An Urgent Call to Action for Hamilton & District Freedom Fighters

An Urgent Call to Action for Hamilton & District Freedom Fighters

ATTN- Freedom supporters in Hamilton & the surrounding areas:
A hard copy of this flyer was found randomly by me during a recent walk. 
Have since listened to some of Dr. Lukasik’s presentations.

It is not difficult to read between the lines of her “strategies”. They are the strategically concealed trappings of the 15 minute city/’smart’ city agenda + the WEF “you will own nothing and be happy” goal. 

It is imperative that as many freedom supporters as possible flood the venue next Wednesday, November 8 at 7:00 p.m.

We should record the talk, and have pointed questions + examples prepared to diplomatically yet firmly and intelligently debate Dr. Lukasik in order to expose the true agenda behind ‘climate change’, such as, e.g.:

“Are you aware that it takes significantly more energy to produce the lithium ion batteries which power electric vehicles (EVs)?”

“Are you aware of the multiple incidents of spontaneous combustion associated with the lithium ion batteries which power EVs?”

“Who is going to cover the cost of the climate change retrofit program? What if the property owner cannot afford to pay for it, or they choose to opt out?”

“Will the climate change retrofit program be voluntary, or will it become mandatory?”

We should also consider bringing folded-up or rolled-up placards with anti-15 minute city & climate change fraud slogans to open up near the end of the Q & A session. Displaying them too soon would likely result in our being kicked out prematurely… which will defeat the purpose of our presence there. 

**This is a vital opportunity to voice our valid concerns regarding the WEF climate change fraud & expose the deceitful scam which- if unchallenged- will lead to permanent total control over our lives. This affects EVERYONE.**

Please contact Raychyl to plan our peaceful, lawful, yet resolute attendance at this presentation. (905) 921-3671 or