LIFE IN MEDICO-STALINIST POLICE STATE CANADA — Ontario police THREATEN apple farmer with $100,000 social distancing fine

LIFE IN MEDICO-STALINIST POLICE STATE CANADA — Ontario police THREATEN apple farmer with $100,000 social distancing fine   Scott Lunau is an honest, hard-working farmer who runs Albion Orchards, a popular u-pick apple orchard in Caledon, Ontario.

He’s had a tough growing season this year. Not only has the hot and dry summer hurt his crops, but CERB has made it nearly impossible to find workers — why would anyone bother with manual labour when the government pays people $2,000 every month to watch Netflix on their couch? To add insult to injury, last week Scott received a not-so-friendly visit from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

Was Scott involved in some sort of dangerous criminal activity? Certainly not. He drew the ire of law enforcement for the insidious act of letting people pick apples from his orchard — I guess. No one really knows.

According to Scott, the police felt he “might” be in violation of Ontario’s new COVID-19 rules. Allegedly, some 200 people were on Scott’s 50-acre farm — a “crime” that gave the OPP no choice but to immediately investigate and threaten Scott with a $100,000 fine! Click here for my full report.

To add to the insanity, the cops also took issue with Scott not sanitizing an antique tractor after a child touched it.  The odds of an outbreak happening on Scott’s farm rather than a Walmart or Costco (or any of those infamous tent cities we’ve been to) is enough to make even the most degenerate gambler think twice.

This is a direct dereliction of duty by the OPP. How can they enforce the law if they don’t even know it? If you’re in the business of harassing a farmer, you better damn well know the law! Thanks to this pandemic, governments are making farmers, entrepreneurs, and minimum wage workers facilitators of the nanny state. But people like Scott are not law enforcement, that’s not their job — so why are they being forced to do it?

Yours truly,  David Menzies 

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POLICE STATE: Canadian journalist arrested on the street for breaking story on crooked mayor

POLICE STATE: Canadian journalist arrested on the street for breaking story on crooked mayor

I was arrested on Wednesday.

Five police cars plus three private security vehicles were sent to apprehend me. It was a massive, coordinated police raid.

Only two days earlier, there had been a terrible gangland shooting in the same city of Brampton, Ontario — in broad daylight. Seven shooters were still at large.

But police felt that I was a bigger threat, and they sent a huge squad to take me down.

Had I shot anyone?

Was I a drug dealer?

No. I had done something much worse.

I had done journalism.

They literally arrested me and stuffed me in the back of a car. Take a look. Watch the whole thing.

I had caught the local mayor, a disgraced politician named Patrick Brown, sneaking into a hockey arena that he had closed to the public. He had slipped in for a private game with his buddies, while telling Brampton kids they were banned.

It was an international embarrassment for Brown. Sneaking into a hockey rink he had closed to everyone else. Lying about it. But he’s still doing it. Because he thinks he’s untouchable.

And ever since, I’ve been harassed by local police, who have literally told me my journalism is now illegal — and says our entire media is banned from Brampton property for a year!

That’s wrong. That’s unconstitutional. And that’s the problem.

It’s not just Patrick Brown breaking his own rules. It’s now the Peel Regional Police who are acting as Brown’s personal enforcers.

What an outrage. And complete silence from left-wing civil liberties groups, opposition politicians and — worst of all — the entire Media Party. Not a peep from the CBC, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and certainly not the Canadian Association of Journalists. Only my friend Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun mentioned my arrest, and Marc Patrone of a radio station in Mississauga.

Everyone else thinks this is just fine.

But it’s not. Imagine: a politician ordering his personal enemies list banned from public property. I’m not even his enemy — I’m just a reporter who happened to catch him breaking his own pandemic rules.

In Canada, we believe in the rule of law, not the rule of man — especially corrupt, small-town mayors like Brown. He may treat the city as his private fiefdom, but the Charter of Rights says differently.

In the end, the police had nothing to charge me with. I was literally standing by myself, on a public sidewalk, not even talking to anyone. It must have been embarrassing to try to come up with a criminal charge for that. The best they could come up with was a $65 ticket for not leaving the property when asked.

A ticket. Like a parking ticket. But for all that, they sent five police cars, three security cars, and arrested me and jammed me in the back of a car like a gangland murderer.

As Ezra says, we’ll spend $65,000 if we have to, appealing this ticket all the way to the Supreme Court — and making every one of those police officers testify why I was treated like a greater menace than a gangland shootout that day.

SHOCK: Andrew Scheer has Rebel News reporter David Menzies arrested, handcuffed at campaign event

SHOCK: Andrew Scheer has Rebel News reporter David Menzies arrested, handcuffed at campaign event



I cannot believe it.

We sent David “The Menzoid” Menzies to report from an Andrew Scheer campaign event. Like we normally do.

CBC journalists were welcomedBut David was kicked out.

They actually sent police to throw him out.


They said David wasn’t “accredited”. Really? David’s been an accredited journalist for 30 years — he’s covered hundreds of political events from parties of every stripe.

Why would Scheer kick out David, but welcome the CBC — who despise the Conservatives?

None of this makes sense.

Anyways, David left the property. He went to the public sidewalk. He started filming a video about being kicked out. And then he was swarmed by police.

And this time, they arrested him and handcuffed him.

Why did they do that?

Who ordered them to do that?

He as on the sidewalk.

He’s a man in his fifties with two artificial hips. He’s not a screaming Antifa thug; he’s not a trespasser.

They handcuffed him. Why? To humiliate him?

They finally took off his cuffs and he called me. But then more police came and took away his phone. I immediately called a lawyer. Within an hour, the police let him go, without any charges.

But their point was made: don’t you dare try to ask questions of our political elites. Or the police will arrest you.

Well, point not taken.

I can tell you one thing: today’s outrageous treatment of David Menzies will not stop us from doing our jobs.

I’ll be candid, we’re more used to Justin Trudeau banning us — and Rachel Notley before she was fired by voters. It says more about them than it does about us. Actually it does say something about us: we ask questions that politicians would rather not be asked.

Can you please help us? We need your help.

There are three things you can do:

1. Tell your local conservative candidate that this is nuts.

It’s a Trudeau move, not a conservative move. Ask your Conservative candidate if they think it’s wise to have police arrest the only conservative-leaning video company in Canada. Frankly, no reporter of any stripe should be arrested. This is Canada.

2. Second, sign our petition to Andrew Scheer at

It’s just what it sounds like. Let Us Report — just like Scheer lets the CBC report. We need to show him that Canadians — especially Conservatives — believe in free speech and freedom of the press. Maybe he’s been hanging out in Ottawa too long to remember that.

3. Please help us keep on reporting, no matter who kicks us out.

I just got off the phone with David, and I’ve told him to keep asking Andrew Scheer questions. Not gotcha questions, but real questions — the kind the CBC would never ask him. Questions like these:

• Justin Trudeau’s campaign platform calls for new political censorship of the Internet. Do you support or oppose this?
• If elected, would you end the $600 million newspaper bail-out?
• If elected, would you privatize the CBC?
• What do you think the optimum number of immigrants is each year for Canada?
• …and so many more.

Those aren’t trick questions. They’re questions any conservative should answer. But they’re questions that only Rebel News would ask. I mean, can you really see a CBC journalist pressing Scheer about ending the bail-out?

My goal as the publisher of Rebel News is to do journalism — to tell the other side of the story. Most of the time, that means asking accountability questions of the Liberals, NDP and Greens, because the mainstream media never does.

We lean conservative here at Rebel News, and we wear our heart on our sleeves — we want Trudeau gone. I just wrote the best-selling book called The Libranos: What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption. I think it’s clear what I stand for.

But that doesn’t mean we’re going to let Scheer become like Trudeau. Having police arrest David Menzies was a Trudeau move, not a move any conservative should be proud of. Actually it’s worse — I’ve never actually seen Trudeau have someone arrested, have you?

You can help us at LetUsReport.comSign our petition to Scheer to let us report. And then you can click on the link on that page to see all of our campaign plans and our budget there. We’re spending thousands of dollars flying David and our other journalists around the country, covering political events.

Andrew Scheer might think he’s at war with us, but we’re not at war with him. We just want to be able to do our job — and we will, whether he likes it or not.

So help us out — visit to sign the petition to Scheer. And if you want us to keep on going, and if you want Scheer to stop acting like Trudeau, you can chip in a few bucks, too. Please click here to help us out.


Let’s remind Andrew Scheer: he’s trying to replace Trudeau, not become him.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Please sign our petition at I always worried about a government crackdown on our free speech. I just never thought it would come from the Conservative Party.