Richard Edmonds: Racial Nationalist, Free Speech Campaigner and Great Briton (1943-2020) R.I.P.

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Richard Edmonds: Racial Nationalist, Free Speech Campaigner and Great Briton (1943-2020)

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Richard Edmonds with the framed photograph of the 1977 Lewisham NF rally, presented by H&D in 2017 to mark his 45 years in nationalism

Heritage and Destiny is very sad to announce the death of our loyal friend, steadfast racial nationalist and campaigner for historical truth Richard Edmonds, who died this morning at his home in Sutton, South London, aged 77. He had been seriously ill with heart problems in recent weeks.

Richard was the backbone of British racial nationalism. A true Englishman but no Little Englander, much of Richard’s political energy was directed by his insight that historical truth was a prerequisite for political progress, and that the traducing of Germany for the past 75 years meant the shackling of the White Race worldwide. Indeed he came to believe that unless the edifice of lies about the Second World War is consistently and courageously challenged, as he put it to Prof. Robert Faurisson’s translator and assistant Guillaume Nichols a few years ago: “Everything else is a waste of time.”

This entailed travelling to address rallies in Germany and France as well as tireless activism in the UK. Richard joined the National Front soon after the Uxbridge by-election of 1972, which confirmed that the NF was a serious organisation worth the dedication and sacrifice that meaningful activism would require.

He soon became party organiser in the racial battleground of Lewisham and a member of the NF Directorate. In the complicated internal politics of British nationalism, Richard was a consistent and loyal supporter of John Tyndall, NF chairman during the party’s best years. He became a founder member of the New National Front and its successor the British National Party under JT’s leadership from 1982 to 1999, for most of those years as National Organiser – effectively the party’s deputy leader.

After his place of work was exposed by Sunday Times journalists in 1988, Richard lost his job with Cable & Wireless but the company was forced to pay him a financial settlement as he had done nothing to warrant dismissal. With this money Richard purchased a bookshop in Welling, SE London, which became the famous BNP bookshop/headquarters.

Richard Edmonds campaigning for the National Front in Eltham, SE London

Richard lived above the shop at Upper Wickham Lane. Those were times when physical attacks by violent anti-fascists were an expected part of life for active nationalists, and Richard was one of the prime targets. A letter bomb exploded at the premises in 1994, and the ongoing enquiry into Metropolitan Police undercover operations is expected to reveal further details of how state operatives targeted both the BNP HQ and its opponents.

It was a tribute to Richard Edmonds that the state and ‘antifascists’ combined to set him up for several months imprisonment at a crucial moment in late 1993 and early 1994. Three days after the election of Derek Beackon – the first BNP councillor – in September 1993, Richard was falsely identified and arrested at a BNP event in Brick Lane, East London. During his months on remand, state operatives advanced their plan to disrupt and divide the party.

During the 1980s and 1990s Richard was the main distributor of Holocaust News, a tabloid-style popular introduction to historical revisionism that reached a worldwide audience. He was always ready to travel across Europe to campaign for truth and justice, including the trial of David Irving in Vienna, the release of Ernst Zündel in Mannheim, and demonstrations in support of Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler and Sylvia Stolz.

Richard Edmonds with fellow speakers at the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting (back left to right) Jez Turner, H&D editor Mark Cotterill, Simon Sheppard and Ken Shapcott; (front left to right) former MEP Andrew Brons, Richard Edmonds, Keith Axon, Jim Lewthwaite, H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton and Alex Davies.

Richard was unusual in combining active historical revisionism with tireless electoral activism: first with the NF, then with the BNP, then back with the NF during the past decade, when he again served on the Directorate. Despite the ever-changing fortunes of nationalist parties, Richard was always prepared to travel to support branch activists, whether their meeting numbered a dozen or several hundred.

At the 1992 General Election, Richard achieved the BNP’s best result that year – 1,310 votes (3.6%) in Bethnal Green & Stepney; while in October 1974 he polled 1,731 votes (4.5%) in Deptford. It was in Clifton Rise, Deptford, that NF marchers assembled for what became known as the Battle of Lewisham on 13th August 1977.

As the NF’s Lewisham organiser, Richard knew the stakes, telling the press that the party did not recognise any “no go areas”:

“Clifton Rise is part of Britain, and we will march anywhere in Britain. This march is deliberately provocative. We are standing up for White people.”

Richard and the NF publicised an official police survey of street crime in South London which showed that 80% of the attackers were Black, and 85% of the victims were White.

Had he lived, Richard would again have been a National Front candidate at the Greater London Assembly elections, postponed from May this year to May 2021.

Richard Edmonds addresses the NF’s anti-immigration demo in Dover, 2015

In 2018 – alongside Lady Michèle Renouf and H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton – Richard organised and spoke at a revisionist conference in Shepperton, West London, which turned out to be the final speech by the great revisionist scholar Prof. Robert Faurisson. Earlier that year he had been a scheduled guest speaker at the February 2018 Dresden commemoration where Lady Renouf was arrested. The text of the speech he would have given that day was published by H&D here.

Richard paid tribute to Lady Renouf’s courage in Dresden that day. Following her victory over the German prosecutors a few weeks ago, Richard wrote: “Brilliant. You faced the music, Michèle and you won. Wonderful.”

At the 2019 NF Remembrance Day march to the Cenotaph, Richard completed a remarkable trek across Europe. Having spoken at a rally in Germany on the Saturday, he made it back to London in time to address the NF’s post-Cenotaph rally just off Whitehall the next day!

Richard Edmonds with megaphone addressing a demonstration outside the German Embassy in London, calling for the release of jailed revisionist publisher Ernst Zündel

Very rarely for an Englishman, Richard was able to address a French audience in French and a German audience in German! In January 2020 he spoke in Vichy at the conference marking what would have been Prof. Robert Faurisson’s 91st birthday, delivering the Robert Faurisson International Prize to exiled French scholar Vincent Reynouard, and he was planning to record an update to his highly informative video made at the spot in Westminster where Zionist lobbyists plan to build a gigantic ‘Holocaust memorial’. Our commentary on this memorial (still being opposed at a planning enquiry) will continue Richard’s work for posterity.

The day before his death, Richard completed translation of a Yuletide poem by the German patriot and attorney Wolfram Nahrath, renowned for his defence of political clients including Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler, Bishop Richard Williamson and Lady Michèle Renouf.

Here at H&D we knew Richard Edmonds as a loyal friend – but he was more than just a friend to us, he was a loyal friend of the British people and of the broader White cause.

We had a comrade, you will find no better.

H&D‘s Issue 100 to be published in a fortnight’s time will include a full obituary for our friend and comrade Richard Edmonds.

Richard Edmonds presents the 2020 Robert Faurisson International Prize to exiled French revisionist Vincent Reynouard

German patriot and attorney Wolfram Nahrath writes:

I‘m terribly sad.

It was a great experience to meet him, listen to him, talk to him, standing with him in front of a German prison, where he gave his legendary speech for the rights of freedom and free opinion.

In the name of my people, I have to thank him for his courage to raise his voice for us beaten and suppressed Germans.

I‘m glad having had him in my house as a very special guest. A clear mind in a gloomy and dangerous time for all the European People. His constant demands to be awake, to look behind the ugly mask of the destroyers of the variety of cultures and people (the Bishop blamed them as “the enemies of God”), to learn about history in order to avoid any further wars in Europe and to stand together for a living future, now became an order of conscience for us all.

Wherever a place for the braves might be: You‘ll meet him there.

We’ll march on, although your flag in life has to be pulled down now. Rest In Peace, Richard. With deference, Wolfram Nahrath, Germany

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Letter from German Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Who Just Celebrated Her 91st Birthday in Jail

Letter from German Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Who Just Celebrated Her 91st Birthday in Jail

Letter from Ursula Haverbeck[British patriot and frequent NATIONAL FRONT candidate Richard Edmonds, writes:]


Dear Friends,

Today I have received a letter from the brave campaigner from Truth in History, Ursula Haverbeck. Ursula expresses her astonishment and thanks for the amazing number of letters and cards of support that she receives from Britain and from France, and indeed from the whole world. In her letter to me Ursula H. singles out her specific thanks to Michele R. and to Peter R.

Let me repeat here, that letters and cards of support are a God-send to every brave and honourable patriot locked up in a narrow prison cell mixed in together with anti-social types and criminals, and isolated from the world and friendly faces – that’s prison, and in this nightmare “modern” world many of the prisoners will be Third-world criminals with Third-world personal habits.

All the more reason to send a friendly, cheerful card or letter, (which does not have to bear the address of the sender) to our brave Ursula:

Frau Ursula Haverbeck, JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede, Umlostrasse 100, D-33649, Germany.

Note on a related matter: The Jewish community in Bielefeld has raised its objections to a parade through the town, which friends and supporters of our Ursula have planed for next month, to commemorate her 91st birthday, that the astoundingly vigorous Ursula Haverbeck will “celebrate” in the Bielefeld prison (JVA).

The notice below from <bocage-info> confirms the information.

Regards to all,

[“Isn’t it wonderful that we live in ‘the free world’?” — Paul Fromm]

Standing Up for Monika Schaefer — People Rally to Her Cause

Standing Up for Monika Schaefer — People Rally to Her Cause

On Saturday, February 2. CAFE posted Monika Schaefer’s account of the way she’d been humiliated and denied photocopying services  by Sonja Dickey owner of the 3 Sheets Stationary Store & Laundromat in Jasper, Alberta. Miss Dickey refused to do some photocopying because Monika was a “hateful” person.

It is heartening so see the torrent of support from Britain, Europe and across North America admonishing the small town snowflake Dickey and backing Monika.

Well done, free speech supporters.

Here’s just a sample of the e-mails sent thus far.

Paul Fromm




Canadian Association for Free Expression

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-289-674-4455; FAX: 289-674-4820;


Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director

February  2, 2019

Sonja Dickey
P.O. Box 2098,

Jasper, AB,

T0E 1E0

Dear Miss Dickey:

I read on the Internet about a recent incident in your store where you refused to provide service — running off photocopies —  to local musician Monika Schaefer because you believe she’s a “hateful” person.

You are in the business of serving the public, not running a private club. You are obligated to serve anyone who behaves and can pay her bill. Your treatment of Miss Schaefer may well be a violation not only of her rights but of provincial statute. I have asked our in- house counsel to review the law so that we might advise Miss Schaefer further.

I do a nightly radio show entitled “The Fighting Side of Me”. I invite you to be a guest on my show to explain your actions. I heard Miss Schaefer speak recently in Toronto, as part of a cross-Canada tour. Her treatment at the hands of some people in Jasper — shunning, banned from the Legion, subject of a smear campaign to ruin her violin lesson business — was disgusting. Jasper sounds, at times, like a bigoted, judgemental small town right out of some old movie.

I hope you’ll reconsider your treatment of her and consider coming on my show. We can hook up by Skype.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Fromm



Dear Ms. Dickey,

Along with Monika Schaefer I would like to know what you meant when you said you did not want to serve someone ‘who hates’.


According to the Merriam – Webster dictionary the definition of the verb ‘to hate’ is:

1to feel extreme enmity toward

2to have a strong aversion to


Do you think ‘hate’ should be quantified on a scale of, say, 0 to 100 according to which 0 means no hate, that is, no dislike or aversion and 100 means complete hate, that is, total and complete dislike or aversion?

In my view, on such a scale Monika’s forthright regard and search for historical truth along with her honorable exercise of the valuable principle of Freedom of Speech merit her an award of 0 on that scale.

What level of hate would you assign to Monika, and for what?

Because of the unprincipled way you treated Monika, I would award you a value of 70 or 75 on that scale.

Now that you know that I feel some dislike of, and disrespect for, what you have done, do you now hate me?  If so, at what level?


Rudy List, Ph.D. (Mathematics)

P.S.  If I come to Jasper, would you be willing to discuss this with me?

Dear Sonja,
Recently, you refused service to a brave Monika Schaefer. You need to know that Monika does not hate anyone, as you fervently believe, but stood up for the right to disagree on something – that is not hate – it is our right to debate – to disagree – to challenge – any and all ideas – in Canada so far – to scare people like yourself to keep quiet. You are fearful and obedient to the idea that someone who simply states that she does not believe the official story about something must be run out of town and destroyed – this is the despicable act you and your friends have done – shame on you.
You seem to not understand that your very business depends on free speech – the right to print free ideas. Try that in old Soviet Union, or North Korea or Cuba – you will go to jail for expressing free speech – you could not run your little printing business there – did you know that? Canada is so far not there but you need to understand that Monika stood up for you and me and 35 million Canadians to protect that right. So you can run a business that operates on the principle of free speech that people like Monika Schaefer are willing to fight for on your behalf – and for that you stab her in the back?
The obvious subject is Holocaust gas chambers which has been proven wrong by scientists and engineers – most people, myself included, and many politicians, scientists, academics, lay people, see the Holocaust as a big lie – these were work camps – nothing more – there was and is not any evidence of anything sinister happening there. All Monika did was express her belief that the Holocaust never happened – that is not hate – that is simply a belief and our Canadian right to do so.
Unfortunately you have been drawn into the fear of speaking for yourself and maybe thinking for yourself. Speaking about any subject is not hate speech. It is about questioning the official story. I know for a fact that Monika Schaefer does not “hate” as you put it – she simply reserves the right to express her opinion which I wholly agree with as do millions of others.
By disallowing Monika to use your services you are making a strong statement that you agree that free speech must be killed and stifled if someone does not like your point of view. Well, that is a dangerous thing – I may not agree with you, for example, but I don’t prevent you from running your business or conducting your life. We discuss. We disagree. But we walk away agreeing we disagree – but we do not chastise or disenfranchise each other. Jasper has bullied Monika shamefully. I hope you are proud.
Because Monika stood up for her convictions she was imprisoned in Germany. She was brave and she stood up for principles of free speech, the most fundamental right humans have in a free society. Jasper should be ashamed for victimizing a wonderful productive peaceful soul. In Medieval times people like you watched accused people tied up and burned at the stake and I’m sure you would have been right there watching, cheering and happy at someone being killed for some idea that others disagreed with – is that the world you want? I do hope you have a deep serious think on your actions. I hope you and your fellow Jasperians have a reflection on how you treated a fellow citizen for simply standing up for basic Canadian rights.
Maybe one day you will actually get some guts and conviction and realize that the free speech Monika stands up for is more than you and your many fellow Jasperians have done except condemn someone for protecting what you don’t even know you have. I am sad for you and your friends – you have lots to think about.
Al Majauskas

Dear Ms. Dickey:
It has come to my attention that you have a customer who is a friend of mine: namely, Monika Schaefer who lives in your beautiful town of Jasper.
Monika reports that you recently asked her to leave your store because you believed she was a “hateful” person.  This seems very curious to me.  A very odd and inexplicable story.
I know that there are always two sides to everything, and I would like to hear yours.
I am a native Texan who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, but I have lived all over and was once offered a job at the University of Calgary and then another at the Royal Tyrrell (I didn’t take either of them because I was afraid of the winters—but that was before global warming really set in, I guess…).  Anyhow, I love the Canadian Rockies and the province of Alberta and have had great friends up there throughout my life, Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Drumheller, Fort Macleod, Lake Louise…. so I don’t feel I am a total stranger to the setting… I think Canada is a lovely place and I have always had very special affection for the Canadian people…..
I am writing as a great fan of Monika Schaefer to ask whether you would like to appear on my extremely informal podcast talk show, either with Monika or alone, and explain to her, to my audience, and the world, why you think Monika Schaefer or her work embodies or represents any kind of hatred?
I suppose we are all (all of Monika’s friends and admirers) wondering why you would see fit to exclude a civil rights heroine from your store, to refuse to do business with her.
Won’t you explain, please?  To me privately if not to the world.
I happen to find Monika to be one of the kindest and gentlest, sincerest and truest people I know on earth.  To me, Monika Schaefer and her brother Alfred stand for LOVE and TRUTH above all.  If you disagree, I would like you to tell me, and the world, why.
If you think that the world is an exceedingly simple place, of black and white, I’d like to know how you can possibly put Monika Schaefer in among the forces of darkness.
My invitation is quite real and sincere and my podcast (based in New Orleans) is very informal.  You would not be embarrassed or “trapped” by any of my questions, but I think if you believe sincerely that Monika Schaefer is wrong about something—you should tell her “to her face” in a public forum…..

I hope that you will consider accepting my invitation to speak about why certain people should not be allowed in your store….. why you think their money would “taint” you or your equipment…..
I absolutely believe in freedom of association, and I certainly respect every person’s right to have opinions and even prejudices, but if these opinions are based on a perception different from mine, I am always very interested in hearing it.
To my mind, Monika Schaefer is just a superior person in every way.  But we should never be trapped inside our own worlds, unable to see through other people’s eyes.
Won’t you please explain to me why you would treat this lovely lady so badly as to order her out of your store?
I really want to hear YOUR side of this story… and I think a lot of other people would also…

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

“Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint, und das mit recht, 
denn alles was entsteht, Ist werth daß es zu Grunde geht.”
Deo Vindice/Tierra Limpia

Telephone: 504-777-5021 

This is what I emailed:  (Joe Rizoli)

I just read this incident that you had with Monika Schaefer and I really have to say this, how could you hate somebody so much to refuse their business? Its incomprehensible that people can act like this in this day and age.

If Monika was gay, black, an immigrant, Jewish or anything else this would be front page news.

Monica is a wonderful person and for you to treat her in this way is really disappointing to me…or better yet, shameful…

Joe Rizoli
Framingham, Massachusetts USA


(My email, Diane King)
Dear Ms. Sonja Dickey:

I just learned about what happened to my dear friend, Monika, in her attempt to acquire services at your copy business. I’ve visited Canada for years and am continually astounded at the increasing restrictions and soviet-style prohibitions imposed on regular Canadians for what? AND what did she do to you? I can only conclude that you must have received word from the higher-up soviet-style elite to tell you what to do or like she said, that you ARE afraid of consequences to doing normal business with her.

I do understand the concern about retribution (though I doubt you fully understand other than what someone MIGHT have told you about her), but I don’t accept the ‘ caving’ into their thugocracy.

We of those who cherish freedoms are appalled at your behavior and truly, you SHOULD be ashamed. You owe her an apology at the very least and some free service for her trouble. You can fix this.


Diane King
Nacogdoches, TX, USA

Dear Sonja,

I hope this email finds you inundated with comments regarding your refusal to serve Truth Warrior, Monika Schaefer based on spurious allegations flung at her by a certain international group of trouble makers who have a significant nest in Jasper.  Refusing someone a service which you advertise you will perform for recompense based on lies, innuendos, and ignorance is not a very good way to conduct business.  Especially not in a nation where free speech is still valued; albeit seriously under attack by the entity you no doubt are aware of and who likely contacted you and scared the bejeebies out of you.  In my opinion, you are a coward and stand contrary to the Canadian Bill of Rights.  If you are a Canadian citizen, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Sincerely, Gertjan Zwiggelaar, B.A., B.Ed. &c.

(Richard Edmonds)
Dear Ms. Dickey,

I write to you as a Briton who as a young man lived in Canada. In the 1960s I lived in the province of Ontario and worked in the smelter of a nickel-mining company at Falkenbridge, Sudbury.

I learn that you have refused to serve in your store a woman whom I have got to know, Monika Schaefer. As you might know Monika Schaefer was recently released from a jail in Germany where she had been incarcerated for eleven months for the “crime” of expressing her non-violent opinions. All shame on the German judicial authorities that their law-books make Free Speech a criminal offence. Thank goodness that we Britons and including Canadians, of course, enjoy Free Speech in our lands.

All that said, I cannot understand your refusing to serve Monika Schaefer and your talk of “hatred”. Monika Schaefer, a music teacher and resident of your town of Jasper, is a pleasant, mild mannered middle-aged woman who takes a lively open-minded interest in the world. Surely we can all rub along and leave talk of “hatred” behind us ?

Yours sincerely, Richard Edmonds


Dear Ms. Dickey,

Well said, Mr. Richard Edmonds!

Good grief, your ill-treatment of dear Monika, a sweeter person of non-hatefilled disposition one could ever hope to meet!   
A shop-keeper who cannot allow herself to recognise her own personal experience of Monika’s firm but sweet nature – a personal experience which should over-ride that shop-keeper’s evidently media-emboldened, hate-indoctrinating prejudice.

Talk about turn-speak!
Bravo Monika Schaefer for standing your ground as always with role-model courteous dignity; shame on any media-gullible, hate-compliant shop-keeper.
Yours truly,  Lady M. Renouf


Subject: to Sonja Dickey in Jasper, Alberta: regarding your treatment of Monika Schaefer
To: <>

Hello Sonja,

As a defender of free speech I’m dismayed at the way you treated Monika Schaefer. Please consider that when it comes to being turned into an outcast for speaking your mind she is historically in good company. You can go back into early Greek society where you find the philosopher Socrates who had to drink poison because his opinion did not agree with that prevailing among the people of Athens. Others that come to mind are Galileo and Martin Luther. A Czech religious leader, Jan Huss, was burned at the stake for proposing a change in the creed of his time – and there are many more.


Why are you giving support to what we call the “Politically Correct”? That is the tyranny of the ruling oligarchy that has produced one war after the other. Why are so many people acting like

brainless sheep? In the end they will all be led to the slaughter. Why don’t people start to think on their own rather than relying on the opinion of others? All it requires is to inform oneself beyond the

mass media and read some books that certain people try to suppress? Of course, Sonja, it is much more convenient to follow the herd than to do your own research. What else can I say? I feel sorry for you for having been brainwashed.


Chris Klein, President,

Coalition of Victims and Survivors of World War II


Day 6 of Political Prisoners Monika & Alfred Schaefer’s Trial in Munich

Day 6 of Political Prisoners Monika & Alfred Schaefer’s Trial in Munich
On the sixth day of the trial of Monika and Alfred Schaefer at the Munich court, 13th July 2018, Monika Schaefer gave her personal statement. Translation made by R. Edmonds.

Monika Schaefer read out her personal statement, which according to the judge is usually not permitted. But the judge accepted that Monika dos not speak German perfectly, hence he decided to make an exception. Monika related how she became engaged politically and how she felt herself deeply drawn to Green politics. She campaigned many times for political office. That had all continued till she had learnt that Israel’s wars were being justified by false claims. There-upon she left the party. She had learnt very early to think for herself.

She had made the video herself. Once she had made the film and put it in the public domain, she then felt a feeling of relief and felt freed from a heavy burden. She had always held her parents under a general suspicion, but now she knew that there was nothing to reproach them with, because History was quite contrary to what we had been told since 1945. This was this reason why she had apologized to her mother.

As a consequence of the success of the video, she had lost many friendships; and a campaign of ritual defamation commenced against her. For example, in a small newspaper of a town with five thousand inhabitants, readers’ letters started appearing, written by readers from quite other districts, who would not normally read the news-paper. These readers’ letters served the purpose of defaming her. At the beginning, she had to force herself to go to her front-door. However when one deliberately and with conviction breaks such a taboo, because one knows that the official claims regarding the period 1933 -1945 are a shabby lie, then such ritual defamations are easier to bear. Every attempt had been made to intimidate her. For example, she always rides by bicycle, and one day at the traffic lights a car had sped away from her throwing the sand of the street against her. Also attempts had been made to ruin her financially. Not a single student from her locality came any more to take instruction on violin-playing. A regular witch-hunt was organised against her. This witch-hunt had split the community in which she lived. Whilst many had turned away from her, on the other hand, many others whom she did not know had come to her; and they could not understand what was happening. In July 2016 a new local law gave permission for music to be played in the local park close to her. A licence for this was needed, but this licence was refused to her. Finally her brother had made the offer, that it was better to come to Germany, if the situation in Canada should become too dangerous for her.

The judge asked, why she had made a video rather than chosen to write an article. Also he wanted to know why she had given advice as to where information on the subject could be found, for example referring to the video about Ernst Zundel or “Questions about the HC.” Monika replied that she herself had found the sources very helpful in order to understand everything. She wanted to invite everybody to learn more in order to understand what had really taken place in the period of 1933 to 1945. In reply to the question from the judge, why she found the lie so shabby [threadbare, seedy, mean], Monika declared because the intention was that the guilt feelings should continue for ever. The fact that she was in prison proved that. — Richard Edmonds

Lady Michele Renouf Detained for Five Hours & Investigated Under Germany’s Holocaust Blasphemy Law


Lady Michele Renouf Detained for Five Hours & Investigated Under Germany’s Holocaust Blasphemy Law
Inline image 1

On Saturday, February 17, over 300 nationalists attended a memorial in Dresden for the nearly 500,000 German civilians killed there in British and American terror bombing on February 13 and 14, 1945. As usual, a group of Antifa came and tried to drown out the nationalists with noise. Police kept the two sides apart. Organizer Gerd Ittner was not allowed to speak because he’d been to jail under Sec. 130 (Germany’s holocaust blasphemy law). Echos of communist era repression of free speech. 

Lady Michele Renouf  was not a scheduled speaker but people recognized her as a famous model and supporter of free thinking. She was pressed to deliver an impromptu talk. She was cut off part way through by the vigilant political police. The memorial was shut down and the participants kettled and detained for four hours.
Lady Michele was taken away in a police car and detained for five  hours. An investigation has been initiated against her under Sec. 130 of the German criminal code. Her identification was checked. She was questioned and then released. Her answers will be studied by the authorities and, then, they will decide how/whether to proceed. Lady Michelle had to provide contact information for receiving documents from the court.
In an interview, Lady Michele told CAFE: “I left the Jews out of my comments. When I was in the police car, the police woman claimed I told her: ‘The Jews were gassed but that was not a holocaust.’I never said any such thing. That is one of the accusations against me.”
If the case proceeds, Lady Michele said: “I will appear in court.”
Inline image 1
She noted that her detention gained the rally worldwide attention from Sidney to Kosovo to Jerusalem. She noted that the fake news Associated Press (February 18, 2018) datelined its report Berlin, instead of Dresden, and fudged the full purpose of the rally, merely throwing out the soap opera smear ” a neo-Nazi rally.”
In a note today, she added: ” I regret only that my arrest caused the Dresden Memorial event midway to be closed down and that the scheduled speakers were thus frustrated in their good intentions.  Indeed I pleaded with the police to allow the event to be let go ahead, pointing out that I was invited only on the spot to give an impromptu speech [simply because some of the 300 strong audience cheers at the mention that I was among their number] and so the event as scheduled should not suffer.  But alas a police-woman lied that I had said (which she falsely attributed to me “jews were gassed but that is not a holocaust”) and so she over-ruled the others.  I was released five hours afterwards still charged with Volksvehetzung (populace incitement) Para 130.

However it was nice to know that one other officer tried to relieve me of my guilt for the event closure by suggesting, to my surprise, that the audience would have preferred to hear my speech!  It was also nice to know that comrades who had not the chance to speak held no hard feelings, even after being kettled for four very chilly hours afterwards in the street, for they cried “ It is time to defeat the enemy, they stole our good comrade Lady Michelle”!  Sweet.  I treasure their warm loyalty.  In all events, as our English comrade, Richard Edmonds likewise re-assures me, that owing to my ad lib and arrest for Volksvehetzung (populace incitement) Para 130 “you have certainly put the demo on the world map; I think otherwise it would have passed unnoticed”. There does seem to be 10 pages worth and mounting on Google, astonishing.

We shall now see what the authorities decide to do about me (goaded on, one can expect, by Dr.Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre who long ago noted “Renouf is very dangerous” [for being credible] plus the Israeli “settler” who incites across Facebook “Send Renouf ricin in a get-well card” [with impunity].  Prison is a waste of time politically, but an enforced chance to learn German could be nice!”

Alfred Schaefer, himself several times charged under Sec. 130 rejoiced at the turn of events: ” The commemoration on 17 Feb for the bombing of Dresden in 1945 was a great success. People all around the world are WAKING UP! The shutting down of this event has helped us gain much wider attention than we could have hoped for otherwise.”
The publicity for this event, which the press has recently tried to ignore, has rocketed worldwide. I thank Gerd Ittner for this very partial list of write-ups of this event.

Dresden Memorial Meeting Closed by Police & The Speech I Couldn’t Give — Richard Edmonds

Dresden Memorial Meeting Closed by Police & The Speech I Couldn’t Give — Richard Edmonds

On the week-end just past, German Nationalists held a public demonstration in the centre of Dresden to mark and to mourn the  victims of the Allied (British) bombing of that defenceless city. I was present to speak at the rally, but unfortunately the Police closed the rally down before I had a chance to speak. You may know already that my friend, Lady Michele Renouf, was arrested at the rally.

The commemoration of the bombing of Dresden February 1945:

Here is the translation of the speech which Richard Edmonds intended to make in the centre of Dresden , 17th. Feb. 2018.

Inline image 1

Friends, my name is Richard Edmonds. I am British and I have travelled here to Dresden to say that the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 was a crime, a crime which was committed by the British government. As we know, in the final weeks of the Second World War, hundreds of British bombers mercilessly attacked this city. The blood of the victims stains and besmirches the hands of the government that ordered this dreadful attack.

It was Churchill’s government which ordered the attack on Dresden. And it was Churchill’s government which started the bombing war: the bombing war which deliberately rained terror, mutilation, fire and death onto the homes of millions of defenceless civilians, women, mothers, children and old folk. And the British government openly and shamelessly confirmed in the official history of the British Royal Air Force that it was Britain that started the dreadful and pitiless bombing war. I quote from the official history of the Royal Air Force:

“It was we British who started the bombing war which aimed deliberately to target civilians.” End of quote.

Fact: it was British bombers which deliberately bombed the German city of Muenchen Gladbach as early as April 1940; in the early summer of 1940 British bombers repeatedly bombed the towns of the Ruhr district. The reaction of the German government against these repeated bombing attacks on German towns and cities came only months later. For example, the notorious attack by the German Luftwaffe on Coventry came as late as November 1940.

The role of Churchill’s government in initiating the bombing war and its increasing barbarism is clear. For example the leading British official and Secretary of State at the British Ministry of War, James Spaight, described in his official book, “ Bombing vindicated”, and I quote:

“We British started the bombing war which was aimed deliberately at civilians living in homes hundreds of miles behind the fighting front-lines.” And the British Secretary of State, member of Churchill’s government said that “we are proud, proud of what we did”: Quote from “Bombing vindicated”. These are the words of the British Secretary of State and member of Churchill’s war-time government. Hundreds of thousands of civilians fell victim to the British and American bombing war. It is of course a war-crime for a soldier to aim his weapon at a civilians. The British and Americans gave themselves permission a million times over to commit this particular war-crime. And Churchill’s Secretary of State was “proud” of what they had done. One sees the source the of the cold-blooded barbarism.

In war-time Britain there were principled individuals who publicly spoke out and condemned Churchill’s merciless bombing war. One of these brave individuals was the British academic, Charles Percy Snow, and I quote:

“The British plans to bomb and to destroy German working-class residential areas, were plans motived by a deep sadistic impulse to kill thousands of women and children.” And Charles Percy Snow continued, “ What will future generations think of us Britons ? Will future generations say that we were but wolves in the form of men ? Will future generations think that we British forswore our humanity ? They will have the right to say so. “ End of quote.

As a British person in the centre of Dresden here on this day of mourning, I would like to say that with all decency, the present British government should apologise to the German people for the crimes committed by Churchill’s government and in particular for the sadistic impulse of Churchill’s government to murder defenceless civilians, mothers and children.

Our Letters Are Reaching Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer

Our Letters Are Reaching Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer
People are beginning to receive letters from political prisoner Monika Schaefer, arrested, January 3, and held in a maximum security prison, apparently for her video, Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust.
She has received about two thirds of her mail, the prison authorities told her. The rest is being held because it violates Sec. 130 of the German Criminal Code, which essentially enforces the New Religion of Holocaust and forbids any questioning of the Hollywood version of World War II. Thus, it is important in writing to Monika not to talk about the so-called holocaust or Jews. Letters should be newsy or personal or supportive. 
Monika is in good spirits and is bouyed by the outpouring of concern and support. He sister-in-law has visited her several times. She is allowed out for an hour a day`s exercise. Here are two reports of recent letters from Monika.
From British activist Richard Edmonds
Today (February 5) I received a very friendly letter from Monika. Also my friend Milton Ellis who lives in Wales, U.K. received a letter from Monika this morning.

In her letter, dated the 20th. January (and date-stamped the 2. February, Munich), she says that on the 19th. January  she was given a lot of letters; these were the first letters handed over, till then she had heard nothing from anybody apart from a visit by the Canadian consul. She writes that she has now received many letters of support; and the prison  authorities tell her that there are many more that they can give her. But they have also informed her that one third of all the mail addressed to her cannot be handed over and Monika suspects because the contents are contrary to Section 130 of the Basic Law (the German Race Law).

Monika says how the letters of support induce positive energy into her. From Britain she also received a card from a group of British Friends; this card was posted on the day that Alison Ch. had her most recent court appearance (10. Jan.). Monika asks that I pass on thanks to all those whose names on the card she recognises (and I have e-mail addresses for): Monika gives a special hug for Alison, “I cherish the memory of playing together with her”,  also to Stead, James T. Adrian, Paul, Melinda Peter Phillips and to two or three others with unclear names.

Monika concludes : I thank all those who have written to me. It has cheered my heart tremendously.


And from Monika`s brother Alfred:
Dear all,

Today I got  phone call from a woman who has just come out of this prison and was Monika’s room mate. Also, my wife had seen Monika last Wednesday, and will see her again tomorrow.

Monika is in strong spirit, she is unbowed, and she is more concerned about our well being in this struggle than she is about her own forced absence from the struggle. — Alfred

Monika`s address is:

Monika Schaefer

Stadelheim Prison

Schwarzenbergstr. 14

81549 München,


Richard Edmonds – ‘Report on Robert Faurisson’

Richard Edmonds – ‘Report on Robert Faurisson’

at the  London Forum, April 30, 2016

Richard Edmonds will give us an update on the fight in France for the right to speak historical truth with his report on the trial and tribulations of one of the most famous campaigners for historical accuracy – Robert Faurisson.

Successful London Fundraising for Horst Mahler

Successful London Fundraising for Horst Mahler
Meeting Success for Horst Mahler Rescue Fund

 The London Forum  meeting to raise funds for Horst Mahler’s ‘Rescue Fund’ was an overwhelming success with £1,050.00 raised.
The videos of the speeches are on line – and the Horst Mahler talk by Richard Edmonds and Michele Renouf  is on the link below.