COVID Quarantine hotel at Toronto airport: Fined for Making contact with the inmates!

COVID Quarantine hotel at Toronto airport: Fined for Making contact with the inmates!

You might recall how the Toronto Police drove all the way to my personal residence in Richmond Hill to serve me with a trespassing ticket — evidently I committed the egregious act of trespassing when I went to the front door of the Radisson Suite Hotel Toronto Airport near Pearson International.

That’s right, I committed “trespassing” by going to the front door of a hotel that is open to the public (although you wouldn’t really want to stay at this Radisson these days as it is apparently now being used as a COVID quarantining facility for returning travellers to Canada.)

And apparently practicing journalism at this hotel is activity non grata, too… not that there’s much activity in the way of mainstream media types venturing here, mind you. Alas, people being held in a Toronto hotel against their will isn’t much of a story!

Still, there are indeed dozens of demonstrators showing up at this Radisson on a weekly basis.

Once again they were out there in full force last Thursday despite the frigid temperatures in order to offer guests (or is it “inmates”?) rides home. Apparently, there is no lawful stature that forbids people from leaving the property.

And they actually made contact via phone with two detainees, although both were too fearful of leaving the hotel prior to the end of the quarantine period.

Still, things were different at this Radisson compared to the day when I first “trespassed” upon this property. For example, during my initial visits, there was no signage whatsoever stating that the hotel is private property and trespassing is forbidden; that has now been rectified

As well, there is a piece of yellow rope spanning the driveway, which is surely strong enough to keep a charging gerbil at bay… Needless to say, this time around, I did not breach this poor man’s “Romulan neutral zone”…

Bottom line: intimidation tactics employed by the police are not keeping the protesters away — and it’s not keeping Rebel News away, either. Postscript: although there’s is no set fine on my ticket, that’s completely irrelevant because we will, of course, fight this outrageous ticket in court — all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.

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