You-Tube – Bring back the ‘Brian Ruhe Show’ — Sign the Petition

You-Tube – Bring back the ‘Brian Ruhe Show’ — Sign the Petition

YouTube is killing free speech.  Interesting commentators – such as Brian Ruhe (The Brian Ruhe Show) – are being deleted. We all benefits from learning from others, so lets support those good people, such as Brian Ruhe, that are only guilty of voicing their opinions and giving others a platform to do the same.

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The Subtleties of Outrageousness

The Subtleties of Outrageousness

I want to explain my strategy about how I get my message out on video with The Brian Ruhe Show. If I were to talk to someone and explain my views, they would get upset and I would grow weary, as the Buddha said was his concern. My views are outrageous to people who are not awake to how the world really works.

Fortunately, I can happily express myself at length on a video and thousands of people will sit and listen to me, while I don’t have to listen to them. This is a dream come true, fulfilled by YouTube! I can be subtle because no one can interrupt me as I am alone when I videotape a well thought out lecture.

Over 100,000 people have patiently and very impatiently listened to and watched my videos. I will never know how they react and how I affect their lives. I merrily whistle down the sidewalk while they scream at my image on the computer screen. In person, people walking past me on the sidewalk don’t know me at all so I live in peace. Jesus said, “I have come to turn brother against brother.” I cause bitter fights within families as I sleep well at night, drifting off to dreamland with a satisfied smile on my face, recollecting the video I released that day. Only the internet has given me such power. I am 100 times more influential than I was 20 years ago when I was teaching Buddhism to 20 people a day at Douglas College.

The Buddha taught right speech. The internet makes us much more karmicly responsible for our words because our power is multiplied in space and into time. Centuries from now we could be influencing people with a YouTube video that we produced this year. Such power staggers the imagination so use it responsibly. I believe that I do but my critics would laugh at such a brazen claim. I have contemplated at the subtlest level of my thought, my influence on my video audience and I am acting as responsibly as I can with regard to what is expedient, with my limited means and the crises in the world that I tend to everyday.

I have been aware of walking the line since my flow of videos began in 2011. I have tried to avoid too much fame in my home town while my target audience is the rest of the world. I don’t get to know the residents in my apartment building and I don’t discuss my job with them. I keep a low profile in my neighbourhood. There are men in the US and Germany who obsessively express their hatred for me, in writing, in my video comments. I take refuge in my deep religious devotion for the Buddha, dhamma and sangha. I keep my friends close and my devas closer. I believe that the karmic merit of my actions is 1000 times better than when I was teaching Buddhism in night school. My aspiration is to take rebirth in Tavatimsa heaven with a modest celestial mansion, beneath Sakka’s retinue of the thirty-three. My conviction in my own rebirth keeps me going each day. Who can deprive me of my next life?

On March 17th, 2013 I already accepted my death when I started these inflammatory videos. It is 2019 and my actions over the past six years have earned me far more merit than the previous 53 years. I share that virtue with all the unknown white guys who built this wondrous internet technology.

Like Mara above our heads, I have had the worry, the resignation and the challenge of being watched by the Rothchild, Zionist, Talmdic establishment, all these years. It’s a foggy intuition I have had about if and how I have been protected or left vulnerable as a sitting duck. Accepting death makes me a man with nothing to lose. The three most dangerous people are the king, the pope and the man with nothing to lose.

We live in a children’s world. 97% are like children. I grow stiller and stiller. After a day in the street interviewing reactive normies, I stand with Gary Mitchel eyes and feel my chi energy surging as the next inspiration descends and co-mingles with my mind. Since childhood I took the Star Trek image of Gary Mitchel from the pilot episode, with glowing eyes, as a visualization practice of enlightened mind and power. The Buddha taught to visualize a confidence inspiring object and this is one that I use.

Technology enables the peaceful and subtle communication of the outrageous. Because of the power within the internet that I choose to seize, life is worth living more than ever before. I want to stick around as “this gig is getting interesting,” as my colleague Diane Chase says.

Live long and prosper in wisdom,

Brian Ruhe



On Jan. 23, 2019 Diane Chase and I were in downtown Vancouver, Canada interviewing people about how the Internet has changed people’s views on Adolf Hitler when I got attacked. A masked man on a bike stole my sign, then stole my camera. I grabbed his bike to get my camera back and he punch me in the head and took off. We then made a police report. We filmed this video with my cell phone right after this happened.
Donate for another camera:
CAFE is raising money to buy him a new camera. Send credit card or cheque to CAFE, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON.,M9W 5L3 or phone 416-428-5308

Monika Schaefer’s First Public Appearance Since Imprisonment in Germany!

Monika Schaefer’s First Public Appearance Since Imprisonment in Germany!

Monika Schaefer tells her story in my video interview with her, for the first time, of what it was like being imprisoned in Germany since Jan. 3, 2018 for the “hate crime” of Holocaust denial. She has been on The Brian Ruhe Show about ten times before. To support her brother, a Canadian, who has been sentenced to 3 years, 2 months in prison in Germany for the non violent expression of his views, called Holocaust denial, please write to him at: Alfred Schaefer JVA Stadelheim Stadelheimer Strasse 12 81549 München Germany


You can also see my videos on the fee speech platform Bitchute, at:

With metta,



Letter #5 

28 June 2018 

Dear Brian, Thank you for your letter from April 5/6th. It came to me May 31st 55 days later almost 8 weeks. That has been pretty standard lately. I appreciate the group letter too. Please tell our friends thank you for their thoughts and prayers. 

It is almost the eve of when things are getting going, and I suppose by the time you read this, it will all have been determined. Actually, I am quite certain it has already been determined but there will be a show anyway. “They” really are clamping down now aren’t they – taking down your Youtube channels. The cowards! I feel I am almost being sheltered from all the stuff going on out there, in so far as “the news” goes. Of course, I can get the mainstream news on radio and can interpret some of what is happening through my red-pilled lenses, but I am sure I am missing a lot. Perhaps that’s okay while I’m here. I do pick up a few things from what people write to me and I appreciate that.

Yes, I have lots of stamps so please don’t worry about that. They are also giving me a hard time about the cash donations being sent in letters, so it’s better to discourage that. There is an account that money can be transferred into, but right now please don’t worry about it – I have money in my account. Let’s wait and see what happens in the trial. Anyway, I notice they get mad at me every time they make mistakes in their receipts and accounting etc. I have never accused them of anything, but they must get flustered when there are a bunch of open letters in front of them, some cash, and then they realize – oh-darn, where did this come from? Which letter was it in? Then they take a wild guess – and I can usually figure it out afterward because people generally state it in their letters that they’re sending 10 Euros or 5 Euros or whatever (it is good that they do that). But hey, I am NOT encouraging it! Now I can honestly tell them that I am trying to inform the people not to send cash (no cheques, either, please, as these would really not help until I get out and who knows when that is). 

I am feeling quite calm and strong. Also preparing myself for the wrath of a certain group of chosen people. Sending love, Monika 

P.S. No matter how much wrath they have and no matter what they do, no matter how hard they try, they can NEVER transform their fictions into fact. And they will never extinguish the Light of Truth. Amen. 

Freethinking Warrior Arthur Topham Arrested Against by B.C. “Hate Squad” — Report by Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, on the Brian Ruhe Show

Freethinking Warrior Arthur Topham Arrested Against by B.C. “Hate Squad” — Report by Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression,  on the Brian Ruhe Show