Lift the Lockdown

Lift the Lockdown
As a Canadian immigrant from the former Soviet Union, with family from Russia and Ukraine, it’s inconceivable to me that the Doug Ford Government or any Canadian Government would propose to create 21st century segregation anywhere in Canada.Over the past year all leaders agreed that vaccination is a choice. As a Western Democracy we respect bodily autonomy and the right to refuse treatment. But denying a person access or employment negates the choice and undermines informed consent.That is why regardless of our vaccination status, we must adamantly oppose any attempt by the Ford Government to bring in a certificate of vaccination. Downloading denial of access or services to businesses and institutions is also unacceptable. It’s up to Doug Ford to defend Ontarians from discrimination and segregation.I am most concerned that Doug Ford is providing the vaccination status of Ontarians to the Federal Government for purposes of the Federal Vaccine Passport and at the same time empowered local Chief Medical Officers of Health to impose their own, regional vaccination passports by a cabinet regulation adopted on August 24, 2021.

Details at afternoon the pressure is mounting on Doug Ford from all sides. We must do our part to encourage the Government to not go through with vaccine certificates. Please call the Premier’s Office at 416-325-1941 and write to him at

I also encourage you to contact your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and demand “no vaccine certificate” for the Province of Ontario. Please find your MPP by postal code here

For the last 18 months Ontarians were forced to surrender many of our Charter Rights but we must peacefully insist on the preservation of Equality and Security of a Person.Yours very truly,
Roman Baber