MLA COVID-19 Accountability Rally in British Columbia February 22, 2021

MLA COVID-19 Accountability Rally in British Columbia February 22, 2021

February 22, 2021  8:30 a.m.

On Monday, February 22, 2021, at 8:30 a.m., concerned freedom activists from all over B.C., from the Kootenays to Victoria, will be rallying around the offices of their local MLAs, one week prior to the opening ofthe Legislature. Approximately 10 MLAs are being targeted for accountability. The questions and information will immediately thereafter be sent to ALL MLAs in British Columbia!

At every MLAs office, we will be serving questions on our MLAs to ask the Government in the Legislature in Hansard Records, that the media refuses to ask, and the Government refuse to address, as well as
some of our supporting medical and scientific documentation. Or to have the present Government address in the Legislature on its own.

We need your presence & support!

In Kelowna, we are rallying at the office of Liberal Opposition Health Critic

Renee Merrifield, 102-2121 Ethel St. in Kelowna.

We will have our signs available for this two (2) hour rally.  In this capacity, Ms. Merrifield has a duty to ask these questions to the Government and demand answers to questions on the false models, PCR test,
masks, and death statistics. 

In cooperation with others across B.C., we have developed these questions to by-pass our corrupted, socialist media who have refused to hold this Gov’t accountable.  Next week, these questions will be made
available publicly.

Come out to downtown Kelowna and support our first Province wide attempt to directly hold our MLAs and Gov’t officials accountable.


Here are the addresses for local MLA offices you can attend to:  all at 8:30 a.m. on February 22, 2021.   Simply appear at the time and location and you can bring your own signs if
you wish.

Kamloops N.        MLA        Peter Milobar               618B Tranquille Rd.

Kamloops S.        MLA        Todd Stone                  446 Victoria St.                           

Kelowna              MLA         Renee Merrifield         102-2121 Ethel St.                                     

Kimberley            MLA        Doug Clovechok          362 Wallinger Ave.                                                                   

Kootenay E.        MLA        Tom Shypitka               302-535 Victoria Ave. Cranbrook               

Nanaimo             MLA        Sheila Malcolmson      1049 Dunsmuir St.

Nelson                MLA        Brittny Anderson          433 Josephine St.                                       

Port Coquitlam   MLA         Mike Farnworth            107A-2748 Lougheed Hwy.                       

Salmon Arm       MLA         Greg Kyllo                    Suite 202A-371 Alexander St. NE              

Vernon               MLA         Harwinder Sandhu        Unit B  2920-28th Ave.                               

In cooperation with others across B.C., we have developed these questions to by-pass our corrupted, socialist media who have refused to hold this Gov’t accountable.

Next week, these questions will be made available publicly.

Is the U.S. Deep State, the Minority Heavy Biden Government Planning a Purge of Nationalists, Trump Supporters — the “Deplorables”?

Is the U.S. Deep State, the Minority Heavy Biden Government Planning a Purge of Nationalists, Trump Supporters — the “Deplorables”?

Terrifying — A purge of nationalists, “nativists” and even libertarians is promised by the radical around Joe Biden. ENDGAME NOW! Globalist Purge Imminent

We were unable to post this on Facebook or Twitter. MORE SILICON VALLEY CENSORSHIP!!!!!

Canada’s Hypocritical Condemnation of Detentions of Travellers

Such hypocrisy! Canada kidnaps & detains its own citizens in secret COVID centres, people who have tested negative for COVID! And then bills them $2,000 for their own imprisonment.

Canada, dozens of allies, declare arbitrary detentions immoral amid Kovrig, Spavor

Mike Blanchfield

The Canadian Press Staff

Contact Published Monday, February 15, 2021 4:58AM EST Last Updated Monday, February 15, 2021 4:03PM EST


OTTAWA — Canada and a coalition of 57 other countries offered vocal support Monday for a new international declaration denouncing state-sponsored arbitrary detention of foreign nationals for political purposes.

The new declaration was born out of a year of behind-the-scenes diplomacy, spearheaded by former foreign affairs minister Francois-Philippe Champagne, and was the result of a campaign to free Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who spent their 798th day in Chinese prisons on Monday.

While ending Kovrig’s and Spavor’s Chinese imprisonment remains Canada’s top priority, the new declaration was meant to be a broad denunciation to also end the coercive practice in other countries, such as Russia, Iran and North Korea.

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In an interview, Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau wouldn’t name specific countries, saying the new Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations is “country-agnostic.” He said he wants to recruit more countries as signatories with the goal of ending the practice everywhere and to discourage other countries from taking it up.

But Kenneth Roth, the head of Human Rights Watch, was blunt about blaming China and the case of the “two Michaels” as a particularly egregious example.

“The Chinese government’s detentions of the Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor epitomizes this despicable practice,” Roth told the 2-1/2-hour virtual launch of the initiative.

Roth said China has also subjected Australian citizens to similar tactics.

China became incensed as Canada built the coalition of countries to speak out on behalf of Kovrig and Spavor. China warned Canada of negative consequences if it continued to do that.

Asked in an interview whether the declaration was intended as a message to China, Champagne said: “My message is to all those which have been arbitrarily detained in the world: That your liberty has been stolen, but your voice won’t be silenced ΓǪ We stand by you, and we will fight for you at every step of the way.”

China’s Global Times newspaper, an organ of the Chinese Communist Party, denounced Canada for the new initiative by quoting unnamed “experts” who said it was an “ill-considered attack designed to provoke China” and would “rebound in the worst possible way.”

Kovrig, a former Canadian diplomat working for the non-governmental International Crisis Group, and Spavor, an entrepreneur, were rounded up by Chinese authorities nine days after the RCMP arrested Chinese high-tech scion Meng Wanzhou at the Vancouver airport in December 2018 on a U.S. extradition warrant.

Canada and its allies have denounced the subsequent national-security charges China laid against Kovrig and Spavor and called for their release from arbitrary detention — exhortations that have fallen on angry and deaf ears in Beijing.

British lawyer Amal Clooney, the international human-rights activist who has represented imprisoned journalists and other victims of arbitrary political detention, said Monday that authoritarian regimes shroud the practice in the trappings of legal proceedings “to give a veneer of legitimacy to that act.”

Clooney said she hopes more countries would sign on and that the declaration would develop more “teeth” to punish offending political leaders with travel bans and financial penalties. In the interim, Clooney said she was endorsing Canada’s initiative.

“As the brilliant Canadian Supreme Court Justice (Rosalie) Abella once said, what matters is not what you stand for, but what you stand up for,” said Clooney.

Garneau said it is fine for countries to have differences of opinion in their diplomatic relations.

“But it is totally unacceptable if citizens from our country go to another country either to visit or to work there, that they have to live in fear that they could become a bargaining chip,” Garneau said in an interview.

“It’s illegal. It doesn’t respect human rights.”

Canada and its major allies in the G7, the Five Eyes intelligence sharing network, and countries on every continent support the new declaration, which is non-binding but aims to shame countries that engage in targeted detentions of foreign nationals to achieve a political end.

Instead, it aims to stigmatize arbitrary detention in the same vein as the Ottawa Treaty to ban anti-personnel mines.

“It is something that is intended to put pressure on countries that do practice arbitrary detention,” said Garneau, saying it is “very similar to when Canada decided back in the days of Lloyd Axworthy,” Canada’s then foreign minister, to spearhead the landmine treaty.

Champagne said the declaration was also modelled after NATO’s Article 5, which declares that an attack on one of its members constitutes an attack on all 30 member countries.

“The concept behind that is that if you were to take one of our citizens, we will, on a voluntary basis, come together to make sure that these issues do not remain bilateral.”

Champagne said the concept had its roots in discussions with British officials and won support among the countries in the Five Eyes, G7 and European Union and across the world.

“Canada’s Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention is an important moment of international leadership, bringing together like-minded allies to take a stand against this unacceptable practice,” British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said in a statement.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. was “wholeheartedly” endorsing the declaration and calling “on all like-minded countries to work together to pressure the nations that engage in such detentions to put an end to this practice, to release those detained under such conditions, and to respect the rule of law and human rights.”

The Atrocity at Dresden, February 13-14, 1945: The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday [& Censors Persecute Revisionist Website]

The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday
By Michael
It was Shrove Tuesday, 1945 in the magnificent German art city of Dresden, which was packed with helpless Christian refugees fleeing the Red Army of the Stalinist USSR. Dresden’s native Lutheran and Catholic children, dressed in their festive Saxon folk costumes, were aboard a train taking them home after Mardi Gras parties at different points in the far-flung city. Still merry from the night’s festivities, they cavorted on the train prior to Ash Wednesday, February 14, and the solemnities that would be observed even in wartime, in memory of the passion and death of Jesus.

In the sky, Allied fighter planes caught sight of the civilian train and opened fire on the children inside, whose blood was soon pouring out of the wreckage.
This carnage registers almost not at all in the American mind. The holocaust in Dresden, lasting two days and killing at least 100,000 people, like the atomic holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, usually merits not much more than a few sentences or a single paragraph in the back pages of metropolitan newspapers, unlike “Yom HaShoah (יום השואה) Holocaust Remembrance Day,” in April, which is observed with countless civic, educational and media events, hosannahs, apologies and genuflections, from the Vatican to the White House. The barely remembered German and Japanese holocaust victims of Allied war crimes were of the wrong race and religion.
In the spring of 1945, after prosecuting the bombing holocaust in Dresden and aevery major German city, and with the end of the Second World War in sight in Europe, Winston Churchill began to consider his reputation in the post-war period, when the 500,000 German innocents he ordered burned to death could come back to haunt him and indelibly stain his image. 

RAF Marshall Arthur Harris and historian David Irving, March 23, 1962
To distract from his own overwhelming culpability, on March 28, 1945 Churchill issued a cowardly, back-stabbing memo blaming the mass incineration on his own men of Bomber Command, and by implication, upon its commander, Arthur Harris, whose force would be denied a post-war campaign medal, and Harris a peerage. Harris and Bomber Command had been following Winston Churchill’s explicit orders, yet Churchill attempted to shift responsibility onto the corps of airmen who had suffered among the highest casualties of any branch of the British military in the fight against Hitler.
Furthermore, Churchill, like many other unconscionable liars, propagated the lie that Germany was the first to saturate civilians with terror-bombs—at Guernica in Spain, on behalf of Franco’s forces, and in Rotterdam, during the war with Holland. 
In both cases Churchill stated that thousands had been killed. Even one death is regrettable of course, but less than 100 people were killed in Guernica according to David Irving, and less than a thousand in Rotterdam, when the Luftwafe accidentally struck a margarine factory and the flammable liquid burned houses nearby. 
Churchill had declared that “thousands” died in Guernica, and that 30,000 perished in Rotterdam, which is more than what Deborah Lipstadt generally says died in the two-day inferno in Dresden (the absurdly low figure of 25,000 is now the officially fixed count to which the “news media” conform without deviation).
The Germans had pledged not to be the first to bomb civilian centers in Britain. Churchill had hoped they would carpet bomb London to give him the excuse to silence the large peace movement in England which was dogging him in 1940, at a time when the Germans had not dropped a single bomb on London, almost a year after Britain had declared war on Germany. 
The British Prime Minister obtained his pretext toward the end of August, 1940, when a lone, wayward German bomber “lost its way flying up the Thames” river. It had orders to attack an oil refinery, but instead dropped its bombs on London’s East End. No one was killed thankfully, but Churchill was elated. 
He had the excuse he needed to massively retaliate against Berlin, knowing Hitler would respond in kind, and that the British peace movement would vanish in the smoke and flames of the “Battle of Britain” and the “Blitz.” 
In retaliation for the lone Luftwaffe aircraft’s non-lethal bombs in London, Churchill ordered a hundred bombers to attack Berlin. Royal Air Force (RAF) commanders warned him that the Luftwaffe would do the same to London.
At this juncture we pause to contemplate the bloody treason that was at the heart of Churchill’s shriveled soul: he wanted as many of his own English civilians in London to die as possible, so that he could point to their deaths as the justification for a total war against Germany, and this Judas succeeded in his objective.
To this day the war crime the leaders of Britain and the United States perpetrated in Dresden is justified on the basis of the tired fable that “Germany did it first to Rotterdam and Guernica,” and “Look at the terror the Germans visited upon London.”
Nothing that occurred in Guernica, Rotterdam, or for that matter London, begins to even approach the scale of the holocaust that the firebombs of the air forces of Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt inflicted on Dresden and numerous other German civilian centers.
On September 4, 1940 Hitler gave a speech in which he stated that if the “mad drunkard” Churchill continued to attack Berlin, the Germans were not going to stand by and take it. It was Neanderthal thinking on the Führer’s part: you club me over the head and I will club you. Hitler was almost always outfoxed by the sly machinations of the masonic treachery at the heart of Britain’s ruling class. No matter what Churchill ordered, Hitler should have limited his air campaign to British military sites and munitions factories (the Luftwaffe never bothered to attack the aircraft factories that built Britain’s Lancaster bombers!).
On September 6, the English people heard the ominous drone of a fleet of Luftwaffe planes flying up the Thames. Some 3,000 Londoners subsequently died. Now Churchill had what he wanted. 
You won’t find these facts in the multi-volume history he wrote, or in the pages of the celebrated volumes of the conformist historians. To learn the truth one must read and study the revisionists, particularly the demonized David Irving, who personally interviewed many of the key principals of the Second World War in the Atlantic theatre, and authored one of the first studies of the Dresden firebombing, The Destruction of Dresden.
Irving’s nemesis, Deborah Lipstadt meanwhile, has taken it upon herself to deny the holocaust casualty figure of 100,000 for Dresden, but God help any one of us who would have the temerity to doubt the Six Million casualty figure of the “Holocaust,” or even to apply the word “holocaust” to the mass murder by fire in Dresden. 
I challenge any reader to collect the legacy media’s descriptions of the bombing of Dresden from the 1990s onward and count how many of those reports call it a holocaust; I reckon next to zero. Fear of telling the truth is palpable. We live in Talmudic times.

The extent to which we are imprisoned in an Orwellian dystopia of our own making is revealed when we consider the fact that it is generally regarded as highly insensitive or indeed “anti-Semitic” to violate the Newspeak “holocaust” trademark and apply it to the German cities that were incinerated, or to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even though those war crimes were genuine holocausts by dictionary definition: “Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire. Origin: Greek holokauston, from holos ‘whole’ and kaustos ‘burned.”
Even in the official, fixed liturgy of World War II it is not decreed that most Judaic victims of the Nazis perished by fire. A half-million German civilians and three-quarters of a million Japanese civilians (including the victims of the fire-bombing of Toyko), were indeed burned to death, yet it is a thought crime to say that it was a death-by-fire holocaust. Tell me we are not cowards for allowing truth itself to be forbidden. 
This writer is sometimes accused, as a researcher in the field of the Babylonian Talmud, of seeing the Talmud where it is not. It is not so much a case however, that the Talmudic texts themselves are ubiquitous in American society, as is their influence. The single most remarkable dimension of Talmudic halacha is its narcissistic exceptionalism, born of the self-worship it inculcates. Prof. Lipstadt, who has made an career out of stigmatizing anyone who questions any aspect of the “Holocaust” narrative, as a diabolic “Holocaust denier,” is herself free to deny without negative consequences, the holocaust in Dresden. She may do as she likes with history, in ways that the rest of us may not. For that reason alone we cannot respect the Wikipedia version of World War II, conforming as it does to the Lipstadt liturgy. It is not history.
Beyond the “Jew and gentile” entanglement is the fratricide: Churchill and his top military circle were not Judaic, yet they set afire the medieval cities of their German cousins, who only two generations before had comprised the royal blood within the House of the German-speaking Queen Victoria.
A thousand years of national and religious wars in Europe had not managed to wreak the destruction which Churchill and the American President Roosevelt directed against the cultural treasure houses of western civilization, in cities like Dresden. They tossed a match into Dresden as casually as a drooling meth addict would torch an apartment building for revenge on the landlord who had evicted him.
Yet “conservative Christian” American university professors and administrators in institutions of higher learning such as Michigan’s esteemed “conservative” Hillsdale College, which is the recipient of millions of dollars in donations from “Conservatives” seeking to preserve western civilization, have hallowed Churchill into a paragon of decency, courage and western leadership. The canonization of this mass murdering vandal is such a defect of vision as to be fatal spiritually, culturally and politically on a national scale.
If the powers that be decided, for example, that Russia needed to be fire-bombed, given sufficient pretext our “Conservatives” would do it all over again in the name of “civilization.” The blood of the innocent in Moscow and St. Petersburg would signify no more to the “Conservative” crusaders than the charred bodies of the civilians in the apocalyptic wreckage of Dresden.
American civilization in 2020 is not worthy of the name. We have the illusion of a civilization, which we cherish for our own aggrandizement and nostalgia. “Conservative” America has made common cause with the Talmudic mentality, as did Antonin Scalia, another of its plaster saints.
Soon the season of Lent will be upon us. Seventy-five years after the Allies’ Ash Wednesday mass murder in Dresden, we inhabit the money changer’s house, where Christ on the Cross is sold not just for a buck, but for a bucket of Talmudic vindication.
Michael Hoffman is a professional historian, the editor of the periodical Revisionist History® and the author of nine books
Copyright©2018-2021 by
Due to our Writing on DresdenThere has been an Attempt to Suspend or Deplatform our Twitter Account
As some readers may know, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among other powerful thought control lobbies in the U.S., are working overtime to cancel our presence on the Internet.
• They have successfully had us banned from Google’s YouTube after our history lectures were viewed by 178,000 people over more than nine years. 
• We have been banned by the credit card processing giant Paypal even though our customer satisfaction rating at Paypal was among the highest possible. 
• Amazon has interdicted three of our history books.
Now, in response to our writing about Dresden, which we advertised on the social media news forum Twitter, a complaint was filed with Twitter against our fifth installment in the series, “The People Who Were Turned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday.”
Twitter contacted us February 14 and stated as follows:

COVID Quarantine hotel at Toronto airport: Fined for Making contact with the inmates!

COVID Quarantine hotel at Toronto airport: Fined for Making contact with the inmates!

You might recall how the Toronto Police drove all the way to my personal residence in Richmond Hill to serve me with a trespassing ticket — evidently I committed the egregious act of trespassing when I went to the front door of the Radisson Suite Hotel Toronto Airport near Pearson International.

That’s right, I committed “trespassing” by going to the front door of a hotel that is open to the public (although you wouldn’t really want to stay at this Radisson these days as it is apparently now being used as a COVID quarantining facility for returning travellers to Canada.)

And apparently practicing journalism at this hotel is activity non grata, too… not that there’s much activity in the way of mainstream media types venturing here, mind you. Alas, people being held in a Toronto hotel against their will isn’t much of a story!

Still, there are indeed dozens of demonstrators showing up at this Radisson on a weekly basis.

Once again they were out there in full force last Thursday despite the frigid temperatures in order to offer guests (or is it “inmates”?) rides home. Apparently, there is no lawful stature that forbids people from leaving the property.

And they actually made contact via phone with two detainees, although both were too fearful of leaving the hotel prior to the end of the quarantine period.

Still, things were different at this Radisson compared to the day when I first “trespassed” upon this property. For example, during my initial visits, there was no signage whatsoever stating that the hotel is private property and trespassing is forbidden; that has now been rectified

As well, there is a piece of yellow rope spanning the driveway, which is surely strong enough to keep a charging gerbil at bay… Needless to say, this time around, I did not breach this poor man’s “Romulan neutral zone”…

Bottom line: intimidation tactics employed by the police are not keeping the protesters away — and it’s not keeping Rebel News away, either. Postscript: although there’s is no set fine on my ticket, that’s completely irrelevant because we will, of course, fight this outrageous ticket in court — all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.

And if you would like to help crowdfund our legal fees, please visit and kindly make a donation. Thank you.

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate of Fairness

Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate

Our public media broadcaster is no longer acting in the public interest. Back to Blog


Feb 2021 Patron Demands CBC Uphold Journalistic Mandate Our public media broadcaster is no longer acting in the public interest. Canadian Nationalist Party Activism

Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron visited the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters in Saskatchewan on Friday to demand they uphold their journalistic mandate after completely neglecting coverage of their claim that the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold the democratic mandate.

The Canadian Nationalist Party was unconstitutionally excluded from the most recent 43rd Federal Election after requesting and being denied (ubiquitously and without exception) the liberty of hosting a public event and communicating their policies to voters after the issue of the writ (September 11th – October 21st, 2019). Not a single request made was honoured.

We maintain that this represents a failure of the Government Of Canada to uphold their democratic mandate.

In the resulting constitution lawsuit before the Court Of Queen’s Bench For Saskatchewan, the Court has ordered that Patron is not allowed to represent the federally-sanctioned political party he founded and continues to lead. The Judge has ordered that until someone other than Patron is appointed to represent his party, no further action can take place, and that failing to appoint someone else within 90 days may result in the outright dismissal of the claim.

The Court Of Appeal For Saskatchewan has now recently held that this order does “not dispose of the rights of the parties, in a final and binding way, with respect to any substantive issue in the action”.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has no intention of retaining someone other than Patron to represent them in the court of law at this time and to dismiss or delay a claim of such national importance would be an egregious denial of justice. It would also violate the inherent dignity of the human person and damage confidence in social and political institutions which are created to enhance participation in our society.

Last year, the Canadian Nationalist Party submitted a formal complaint with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Ombudsman, where we proposed an interview to discuss these matters and which has yet to receive any redress whatsoever.

By completely neglecting to cover these developments, Canada’s public media broadcaster has departed from their journalistic mandate and is acting in violation of their article of incorporation – specifically, The Broadcasting Act, 1991.

In response to this, last month we submitted a request with the Canadian Radio & Television Communications to revoke their broadcasting license rather than renewing it during the public consultation process.

The Broadcasting Act 1991, states clearly that the broadcasting system shall be effectively owned and controlled by Canadians, shall provide a public service essential to the maintenance and enhancement of national identity and cultural sovereignty, and should serve to enrich the political fabric of Canada. Additionally, where any conflict arises between the objectives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, it shall be resolved in the public interest, and where the public interest would be equally served by resolving the conflict in favour of either, it shall be resolved in favour of a shared national consciousness and identity.

As a federally-sanctioned political party that has touted the importance of national identity since our very inception, we view neglecting to inform the public of our lawsuit which claims the Government Of Canada has failed to uphold its democratic mandate as a violation of The Broadcasting Act of 1991.

In recognition that this act is binding on Her Majesty The Queen, we also submit that the willful violation of these policies is grounds for civil asset forfeiture.

You can watch the Friday encounter at CBC Regina below: Video Player00:0007:04Video Player00:0009:07Video Player00:0004:10Video Player00:0001:55

We will continue to put pressure on our public media broadcaster until we are confident they are abiding by a journalistic mandate which is in the public interest and in alignment with The Broadcasting Act, 1991.

Read More:

MPP Randy Hillier Quotes Doctor That Masks Don’t Work & Lockdowns Don’t Work

MPP Randy Hillier Quotes Doctor That Masks Don’t Work & Lockdowns Don’t Work

This just too good not to retweet. @fordnation listen to this Dr. Healthy people do not infect other healthy people. Follow the science not the PH feareaucrats, science says masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work.

Medico-Stalinism at Work in Alberta: Restaurant in Big Valley (pop. 357) ticketed for breaking Alberta COVID rules

Rebel News

Restaurant in Big Valley (pop. 357) ticketed for breaking Alberta COVID rules

Our latest case takes me to Big Valley, Alberta, a small town of 357 souls about two hours southeast of Edmonton.

The Big Valley Inn is like many small town hotels dotting the prairies. It houses the local tavern, a small restaurant and a liquor store. Big Valley itself is such a perfect Alberta small town: oil patch, farming, rodeo and freedom.

So it was really no surprise when the Big Valley Inn decided to defy the lockdown restrictions on restaurant dining service in the days before Jason Kenney’s UCP government lifted the ban.

Locals packed the place on steak night and hungry diners came from miles around to support Big Valley Inn owner Fred Millar and his staff in their act of civil disobedience.

But Alberta Health Services and the local RCMP were not as enthusiastic as the locals were, issuing Millar a notice to appear in court to answer for defying the orders of the chief medical officer of health

Rebel News is helping Millar and the Big Valley Inn fight that summons in court, at no cost to him. If not for the actions of Millar and others like him, including Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, restaurants in Alberta would still be closed.

B.C. Health Commissar Bonnie Henry Seeks Police Powers to Arrest Christian Churchgoers

B.C. top doc files to give police power to arrest churchgoers

British Columbia is one of the more open provinces in Canada, and yet it’s also one of the provinces that has come down the hardest on places of worship, as far as COVID-19 restrictions go. It may officially become the most oppressive province in Canada for freedom of religion very soon, if the injunction that Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry is now seeking against a few of the churches who have remained open is granted.

Perhaps that would be more understandable if churches, and other places of worship in B.C., had actually proven to be “super spreaders” as they’ve been treated, except that statistically, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In a previous report, I showed you a peaceful protest of Catholics worshipping outside in Vancouver. These churchgoers are perplexed as to how all of their parishes (over 70 of them) have been kept closed, when they have been linked to zero COVID cases.

The very minute percentage of the thousands of places of worship in B.C. that have had a COVID case linked to someone who attended services there pales in comparison to other industries and services that have remained open. Like the business of ski hills concentrated in the small tourist hotspot of Whistler, which was recently linked to 547 cases in just over a month.

Dr. Henry’s application for an injunction specifically targets only the Christians connected to the three churches whose names were not anonymized on a petition that was filed on January 7 through the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. The petition was filed on behalf of some of the churches in B.C. that have tried to remain open while adhering to comprehensive COVID-19 plans, including attendance limits and social distancing.

The injunction Henry is seeking is set to be argued in front of B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson on Friday. If granted, it will not only provide police with the authority to arrest anyone who attends any religious gatherings put on by those three churches — including Riverside Calvary Worship, which has had zero COVID-19 outbreaks, yet was previously fined thousands of dollars for remaining open — but it will also give police the authority to arrest anyone they suspect was going to attend such a service, whether they did so or not.

So, is Dr. Bonnie Henry retaliating against only the churches who made public their opposition to her order?

I interviewed Marty Moore, one of the JCCF’s freedom-defending lawyers who is representing these three churches, shortly after he landed in Vancouver. I got his thoughts on the injunction, and a better understanding of the data Henry uses to try and justify keeping nearly everything open but places of worship.

Click to watch the full report

Duncan, B.C. Rally Protests Police Brutalization of Salon Owner Taneal McLovelynn

A good time was had by all on Feb 12th  2021 at our rally in Duncan BC.    From the Aquatic Centre we marched over to City Hall, calling on the civic authorities to reconsider mistreatment of Taneal McLovelynn.  Lots of thumbsup and enthusiastic honks along the way

The crux of our statement,  being : the way she’s been harassed as she tries to do business as usual in her salon is outrageous. Apparently, someone in high places has a problem because she accepts the word of customers who declare they’re medically-exempt from wearing the face covering.   Bylaw officers / RCMP slap violation notices on her for – ostensibly – failing to be appropriately-muzzled in her own business premises!   In one instance, an officer grabbed her by the arm dragged her over the threshhold out of her shop, handcuffed her and put her in a copcar because she refused to give them identification. Of course they knew exactly who she was.  Question now for a lawsuit, is:  “Was she properly arrested according to law?”

At our rally on Friday bylaw officers were very much in evidence … their truck parked smack dab in the public square, standing-by, masked to the eyebrows. As there were already over 50 warm bodies gathered … ILLEGALLY, according to the previous Orders of Her High-and-Mighty-Nessy-Bonnie Henry … I asked the lady officer “what are you going to do?”  Politely, she replied ‘You have the right to protest.  As long as you keep moving you’re a protest. If you stop, then you’re an  EVENT  which is illegal’…. Such sophistry didn’t just come off the top of her head.   No : right to the bottom of the hierarchy, they’ve been coached to mouthe such highfalutin’ legalese.  Same as what VPD Sgt. Walters told me at our first big rally in Vancouver, on Sept 13 2020 >   “we decided not to not issue tickets today because the Charter overrides the Public Health Act” direct quote … But – hey ! – it works for me. 

I went over to the RCMP who were discretely across the street. I asked Cpl Pharis “do you guys have your ticket books with you?”   To which he said with a smile “we always have them with us.” I realized he was the same one with whom I’d spoken at the big rally back in November, when 6 officers did nothing as 250 of us gathered to raise public consciousness about the Lockdown.  He said the same thing he’d said back then = that they would NOT be issuing tickets because “we’re here to keep the peace and make sure everyone is alright. Since this is a peaceful event, we have discretion”.   I was glad to hear a glimmer of sanity in this huge, tragic situation

The leading courtcase now underway in British Columbia to do with the Grand Lockdown,  is,  the action brought by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, on behalf of 12 Petitioners. * Three of the parties are churches which had their worship services INVADED by the RCMP.  The accounts rendered to Affidavits in that file =  facts of how the police acted as goons =  will make you shake your head in dismay 

when that matter is heard – March first to fourth 2021 at the Vancouver Lawcourts – the cops will be reminded of their proper place : as our servants, not uniformed thugs wearing loaded sidearms, enforcing the wicked policies of Bon-Monster Henry and the antichrist directing mind of the New Democratic Party. 

It’s important all-concerned appreciate how – other than the outrages committed in Chilliwack **  – the police in BC,  especially for the Victoria and Vancouver city,   are doing their job properly.     

Point being : no tickets nor bye-law infraction Notices were issued to us on Friday even though it most certainly was an EVENT, contrary to the Public Health Act Order.  It may seem that such a tiny little GATHERING doesn’t matter in the face of the onslaught of  propaganda puked-out by the lamestream media. Yet we do make a difference.  What I did not know yesterday afternoon, was =  the wording of the very latest Order.   In paragraph “J” of her Order of Feb 10 2021,  High Priestess of the Cult of the White Robe, Bonnie Henry,  goes on about how  ‘being sensitive to Charter rights for public gatherings in which a political position is being considered’. She didn’t retreat out of her good graces. No : the   NeeDiPpers   are venal but they’re not stupid.   John Horgan / his gaggle of chickenshit Trotsky-ites backed down after rumblings of our outrage disturbed supercilious celebration of their communist coup in BC.

Every time we get out and own the streets,  and amplify it with our own publicity media = we reach hearts and minds of folks whose instincts and human logic tell them there is something sinister about this KronaMadness … provoking them to think for themselves.  The Lie comes to an end but the Truth goes on forever     

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

* S 210209 Vancouver Registry Supreme Court of British Columbia :  ALAIN BEAUDOIN  et al. versus  HMTQ ; BONNIE HENRY IN HER CAPACITY AS PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICER

** what the RCMP did in Chilliwack at the IMMANUEL COVENANT REFORMED CHURCH ; RIVERSIDE CALVARY CHAPEL ; FREE REFORMED CHURCH was a plain violation of section 176 of the Criminal Code. Don’t think that policemen are immune from being charged with such crime.