LEGAL VICTORY: New Brunswick pastors win again in battling COVID lockdown tyranny!

We are thrilled to announce that two New Brunswick pastors have defeated a government motion to put them into contempt of court for holding church services in a commercial tent during COVID-19 lockdowns that banned indoor public gatherings.

In the fall of 2021, Pastors Phillip Hutchings and Cody Butler were bound by a court order requiring them to make “all reasonable efforts” to comply with mandatory health orders, including the order banning indoor public gatherings.

With your help, we retained Jonathan Martin to defend the pastors.

After hearing the legal argument from Martin, the court concluded that it could not “clearly and unequivocally” conclude that the commercial tent met the definition of a public indoor space as described in the mandatory order. 

Nor could Chief Justice Tracey K. DeWare, who heard the contempt motion, conclude that the pastors knew they were breaching the mandatory health orders.

According to the Chief Justice, an “alternative and reasonable point of view can be that the Respondents moved their church services to the commercial tent in an attempt to avoid the restrictions on ‘public indoor space’ and therefore avoid breaching the Mandatory Order.”

As you may know, Phillip Hutchings and Cody Butler are no strangers to legal proceedings.

They previously persuaded the New Brunswick Court of Appeal that a contempt finding against them should be vacated for reasonable apprehension of bias.

More recently, charges of obstruction and disobeying health orders were dropped against the pastors in November 2022 after they filed a constitutional application challenging the legality of the health orders. 

You can click here to read our official news release and a copy of the court decision. 

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The Democracy Fund

Kicked Out of A Free Speech Lecture

Kicked Out of A Free Speech Lecture

On September 22, the Democracy Fund sponsored a lecture by writer and businessman Conrad Black and National Post columnist and former CBC personality Rex Murphy entitled The History of Civil Liberties in Canada, Part 2 to be held at the Canada Christian College in Whitby, Ontario.. Tickets had to be ordered online from Eventbrite. Accordingly, I ordered two tickets and invited a local supporter, Raychyl Whyte, to join me. We were cordially greeted by people I took to be Eventbrite staff and invited to go into the college auditorium. I took a seat and chatted with several people I knew. Just before the lecture was to start, I was approached by a burly man who asked if I would step out into the lobby. There he told me he was the head of college security. He said: “I want you to leave. The College wants you off its property now.” I told him I’d paid for my ticked and had been admitted. “The college will refund your money,” he said. But, I had not paid the money to the college and have not received the refund

Raychyl Whyte an associate of CAFE who attended the lecture contacted Cameron Ward Events Space Co-ordinator at Canada Christian College. He said that none of his personnel had ordered me expelled: ” He told me that he has made several attempts to find out information from The Democracy Fund, but claims to be “in the dark” as much as I am, because they have not responded. He has also spoken with all management staff at the College. The most he has been able to find out so far is that an (unidentified) employee at The Democracy Fund recognized you, knew about your “past”, and did not want you there.”

Raychyl Whyte contacted the Democracy Fund which is a Canadian charity. Its directors are Conrad Black, Dr. Julie Ponesse and lawyer Bob Moran. They are very hard to reach but seem to want donations. They require you to fill out an e-mail. A “Sarah” answered her e-mail but said the fund didn’t have the capacity to return a phone call. Raychyl Whyte wrote back: ” With respect Sarah, it is curious that your organization does ‘not have the capacity to call’, but evidently ‘does’ have the capacity to e-mail.” Nearly a month after her September 23 inquiry, she has received no answer. When h learned what had happened, YOUR WARD NEWS publisher Leroy St. Germaine who was in attendance, asked Rebel News bossd Ezra Levant why I had been ejected. He said he doubted it had been by the college but by the organizers, which would be the Democracy Fund whose mandate is “to advance constitutional rights in Canada.”” Very strange!

He said he was with the Christian College but they deny it