Look at the Questions Doug Ford Is Asking

Look at the Questions Doug Ford Is Asking

by John Adams/Randy Hillier MPP, NoMoreLockdowns – February 3, 2021 https://www.nomorelockdowns.ca/questions

Campaign Research, Doug Ford’s chief pollsters, are asking the people of Ontario how they feel about present and possible new restrictions in the fight against COVID-19.

This is terrifying.

Suspending civil rights and liberties? Vehicle and pedestrian checkpoints? Police removing people from their homes? Jailing and fining those who hold dissenting opinions?

Did we suddenly wake up in North Korea?

Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, CANADA, is asking for approval to remove our Charter Rights.

Thanks to the courageous whistleblower who shared these screenshots with No More Lockdowns Canada and all the major media outlets in Ontario on Friday, it appears Anthony Furey was the only one to talk about it. (https://torontosun.com/news/national/furey-pandemic-civil-liberties-abuses-most-popular-among-liberal-voters-poll-shows)

These questions our government is asking are very serious and very concerning; it is abhorrent to say the least. How could we even consider these actions in our free country? It is time to speak out.

If you live outside my riding with a PC MPP, send them these screenshots, if you are a constituent, consider reaching out to the Premier and ask:

“Why is your government contemplating removing my rights and liberties? Why is your government talking about forcefully removing citizens from their home and setting up Soviet-style check points?”.

Ask via email, phone, letter, and social media. If you share on social media be sure to share with me and the press. You can find your Member of Provincial Parliament and their contact information here: https://www.ola.org/en/members

This should NEVER be acceptable, the public’s hesitancy for dissent on the current restrictions is what lets our elected officials think that this would be ok, that they can get away with this. Let them know they are wrong. Speak out, ask questions, and help spread the word.

These were shared to me from NoMoreLockdowns.ca, be sure to sign their petition and request a lawn sign.   Randy Hillier


Thank you so much for joining me and almost 30,000 Ontarians in our effort to LIFT THE LOCKDOWN. 

For the first time in 10 months, I have cause for optimism.  Let me explain. After I wrote to Doug Ford, urging him to Lift the Lockdown, I was removed from the Ontario PC Caucus.  If I could go back in time I wouldn’t change a thing.  The intent of my Letter was to start a much needed public conversation about the catastrophic effects of the Lockdown – and it worked! 

All over Ontario, people are openly questioning the efficacy and the effect of the Lockdown.  Even mainstream media is giving more coverage to the terrible effects of the Lockdown on children and mental health.  This is an incredible development, since the first step to end this nightmare is to speak against it. We’re in a key moment.  The Government and Public Health are re-engaging in fearmongering to justify the Lockdown.  But we are not going to retreat – the conversation must continue.  We need to organize a major grassroots advocacy effort to pressure the Government to LIFT THE LOCKDOWN.  The keys to success are numbers, engagement and persistence.   Let’s start with a simple assignment – grow our numbers.  My Petition to LIFT THE LOCKDOWN

at www.RomanBaber.ca helps identify supporters (people who oppose the Lockdown) and engage them in our efforts.  That’s why I’m asking each of you to get us 10, just 10 additional signatures on the Petition, by Sunday, January 31, 2021.  Forward this email to your friends, call family members or talk to your neighbours and ask them to join our effort by signing Roman’s Petition to LIFT THE LOCKDOWN

at www.RomanBaber.ca   We have some work ahead of us, but we are hard working, compassionate Canadians.  We will stand up for our families, friends and neighbours against the Lockdown and we will prevail. Sincerely always, Roman Baber
Roman Baber · Canada

Elderly woman with crucifix roughed up by the cops

Elderly woman with crucifix roughed up by the cops. This is our Budapest 1956, the Medico-Stalinist Tyrants and their enforcers trampling on free speech & religious liberty! This was a peaceful Hugs Over Masks Rally.

Surely, somewhere in Rexdale or Jane/Finch, there’s a rapper who is just turning his life around about to be shot in the never-ending gang violence. But, hey, gentle middle age people, young idealists, joyous religious folks are low hanging fruit. That’s where the cops are today.

Dictator Doug & Tyrant John Tory, you should be proud. You’ve squashed freedom of religious practice, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly!

Compulsory Masks Were A Trial Run for Compulsory Vaccines, If You Want to Work or Travel in Ontario, Health Minister Hints: Ontario health minister promises ‘immunity passport’ for COVID vaccine recipients

Ontario health minister promises ‘immunity passport’ for COVID vaccine recipients

Christine Elliott declared that she expects people to need proof of COVID immunity to travel and work. Fri Dec 18, 2020 – 9:24 pm EST

Featured Image
Christine Elliott, health minister of Ontario. The Agenda with Steve Paikin / YouTube

By Anthony Murdoch

ONTARIO, December 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The health minister of Ontario reaffirmed once again that residents of Canada’s most populous province will need “for lots of reasons” a yet to be determined type of proof that they received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“People will receive a confirmation of the vaccination when they receive their first dose. They will get a receipt indicating that they’ve had their first dose. When they get the second dose, they will receive confirmation. We are just finalizing the format it’s going to take,” said Ontario’s health minister, Christine Elliott, to reporters Thursday, while taking questions after an announcement for new mental health funding.

Elliott added that after a person has received his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the government will issue him something “more substantive” than a simple receipt that he had the shot.

“This is something that we’ve planned for all along, and we know that many people are going to need that confirmation for a whole variety of reasons — travel, work-related, and other reasons,” said Elliott.

“People will receive a receipt when they receive the first dose, and then, upon the second dose, when it’s been completed, they will receive something more substantive, as I said, because many people are going to need it for lots of reasons.”

There are questions as to whether a vaccine “immunity passport” would violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in particular Section 2, which involves one’s conscience rights; Section 6 regarding mobility rights; and Section 7, which protects one’s “right to life, liberty and security of the person.” SUBSCRIBE to LifeSite’s daily headlines U.S. Canada World Catholic

Lisa Bildy, a lawyer for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), told LifeSiteNews that for a government to “threaten or mandate liberty restrictions” against Canadians who do not want a COVID-19 vaccine is indeed a violation of one’s charter rights.

“The government should make the Covid-19 vaccine available to all Canadians who want it, starting with those who are the most vulnerable. That should be the end of their involvement in the personal health decisions of Canadians,” Bildy told LifeSiteNews.

“To do otherwise, and particularly to threaten or mandate liberty restrictions on Canadians who make the perfectly reasonable assessment that they do not need or want such a vaccine, is a violation of the rights to freedom of conscience and belief, mobility rights, and the right to life, liberty and security of the person under the Charter. If there’s no solid data on transmission, then there is simply no rational basis for the infringement of these rights.”

Ontario premier Doug Ford said he will not make a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in Ontario but will urge people to take it.

One Woman’s Passionate Plea to Premier Doug Ford: “No More Lockdowns!”

One Woman’s Passionate Plea to Premier Doug Ford: “No More Lockdowns!

Premier Ford, 

As you may be aware, Quebec Premier François Legault has decided to shut all non-essential businesses for two weeks, beginning Christmas Day, as a result of new COVID 19 infections in that province. Essential services such as grocery stores, supermarkets, drugstores, hardware stores and garages will not be affected by the measure, which will apply from December 25 to January 11.

Apparently, you have refused to rule out similar measures for Ontario – or at least in the GTA – which would appear to have the lion’s share of new COVID 19 cases. 

I am strongly opposed to this potential new lockdown in Ontario – as I believe that it will do very little to thwart the rising daily number of new COVID 19 cases. The current lockdown in the City of Toronto and Peel Region, which have been in place for a few weeks now, has completely failed to do much of anything,especially given the fact that those who most enthusiastically support these job destroying and small business ruining lockdowns – would appear to hypocritically have no problem with public schools and other facilities remaining open. I am guessing that the potential electoral backlash from those many parents who use public schools as a type of glorified baby sitting service – resonates much more with lawmakers than any business lobby ever could – hence the aforementioned glaring hypocrisy and contradiction? 

Never mind that public schools are far more likely to be vectors of COVID 19 transmission – than any restaurants offering indoor dining  – which are already operating at 75% or less capacity – and which have implemented expensive social distancing and contact tracing measures – along with regular decontamination protocols – all at great financial cost – ever could. Nevertheless, in my experience, very few, if any, elected public servants are prepared to deviate from the proverbial script – much less the iron yolk of mass conformity during these times. 

An eye on the next election cycle and one’s Sunshine List six figure salary as well as OMERS pension – would appear to bury any righteous objections – much less the use of critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning abilities in most of our public servants (surely an argument for strict term limits and recall mechanisms – to say nothing of ranked ballots – at all levels of government – if there ever was one) – when their primary focus at ALL levels of government should be individually advocating tirelessly with your government to find ways to mitigate and alleviate the restrictions on workers and business owners.Instead, many, not all, but many of your Liberal and NDP aligned opponents, both provincially and municipally, largely give your government a blank cheque, when it comes to these draconian lockdowns, and rather focus on demanding that your government run up even higher deficits to cover income supports for all of those dislocated by these unnecessary lockdowns.

Unfortunately, no real organized opposition or individual dissenting voices, with the notable exception of MPP Randy Hillier, currently exists at Queen’s Park, but I believe that that will soon change with the formal registration in the early new year of a new populist provincial political party, which will finally give a voice to the the tens of millions of Ontarians who have had their jobs and businesses taken away from them as a result of these repeated lockdowns. 

Being a skeptic or a critic during these Covid 19 times – is increasingly an audacious and revolutionary act. However, for a growing number of Ontarians like myself, fidelity to truth, facts, common sense, personal freedom, individual liberty, property rights and bodily autonomy are paramount. 

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that any new lockdown in Ontario – or enhanced lockdown – for those Ontario regions which have already been under this statism run amok for the past few weeks – will result in the cancellation of countless numbers of surgeries and diagnostic imaging in hospitals – as hospital CEOs are already asking their staff to “make room” for an anticipated wave of COVID 19 cases. I wonder how many Ontarians will now die as a result of cancelled surgeries and/or diagnostic testing? In the UK this year,over 2000 people have died from pancreatic or liver cancer alone – as a result of British hospitals cancelling surgeries, diagnostics and treatments.You are aware that cancer, HIV/AIDS, clogged arteries and sclerotic organs do not take a vacation just because COVID 19 gets disproportionate attention, right?

I also wonder how many idiots with a mild cough or sniffle will now flood ERs all across Ontario as a result of your government’s extreme and disproportionate overreaction to these rising – but primarily asymptomatic cases – where there is a very low hospitalization rate and an extremely low mortality rate? The vast majority of COVID 19 deaths are the result of comorbidity – with those of very advanced age and immunodeficiency being the primary victims. 

Of course, the sensationalizing media will no doubt fan the flames of public hysteria over any new or enhanced lockdown. 

If you are so concerned that Ontario’s hospitals will be overrun with new COVID 19 cases – which is apparently your justification for – what in my opinion – are these illegal and unconstitutional lockdowns – which trample all over my fundamental rights and freedoms – then why have you not over the course of this calendar year – since the very beginning of the pandemic – established a parallel healthcare system – perhaps operated by the medical corps of the Canadian military – which could erect vast tent cities on the outskirts of any and all sizeable Ontario population centres – for the sole purpose of diagnosing and treating those with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID 19. A toll free number could be established and an over the phone assessment would determine if a person has or likely has COVID 19. This would immediately remove the threat to civilian hospitals of being overrun – and separate medical transportation to such COVID 19 centres could transport those who have or think they may have COVID 19. I am thinking a hermetically sealed special ambulance – equipped with oxygen tanks.Of course, it would have to be strictly voluntary for anyone to go to these COVID 19 treatment/recovery sites – but it would result in not requiring these economically destructive lockdowns. Such facilities would be open and transparent – with full access for visitors and the media. Why are you and the other Premiers not already discussing this option or at least something along these lines with the Prime Minister? Surely, anything to avoid a lockdown and paralysis of the economy should be your very top priority? 

You also could create a separate provincial medical corp made up of recalled recently retired physicians, nurses, etc. to exclusively diagnose and treat COVID 19 patients inside of a plethora of provincial government owned buildings – both those in use and those which have been decommissioned. There are also countless municipal government buildings, schools, community centres, military bases,airport hangers, etc. There is no valid reason why civilian hospitals need to be overrun and ICU and ER beds taken by severely ill COVID 19 patients – assuming there are truly going to be that many of them – I have my doubts – and this can all be accomplished in my opinion – without the need for any current or existing lockdowns. You simply are not thinking outside of the proverbial box here. 
I am quite certain that your well paid team of literally thousands of physicians, public health officials, policy wonks and other assorted bureaucrats could conceive of many different ways to deal with this supposed “imminent tidal wave of Covid 19 cases” which are both creative and anything but the status quo. The fact that you or no other national or sub national elected leader has bothered to think outside of the proverbial box and devise creative solutions to this issue – makes me and a growing number of people highly suspicious as to what is really behind all of this madness. 

I believe that the COVID 19 pandemic is very real – but I question the degree to which it is truly a danger to those who are not already of an advanced age and/or who have serious immunodeficiency. I also believe that many state (governments) and non-state actors (big businesses, banks and pharmaceutical corporations) all over the world – are exploiting this tragedy to advance their own self serving agendas. Not all of them, but many of them.Too many things do not make sense -nor do they add up – as it were. 
I am also very disheartened to see you and many other public servants ,state, “I will listen to the advice of the medical experts” as the standard scripted generic reply to any inquiries such as mine. The medical officers of health are NOT all seeing and all knowing. They DO NOT possess a monopoly on solutions. In fact, some of them even publicly disagree and contradict each other concerning which measures to take and when to take them. The recent disagreement on whether or not to put York Region into lockdown between Dr Kurji and Dr Williams comes to mind. Yet, so many of our elected officials meekly abdicate all decision making to these unelected “experts”. It is truly shameful to say the least. What ever happened to shopping around for the proverbial second opinion? Why do you and most of your public sector ilk always side with the very worst case scenario where COVID 19 is concerned? You seem to automatically assume that whichever “medical expert” paints the most dire and bleak scenario – is the correct one by default – yet this comes at the expense of my livelihood, dignity,freedom and liberty. 

While I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this email will fall on deaf ears – where appealing to you to publicly oppose a lockdown is concerned – I would like to take this opportunity to at least ask you not to begin any new or enhanced lockdown until Christmas Day – as per Quebec’s example? Individuals and businesses both need as well as richly deserve sufficient time to prepare for it. Furthermore, the days leading up to Christmas Day are the most important all year for the vast majority of businesses. This time of the year is truly the economic lifeblood for most businesses and their employees – especially retailers. 

May your critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning abilities and healthy skepticism wisely guide all of your future public policy decisions. 
Be bold, be strong, be courageous and work smarter – not harder. 


,Sara Makhlouf 

Ford/Tory’s Medico-Stalinist Police State Changes the Lock on A Businessman’s Door, Hauls Him of n Handcuffs & Cops Illegally Block a Road for Hours to Prevent Supporters from Rallying to His Defence


LIVE UPDATES: Adamson Barbecue owner put in handcuffs

Nov 26, 2020  •  Last Updated 6 minutes ago  •  2 minute read

Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly is led away from his restaurant by Toronto Police as supporters tried to wrestle him away on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun


Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly, who has been refusing to follow a provincial lockdown order, has been arrested after officials locked him out of his restaurant Thursday.

Skelly had told the Sun that police told him if he messed with the door that had its locks changed he would be charged with obstruction of justice. He was taken away in handcuffs.

Toronto Police confirm that arrests have been made and officers remain at the scene. “We continue to ask for calm and cooperation,” the force tweeted.

Cops say a second man was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Adamson BBQ owner Adam Skelly is led away from his restaurant by Toronto Police on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

More to come…

Mayor John Tory appeared on CNN Thursday morning, making it clear Adamson Barbecue will not be serving its slow-cooked beef on this day.

“He won’t be opening today, I can assure you that,” Toronto’s mayor told the American network on that country’s Thanksgiving.

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Not long after that quote started to move around Toronto media came word that the city had raided the Queen Elizabeth Boulevard restaurant with hired locksmiths.

The city told reporters on the scene that under order of public health they had changed the locks on the restaurant.

Skelly was joined by a crowd of supporters outside his restaurant. “Need locksmith & other hands at Etobicoke asap,” he had posted in an Instagram story earlier.

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On Wednesday, he told the Toronto Sun he not only fully intended to open today but would bring “five times” the amount of food to serve everybody.

He said this despite receiving nine tickets for various alleged (non criminal code) violations under several jurisdictions.

Skelly was ignoring earlier rulings from the province and then a closure order from Toronto’s medical officer of health Dr. Eileen De Villa.

Toronto Polcie officers block the side door outside Adamson Barbecue on Queen Elizabeth Blvd. Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

Meanwhile, a man named Barry McNamar has started a GoFundMe account to help Skelly with his legal costs.

“I don’t know him but I do know that guys like him are in short supply during this overblown COVID nonsense and he deserves our support.”

Skelly has been a major big thorn in the side of Premier Doug Ford and Mayor John Tory this week.

Supporters and Toronto Police outside Adamson Barbecue on Queen Elizabeth Blvd. on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto Sun

“I was nice to the guy yesterday, but buddy, let me tell you something, you’re putting people’s lives in jeopardy,” Ford said Wednesday.

Tory’s frustration abut the situation was highlighted in a news release late Wednesday that said, “Neither Mayor John Tory nor city council direct enforcement of any kind,” however, “following (Tuesday’s) confusing series of events, caused in part by the fact the regulations are brand new, the mayor indicated he was dissatisfied with the outcome of the Adamson matter, asked repeated questions, and was assured at this morning’s COVID-19 Strategic Command Table meeting that there was alignment and that the various authorities were ready for an anticipated repeat opening.”

This occurred Thursday morning with the changing of the locks of Adamson Barbecue.

Canada: Doug Ford Locks Down Ontario “For 28 Days”

Canada: Doug Ford Locks Down Ontario “For 28 Days”

Andrew Anglin November 22, 2020

Doug Ford must be smoking crack like his brother.

Or, all of these politiicans are taking cues from a central, global authority that the public isn’t aware exists.

Maybe both things are happening?

Fox News:

The Ontario province will initiate partial coronavirus lockdown measures in two regions starting Monday, officials announced.

Ontario is home to Toronto, the largest city in Canada with almost 3 million residents. Ontario has seen over 1,400 cases in the past 24 hours, forcing Ontario Premier Doug Ford to initiate a “lockdown.”

The lockdown will cover Toronto and the Peel Region, Ford announced on Friday.

The measures include the full closure of gyms, recreation facilities, and personal care services while also limiting non-essential retail stores to curbside pickup, CP24 reported.

Supermarkets, hardware stores, department stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and liquor stores are exempt from the order, but they will face restrictions of 50% capacity.

Perhaps most importantly, public schools will remain open under the lockdown, but “post-secondary” institutions will be open for virtual instruction only.

Even Canadian lunatics are leaving the schools open.

But Bill de Blasio closes them.

There is not even a single study showing that schools are a problem, by their own admission.

“The situation is extremely serious and further action is required to avoid the worst-case scenario,” Ford said in making the announcement. “We cannot put in-class learning at risk, we can’t risk widespread outbreaks in our long-term care homes, we cannot risk overwhelming our hospitals.”

“To protect our most vulnerable and protect what matters most we have to get the community spread under control,” he added.

The current region designations will remain in place for a minimum of 28 days, which means that the lockdowns will last until at least Dec. 21, CTV News reported.

Yeah, they’re not saying they’re canceling Christmas yet.

But obviously, the flu season doesn’t end on December 21. Society has now decided that we can’t ever let anyone get the flu, so we’re definitely going to be in a full lockdown across virtually all of the Western world until spring. Then they’ll do another partial lift.

Then we’ll go back into lockdown next fall.

There’s never going to be any end to it. The point of the lockdowns now is to remind you how bad they are, so that when they give you just a little bit of freedom back, the goyim will feel really great.

It’s like when you’re a kid and you spray cold hose water on yourself so when you jump in the pool, it feels really warm.

This is all slavery training for the new glorious era of post-capitalist humanism, where you will live in a tiny room in a high rise building, with a computer chip in your hand that your weekly allowance of credits is transferred to.

They are now just openly telling you all of this. The main right-wing controlled opposition shills are talking about it openly now, just to familiarize you with it.

NO MORE LOCKDOWNS.ORG — A New Organization Plans Freedom Lawn Signs Across Ontario

NO MORE LOCKDOWNS.ORG — A New Organization Plans Freedom Lawnsigns Across Ontario

A new initiative has been launched, NoMoreLockdowns.org. This is a grassroots organization composed of many credible people who require anonymity because of their professions, such as those in public service, and government contractors.

No More Lockdowns will escalate and amplify the pressure on our government, and you can help them send the message. They are fighting for a sole cause, to stop Premier Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau from imposing more destructive and unjust lockdowns on the people of Ontario and Canada.Many of you have asked what is the best way you can help me. You can do that by joining and supporting No More Lockdowns.

Their first effort is a province-wide lawn sign campaign that demands “No More Lockdowns”, so you can publicly demonstrate your support for our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you would like a lawn sign and/or to become a depot you can do that here. They expect delivery of their first lawn signs to begin in the second week of November.

I hope you can now help No More Lockdowns share the message that our freedoms matter. It’s an important endeavour this group is undertaking; they are speaking for all of us, and I hope you will support them and encourage all Canadians that we need to get back to normal.Again you can find them at their website:
NoMoreLockdowns.orgYou can sign their petition:
NoMoreLockdowns.org/petitionGet a lawn sign and/or become a depot:
NoMoreLockdowns.org/lawn_sign_requestAnd volunteer:

Randy Hillier
P.S. While I know my efforts enjoy support from across the country, and indeed the world, this initiative is exclusively for Ontario. If you’d like to start a similar initiative in your province, and need some guidance, I suggest you reach out to them at info@nomorelockdowns.org

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Ford

Throne, Altar, Liberty

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Friday, October 23, 2020

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Ford

Nineteenth century Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson is remembered mostly for his novels Treasure Island, featuring the pirate Long John Silver, and Kidnapped.   Almost as well-known as these, and probably far more influential in terms of the number of imitations it has inspired and adaptations that have been made, is a shorter work, published in 1886, the same year as Kidnapped, entitled Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1).  

The story is about a physician, Dr. Henry Jekyll, who like everybody else, struggles with the inner conflict between his base instincts and urges on the one hand and his ethical standards on the other.   Unlike everybody else, he, being a scientist, tries to find a scientific solution to the problem, which he sees more in terms of the need to protect his reputation than to suppress his vicious desires.   He invents a serum that transforms him into Mr. Edward Hyde so that he can indulge the latter without damaging his reputation.   The potion, however, also produces a division in his moral character, basically separating all the wickedness into the persona of Mr. Hyde and all of the goodness into the persona of Dr. Jekyll.   The consequence of all of this, is that Mr. Hyde is left with no inner constraints on his wickedness, and becomes a thoroughly depraved, sadistic, sociopathic, murderer.   Dr. Jekyll, who by contrast becomes more upright, humane and saintly, eventually loses control over the transformation process and starts to transform into Mr. Hyde involuntarily, at first in his sleep, later when he is awake.   Then, running out of the serum that reverses the transformation, and being unable to produce another batch that will work, he realizes that he is about to become his evil alter-ego permanently, and commits suicide.

After the story was published and became widely known, the names of the character became more or less synonymous with the kind of dual personality in which a person can be sweet, gentile, and charming one minute and the exact opposite of that the next.

I have been reminded of this story every time that Doug Ford, the current premier of Upper Canada, or Ontario as those who like to keep up with the times prefer to call it, has appeared in the news in the last eight months and especially the last two.

Two summers ago, when the Progressive Conservatives led by Doug Ford, won a majority of 76 out of the 124 seats in the provincial legislature, I breathed a sigh of relief for our neighbours to the east.   They had suffered under Grit misrule for fifteen years, first under Dalton McGuinty and then under Kathleen Wynne, who were in my opinion the two worst provincial-level Liberal leaders in the entire history of the Dominion.   The election that put Doug Ford in the premier’s chair, also reduced the Grits to seven seats, the worst defeat they have ever suffered in that province, which was itself even greater cause to rejoice than the Conservative victory.

When Doug Ford became leader of Upper Canada’s Progressive Conservatives in the lead-up to the provincial election of 2018, I knew little about him other than that he was the brother of the late Rob Ford, who from 2010 to 2014 had been mayor of the city which had been known as York before political correctness prompted its being rechristened with the Indian name of Toronto in 1834.  During the years in which Rob Ford was mayor, he was constantly under attack by the CBC and the rest of the mainstream progressive media, which only strengthened me in my conviction that, as I said at the time, Rob Ford, drunk and on crack, ran his city better than any other sober mayor in Canada, including and especially our own here in Winnipeg.   That would have been Sam Katz back then, and Mayor Duckie (2) who has since replaced him is even worse.    

The same corrupt left-wing media that had relentlessly pursued the destruction of his brother, went after Doug Ford during the 2018 election.   They shamelessly dug poor old Rob up from his grave – he had passed away from cancer two years previously – and began whipping and crucifying his corpse.   Since Ford was using populist rhetoric in his campaign, they naturally compared him to Donald the Orange who through populism and nationalism had become president of the American republic in 2016.    Now, just to be clear, since my politics happens to be the royal-monarch-as-defender-of-the-Church kind of Toryism from which the Conservative Party has been lamentably drifting for decades – or rather centuries – populism and nationalism are actually lower in my own estimation than they are in that of the progressive media.   Forced to choose between the former and the latter, however, I would gladly chose the populists any day.   So it was that this progressive assault on “Ontario’s Trump” raised his stock considerably in my books.

Despite the media’s amusing attempt to use his populist rhetoric to hang the “far right” label on him – neither populism nor what the media considers to be “far right” is right wing at all, let alone extremely right wing –  Doug Ford was basically a mainstream, centre-right, Progressive Conservative.   His platform consisted mostly of tax reductions, infrastructure improvement, de-regulation, and cleaning up the mess that McGuinty and Wynne had made of the province’s school system.   While there was much that was lacking in this platform, it was a major improvement over what the former governing party had been offering.   After Ford won the election, the first year and a half of his premiership were fairly impressive.   He stuck it to the provincial bureaucrats with a salary-and-hiring freeze, and went to war with the environazis who were determined to make life more miserable and unaffordable for everybody because of their superstitious belief in a climate apocalypse extrapolated through a computer simulation from the pseudoscientific theory of anthropogenic global warming.   This included standing up to Captain Airhead, whom we are unfortunate enough to have as the Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s government in Ottawa, and who was threatening to impose a federal carbon tax on all provinces that did not voluntarily adopt one of their own.   Shortly after the election, the new Minister of Education announced that the province would repeal everything the outgoing government had done to turn the schools into indoctrination camps for brainwashing young children with sexual perversion and gender identity politics although there have been reports that the follow-through on this was less than spectacular and that all they really did was make a few minor adjustments.   (3)

The qualifying remarks in my last sentence aside, Ford had gotten off to a fairly good start for a contemporary, mainstream, Progressive Conservative premier.

Then the Chinese bat flu arrived in Upper Canada.    When that happened, Doug Ford underwent an almost-overnight metamorphosis into a despotic, bullying, COVID-monster, and became the darling of the media that had been demonizing him for the last two years.

Of course, something similar could be said about every premier in the Dominion.   Our own Progressive Conservative Premier here in the south-east corner of Prince Rupert’s Land, Brian Pallister, declared a state of emergency and put our province into a most draconian lockdown before there was any significant outbreak, gave that – in my opinion – power mad goon Dr. Brent Roussin a blank cheque for imposing restrictions, no matter how stupid, self-contradictory, and outright harmful they were, and only the other day doubled the fines for people who violate these arbitrary regulations.   Pallister, however, has long been known to be a jerk.   The only reason I welcomed his re-election the other year is that the other option was the truly odious Wab Kinew.   Doug Ford, on the other hand, had given us every reason to expect much better of him, before he turned around and started acting like a squirt bottle used for cleaning the orifices of the nether regions of the body.

Now, some might come to Doug Ford’s defence by saying that his province was hit particularly hard by the bat flu.   Granted, out of all the provinces its number of deaths was exceeded only by those of Lower Canada.   This hardly constitutes justification of his actions, however.   It is only to be expected that in a country-wide outbreak, the two provinces of Central Canada would have the most deaths.   They have the most people, after all.   There is more to it, however, than just that.   The bulk of the deaths in those provinces took place in long-term care facilities, which, again, is predictable from the fact that the only people who are at any sort of  statistically significant risk from the  Chinese bat flu are those who are really old, with two or more complicating health conditions.   In Upper and Lower Canada, the situation in the nursing homes got so bad that the Armed Forces had to be sent in to take the place of the staff who had either contracted the virus themselves or deserted in fear of doing so.    They sent back to their superiors reports of the horrendous conditions they found there – conditions such as cockroaches, rotting food, bedding left soiled for days on end, and worse – caused not by the bat flu but by neglect and abuse on the part of the administration and staff.   While Ford is hardly to blame for such conditions, for in many of these places this sort of thing had been going on for years prior to his premiership, the fact of the matter is that had he done the common sense thing at the beginning of the “pandemic” and taken measures to provide extra protection for the people most at risk, rather than listening uncritically to the imbecilic advice of medical experts who, themselves regurgitating nonsense cooked up by the World Health Organization to serve the nefarious ends of the Chinese Communists and the pharmaceutical conglomerates, recommended a universal quarantine on the young and healthy instead, this sort of thing could have been dealt with much earlier, and steps could have been taken which might have prevented the outbreaks in the nursing homes from getting so bad.  Jumping on board the lockdown bandwagon, prevented him from pursuing other, sounder, options, and made the situation even worse.

When the World Health Organization screamed “pandemic”, Ford traded in his tired old populism and common sense for a shiny new superstitious belief in the infallibility of international health organizations and other medical experts, and imposed their recommendations with a particularly heavy hand.   When people with legitimate concerns about the erosion of their rights, freedoms, livelihoods and businesses under public health orders and who likely largely overlapped the people who had voted Ford into the premier’s office two years ago, began to protest against social distancing, lockdowns, and the like, he dismissed them all as yahoos.   In July, he rammed Bill 195 through the legislature, a bill which gave him two years’ worth of emergency powers which he could exercise without consulting the legislature.    This was a province-level equivalent of what Captain Airhead and his Liberals had tried to sneak into an emergency spending bill in Parliament in March, but which Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition had mercifully thwarted.   Ford punished the members of his own party who voted against this bill, such as Belinda Karahalios, the MPP representing Cambridge, by expelling them from the caucus.

On Monday, September 28th, Ford held a press conference in which he announced that his province was officially in the “second wave” of the bat flu, and that it “will be worse than the first wave we faced earlier this year.”    As with all the other claptrap about this so-called “second wave” this was a cunning form of sleight-of-hand.   That day, Upper Canada had seen the highest number of new cases recorded in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic.  It had not seen a commensurate spike in the number of people gravely sick, being hospitalized, put in intensive care, and dying.   Indeed, the new cases were mostly among age groups which were not at any significant risk from the disease.   This has been more or less the case everywhere throughout this so-called “second wave”.   My province, which seen the number of deaths multiply since the beginning of September – we were at fourteen at the beginning of September and are now at forty-seven, is not an exception.   These deaths are, like those which more populated provinces experienced in the spring, almost entirely among those who are both extremely old and extremely sick, because this is Manitoba’s first wave, the entire misguided and totalitarian “flatten the curve” strategy having merely delayed it, while causing a whole lot of unnecessary other harm in the process.  

Even before Ford made this announcement, he had lowered the number of people allowed to meet socially in Toronto, Peel Region, and Ottawa to ten, slapped a $10 000 fine on anyone who organized an event that broke this rule, and a $750 fine on anyone who attended.   It is difficult to decide which is more ridiculous, the limit of social gatherings to ten in a country where assembly and association are two of the officially recognized fundamental freedoms, or the insanely high amounts of those fines.  (4)  Certainly, the late Rob Ford, who was well known for his love of large social gatherings, must be spinning in his grave over all this party-pooping, and the whole general way in which his brother has turned into a piece of rotting Communist excrement.

My unsolicited advice to Ford is to find the serum that will turn him back to his original self and to do so quickly.   Nobody, except the media progressives, who want everybody to spend the rest of their lives, hiding under their beds in their basements, curled up in the fetal position, sucking their thumbs, afraid to go out lest the SARS-Cov-2 Bogeyman get them, likes this new version.

(1)   Stevenson deliberately left out both the definite article and the periods after the abbreviations for doctor and mister from his title.   His original publisher followed his whims.   Most subsequent publishers have not.  

(2) Brian Bowman looks like Jon Cryer, who, prior to his role as Alan on Three and a Half Men, was best known as “Duckie” in John Hughes’ 1986 “Brat Pack” teen rom-com, Pretty in Pink.   An interesting bit of trivia, although as completely irrelevant as this entire footnote, is that Charlie Sheen, Cryer’s co-star in Three and a Half Men (and earlier in Hotshots), was the original choice for the role of Blane, “Duckie”’s ultimately successful rival for the affections of Andie (Molly Ringwald) in this film, a role that ended up going to Andrew McCarthy.

(3)   See this article from The Interim.  It is worth noting that a serious effort to clean up the schools would have to involve more than just repealing Kathleen Wynne’s curriculum.   I was in Toronto for a wedding almost ten years ago, while Dalton McGuinty was still premier.   On the ride back to Pearson International, my driver, a recent immigrant from somewhere in the Middle East, struck up a conversation.   When he found out I was from Manitoba, he told me how lucky I was to be living in a rural, conservative, province, where I did not have to put up with the likes of Dalton McGuinty, who was making the schools teach sexual perversions to young children.   I didn’t have the heart to break the news to him, that the NDP which was governing Manitoba at the time was just about as bad, although they had not taken the schools quite that far.   My point, however, is that this conversation could not have taken place when it did, had McGuinty not already started the schools along the path down which Wynne would take them much further.

(4)  Of course there are those who have gone even further than Ford in this absurdity.    Dr. Brent Roussin has limited social gatherings to five in Winnipeg and the surrounding region.  Back in Ford’s own province, Patrick Brown, his predecessor as PC leader and currently the mayor of Brampton, imposed fines of up to $100 000 on those not practicing “physical distancing” as far back as April.   An orchard owner in neighbouring Caledon was threatened with a fine that large by the Ontario Provincial Police in late September for letting people pick their own apples on his farm.

Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier & Federal People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier challenge Premier Ford’s unconstitutional limits on public gatherings.

Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier & Federal People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier challenge Premier Ford’s unconstitutional limits on public gatherings.