “hate”.  Nowhere is there any attempt to be fair-minded about this group and see it in the most reasonable way.  This group is obviously not preparing to instigate violence; rather, it is preparing to defend themselves and their families when the anti-White violence perpetuated by the Bolsheviks who occupy the Comintern in Ottawa reaches critical mass, and to not prepare for it is the height of foolishness.

Those like Matthews who oppose this destruction of Canada and the replacement of those who built it are dangerous “enemies of the people” who will be diagnosed as mentally ill and given remedial “counseling” or “re-education” per the model of the “former” Soviet Gulag system.

More Support For Free Speech & Common Sense in Hamilton

More Support For Free Speech & Common Sense in Hamilton
To Chad Collins [councillor]
Hi. I read about this today and am very disappointed by council. Paul Fromm is an advocate for freedom of expression and such freedom is ours granted by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and as such is the supreme law of the land. Further spelling out what this means is the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which Canada is a signatory. Especially pertinent is article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Also relevant is article 2: Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. 

The city and council have acted appallingly of late. The considerable outlay of time and effort to craft by-laws that are clearly designed to block individuals from exercising their Charter rights is inexcusable. The dismissal of a city employee who performed his duties faithfully at the behest of demands for his removal by Marxist hatemongers is no less objectionable. Because of activities the employee may have engaged in on his own time, although entirely within the law, may indicate that he holds or held political views that are not currently fashionable merits his dismissal or coerced resignation makes the city of Hamilton look like a grim Marxist satrapy in the old Soviet Union – only missing a show trial with pro forma confessions of the purged apparatchik.
From these two episodes I was interested in asking just who is driving this Marxist anti-constitutional agenda the city has chosen to pursue and just what is it about these hate-driven steerers of city governance that makes council feel compelled to follow their dictates but today I read of the motion you and councillor Merulla put forward that was unanimously backed by council. I am unimpressed by your virtue signalling although it was predictably favourably painted in the Spec. That is because it is merely doubling down on the same pattern of dismissing the Charter rights of some citizens simply because they hold differing political opinions. In other coverage, the Marxist saturated Spectator lies outright or is deliberately deceptive in their reporting and it seems like many on Council take the narrative as presented by Spec writers as accurate. It is not. Just as an example, the often mentioned clash that happened in Gage Park between Christians and masked Antifa terrorists only descended into violence after the LGBT militant side assaulted the Christians. The Spec first reported the opposite and I wrote to them to correct them referring to the best video recording of the event. I don’t believe my words alone were persuasive to them but in the mentions since then, the Spec doesn’t claim that the Christians started the violence but their phrasing is slick and gives this impression to a reader who does not know better, and so is still deliberately deceptive. You should go and speak to people in the city to get a better idea of the prevailing street level opinions people have towards masked Antifa criminals as well as the rapid influx of 3rd world populations into our communities for which we have not been asked for our consent. If you and council see fit to turn away a citizen who advocates for the founding stock of white Europeans who created a nation, Canada out of the wilderness that was here before them, then in fairness you should also turn away all special interest groups including black lives matter movements, LGBTQ+ groups, and every ethnic group present here. To reserve this shabby treatment for only a backer of rights for whites and no one else is evidence of the racism prevalent in the current Marxist orientation. In fact, Marxism is inherently racist – against whites. Quit it immediately and move to push overt Marxists out of city governance for the reason that their calls to violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of this country are incongruous to any role serving city residents. 


Rob Janosevic




Letter to the Editor

Hamilton Spectator


To the Editor:


Your article advocating that the Canadian Association for Free Expression be denied the opportunity to submit a brief to Hamilton council is ironic, to say the least.  In today’s editorial you stated: “Governments at all levels and of all stripes need to be very careful that they don’t abuse their positions of trust, including their commitment to be open, responsive and accessible to citizens. That’s central to their commitment to the democratic process and civic engagement”.  If that isn’t doublespeak I don’t know what is.  Let everyone’s opinion hit the table.  Even Paul Fromm’s.  If council or the public don’t agree with an opinion then argue it or ignore it.  On the other hand, perhaps everyone’s point of view is essential to a robust dialogue on any issue at hand.  What skin does the Spectator have in the game to deny a Canadian’s right to express themselves?  Is it to control public opinion?  Sounds like it.


Helen Kmera

Belleville ON



Former Hamilton Mayoralty Candidate Edward Graydon Comes to Paul Fromm’s Defence

Former Hamilton Mayoralty Candidate Edward Graydon Comes to Paul Fromm’s Defence 

I know Paul Fromm personally ,I talk to him probably more than most and in my conversations with him race is never an issue. He never openly talks about or belittles other races .In fact he really is very articulate and interesting to talk with.
I think because of Fake News his reputation and what it is he really stands for is being taken out of context and because Google is really the only way people find out about other people he has been publicly outcasted for holding certain views but in reality I do not have that opinion of him I have never heard him utter hateful opinions and I talk to him regularly. Council believed what was being propagated against him and decided to believe much of the Fake News and decided not to let him speak and I think this was a big mistake.

UPDATED: White nationalist Paul Fromm denied permission to address council Fromm reacted by calling council closed-minded and undemocratic.

UPDATED: White nationalist Paul Fromm denied permission to address council Fromm reacted by calling council closed-minded and undemocratic


NEWS 11:46 AM by Matthew Van Dongen The Hamilton Spectator


Paul Fromm

Hamilton city councillors have refused to hear from white nationalist Paul Fromm and a local yellow vester.

Councillors have refused to hear in person from white nationalist Paul Fromm and a local yellow vester who had asked to delegate at city hall.

The far right leader, who infamously ran unsuccessfully for mayor locally in the last election, had asked to speak to council about whether the city’s planned new hate prevention policy limits free speech. A new draft of the policy is expected to come out next month.

Via email, Fromm called council “closed-minded” and “undemocratic” for rejecting his request and criticized the “poisonous” Spectator for an editorial calling on councillors to deny him a speaking opportunity.

The news of his request spurred outrage and letters from citizens and groups like the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion urging council to deny a platform to Fromm, arguing city hall is supposed to be a safe space for all residents.

Residents were quick to enumerate Fromm’s notorious past online, including his support for Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel and links to white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups past and present.

Councillors unanimously supported a motion from colleagues Sam Merulla and Chad Collins to deny the request.

There was no debate on the vote. But Merulla said afterwards he believes it is important to “not provide oxygen” to “radical” individuals who espouse a lack of tolerance toward marginalized groups.

Other councillors also specified ahead of time which way they would vote.

“As an elected representative of the people of Hamilton, it is my duty to uphold the integrity of Council Chambers,” tweeted Coun. Nrinder Nann ahead of the vote.

Her comments echoed those used by government members in Ottawa to deny Parliamentary press gallery entry to Fromm more than a decade ago “to preserve the dignity and integrity of the House.”

Councillors spent more time debating a request to speak at council from Lisa Thompson, a member of the controversial Yellow Vest group that often protests in front of city hall.

Coun. Lloyd Ferguson and Terry Whitehead argued council needs to ensure it has a good reason to deny citizens a chance to speak.

“We don’t need to accept what they say,” said Ferguson, who noted council previously agreed to hear a different group member.

Coun. Maureen Wilson, however, said council could reject the delegation request on procedural rather than ideological grounds. She argued Thompson’s desire to talk about the internal workings of the fractured local yellow vest group is “not germane” to council.

All council members but Ferguson eventually voted to deny Thompson’s request.

Coun. Judi Partridge was not present at the meeting.

Recent articles by Matthew Van Dongen



The Canadian Red Ensign


Blow It Out Your Ear, Bernie!

It would almost seem as if Bernie Farber is trying to set a world record. That would be the world record for the number of unrelated news stories in which someone who is neither a celebrity nor a world leader appears within a short period of time. In the last half of August he appeared in connection with three stories of which I am aware. Perhaps there are others that I have not seen. He appeared on television and was quoted in the newspapers in connection with the story about a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves who was accused of recruiting for a supposed neo-Nazi organization. He was also quoted in reference to the sentencing of Dr. James Sears who had been found guilty of the promotion of hatred in his satirical Your Ward News. I am sure that few of you will be surprised to learn that rather than lamenting and decrying this latest blow to freedom of thought and expression, as any decent Canadian would, Farber expressed an attitude that struck me as being smug, self-satisfied, cocky, hubristic, and downright arrogant.

The third story is the one that really takes the cake. Grant Hunter is a member of Alberta’s provincial Legislative Assembly and a minister in the province’s government. He holds the portfolio for red tape reduction. I have not checked, but I suspect that Alberta is the only province in the Dominion with such a ministry. Since red tape is generated by bureaucracy, expanding the bureaucracy for the purpose of reducing it seems slightly counterproductive to me, but apparently Mr. Hunter is of another opinion. He has come under criticism for a tweet that said the following:

Wernher von Braun said, “To conquer the universe you’d have to solve two problems: gravity and red tape.” We’ve made it clear that we are committed to reducing red tape in Alberta. Lots more to come.

It is not the part of the tweet in which he toots his own ministry’s horn for which he has been criticized, but for the opening quotation. He removed the tweet after a bunch of triggered snowflakes jumped down his throat. A more appropriate response would have been to tell them to stuff it.

The objection to the quotation is based not upon what it says but upon who said it. Wernher von Braun was a German aerospace engineer – in layman’s terms that means rocket scientist. He turned twenty-one shortly after Adolf Hitler became Germany’s Chancellor in 1933 and in 1937, like any other German in those days who valued his professional career – the philosopher Martin Heidegger and the industrialist Oskar Schindler are other famous examples that come to mind – he joined the Nazi Party. He served the Third Reich in his professional capacity as one of the leading scientists in their rocket development program, and yes, the rockets were designed for military purposes rather than space exploration. Then, following the Reich’s defeat in 1945, he and several others who had worked under him were drafted by the United States government to serve their military in basically the same capacity. It was undoubtedly von Braun who was foremost in legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s mind when he made fun of the American government’s recruitment of scientists, engineers, and other technical experts from Nazi Germany in his hilarious 1964 dark comedy Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned How to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. However, von Braun served the United States much longer than he served the Third Reich and was essentially the architect of the American space program.

Unlike Bernie Farber, Wernher von Braun was a brilliant scientist who achieved great things, and until very recently the idea that he was tainted with the crimes of the government he worked for at the beginning of his career and that quoting him is some sort of grave moral offense would not have been taken seriously and anyone silly enough to propose it would have found himself laughed to scorn. Sadly, those days are behind us and so we find CBC News reporting on Hunter’s tweet, the silly backlash, and its removal, and sure enough, there is Bernie waiting and ready to toss his two cents in:

“It was an unnecessary quote,” said Bernie Farber, chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress.
“He’s at best a controversial figure. He is for sure a Nazi and … it was silly to quote a man like him. Politicians have to know better,” Farber said. “I just think it shows his [Hunter’s] thoughtlessness.”

Farber, whose organization monitors hate groups, said he doesn’t think people’s concerns about the quote’s use are being overblown. It would have been easy to quote a Canadian economist or another figure on the topic of red tape, he said.
“I just think [Hunter] should acknowledge he should have made a better choice in terms of who to quote and apologize,” Farber said. “That’s always the way forward out of things like this to acknowledge your mistake and move forward.”

Not a single one of these statements is accurate. Von Braun, at his best, was a genius, a pioneer in the field of rocket science, whose work laid the foundation of space exploration and gave subsequent generations a new heroic role model to add to policeman, soldier, and fireman – the astronaut. As for his being a Nazi, it would seem that English verb tenses are not Farber’s strong suit. The present tense is hardly appropriate for someone who has been dead for forty-two years and whose membership in the Nazi Party ended thirty-two years prior to his death. Perhaps Farber holds to a rather twisted version of Calvinism and believes “once a Nazi, always a Nazi.” It was not silly to quote von Braun, what is silly is Farber’s attitude about all of this. There is no indication here of any “thoughtlessness” on Hunter’s part, and there is absolutely no need for him to apologize. Indeed, there is a need for him, Hunter that is, not to apologize, because he is the victim of a form of bullying, and the true way forward in this situation is to refuse to apologize to people who do not deserve an apology and to tell them to take their manufactured offense and blow it out their ears.

If anyone should be apologizing over a quotation it ought to be the news media apologizing to the Canadian public for inflicting so many Bernie Farber quotes on us. By uncritically accepting him as the expert on hate and hate groups that he has appointed himself to be, much as the American media used to do with Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center [sic] before that organization’s reputation finally collapsed under allegations of hypocrisyshady fundraisingserial defamation, and the like, they have lent him a credibility that in my opinion he does not deserve. Incidentally – or perhaps not, I’ll let readers judge for themselves – when Farber and Evan Balgord founded the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, of which Farber is chairman, last year it was with a start-up grant from the SPLC, and the organization, in a letter to the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security that was signed by Farber and Balgord, along with two of its board members, said of itself “The organization is modeled after, and supported by, the esteemed Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in the United States.”

I first remember hearing the name Bernie Farber around the turn of the millennium. At the time the Liberal Party, headed by Jean Chretien, had been governing the Dominion since 1993 and their Immigration ministers had been trying to strip several elderly men of their citizenship and deport them. These were men of German and Ukrainian ethnicity, who had fled to Canada as refugees following the Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe at the end of the Second World War. They had been teenagers during the war and had been forced by the Nazis to serve the German forces in various auxiliary capacities, usually as interpreters but in some cases also as guards. On February 2, 1997, CBS aired an episode of 60 Minutes in which the main segment was entitled “Canada’s Dark Secret.” In this segment Mike Wallace interviewed a private investigator named Steven Rambam who claimed that Canada was a haven for Nazi war criminals. The Liberal government, in response, was trying to project an image of clamping down on Nazi war criminals and since there were no Adolf Eichmanns or Klaus Barbies at hand to prosecute they decided to pick on these men instead. Cheering them on at every turn was the Canadian Jewish Congress, which had hired Rambam and for which Bernie Farber worked as Executive Director for the Ontario Region and National Director of Community Relations. Later Farber was promoted to Chief Executive of the entire organization before it was taken over by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy which soon after renamed itself the Centre for Jewish and Israel Affairs and dissolved the CJC. Farber had also been interviewed by Mike Wallace in the aforementioned 60 Minutes segment and in the controversy surrounding the attempted deportations was frequently quoted as supporting the government’s actions.

Peter Worthington, the late, great, founding editor of the Toronto Sun, went to bat for the elderly Ukrainians who were being so unjustly railroaded. He was particularly incensed over the cases of Wasyl Odynsky and Helmut Oberlander. Odynsky had been forced by the SS, during the German occupation of the Ukraine, to serve as a concentration camp guard. The Nazis told him they would kill him if he refused and would kill his family if he ran away. Oberlander, a Ukrainian of German ancestry, was forced by the Nazis to serve as a translator and supply guard for the Einsatzgruppe. Neither man served the Nazis voluntarily, nor was either of them an active participant in the war crimes of the Schutzstaffel. As Worthington put it in his column for April 29, 2001:

Men like Odynsky and Oberlander were victims, too – first of Sovietism which seized their country, then of the Nazis and now of a misguided quest for justice without discretion. 

That column, entitled “Ukrainian Teens Were Nazi Victims” was written as a rebuttal of one by Bernie Farber that had appeared the previous day, itself in response to an earlier column by Worthington on the subject. Farber took the position that these men deserved to be deported, because even though they may not have tortured and murdered anyone themselves, their labour as translators and guards – forced labour, remember – enabled those who did commit these crimes. This is a particularly disgusting form of the fallacy of guilt by association and Worthington, quoting from Farber’s column, rightly, in my opinion, said “In my view, that statement by Farber is so wrong, mistaken and out of line, that it inadvertently demeans the Holocaust.”

This would not be the last time Worthington and Farber would lock horns on this subject and while Worthington always got the better of Farber the latter never retreated one iota from his position. In 2012, when Stephen Harper’s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney stripped Oberlander of his citizenship – one of many reasons why I have nothing but contempt for the present premier of Alberta – Farber told the Globe and Mail “It matters not if he was a translator or a cook – they were all part of the pirate ship and they helped oil the wheels of genocide.” Earlier this year, when the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed the 95 year old Oberlander’s motion to have the fourth (!) revocation of his citizenship overturned, Farber was again all over the news gloating and saying that he hoped the Liberal government would quickly deport him.

My point, if it is not obvious, is that someone who cannot tell the difference between the Nazi thugs who tortured and murdered civilians and kids who were forced by these same thugs to do their bidding, should not be taken seriously when he poses as an expert on Nazis and Nazism. Someone who for over twenty years acts as the head of the cheerleading squad while governments, Liberal and Conservative alike, try repeatedly to denaturalize and deport an elderly man, who has been a law-abiding subject of Her Majesty for his entire adult life, because the unit that he had been forced to serve by the invaders of his country of birth when he was still a teenager were responsible for war crimes, caring neither about the aforementioned difference nor the trauma being inflicted upon this man’s family, has absolutely no business whatsoever lecturing the rest of us about “hate.” When he throws a silly conniption about a government minister quoting the leading American aerospace engineer we should pay him no heed.

Good luck with the Nobel Prize, Bernie, but you can take your silly posturing and blow it out your ear!

The Poisonous HAMILTON SPECTATOR Claims Freedom for Itself but Urges City Council to Prevent Paul Fromm Speaking as a Delegation

The Poisonous HAMILTON SPECTATOR Claims Freedom for Itself but Urges City Council to Prevent Paul Fromm Speaking as a Delegation

[The Hamilton Spectator is a far left fake news smear sheet So out to lunch is it that while it practises freedom of the press with impunity — in fact, for all the smear stories they’ve done on me in the past year, they have only once ever called me for an interview –.it wishes for Hamilton City Council to deny me the right to speak for five minutes as a delegation later this month. In Ontario, local councils and school board set aside time at the beginning of their meetings for “delegations”. Normally, a person or group with a concern registers to get on the list and is assigned five minutes to air their views. Back in August, I sought to apply to be heard as a delegation in order to air my concerns as Director of the Canadian Association for Freedom of Expression in light of Council’s instructions to staff in May to explore plans to prevent “hate groups”  (the Yellow Vests and Christian pastors critical of the LGBTQ crowd) from holding protests on public property. This was actually being suggested for Hamilton, not Havana.


Here the Spectator says I should be silenced. The two Ottawa incidents to which they refer involved access to the Parliamentary Press Gallery. I had twice booked the Parliamentary Press Gallery for a half hour news conference. I have done this many times. On these two occasions, I was banned entry to the Parliament Buildings where the Press Gallery studio is located. Jason Kenney, the loyal Zionist waterboy was acting on a complaint by the pro-censorship group B’nai Brith. — Paul Fromm]

Editorial: When a white nationalist comes knocking …

Hamilton city council needs to take very seriously its deliberations about whether to allow infamous white nationalist Paul Fromm to delegate at an upcoming meeting.

Opinion06:14 PMHamilton Spectator, September 4, 2019



Hamilton city council is under no obligation to allow Paul Fromm’s views a soapbox in a public meeting, held in a space owned and paid for by taxpayers. – Rene Johnston , Toronto Star file photo

Governments at all levels and of all stripes need to be very careful that they don’t abuse their positions of trust, including their commitment to be open, responsive and accessible to citizens. That’s central to their commitment to the democratic process and civic engagement.

That is why Hamilton city council needs to take very seriously its deliberations about whether to allow infamous white nationalist Paul Fromm to delegate at an upcoming meeting. Apparently, Fromm is worried about council’s proposed hate-prevention policies. Not surprisingly, he argues they limit free speech. “I don’t think it’s up to city council to play referee on various points of view,” Fromm said in an interview with The Spec’s Andrew Dreschel. “I was shocked I was hearing this in Hamilton, not Havana.”

Fromm knows very well there are already limitations on free speech. For example, your right to say what you want becomes illegal once you use it to make hateful comments about other people or groups. This, among other things, is what Fromm and groups he’s been involved with have done over a long career of far-right activism.

Fromm was a supporter of Ernst Zundel, who denied the Holocaust. Back in 2007, then-Conservative MP Jason Kenney successfully moved a motion to deny Parliamentary admission to Fromm and an associate “to preserve the dignity and integrity of the House.” The same thing happened in 2016 when Fromm tried to call a news conference in Parliament.

These setbacks didn’t deter Fromm. He ran for mayor in Mississauga when he lived there. He later moved to Hamilton and ran for mayor here in the 2018 municipal election. He has been an executive with white supremacist organizations. He has ties to former Ku Klux Klan members David Duke, Don Black and Mark Martin. The National Post described him as “one of Canada’s most notorious white supremacists.” In 2009 he participated in a White Pride march organized by the Aryan Guard, a neo-Nazi gang in Calgary.

Fromm is also, in his own estimation, a bit of an expert on semantics. All of these past activities don’t make him a racist or white supremacist. Rather, he argues, he is a white nationalist, committed to ensuring the “founding peoples” of Canada are not washed away by “waves of mass immigration.” (He’s not referring to founding Indigenous people, by the way. Only the white European ones.)

So, does any of this mean Fromm shouldn’t be welcome as a delegate to city council? The short answer is yes.

Odious as he and his views are, they are not illegal. He is free to hold them, and even to talk about them, provided he can do so in a manner that doesn’t promote hatred against identifiable people or groups.

But city council is under no obligation to allow those views a soapbox in a public meeting, held in a space owned and paid for by taxpayers. To do so would imply a degree, even if only a small one, of legitimacy to opinions based in bigotry.

Back in 2007, Kenney said this about his motion which successfully stopped Fromm from claiming Parliament as his podium: “If they want to get a soapbox and go out in front of the Parliament buildings in this free country, they’re welcome to do so, but this House isn’t going to let them use public, taxpayer-funded resources.”

Kenney was right 12 years ago and city council would be wise to make the same determination about Fromm’s delegation.