Ursula Haverbeck — German Free Speech Champion

Ursula Haverbeck — German Free Speech Champion

At 88 years-plus, Ursula Haverbeck is an incredibly brave woman. With firm resolve, she has repeatedly challenged the Hollywood version of World War II, where the Germans are cast as the genocidal arch-villains. She says: ““It becomes clear that the Holocaust is the greatest and most enduring lie in history. It was needed in order to finally complete the centuries-long struggle for world domination by the Zionists, World Wars I and II were merely a preliminary stage for this achievement…»

Last year, she was sentenced to four years in prison for challenging Germany’s new secular state religion of “holocaust”, which has crippled a once proud people with debilitating debt. The thought crimes sentence and conviction is now at the first of four levels of appeal, another jailed dissident teacher Gunter Deckert explained. The process could take years.

Ursula Hedwig Meta Haverbeck-Wetzel is a German author and historical revisionist from Vlotho, Germany. Since 2004, she has also been the subject of publication offences for sedition relating to Holocaust skepticism.

Ruddy cheeked and spry, she greeted Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Paul Fromm at a January 28 gathering in Bonn to hear dissident traditional Catholic prelate Bishop Richard Williamson.

Asked by Mr. Fromm for her e-mail, she replied in good English: “I don’t have one. The police want me to get one. I don’t want to make their spying job easier,” she smiled with a conspiratorial twinkle in her eye.

Lady Michele Renouf, who introduced the Bishop, marvelled at Frau Haverbeck: “She fairly springs and dances when she walks.”

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Ursula Haverbeck & Paul Fromm, Director, CAFE
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 Lady Michele Renouf

Lady Michèle Renouf – ‘Professor Robert Faurisson’

Lady Michèle Renouf – ‘Professor Robert Faurisson’

Speech delivered at the London Forum, July  23, 2016

View on www.youtube.com

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Last month Professor Robert Faurisson faced a landmark trial in Paris, where Lady Michèle Renouf appeared as the sole defence witness. France is one of many countries where normal historical research is criminalised: this latest trial related to Prof. Faurisson’s speech at the Teheran International Conference 2006, (more than 3,000 miles from Paris and ten years ago!). Then French President Jacques Chirac insisted that a way must be found to prosecute the half-Scot, half-French Professor for his heretical investigation of the alleged mass murder of 6 million European Jews in presumed homicidal gas chambers. In her defence testimony, Lady Renouf undermined key aspects of the prosecution case by explaining the true circumstances of the Teheran conference, (in which she too participated). She then revealed to a packed courtroom the astonishing “Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust” issued to teachers worldwide by the Stockholm International Forum 2000 – a conference set up at the instigation of Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and the Government of Israel

Lady Michele Renouf — Contrasting Justice: Breivik vs. Mahler

Lady Michele Renouf — Contrasting Justice: Breivik vs. Mahler

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Psychopathic killer Anders Breivik consults with his lawyerPsychopathic killer Anders Breivik consults with his lawyer

Ever since I was alerted by Dr Gunther Kümel to the medical plight of imprisoned lawyer, philosopher and German Attorney Horst Mahler – for whom Dr Kümel was the first to institute fundraising to assist his defence and medical requirements – I have long wished to draw the stark contrast between the prison conditions of Norwegian mass-murderer and child killer Anders Breivik, and the incarceration of the brave truth-seeking Horst Mahler.

Breivik's former salute: a combination of "black power" and Marxism.Breivik’s former salute: a combination of “black power” and Marxism.

The new fey "neo-nazi" BreivikThe new fey “neo-nazi” Breivik

Breivik’s obscene fey parody of a national socialist salute (the main focus of the world’s media attention) has encouraged malicious commentators to label him a “neo-Nazi” – despite his being a blatant worshipper of criminal Zionist imperialism, who targeted his victims because of their calls (in defence of Palestinian rights) for boycotts of Israeli produce.  World Zionism and National Socialism are incompatible ideologies.

Breivik's victims at a Norwegian youth camp supported the boycott of Israeli produce as part of their campaign for Palestinian rights.Breivik’s victims at a Norwegian youth camp supported the boycott of Israeli produce as part of their campaign for Palestinian rights.

His own pro-Israeli chutzpah insults his victims’ families, alongside all the laws of natural justice, with his complaints about the standards of decoration in his cell.  Further issues for the “persecuted” murderer (as noted by world syndicated reports) are that his coffee is sometimes cold and butter insufficient for his bread.  The vainglorious butcher Breivik also complains about not having been allowed moisturiser, without which might the fraud lack his camera appeal?  Naïve Norwegian liberals insult the taxpaying public with their support of all these consecutive courts of appeal, whereby ultimately The Hague court of human rights must hear sociopathic Breivik’s protest that the Playstation supplied free in his multi-roomed cell is not the very latest version.

Meanwhile Horst Mahler – whose “crimes” involved not murdering children but daring to speak the truth as he saw it about historical and philosophical issues at the core of Germany’s 21stcentury crisis – is now 80 years old and has consistently been denied all normal rights of appeal.

All mod cons for murderer BreivikAll mod cons for murderer Breivik

While courts in Norway eagerly provide platforms for Breivik to complain that his computer games are not up to date, Mahler is unable to raise the most fundamental questions relevant to his defence, since the German courts rule that certain evidence cannot be discussed, even if it is supplied by qualified scientists, historians and other academic investigators of the highest calibre.

While Breivik insists on moisturiser, Mahler (following the amputation of his lower left leg) relies on international fundraisers to provide the potential for him to live in his own home – assuming he is ever released.

Horst Mahler remains incarcerated despite life-threatening illness and the amputation of his lower left leg.Horst Mahler remains incarcerated despite life-threatening illness and the amputation of his lower left leg.

And while Breivik – despite his boasted responsibility for horrific murders – can look forward to being released by his mid-50s, Mahler is now 80 and knows that the German establishment is determined that he will never again live as a free man.  The question remains – with Horst Mahler subjected to such treatment, how can any European consider himself living in a just society?

Lady Michèle Renouf
London, March 2016



27th February 2016 – RENOUF speech delivered and recorded opposite the German Embassy in London, in defence of the non-banning of the NPD Party.
German Embassy diplomats, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN here today and viewing on the worldwide internet,
The question of the day is: WHY IN THE WORLD DOES GERMANY NEED THE N.P.D.?
I keenly answer, by echoing the NPD’s 3 REASONS, in their own words:
Briefly an outline:
1) DEMOCRACY … as we understand it, is meant to offer citizens political choices. 
The existence of the NPD duly alerts Germans ( and likewise other European countries ) that none uphold democracy while ever nationalist parties are media-sidelined, suffer mendacious reportage without a just re-dress; are criminally infiltrated in order to entrap, sabotage and misrepresent their policies ; and remain under threat of being banned.
To quote from the NPD’s website:
“An open political process and a legally protected process of political opinion-forming (the indispensable foundation of a free democratic order) is threatened by the impending monopolisation of politics, due to the lust for power of well-organised interest groups.
“This is already well under way, though covered up or glossed over by politically biased coverage in the public media of the mass immigration and consequent conflict in Germany – in a ubiquitous process of undermining parliamentary democracy, with Chancellor Merkel transforming Germany into a multiethnic state through the lowering of German borders without even a Cabinet decision, let alone a vote in Parliament.  In fact it is not the policy of Merkel’s critics that is “extremist”, but government policy itself that is “extremist”. “
2). The NPD works to alert the German people ( and likewise other nations ) that they have no SOVEREIGNTY under the European Union.
To quote from the NPD website:
“In several places in Germany’s constitution – the “Basic Law” – there is mention of the concept of the German people.  The very legitimacy of state power derives from this concept of a German people, with an inherent German ethnicity.
Even a former Constitutional Court judge Udo di Fabio recently pointed out that the government could not go ahead and create a new German people via unlimited immigration, as in that case state power would no longer derive legitimacy from the bottom up – government would be taking on itself the right to alter the size and composition of the nation state, in what a well-known constitutional lawyer Josef Isensee in 1999 (addressing the issue of dual citizenship) called a “constitutional coup from above”).“ – an unidentified “above” governance, at that!

Frederick Fromm's photo.


A country denied its sovereignty is also thereby denied its national right to its racial identity.  To quote from the NPD website, in a letter to German police and armed forces from NPD party chairman Frank Franz ( Herr Franz, an able and respectable spokesman, with whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and discussing these issues firsthand), said:

“The police and armed forces fulfil an essential task of great importance in today’s society.  Their tasks face drastic transformation in the foreseeable future.  A new development is potentially shattering the stability of our community: namely the toleration of a gigantic abuse of our asylum law, which can destroy irretrievably that character of Germany’s population, society and culture.  The mass occupation via “asylum” and the risk of infiltration by radical jihadists presents problems which inevitably leave their mark on the everyday work of the police and army.”

Frank Franz wrote:
“This ‘population exchange’ affects us all, as does the termination of our independent statehood by the EU integration process which is intrinsically hostile to sovereignty.  Those in government service should be attentive when transitory political developments threaten the fundamentals of the State’s constitution.
[quoting from the Basic Law]Article 20 para 2:  All state authority emanates from the people. Articles 56 and 64: the President, Chancellor and Ministers undertake on oath to act “for the benefit of the German people”.

The very integrity and identity of that German People is at stake due to the diminishing of national self-determination and the alienation of the public.
The manner in which political criticism is made into a suspicious activity, represents a violation of human dignity and a sacrifice of free expression.

One must raise the question: to what extent does E.U. asylum policy contravene the stipulations of the Basic Law concerning “the benefit of the German people”?  Has it indeed contravened this already?

As there has so far been no comparable historical experience, …this is probably the first time in the history of the Federal Republic that it is conceivable for public servants to have to bear in mind Article 20 Para 4 of the Basic Law, which states that:  “if no other remedy is possible, Germans have the right to resist against anyone who seeks to abolish the constitutional order.”

As to the ongoing court-case TO BAN the NPD, the website informs that:
“NPD’s lawyer Peter Richter will argue at outset of proceedings on March 1st that the case for banning the party is so tainted by the activities of German spy agencies that there is no legitimate case to be made against the NPD.

“After the failure of a similar banning process 12 years ago – ruled unconstitutional because of the extent of German state spying operations against the party and the role of highly placed state agents – this time the state agencies have claimed that they closed down all agents operating above a certain level in the party.

“But there is absolutely no guarantee that they have complied with this order.  The NPD is very dubious about a process that involves legal submissions “in camera”.

“The party will therefore attempt to have the case struck out on legal and constitutional grounds, but is also prepared if necessary to address each of the documents brought in evidence by the state and bring its own motions to introduce defence evidence.”

[ Of course, as I have witnessed first hand in courtrooms in Germany, one is reminded of the ubiquitous film “Dinner for One”, since all Germans laugh to see it screening as a standing joke on their TVs every New Years’.  The matriarchal character – like the courtroom judges when asked by lawyers if evidential exhibits may be presented in defence of their “opinion crime” clients – she proclaims “No!  It is to be the same procedure every year!”!! ]


The NPD does VITAL WORK in alerting the Germans – and likewise the world – that NATO and its military bases in all our countries, act not as a deterrent, but makes us targets for Zionist-lead America’s war-mongering which has created all these mutually undesired mass migrations of peoples from other lands to Europe – an unnatural migration which will bring neither peoples their necessary human sense of “ancestral home”. Humans, as with homing pigeons and other creatures on our planet, have a natural instinct for, and comforting group identity with, their ancestral “homeland”. No good can come of denying us what Nature provides in our best group interests. 

On today’s news we hear Chancellor Merkel admit that she is “uncertain where the registered migrants are”… much less all the unregistered millions she has unilaterally welcomed, and wishes to invite in their tens of millions into Germany.  I have heard from ordinary German citizens, overwhelmed by the colossal migrant invasion upon their towns and villages, that they feel betrayed and abused by Merkel’s tyrannical imposition of her democratic-disdaining, nation-changing policy.  Thank goodness that we have the NPD to alert us to the full circumstances and consequences of this devastating onslaught on our Nature. 

Long live the NPD for all our sakes in Europe!!

Successful London Fundraising for Horst Mahler

Successful London Fundraising for Horst Mahler
Meeting Success for Horst Mahler Rescue Fund

 The London Forum  meeting to raise funds for Horst Mahler’s ‘Rescue Fund’ was an overwhelming success with £1,050.00 raised.
The videos of the speeches are on line – and the Horst Mahler talk by Richard Edmonds and Michele Renouf  is on the link below.


Lady Michele Renouf – Identitarianism – What it Means – Our Heroes & Our Strengths

Lady Michele Renouf – Identitarianism – What it Means – Our Heroes & Our Strengths

The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Present Lady Michele Renouf’s speech in Vancouver,…
[Click on the photo and click on the url link.]

The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Present Lady Michele Renouf’s speech in Vancouver, Canada, Thursday, June 11, 2015.

Lady Michele Renouf — The Fraud of Feminism

Lady Michele Renouf — The Fraud of Feminism


Lady Michele Renouf is a philanthropist, charity fundraiser, socialite, landscape gardener, lecturer in the Fine Arts, Wagnerite, film producer, author, model, actress, ballet dancer & choregographer, public speaker, publicist for the Jewish independent homeland of Birobidzhan, popular guest on current affairs talk shows, anti-Zionist and campaigner on behalf of those persecuted for telling the truth. In short, she is a Renaissance woman who has no truck with Feminism – and in this talk she explains why.

Lady Michele Renouf (Audio) – ‘The Fraud of Feminism’
Lady Michele Renouf is a philanthropist, charity fundraiser, socialite, landscape gardener, lecturer in the Fine Arts, Wagnerite, film producer, author, mode…

Fromm Addresses London Forum About the Plight of Free Speech in Canada

 Fromm Addresses London Forum About the Plight of Free Speech in Canada
Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression,  addressed a packed meeting on the London Forum Friday night, November 14,  in the British capital. Canada’s old Red Ensign, the flag of the REAL  Canada, hangs in the background.
Mr. Fromm’s talk dealt with the Establishment-en…
abled Third World invasion of Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The result in North America will be the replacement of the European founding/settler people by 2050 — ethnic cleansing on the installment plan. He also discussed the use in Canada of “hate” laws to silence or intimidate opposition to Third World immigration, He recounted our victory in getting rid of Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, and updated his audience on the Brad Love case and the ongoing efforts by the Southern Poverty Law Centre to hijack the McCorkill will’s bequest to the National Alliance.

Lady Michele Renouf Slams “Swindlespeak” as a Zionist Tool for Fooling Us

Lady Michele Renouf Slams “Swindlespeak” as a Zionist Tool for Fooling Us

HAMILTON, September 30, 2012. A cross Canada speaking tour with Lady Michele Renouf, British model, actress, film maker and free speech activist opened to a standing room only meeting tonight here.

Speaking to promote her new two hour video ,Dresden Holocaust 1945 Lady Michele urged the use of new language to discuss and define our dilemma. Her career in television advertising has helped form her vision of the use of language.

“Our predators – our traditional enemies – work by ‘swindlespeak’,” she explained. “It tells us the very opposite of the truth.” For instance, the term ‘diversity’ describes a good thing. “However, the policy of mass immigration from the Third World to Europe and North America will destroy diversity and result in one sad blend.”

The proper definition of the term ‘holocaust’ is a burned offering, the eclectic free speech supporter who has studied comparative religion, explained. “The British wartime strategy was to dehouse the German population and to burn them alive. Churchill sought to create a holocaust.”
“There was a deliberate intention to kill the German people. This was decided at an Allied conference by Churchill and Roosevelt in 1943. “The plan was to firebomb and make human torches out of German civilians in 60 German cities.”

At a meeting in 1944 in Quebec City, an even more inhumane plot was hatched for the post war period,. “The plan was to deliberately starve and decimate the German people,” she explained. This was the notorious Morgenthau Plan.

The Morgenthau Plan was not fully implemented after the war. The Allies decided to exploit and “rip off” Germany instead.

Lady Michele Renouf is a world traveller. She has twice visited Tehran and met Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “I urged President Ahmadinejad to tell his followers not to shout, ’Death to America,’ but to chant, ‘Down with Zionism; Up with Jeffersonian America.’” President Jefferson, she explained, opposed foreign wars and meddling.

Despite death threats, including one police have traced to a fanatical former Israeli settler in Canada who urged sending her the deadly poison ricin, Lady Michele is fearless: “We have to get over the fear barrier,” she said. “Our predator enemies thrive on making people unable to listen because their jobs depend on their not listening” to questions about the existing order.

Lady Michele’s Canadian tour is sponsored by the Canadian Association for Free Expression.


Copies of her dvd Dresden Holocaust 1945 can be obtained, postpaid, by sending $30 to C-FAR Books, P.O, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.