Report By Free Speech Lioness Lady Michele Renouf From the London on the Armistice Day & Ceasefire on Gaza Rally

In case of interest and publication, herewith is my firsthand photographic report on Yesterday’s Confluence of Armistice Day with the Cry “Ceasefire on Gaza” Rally.

Hearts High,Michèle
Massed Police Farce 11/11/23 + EDL Clowns
Yesterday on Armistice Day in London I was there. I was there to see the entire Ceasefire Gaza Rally pass by as it turned from nearby Victoria Station towards the American Embassy in Vauxhall.  

Here is how I witnessed the way the day ended – with a massed police farce – and began for me on a brief encounter with the EDL It’s a toss-up to say which was the more of a moral embarrassment for Britain.
I had set off from Notting Hill Gate tube and arrived at Victoria. As I hauled my mobility Upwalker up the stairs, two EDL (English Defence League) idiots-for-Israel spotted my “Free Palestine” badge on my cap and said: “We don’t agree with you and we won’t help you either”. Ditto!!

Having made my dual-sided ‘educational” placard to the purpose, I stood prominently on the corner where the “Free Palestine” Ralliers turned the corner and had time to read its messages – two messages which they would be unlikely to come across among the multitude of earnestly humanitarian and sometimes profoundly moving placards carried by young children already expressing their empathetic capacity with the 5,000 infants slaughtered most recently by The Jewish State. 

It is gratifying to report that my ‘educational’ messages attracted hundreds (to my certain knowledge) to take a keen interest, with masses of marchers wishing to take photographs and pause to ask for more info.
One one side of my placard it said:FOUNDING FATHER, of THE JEWISH STATE, HERZL in 1897 said: “We must DISAPPEAR the INDIGENOUS” out of Palestine = DISPOSSESS + GENOCIDE.When people paused to photograph, I added that World Zionism predates “nazies” and “fascists” by half a century, and that in 1897 Adolf Hitler was a child aged 8.  Netanyahu is simply exccelerating Herzl’s 1897 genocidal endgame which chronologically has nothing whatever to do with what did or did not occur in WW2.

The other side of my ‘educational’ placard said:
BRITISH SOLDIERS in PALESTINE 1944-48, murdered by Jewish terrorists, NEVER INVITED to the CENOTAPH !  = to “DISAPPEAR” BRITISH WITNESS same as PALESTINE.

In fact, my recording of those British Soldiers’ eyewitness for the true historical record is unique and safely archived at Oxford University’s St. Antony’s College. Excerpts are also available on the net at: Forgotten British Heroes Campaign 2015: Part 3: Lady Michèle Renouf

Forgotten British Heroes Campaign 2015: Part 3: Lady Michèle Renouf
Our British Soldiers who served in Palestine 1944-1948 told me that they were never invited to the Cenotaph and that their eyewitness, like the truth about the founding of The Jewish State, were to disappear deliberately from the pages of history and the historical map. Thus the confluence of Armistice day and “Ceasefire on Gaza; stop the Genocide” Rally could hardly be more apt and relevant!
My late father, Captain Arthur Mainwaring (funnily enough as per the character in the TV series “Dad’s Army”!), was a fearless aerial reconnaissance photographer in The Royal Airforce. Alas when my placard was spotted by five veterans in Green jackets and berets as they passed by, they seemed too fearful even to be seen to take an interest after they had read beyond its first few lines. The mere words “Jewish terrorists” had them on the run! 

Inline image

On the dot of 5pm the marchers had all passed by when three police vans turned up to block the road.

Inline image

The “Free Palestine” organiser then announced on a megaphone for people peacefully to disperse and go home.  Police at Victoria Station also announced that the tube was closed!
And here’s another embarrassing bit of incompetent or downright frustration-stirring disorganisation by the Transport for London – when I reached the nearby crowded bus-stop, all passing buses were marked “Not in Service”!  Clearly no preparation for dealing with the transport home for the predicted thousands of admirable marchers who had no choice now but to stand about…or continue marching! 

Inline image

And here is how the Day ended.  Not with a bang for our buck (given the cost to the taxpayer of the additional 1,000 officers) but with a whimper! (A whimper that will not be silenced by the intrepid marchers, echoed worldwide.)
I saw a little bunch of some 30 marchers suddenly pass by doing as they had done quite legally all afternoon: chanting “Ceasefire”, waving flags, and setting off harmless Palestine-flag coloured smoke plumes.  Within minutes 30 huge Police Territorial Support Group vans appeared on the scene, totally jamming up the road from Victoria to Hyde Park Corner and those leading off.  Idiotic (or was it by scheming) overkill? The traffic was now at a complete standstill. Entirely owing to absurdly amassed police vans!!

Inline image

Clearly the only way to get away was on foot.  As I caught up with the police I told them I’d seen this entire incident and that their arrival was totally farcical!  A few of them took an interest in my placard I am ‘educationally’ glad to say.
I then reached the police blockade, and again scorned at the absurdity of police now lowering their riot visors while marchers waved back with their flags!  The small kettled mixed bag of marchers were entirely unarmed and offering no violence.  

Inline image

The scene was nothing but an embarrassment (and the police I spoke to seemed quietly to concur).  I tried to warn some young marchers not to rise to the bait by getting incensed and “disturbing the peace”. Some said “she’s right”; others ignored ol’ Whitee saying they did not understand her English!
Still, at the end of the Day the TV news (save Al Jazeera) reported that of the 100 or so “troublemakers”, were mostly “far right” [political dupes and dunces] “spoiling for a fight”, which alas was all too true!  Thank goodness for the savvy wisdom of the PA leadership who predicted the bait and stayed well away!

Michèle Renouf

Ursula Haverbeck, Former German Political Prisoner & Skeptic About the Hollywood Version of WW II Age 94, in Hospital After A Fall — Send A Card

Ursula Haverbeck, Former German Political Prisoner & Skeptic About the Hollywood Version of WW II Age 94, in Hospital After A Fall — Send A Card

From her attorney RA Wolfram Nahrath:
Ursula Haverbeck fell heavily down a flight of stairs and being seriously injured with five broken ribs and severe bruises, she is now in the hospital [this is its address below]. Yet by comparison, as ever, she has sustained her unbreakable spirits.

Ursula Haverbeck
Renntormauerstraße 1 – 3


Telefon: 05221 5930
Station 4a Zi. 443

Best wishes,

Lady Michèle Renouf

In the West there is no freedom for non-conformist researchers! — International Robert Faurisson Prize 2023 awarded to Germar Rudolf

In the West there is no freedom for non-conformist researchers!

International Robert Faurisson Prize 2023 awarded to Germar Rudolf by Bis RepetitaThis content is also available inGerman and French Published: 2023-02-05

The city hall of Vichy had already successfully pressured the restaurant where the International Robert Faurisson Prize was to be awarded on January 25, 2020. After two years of interruption, not of the awarding of the Prize but of the meeting in the sub-prefecture of Allier because of the confinements and covidesque restrictions, was again organized on Wednesday January 25, 2023 a gathering, first on the tomb of professor Faurisson in the cemetery of Vichy, 17 rue des Bartins, then in a restaurant where, at the end of the lunch, took place the fifth handing-over of the Prize bearing the name of the late academic. However, even before this event took place, only a few hours before it was to be held, the mayor of Vichy, the LR Frédéric Aguilera, issued a decree to prohibit this gathering, and Madame le Préfet de l’Allier did the same, in the name of the State (but not of the French State of 1940!), all business as usual. “This gathering, which honors a person who minimized or contested the facts committed during the Occupation, in particular the persecution of the Jews, constitutes an attack on the respect of the human person and thus a disturbance of public order.”Faurisson's Grave in Vichy

Robert Faurisson’s Grave in Vichy

To peacefully gather at the tomb of a deceased person, on the occasion of the anniversary of his birth (Robert Faurisson was born on January 25, 1929 in Shepperton and died in Vichy on October 21, 2018), and then to give a Prize to a non-conformist researcher in a Vichy restaurant is considered an unspeakable act by their Judeo-Masonic Republic. This is where freedoms stand today in our unfortunate country. And indeed, when we arrived at the end of the morning at the Vichy cemetery, three police cars were waiting for us, two outside the cemetery, a third one circulating inside. Fortunately, as we arrived in dispersed order and in limited numbers, there was no crowd and we were able to pay our respects for a few minutes at the Professor’s tomb.

Although the cemetery is huge and has many alleys, the tombstone is easily recognizable because only one name is engraved, Robert, the patronymic name does not appear. Next to it, on the left, one can see the drawing of a ladybug. Robert Faurisson wanted it. He was indeed particularly fond of this insect whose specialty is to devour larvae. However, all his life, the intrepid professor was confronted with human cowardice. He knew many examples of it, experienced all its horror, hated the slimy, deceitful and cowardly side of many souls. Although he was very human and understanding of the faults and shortcomings of humanity, knowing how to be delightful, generous and faithful in friendship to all those for whom he had esteem, being welcoming and available to all those who came to see him, Faurisson abhorred cowardice, especially when those who displayed it dressed up as clever, proud and courageous men, putting themselves forward, swaggering, raising their heads, and not shying away from lecturing the others.Robert Faurisson International Prize 2023 for Germar Rudolf

Robert Faurisson International Prize 2023 for Germar Rudolf

This year, for its fifth edition, the Robert Faurisson International Prize was awarded in Vichy to the German chemical engineer Germar Rudolf, for whom we owe an expert report on the “gas chambers of Auschwitz” and many other studies for which he was condemned in Germany and imprisoned for nearly three [recte four] years from 2006 [recte 2005] to 2009. Born in Limburg, Germany on October 29, 1964, Germar Rudolf studied chemistry at the University of Bonn from 1983 to 1989 and prepared a thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart from 1990 to 1993. This is a highly qualified research institute founded in 1969 that focuses on the study of chemical and physical properties of solids. It is particularly interested in complex materials as well as in physics and chemistry at the nanoscale, and thus in electron and ion transport processes. In 1991, Germar Rudolf was approached by lawyers to prepare an expert report to be presented in a German court of law on whether the alleged use of gas for the mass murder of Jews during World War II at the Auschwitz concentration camp could be scientifically proven or disproven. The report, which was used in eight German and Swiss trials, was first published in 1993. A revised and expanded edition is currently available in German and English at In addition, a more comprehensive book was published in 1994 [English as Dissecting the Holocaust, Vol. 1 of the Holocaust Handbooks], drawing on the expertise of engineers and architects. For his report, Germar Rudolf was sentenced by the German courts to 14 months in prison. During the trial, he was not allowed to prove that his conclusions were fair and reasonable. Trying to prove in a court of law the correctness, the soundness and the consistency of what one asserts in this field is forbidden, that is where justice stands today in the West!

Here are the persecutions suffered by this independent researcher. It is important to recall them in order to realize the gravity of the situation in what used to be called the free world as opposed to the communist world. Before he was ordered to be imprisoned, Germar Rudolf left Germany in early 1996 and went to England, all the more quickly because other of his scientific publications had been prosecuted in the meantime. In the United Kingdom, the indefatigable Rudolf founded a small publishing house called Castle Hill Publishers whose main purpose was to publish the results of his scientific research. Unfortunately, the British media and politicians finally discovered his activities and started a real manhunt against him in late 1999. Feeling trapped, Rudolf went to the Iranian embassy in London to ask for political asylum. But he was politely dismissed and asked to make an appointment. Therefore, in an act of desperation, he escaped to the United States where he applied for political asylum. While his case was being pursued, he redoubled his efforts to publish the results of his critical research on the Shoah. He launched an ambitious series called “Holocaust Handbooks” (

WITHOUT A doubt, this work did not please the American authorities. In 2004, Rudolf married an American citizen. One year after this union, he had to apply to US immigration officials to have his marriage considered for permanent legal residence in the US. However, after recognizing his marriage as valid, he was arrested under the pretext that he had missed interviews at the immigration office earlier that year, interviews that in reality never existed. He was held for four weeks with a bracelet indicating “non-criminal” as the reason for his incarceration, which even the prison guards did not understand. How can a non-criminal be in prison?

At the end of those four weeks, after all the American courts had deliberately ignored this injustice, he was handcuffed and deported to Germany. There he was arrested directly at the airport, like a terrorist planting bombs, and thrown in jail to serve his 14-month prison sentence from 1996. And awaiting further trials for 21 books he had published while in England and then in the United States, although this publishing activity was and still is perfectly legal in both countries. He was finally indicted in Germany for 9 of the 21 books, including volumes 1-4, 7, 14 and 15 of the Holocaust Handbooks. During his trial, his lawyer was forbidden to say a single word. At the time, there was a very recent law that allowed German courts to muzzle lawyers who were deemed to be provocative during political trials. Rudolf and his lawyer were threatened with further prosecution if they filed a motion to present evidence that supported the historical claims for which he was on trial. Rudolf spoke at the trial for seven days in defense of freedom of expression, freedom of scientific research, and the obligation to resist without violence laws that violate the German constitution. Faced with the prospect of a trial that would last several years, due to his intention to present all the evidence cited in his books, with the risk of being prosecuted for that as well, the prosecution and the court agreed to a negotiation on the length of the sentence so that Rudolf was sentenced to “only” 30 months in prison. The original intention of the judges was to keep him in prison for more than five years!

DURING his incarceration in Germany, his application for asylum in the United States continued to be considered but was denied on the grounds that Rudolf was being prosecuted not for his political views but only for his scientific views. However, the United Nations Charter for Human Rights, which is the law that governs asylum applications across the Atlantic, does not expressly recognize scientific opinions as a valid reason for persecution. Therefore, he could not claim persecution. It was eventually determined, however, that the U.S. government’s refusal to grant him legal permanent resident status due to his marriage to a U.S. citizen was a violation of U.S. law. After his release from prison in 2009, he applied for an immigrant visa to reunite with his wife and daughter in the United States. But the U.S. immigration officials refused to adjudicate the case. He had to sue them for a decision, which was eventually positive.

He managed to immigrate to the United States in 2011. After being released from German prison in 2009, he immediately resettled in England and resumed publishing texts of historical dissidents. This continued after his return to his family in 2011. By the end of 2021, he had published 44 volumes of the Holocaust Handbooks in both English and German, in addition to many other books on a similar historical line. Six more volumes, up to volume 50, have been published since.

The persecution against Rudolf, however, never stopped. In 2019, his German passport that had just expired was not renewed. In addition, a U.S. police officer made false allegations about what Rudolf is alleged to have done. The United States denied his application to become a U.S. citizen. They have revoked [recte: intend to revoke] his legal residency status and want to send him back to Germany where he faces several decades in prison for each of his revisionist publications. Rudolf, 58 years old, decided to go into hiding before being imprisoned and deported. He is somewhere in the wilderness in the United States in a very precarious situation, really vulnerable. He asks the few countries that could grant him political asylum to write to his contact Lady Renouf in the UK. Her email address is … [Contact CODOH instead, if you want to help]

This is how activists and researchers who do not conform to the dominant ideology are treated in the West, even in countries where there is no anti-revisionist legislative arsenal. It is good to know this and to make it known.

Lady Michele Renouf Presents Former German Political Prisoner & Historical Truther Alfred Schaefer With 2022 George Orwell Free Speech Award

Lady Michele Renouf Presents Former German Political Prisoner & Historical Truther Alfred Schaefer With 2022 George Orwell Free Speech Award

At last we have been able to present the GEORGE ORWELL AWARD 2022 to its honoured co-recipient ALFRED SCHAEFER! The Award was presented in Vancouver, July 29, 2022 to Monika Schaefer and Alfred but Alfred’s certificate was presented this fall by British Free Speech Warrior Lady Michele Renouf

Lady Michele Renouf Congratulates Dr. James Sears on Orwell Award

Lady Michele Renouf Congratulates Dr. James Sears on Orwell Award

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stuart Clarke/Shutterstock (855238h)Lady Michele RenoufLady Michele Renouf in London, Britain – Nov 2008Lady Michele Renouf has been helping Holocaust revisionist Dr Fredrick Toben following his arrest. Toben, a prominent Australian historical revisionist and holocaust denier, was detained by police at Heathrow airport on 3rd October 2008 in reference to a German arrest warrant. Germany alleges the Australian denies the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis in World War II.

British author, model, freedom fighter and videographer, Lady Michele Renouf, applauds Dr. James Sears winning the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech Award. “Hearty congratulations to Dr. James Sears! Hearts high, Michèle

Henry Hafenmayer – champion of German freedom – dies aged 48

Henry Hafenmayer – champion of German freedom – dies aged 48

Henry Hafenmayer, 1972-2021

One of the foremost champions of free historical research and discussion – Henry Hafenmayer – died last Wednesday (11th August) in southern Germany, aged 48.

A former train driver who was dismissed for his political opinions, Henry became a prominent public champion of German historical revisionists, in a country where one can be jailed for questioning the official version of ‘Holocaust’ history. He was best known for his website Ende der Lüge (‘End of the Lie’) and associated social media accounts.

In this task he was especially closely associated with four jailed revisionists: former leftist lawyer and philosopher Horst Mahler (85); publisher and ecologist Ursula Haverbeck (92); lawyer Sylvia Stolz, first jailed for defending the late Ernst Zündel; and filmmaker / video blogger Alfred Schaefer. All four have served long prison sentences, and Mr Schaefer is still in jail.

Henry Hafenmayer, Alfred Schaefer, and Lady Michèle Renouf during Alfred’s trial in Munich, 2018.

Henry himself faced several criminal charges, and until his untimely death was very much in the sights of occupied Germany’s political and judicial system.

He was a regular and convivial guest at political and social gatherings in Germany with comrades including H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton. We are shocked and saddened at losing this greatly valued friend, but are confident in the knowledge that Henry’s courage, honour and loyalty will not be in vain. Henry Hafenmayer’s name will live on in the annals of a future, better Europe.

During several months of serious illness this year, Henry was treated at clinics in Germany and Switzerland. As reported by our friends at Recht und Wahrheit, a close comrade had to pick up the entire bill for this treatment and for Henry’s funeral costs, so H&D encourages readers worldwide to donate if they possibly can to help defray these costs.

The German account for such donations is as follows:

Account name: S. U.
IBAN: DE13 8405 5050 1250 0169 63
Payment reference: 1108201

Horst Mahler has given Lady Renouf permission to send us this English translation of his tribute. Horst writes:

It is an honorary title they give us when they call us “Nazis”. That was what Henry Hafenmayer had understood. He lived his life so that he might earn this title through action. He did not fear death, and when he made up his mind to call the recognized enemy of the peoples by its name, he knew what to expect. Under the banner “End of the lie!” he finally moved from defence to attack and thus became a role model for those German youth who still want to be German. He held out when his well-paid job as a train driver was terminated. His answer was to multiply his efforts to make the invisible enemy visible. He laboriously scanned the Talmud (in twelve bulky volumes published in German by the official Jewish publishing house Jüdische Verlag) and placed it in the global electronic network. [Three sentences deleted and part of postscript deleted due to UK race laws.] With his web blog “The End of the Lie” lobbing intellectual grenades at the emplacements of the anti-German front in his own country, he has branded the Big Lie as an attempted genocide. He was one of the first to give the New National Socialism (NNS) a face. That makes him unforgettable. Hail Henry Hafenmayer!

Richard Edmonds: Racial Nationalist, Free Speech Campaigner and Great Briton (1943-2020) R.I.P.

Heritage and Destiny

Richard Edmonds: Racial Nationalist, Free Speech Campaigner and Great Briton (1943-2020)

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Richard Edmonds with the framed photograph of the 1977 Lewisham NF rally, presented by H&D in 2017 to mark his 45 years in nationalism

Heritage and Destiny is very sad to announce the death of our loyal friend, steadfast racial nationalist and campaigner for historical truth Richard Edmonds, who died this morning at his home in Sutton, South London, aged 77. He had been seriously ill with heart problems in recent weeks.

Richard was the backbone of British racial nationalism. A true Englishman but no Little Englander, much of Richard’s political energy was directed by his insight that historical truth was a prerequisite for political progress, and that the traducing of Germany for the past 75 years meant the shackling of the White Race worldwide. Indeed he came to believe that unless the edifice of lies about the Second World War is consistently and courageously challenged, as he put it to Prof. Robert Faurisson’s translator and assistant Guillaume Nichols a few years ago: “Everything else is a waste of time.”

This entailed travelling to address rallies in Germany and France as well as tireless activism in the UK. Richard joined the National Front soon after the Uxbridge by-election of 1972, which confirmed that the NF was a serious organisation worth the dedication and sacrifice that meaningful activism would require.

He soon became party organiser in the racial battleground of Lewisham and a member of the NF Directorate. In the complicated internal politics of British nationalism, Richard was a consistent and loyal supporter of John Tyndall, NF chairman during the party’s best years. He became a founder member of the New National Front and its successor the British National Party under JT’s leadership from 1982 to 1999, for most of those years as National Organiser – effectively the party’s deputy leader.

After his place of work was exposed by Sunday Times journalists in 1988, Richard lost his job with Cable & Wireless but the company was forced to pay him a financial settlement as he had done nothing to warrant dismissal. With this money Richard purchased a bookshop in Welling, SE London, which became the famous BNP bookshop/headquarters.

Richard Edmonds campaigning for the National Front in Eltham, SE London

Richard lived above the shop at Upper Wickham Lane. Those were times when physical attacks by violent anti-fascists were an expected part of life for active nationalists, and Richard was one of the prime targets. A letter bomb exploded at the premises in 1994, and the ongoing enquiry into Metropolitan Police undercover operations is expected to reveal further details of how state operatives targeted both the BNP HQ and its opponents.

It was a tribute to Richard Edmonds that the state and ‘antifascists’ combined to set him up for several months imprisonment at a crucial moment in late 1993 and early 1994. Three days after the election of Derek Beackon – the first BNP councillor – in September 1993, Richard was falsely identified and arrested at a BNP event in Brick Lane, East London. During his months on remand, state operatives advanced their plan to disrupt and divide the party.

During the 1980s and 1990s Richard was the main distributor of Holocaust News, a tabloid-style popular introduction to historical revisionism that reached a worldwide audience. He was always ready to travel across Europe to campaign for truth and justice, including the trial of David Irving in Vienna, the release of Ernst Zündel in Mannheim, and demonstrations in support of Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler and Sylvia Stolz.

Richard Edmonds with fellow speakers at the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting (back left to right) Jez Turner, H&D editor Mark Cotterill, Simon Sheppard and Ken Shapcott; (front left to right) former MEP Andrew Brons, Richard Edmonds, Keith Axon, Jim Lewthwaite, H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton and Alex Davies.

Richard was unusual in combining active historical revisionism with tireless electoral activism: first with the NF, then with the BNP, then back with the NF during the past decade, when he again served on the Directorate. Despite the ever-changing fortunes of nationalist parties, Richard was always prepared to travel to support branch activists, whether their meeting numbered a dozen or several hundred.

At the 1992 General Election, Richard achieved the BNP’s best result that year – 1,310 votes (3.6%) in Bethnal Green & Stepney; while in October 1974 he polled 1,731 votes (4.5%) in Deptford. It was in Clifton Rise, Deptford, that NF marchers assembled for what became known as the Battle of Lewisham on 13th August 1977.

As the NF’s Lewisham organiser, Richard knew the stakes, telling the press that the party did not recognise any “no go areas”:

“Clifton Rise is part of Britain, and we will march anywhere in Britain. This march is deliberately provocative. We are standing up for White people.”

Richard and the NF publicised an official police survey of street crime in South London which showed that 80% of the attackers were Black, and 85% of the victims were White.

Had he lived, Richard would again have been a National Front candidate at the Greater London Assembly elections, postponed from May this year to May 2021.

Richard Edmonds addresses the NF’s anti-immigration demo in Dover, 2015

In 2018 – alongside Lady Michèle Renouf and H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton – Richard organised and spoke at a revisionist conference in Shepperton, West London, which turned out to be the final speech by the great revisionist scholar Prof. Robert Faurisson. Earlier that year he had been a scheduled guest speaker at the February 2018 Dresden commemoration where Lady Renouf was arrested. The text of the speech he would have given that day was published by H&D here.

Richard paid tribute to Lady Renouf’s courage in Dresden that day. Following her victory over the German prosecutors a few weeks ago, Richard wrote: “Brilliant. You faced the music, Michèle and you won. Wonderful.”

At the 2019 NF Remembrance Day march to the Cenotaph, Richard completed a remarkable trek across Europe. Having spoken at a rally in Germany on the Saturday, he made it back to London in time to address the NF’s post-Cenotaph rally just off Whitehall the next day!

Richard Edmonds with megaphone addressing a demonstration outside the German Embassy in London, calling for the release of jailed revisionist publisher Ernst Zündel

Very rarely for an Englishman, Richard was able to address a French audience in French and a German audience in German! In January 2020 he spoke in Vichy at the conference marking what would have been Prof. Robert Faurisson’s 91st birthday, delivering the Robert Faurisson International Prize to exiled French scholar Vincent Reynouard, and he was planning to record an update to his highly informative video made at the spot in Westminster where Zionist lobbyists plan to build a gigantic ‘Holocaust memorial’. Our commentary on this memorial (still being opposed at a planning enquiry) will continue Richard’s work for posterity.

The day before his death, Richard completed translation of a Yuletide poem by the German patriot and attorney Wolfram Nahrath, renowned for his defence of political clients including Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler, Bishop Richard Williamson and Lady Michèle Renouf.

Here at H&D we knew Richard Edmonds as a loyal friend – but he was more than just a friend to us, he was a loyal friend of the British people and of the broader White cause.

We had a comrade, you will find no better.

H&D‘s Issue 100 to be published in a fortnight’s time will include a full obituary for our friend and comrade Richard Edmonds.

Richard Edmonds presents the 2020 Robert Faurisson International Prize to exiled French revisionist Vincent Reynouard

German patriot and attorney Wolfram Nahrath writes:

I‘m terribly sad.

It was a great experience to meet him, listen to him, talk to him, standing with him in front of a German prison, where he gave his legendary speech for the rights of freedom and free opinion.

In the name of my people, I have to thank him for his courage to raise his voice for us beaten and suppressed Germans.

I‘m glad having had him in my house as a very special guest. A clear mind in a gloomy and dangerous time for all the European People. His constant demands to be awake, to look behind the ugly mask of the destroyers of the variety of cultures and people (the Bishop blamed them as “the enemies of God”), to learn about history in order to avoid any further wars in Europe and to stand together for a living future, now became an order of conscience for us all.

Wherever a place for the braves might be: You‘ll meet him there.

We’ll march on, although your flag in life has to be pulled down now. Rest In Peace, Richard. With deference, Wolfram Nahrath, Germany

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What’s the Use?

What’s the Use?

How often have I heard this note of discouragement when we speak of activism, whether it is attending a protest or writing a letter to an MP? I don’t feel it myself, but I know some others do. What pretends to be the voice of “realism” is really the chattering devil of planned discouragement. The Dark Forces seeking to vacuum away our freedoms have been fascinated by the study of psychology — what makes people’s minds tick and, then, how can this information be used to manipulate or control them.
Modern tyranny has come to the conclusion that they don’t have to physically eliminate all dissenters or doubters. Just scare the majority into compliance (as they have with masks in the COVID Craziness). Then, convey the idea that their position is inevitable. Not everyone will agree, but as long as they are discouraged and passive, the evil agenda prevails.
This brings me o a protest on October 18, the day Lady Michele Renouf was to go on trial in Dresden for remarks made in 2018 at a February 13 memorial held every year for the 300,000+ German civilians incinerated in that city on February 13-14, 1945. The war was essentially over. Dresden was not a manufacturing or military target. It was, indeed, acity to which perhaps 250,000 refugees fleeing the Soviet armies just 70 miles away had fled. Churchill himself in sending the waves of incendiary bombers had gloated that he would roast the German people. Anyway, Lady Michele’s brief impromptu speech caught the attention of the German thought police.
She was detained, interrogated, released and an |”investigation” begun to see whether she had violated Sec. 130 of the German Criminal Code — “racial incitement of the masses”. Her speech had made no reference to race.This law, however, is used to persecute anyone who questions the Hollywood version of World War II or the Jewish tribal history more often called he holocaust. In due course, she was charged. The trial was to commence October 16.
On that day, supporters of the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) held a protest outside the German Consulate in Toronto. We had a good many discussions with curious passersby. A short video was made of the protest. Reports of the protest spread over the Internet.
We had only a vague report later that day. Something happened in the German court but both Lady Michele and her assistant Peter Rushton were under some sort of gag order. We would not learn until November 2 that the German prosecutor had, at the last minute, withdrawn the charges. The gag order was in place until the formal papers had been signed and filed.Lady Michele was free.
What’s the Use?Here’s what Peter Rushton wrote: ” It was great to see you campaigning for Michèle’s acquittal: for once the international pressure and fear of official embarrassment has succeeded!
The fake news media may not have covered our protest but people in Germany were watching. There were several reasons likely motivating the German authorities to retreat from the battlefield having  menaced Lady Michele with this case for 32 months. However, international notice and condemnation were one of them
We did our part! We did some good!
Years agoU.S. patriots had a motivational saying: “The letter not written influences no one.”
We don’t alway see the results of our actions. Sometimes, indeed, they are ignored but our input goes into the mix influencing the decision makers.
As Luther said as he nailed his 95 theses or arguments  to the cathedral door in Wittenburg setting off the Protestant reformation: Here I stand, I can do no other.” ( Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders).


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