LA City Council Removes U-Turn Traffic Signs Because They Say They’re Anti-Gay –

This is what happens when you have idiots in charge.Just like a president who is committing treason by creating a foreign invasion into the states and then treason again by giving them the ‘people’s’ money to live here.

LA City Council Removes U-Turn Traffic Signs Because They Say They’re Anti-Gay –

By Margaret Clark | 3:20 PM on June 14, 2024

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U-Turn. (Credit: Unsplash/Jim Wilson)

A phobia is an irrational fear. Homophobia is described as an irrational fear of gay individuals. Is there a term for an irrational fear of being discriminated against? If so, I think several on the far left would fit the category.

Derangement is at an all-time high with members of the “LGBTQIA+” community (how many letters of the alphabet do we plan to add?) now taking their activism to the streets — or more literally, the street signs

LA City Council removes several “no U-turn” traffic signs in Silver Lake, California, because they were considered “anti-LGBTQ”— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 14, 2024

For the majority of the country, street signs are understood to have colors and designs that direct traffic clearly. There is no partiality. But then there are the select few who somehow find a way to write a narrative about the hate-filled history of our seemingly innocent traffic directors.

“Los Angeles has a rich history of welcoming the LGBTQIA+ community, but there has also been real and present homophobia— which at times has been inscribed into the city’s physical spaces, as with these no-U-turn signs,” Raman said in a prepared statement.

According to the recent discovery, these signs were created to inconspicuously keep traffic away from gay bars and areas. 

In the late 90s when the internet was still new and gay dating apps like Grindr did not exist, queer men sometimes relied on printed guidebooks that listed public areas where they could find love, sex and community without outing themselves. Among those areas was West Hollywood, where anti-gay traffic signs similar to the ones removed Monday were installed in 1991 and later removed — and Griffith Park Boulevard in Silver Lake, where Soto-Martinez and Raman’s districts now meet. 

Who would have thought? Well, not even members of the LQBTQIABCDEFG+ community. Even the ceremonial event’s leading drag queen spokesperson admitted he had to look hard for these signs of discrimination. 

“I was unaware of those signs and never would have found [them],” said Pickle, West Hollywood’s inaugural drag queen laureate who performed at the removal ceremony. The signs were an “insidious” form of discrimination that he and others simply “didn’t have any context for,” Pickle said.

This highlights the foolishness of those on the far left who want to make decisions for our country but can’t even support basic street signs that direct traffic flow. Is there anything safe? 

Once again, their obsession with attention and dominance supersede all logic and takes up valuable time that could be focused on real problems. 

LA City Council seems to have a thing for allegedly discriminatory traffic dealings. They recently voted to “look into” limiting traffic stops that they deem target black and poor communities. 

The Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 on Wednesday to begin a study into if the city can limit the LAPD into halting “pretextual” traffic stops, if a new unarmed agency can conduct traffic stops for minor infractions such as expired tags, and limiting fines in poorer communities.

Debate over traffic enforcement laws have become a hot button topic since the George Floyd incident and subsequent protests 4 years ago. Cities such as Los Angeles have continuously received calls to limit the practice, as they have claimed a racial disparity. They have cited studies, such as a 2022 report that found the black people in California accounted for 13% of all traffic stops despite being just 5% of the population, that have shown such disparity. However, law enforcement officials have said that minor infraction stops often have led to more major drug and weapons charges, which otherwise may have gone unnoticed if not for the infraction.

By these accounts, it seems that lawlessness is the end goal of the LA City Council. They are traveling steadily along the path. It’s no wonder people are flocking to red states…At least in Texas, Arizona, or Florida, you can have an undisputed traffic sign.