Independent Ontario MPP Roman Babar Runs Ads to Expose the COVID Lies, Failures & Misinformation of the Doug Ford Gov’t

Independent Ontario MPP Roman Babar Runs Ads to Expose the COVID Lies, Failures & Misinformation of the Doug Ford Gov’t

Doug Ford tried to distract Ontarians from his own failures by offering us more crumbs in a sleight of hand. Instead of allowing restrictions to expire on January 26, he extended them to January 31 and announced a “slow and cautious opening”. Doug is not fooling anymore, instead he got caught trying to save himself politically. 

By the Government’s measures, Ontario’s hospitals are in worse shape today than they were in October 2021. There is less hospital staff now than in March 2020. If Doug stuck to the illusion that we must lock down to protect hospital capacity, then he would not announce any reopening at this time. Instead, he knows where the wind is blowing and is trying to save his political career.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, threatened some Ontario’s Physicians for allegedly spreading vaccine misinformation. Understanding of the Covid vaccines is an evolving scientific matter. One could have been accused of misinformation by suggesting that the risk of the Astra Zeneca vaccine was too high due to the risk of blood clots before it was pulled from the market. One could have also been accused of misinformation for suggesting that that Moderna should not be offered to 18-24 year olds before it was no longer recommended by Public Health Ontario for that age group.  Threatening professionals for expressing a professional opinion is a chill on speech to be expected of dictatorial regimes. This is an unprecedented territory.

The McDonald Laurier Institute concluded that “other nations managed to maintain hospitalization and death rates at levels comparable to Canada – but without the harsh restrictions and lockdowns.” Read about it in the National Post. We must continue to persuade our friends, family and neighbours that lockdowns caused significantly more harm than any benefit.

One of the greatest harms perpetrated by the Ford Government is the cancellation of elective surgeries. Even independent clinics outside of hospitals were ordered to cancel procedures involving nurses or anesthesiologists. That is despite the fact that the doctors and nurses employed by these clinics were not redirected to hospitals. The extent of Ontario’s healthcare mismanagement as well as the human toll resulting from it is astonishing.

My Constituency Association started an ad blitz. Here is a sample of an ad you could hear on several radio stations (YouTube). It will extend our ad blitz throughout Ontario, as it is imperative that our view point is heard on mainstream media. We ask you to support the ad blitz by donating to the Roman Baber Constituency Association.

Finally, we have reason to be hopeful as several jurisdictions around the world are coming to the conclusion that we must live with Covid. Please continue to share my social media messaging and do not be afraid to speak out about the harms of lockdowns, passports, and mandates. For two years, Ontario’s pandemic response wreaked havoc on Ontarians. But more people are changing their minds and the narrative may soon come to an end.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Roman Baber