Warning to America

Warning to America:Trudeau’s Online Censorship Bill will,when it becomes law, stifle the growing chorus of anti-immigration voices just in a nick of time. Cheap labour employers, the home building industry and developers are depending on it. Billions of dollars are at stake. Let the Great Replacement proceed!

By Tim Murray on 1 March 2024


America, this is what happens to countries (like mine) which do not have the equivalent of a Second Amendment:

Liberals’ “online hate” bill contains $70K fines for speech and life imprisonment for hate crimes, True North, 26 February 2024.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a half-assed document that attempts to trade off free speech with other “rights”, as if free speech is not the one right upon which all other rights depend. In other words, Canadian constitutional law is based on a deeply flawed understanding of what makes a democracy work.

If the issue is “harmful” speech, then the good old fashioned Criminal Code of Canada sufficed. Speech that incites violence is prohibited. That litmus test was understood and accepted across the political spectrum.

But then, consensus was easily achieved in a largely homogeneous society, which bicultural Canada was. In the early 70s, well over 90 percent of us were of European origin.

Then along came mass immigration and a change in immigration selection criteria that ensured that nine in ten migrants would come from “non-traditional” (ie. non-European) sources. Over time, a nation of “Two Solitudes”, British and French, eventually became 200 solitudes (and more. Hello “vibrant diversity”, goodbye cohesion and comity.

Subsequently the game became “We have to keep the peace among rival ethnic and religious groups”. The remedy? Suppress free expression that would exacerbate tensions. As Lee Kwan Yu concluded, ethnic and religious harmony must come at the expense of free speech. When famed Canadian journalist George Jonas came to Canada as a Hungarian refugee in 1956, he reported that the most common phrase he heard in his adopted land was “Everyone is entitled to his opinion.” But 40 years later it was “I am offended”.

What does this have to do with sustainable population policy? Everything.

Seventy percent of Canada’s population growth is driven by immigration, and the percentage is growing. Now the three major parties favour an annual immigration intake of 500,000+ in pursuit of an insane population target of 100 million (up from our present 40 million!). Trudeau’s agenda of stringent internet censorship and extreme punishment for thought crimes makes any challenge to this immigration policy risky to say the least. Especially when Canada’s version of the SPLC, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, is looking for a xenophobe / Islamophobe / transphobe under every bed. In addition to the criminal charges that Trudeau’s proposed changes would involve, human rights charges under the various civil provincial codes could be applied.

It should be remembered that under the federal and provincial Human Rights code, the legal costs incurred by a complainant are picked up by taxpayers, however frivolous or absurd the change. Meanwhile, typically the defendant has to mortgage his house to mount a defence. In other words, a complainant has no incentive not to file a complaint and financially ruin you. How’s that for fair play?

What transpires over the next year or half a year is critical to the country’s future. At long last there are mainstream voices calling for a halt to over-immigration madness. Trudeau and his puppeteers on Bay Street understand that these voices must be stifled NOW. The backlash against hyper-immigration proposals must be nipped in the bud. Billions of dollars are at stake. Cheap labour employers, developers, the homebuilding industry and the major banks are counting on the windfall that will fall into their laps as runaway population growth proceeds.

I am very alarmed.


Liberals Plan to Introduce More Internet Censorship: Note: It’s Political or Religious Opinions They’re Targetting

Canadian government to introduce online “hate speech” regulations in early 2021

Canada’s ruling Liberal Party has made tackling online “hate speech” a major priority.

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The Canadian government plans to introduce “comprehensive” regulations that target “hate speech” on social media platforms.

The regulations will reportedly be tabled in 2021 and are being introduced “to promote a safer and more inclusive online environment.”

A briefing note on the new regulations from Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s department stated:

“We are working to introduce regulations to reduce the spread of illegal content, including hate speech, in order to promote a safer and more inclusive online environment. We want to protect Canadians online.”

The briefing added that: “Social media platforms can also be used to threaten, intimidate, bully and harass people, or used to promote racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, misogynist and homophobic views that target communities, put people’s safety and risk and undermine Canada’s social cohesion or democracy.”

Before winning reelection in 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party made tackling online hate speech a major priority and proposed giving social media platforms a 24-hour deadline to remove hate speech or face “significant financial penalties.”

Last September, the Canadian government doubled down on its threat to regulate online hate speech with Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Catherine McKenna, warning: “We don’t have to regulate everything but if you can’t regulate yourselves, governments will.” One day later, the Canadian government promised to “redouble its effort by taking action on online hate.”

Trudeau has also expressed conflicting views on free speech. In October, he compared drawing Muhammed cartoons to “yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre” and said there are “limits” to free speech after a terrorist attack in France where a teacher was beheaded after showing Charlie Hebdo cartoons that depict the Prophet Mohammed.

After facing heavy criticism, Trudeau then backtracked on these anti-free speech comments and stated: “I think it is more important to continue to defend freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Our artists help us to reflect and challenge our views, and they contribute to our society.”

Critics have warned that online hate speech laws pose a threat to free speech because they risk criminalizing and jailing people for expressing controversial views.

But these warnings have largely fallen on deaf ears with Canada being just one of several countries to propose or introduce hate speech laws and regulations over the last few months.

For example, Scotland’s controversial “hate crime” bill, which would sanction the possession of “inflammatory media” and “problematic” social media posts, is looking increasingly likely to pass. And Norway recently passed a new law under which people can be jailed for hate speech in private conversations.If you’re tired of cancel culture and censorship subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

A Nation Tuned to the Station of Freedom

A Nation Tuned to the Station of Freedom

Tony Perkins

For most Americans, there hasn’t really been time to stop and process what happened at the Capitol last Wednesday. Instead, we’re just trying to survive, fighting off daily waves of crackdown and retribution — punishment for a crime the vast majority of conservatives didn’t commit or condone. The people in power, the same ones who called the summer riots “the American Way,” are coming for our rights, our speech, even our livelihoods. Who will be left standing? If history is any indication — we will.

Right now, it’s a little hard to see beyond the present crisis, but our country has been at similar crisis points before. A generation who’s been robbed of the privilege of learning history can’t look backward — but if they could, they’d see that when our voice is threatened, the church always finds a way to respond. That doesn’t mean the next two years will be easy. What we’re witnessing in this moment may be the most dangerous corporate-political alignment this nation has ever seen. “Silencing, blacklists, social credit scores, threats…” We’ve woken up to an American where you support the wrong political ideology and suddenly, Tucker Carlson shakes his head, “you can’t communicate, and you have no legal representation, and you can’t fly in an airplane, and you can’t put your money in a bank.”

But the beauty of the American system is that we have the ability to correct this. In fact, that’s our nation’s story: the great obstacles and the greater comebacks. Our movement is a vital part of that. We can shrink back and wait for our powerlines to be cut or we can use the weapons we have: the airwaves, our broadcast booths, and any other means for getting our message out. Religious broadcasters still have reason to be concerned, attorney Craig Parshall agreed on “Washington Watch.” But this isn’t the first time an army of the Left has tried to cut off our microphones.

It wasn’t that long ago, Craig reminded everyone, that Bill Clinton tried to get a federal agency to create a definition of “hate speech” that they could use to shut down certain radio and television broadcasters. Of course, that fell flat when the agency, after about a year of work and public money, couldn’t come up with an accurate definition of the term. Then, Barack Obama took a crack at it with the FCC, floating the idea of local commissions that could enforce “community standards” and decide if content was appropriate. “That failed to gain traction,” Craig explains, “but it was threatened.”

For decades, liberals have tried to crack down on religious and conservative talk. We’re seeing it right now with Mark Levin. Cumulus Media is demanding that its host stop talking about a “stolen election.” “If you transgress this policy,” its memo warned, “you can expect to separate from the company immediately.” This same thing happened back in the communist era of the 1950s. People who wanted to preach the good news banded together, and look at the result! There’s more Christian programming out there today than there was 40 or 50 years ago when it was attacked. Obviously, there are bullies out there who think they can stop the truth or the gospel from going out. But I’ve got news for them: they never win.

Look at what happened with the Fairness Doctrine. It was entirely dismantled under the Reagan administration — and conservative talk flourished. Why? Because it goes to the heart of the American people who share these traditional values. “You just [have to] wonder,” Craig said, “what is the motivation for not having an open marketplace of lawful ideas?” And the answer is, the far-Left can’t compete with those ideas. So they want their opponents cowed, humiliated, and muted. “We’ve been marked as the enemy, because we oppose the idea that the state is superior to God… But there are those who believe that they have a better plan — and they [think] that we are better off under their soft totalitarian hand than we are with liberty.”

At the end of the day, we need to keep doing what we’ve been doing, regardless of how they mischaracterize us and our intentions. The battles are going to come — they always do — but we have to be just as resolute and unyielding. We’re going to continue to speak the truth in love, seek the face of God and His power, and rely on his strength to sustain us in what is going to be a very challenging chapter in the history of our country.

“The Great Commission is called ‘great’ for a reason,” Craig insisted. “When the apostle Peter got arrested, unlawfully dragged in before the council in Jerusalem, he said, ‘Look, you can do whatever you want to with me, but I can’t stop talking about what I have seen and heard in terms of the Savior, because I walk with him. We have the same commission today.” And that’s the determination the church needs right now. No matter what the other side does to us, no matter what they call us, we’re not going to be quiet.

Breitbart News Reports Federal Funds Used to Spy on “Hate Speech” on Gab

Federal Funds Used to Research ‘Hate Speech’ on Gab


scientists with clipboards

Allum Bokhari1 Mar 2020700 3:04

Researchers at USC used federal funds to compile a “corpus” of “hate speech” on Gab, the First Amendment-friendly social media network that provides an alternative to increasingly censorious platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Titled “The Gab Hate Corpus: A collection of 27k posts annotated for hate speech,” the project involved over a dozen researchers and was sponsored by funds from the National Science Foundation, a federal body that distributes taxpayer money to fund scientific research, including “social sciences.”

The current NSF director is an Obama appointee, France A. Córdova. The NSF’s budget in 2020 was increased by 2.5 percent on the previous year, to $8.28 billion. Part of that taxpayer money, it seems, is now going to study “hate speech” on Gab.

“The growing prominence of online hate speech is a threat to a safe and just society,” declares the study. “This endangering phenomenon requires collaboration across the sciences in order to generate evidence-based knowledge of, and policies for, the dissemination of hatred in online spaces.”

The report also claims to “establish baseline classification performance for each using standard natural language processing methods.” Natural language processing is a subfield of linguistics, AI and computer science that among other things involves training AIs how to recognize and analyze human speech.

In a statement, Gab slammed the researchers for “cherrypicking” items of speech from its website.

“These researchers used federal funds to highlight 27,000 posts out of more than 93,000,000 on our site (0.029%) to promote the online censorship of American citizens,” said a Gab spokesman.

“Gab has over 3 million visitors, users, and customers from around the world. Our fastest-growing markets are the United States, India, and Spain. Our users have diverse ideological, cultural, and social perspectives. Studies like this seek to gaslight millions of great people in our community based on a negligible fraction of posts on the site.”

“For years now yellow journalists and shoddy researchers have consistently cherry-picked individual users or small groups on our site in an effort to discredit our mission, which is to protect the First Amendment online and empower everyone to speak freely and securely.”

“They have failed and will continue to fail. Gab will continue to build people-powered solutions to Big Tech bias and online censorship.”Are you an insider at Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other tech company who wants to confidentially reveal wrongdoing or political bias at your company? Reach out to Allum Bokhari at his secure email address allumbokhari@protonmail.com

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News.

UN official admits there is NO LEGAL DEFINITION of “hate speech”

UN official admits there is NO LEGAL DEFINITION of “hate speech”

The Rebel

Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid are in London to cover the so-called Defend Media Freedom Conference, which is being run by the British and Canadian governments.

During a question and answer session, Sheila asked UN Special Rapporteur on Free Speech, David Kaye, about the UN’s campaign against “hate speech and Islamophobia”.

His answer will shock you.

David Kaye admitted that there is no legal definition of “hate speech”. You almost have to hear it to believe it.

WATCH our video to see his full statement:

If globalists organizing a censorship campaign haven’t decided on a legal definition for “hate speech”, how on earth can we trust them not to use it to silence their critics — critics like The Rebel?

Yours truly,

The Rebel Team


Britain First
For the past 9 months, I was either behind bars or forced to reside in a dirty, disgusting probation hostel filled with drug addicts, paedophiles and murderers.
My 9-month ordeal was – to be blunt – horrific.
After being sentenced for exposing a gang of Afghan child rapists, I was loaded into a cramped and freezing prison transport van and taken to a ‘Category A’ women’s prison called HMP Bronzefield, near London.
Bronzefield is home to some of the country’s most prolificsex offenders, paedophiles, murderers and Islamic terrorists.
Whilst these vile animals were free to roam the wings with enhanced privileges, I was immediately cast into the dungeon-like segregation unit.
I was forced to endure complete isolation and disgusting conditions for a long and grinding six weeks.
During that period, I was banned from associating with anyone, banned from going to church and deprived of any perks available to the child rapists on the normal wings.
Whilst I was in Bronzefield, a convicted Muslim terrorist prisoner paid another inmate to get down to the segregation unit and kill me.
After the first six weeks of rancid isolation – in a cold and heavily stained cell – I was transferred to another women’s prison, HMP Downview.
Downview is yet another grim prison full of child molesters and killers.
I managed to stay out of segregation and was put into the ‘normal’ prison regime living on the same wing as high profilepaedophiles.
After a short while the inmate who was sent to kill me in Bronzefield was also transferred to Downview.
When I was finally released from prison, I quickly learned Iwasn’t going to be allowed to return home.
Instead, I was grabbed by two car loads of ‘SO15 Counter Terrorism Command’ officers and forcibly taken to a secure probation hostel with 24-hour surveillance in the South of England.
The jobsworth Gestapo at the Probation Service forced me to ‘live’ in this hell-hole for a further four and a half months, surrounded by degenerate druggies, alcoholics, paedophiles and child killers.
This hostel was in a multicultural cesspit area and my licence conditions stated that I couldn’t associate with anyone involved in Britain First, so for four and a half months I had no security or protection.
I was in my own ‘living hell’ that I could not escape from!
As soon as my licence ended and I was kicked out of this hostel, the Probation Service started to harass and torment me.
They threatened to send me immediately back to prison if I did not live in a hotel in London, costing me a fortune every single night for the next 8 months!
They want me to leave my home standing empty whilst I shell out thousands of pounds to live in a hotel room until July 2019!
As if that is not ludicrous enough, they are demanding I give them 10 working days’ notice to see any of my family or friends!
I feel like I have walked straight out of jail into a parallel universe.
From beginning to end, this has been a tough, stressful andexasperating ordeal.
I have only been off licence for two weeks, but already I am staring prison in the face once again with my upcoming trial for ‘Hate Speech’ in Belfast.
On 14-15th January Paul Golding and I will be stood once again in the dock facing prison, this time in Northern Ireland.
After just serving a 9 month sentence I am faced with the harshreality of serving another 12 months behind bars.
Apart from the fact that this upcoming court case will be alandmark decision as to whether free speech is dead in our once great nation, it is also yet a further assault on my personal liberty.
The authorities have no problem stooping so low as to lock up a woman for being a patriot and confronting child rapists – like that is not a natural thing to do!
This time they are hoping to ‘hit the jackpot’ by sending me back inside for the second time within a year.
My determination to fight against corruption and persecution has only strengthened over the last 9 months, but I am going to be totally honest with you Elsa, I do not want to go back to jail.
At the end of the day, I am merely a woman who is devoted to her country and people.
Should constant spells in prison facing attacks, threats to my life and disgusting conditions in cold dirty prison cells really be my ‘penalty’ for loyalty and patriotism?
I have only 7 weeks until I am back in the dock, so we are preparing to mount our most ferocious and stubborn legal defence to date:
Belfast Trial Fund
Target: £15,000
Raised so far: £2,105
Name: Elsa Schieder
Recommended: Chip in £20
Elsa, you are my only hope of beating this savage assault on my freedom and keeping me at home where I belong.
I am asking for your help. Can I depend on you?
Yours sincerely,
Jayda Fransen


AfD: German Hate Speech Law Destroys Freedom of Speech, Bans Political Dissent

AfD: German Hate Speech Law Destroys Freedom of Speech, Bans Political Dissent

January 5, 2018


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Germany’s new “hate speech” law, which regulates posting on Twitter and Facebook, is a restrictive measure targeting freedom of speech and political dissent in the country, AfD member Albert Breininger told Sputnik Friday.

“Here in the AfD, we are very critical of this law. It is another restrictive measure and a tool of repression against freedom of speech and of the press. It aims at preventing people and politicians from bringing up certain issues and expressing their political views, including on the existing problem of Islamization,” Breininger said.

The politician recalled that deputy leader of the AfD’s parliamentary faction Beatrix von Storch’s tweet was blocked on Tuesday by the social media giant, citing that the message had run afoul of Germanlaws.

“German police have filed a complaint against Beatrix von Storch over a tweet on New Year’s Eve, where she criticized Cologne police for sending a New Year’s greeting in Arabic on Twitter,” he said.

Germany’s hate speech law, also known as NetzDG after its full German name, aims to regulate social media platforms and to make sure hate speech and terror propaganda is removed from the networks, came into full force on Monday.

The legislation was approved by the Bundestag in late June. According to the law, introduced by German Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, all materials containing hate speech or propaganda for terrorism must be deleted within seven days, or within 24 hours in cases of clearly illegal content. Systematic violations of the requirements would be dealt fines of up to 50 million euros ($57 million).

North Korea Lite: American Speaker Arrested in Canada for Smuggling “Hate Speech” on His iPad

North Korea Lite: American Speaker Arrested in Canada for Smuggling “Hate Speech” on His iPad 

If you’re an illegal from Ghana or South Sudan or Iraq and you sneak across the border from the U.S., the Mountie who is supposed to serve and protect Canadian, not invaders, will act as an enabler. He  carry your suitcase and assist your brood of kids and maybe even buy you a coffee.
However, if you’re an American invited here as a visitor and cross legally through the Calgary International Airport, we give you the third degree, seize your iPad and arrest you for “smuggling hate speech”. Meanwhile the venue that was to host your speech has been cancelled by another arm of the state because the organizing group is critical of radical Islam. Reporter Cari Keleman rexplained: “A special event permit for the event was denied by Calgary’s Department of Canadian Recreation, according to an article by CBC News, “on the basis that your organization, and messages it espouses, are hateful.
Wild Bill for America, also known as William Finlay, a popular author and speaker, was arrested today, June 24, 2017, at a Canadian airport for “smuggling hate speech” on his iPad. He was invited to speak at an event at Calgary’s Olympic Plaza called the “Patriotic Unity Mega Festival” coordinated by Canada’s Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) which also has organizations in Europe and Australia. Finlay served as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines before becoming a career law enforcement officer, serving as both a Deputy U.S. Marshal and Deputy Sheriff. A public speaker, frequest guest on radio talk shows, YouTuber and blogger, Finlay says his “mission in life is to encourage and strengthen America’s faith in God and Country. It is not politicians, but individual Americans with the courage to speak out who will keep freedom alive in the USA.”
CBC (June 22, 2017) reported: “The Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) has been advertising an event on Facebook planned for Saturday afternoon at Olympic Plaza, dubbing it the Patriotic Unity Mega Festival. But Calgary Recreation denied its application for a special event permit, “on the basis that your organization, and messages it espouses, are hateful,” the city told the group in a written response. Despite the rejection, a spokesman for the group said it will hold a peaceful march starting at Olympic Plaza Sunday afternoon. ‘We are going to march downtown and show the biased city officials that we will not be silenced,’ Jeremy Phillips messaged CBC News from a Facebook account associated with the WCAI.

‘It’s all about standing up for our rights and freedoms. We are not interested in a violent confrontation or anything like that. It’s all about having a peaceful protest.'”

Again, with the Calgary Recreation, we see Canada’s pathologically anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-free speech, pro-invader political establishment,

Paul Fromm

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