LA City Council Removes U-Turn Traffic Signs Because They Say They’re Anti-Gay –

This is what happens when you have idiots in charge.Just like a president who is committing treason by creating a foreign invasion into the states and then treason again by giving them the ‘people’s’ money to live here.

LA City Council Removes U-Turn Traffic Signs Because They Say They’re Anti-Gay –

By Margaret Clark | 3:20 PM on June 14, 2024

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U-Turn. (Credit: Unsplash/Jim Wilson)

A phobia is an irrational fear. Homophobia is described as an irrational fear of gay individuals. Is there a term for an irrational fear of being discriminated against? If so, I think several on the far left would fit the category.

Derangement is at an all-time high with members of the “LGBTQIA+” community (how many letters of the alphabet do we plan to add?) now taking their activism to the streets — or more literally, the street signs

LA City Council removes several “no U-turn” traffic signs in Silver Lake, California, because they were considered “anti-LGBTQ”— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 14, 2024

For the majority of the country, street signs are understood to have colors and designs that direct traffic clearly. There is no partiality. But then there are the select few who somehow find a way to write a narrative about the hate-filled history of our seemingly innocent traffic directors.

“Los Angeles has a rich history of welcoming the LGBTQIA+ community, but there has also been real and present homophobia— which at times has been inscribed into the city’s physical spaces, as with these no-U-turn signs,” Raman said in a prepared statement.

According to the recent discovery, these signs were created to inconspicuously keep traffic away from gay bars and areas. 

In the late 90s when the internet was still new and gay dating apps like Grindr did not exist, queer men sometimes relied on printed guidebooks that listed public areas where they could find love, sex and community without outing themselves. Among those areas was West Hollywood, where anti-gay traffic signs similar to the ones removed Monday were installed in 1991 and later removed — and Griffith Park Boulevard in Silver Lake, where Soto-Martinez and Raman’s districts now meet. 

Who would have thought? Well, not even members of the LQBTQIABCDEFG+ community. Even the ceremonial event’s leading drag queen spokesperson admitted he had to look hard for these signs of discrimination. 

“I was unaware of those signs and never would have found [them],” said Pickle, West Hollywood’s inaugural drag queen laureate who performed at the removal ceremony. The signs were an “insidious” form of discrimination that he and others simply “didn’t have any context for,” Pickle said.

This highlights the foolishness of those on the far left who want to make decisions for our country but can’t even support basic street signs that direct traffic flow. Is there anything safe? 

Once again, their obsession with attention and dominance supersede all logic and takes up valuable time that could be focused on real problems. 

LA City Council seems to have a thing for allegedly discriminatory traffic dealings. They recently voted to “look into” limiting traffic stops that they deem target black and poor communities. 

The Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 on Wednesday to begin a study into if the city can limit the LAPD into halting “pretextual” traffic stops, if a new unarmed agency can conduct traffic stops for minor infractions such as expired tags, and limiting fines in poorer communities.

Debate over traffic enforcement laws have become a hot button topic since the George Floyd incident and subsequent protests 4 years ago. Cities such as Los Angeles have continuously received calls to limit the practice, as they have claimed a racial disparity. They have cited studies, such as a 2022 report that found the black people in California accounted for 13% of all traffic stops despite being just 5% of the population, that have shown such disparity. However, law enforcement officials have said that minor infraction stops often have led to more major drug and weapons charges, which otherwise may have gone unnoticed if not for the infraction.

By these accounts, it seems that lawlessness is the end goal of the LA City Council. They are traveling steadily along the path. It’s no wonder people are flocking to red states…At least in Texas, Arizona, or Florida, you can have an undisputed traffic sign. 

Video of Political Prisoner Bill Whatcott speaking at Shelburne Freedom Rally, Saturday, April 6 and zoom link for court this coming Monday

Video of Bill Whatcott speaking at Shelburne Freedom Rally today and zoom link for court this coming Monday

Bill Whatcott speaks at the Shelburne Ontario Freedom rally. This rally is a monthly event and for a small town has remained amazingly resilient. I was blessed to see a few dozen folks of all ages and walks of life come to the rally to witness for freedom. I shared about my upcoming second “hate crime” trial with them and exhorted them to continue fighting for freedom.

Last week, April 1st, I attended a pro-freedom/anti-carbon tax rally in St Catharines, ON. Over the course of the day (the rally went from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm) over 100 people came and went.

At the St. Catharines rally I was pleased to meet this fellow who I have known for a few years through e-mail. He lives in St. Catharines, but is very supportive of Alberta’s energy industry and considers himself to be closer to Alberta in terms of values than Ontario. Note Tamara Lich’s autograph on his sign.

While Ontario’s leaders, Ford, Trudeau, Chow, Horwath, etc….. are huge disappointments, my travels since coming to Ontario to prepare for my second criminal hate speech trial is telling me there are still lots of good people in this province and indeed I am seeing a very positive backlash against wokeism, homofascism, and cancel culture. Ontarians know they have lost their freedom, they are waking up and they want a non tyrannical government that listens to them back again.

The zoom link for my hearing at 9:00 am this coming Monday is here:

Political Prisoner Bill Whatcott in Ontario to Face Re-trial On Hate Law Charges From Criticizing the LGBTQ Privileged People

Photos: Whatcott in Ontario and link to excellent MassResistance article

Amethyst Harbour, 20 minutes east of Thunder Bay

Dear Friends,

I am now living in Toronto and preparing for my second so-called “hate crime” trial, having been acquitted the first time. Ontario’s courts threw out 125 cases last year, including a sexual assault, a murder and attempted murder, and all sorts of lesser crimes due to a lack of resources to try them in a timely manner. But they found the resources to not only prosecute me and take me to trial once for my Gospel flyer but to also appeal my acquittal and try me again. The Ontario Court of Appeals has expressed concerns about timely prosecutions and lack of court resources, but agreed with the Attorney General of Ontario that I should go on trial again even though my “crime” is delivering a Gospel flyer (that is pretty benign, but that I am not allowed to show you) at a homosexual parade full of rude behaviour and is now eight years old. The Court of Appeals reasoning for this second trial is because the first trial didn’t benefit from the testimony of homosexual academic Nick Mule’ whose expertise seems to be kink and queering social work and who argued in his taxpayer funded submission to the court that I committed microgressions against the homosexual pride participants in 2016. These microagressions apparently lead to “minority stress” which if not prosecuted will lead to poor health outcomes for those who read my flyer.

One thing I note about homosexual activists like Mule’, they seem loathe accepting responsibility for the harms caused to themselves and their buddies by their risky sexual appetites and in this case would rather blame their maladies on my Gospel flyer that advised them to repent and keep their pants up. Unfortunately, rather than actually take my advice and keep their pants up, which would no doubt eliminate the harms I warned them about, anal warts, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, etc…… they prefer to go through another trial to get me in jail, not content with the results of their $104 million class action lawsuit and first criminal trial.

Anyways, the above picture of Amethyst Harbour was taken by me on March 19th, the second day after my arrival in Ontario. The temperature was a frosty -5 Celsius. The harbour is still frozen, the ground was covered in snow and the snow fall the following day was forecasted to be 15 centimetres. As I looked at this beautiful, ice covered harbour leading to Lake Superior, I reflected on the taxpayer funded CBC’s hyperbolic screaming that the “world is on fire” (they showed me a picture in August of a wildfire in Greece as proof the world was on fire) and they warned us that we clearly were all going to burn to death if we didn’t do something (pay carbon taxes and ruin our energy industry) to mitigate Canada’s production of C02, about 1% of the world’s total. I note CO2 was once known as plant food in my grade 8 science class and was considered beneficial to life.

CBC’s picture of a wildfire was somewhat misleading and had my Prosecutor been nitpicking the CBC’s hyperbole, they might have gotten convicted, as the CBC would have lacked truth as a defence. When the wildfires in Greece were burning, the world was not on fire. In actual fact a small percentage of Greece was on fire, 174,000 hectares to be precise, which in reality is under 2% of Greece. For Greece (a geographically small country) the wildfire was pretty nasty but not unheard of. Last year’s wildfire was definitely not the “world on fire.” I note you pay $1.5 billion annually for this fearmongering rubbish that passes for news.

My picture of anal warts shared at the Toronto unGodly pride parade by contrast is a real concern for homosexuals attending the parade. My stats that over 60% of HIV – homosexuals and over 90% of HIV+ homosexuals have HPV of the rectum was found to be true. While I am facing a second criminal trial and the Crown is now asking 6-12 months in jail (they no longer are asking for 18 months) for my sharing of accurate information, I note I gave my accurate information to homosexual Pride attendees free of charge. CBC execs on the other hand receive hefty taxpayer funded paychecks and generous bonuses for sharing misinformation.

Bill with good friends in downtown Toronto

Anyways, this picture is of me with some good friends on Saturday in chilly +2 celsius Toronto, four years into the city’s self declared “climate emergency.” The fellow behind me spent time in jail for beating up a number of Antifa thugs in a Hamilton park who attacked another friend of mine Phil Thomas. During the assault Phil was completely non-violent. He was peacefully preaching in the park against unGodly homosexual pride. Phil’s face was bloodied, but he did not retaliate when punched multiple times by several Antifa thugs, rather he continued to preach while receiving blows. The fellow behind me on the other hand got upset when he saw Phil getting punched and grabbed a helmet and literally clobbered four or five Antifa thugs single handedly. He went to jail for quite awhile, but strangely no one from Antifa ever gets arrested, charged, or incarcerated in Canada though they initiate roughly 100% of the violent confrontations they are involved in.

The bald fellow to my right I met for the first time. I truly enjoyed his company. I discovered he was a former sodomite who has come to Christ. He is now living with my other two friends. The other fellow with the beard to my right is a courageous street preacher who was actually preaching with a group of Christians at the 2016 Toronto unGodly pride parade when I was there. They were abused by homosexual pride attendees for boldly preaching the Gospel, but were not criminally charged like me.

My next court date is Monday, April 8, at 9:00 am. I am scheduled to appear in what is known as “Practice Court.” I assume “Practice Court” is a division of the Ontario Superior Court and should be at 330 University Ave in Downtown Toronto. There will likely be a zoom link too.

Earlier today I talked with legal aid. They are requesting I send them disclosure as they decide whether or not I will be able to have legal representation at my trial. If I get legal aid a fine lady by the name of Mindy who worked with Mr. John Rosen and has her own lawfirm has agreed to represent me. If I don’t get legal aid, God might yet provide a Christian lawyer pro-bono, I have no idea who that lawyer would be, but God has done that in times past, or I may go to court with the assistance of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and represent myself.

When you are arrested, don’t worry about how to respond or what to say. God will give you the right words at the right time.” Matthew 10:19

MassResistance wrote an excellent article on my second upcoming trial. You can read it here.

I would appreciate it if you keep these matters in your prayers.

At this point in time I am not raising money for a lawyer as it is unlikely I could ever raise anything close to the $100,000 needed for another trial and it makes more sense to apply for legal aid and failing that self represent. However, my life is still costing money, especially in Toronto and had to quit the job I had to come here and deal with this second trial. For those who would like to help keep me going you can donate to my cause here:

In Christ’s Service, Bill Whatcott

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” James:1:12

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Transgendered, Calls Bill C-63 “An Orwellian

Amy Hamm, Victimized for Her Views on the
Transgendered, Calls Bill C-63 “An Orwellian


Amy Hamm, Victimized for Her Views on the
Transgendered, Calls Bill C-63 “An Orwellian


Speaking at a gathering of Reality Based Women Unite! in
Toronto on March 8, International Women’s Day, Amy
Hamm, whose case is discussed below warned: “The Online
Harms bill will criminalize speech. We can be punished without
even opening our mouths, for Internet postings. Bill C-63 is an
Orwellian nightmare,” she added. “It is the last desperate attempt
by a failed regime to silence its critics. Free speech has been in
peril in Canada for many years. Freedom of speech must involve
freedom from consequences like huge legal bills, job loss and
public mockery.” Noting that Bill C-63 will allow anonymous
complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, she
argued: “It’s difficult to fight against a group (complainant) that
cannot be named.”

Amy Hamm said: “We live in a culture that is hellbent on
silencing the voices of dissenting women. The state funded
media does the bidding of a man who loves power as does our
national intelligence service.” She said CSIS has been corrupted
and now classifies those opposed to the LGBTQ agenda as
“potential terrorists” and violent. [Several CAFE associates attended this event.]

New Westminster Nurse Amy Hamm, the Latest
Victim of Professional Persecution
As Canada becomes more and more a Cultural Marxist, woke
controlled society, professional bodies are increasingly used to
punish their members for their political opinions. The
persecution of media star and author Jordan Peterson by the
Ontario College of Psychologists comes to mind. He was
sentenced to re-education sessions to be paid out of his own
pocket. Now, there’s British Columbia nurse Amy Hamm. CBC
(November 23, 2023) reports: “A B.C. nurse accused of making
numerous ‘derogatory and discriminatory’ public statements
about transgender people took the stand in her discipline hearing
on Friday, telling the panel considering her case that she is not
transphobic. During a hearing at the B.C. College of Nurses and
Midwives, Amy Hamm of New Westminster testified that her
advocacy on social and other platforms is meant to protect
women and children from what she described as dangerous
infringements into sex-segregated spaces. ‘I’m not transphobic. I
don’t have any issue with trans people — it’s the infringement on
women and children’s rights,’ Hamm told the college disciplinary
panel. She said she is fighting against what she described as a
‘fringe’ movement of activists influencing official positions on
transgender rights and access to gender-affirming care.
‘It’s a movement that is infringing on the rights of women and
pushing institutions to adopt what are false and delusional
beliefs,’ she said. Hamm faces allegations of unprofessional
conduct for making “discriminatory and derogatory statements
regarding transgender people” while identifying herself as a
nurse, according to a citation from the college. 
Hamm frequently refers to transgender women as ‘men’ in social
media posts, videos and podcasts, implying they pose a danger to
cisgender [that’s woke-speak for normal] women and children.
She has referred to the disciplinary proceedings as a ‘witch trial’
and suggested the college ‘would love for me to suicide myself.’
…. She told the panel she is particularly concerned about
transgender women having access to women-only spaces
including prisons and change rooms. She pointed to examples
like Madilyn Harks, a transgender woman with a history of
sexually assaulting young girls who has been housed in women’s
correctional facilities. ‘It makes me extremely, extremely angry,
and it feels as though people don’t seem to care what happens to
these women,’ she said of female inmates. She said she
completely rejects the concept of gender identity, calling it ‘anti-
scientific, metaphysical nonsense.’”
Political Prisoner Leslie Bory Not

Downtown Donald, A Member of the Dispossessed Majority, Banned From The Keg: Woke LGBTQ Tyranny

Downtown Donald, A Member of the Dispossessed Majority, Banned From The Keg: Woke LGBTQ Tyranny

Posted on by CFIRC

I went to the KEG MANSION for a steak dinner, to celebrate my birthday. I’ve been going in there  for the 25 yearsI went to the part of the KEG MANSION where I like to sit,, AT THE UPSTAIRS BAR.
The BARTENDERESS/ waitress is rather LIBERAL,  is wearing a skimpy TANK TOP and  wall to wall TATTOOS, introduces herself,
I said “tonight is my birthday, I have been coming in here for 30 years”.

he said “we are out of prime rib”.. I said  said “that is Ok I will have SIRLION, and an BTW, I don’t approve of MEN DRESSED AS WOMEN”…
( The MALE FLAMING FAG bartender / waiter beside her is sporting a skimpy TANK TOP,  WOMEN’s PONY TAIL AND WOMEN’s MAKEUP AND EYELINER).
Of course , 5 – 10  minutes later after the staff had their little “conference”   This bull dyke manager comes up to me as I am trying to listen to my headphones and watch you tube/

Starts reading me the “RIOT ACT”She says :”We don’t tolerate such speech here .”

I said “look it is FREE SPEECH, OKAY, and I am a 25 year customer”   ” It is   your premises, if you don’t want me here, I will leave”.“You are cutting  off a 30 customer over your politics”  I walked out. The creature had to follow me.I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AS LONG AS I LIVE


o, I went to the ANOTHER PUB had the 6 oz steak sandwich and fries.

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CAFE Supports “Hands Off Our Kids” Rally in St. Catharines, Ontario

CAFE Supports “Hands Off Our Kids” Rally in St. Catharines, Ontario

ST. Catharines, October 21, 2023. Over 200 people rallied today here to oppose indoctrination of children with the radical SOGI (Sexual Orientations and Gender Identity) sex ed programme. They also insisted that parents be informed if their under age and perhaps confused children are changing their names or pronouns at school.

CAFE supporters took at active part in the rally.

The St. Catharines rally was one of dozens taking part across Canada.

About a dozen pro-LGBTQ counterprotesters shadowed the march bust stayed well back.

Paul Fromm, CAFE Directors report from the rally: –

Follow-up 1 Million March for Children, Saturday, October 21, Across Canada

I’m delighted to share with you that the next 1 Million March For Children against LGBT indoctrination in schools will be taking place again, nationwide, on Saturday, October 21st.A complete listing of march locations is available under my signature, at the end of this email.The first Million March event which took place September 20th was incredibly powerful. It rocked the pro-child-sexualization establishment, along with Justin Trudeau’s political world!This coming Saturday, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and other people of good will once again gather at city halls, legislatures, and school board offices across Canada, to send a loud and clear message…LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!

Once again, from coast-to-coast, we’ll tell our school board Trustees that we don’t want our sons taught that they might be girls “trapped in the wrong body.Nor our daughters taught to hate the bodies God gave them, leading so many teenage girls to cut off their breasts, in what can only be described as state-sponsored child mutilation.On October 21st, Canadian parents and grandparents will tell Premiers and Education Ministers that they don’t want their kids and grandkids taught that puberty blockers, chemical castration, and genital mutilation might be right for them.And finally, parents of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds will tell Justin Trudeau that parents are not “hateful” just because they don’t want their children to be forced to participate in Gay Pride Month, and other LGBT days of recognition.On this point, I want to remind you of just how radical Justin Trudeau is, and how seriously he takes his role as Canada’s LGBT Indoctrinator-in-Chief.

Believe it or not, “King Trudeau” has decreed that the entire month of June is not enough time to celebrate LGBT Pride.No, no! Canadians obviously need even more gay Pride!Trudeau declared that Canada now celebrates “Pride Season”. His Liberal government officially extended the celebration of transgenderism and homosexuality throughout the entire summer and part of the fall, to cover a season instead of a paltry month.Trudeau’s contempt for families who adhere to biblical norms of sexuality was most clearly revealed on Parliament Hill, just a few days after the nation’s news headlines were dominated by the recording of an Edmonton teacher berating a Muslim student for skipping LGBT Pride festivities. The teacher told this immigrant student, “You don’t belong here (in Canada)”.What was Trudeau’s response in the days following this outrage? Well, you can watch it for yourself, below.

On Saturday October 21st, Mr. Trudeau will once again be sent a loud and clear message that parents are not “bigots” just because they don’t want a sexualized Pride flag hanging over their children’s heads.And neither are students who object to it, like that Muslim student!Please join the #1MillionMarch4Children event closest to you. Scroll down to the end of this email for a location listing.Ottawa’s Parental Rights March cancelled

NOTE: The Ottawa March has been cancelled, and potentially some other locations too. The man who started the1MillionMarch4Children, Kamel El-Sheikh, announced that due to the war in the Middle East, and concerns about safety, he was cancelling the Ottawa event for the time being.However, Kamel did say that it would be rescheduled, after emotions have calmed down and people concerned about the war can focus better on the parental rights battle here in Canada.Campaign Life Coalition continues to be grateful to Kamel El-Sheikh for starting the Million Person March For Children, and for his continued leadership in this monumental battle against those who seek to sexualize and harm our children. Likewise, we thank parental rights leaders running similar groups in other parts of the country.
.For life & family,Jeff_Gunnarson_sig_275px.jpg
Jeff Gunnarson
National President
Campaign Life Coalition

P.S. Scroll down for a listing of all the Million Person March For Children locations, as of this writing.P.P.S. For a web version of this email that you can share on social media, click here.*******LOCATION LISTING**********ALBERTAAIRDRIE
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Yankee Valley McDonald’s Parking Lot
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
City Hall
800 Macleod Trail SE
10:00 AM Gather & speeches. 11:00 AM March.
Gazebo at NE corner of Mirror Lake
5211 48 A AvenueCOLD LAKE
1:00 PM Gather. 2:00 PM March to City Hall.
Tri City Mall
6503-51 Street
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Intersection of Whyte Avenue & Gateway Boulevard
82 Avenue & 103 Street
10270-82 Avenue
12:30 PM
Shekinah Coffee
5202 2 Avenue
1:00 PM
Provincial Building/Court House
9700 Franklin Avenue
3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
100 Avenue & 99 Street
10:30 AM
Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden (parking Lot)
Mayor Magrath & 9th Avenue
12:30 PM Gather. 1:00 PM Walk.
Leduc Spray Park
5 Alexandra Park
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
City Hall
4420-50 Avenue
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Tim Hortons (outside)
3201 13th Avenue SE
1:00 PM
City Hall
4914-48 Avenue
10:00 AM gather. 11:00 AM march. 
Strathcona County Hall
(in front of library)
2001 Sherwood Drive
11:00 AM
Visitor Centre
155 Wrangler Wy
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Jubilee Park
2552 McCallum Rd
10:00 AM Gather at Old Canadian Tire Parking Lot
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Douglas Skytrain StationCOMOX VALLEY
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
17th Street BridgeFORT ST. JOHN
10:00 AM
Gather at City Hall
10631 100 St
11:00 AM
March to Centennial ParkKELOWNA
12:00 PM
City Hall
1435 Water St
11:00 AM
Pocket Park, downtownLANGLEY
Township of Langley Civic Facility
8:00 AM
20338 – 65 Avenue
1:00 PM
City Hall
455 Wallace St
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Corner of Hwy 4 & 19APORT ALBERNI
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Walmart parking lot
1:00 PM
Veteran’s Square (Bridge St & Vernillion Ave)
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
SD 57 Central Administration Office
2100 Ferry Avenue (Ferry @ Hwy 16)
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
100 Market Pl.
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
KG Blvd / 88 Ave.TRAIL
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Statue across street from Cominco Arena
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Town Hall
305 Iles Way
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
11th & Princess AvenueDAUPHIN
1:00 PM
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
City Hall
510 Main Street
1:00 PM
Confederation Building
100 Prince Philip Drive
12:00 PM
Legislative Assembly Building
706 Queen St
12:00 PM
Centennial Park
811 St. George Blvd.
(Corner of St. George Blvd & Milner BD.)SAINT JOHN
12:00 PM 
City Hall
15 Market Square
12:00 PM
City Hall
1841 Argyle St
12:00 PM
City Hall
12:00 PM
Barrie Public Library
60 Worsley Street
11:00 AM Gather
11:30 AM March begins
Joseph Brant Museum
1240 North Shore Blvd E (at Lakeshore)
1:00 PM
Keil Dr. S between Richmond St. & Riverview Dr.
12:00 PM
Espanola Town Hall
100 Tudhope Street
1:00 PM
Royal City Park
139 Gordon St.
10:00 AM
Head Lake Park
13 York St
12:00 PM
City Hall
71 Main St. W.
3:00 PM March 
Huntsville Community Centre/Canada Summit Centre
20 Park Drive
10:00 AM
Curbside at Princess St. & Gardiners Rd.
12:00 PM
City Hall
200 King St. W.
12:00 PM
Victoria Park
580 Clarence St
12:00 PM
City Hall
300 City Centre Dr.
1:00 PM Gathering time
3:00 PM March begins
City Hall
200 McIntyre St E
2:30 PM Gathering time
3:00 PM March begins
War Memorial
11 Second Street
12:00 PM
City Hall
808 2nd Avenue East
1:00 PM
City Hall
99 Foster Drive
1:00 PM
Wellington Park
50 Bonnie Drive
12:30 PM Gather
1:00 PM March begins
399 Louth Street (next to Canadian Tire)
12:00 PM
Corner of Kingsway & Barry Downe Road
12:00 PM Gathering time
1:00 PM March begins
Riverside Place
55 Riverside Drive, New Liskeard
1:00 PM
Walmart parking lot
1101 Arthur St. W.
1:00 PM
Hollinger Park
565 Algonquin Blvd E
11:00 AM
Queen’s Park
110 Wellesley Street West
11:00 AM
Dieppe Gardens
78 Riverside Drive West
Time & place to be determined.
Check back for details, here.QUEBECMONTREAL
11:00 AM
Ministère de l’Éducation
600, rue Fullum
12:45 PM Gathering
1:00 PM March begins
Estevan Curling Club
811 Souris Avenue
12:00 PM
Saskatchewan Legislative Building
2405 Legislative Drive
Time & place to be determined.
Check back for details, here

Social Media Erupts After Skittles’ ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ Packaging Goes Viral

Social Media Erupts After Skittles’ ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ Packaging Goes Viral

ByZach Jewell•Aug 12, 2023•

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Skittles is facing backlash after images of its “Pride” packaging, featuring pro-trans statements, went viral on social media Friday. 

The candy packaging that Skittles advertises on its website features slogans such as “Joy Is Resistance” and “Black Trans Lives Matter.” Skittles, which is owned by Mars, partnered with GLAAD, a media monitoring organization that espouses radical gender theory, to reveal the packaging for Pride Month earlier this year.

This past June was the fourth year Skittles partnered with GLAAD “to support the LGBTQ+ community by amplifying and celebrating their stories,” according to its website. Skittles said it will “donate $1 for every Skittles Pride pack sold to GLAAD in support of their ongoing efforts to work through media to combat anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination.” 

On its website, Skittles also promoted a podcast called “Queery” hosted by Cameron Esposito, who focuses on LGBTQ topics and activism. 

“Stay tuned for a special Pride-themed miniseries of Queery where we dive deeper into queer storytelling and the artists that designed this year’s SKITTLES Pride Packs,” the candy brand says.

For a short time in 2020, Skittles “gave up” the rainbow that famously dons its colorful packaging for a black and white package to “give the rainbow back” to the LGBTQ community for Pride Month.

Conservatives ripped Skittles after images of packaging went viral on social media, saying the candy brand is targeting children with a pro-trans agenda. Skittles is a favorite brand among children and young adults, with over 75% of Gen Z adults holding a favorable impression of the brand, according to a Morning Consult survey released last year. 

“[Skittles] is trying to turn your kids into BLM & LGBTQ+ activists,” popular account Libs of TikTok wrote on X. “Their packaging also features a drag queen. Skittles have gone completely woke.”

“WTH? Skittles is Now Marketing Woke Idiocy To Children On Their Candy Wrappers!” another person said. “This isn’t an Adult Beverage, Like Bud Light They Warned us They Were Coming After Our Kids- Let’s Make Sure They Hear Our Response Loud and Clear On This One Skittles- And

Others said Mars, Skittles’ parent company, will get “the Bud Light treatment” after pushing radical gender theory on its customers. Bud Light’s maker Anheuser-Busch lost billions in market value after partnering with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, who showcased a can with his face on it in a viral video. 

Mars isn’t the first candy company to face backlash this year for pushing radical gender theory. In March, Hershey’s faced a boycott after featuring Fae Johnstone, a man who identifies as transgender, as part of its International Women’s Day promotion. In response, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing launched Jeremy’s Chocolate, featuring He/Him and She/Her chocolate bars.

Government-funded school pamphlet warns against Conservative Party, free speech, Trump & Labels the Red Ensign “Hate”

Government-funded school pamphlet warns against Conservative Party, free speech, Trump & Labels the Red Ensign “Hate”

This report should be on front pages everywhere. The booklet, entitled Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools, is said to be a tool against online hate, and is slated for government distribution all across Canada. It is a step toward turning publicly funded schools into Leftist indoctrination camps, with traditional values presented as “hate.” The booklet is a companion to the unprecedented Liberal Internet censorship bill which recently sparked a backlash.

Despite being presented as fighting “hate,” the new booklet instead fuels further hatred and division in Canada.

Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen was once Canada’s Immigration Minister; he sought to “massively ramp up” refugee intake, and that he did. He also sought to “lead the charge” on the UN’s global migration pact.

In addressing the “core values” that Hussen advocates teaching “our kids”: These are some highlights of the shocking 53-page propaganda booklet, created by the so-called “Anti-hate” network led by Bernie Farber, a member of the Trudeau government’s “expert” advisory group on online “safety.”

  • Freedom of expression is presented as a cover for “hate.”
  • Trump’s border wall to stop illegals is presented as “hate.”
  • Mainstream Conservative parties are singled out and presented as being “infiltrated” by bigots, “groypers,” and “white nationalists.” The inappropriate pamphlet actually states: “While the majority of Groypers are white, there are a growing number of youth of colour involved in the movement, as they engage in antisemitism, anti- feminism/misogyny, anti-2SLGBTQIA+, Islamophobia, and anti-Black racism.”
  • The book openly names people such as Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy.
  • It makes the claim: “In our work, some of the most extreme neo-Nazis have been teenage girls.”
  • It condemns a “specific Canadian flavour” of the “worldview”  that is “seen on many college campuses, often under the banner of “Canada First.” 
  • In a chapter on “hate promoting symbols,” the booklet names the Red Ensign flag as offensive, even though it was used as Canada’s national symbol until 1965.
  • Condemns concerns about terrorism and crime as “anti-immigrant.” 
  • References  Trump as a “problematic politician”and condemns his border wall as “racist.”
  • Warns and alerts about students who may inquire “why there aren’t any straight pride parades, or a white history month during class discussion.
  • Without context, anti-police sentiment is taught as the pamphlet teaches that “Black residents are 20 times more likely to be shot by Toronto police than white counterparts.”
  • The booklet ironically utilizes intersectional tropes and stereotypes “people of colour,” stating that “shared beliefs in misogyny, anti-2SLGBTQIA+, Islamophobia, and anti-Blackness will often attract and unite people of colour to hate groups.”
  • It heavily promotes the Marxist, anti-nuclear family Black Lives Matter movement.

Parents need to take note of the violation of their children’s minds with Left/Marxist indoctrination. The material presented as “anti-hate” is the most divisive encroachment into the school system to date, singling out and stereotyping any thought that isn’t conducive to its radical agenda. The booklet is in step with Canada’s rapid descent into totalitarianism.

Government-funded school pamphlet calls Canada’s Red Ensign a “hate symbol”

Support Finnish Politician Jailed for Posting a Bible Verse!

Support Finnish Politician Jailed for Posting a Bible Verse!

Sadly, in today’s culture, it is an ever growing trend for those not following the status quo to face persecution and in some cases, imprisonment.

The latest recipient of this kind of persecution is Finnish parlimentarian Päivi Räsänen who is facing jail for posting a Bible verse on her personal Twitter account.

Simply because Räsänen expressed her sincerely held beliefs publicly, the police launched an investigation and subjected her to a four-hour interview. Räsänen now faces a maximum penalty of two years’ imprisonment for the crime of so-called “ethnic agitation.”

Sign our petition demanding the The Finnish Prosecutor General drop the charges against Päivi Räsänen immediately.

It all began in June 2019 when the church board of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland announced its official partnership with the LGBT event “Pride 2019”. Räsänen questioned her church’s leadership on this decision on social media, attaching an image of a Bible passage.

The prosecution has also dug up a secondary charge which finds fault with a pamphlet she wrote in 2004 “Male and female He created them – Homosexual relationships challenge the Christian concept of humanity”.

The third charge stems from Räsänen’s views on a Finnish Broadcasting Corporation radio station on the topic of “What would Jesus think about homosexuals?”.

Despite facing jail and ongoing persecution, Räsänen has shown indomitable strength:
“I cannot accept that voicing my religious beliefs could mean imprisonment. I do not consider myself guilty of threatening, slandering or insulting anyone. My statements were all based on the Bible’s teachings on marriage and sexuality,” she said.

“I will defend my right to confess my faith, so that no one else would be deprived of their right to freedom of religion and speech. I hold on to the view that my expressions are legal and they should not be censored. I will not back down from my views. I will not be intimidated into hiding my faith. The more Christians keep silent on controversial themes, the narrower the space for freedom of speech gets.

Add your name: demand the three “hate speech” criminal charges against Finnish Member of Parliament, Päivi Räsänen be dropped immediately. Voicing one’s deeply held beliefs as found in the Bible should not lead to punishment including imprisonment.

This is critical. Not only is Mrs. Räsänen’s freedom at stake, but also yours and mine. The very definition of what it means to live in a free society is one in which the state should not be allowed to dictate what you can or cannot say and think.

And while you may not live in Finland and think you are safe in your homes in the Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom, there are plenty of cases of Christians facing persecution right here in our own countries.

In Canada, we’ve seen provinces ban all pro-life expression around abortion clinics. We’ve seen school board trustees penalized for expressing biblical teachings about homosexuality. One might even remember that Jordan Peterson originally came to prominence due to his freedom of speech being suppressed. 

It is our duty to stop this persecution in its tracks.

Freedom of speech and Freedom of religion are a fundamental human right (as found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles 18 and 19, and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union article 11) and part of that includes the ability to express one’s sincerely held beliefs and not only that, but also practice them. In this case Räsänen is simply following Biblical teachings. She is not being malevolent, violent or malicious to those with disagreeing views. Her only “crime” has been expressing publicly a view which is not popular in our modern society. When you look at the underlying issue even deeper, it’s nothing more than effort to silence those who speak the truth.

Punishing individuals such as Räsänen sets a very dangerous precedence apart from the fact that it shuts down honest, open public dialogue. It effectively makes following Jesus a criminal act and expressing Biblical teachings, “hate speech” – all based purely off the arbitrary definition of what one can take “offence” to.

Sign our petition today stating that Christians like Päivi Räsänen should not be prosecuted for expressing her beliefs by tweeting a Bible verse.

Thanks for all you do,

James Schadenberg and the entire CitizenGO Team