Why Would Anyone Want to Serve in Canada’s Politically Correct Anti-Free Speech Military?

Why Would  Anyone Want to Serve in Canada’s Politically Correct Anti-Free Speech Military?

Canada’s politically correct military leadership has been dancing to the censorship tune of Jewish groups demanding a purge of the ranks of “right wingers”. The Friends of the Simon Weisenthal Centre “is urging Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan to turn all suspected acts of racism, white supremacy and hateful conduct within the Canadian Armed Forces over to a specialized task force of military police officers or the RCMP for investigation. … The centre also wants to see the military adopt a policy of immediately sending all cases of alleged white supremacist activity to military police or the RCMP for investigation.” (CBC, September 4, 2020) [What, exactly, is “White supremacy”? Opposition to massive Third World immigration is sometimes labelled White supremacy. So is White pride. But Zionism or Jewish pride are alright?] “We need to end this culture of tolerance for neo-Nazis and neo-Nazi activities within our Armed Forces and it needs to be done now,”  Jaime Kirzner-Roberts of the Wiesenthal Centre demanded.

“The commander of the Canadian army says he plans to issue a special order that will give individual army units across the country “explicit direction” on how to deal with soldiers suspected of hateful conduct and extremism.

Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre told CBC News he also will reinforce the message personally by convening a meeting of all commanding officers and regimental sergeants major — 450 mid-level leaders — to discuss the problem of far-right infiltration of the military. “There is absolutely no place in the Canadian Army for those who hold hateful beliefs and express these beliefs through hateful behaviour. If you have those types of beliefs — get out. We don’t want you. You bring discredit and dishonour upon our organization.” (CBC, September 15, 2020)

So, as a member of the present military, you’re asked to risk your life to defend freedoms in other countries (say, Afghanistan), which the same military denies to you? Let the wankers, and soy boys and snowflakes go and fight, if they don’t go scuttling to the nearest “safe space” first.

So cadaver guy has no use for political diversity in the Canadian Armed Forces. Who’d want to fight for other’s freedoms in an army that has no room for political diversity. Let the wankers, soy boys and snowflakes fight for “diversity”.

Telegraph Lifts Website Paywall In Response To Extinction Rebellion ‘Assault On The Free Press’

Police officers wearing face masks and gloves due to the COVID-19 pandemic, detain an activist from the climate protest group Extinction Rebellion as they demonstrate in Parliament Square in London on September 2, 2020, on the second day of their new season of mass rebellions.

Telegraph Lifts Website Paywall In Response To Extinction Rebellion ‘Assault On The Free Press’

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On Friday, environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion blockaded three printworks used by the Times, The Sun, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail who they accused of failing to report on climate change issues ‘accurately’. Home Secretary Priti Patel condemned it as an attack on the free press and democracy.

British newspaper The Telegraph has lifted its paywall for the weekend after an Extinction Rebellion (XR) blockade it dubbed a bid to “stifle our free press.”

Telegraph editor Chris Evans tweeted: “It’s free until Monday morning. Do enjoy – and feel free to agree or disagree. That’s democracy…”

​Friday’s actions by the environmentalist group at three print works in England and Scotland blocked deliveries of The Times, The Sun, The Scottish Sun, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, all conservative-leaning titles which have a combined daily circulation of some 3 million copies. ©

Wikipedia / Kaihsu Tai / The Co-operative TilehurstSpectator Chairman Bans Adverts From The Co-Op After Supermarket Chain Seeks To ‘Influence Content’The group claimed it was “using disruption to expose the failure of these corporations to accurately report on the climate and ecological emergency,” as protesters chained themselves to delivery vehicles.

In a message on the Telegraph website, which referred to XR as “extremists,” Evans said: “I’m very concerned by the attack on free speech.”

“Whatever your politics, you should be worried by this,” he added. “There are also questions for the police who perhaps placed the right of these few people to protest above the right of the rest of the people to read a free press.”

Daily Mail political commentator Dan Hedges blamed the “liberal establishment” for encouraging XR to act illegally.

​Home Secretary Priti Patel also condemned the XR protest, tweeting: “This attack on our free press, society and democracy is completely unacceptable.”

​Evans prodded opposition Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer on his reticence to comment on the incident.

​But former Labour MP for Vauxhall hailed the “excellent decision.”

​In a piece for the Telegraph, another former Labour MP Ian Austin called the response of the Hertfordshire Police Force to the protest in Broxbourne “pathetic.”

“Don’t we have the right to read what we want and to go to work?” he asked. “You can’t have protesters or politicians deciding what people can or can’t read. And you can’t prevent newspapers being published and distributed because you disagree with their editorial line.”

In September 2019, Heathrow Pause, a splinter group led by XR co-founder Roger Hallam, put tens of thousands of passengers’ lives at risk when they attempted to fly remote-controlled drones over London’s biggest airport. At least 19 people including Hallam were arrested.

Andrew Anglin on the Meaning of Freedom of Speech in an Adult Society — If Trump doesn’t win our issue will be basic survival.

If Trump doesn’t win our issue will be basic survival.

All of this is to say: information has to be taken at face value, and all information should be examined through a critical lens by adult readers. The social media companies are now dealing with people as though they are children, incapable of any kind of critical analysis whatsoever. I don’t know if people are or are not capable of critical analysis, but I do know that the primary, foundational assumption of a universal suffrage democracy is that every adult member of society is capable of rational analysis and critical decision-making. That’s the most basic claim of this system, as it justifies allowing them to vote and determine who runs the government.

By undermining the ability of people to make rational and informed decisions, Twitter is undermining the concept of universal suffrage democracy itself. Of course, they don’t care, because our rulers do not actually believe in anything other than power. They profess various ideologies at different times, but only use these ideologies to push their agenda that exists totally independently from the ideologues.



The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Presents

Paul Fromm

Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression

Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award, 1994

The COVID-19 Scamdemic: Stripping Canadians of Their Liberties & Creating a Cashless New World Order of Sheep


Anti-Racism is a Code Word for Anti-White: How the Cultural Marxist Wrecking Crew (politicians, most media and many corporate traitors) Have Made War on European Canadians

Apple Bans Gab from App Development After Company Makes Antitrust Case to DOJ

Apple Bans Gab from App Development After Company Makes Antitrust Case to DOJ


Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that iPhone sales in the past quarter would be disappointing, amid weakness in China and other emeging markets

Lucas Nolan17 Jun 2019231 2:44

Tech giant Apple banned the developer account of free speech-focused social media network Gab, preventing the company from creating apps for iPhones and other Apple devices, shortly after the startup submitted a complaint to the Department of Justice about Big Tech’s anti-competitie business practices.

Breitbart News spoke with the CEO of Gab.com, Andrew Torba, about the company’s recent developments. As Torba wrote on Twitter, the free speech social media platform recently submitted a complaint to the DOJ which it hopes will spark an investigation into the business practices of the Masters of the Universe in Silicon Valley. Gab aimed to question if these firms were acting in a deliberately anti-competitive manner against smaller “alt-tech” businesses, and Apple’s recent actions may have proven Gab’s point.

The Gab.com Twitter page made a number of tweets explaining the company’s viewpoint, these can be seen below:

BREAKING: Gab’s attorneys have submitted a complaint to the Department of Justice in hopes of sparking a serious investigation into Big Tech’s business practices to determine if, and how, they are behaving in a deliberately anti-competitive manner against alt-tech businesses.

— Gab.com (@getongab) June 6, 2019

It’s not just us. This is what happens when you try to post a link to @Minds on its main rival, Facebook. pic.twitter.com/XagmbbyVNn

— Gab.com (@getongab) June 6, 2019

Coordinated deplatforming, when done in such a way as to limit competition in the free market, is illegal. Based on our experience, we believe Silicon Valley companies are colluding to exclude challengers to existing social media companies.

— Gab.com (@getongab) June 6, 2019

Big Tech understands that curated walled gardens lose their vibrancy and fail, much as Compuserve and AOL failed.

— Gab.com (@getongab) June 6, 2019

We hope the DOJ will mount a vigorous and thorough investigation into this matter. In particular the duopoly on mobile app distribution that Apple/Google have with 98% marketshare.

— Gab.com (@getongab) June 6, 2019

Shortly after this thread of tweets, Gab found that its new Dissenter Web Browser had been rejected from Apple’s app store. Apple also chose to ban the firm’s developer account entirely, citing “objectionable content,” as the reason. Gab’s Dissenter browser is a web browser that only delivers content that users purposefully visited, like Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari browser, yet Apple believes that the app falls under it’s “objectionable content” label.

BREAKING: Gab’s Dissenter Web Browser was rejected by Apple today. Furthermore, we were banned from our App Store developer account for “objectionable content.” For a web browser.

We have filed this information with the Department of Justice and urge them to investigate. pic.twitter.com/raw8u3cgX2

— Gab.com (@getongab) June 10, 2019

Gab CEO Andrew Torba told Breitbart News that Apple admitted that the app itself did not break the company’s terms of service but rather they were banning it because it was built by Gab. The company has since reported this additional info to the Department of Justice. In a statement, Torba told Breitbart News:

Coordinated deplatforming, when done in such a way as to limit competition in the free market, is illegal. Based on our experience, we believe Silicon Valley companies are colluding to exclude challengers to existing social media companies. Big Tech understands that curated walled gardens lose their vibrancy and fail, much as Compuserve and AOL failed.

Gab is focused on giving The People back their digital sovereignty. We are no longer simply building a free speech social network. We are building the free speech internet. Our free speech web browser, Dissenter, is only the beginning. We will be releasing a full product line of open source free speech software that is decentralized, built, and controlled by The People.

While Gab’s web browser, Dissenter, may not be available in the app store, it can still be downloaded for desktop users here. 

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan or email him at lnolan@breitbart.com


Twitter Censors Tim Tebow’s Bible Message

MLBPublished 2 days ago

Tim Tebow’s Bible message triggers ‘sensitive content’ warning from Twitter

It wasn’t clear what part of the video was particularly sensitive to trigger the warning.

Ryan Gaydos

By Ryan Gaydos | Fox News

Fox News Flash top headlines for July 31

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Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback and current New York Mets minor league outfielder, tweeted a video Monday talking about the Bible and followers noticed that the social media company marked his tweet as “sensitive content.”


Twitter alerts users to sensitive content, usually of graphic images or videos. But in this case, Tebow’s video was about educating his followers about God’s word in the Bible.


“Bible believers, when we look at the Bible, and we see a lot of the heroes, a lot of times they truly were wounded deeply before they were ever used greatly. So maybe you’re going through a time in your life where you feel like you’ve just been wounded greatly. It hasn’t been your year, hasn’t been your day — you just don’t feel like this is your time,” Tebow said in the clip.

“You never know what God is doing with your life. You never know what he is preparing you for. So many times in the Bible when we look at the heroes, there were times in their life where — if they stopped, if they quit, if they said, ‘No, God, I’ve had enough’ — then they would have missed out on the most impactful, most influential times of their life.


“Maybe that is the next step for you. Maybe that is tomorrow. Maybe that is next week, maybe that is next year. But when we quit, we will never know what we missed out on. We will never know what’s in store for us.”

Tebow said the followers of God get to trust in him blindly because “we know how much he loves us.” He reminded followers that God loves them and that they should hold onto faith “in your time of need.”

Twitter later told The Blaze that they marked the video as sensitive content as an error.

“The Tweet … was flagged as potentially sensitive media in error. It has been corrected,” the company said.


It wasn’t clear what part of the video was particularly sensitive to trigger the warning.

Trump’s Executive Order Aims to End Left-Wing Social Media Censorship of Conservatives

Trump’s Executive Order Aims to End Left-Wing Social Media Censorship of Conservatives

President Donald Trump has had it with the social media behemoths abusing the law by picking sides in the political, social, and cultural issues of our time – usually the side he’s not on.

And he’s particularly keen that the social media platforms wield great power to influence the masses ahead of the November election, so he’s preparing some executive actions to curb their ‘election meddling’ because Democrats in Congress won’t (since their party is benefitted by the censorship of conservatives).

“If Congress doesn’t bring fairness to Big Tech, which they should have done years ago, I will do it myself with Executive Orders,” Trump wrote ahead of a House hearing on big tech Wednesday. “In Washington, it has been ALL TALK and NO ACTION for years, and the people of our Country are sick and tired of it!”

Slated to appear before the House Judiciary Committee regarding potential antitrust violations: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

During an interview with the Daily Caller in June, the president expressed his frustration with the repeated examples of Left-wing social media platform censorship of right-leaning opinion.

“It’s really unfair what’s going on with the conservative voice. You’d solve the entire problem of  the various, you know, monopolists, if you ever voided Section 230.”

Trump is referring to a section of the Communications Decency Act which says, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

The section gives platforms immunity for content posted, but over time the same platforms have begun censoring content — like a publisher. 

So what are they? Platforms or publishers? 

In response, Trump issued an executive order Monday aimed at making the distinction that, if they are upheld, will prohibit the kind of censorship taking place.

The Office of the Press Secretary issued this statement:

On Monday, the Department of Commerce, as directed by President Donald J. Trump’s Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship, filed a petition to clarify the scope of Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. The petition requests that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) clarify that Section 230 does not permit social media companies that alter or editorialize users’ speech to escape civil liability. The petition also requests that the FCC clarify when an online platform curates content in “good faith,” and requests transparency requirements on their moderation practices, similar to requirements imposed on broadband service providers under Title I of the Communications Act.  President Trump will continue to fight back against unfair, un-American, and politically biased censorship of Americans online.

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“When it comes to issues of public safety, the government is the one who must act on behalf of society at large.  Law enforcement cannot delegate our obligations to protect the safety of the American people purely to the judgment of profit-seeking private firms.  We must shape the incentives for companies to create a safer environment, which is what Section 230 was originally intended to do,” Attorney General William Barr said last month when the Justice Department issued its recommendations for the president. 

“Taken together, these reforms will ensure that Section 230 immunity incentivizes online platforms to be responsible actors.  These reforms are targeted at platforms to make certain they are appropriately addressing illegal and exploitive content while continuing to preserve a vibrant, open, and competitive internet,” he added. 

“These twin objectives of giving online platforms the freedom to grow and innovate while encouraging them to moderate content responsibly were the core objectives of Section 230 at the outset.”

Big Corporations Wage War on Serious White Dating Site

Dear Members,

I am sitting here on a pile of diapers and could not be more proud after having climbed Mount Everest. Motherhood, including pregnancy and giving birth, is a monumental achievement and only now I know how shamelessly belittled this accomplishment has become in the West.

Years of schooling and education prepare white women to become exchangeable numbers working to increase the profits of a corporation but neither prepares them for this most difficult and exhausting task necessary to keep our people and culture alive. We all know why and how.

Therefore, you will not be surprised that Google has completely buried the search keywords leading to WhiteDate.Net or positioned us to page 7 and lower to make sure hardly anybody finds this unique white dating site by typing ‘white dating site’ or whites dating whites’. Before only keywords such as ‘dating a white man’ or ‘date white men’ or ‘looking for a white man to date’ were banned from the results which also explains why so few women who are likely to search those keyword combinations find WhiteDate and the ratio women/men has been spreading from 1:6 to 1:12!

The online war of the big corporations against whites is undeniable and especially evident when you look at Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit that banned WhiteDate from advertisement because of ‘hate speech’. I still have not understood what is hateful about white people for simply wanting to preserve themselves as there is nothing to understand and never any reasons provided. No other ethno-dating site faces hate or racist accusations as well as marketing bans but the only explicit ethno-dating site for white people globally, ours.

Now, I am not the kind of person to bemoan anything as too busy finding solutions. I urge you, male and female members of WhiteDate, to take action and invite women who are seemingly aware of the anti-white agenda on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, trad forums etc. Help get more women on-board who are likely to make good partners whilst our male members, as vanguards, are paving the way to impose white dating as the norm and make it nolens volens get accepted by the anti-whites.

Together, we will grow organically by word of mouth until the day the critical number of us have woken up and we can form our local offline cells to speak freely, fall in love, build families, enjoy white life together, and last but not least, defend white interests unapologetically.


The Latest Victim of Silicon Valley Censorship: Katie Hopkins permanently banned from Twitter

Katie Hopkins has been suspended from Twitter.

Katie Hopkins permanently banned from Twitter for hateful conduct

Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account has been taken down by the micro-blogging website for good after a petition was started to get her account removed

Katie Hopkins has been permanently removed from using Twitter.

Her Twitter profile – which she used to tweet under the handle @kthopkins – now states she has been suspended – and this time is it for good, a spokesperson from the website has confirmed.

The outspoken personality’s micro-blogging account has been taken down after a petition was started by social media user to get her booted off the site.

Katie Hopkins has been removed from Twitter (Image: Twitter)
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Over 75,000 people signed their name to the Change.Org petition to get the former Apprentice star’s account suspended.

The petition bio read: “Unbelievably, Katie Hopkins has been given a platform to insult, abuse and cause outrage for far too long. Attacking victims of Child Sex Exploitation is possibly the most disgusting act that any human can do.

“Does she have no boundaries? The scary thing is, this could happen to her own children right under her nose – being as self obsessed as she Is, how would she see the signs?

Her Twitter profile – which she used to tweet under the handle @kthopkins – now states she has been suspended

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“I think it’s about time Twitter took action and removed her from their platform, just as Facebook have done with Britain First.

“Freedom of speech is something I believe in. Freedom of hate speech isn’t, I’m sure many people feel the same way.”

A Twitter spokesperson told the Huffington Post: “Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us – abuse and hateful conduct have no place on our service and we will continue to take action when our rules are broken.

“In this case, the account has been permanently suspended for violations of our hateful conduct policy.” 

The far-right racist has gained a large amount of backlash and hate over the years for the messages she sends out on the social media platform.

Most recently she caused a stir by mocking the Black Lives Matter protests.

On Wednesday Hopkins tweeted:  “Today is #whiteoutwednesday. I will shortly be posting a picture of my arse. Thank you.”

It came after she took aim at footballer Marcus Rashford by posting a number of jibes regarding his free school meals campaign.

It comes after a petition was started online to get her booted off the micro-blogging site (Image: Getty Images)
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The Man Utd forward’s efforts convinced the Government to back down on their stance not to provide meals to disadvantaged children during the school holidays.

Rashford himself comes from a family of five children and explained how his experiences of his mother struggling to put food on the table was the motivation behind his efforts to help those less fortunate.

But Katie was outraged by the decision, tweeting Rashford over the issue suggesting he should pay to feed the children himself.

Hopkins contacted Rashford on Twitter, writing: “Do you think women should think about how they are going to feed a child before they decide to have it?

“I do not want to pay to feed other people’s kids. You are welcome to.”

It is not the first time Katie has been suspended from Twitter.

In January her one million follower strong Twitter account has temporarily suspended.


(Image: PA)